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Originally Posted by Kush View Post
>Focus Blast

Wasn't there a match fairly recently where a Bastodion took a nasty Plotted Focus Blast and survived?
Triple Calm Minded, actually.
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Originally Posted by Shadowshocker View Post
Triple Calm Minded, actually.
;-; >< ;-;

Fissure fought hard after that, he did...
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Originally Posted by Firewater View Post

While Damage Caps seem like a good idea, where would we place them? I mean if you think about it, anything with enough work can KO something very quickly, Even though i don't agree with the reduction of damage to 3x from 4x, I'd rather have that than a damage cap. But i still feel that it would be best to have people use some common sense, and not toss out a Wingull when your opponet has 2 electrics on their team or something.
Oddly, I'm battling my idiot friend and he sent out a Wingull, knowing I use a bunch of electrics.
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In all honesty I disagree with Jerichi. I can understand where you're coming from but typespamming is part of the game. I can relate to being typespammed and I used to be an awful battler when I first started years ago. I've been dumb enough to send out a pidgey in a freaking snow stormy type arena. I actually almost won that match with the pidgey mind you. It's based on strategy, I knew I was in a type disadvantage throwing it in but I figured I could pull it off which I almost did. I also was in a situation where I had my Hitmonchan fight a Kadabra and I WON due to being able to exploit weaknesses in the other trainer's attacks and directions.
Sure it sucks if a n00b gets destroyed in his/her first match due to typespam but its what makes a person stronger. My first match had my pokemon almost die due to it getting slapped with lava on its head. One must learn in defeats or wins regardless of the outcome, you can do moves differently or select different pokemon. Every battle and situation is different and is limitless in possiblities. It is a part of the game and shouldn't be taken away or reduced, as I figure if we allow this it can only go down a slippery slope and place restrictions everywhere else. This league has always balanced creativity with rules that have carried it for years and practically at least a decade.
Granted tweaks and modifications are always necessary but the one you are suggesting is too much to ask for as it greatly changes the dynamics of the game. It will limit creativity for refs as they will have a more rigid standard to refer to. You could say it can inspire more creativity on a battlers part but there are also negative connotations on that as well.
One example would be I_D who said it will cause delays albiet minor ones. One can only imagine how long a gym match or league championship match, tournaments or especially Grand Melees would last under those conditions. Furthermore what makes you think making the battle last longer would be a good thing for the other pokemon in a realistic match. What if the pokemon isn't instantly ko'ed and the opposing trainer decides to actually kill it? Now that to me would be greatly unfair. On the same note what if the opposing trainer who may be a vet or just higher levelled or even worse a fellow n00b could still easily avoid any attacks from the pokemon that got typespammed and ko it in the 2nd round without his/her poke getting hurt anyway?
It's not just typespamming, you must combine it with skills, roll of the die and location as well. No matter who you are everyone must have played the game, I may be mistaken in assuming but I'm going to in this case that everyone who's joined must have played the game or watched the anime once in their lifetime before finding this league. So I'll also assume that nobody is a complete idiot when fighting unless they are really REALLY young as I can give Hanatori all the respect in the world for being a great battler back in the heyday at age 12 and kicking everybody's butt. She was so good she was Mozz's GT, if that isn't a great feat I don't know what is. I think I've said my piece and I'll gladly add more tidbits if its necessary.

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