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On Sapphire Island’s snow-covered Southern Beach, the trainer Will Hale stood outside the door of Jessica’s Secret Base and listened to the muffled noise of Pokemon cries and conversation issuing from within. Shifting from one foot to another in excitement, Will cupped his hands to his mouth and blew a warm breath into them, trying to revive his frozen fingers. Unsuccessful in his first attempt to shake off the chill, the boy resorted to Plan B. He rubbed his hands together vigorously trying to generate some heat by friction. That didn’t seem to do the trick either though, and Will finally just gave up, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he turned to his Pokemon comrades wondering how they were handling the cold.

The Mightyena Hyneo stood with her nose pressed to the crack between door and frame, sniffing and wagging her tail excitedly. It seemed to Will that she had caught a whiff of a familiar scent inside the passageway.

“What is it, girl?!” Will aksed, his curiosity peaked. “You smell something?”

Hyneo never got the chance to answer though, because at just that moment, Medeo interrupted them. Brow furrowed in deep concentration, he closed his eyes and solemnly bowed his head. The muscles in his body relaxed; his psychic awareness heightening as he reached out with his senses. Will realized immediately that the Yoga Pokemon had detected the aura of another living thing nearby and was trying to pinpoint its exact location.

When Medeo opened his eyes a moment later, they were tinged emerald. He quickly spun around to look at a snow bank a few metres away. Will turned and joined him in staring at the spot too, but didn’t see anything there. Shrugging, Will prepared to knock on the door again, when all at once he was stopped by the sound of a sharp Crackle! and a brilliant flash of blue light. A boy and his Pokemon had suddenly materalised out of thin air and landed roughly in the snow bank.

Will, Medeo, and Hyneo watched as the boy brushed snow off his trousers and jogged towards the door followed by his Pokemon. Will nodded to the boy as he approached, while at the same time the door handle started to jiggle and turn.

* * *

The door slowly swung open on its hinges revealing a young, dark-haired woman with glasses framed by the soft light of an inner room. Warmth from the base spilled out past her into the entryway, carrying with it the delicious smells of fresh cocoa and baked goods. Mingling together, the heat and aroma made for a very inviting welcome. The girl smiled.

"Hey, guys, come on in."

Will and the other boy walked inside as the young woman extended a hand in greeting. "Hello, and welcome to my Secret Base. My name's Jessica, and I'll be your host for the evening. What are yours?"

Will returned Jessica’s smile and shook hands, introducing himself as Will Hale from Pacifidlog Town, Hoenn. Bowing respectfully, he complimented the young woman on her lovely abode and sincerely thanked for her hospitality. As the woman turned to greet the other boy, Will felt a slight tug on his pant leg. Looking down he bolted in surprise to see the adorable face of a familiar Squritle smiling back at him.

“HEY!! Squirtle!” Will exclaimed joyfully, bending down to hug the tiny aquamarine turtle. “How’ve you been, amigo?!”

At just that moment, Hyneo pushed past Will, and in the excitement of seeing her former comrade again, jumped on the little Squritle, instantly knocking him to the ground. She let out a happy bark before playfully licking Squirtle’s face all over. Will grinned at his canine companion’s affectionate greeting.

“Go easy on him, girl,” Will chuckled. “We don’t want Squirtle to drown!”

Will whistled for Hyneo to yield as Medeo walked over and helped Squirtle to his feet, dusting off his shell in the process. Grinning broadly, Medeo put his arm around the diminutive reptile and enthusiastically patted him on the back. It was a happy reunion, and Will felt glad that he had this opportunity to reconnect, not only with a former teammate, but with his own friends as well. Will looked around the room and sighed contentedly.

Since arriving in the realm of FB, Will had made a number of friends on his journey, many of whom were present now. Catching up with old friends was one of the things he looked forward to every year during the holidays, and was the main reason he had accepted the invitation to come to this party. He smiled as he thought about the truth in an old saying he heard years ago: All lives touch other lives to create something new and alive.

Will walked around the room, a cup of cocoa in his hand, socializing with the other guests. He shook hands and chatted amicably with Karmas. Although Will didn’t know him that well, he recalled that the two of them arrived in FB about the same time in 2008. Will congratulated him on assembling such a diverse team and for enduring the trials of the past few years.

Next there was Wes; he and Will had traded with each other so often they practically had their own private room in the Cable Club. Will patted him good-naturedly on the shoulder and complimented him on Squirtle’s growth and training. When Will had first arrived in FB, Wes had looked out for him, and Will felt a lot of respect for the young veteran.

Finally, Will made his way over to his good friend Matthew Brown, and grinning, gave him a thumbs up. Will had known the young lad since the two of them had teamed up to take place in the longest-lasting double battle in the history of FB. Will was interested to hear if Matthew had collected any new fossils.

Taking a cue from their trainer, Medeo and Hyneo wandered throughout the room visiting with their Poke-brethren. Medeo was incredibly excited to see Hellion again and gave him a hearty handshake. Hyneo, on the contrary, chose to introduce herself to the other Pokemon by either sniffing their crotches or slobbering all over their faces, whichever she could get away with.

Seeing Medeo and Hyneo having so much fun, Will felt a little sad that there wasn’t enough room for Sumeo and Keo to fit in the base. They were just too large. Keo's big, brawny claws might knock something over and Sumeo was the size of a small mountain. But maybe his newest partners would like the chance to make friends.

Will reached into the grey canvas messenger bag slung over his shoulder and quickly withdrew a pair of Pokeballs. Holding them out at arm’s length, he simultaneously tapped their round trigger switches. A stream of brilliant white light instantly exploded from the first, temporarily illuminating the room, before morphing itself into the form of a small, floating disembodied female head, then faded to reveal the indigo phantom, Misdreavus. From the second burst forth a shower of snowflakes and a fountain of light which instantly transformed into the plump form of a skull-capped dinosaur, which faded to reveal the russet-colored Cubone.

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, mates!” Will exclaimed cheerfully smiling at his released companions. “Now go on and enjoy yourselves!!!”


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Ludicolo Part 3

Wes smiled politely at his host whilst simultaneously wrestling Guppy into submission. After a comical struggle the trainer pounced forward, pinning down the fish’s head whilst the rest of his body thumped pathetically against the rock-strewn foundation. Brawly nuzzled the rose bowl into Wes’s reach, the water shakily brimming over at each side. Three... Two... One... the boy shuffled Guppy upward, the Karp resisting its best before splashing into the water basin. Despite only half submerged, Guppy seemed content and settled as the few rose petals brushed past his fins, much to what he could assume was to everybody else’s relief.

He’d almost missed Ben’s arrival, but conversely Squirtle was insistent he’d be the first thing his old master set eyes on. “You’ve done a great job raising him buddy”, Wes smiled, patting Ben on the back and wishing him the best for new years. It’d been a while since they’d hung out; admittedly they’d usually only met during his cool off periods following a big adventure or a tough battle. Wes made a mental note to challenge his old friend to a battle some time. Wes turned his attention to Jamie, the two chatting about arriving in FB together – he had a lot of respect for the now few and far between travelers of 2008.

With everyone’s arrival the party was in full swing. Wes pulled a Christmas Cracker with Honii, luck had been on his side but he still let Honii wear the paper Christmas hat inside. What could he say? He was feeling festive. The cave looked relatively small now it was bustling with small critters; several grass types including Mojo now racing around the Christmas Tree. Brawly had unwrapped a plastic steak and was playing tug-of-war with Hyneo. Raph jokingly tucked his head into his shell as he tipsily span around the grotto in a mischievous attempt to scare the baby Pokemon. Even Cloysteris had come out of her shell! Figuratively speaking of course, as a small cluster of mistletoe hung from her steely spike in Haruki’s line of sight... Oh dear...

Wes had drank his cocoa by now and poured himself a glass of festive mulled wine. The other trainers were sat in a circle of sofas, remenising about times shared whilst keeping their flock in close check. Wes scratched the Mightyena’s ears affectionately as it rubbed its way down the sofas. “So”, he grinned, “Does anyone have any plans for the New Year? It feels like I haven’t adventured in ages!”

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It had been a long time since Matthew had seen the people of Fizzy Bubbles; the longevity a combination of working too hard and a lack of effort on his part. Part of him felt bad, these were his friends and he was just too exhausted to see them. Shaking it off, he stood at the door, knocking a few times he heard the incoming footsteps of another guest. Turning round he was soon met with the friendly face of Karmas; the grass trainer Pokémon he recognised from trading his Hoppip to. Waving he soon engaged in conversation

“Karmas” he exclaimed, sticking out a hand “How are you doing? How's my old Hoppip?”

With a smile on his face, Matthew then heard the door open behind him before the young trainer could answer, turning to see Jessica insisting the two to come inside. He kept a smile on his face as he entered; the warmth of the base much more than Magmortar could produce as the small base kept the heat in the base, something his couldn't manage in the ice cold glacier mountains.

As he stepped into the base he heard a rendition of Silent Night, laughing under his breath so not to offend the Pokémon as he did. Wes was the audience to said song, greeting him as he was handed a cup of cocoa by one of Jessica's Pokémon, thanking it for the hospitality. Matthew smiled at Wes as he gave him a handshake, nodding to his Pokémon to go and play with the others.

Demeter immediately ran towards the table, looking up at the legs as she began to look at herself in the mahogany reflection, touching up her leaves as she looked at the snow on them, disliking what the crystals did to her image. Muses and Galene did the oposite; running around like hyperactive children in a game of tag, the dispute between the snowman was still unresolved and the two smallen's running under legs and chairs chasing each other.

“Sorry about them” Matthew said, rolling his eyes at the usual behaviour he had to put up with in his own base, sheepishly adding “I'll pay for anything they break.”

Going red, Matthew's embarrassment at his Pokémon was soon disrupted by the introduction of more new Pokémon. Wes opening up more Pokéballs as he revealed a Squirtle, a Croconaw, a Cloyster and a shiny Magikarp. As it did, the Magikarp began to flop over the base, causing Jessica into a panic as it tried to find a suitable house for the gilled-water type.

Luckily for it, Jessica had a spare vase to keep the fish in just before the door went again. The addition of guests, Matthew hoped, would calm down his younger Pokémon, though he had a suspicion they would become even more hyper at the thought of new friends. As Jessica opened the door Matthew turned to see Will and Jamie, two trainers he had met before. Greeting them, Matthew was given a thumbs up by Will as he regocnised the Medicham he had brought with him from the double battled they had had together but didn't recognise the Mightyena , Misdreavus or Cubone with him.

Smiling at Jamie, Matthew noticed something off about the trainer, a great deal of sadness that he had suffered recently. He was joined with his Aipom who had the same expression, Matthew only knowing Jamie from the Fizzy Bubbles bar where he saw the trainer's shiny Machop. After thinking he had met all of the guests, Karmas surprised Matthew by introducing a Snorunt , Beautifly , Shiny Gloom , Shadow Chingling , Skiploom and Shiftry to the mix, increasing the total of the Pokémon and reducing the space in the base. With the introduction of another Shiny Pokémon of the Oddish line, Demeter waddled up to the Pokémon it was destined to be, shaking hands with the Gloom.

Matthew then went on to raise his cocoa to celebrate the holidays and New Year before sitting on the sofa. As Wes asked him if he had planned to do anything in the future he smiled.

“I think I want to go on another adventure. Problem is I don't know where to go.” Matthew pondered on the thought, before joking “I wonder if Fizzy Bubbles has a travel agent”
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It was a lovely day today. The sky was a brilliant shade of blue, which was perfect considering where Daisy and her pokemon, Chickpea, were. The cove was nestled in Southern Beach, which was located on Sapphire Island. Calm, quiet, and filled with blue- this place was a match made in heaven for the person Daisy was going to visit. It took a while to get to the entrance of said person's base, but not because the little girl got lost. She was busy admiring the scenery as she hop, skipped, and jumped to the secret base, laughing with her pokemon companion the whole way. They stopped just before the entrance to underground, catching their breath before they went inside.

"According to the map, it looks like this is the place! Are you ready, Chickpea?" Daisy asked her avian friend. The Chichroma peeked inside the tunnel, a little apprehensive about going into the darkness. She shivered and ran to Daisy, curling up between her legs. "I-I don't know, it looks too scary... Can you put me back in my pokeball please?" At the sight of her timid pokemon, Daisy picked up Chickpea and held her, saying, "Aww, don't worry! I hear there are gems in that tunnel that sparkle and shine so brightly it's like the sun never left! You were doing so well coming here, so hold on for just a little longer. Trust me, it'll be worth it!" The blue bird didn't seem to be so reassured, so the little girl closed her eyes and swung her head back and forth like a metronome as she thought of a better solution. A few seconds later, she startled Chickpea with an "Aha! I know!" Fumbling with her little bag, she pulls out 4 more pokeballs. "COME ON OUT GUYS!"

The place was calm, quiet, and blue. That is, until Daisy decided to visit her sister's secret base. The sparkling tunnels echoed loudly with the voices of Daisy and her 5 pokemon: Chickpea the Chichroma, Sunshine the Swablu, Clementine the Combee, Nyantine the Mantyke, and Hiyoko the Pidove. With all the laughter, buzzing, chirping and bubbling, it was most definitely enough of a signal to Jess that her guests have arrived.

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"Well, so much for a Christmas party."

Jessica sighed as she stowed away her holiday decorations, carefully shoving bulging boxes back in secret spaces they were never mean to fit, and yet somehow having room left over for more. Her eyes lit sadly upon the last: a silver star that had adorned the top of her tiny tree. For a misty moment, she recalled lifting Pip up to the peak, how proud the little penguin was to place it there... Before shaking her head and packing it with the others. Like a candle, such baubles had blinked brilliantly but briefly during their day of glory. Unlike those for whom they were meant to benefit, they had long overstayed their welcome. Now their brightness was but an eyesore.

She then set about sprucing up her small Base, long overdue for a spring cleaning. However, her thoughts still wandered back to less than pristine feelings. Her last endeavor to extend herself to others had ended in spectacular failure. Based on those results, it seemed safe to say she really wasn't one for socializing, let alone keeping guests entertained. So then, why was she tidying today? Preparing such a perfect presentation as if expecting someone particular?

The answer to that was simple. The person set to arrive was someone she knew very well, a character she was more than comfortable being around. This was none other than her sister, whom their parents had recently decided was old enough to finally begin traveling on her own. She had come to Fizzy Bubbles to find and follow her forerunner, who had left the nest long ago. Jess had kept in close contact by sending home a couple gifts now and then, and in turn her little sis had surprised Jess once by coming to watch (and inevitably insert herself into) her battle with Balmund. Still, this would be the first time the two truly hung out together since the younger of them had officially received her trainer’s license. Originally the eager girl had begged Jess to take her to the Bar, but as a good older sibling she refused to cave and suggested meeting up at her Base instead – coincidentally within the shelter of a secluded cave.

Speaking of the Bar… Jessica shook her head and shuddered. Nevermind alcohol, she had heard about some of the scary things that had happened there recently (though she hadn’t the courage yet to see for herself beyond the door). …It just wasn’t a safe place for a 9-year-old to be.

Jessica checked her watch, suddenly worrying where the girl might be. She was a smart kid who could follow directions, but she was, after all, just a kid. Jessica paced back and forth, wondering what could possibly be keeping her. Had she run into trouble? Surely she hadn’t stopped to talk to strangers. She knew better than that because Jess had taught her. However, she was so cute and innocent, anyone would want to pick her up and take her home to have tea parties… Maybe someone had kidnapped her! Quick, call the poli-


Jessica blinked as she placed a palm against her face, feeling a pawprint forming there. She looked to find her newest member of her team, a small but sassy chinchilla, standing on a nearby stack of boxes. She reached forward and grabbed the girl’s cheeks, staring intensely with an expression that clearly read: “Get a grip, girl!”

Her trainer nodded, panic dying down. “Thanks, Minchi. I needed that.”

The Minccino smiled in approval and carefully climbed back down to join the Furret on the floor, who had been fretting the most as she watched Jess but was too afraid to speak up. Minchi clapped Kanna firmly on the back, seeming to say, “And that’s how it’s done.”

Jessica couldn’t help but crack a smile at this scene, calming considerably. She was glad Minchi was managing to teach some courage to the timid Kanna. And Minchi was right after all. With that child’s boundless energy, she was probably just distracted by all the shiny stones on the way. She should really sit down, relax, and trust in her sister to wait…

Turns out she didn’t have long to agonize any longer, as at that moment she heard loud laughter echoing down the corridor, accompanied by a host of other spirited sounds. Jessica breathed a sigh of relief. That was definitely her sister, who always brought life to the party wherever she went. She smiled, looking forward to catching up after several years apart. Jess was especially excited to hear about her sister’s journey so far – and would most likely be asked to recount some of her own stories. To anyone else, she might have trouble telling tales about herself, to spill her secrets, but she spoke with ease whenever she was around her sister. The young girl had a way about her that brought out the best in people. Like the dolls sitting on the shelves, she was always able to cheer or to comfort.

She was also pretty precocious, so much that Jessica had admittedly been somewhat jealous when the baby was born. Despite her freshness, the girl had even recruited an extremely rare Pokémon recently and came specifically to show it off to her big sis. Knowing her and judging by the number of tweets that followed, it was probably a bird. Jess chuckled as she recalled that day long ago, when the little lass had come home with a soaking Swablu in her arms, begging to keep her. Her sister always loved all forms of nature, but had a soft spot especially for creatures that could fly – or at least possessed wings, if not feathers. One would swear she could even communicate with them. Jess had fondly dubbed her that day, “Wing-Whisperer”.

That “Wing-Whisperer” – whose voice was hardly a whisper at this point – was almost at the entrance. As Jessica made one final round to make sure the room was in order to receive, she called to a third Pokémon present.

“She’s here! Kief, could you get the door?”

A slightly strangled but enthusiastic bark answered, and Jessica glanced over to find Kief tangled up in a bunch of Christmas lights he was supposed to have put away. She sighed, suppressing a giggle, and hurried over to try and help him out. Minchi and Kanna quickly rushed to lend a hand as well. However, before they could finish, a bright-eyed, bubbly youth dressed in blue barged in without needing any welcome or introduction, proudly leading a parade of colorful critters.



Jessica stood up and immediately ran to give the girl a big hug, ignoring the rest of the knots for now. Kief was freed for the most part, though when he chased after his trainer the lights still trailed behind him, soon stretching out underneath the table. He was so excited he kept jumping around, crossing the wires further until he ended up tripping and tumbling straight into the stranger’s leg. Jessica rolled her eyes and scooped him up, shaking off the last of the lights with a laugh.

“Sorry about the mess. Kief here just doesn’t know how to keep still. Kinda like someone I know.”

With anyone else Jess might have flushed and apologized profusely for such un-hostly behavior, but she knew she could joke around with her sis, giving a good-natured grin. Meanwhile, Minchi and Kanna were tiptoeing their way around the maze of wires to politely greet their guests, though Kanna held back a little and hid behind Jess’s leg.

“Ah, this here’s Kanna and Minchi. Guys, this is my sister Daisy I’ve been telling you about. And- oh wow, who’s this little cutie?”

Jessica bent down to closely examine Chichroma. This must be the new Pokémon, she realized. She had met most of the other members of Daisy’s team before – seeing as she had owned some of them originally after all. But this beautiful blue bird was entirely unfamiliar to her both as an acquaintance and as a species. Its exotic appearance which resembled a peacock would certainly make it a prized Pokémon. Really, it was rather amazing how her little sister could’ve found such a lovely creature within her first year at Fizzy Bubbles. But then, she’d always had a ridiculous amount of skill and luck, and could sway just about anyone to her side…

For a moment, Jess stayed silent, spellbound by splendor – or perhaps a dream of it. Then suddenly, she snapped out of the trance and smiled.

“Anyway, come in! Have a seat! Tell me, how have you been? I want to hear alllll about your adventures. Oh, and can I get you anything? Cookies? Eggnogg? I’m not sure if they’re still good though…”
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"C'mon guys, we're almost there! Eee, I'm so happy to see her again~" Daisy said as she bounded down the glowing tunnel with her friends bouncing and flying in tow. The little girl was never one to knock, so she just burst through the door with a giant smile on her face. "HI, BIG SIS!"


Daisy and Jess shared biiiig hug, each so ecstatic to finally see each other properly after such a long period of time. Even if she was deemed old enough to start her own adventure, Daisy still was homesick quite often. She really missed her older sister especially, since she was the little girl's idol. Jess could always managed to be calm, no matter the situation. Her quiet demeanor was also something Daisy wish she had as well, since her hyperactivity was sometimes a nuisance at times. Yup, Daisy could only see the greatest person ever when it came to her big sister. The hug could have lasted forever, but the moment of reunion was interrupted by a spiky bump to Daisy's leg. With a small laugh Jess picked up her light-adorned Zigzagoon, introducing him as well as her two other pokemon companions.

"Ah, this here’s Kanna and Minchi. Guys, this is my sister Daisy I’ve been telling you about. And- oh wow, who’s this little cutie?"

Jess knelt down to get a better look at the lanky blue bird, who then proceeded to scamper to her preferred hiding spot of Daisy's legs. "Oh, that's just Chickpea, my Chichroma! I found her huddled in a clump of grass when I was adventuring in this jungle area. I tried calling for her parents or any other pokemon of its kind, but there was no answer..." Daisy frowned a bit as she recounted her memories of a failed search, but then she brightened up again when she added, "I couldn't just leave her there, so I took her in! Kinda like the same experience I had with Sunshine, now that I think about it. Anyway, she's shy and still fairly new to anything that's not her jungle home, but she'll warm up to you pretty quickly, I'm sure of it!" Stepping back and bringing herself down to Chickpea's eye level, Daisy gave an affectionate scratch on the bird's head. "Say hello to my big sis, Chicky! She's a really awesome person and won't hurt you at all~" The Chichroma, after a small chirp of nervousness, tentatively walked towards the taller girl and pecked at her sleeve, asking for a head scratch by lowering her head and fluffing up.

"D'awwww, this is just so cute~ While you two get better acquainted, it's time for me to meet your pokemon, sis!" At the sight of Mincinno's and Furret's greetings, Daisy curtsied and with a giggle, she said, "So polite! I'm Daisy, and it's a pleasure to meet you two as well, Minchi and Kanna! You two are very pretty pokemon~" Leaning closer and whispering so her sister wouldn't hear, Daisy added, "If you guys ever want to do makeovers or gossip, count me in, okay?" With a glint in Minchi's eyes and a small nod from Kanna, the little girl straightened up and turned her attention to Kief, who had been put down back on the floor when Jess knelt to examine Chickpea. "Eeee, so this is the Kief I've heard so much about! You're even more adorable in person! I know all about your "sticky fingers", so I'm keeping an eye out for you~" Daisy said with a squint.

"Now that I've met your pokemon, it's time to introduce mine! You already know about Sunny~" Daisy said cheefully as her Swablu gave a few musical chirps. "This is Clementine, but you should also already know that as well since you gave her to me!" The Combee's 3 heads buzzed in acknowledgement at her old trainer, even if it was only her trainer for a brief time. Pointing at her Mantyke, Daisy continued, "And this is Nyantine! The most ~FABULOUS~ Mantyke you will ever meet~" Nyantine bounced in place and gave a little spin. "And last but not least, here we have Hiyoko! She's a little crude and loud kinda like me, but she's quite loving once you get to know her!" Hiyoko squawked and crossed her wings but she kept one eye on Kief, probably sizing him as a potential boyfriend...

With introductions finished Daisy could now get a good look at her big sister's secret base. Knowing that Jess was a HUGE Corsola fan, the little girl wasn't surprised to see so many blue and pink furniture. The greens were a nice touch too, made by a few dolls and cushions. Speaking of dolls, there were big ones in the corners! Daisy flopped on the Lapras one while Sunshine daintily perched on the Rhydon plushie's horn. The base was cozy and comfy and filled with color, definitely earning the "Daisy Seal of Approval". Nestling herself in the soft doll with Nyantine in her arms, Daisy answered Jess's offer of food with a resounding "COOKIES PLEASE~" before letting out a sigh of contentment. "I am doing great! As you could probably tell by my current team, being a 'Wing Whisperer' really helped me befriend specific kinds of pokemon haha~ As for adventuring, I really haven't done that much... though I hope to have as many ones as you someday, sis! The stories you used to tell were just so incredible and it makes me wish I can have adventures as spectactular as those~"

"Anyway, how have YOU been, Jess? Tell me about some of your recent happenings~ Wait a sec, lemme get Kief first! I want to hug him~"
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Jessica smiled as she listened to Daisy's story of how she found the colorful critter. That sounded like her sister all right. Never one to abandon a lost Pokémon. Jess giggled as Chickpea – what an adorable name – tugged cutely at her clothes, and bent down to oblige her head. “Don’t worry, it’s safe here. I’m pretty shy myself around strangers.”

She chuckled as she watched Daisy curtsy to Minchi and Kanna, who responded in turn, although the latter did so somewhat clumsily and confusedly. Curiously, Daisy inclined forward to whisper something to the girls, and Jessica pouted, wondering what secrets Daisy could be keeping from her big sister. Whatever it was, Minchi was clearly more than interested, while Kanna simply smiled shyly and nodded.

After that, the busy child bounced over to Kief, squealing at the sight of him. She scolded him with a wink for his infamous crime spree, saying she’d keep an eye on him. He feigned ignorance, merely rolling over on his back for a belly rub, which Daisy surely could not resist. Jessica suppressed a snicker as Kief grinned at the successful distraction and tried to sneak a peek at Daisy’s pockets, only to find to his dismay the dress didn’t possess any. Jessica beamed with pride at her smart little sister. She really had come prepared.

Next, Daisy introduced Jess to her teammates. Jessica nodded at Sunny and applauded her song, then greeted Clementine thrice for each of her heads. “Hello, hello, hello. Nice to see you again.” Next was an unfamiliar face, the FABULOUS Nyantine~ Minchi’s eyes lit up as she appraised the spin, approving of the fish’s poise despite being out of element. Finally, there was Hiyoko, who unbeknownst to Daisy was secretly hatched by Jessica. There was some trouble at the post office so the poor Pidove ended up exchanging hands a few times before finally winding up at the Adoption Center. Luckily Jess had called their parents ahead of time to warn them of the incoming “package”, and they took Daisy on a trip there without telling her the purpose. Mom and Dad later reported back their intuitive daughter had picked out the tiny bird all on her own without any prompting (even though they had reserved possession just in case). Jessica laughed inwardly and shook her head, honestly amazed at her sister’s luck sometimes.

Apparently unfazed by the harrowing journey, or perhaps hardened because of it, the bird was looking bold and for a boyfriend. She eyed Kief in the corner, causing Kanna to shuffle uncomfortably and Minchi to grin and roll her eyes knowingly – to which Kanna became even more defensive. Meanwhile, Kief was utterly oblivious to the attention of so many females as he snooped around Daisy’s legs, still sniffing for treats. The kid must be hiding them somewhere on her body…

Daisy somehow managed to shake off the rascally raccoon and flopped onto the soft shell of Jess’s giant Lapras plushie, while Sunshine settled on the Rhydon’s horn. Jessica quickly brought over a plate of gingerbread cookies, and picked a little leaf cushion beside the Lapras so the two could share. Although as soon as she sat down, the second girl sprang back up to fetch Kief and squeeze him against her belly before returning. Jessica sighed, wondering where the girl got such energy as she nibbled the head of a Stantler. She listened as Daisy made rather light of her experiences so far, and raised an eyebrow. It wasn’t like her sister to withhold details. Usually she couldn’t shut the chatterbox up.

“Aw, you don’t have to be so modest. I heard you visited the Cloud Garden recently. What happened there?

As for myself, not much has really been going on, I’m afraid. My epic adventuring days have slowed down a lot, I’ve practically retired so I can help guide new trainers instead. I did meet up with an old friend at Cascadia though. She’s also been helping young travelers get settled. Heck, she’s done a lot more than I have to keep this place peaceful.” Growing slightly glum by this train of thought, the girl laughed self-depreciatingly. “Maybe you’ve heard of her or even met when you first came, her name’s Stacey.”

She paused, mulling whether her next statement was even worth mentioning. It wasn’t really relevant to the topic, but it had been gnawing at her recently. Besides, if there was anyone who would listen seriously no matter what Jess had to say, even if it sounded silly… It was definitely Daisy. “I also had this weird dream the other day where Kief turned into a cookie and I got called a witch because of it. After that I ran into a real witch. I don’t remember what happened after that though.” She frowned, chewing hard on Santa’s chest. “It was a nightmare.”
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Chewing- okay, more like scarfing down- her Stantler gingerbread, Daisy shifted a bit at Jess's urge to recount her adventures. "Okay, if you say so! It's might be a lot, which is why I held back and asked about your adventures first. Your stories are always more interesting anyways," she said with a nod. Taking a deeeeeep breath, Daisy spouted out her recent happenings in Cloud Garden.

"SO! Sunshine and I first decided to go to Delibird Ridge because hey, birds are awesome! What's not so awesome is that it takes a lot of walking and climbing and BOY WERE MY LEGS TIRED LIKE WOW. But after what felt like forever we finally managed to have a nice picnic lunch on a handy ledge and watch the bird pokemon fly around! It was so peaceful until I saw this little Natu get blown off its nest by some strong winds and start tumbling down the ravine! So I basically did what was perfectly natural for someone like me- I screamed like a banshee and scrambled down the mountain as fast as I could~

Ahh, it turned out that Natu was a mischievous little bird who was actually in no danger at all! Darn him for giving me a heart attack. Instead of letting me catch him so I could take him to his nest the psybird wanted to play hide-and-seek! I should've been more angry but that's my favorite game so I couldn't resist... The first hiding place I searched was the Rose Arch! It was really pretty~ A nice change from all the browns of Delibird Ridge! I sniffed as many flowers as I could before the allergies took over but it wasn't as many flowers as I wanted. I don't like runny noses, sis, I don't like them at all! However, I did get to see something really awesome while I was there!"

Daisy paused for a moment, raising her head and taking another deep breath for dramatic effect. Then, in a hushed voice, she began saying,

"The Victreebel was tense, looking at the Lilligant in front of her with hungry eyes. The flower girl was afraid, and she was about to accept her fate when LO AND BEHOLD A HERO COMES TO HER RESCUE! With a flood of rose petals a valiant gentlepoke stood- TUXEDO ROSERADE." *Daisy and Sunshine sighed with admiration before the little girl continued*

"Unfortunately, Tuxedo Rose needed a little help, so me and Sunny stepped in! There was an explosion and then I was crying and then I was happy again and then! The most unexpected of twists happened! The hungry Victreebel, the Lilligant in distress- it was all an act! A plan formulated by lovely lady to help Tuxedo Rose (who was unaware of the plan) get some confidence and confess his love to her! I don't remember much after that, but doesn't that just make you d'aww all over~~~" Daisy squealed as she hugged and swayed Kief- who was in her arms all this time- back and forth. Grabbing another cookie, she settled down again and looked at her sister eagerly. "And that's it so far! Let's hear what you have to say now!"

At the mention of Jess being "practically retired", Daisy got all worked up. "What!? You can't be retired now! You still got years ahead of you! It's nice you're helping new trainers and all but you gotta remember to do some adventuring yourself too! Ohhh, who's gonna tell me cool stories now? Aw..." When Stacey's name was said, the 9 year old brightened up a bit, saying, "Oh I've seen her before! She was there when I bought some pokeballs~ She's got a lot of ghost pokemon, which is really cool~ It's nice you saw her again though. As for helping peeps out, you've done plenty, so don't feel bad!" The little girl nodded with reaffirming noises from her pokemon.

When Daisy noticed Jess's expression turn more glum, she put down her cookie and crawled over to her big sister's side. "Alrighty, tell me what's bothering you!" Listening to her older sibling's story of a witch-filled dream- or rather, nightmare, Daisy hugged her sister tightly. "It was just a bad dream, sis. When people see things that they don't understand, sometimes they're quick to assume the worst. You're a good person, and the best sister a person could ask for<3 As for meeting a real witch, I have no idea what to do in that situation, but I'd sure be careful around one. Don't want to make one angry, just in case!"

"As for Kief turning into a cookie, I think that's the most delicious trick I've ever heard of! I'd definitely would want to see that~"
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Jessica paused with a cookie halfway to her mouth as Daisy spilled her little lungs out, blowing Jess away like a whirlwind. The elder girl smiled knowingly and promptly popped the rest of the dessert in her mouth, mumbling “Mm-hm~” in response to Daisy’s final question. It seemed like she somehow already knew what the girl was going to say throughout her speech, but Daisy was too excited to notice. Besides, Jess simply wanted to hear it from her sister’s view. Her sweet, non-stop spin on stories never failed to entertain.

As Daisy sighed and swayed Kief back and forth in a lovey-dovey manner, Jessica stiffened slightly, her protective instincts kicking in. Her little sis was far too young to be thinking about boyfrie- er, romance. At this age she should still be having tea parties with stuffed animals, right? As she took in Daisy’s features, she realized they were more refined than when Jess saw her last – the makings of a future beauty. She slumped back in her seat, stunned. Where had the time gone? Daisy was growing up so fast, Jess had to accept the fact that she had really left the nest and wanted to spread her wings. Because of their age difference, Jess had always taken on a more motherly role towards her sister. She smiled, reaching out to ruffle the confused child’s hair. Even if Daisy dreamed of it someday, Jess would be sure not to let any guys near her. Nope, she would selfishly keep that cute baby Mom and Dad brought home one day all to herself. She thought this as she poked Daisy’s cheek, followed by the belly, grinning at the success of successive giggle-flinches. X3

Meanwhile, Minchi’s ears were leaning close to Daisy’s words, and she glanced meaningfully towards Kanna, who was watching Kief swing like a pendulum with a mix of worry and envy. She caught Minchi’s gaze, and again shook her head vigorously. The little chinchilla was clearly hatching a plan though, and whispered it to Nyantine. Kanna wrung her paws, wondering what they were up to but at the same time secretly aware… And perhaps willing to try.

When Jessica tried to discreetly pass off the torch, Daisy protested passionately, surprising Jess. It hurt her heart to see her little sister pouting, so she promised to try and make an effort to get out there again to placate. Fortunately, Daisy brightened immediately at this, as well as the mention of Miss Stacey. Jessica could only feel herself becoming sadder though, not just from self-measurement, but because more memories associated…

Daisy suddenly appeared by her side, startling her out of her trance. She smiled and softly stroked the girl’s hair again, soothing. She couldn’t tell Daisy what all was on her mind – yet – some things were not meant for such small ears. But she could start with something that was bothering her most recently. Daisy listened intently as Jess quietly recounted her dream, and at the end she gave her big sister a warm hug, dispelling Jess’s depression. When she requested to witness Kief’s trick, Jessica’s eyes lit up.

“Would you like to see?” Kief, show her.”

The raccoon barked and wagged his tail, before disappearing in a puff of smoke. No, not disappeared entirely – a miniature Kief made of gingerbread slid out from Daisy’s arms, causing her to cry out in shock and delight. He grinned and dove straight into the plate of cookies, burying himself amongst his brethren. Jessica chuckled, carefully setting the platter aside on the table.

“Guess that’s enough sweets for now. We don’t want to end up eating him by accident.” She smiled as Kief sniffed around, finally selecting a fat Delibird to curl up with and snack on.

“Anyway, as for other Adventures I’ve had… The last one I can remember before I left was at Laguna Peninsula. I was exploring a shipwreck with my Lapras, Tessie, when suddenly these poachers attacked us. They hit Tess with a spear, even though she was just a baby.” Her hand clenched at the thought. “They almost struck me too!

Luckily, there were some guys on board the shipwreck who helped us escape. They turned out to be part of a group called the Sol Cult, who were investigating the illegal smuggling actions of a sect of Team Magma.” She spoke the name with loathing, her hand instinctively closing around a green Pokéball. But that was a story for another time. “They wanted me to help find a stolen cargo of shells that was hidden somewhere inside the ship. I agreed, and they gave me this to wear.” She pulled out a necklace with a sun-and-moon insignia, which she still carried in her pocket after all these years. “It would help identify me as a member- er, ally rather.”

For fun, she slipped the chain over her sister’s neck, admiring the effect. “The necklace actually contained a note from one of the men who saved me. His name was Vito. He told me to meet him on the deck. Since the ship was basically like a maze, I had Kief help me find the way back by using his ODOR SLEUTH to track the author of the message.” She tickled the tiny racookie. “When we finally found him, he seemed sad. It turned out the spy who discovered the location of the Magma base was his brother, and he, well…” She trailed off, reluctant to tell the young girl the truth but knowing she was mature enough to understand.

“Anyway, Vito wanted revenge. So he was going after Team Magma himself. He already knew where the entrance to their hideout was. I thought he was being rash, but I followed him to try and dissuade him, as well as hopefully help protect him from the same fate as his brother. …Plus I owed him my own life.

Unfortunately, we didn’t really succeed at being stealthy, since someone was being hot-headed and kept charging in.” She sighed. “Can’t really blame him though. We ended up running into two wild Rotom – a fan and a microwave, and had to battle them together. He had an Empoleon, who was really strong. It could even cut through solid walls. I sent out Alice – my Ralts – and…” She rubbed her arm consciously, as if remembering some ghost pain before shaking her head. “Sorry, I don’t really remember what happened after that. Guess I’m getting kinda old, huh?” (She gripped the green ball tightly again.)
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“Would you like to see? Kief, show her."

A cloud of smoke erupted from Kief as he transformed into a cookie right in Daisy's arms. A squeal of surprise escaped the little girl's mouth as the CooKief leaped into the plate of gingerbreads and settled right in. If Daisy could explode from sheer cuteness, then she definitely would have. Instead, she turned into an unintelligible mess of words and flailings. "T-t-this is just so cute I c-can't handle all that sweetness C-c-cooKief is so great COOKIEF IS SO GREAT AIYEEEEH AHHHHHH" Rolling around on the Lapras plush, Daisy spent a few moments gushing over the crazy awesome, if simple trick until she calmed down.

In the meanwhile, Daisy's pokemon were busy exploring the inside of Jess's secret base. Sunshine flew to the bookshelf and perched on the Togepi doll, arching her head down to get a better look at the book titles. Chickpea skittered after her, too shy to look around by herself and preferring to use her legs to get around. The nearby Chikorita doll unnerved the poor Chichroma, who stifled a squawk and jumped/flew right onto Sunshine's back. Sunny was not amused, especially after they both came tumbling down from the bookshelf. Chickpea covered her face with her wings as the Swablu gave her a stern warning to not do that again, ending it with a hug to make the gangly bird feel better.

Clementine, never to resist her Combee nature, immmediately fluttered over to the pot of pretty flowers near the back. She hummed appreciatively at the small piece of nature in this underground hideout before inspecting the television and Gamecube. They were definitely not flowers, what with their shiny, hard surfaces and cold, unnatural feel, so Clementine spent some time buzzing quizzically over this strange technology. She must have been a little hungry, because the Combee began to wonder if the boxes contained honey inside. The idea made her very excited, causing her to zip back and forth around the electronics, hoping to find an opening where she could get some of her favorite food.

Hiyoko had never really taken her eyes off Kief, and using his finely tuned senses, Nyantine had noticed this and gestured with a blue fin to the white couch. Earlier, Minchi had whispered something to the Mantyke- a plan it seemed. Hiyoko wasn't allowed to know the details exactly, but she DID know that it most likely involved Kanna and Kief. She began to open her beak for one of her infamous outbursts, but Nyantine skillfully snapped it shut before any sound could come out. He shook his head as if to say, "Silly girl", and gave her some advice. It was best to not go after Kief, not with Kanna feeling the way she does. Hiyoko barely knew Kief anyway, so! The gray bird was smart enough to understand, but she still felt a little crestfallen. Nyantine gave her a few reassuring pats on the back, saying that there's plenty of other fish in the sea.

Daisy was still recovering from her blissful episode when Jess began retelling an old adventure, but when her older sister took a more serious tone, the little girl snapped out of it fully, just managing to see her sibling clutch a green pokeball tightly. Daisy wanted to ask more about it, but something in Jess's expression made her swallow her curiosity. Instead, she turned her attention to the jewelry her sibling pulled out from a pocket. It was a necklace, adorned with a sun and moon symbol representing the group that saved the older girl back at Laguna Peninsula. Jess placed it on Daisy's neck, admiring the look while continuing her story.

As Jess talked, Daisy noticed her clench the green pokeball again, as well as one of her arms. When the story was finished, the little girl was silent for a moment before hugging her sister once again, except more tightly. This particular adventure was different from previous ones the 9 year old had heard. While the last ones were usually filled with great moments filled with laughter and joy, this one had some horrific events and was pretty sad at times. It seemed like it physically hurt her big sis to recount this journey, and so Daisy felt bad for wanting to hear Jess's stories so much. So the little girl just stood embracing her sister for a long time, trying to keep herself from bawling.
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Jessica chuckled as she watched Daisy's reaction, having long learned pure euphoria was a common response for her sister (and perhaps her natural state if not for the necessity of self-control in public). Best to simply let her be, though Jess watched closely to make sure she didn’t fall off the Lapras. Or keep building excitement until she blew up. BOOM. THE END.

Out of the corner of her eye, she observed Daisy’s Pokémon exploring the Base. She winced when she saw Sunshine take a tumble with Chickpea, almost upsetting the bookshelf. The poor peacock seemed just as skittish as Kanna, who watched the dangerous scene unfold through furry paws with frantic worry.

Meanwhile, Clementine seemed to be admiring the far floral centerpiece. Jess swelled with satisfaction, pleased someone appreciated her interior decorating skills. She was particularly proud of the pink on blue on pink design. …Curiously, the Combee buzzed over to the TV and Gamecube (which currently had Twilight Princess inserted – she really needed to replay that). Did she want to play a game? But no, that level of excitement could only be displayed for one thing: Food. Jessica wished she had a jar to offer the insect, but unfortunately she was fresh out of sweet substance. Well, unless you count the cookies, but unfortunately those were off- er, on the table for now.

There also appeared to be something going on between Nyantine and Hiyoko. Jess wasn’t too good at reading these types of situations, but a settlement of sorts seemed to be reached regarding Kief. Still, the Pidove looked a little heartbroken. She sighed as she reached over to tease Kief’s chin, which was currently munching blissfully on a snowman. If only he the knew the kind of effect he had on females. All da bitches want bad boys who can turn into cookies.

Once Daisy calmed down, Jess launched into one of her stories, which somehow ended with the 9-year-old girl giving another hug and fighting back tears. Not good. She was supposed to be the strong one, she didn’t want to make her little sis sad. She had to stop using Daisy as a sounding board for her darker thoughts. But ever since leaving home and learning the harsh reality of the world, she seemed to be having a lot more of them lately. She sighed as she brushed the small child’s hair back, hoping her innocence would never have to face such horrors. Pleae don’t grow up to become jaded and bitter like me.

Jess stared at the necklace hovering above Daisy’s heart, and absently touched the place where her own should’ve been. She wished she hadn’t lost it. It was inevitable, but still. Ironic that the pendant, and circumstances surrounding it, reminded so strongly.

She tried hard to think of happier times to tell. Of course, there were some. She wouldn’t be here if there weren’t. Despite the tough times, this was her home. No matter what, she loved living in Fizzy Bubbles. Plus Daisy was right, she would never give up Adventuring with her Pokémon – her friends. Whatever troubles they faced, they did so together. They were the ones who helped pull her though. Her gaze moved to Kief, then Kanna and Minchi by the couch. She smiled.

“Say, did I tell you about the last time I visited the Cloud Garden? Kief and Kanna were with me. Kief wanted to go to Stardust Fields since it reminded him of a similar place- but that’s another story. Anyway, there we met a kind old woman named Greta.” She grit her teeth, forcing herself to swallow the report on her first reaction to an elderly lady. Past experiences didn’t apply here.

“Would you know, she had a Roserade and Roselia with her. Roserade seemed to be pretty friendly with Kanna. …Ah, it wasn’t romantic though, Roserade turned out to definitely be a female.” Jess grinned in the direction of the gossiping girls. “Although Kief and Roselia didn’t get on too well. Maybe they were having a male moment, who knows.” She shrugged.

“Anyway, we helped Greta gather some herbs and take them back to her house. Her husband was POISONed by a Vileplume, and she needed them to make medicine. I… Like to think we helped. At least a bit.”

She finished somewhat lamely. To be honest she didn’t want to admit she couldn’t remember much about what happened after that again. Was she seriously losing it? She seemed to recall a mention of danger though, of “they”… No, she shouldn’t worry, Greta had said Roserade and her friend Roselia would protect her. Besides, it was out of Jessica’s concern now. She should trust they were all safe and took care of each other, hopefully to this day, and were living out their lives, or at least the rest of their golden years, together in peace.

Thinking back, even though Roselia had acted more like an outsider at the time, it was really Jess who didn’t belong in the circle. Always the odd one out. After all, she had never had a permanent place to call her own – not a house, but a home. Or so they say. In truth, “place” wasn’t right… She was sitting in her Base after all, surrounded by comforts and creatures she loved. More like “people”. In all her years of Adventuring, she rarely kept ties or even managed to make a close connection to anyone in the first place, except… Her eyes drifted towards the door, staring at the mail slot for a moment. The “place” Stardust Fields reminded her and Kief of… Could it have been just a dream?

Nevermind. Back to the subject. While it still stirred a couple questions deep inside, for the most part it was merely a harmless reflection. The rest were afterthoughts. And despite its shortness, it was a story she was glad to share. A cherished memory. Simple and sweet.

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At the sight of Daisy's tear-filled eyes, Jessica immediately regretted telling her story. She looked around the room, trying to think of a happier memory as she soothingly petted her little sister's head. At the sight of Kief, Kanna, and Minchi, the older girl smiled as she remembered her last adventure. Sitting Daisy back down (this time next to the Rhydon plush!) and giving her the Swablu doll to snuggle with (much to Daisy's extreme satisfaction), Jess began to recount her Cloud Garden adventure at Stardust fields. Daisy's eyes grew wide at the mention of the place- she'd never been there before, but she heard of it! It was a fantastical place filled with unique pokemon and a variety of precious stones- everything a girl could ask for. Even better, when her big sister began to talk about a friendly Roserade, the 9 year old began to erupt into fangirl squeals once more. The stylish flower pokemon had really grown on her, so it seemed now that any mention of one would bring a smile to Daisy's face. She giggled at the thought of Kief and Roselia having a "male moment" and imagined them staring each other down with sparks flying out of sheer intensity. At the mention of the ill husband, the little girl's face became a little more down until she Jessica assured (although not very strongly) that she and her pokemon did their best to help, and that the couple is hopefully now living comfortably together.

Having considerably cheered up, Daisy gave the Swablu doll one last hug and kiss before putting it down. Crawling over to her bag, the child opened the flap and stuck her whole arm into it, rummaging around with her tongue stuck out as she looked for whatever she needed. "Aha! Hey sis, your story was the best! It also reminded me I have to do something! Here, take a look~" Daisy pulled out her arm, and clenched in her tiny fist was a paper and a box of 64 Crayola Crayons. With a hop she set her items on the table and called out to Cookief. "Cookief, can ya do me a favor? Stand on the table while I take a good look at you~ Don't worry, it'll be quick!" The racookie, having just finished eating one of its sugary brethren, obliged with a small bark and took his place in front of the girl. "You see, sis, I've made a decision to record my adventures in my own special little way. Some people write in journals, but I think drawings are waaaay easier and much more fun! I couldn't have a 64 pack of crayons and just NOT use them~" The usually loud Daisy suddenly became more quiet as she put her full concentration on her drawing. She always put her absolute best effort into whatever she did, and since drawing was one of her favorite things in the world, it was certain that she'd take it seriously.

"Aaaaand done! Take a look see~" Daisy held up the picture proudly. If it was any other person, the 9 year old would be shy to show her work. This was her big sister though, a person she looked up to. Daisy could show and tell anything and everything without so much as a second thought. "So, what do you think? I'm definitely adding this to my scrapbook when I get home~"

Spoiler: show

With Daisy preoccupied with displaying her doodle to her older sibling, her pokemon were still busying themselves with the secret base. It looked like Sunshine and Chickpea were now hanging around Clementine. By the way the two birds were patting the bee, it seemed that the shiny bug had given up on her quest for getting honey out of the Gamecube and was now moping around. Chickpea scurried toward the cookie plate and gingerly picked up a few pastries with her beak before going back and offering it to her friends. While it wasn't the sweet golden food she wanted, Clementine was touched by the shy bird's gesture and accepted a star-shaped gingerbread with a happy buzz. Together the two birds and the bee nibbled the confections as they scanned the rest of the room for their other teammates.

Nyantine, in the mood for some fun, noticed the jump mat next to the Rhydon plushie. Always the bouncy pokemon, he immediately took a flying leap and slammed straight onto the blue arrow. He didn't notice the blue balloon resting on top of it, however, so as his body put pressure it burst, spraying water in that corner of the room. Unfortunately, Hiyoko also chose that corner of the room for more self pity to take a short rest and the Mantyke failed to see her as well. So when the water-filled balloon exploded, the poor Pidove experienced a very wet wake-up call. Nyantine, being a water pokemon, was enjoying the unexpected splash when he felt a murderous intent coming from behind him. He turned around to see a very cross Hiyoko, the water soaking her feathers doing nothing to cool down her temper. The following squawks were loud enough that the whole room could hear it, and by the time the pidgeon finished, everyone was staring. Hiyoko's face turned bright red from embarassment, and she ruffled her messy feathers with a huff before awkwardly shuffling to the privacy of underneath of a table.

Daisy cocked her head once before handing her paper to Jess, saying, "Don't worry, I got this! 'Scuse me for a sec, sis~" Daisy walked toward her pokemon's hiding place and lay down on her belly. The soggy Pidove was crying some tears of frustration, and when she saw Daisy she turned her body so her back was to her trainer. "Aww, don't be like that Hiyoko. Come here, mama's got you<3" The child used her arm to scoop up the bird, getting up into a sitting position and cradling her pokemon. Walking back to the Rhydon plushie Daisy quickly pulled out a towel from her bag (always be prepared!) and began to rub it back and forth against the Pidove. After she was dry (and slightly fluffy), Daisy gave her a kiss on the head and nudged her toward Nyantine. "Say sorry to each other! We don't need any bad feelings towards each other, now do we...?" The manta ray apologized profusely to his friend, and although it took a few seconds, Hiyoko swallowed her urge to shout some more and apologized as well.

With that cleared up, Daisy picked them both up and gave them a big hug. "Hooray! Now run along, and play more nicely~" Turning to Jess, she said, "Okey doke, where were we? Oh right, there was something I wanted to ask you..." Daisy fidgeted a bit, looking down on the ground before saying in a low voice, "During one of your story tellings, I saw you hold this green pokeball. You did it more than once too, and one of those times I noticed you clutching your arm." She let out a small cry of frustration. "I'm a bad person but I want to know so bad I'm too curious and it'll probably bring up bad memories and I can't do that to my sister that's not what younger sisters do oh what am I saying ahhsksdljgh" *THUD* Daisy fell back on the plushie behind her, breathing heavily from talking too much. In a small voice she said, "So yeah, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to Jess. I'm sorry." ;-;
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Lil' Bluey

Jessica smiled, watching her sister snuggle a Swablu doll as she listened wide-eyed to the older girl’s story. Jess was suddenly glad she picked the doll up on a whim when she first began buying decorations for her Base. Ironically, it was the only one of her plushies that did not represent a member of her own team. However, she couldn’t resist a reminder of her sister, not to mention its colors resembled her own favorite Pokémon. (Though Daisy would certainly prefer a golden design, Jess felt this was a fair compromise.)

Daisy hugged and kissed the doll one last time before setting it down and rummaging in her bag. Jess watched curiously as she pulled out a sheet of paper and a big box chock full of crayons – Mom and Dad must have just purchased a fresh one for her before she left. Jessica wondered briefly what happened to the last Crayola pack she gave the girl for her Birthday last year. …Knowing Daisy, she’d wear these down just as fast.

Indeed, Daisy went on to explain that rather than writing in a journal, she decided to record all of her Adventures through drawing. Which made sense, given her visual nature. She asked Kief to pose for her, and silence overtook her usually talkative self as she concentrated completely on capturing his cookie goodness, down to the last crumb. Jess tiptoed close and peered over the girl’s shoulder, although at this stage Daisy was still somewhat shy to show her incomplete sketches to anyone, including her sister. Even once finished she was typically reluctant to put them on display, especially for strangers. Her sister was the only exception then.

But, so long as Daisy was absorbed in art, it was fairly easy to sneak up on her. Apparently during some of Jessica’s more mean-spirited moments as a kid she had attempted to purposefully scare Daisy in order to spoil the picture, which led to crying, scolding, and eventually making up – often accompanied by cleaning up a colorful mess together.

Jess sighed, marveling at the child’s budding talent. The girl clearly had a gift. Someday she should have no shame in expressing her skill to others. When Daisy turned around to proudly present the final product, Jessica clapped – and not just out of politeness. It really was a remarkable resemblance. Despite her lack of love for icing, she had to admit its texture looked deliciously spot-on, as was the rest. She almost wanted to reach out and gobble the piece of paper up. When Daisy mentioned putting it in her scrapbook, Jess was somewhat disappointed. She made a mental note for the future when she bought a fridge (as part of a secret upcoming business project) to also include some magnets so she could steal and hang Daisy’s drawings on it.

At that moment, the girls heard a loud *POP* followed by a splash. They turned to see a soaked pigeon screaming murder at a sheepish manta ray sitting on the Jump Mat, where Jessica remembered placing a water balloon for the express purpose of tricking those who didn’t look before they leapt. What seemed like a clever practical joke at the time had backfired – perhaps she should really move the balloon’s location. Although in fact the first to fall for the trap didn’t seem to mind, it was unfortunately the bystander behind who got caught in the backlash, and was now taking it out on the trigger.

When Hiyoko realized everyone was staring, her feathers turned flush and she slunk underneath the table. Daisy excused herself to coax the poor Pidove out from hiding. Jessica watched quietly as Daisy handled her Pokémon with the same tenderness and care she displayed towards Sunshine that stormy day. There was no need to offer a towel, the girl had come prepared. Jessica smiled as Daisy convinced her friends to apologize, imagining the scene must have been similar to sisters’ own past reconciliations. Clearly Daisy had inherited their mother’s patience and understanding.

Once everyone was soothed and settled again, Daisy turned to Jess with an awkward expression. Fumbling for the right words, she eventually managed to ask the question that had been on her mind regarding the Green Ball – immediately flailing and falling back onto the Rhydon plushie with regret. Jess quickly ran forward to move the mud ball out of the way, not wishing to make another mess – especially not on her sister’s beautiful blue dress. She then sat next to Daisy on the doll’s broad back and hugged her close, feeling even worse for making Daisy to call herself a “bad person”. It boggled Jessica’s mind how Daisy could even think that. If anything, she was…

“Hey, we can share anything, remember? Don’t be afraid to ask.” She gently pushed back Daisy’s hair and gave the sweet girl a kiss on the forehead. “You haven’t met Al, right? Let me introduce you.”

Jessica gladly pulled the Friend Ball out and released a lovely Ralts into the room, who crawled into her trainer’s lap and sat up straight, smiling politely at the small guest beside with curiosity.

“Daisy, this is Alice. Alice, I’d like you to meet my little sister.”

How do you do?

A soft voice chimed mutually in the girls’ minds, as if spoken by someone near. Yet it didn’t come from directly below, nor any direction it seemed. The source was simply within. Both Jess and Alice smiled to see Daisy’s stunned reaction.

“Alice is a very skilled Psychic user. When I first met her, she was working as a sort of indentured servant for the Sphinx, almost a slave – as she informed me soon after she joined my team. She was forced to battle trainers to test their abilities between riddles. She was very tough, and both she and my Gulpin got hurt so much I decided passing a simple test wasn’t worth the pain for either of them. I forfeited, but put a Potion on the floor for her before leaving. Later, she sought me out in the desert to thank me.

But at that moment, Team Magma appeared in a helicopter and kidnapped her before my eyes! I practically threw Custard, my Delibird, at the window to try and stop them, but sadly it didn’t succeed. Still, while I sent Custard to contact the authorities, we managed to follow the ‘copter back to their base. We snuck in and found a bunch of Pokémon trapped in cages, including Ralts, so of course we had to rescue them. A Houndour guard halted us on the way out, but I managed to reason with it by appealing to its sympathy (not to mention saying the police would be there soon).

However, we ran into trouble again escaping across the desert. The helicopters came after us, and I had to fight off a Poochyena and Growlithe my Rhyhorn and Corsola. Unfortunately, the men still managed to get their hands on Ralts. Custard came at that time with the police, but it was too late. Bobble, my Wynaut, made one last-ditch attempt to prevent them from getting away, but it turned out to be a trap. They knocked me out and when I woke up, I was chained in a prison cell next to Ralts. She still had enough strength to move one of my Pokéballs on the table, and we got Bobble to help break our locks.

As we tried to find our way out, we came across the leader of Team Magma himself: Maxie. He said he’d make me pay for getting in the way of their plans, and sent out an Absol. Despite the type disadvantage, Bobble did pretty well against it. Maxie left it to stall me after a while, saying I was strong… And that I could have been an invaluable member of Team Magma…” Jess frowned. “He also mentioned something about ‘Shadow Pokémon’.”

She shook her head. “Anyway, we managed to win somehow, and after wandering around we ran into a man and his Alakazam who saved us by TELEPORTing to a strange building full of people. They turned out to be members of an Elyrian organization known as the Lightbearers, whose goal was to defeat the Nightbearers, a dark magic cult. They had infiltrated Team Magma to trick them into capturing Pokémon for the Nightbringers’ own purposes, for one of them had the power to mass produce ‘Shadow Pokémon’: Pokémon whose hearts have been corrupted by darkness. This was probably the plan they had for Ralts.” Jessica fidgeted slightly, recalling how she had not completely believed those words at the time, as they seemed to be specifically after Ralts for some reason. She didn’t dare express her theory that perhaps there was a reason Ralts’s heart was possibly more susceptible to distortion, though Alice likely sensed it all the same.

“They wanted me to help their cause. Since they had saved me after all, I felt like they owed them one. …Strange, that seems to happen to me a lot. They even asked me to look for a pendant called the ‘Tears of Pure’ – though they didn’t give me one.” She chuckled wryly as she suddenly realized the irony of just how much the stories she’d shared had in common. Perhaps they were connected somehow…

“It was at this point I realized Ralts might want to return to the desert. We weren’t even in Fizzytopia anymore, we had somehow traveled to an underground facility in Atrea. But since Team Magma was no longer a threat, I figured the first priority should be to take her home. I didn’t know then how the Sphynx had mistreated her. Neither of us really wanted to separate though, plus she and Bobble had formed a ‘special close connection’ of their own. So she stayed by my side from then on.” Jess smiled as recollections rushed back and she quickly wiped her eyes with her sleeve. “I think I cried some ‘Tears of Pure’ myself at that time.”

With those memories came scenes of what happened afterward, and Jess suddenly bit her lip. She knew she had said they could share anything, but this wasn’t worth bringing up. Not right now. Not when they were all happy and holding each other, safe. Instead, she tried to divert the topic.

“You asked about my arm, right? Well, Al and I have grown really close since then, you see. We have a special psychic link of our own. In fact, when one of us feels in pain, so does the other. That time when we were fighting Rotom on the ship, she got shocked to the point of Paralysis… And I experienced the same electricity in my limb too. It’s more subtle, of course, as is the case with emotions, but we can always sense what the other is thinking or feeling at any time, to a certain extent. Make sense?”

As if to prove the point, Alice lightly pinched her own pale skin, and Jess yelped in surprise as she also received a sharp jolt in her side. She playfully grabbed the Pokémon’s cheeks and began to stretch and squeeze, her own pouches tingling oddly from the transferred tension. At this point her thoughts fell into unconscious telepathic transmission, so not even Daisy could hear their conversation.

That’s not fair! You didn’t have to go that far!

Aw, but it was too easy! I couldn’t resist! Besides, it didn’t really hurt, did it?

Oh yeah? How about this then? Does this hurt? Huh?

You know you can’t make my voice muffled this way, right?

Doesn’t matter! I can still make you look silly!

Speaking of silly… Your sister’s watching us, and you realize she can’t hear you?

Jess ceased abruptly to stare self-consciously at Daisy. Even if it was her sister, she couldn’t stand to look so strange in front of someone. Perhaps even more so because the spectator was so young and impressionable, who for some reason looked up to the ridiculous figure standing before her. What must she think of her big sister now?

However, Alice simply took this opportunity to use her own PSYCHIC powers to pull her trainer’s hair as payback, sneering smugly as she tolerated the slight stress on her skull.

“Ow ow ow! Okay, I give!”
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Curled up next to her sister, Daisy watched as Jessica pulled out the mysterious green pokeball and released a new occupant into the room. "Daisy, this is Alice. Alice, I’d like you to meet my little sister,” the older girl said gently. The graceful Ralts gave a small smile as she took her spot on her trainer's lap. Both Daisy and Alice faced each other with curious expressions, but when the telepathic pokemon "spoke", Daisy couldn't help but gasp. Short black hair swung as the young girl turned her head to find where the noise came from. Sure it couldn't have come from the Ralts in front of her, whose mouth had not moved but instead sported a smile. Daisy turned to her sister, hoping for an explanation with her stunned expression still on her face. Jess had the same smile as her pokemon as she began her story of how she and Alice met and eventually became to be partners.

It was a really crazy and intense story, but Daisy didn't expect anything less from her sister. The child's range of expressions was as wide as a Wailord as she listened with rapture as she learned more about the Sphinx and riddles, Team Magma and the mention of "shadow pokemon", and the war between the Night and Lightbearers. Kidnappings, imprisonment, dark magic... it was much too horrible for the 9 year old to comprehend fully. She giggled when Jess talked of Bobble becoming close with Alice, and her own eyes watered again at the sight of her sister wiping away tears. No more crybaby! Stay strong for Jess! thought Daisy. Thankfully for the sympathetic crier, the older girl went on to talk about her unique connection with Alice. The lilblue trainer and the Ralts had bonded quite well since they first met, to the point where they had a psychic link with each other. Pain and emotions felt by one could be felt by the other, although not quite as strongly. Daisy nodded, then jumped as a sudden yelp came from her usually soft-spoken sister.

Jessica turned to face the culprit and began pinching her cheeks in retaliation. For a few seconds Daisy just hung back and watched the silent interaction between the trainer and pokemon. A silly sight indeed, but it made the small girl smile widely with satisfaction. She liked it when she saw her sister happy and having fun, oblivious to everything else around her. As if they were reading her thoughts, Jess and Alice abruptly stopped. The elder sibling had an expression of embarrassment and, Daisy saw quizzicly, regret? Like Jess didn't want to her to see her act this way? Another yell of surprise snapped Daisy out of her confusion to see a sneering Alice using her powers to pull back her owner's hair. An burst of giggles erupted from the child as she watched her sibling flail as she cried, "I give, I give!"

With story time over, Daisy was feeling restless again. She could only sit still for so long before she started feeling antsy. It seems like her pokemon have been playing quietly so as not to disturb Jessica's story. With that over, however, the 9 year old decided that she wanted some liveliness. I want to make sis have that expression when she was playing with Alice... Let's do something spontaneous! thought Daisy. Clapping her hands together to receive the attention of the room, she cried, "ALRIGHT GANG, STOP WHATEVER YOU'RE DOING AND FLUFF YOURSELVES UP. OPERATION, BODY SLAM SIS IS IN EFFECT! GO GO GO!" A collective glint passed over the 5 pokemon's eyes- as if they were one being, the birds, the bee, and the manta picked themselves up, saw Jess sitting on the Rhydon plushie, and leaped at her with Daisy at the front, shouting out a battle cry.

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Lil' Bluey I actually made it short this time.

Though momentarily distracted by Alice's redeclaration of war, Jess thought she glimpsed her sister grinning widely. Was Daisy laughing at her after all? Her suspicions were swept away however when she heard the little girl bellow a battle cry, summoning reinforcements to tackle her all once. ...For some reason Kief decided to join in the dogpile too, whilst Kanna and Minchi simply stood by and watched - the former out of trepidation, and the latter out of amusement. So much for help from her team.

"H-hey! No fair! Shouldn't you be on my side?"

Jessica cried, choking with laughter and tears, yet this time of joy as they all compressed into the Rhydon plush, nearly knocking it over. (Fortunately it was a rather strong and sturdy stuffed doll, much like the one it was based on.) Despite her protests, Daisy refused to relent, saying something about "30% chance of paralysis".

"Oh yeah? Well take this then! 100% PARALYSIS!"

Jessica rolled over and pinned the smaller child, tickling her mercilessly. Alice, however, seized the chance to lift one of the soft pads by the table with her PSYCHIC powers and send it sailing towards her trainer's head.

"Oof! Oh, it's on now." Jessica grabbed the closest cushion and chucked it back at Alice, who simply stopped it with her mind in mid-air, redirecting it in a return volley. Jess ducked instinctively, and the projectile plopped onto Daisy's face instead.

"Ohmygosh, I'm so sorry, sis. You okay?"

She gently lifted the soft seat. Then, without warning, she bopped it over Daisy's head again (albeit lightly so as not to hurt the tiny body).

"Ha! How's that for payback? Come on, let's PILLOW FIGHT!"
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