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Charizard UPN: Balmund

Spoiler: show
I gotta hand it to you, old man, you’re quite stubborn, but, I guess I owe it to ya now after all you’ve done for me. Sorry for the broken nose. And the knee to the groin. That one must’ve hurt. I still don’t know what’s got you so interested, not even on the Rockets, but me. Although, it’s not like I care about why anymore, but know that if any of this reaches the wrong crowd I’m gonna hunt you down like a rabid and hungry wolf, and it will be messy. You’re not recording any of this as agreed, right? Well, here goes:

I was born as Isabelle Whitethorn, sole daughter of the Whitethorn family. Rings a bell, doesn’t it? That girl is now dead. I saw the tombstone myself. As a child, I wasn’t happy. Sure, I was spoiled as all heck, but not once did I get what I really wanted. Mother didn’t even bother to breastfeed me when I was an infant babe. I used to cry so loud and so much back then, and the calls for attention grew ever higher over time. Once, during elementary school, I beat down this kid until his face was black and red all over. Trust me, the little shitface had it coming for a long time, and his two snot-nosed friends got some of it too for trying to gank me in the process. Know what happened in the aftermath? All three of them got expelled. They; not me. I only got a pat in the head and an empty, cold smile. Can you imagine the kind of strings that were pulled for that? The kid ended up needing facial reconstruction surgery afterwards, because of me. I should’ve been expelled, and worse. Even after that, I wasn’t worthy of at least my father’s frown. I started to think I could get away with murder if I wanted to. And you know what? I did. At age ten I had enough, so I staged my own death and got away. Hah!

It was shortly after that I ended joining the Rockets. What they offered, young me just couldn’t resist. You can’t say no to cookies; freshly baked. But jokes aside, they offered a family that would actually notice and care about what I did. I was given a Rattata to start with, and I did all manner of things over the years. I was bossed around, shown my place as the lowly slave that I was, and found myself fighting others constantly as I ascertained my dominance... and I loved everything about it. There were other kids in there as well, and I found plenty shared quite a bit in common with me. For once, I made real friends. An honest camaraderie, and we were crazy. Like, one time, we had a bit of a turf war when taking over Celadon, and I recall my friend Johnny suplexing some other guy into the concrete floor while having a bloody butcher’s knife cleaved right into his skull. Can you imagine that? A fucking knife on his balding skull and he didn’t give a fuck. He seemed like some unbeatable terminator to me, and he wasn’t the only one. Man, I’ll have you know, we were really some badass mofos, and I have the scars to prove it! Yo, those were the days… Even after being humiliatingly defeated not once but twice, I still believed in our strength, and our ability to rise and stand tall and strong. But, y’know, I guess the third time really is the charm, and that one was a brutal blow.

He called himself Drakeman.

I thought we were being extra careful that time around, but yet another caped vigilante managed to find the facility I was under, an it was chaos. For starters, I’m not even sure if he was even human. The way he moved? Flying around halls with rolling kicks like some sort of wicked human helicopter. And the rising uppercuts that would K.O. man and Pokemon alike. And he was throwing energy balls too! That fuck was that anime bullshit? Hax. Cheat codes were used. And did I mention the permeating smell of taco grease… and blood?! Because there was plenty of the latter flying around. Y’see, Drakeman had a Seviper, and that beast was a literal demi-goddess as if Lance’s Dragonite wasn’t enough last time around, except the Seviper lacked any of the restraint. Our Pokemon stood no chance. Limbs and heads just kept flying around, and those unlucky to not die on the spot would scream in utter agony as corroding poison ate away at their flesh. Me, I guess I was blessed to face the Drakeman instead. I tried to confront him directly, and blacked out almost instantly afterwards. I woke up, gagged, to a scene of horror. Most of ‘em, dead. My Pokemon, gone. Luckily my bindings were shoddy and made in haste. I got away way before the cops arrived to the scene. Here I am now. Caught a new partner, the legit way, I swear, and I’m taking this chance to work towards my new goal. Once you’ve faced death, you kinda must, y’know.

And so, detective, that’s basically the gist of it. Now, I don’t know what your employer wants my story for, but how about you take on my request as well? It’s only fair. Help a lady out?

. . .

That’s good to hear. Well, you see… after all that, I must have my revenge.

::Trainer Info::

Name: Belinda Wolf
Birthday: March 12
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 148 lbs
Blood Type: O-

Appearance: Belinda looks the part of a fit, and very well built, middle-aged woman. Her long and straight hair, which is usually tied back into a ponytail, is as dark as a Murkrow's coat of feathers, greatly contrasting her pale skin and grey eyes. Her facial features bears some rough attributes, namely a square jaw and aquiline nose. Worthy of note is also the assortment of colorful tattoo's on her body, including a Team Rocket insignia on her right shoulder-plate which is usually hidden well out of sight.


Species: Lycanrock
Gender: Female
Level: 26
Type: [Rock]
Ability: No Guard
Nature: Adamant
Moves: Counter, Reversal, Taunt, Tackle, Leer, Sand Attack, Bite, Howl, Rock Throw, Odor Sleuth, Rock Tomb, Roar, Snarl
Met: Starter
Bond: 12/50
Sheena was totally not caught the legit way. Instead, she was snatched right from the hands of some poor 10-year old who was having trouble handling the stubborn and aggressive wolf pup. She was then promptly relocated to a new pokeball to avoid tracking. It could be said however that, in a way, this turn of events ended up being a beneficial one for everyone. Left unchecked, the Rockruff would likely have turned on her own trainer, resulting in a tragic case of Pokemon injuring children or worse. Under the thug's hands however, both personalities fall under an even playing field, leading into a more natural and synergistic bond. In time, Sheena accepted her new trainer, and became a loyal friend, although, being adamant to a fault, it's still quite hard to tell who really is the alpha of the group. Her personality traits have become exacerbated since evolution, turning her more into a wild and uncontrollable berserker. For Bel, it's been often more effective to simply let her loose than to give her any sort of direction nowadays.

Species: Croconaw
Gender: Male
Level: 28
Type: [Water]
Ability: Sheer Force
Nature: Jolly
Moves: Scratch, Leer, Water Gun, Rage, Bite, Scary Face, Ice Fang, Flail
Met: The Hatchery
Bond: 0/50
Victor was hatched into a somewhat chaotic environment after the incubating machine went haywire. Under normal circumstances such a welcome would've been a traumatic experience for the newborn, but Victor instead found joy amidst the fire, the smoke and the confused cries; merrily dancing in the puddles of water before being picked up by his trainer and keeper. Victor has a cheerful personality, often finding a silver lining in face of adversity. He's also been known to be an occasional bully; the kind that smiles and thanks you as he steals your lunch money. He bites the hand that feeds him (accidentally).

Species: Gurdurr
Gender: Male
Level: 29
Type: [Fighting]
Ability: Guts
Nature: Brave
Moves: Pound, Leer, Focus Energy, Bide, Low Kick, Rock Thow, Wake-Up Slap, Chip Away, Bulk Up
Met: The Adoption Center
Bond: 0/50
Logan was more or less recruited rather than adopted, although the end result is still the same. His current name is bestowed upon in memory of one of Belinda's close and lost comrades. In life, Logan used to be an on-and-off construction worker, a professional drunkard, and a local underground fighting club champion. Boisterous, and possessing a seemingly endless fountain of energy, he was certainly always the life of the party, and people often wondered if he even knew what it was like to sleep. Like his namesake, the Gurdurr too possesses a never-back-down attitude and an eternal itching for work, training or combat. Rest is for the weak.

Species: Axew
Gender: Female
Level: 28
Type: [Dragon]
Ability: Unnerve
Nature: Lonely
Moves: Scratch, Leer, Assurance, Dragon Rage, Dual Chop, Scary Face, Slash, False Swipe, Dragon Claw
Met: The Adoption Center
Bond: 0/50
Like Logan, Mathilda was taken from the Adoption Center in an attempt to bolster Belinda's squad. She seems to greatly favor her own personal alone time, and her demeanor is that of a calm and quiet individual. A certain fierce and savage streak lies deep within her however, which becomes especially apparent in combat, catching off-guard anyone who would dare underestimate her due to her tranquil personality. As they say, beware the quiet ones.

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'Munds of fun
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::Bank Registry::

Rare Candies

::Key Items::

Berry Bag
Pokéblock Case
Fishing Rod

::General Items::

Super Potion [1/10][2/10][3/10][4/10][5/10][6/10][7/10][8/10][9/10][10/10]
Antidote [1/5][2/5][3/5][4/5][5/5]
Awakening [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
Paralyze Heal [1/5][2/5][3/5][4/5][5/5]
Revive [1/3][2/3][3/3]
Fresh Water [1/5][2/5][3/5][4/5]
Yellow Flute [1/1]
White Flute [1/1]

::Poké Balls::

Pokéball [5/10][6/10][7/10][8/10][9/10][10/10][1/5][2/5][3/5][4/5][5/5]
Ultra Ball [1/1]
Premier Ball [1/1]
Bug Ball [1/1]

::Technical Machines::

TM Aurora Veil [1/1]
TM Brutal Swing [1/1]
TM Counter [1/1]
TM Return [1/1]

::Z Crystals::

Darkinium Z [1/1]
Groundium Z [1/1]

::Held Items::

Brand Name Bunny Suit [1/1]
Bright Powder [1/1]
Charcoal [1/1]
Fire Gem [1/5][2/5][3/5][4/5][5/5]
Icicle Plate [1/1]
Normal Gem [1/5][2/5][3/5][4/5][5/5]
Silk Scarf [1/1]
Silver Powder [1/1]
Sticky Barb [1/1]


Cheri Berry [1/2][2/2]
Pecha Berry [1/1]
Rawst Berry [1/1]
Leppa Berry [1/1]
Lum Berry [1/3][2/3][3/3]
Rabuta Berry [1/1]
Spelon Berry [1/1]
Coba Berry [1/1]
Jaboca Berry [1/1]
Passho Berry [1/5][2/5][3/5][4/5][5/5]

::Miscellaneous Items::

Big Mushroom [1/2][2/2]
Heart Scale [3/4][4/4]

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