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'Munds of fun
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Charizard UPN: Balmund

::Trainer Info::

Name: Balmund de Blackthorn
Birthday: March 12
Age: 29
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 146 lbs
Blood Type: A+

Appearance: Though not incredibly tall, Balmund does have a rather well-built body frame, a product of the mixture of his life style, diet and accelerated metabolism. His muscles, especially those of his arms, are all very well defined. His skin sports a very light olive hue, his eyes a deep dark brown and his short hair an almost ash-like color. Bamund usually wears dark jeans; a pair of brown leather shoes; and a long-sleeved, buttoned shirt.

Personality/Misc. Info: Calm, quiet, intellectual, curious, modest and competitve. Balmund's a man of little words. He often overthinks things and dozes off into daydreams, and is certainly quite passionate about the things he loves. Though brought up to have a clear sense of right and wrong, his need to see everything from all of perspectives has lead him to develop a questionable and personal sense of morality. At the very least, he can be quite nasty on those who get on his bad side and is very good at putting up a poker-face when needed.

He's known as Duke by his friends and family.

Bio: Balmund was born and raised in Blackthorn City. His parents both accomplished trainers, Balmund had always been surrounded and influenced by pokemon. His father, a doctor specializing on treatment of pokemon, has always been an important figure in Balmund's life, teaching him valuable lessons in medicine and ethics, as well as giving him a calm and calculative mindset. However, Balmund's love and admiration is a bit more intense for his mother, a member of the city's well known clan of dragon tamers, from whom he got a deep respect to nature and dragon pokemon, plus a passion towards pokemon battles.

At age seven, Balmund carelessly provoked an attack from a wild Houndoom, which resulted in her mother to be severely injured while trying to defend her son. Though she eventually fully recovered form the incident, and though she never blamed her son or the pokemon involved, Balmund could never really forgive himself for what happenned. Ever since, Balmund has strived to grow strong so as to never again feel helpless and always be able to protect others in dire need. He would eventually pick up boxing as a way to overcome the trauma. He soon fell in love with the sport and would always practice for the sheer pleasure of it.

At 18, Balmund finally set to travel throughout the world alongside his beloved Seviper, a gift of his mother brought from the exotic lands of Hoenn.


Species: Seviper
Gender: Female
Level: 100
Type: [Poison]
Ability: Infiltrator
Nature: Naughty
Moves: Wrap, Swagger, Bite, Lick, Poison Tail, Feint, Screech, Venoshock, Glare, Poison Fang, Venom Drench, Night Slash, Gastro Acid, Poison Jab, Haze, Swords Dance, Crunch, Belch, Coil, Wring Out, Final Gambit, Punishment, Scary Face, Spit Up, Stockpile, Swallow, Aqua Tail, Knock Off, Outrage, Softboiled, Sucker Punch, Sweet Kiss, Attract, Body Slam, Brutal Swing, Captivate, Dark Pulse, Detect, Dig, Double Team, Dragonbreath, Earthquake, Endure, Facade, Flamethrower, Giga Drain, Hidden Power [Ice], Hyper Beam, Iron Tail, Mud-Slap, Payback, Rest, Retaliate, Sludge Bomb, Snatch, Stone Edge, Submission, Taunt, Thief, Toxic, X-Scissor, Shadow Hold, Shadow End
Bond Lv: 50 [MAX]
Met: Starter

Species: Axew
Gender: Female
Level: 13
Type: [Dragon]
Ability: Mold Breaker
Nature: Jolly
Moves: Scratch, Leer, Assurance, Dragon Rage, Dual Chop, Iron Tail, Aqua Tail, Shock Wave, Superpower
Bond Lv: 3
Met: Adoption Center

Species: Sceptile
Gender: Male
Level: 67
Type: [Grass]
Ability: Overgrow
Nature: Sassy
Moves: Dual Chop, Pound, Leer, Absorb, Quick Attack, Mega Drain, Fury Cutter, Pursuit, Leaf Blade, Agility, Slam, Detect, False Swipe, Quick Guard, Leaf Storm, Crunch, Crush Claw, Dragonbreath, Grasswhistle, Leech Seed, Magical Leaf, Counter, Dragon Pulse, Drain Punch, Endeavor, Grass Pledge, Lick, Metronome, Payday, Seed Bomb, Shadow Claw, Sweet Scent, Thunderpunch, Acrobatics, Double Team, X-Scissor, Cut
Bond Lv: 50 [MAX]
Met: Cable Club

Species: Shuppet
Gender: Female
Level: 13
Type: [Ghost]
Ability: Insomnia
Nature: Naughty
Moves: Knock Off, Screech, Night Shade, Spite, Shadow Sneak, Ominous Wind, Icy Wind, Nightmare, Pain Split.
Bond Lv: 11
Met: Cable Club

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'Munds of fun
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Join Date: May 2009
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Posts: 2,424
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::Bank Registry::

Rare Candies

::Key Items::

Berry Bag
Pokéblock Case
Fishing Rod

::General Items::

Super Potion [1/10][2/10][3/10][4/10][5/10][6/10][7/10][8/10][9/10][10/10]
Antidote [1/5][2/5][3/5][4/5][5/5]
Awakening [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
Paralyze Heal [1/5][2/5][3/5][4/5][5/5]
Revive [1/3][2/3][3/3]
Fresh Water [1/5][2/5][3/5][4/5]
Yellow Flute [1/1]
White Flute [1/1]

::Poké Balls::

Pokéball [3/10][4/10][5/10][6/10][7/10][8/10][9/10][10/10][1/5][2/5][3/5][4/5][5/5]
Premier Ball [1/1]
Bug Ball [1/1]

::Technical Machines::

TM Aurora Veil [1/1]
TM Brutal Swing [1/1]
TM Return [1/1]

::Z Crystals::

Darkinium Z [1/1]
Groundium Z [1/1]

::Held Items::

Brand Name Bunny Suit [1/1]
Bright Powder [1/1]
Icicle Plate [1/1]
Silver Powder [1/1]
Sticky Barb [1/1]


Cheri Berry [1/2][2/2]
Pecha Berry [1/1]
Rawst Berry [1/1]
Leppa Berry [1/1]
Lum Berry [1/3][2/3][3/3]
Rabuta Berry [1/1]
Spelon Berry [1/1]
Coba Berry [1/1]
Jaboca Berry [1/1]

::Miscellaneous Items::

Big Mushroom [1/2][2/2]
Heart Scale [1/3][2/3][3/3]

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