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I want shit

TM 92 (Trick Room)
TM 76 (Stealth Rock)
TM 71 (Stone Edge)
Bold Happiny/Chansey/Blissey with Natural Cure (good IVs a plus)
Relaxed Bronzor/Bronzong with Levitate
Quiet female Slowpoke/Slowbro/Slowking with Own Tempo
Brave female Makuhita/Hariyama with Thick Fat

Dittos-have one with 28+ stats in HP/SAttk/Sdef/Spd, and one with a perfect 31 in Attack (confirmed via Emerald IV guy)
Emerald Legendaries + Latias (Emerald cloning glitch if that's an issue for you)
Emerald TMs/some items (again, cloned)
Pokemon that can be caught in Ruby/Emerald/Leaf Green (might have it, might not)

Friend code is 0344 5752 5592. Post or PM if you're looking for something in particular, or you have something you think I might be interested in.
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Lady Kuno
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Re: I want shit

I have a couple of relaxed levitating Bronzors lying around. I know the parents had numerous 31 IVs, but I erased the babys IVs from my records so I have no idea what they have. I got the one I wanted so I didn't care about the rest. >.>

As for what I want.. I have no idea. >.> Can you get the legendary dogs in emerald? I don't care if theyre cloned but those are the only legends I'm missing that isnt like mew/celeby/etc.
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