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Trainer Profile
Name: Tim
Age: 16
Bio: Tim is the kind of person that likes to travel the world and experience new things. Unfortunately, he is also a big chicken and has been for quite a long time. He strives to become stronger so he can face any foe that tries to harm his friends and companions. One huge inspiration for Tim is his closest friend, Squirt, unlike Tim, Squirt is always ready to fight and protect people. For that, Tim admires Squirt greatly.
Physical Description: Tim is exactly 5'7" and weighs 128 lbs. He has olive tan skin. Lime green eyes, and hazel brown hair. He wears black shorts that go down just past his knees, a navy blue hoodie with a white v-neck underneath, and has a backpack slung over him.

*Trade Post*

Fizzy Bubbles Active Team

Pokémon: Politoed
Nickname: Kermit
Level: 76
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 4
Lives in:
Nature: Relaxed
Type: Water
Ability: Water Absorb
Beauty Points: 0
Contest Stats: Cool: 20 Beauty: 20 Cute: 20 Smart: 20 Tough: 20
IQ: 1
Hold Item: N/A
Obtained: Trade w/Amras.MG
Bio: While visiting the Cable Club, Tim met Amras and his friend, Kermit. After learning that Amras was looking for a trade, Tim jumped at the chance to bring in Kermit. After the trade, Tim and Kermit left the Cable club and waved goodbye to Amras and off the two went. Tim noticed some odd signs in Kermit’s behavior, acting very feminine and seemed to twirl around like a ballerina while he walked. It became apparent that Kermit was gay when he was introduced to Squirt. Kermit felt love at first sight, while Squirt on the other hand didn’t understand and quickly took a disliking to the poor frog. Kermit is very open about his sexuality and has a passion for ballet. When Kermit isn’t practicing his ballet, he is usually lounging around.

--(Lv. 24)-->--(Kings Rock/Trade)-->

Attacks: Water Sport, Perish Song, Bubble (Lv. 5), Hypnosis (Lv. 8 ), Water Gun (Lv. 11), Doubleslap (Lv. 15), Rain Dance (Lv. 18 ), Body Slam (Lv. 21), Mud Shot (Lv. 32), Bounce (Lv. 43)
Egg Moves: Bubblebeam, Ice Ball, Mind Reader, Encore, Refresh
Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Substitute, Mimic
TMs: Aqua Ring, Return, Water Pulse, Toxic, Hidden Power (Ground), Hidden Power (Flying), Ice Beam, Protect, Rain Dance, Earthquake, Dig, Psychic, Brick Break, Double Team, Facade, Secret Power, Attract, Theif, Focus Blast, Endure, Payback, Captivate, Natural Gift, Substitute, Giga Impact, Sleep Talk, Can't Catch Me
HMs: Surf, Dive, Whirlpool, Waterfall

Pokémon: Ditto
Nickname: Morph
Level: 8
Gender: Genderless
Birthday: March 30
Lives in:
Nature: Sassy
Type: Normal
Ability: Limber
Beauty Points: 4
Contest Stats: Smart: 20
IQ: 0
Hold Item: N/A
Obtained: Egg Raffle
Bio: Morph, the Ditto, is a very colorful member of Tim's team. The little blob is by far Tim's most versitile pokemon due to it's ability to transform into anything under the sun. Thanks to these unique powers, Morph is often used for disguise and trickery. Though due to Morph's sassy nature, it often gives people attitude and isn't the kind to back down because someone else is bigger or badder. When challenged, Morph always accepts, often relying on it's tranforming abilities. Morph has been known to transfrom into Tim and mock him on occasion.

Attacks: Transform
Egg Moves:
Move Tutor Moves:

Pokémon: Dragonair
Nickname: Knight
Level: 32
Gender: Male
Birthday: December 29
Lives in:
Nature: Brave
Type: Dragon
Ability: Shed Skin
Beauty Points: 6
Contest Stats: Cool: 10 Beauty: 10 Cute: 30 Smart: 10 Tough: 10
IQ: 7
Hold Item: N/A
Obtained: Coins for Prizes Special Sale
Bio: Upon his regular shoping trip to the Coins for Prizes shop, Tim noticed a sad little Dratini sitting in the window, with his adorable little snout pressed against the glass. Feeling sorry for the poor dragon, Tim knew he could just leave the poor creature there. So after bargaining with the shopkeep, Tim left the shop with the brave little dragon. Ever since, Knight has become somewhat of a bodygaurd for Tim, always keeping his beloved trainer out of harms way. Knight loves battling (even though he is still just barely beginning his battling career). The little dragons biggest dream is to one day soar the skies as a majestic Dragonite, and this is one dream Tim is determined to fulfill for Knight. Thanks to evolution, Knight is now a proud warrior of the sky. He is the definition of valiant. Knight's only downfall is that he's so protective of Tim that he tries to keep his trainer from doing pretty much anything for himself.

--(Lv. 30)--> --(Lv.55)-->

Attacks: Wrap, Leer, Thunderwave (Lv. 5), Twister (Lv.11), Dragon Rage (Lv.15), Slam (Lv.21), Agility (Lv.25)
Egg Moves: Mist, Supersonic, Dragonbreath, Extremespeed
Move Tutor Moves: Future Sight, Ice Shard, Swift
TMs: Water Pulse, Toxic, Hidden Power (Rock), Ice Beam, Protect, Safeguard, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt, Return, Flamethrower, Secret Power, Rest, Endure, Dragon Pulse, Sleep Talk, Swagger, Substitute, Rain Dance
HMs: Surf, Waterfall

Pokémon: Eevee
Nickname: Jasper
Level: 3
Gender: Male
Birthday: April 17
Lives in:
Nature: Timid
Type: Normal
Ability: Run Away
Beauty Points: 10
Contest Stats: N/A
IQ: 0
Hold Item: N/A
Obtained: Coins for Prizes
Bio: Jasper is a rather shy pokemon, when first introduced to Tim's team, the tiny fox darted straight into Tim's arms sobbing. It takes time for Jasper to warm up to people and often cries whenever frightened or shy. Tim babies Jasper, even though Jasper is by no means a baby any longer. While Jasper's battling prowes isn't astounding, he can create beautiful techniques that Tim hopes to use in contests... if only Jasper could get over his stage fright.


Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand
Egg Moves: Synchronize, Yawn
Move Tutor Moves:
TMs: Protect, Hidden Power (Flying), Iron Tail, Return, Dig, Shadow Ball, Double Team, Facade, Secret Power, Rest, Attract, Endure, Captivate, Sleep Talk, Swagger, Substitute

Pokémon: Lickitung
Nickname: Derpette
Level: 4
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 28
Lives in:
Nature: Jolly
Type: Normal
Ability: Own Tempo
Beauty Points:
Contest Stats: N/A
IQ: 0
Hold Item: N/A
Obtained: Adoption Center
Bio: The jolly clown of the group, Derpette gets along with most pokemon. Although all the joking is just a front to mask all the pain and struggling she goes through as a larger female. Unlike most Lickitung, she doesn't like being known as an eating machine. She can't help being a hungry pokemon, but hates herself for it. Tim hopes to help Derpette overcome her issues so she can be the best she can be.

--(Learn Rollout)-->

Attacks: Lick
Egg Moves: Body Slam, Curse, Arm Hammer, Zen Headbutt
TMs: Focus Punch, Water Pulse, Toxic, Hidden Power [Dark], Hidden Power [Flying], Ice Beam, Protect, Solarbeam, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt, Earthquake, Return, Dig, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Double Team, Flamethrower, Rock Tomb, Attract, Thief, Endure, Psych Up, Rock Slide, Swagger, Substitute, Swift

Pokémon: Magby
Nickname: Spitfire
Level: 1
Gender: Male
Birthday: July 25
Lives in:
Type: Fire
Ability: Flame Body
Beauty Points: 0
Contest Stats: 0
IQ: 0
Hold Item: N/A
Obtained: Egg House
Bio: More to come....


Attacks: Smog, Leer
Egg Moves:
Move Tutor Moves:

Fizzy Bubbles PeeCee

Pokémon: Feraligatr
Nickname: Squirt
Level: 100
Gender: Male
Birthday: December 6
Lives in:
Nature: Adamant
Type: Water
Ability: Torrent
Beauty Points: 6
Contest Stats: Cool: 10 Beauty: 10 Cute: 10 Smart: 10 Tough: 10
IQ: 6
Hold Item: N/A
Obtained: Starter
Bio: During Tim's early years, his father was never home due to his career as a scientist. But after 3yrs of him traveling, Tim's father returned home for his latest experiment. His experiment was to see how wild pokémon react when put into a domestic area. This pokémon that returned home with Tim's father was a Totodile, at the beginning Tim wanted to befriend the adventurous Totodile. Due to a series of pranks and hand bites, Tim gave up on befriending the Totodile. One day when Tim was walking along the outskirts of town he noticed that Totodile was being attacked by a group of Beedrill. Tim decided to step in and help the poor Totodile and from then on they became close friends. As a gift for becoming a pokémon trainer, Tim's dad let him take Totodile on his journey and Totodile happily went off with Tim. Being Tim's first pokémon they have a strong bond with each other. After evolving at the Haunted Mansions Crypt, Squirt has gained a powerful jaw grip and has become very proud of it. Squirt has also become a bit slower due to the extra weight gain which is something he is still getting used to. After intensive training, Squirt miraculously evolved into Feraligatr. These days Squirt much prefers to take naps, but when his power is needed, he can be quite a monstrous beast. There is no doubt that Squirt is Tim's strongest and most reliable partner.

--(Lv. 18 )-->--(Lv. 30)-->

Attacks: Leer, Scratch, Water Gun (Lv. 6), Rage (Lv. 8 ), Bite (Lv. 13), Scary Face (Lv. 15), Ice Fang (Lv. 20), Flail (Lv. 22), Crunch(Lv. 27), Slash(Lv. 29), Screech (Lv. 34), Thrash (Lv. 42), Superpower (Lv. 51)
Egg Moves: Hydro Pump, Dragon Claw, Metal Claw, Ancientpower, Dragon Dance, Mud Sport
Move Tutor Moves: Ice Punch, Aqua Tail, Dive, Aqua Jet
TMs: Hidden Power (Flying), Protect, Brick Break, Iron Tail, Double Team, Facade, Endure, Shadow Claw, Rock Slide, Dragon Rage
HMs: Surf, Waterfall

Pokémon: Dusknoir
Nickname: Perona
Level: 100
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 23
Lives in:
Nature: Impish
Type: Ghost
Ability: Levitate
Beauty Points: 6
Contest Stats: Cool: 10 Beauty: 10 Cute: 10 Smart: 10 Tough: 10
IQ: 5
Hold Item: N/A
Obtained: Adoption Center
Bio: When Tim met Perona, she was on her final days at the adoption center. Tim, being a strong believer in heroism decided to take in the lovable ghost as one of his own. Perona is quite Impish and shows Tim affection by shooting Will-O-Wisp at Tim, the odd part is that she couldn't use Will-O-Wisp in battle for some time. Sometimes Perona will pull pranks on Tim or Squirt which they don't mind... Perona has the cutest laugh! It goes horo horo horo. Well I think it's cute. Perona is definably an odd one who Tim is sure will be able to stir up excitement for the group.After evolving, Perona hasn't changed much except her newfound addiction to chocolate. She also has a tendancy to give hi-fives whenever she does something positive. Perona and Fleur occasionally work together to pull pranks on the others. After intensive training, and a little help from a friend, Perona was able to evolve into Dusknoir! Perona has taken an interest in mediation and relaxation. Her stomach has a mind of its own though, poor Thorn was almost devoured by Perona. Tim fears this may be a recurring problem, which causes him to believe Perona could use more control training....

--(Lv. 37)-->--(Reaper Cloth/Trade)-->

Attacks: Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Gravity, Bind, Leer, Night Shade, Disable (Lv. 6), Foresight (Lv. 9), Astonish (Lv. 14), Confuse Ray (Lv. 17), Shadow Sneak (Lv. 22), Pursuit (Lv. 25), Curse (Lv. 30), Shadow Punch (Lv. 37), Mean Look (Lv. 43), Payback (Lv.51), Future Sight (Lv.61)
Egg Moves: Pain Split
Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Icy Wind
TMs: Will-O-Wisp, Ice Beam, Flash, Calm Mind, Toxic, Earthquake, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Brick Break, Double Team, Torment, Charge Beam, Dark Pulse, Stone Edge

Pokémon: Cacnea
Nickname: Thorn
Level: 13
Gender: Female
Birthday: November 5
Lives in:
Nature: Hasty
Type: Grass
Ability: Sand Veil
Beauty Points: 0
Contest Stats: N/A
IQ: 0
Hold Item: N/A
Obtained: Arcane Realm- Desert of Illusion
Bio: Little Thorn first met Tim and Squirt in the Desert of Illusion when Tim wanted Squirt to spray water for some cold refreshing mist. Out of nowhere, Thorn came out wanting water. After some quick bonding between Tim and Thorn, she was persuaded to help Tim find a rumored village. Unfortunately it was all just rubble. After a battle with a powerful Banette, the village was brought back to life for a while. And within the last minutes, Thorn happily accepted Tim's offer to join his team. One could describe Thorn as hasty. Always being the first to volunteer her services, she has a heart of gold and one hell of a grip. She constantly is seen giving Tim "hugs of death".

--(Lv. 32)-->

Attacks: Poison Sting, Leer, Absorb (Lv. 5), Growth (Lv. 9), Leech Seed (Lv. 13)
Egg Moves: Teeter Dance, Low Kick
Move Tutor Moves: Thunder Punch, Seed Bomb
TMs: Toxic, Bullet Seed, Brick Break, Sandstorm, Facade, Energy Ball, Fling, Drain Punch, Payback, Dark Pulse, Poison Jab
HMs: Cut

Pokémon: Delibird
Nickname: Birdie
Level: 23
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 23
Lives in:
Nature: Quirky
Type: Ice/Flying
Ability: Vital Spirit
Beauty Points: 6
Contest Stats: Beauty: 20 Cute: 20 Smart: 20
IQ: 3
Hold Item: N/A
Obtained: Adoption Center
Bio: Upon passin the adoption center, Tim saw a pokemon that caught his eye, Birdie, the lovely Delibird. What appealed to Tim most about her was her quirky personality. She's truly a free bird, not caring what others think of her. Birdie truly beats to the rhythm of her own drum, which is a quality that Tim aspires to obtain himself. Birdie is always sure to drag Tim out of his comfort zone to try new (and often dangerous) things. Desperatley seeking to become stronger for Tim, Birdie has gone into training with some of Tim's other pokemon, and has since greatly improved her movepool and gained much power.

Attacks: Present
Egg Moves: Aurora Beam, Future Sight, Ice Shard, Quick Attack, Rapid Spin, Fake Out
Move Tutor Moves: Swift, Avalanche, Sweet Kiss, Gunk Shot, Sky Attack
TMs: Blizzard, Tri Attack, Water Gun, Aerial Ace, Roost, Rollout, Hail, Whirlwind, Water Pulse, Toxic, Hidden Power (Ground), Ice Beam, Protect, Brick Break, Double Team, Facade, Secret Power, Attract, Theif, Endure, Recycle, Avalanche, Captivate, Pluck
HMs: Fly

Pokémon: Piloswine
Nickname: Matilda
Level: 33
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 20
Lives in:
Nature: Mild
Type: Ice/Ground
Ability: Oblivious
Beauty Points: 0
Contest Stats: Cute: 100
IQ: 0
Hold Item: N/A
Obtained: Adoption Center
Bio: Matilda, being the most mild Pokemon among Tim's group, is very gentle and warm hearted. Tim first met the young pig-like pokemon at the adoption center, where she was quick to great Tim kindly. Her adorable looks and mild nature warmed Tim up to her quickly and the two formed a strong bond. Tim was reminded of his mother's childhood partner, Giant the Mamoswine, who deceased before Tim was born. Matilda, being the kind soul she is, is always glad to offer help in any situation. With Matilda's strong ground and ice powers, she is sure to become a major powerhouse among Tim's team.

--(Lv. 33)-->--(Learn Ancient Power)-->

Attacks: Tackle, Odor Sleuth, Mud Sport (Lv. 4), Powder Snow (Lv. 8 ), Mud Slap (Lv. 13), Endure (Lv. 16), Mud Bomb (Lv. 20), Icy Wind (Lv. 25), Ice Shard (Lv. 28 ), Take Down (Lv. 32)
Egg Moves: Ancient Power
Move Tutor Moves: Swagger
TMs: Rest, Snore, Sleep Talk, Protect, Attract, Hidden Power (Electric), Ice Beam, Rock Slide, Copycat
HMs: Strength

Pokémon: Vespiquen
Nickname: Bumble
Level: 21
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 9
Lives in:
Nature: Modest
Type: Bug/Flying
Ability: Honey Gather
Beauty Points: 0
Contest Stats: Beauty: 100
IQ: 3
Hold Item: N/A
Obtained: Cable Club
Bio: After intensive training with Tim, Bumble was able to blossom into a beautiful Vespiquen. After becoming three minds to one, she seems to have a bit trouble adjusting to life. Bumble isn't fully aware of her powers and still hides behind her comrades when faced with danger. The Bee Pokemon has a deep interest in contest, watching them whenever she gets the chance. Tim has noticed this and has decided to train her specifically for contests.

--(Lv. 21)-->

Attacks: Sweet Scent, Gust, Bug Bite (Lv. 15), Power Gem (Lv. 21)
Egg Moves:
Move Tutor Moves: Air Cutter, Ominous Wind, Signal Beam
TMs: Toxic, Protect, Double Team, Sludge Bomb, Aerial Ace, Facade, Secret Power, Attract, Theif, Roost, Silver Wind, Flash, Captivate, X-scissor

Pokémon: Cranidos
Nickname: Jurasic
Level: 18
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 5
Lives in:
Nature: Naive
Type: Rock
Ability: Mold Breaker
Beauty Points: 2
Contest Stats: Cool: 20 Beauty: 30 Cute: 20 Smart: 20 Tough: 20
IQ: 1
Hold Item: N/A
Obtained: Purchased @ Coins For Prizes
Bio: Having been confined in the form of a fossil for millions of years, Jurasic has missed much of the world and is learning about changes made since his days were he roamed the earth. Jurasic is fasinated by the advances in civilization and often explores, sometimes geting him into trouble. The revived pokemon often believes everything he is told which others may take advantage of. Naive little Jurasic is full of energy and wonder, never taking a single moment of life for granted. When threatened, he will use his strength, which he isn't able to fully control yet, to protect himself and his friends.


Attacks: Headbutt, Leer, Focus Energy (Lv.6), Pursuit (Lv.10), Take Down (Lv.15)
Egg Moves: Crunch, Hammer Arm, Thunderpunch
Move Tutor Moves: Lick, Iron Head
TMs: Roar, Ice Beam, Protect, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Rock Polish, Seismic Toss, Harden, Stone Edge, Return
HMs: Rock Climb

Pokémon: Roselia
Nickname: Fleur
Level: 18
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 26
Lives in:
Nature: Naughty
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Poison Point
Beauty Points: 10
Contest Stats: N/A
IQ: 6
Hold Item: N/A
Obtained: Adoption Center
Bio: Fleur's appearance may be harmless and kind, but in reality, she is a rather nasty pokemon. To most people, she tends to cause trouble and misbehave. She doesn't care much for others, accept when it comes to her owner, Tim. Around Tim, Fleur is a whole other pokemon, she would never harm him and would probably give her life for him. Eventually, Tim hopes to be able to draw the more positive side of Fleur out and make her a kinder individual. Fleur and Perona occasionally work together to pull pranks on the others.

--(Friendship)-->--(Shiny Stone)-->

Attacks: Absorb, Growth (Lv. 4), Water Sport (Lv. 7), Poison Sting (Lv.7), Stun Spore (Lv. 10), Mega Drain (Lv.13), Worry Seed (Lv.16), Leech Seed (Lv.16)
Egg Moves: Extrasensory, Leaf Storm, Sleep Powder
Move Tutor Moves: Swift
TMs: Toxic, Bullet Seed, Sunny Day, Protect, Solar Beam, Return, Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Energy Ball, Grass Knot, Fatal Attraction, Dream Eater, Wish

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Coin Case
Rare Candy(ies)
x01 Spell Tag
x01 Sacred Ash
x01 Ruby Pendant
x06 Heart Scale 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
x01 Buneary Chocolate Figure (when eaten teaches Bounce)
x01 Green Scarf
x01 Thunderstone
x01 Smooth Rock

x01 Skull of the Forgotten Souls (Hold Item)
x02 Rare Bone 2nd
x01 Zombie Mask
x01 Northern Star Bangle
x01 Glass of Eggnog
x01 Dusk Stone
x01 Spooky Plate
x01 Berry Juice

x01 Bubbling Cauldron
x01 Black Persian Plushie
x01 Pumpkin Memory Berry
x01 Temperence Tarot Card

x01 His Heart Pendant
x01 Her Heart Pendant

TM/CM Case:
x01 TM Icy Wind
x01 TM Embargo
x01 TM Thunder Wave
x01 CM Blow-Back
x01 TM Shadow Ball

Berry Bag:
x02 Shuca Berry 2nd
x02 Tomato Berry 2nd
x02 Cherri Berry 2nd
x01 Leppa Berry
x01 Pecha Berry
x01 Payapa Berry
x02 Durin Berry
x01 Sitrus Berry
x02 Wepear Berry 2nd
x01 Yache Berry
x02 Bluk Berry 2nd
x02 Cutsap Berry 2nd
x03 Mago Berry
x01 Chilean Berry
x01 Babiri Berry
x01 Apicot Berry
x01 Micle Berry
x02 Watmel Berries
x01 Liechi Berry
x01 Pamtre Berry
x02 Spelon Berries
x01 Persim Berry
x01 Aguav Berry
x01 Kasib Berry
x01 Colbur Berry
x01 Ganlon Berry

Pokéblock/Poffin Case:
x01 +20 Apple Poffin
x01 Cranberry Pokeblock
x01 +40 Black Pokéblock

Fashion Case:
x01 Star Shades Accessory

Gummi Bag:
x03 Red Gummi
x03 Blue Gummi
x03 Yellow Gummi
x03 Black Gummi

x03 Gold Gummi

x01 Flying Ball
x01 Luxury Ball
x01 Snow Ball
x01 Thunder Ball
x01 Christmas Ball (2009 Edition)
x01 New Year's Ball (2010 Edition)
x07 Pokeballs
x01 Ghost Ball
x01 Pumpkin Ball

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