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W = 0
L = 2
VS. Parrot
VS. Yougirasu

KOs = 0
TP = 5
SP = 0

Spoiler: show
Torch - Level 1 Male Charmander

Toast - Level 1 Male Growlithe

Sugar - Level 1 Female Eevee

Spice - Level 1 Female Eevee

Winter - Level 1 Female Seel

Bubba - Level 1 Male Spheal

Glaze - Level 1 Female Snorunt

Jet - Level 2 Male Sneasel

Wilbur - Level 1 Male Swinub

Spirit - Level 1 Female Trapinch

Chatter - Level 1 Female Pachirisu

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Current Matches:
None (at the moment)

"There are the winners, and then there are my opponents."

W = 2
Vs. Muffinluvr
Vs. Poke_Hunter
L = 0
D = 0

KOs = 4
TP = 8
SP = 0
Spoiler: show

Rose - Level 2 Female Chansey

Raven - Level 1 Female Murkrow

B-Rick - Level 1 Male Nosepass

Tree-na - Level 1 Female Snover

Vulcan-o - Level 1 Male Numel

Bell-a - Level 1 Genderless Bronzor

Lori-Kieth - Level 1 Male Chatot

Baa-b - Level 1 Male Mareep

Ali-gator - Level 1 Female Tododile

Skor-Pierre - Level 1 Male Skorupi

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Yougirasu in shock-horror post! I'm actually putting my squad all in one place, where people can see it... The horror, my mysteriousness will be lost now. But things should be easier for me to keep track of, compared to notepad. Here we go *deep breath*


Spoiler: show
Level 2 Male Kirlia
As a first capture, an adamant ralts is very questionable. Its direct decisiveness can cause problems within battle but it will use all of its attacks with a passion. He is however, a dependant force within the team and works well with everyone by using his telepathic powers to let them know what he's doing just before he does it
During his training in an effort to work with the other members of his team he was often asked to use moves that assist or work in sync with whoever he was partnered with. During this time his psychic skill in relation to empathic powers was strengthened to a level normally beyond most people and pokemon, especially adamant natured ones. With a lot of training, luck and patience, we managed to combine the skill into a versatile move.

Sig in the Works...
[Ralts: (Psychic) Ralts's empathic abilities make it very in touch with its opponent. Attacks that deal with the opponents mental state are more effective. Teleporting also requires slightly less energy as well.]


Level 2 Female Togepi
A calm, charming pokemon that is often referred to as being 'enchanting'. It still sees itself as a child and likes to be babied often, which leads it to surprise it's opponents within battle.
No Signature Move
[Togepi: (Normal) All baby Pokemon’s Charm attacks, if the Pokemon can be Charmed, are twice as effective. Its shell provides a slightly higher defense where it covers. Togepi is able to levitate through minor expendure of energy.]


Level 3 Male Espeon
Obtained as a hot-headed Eevee with a flair for adventure who likes to take a rougher route that the beaten path. It's rashness can sometimes cause it to lose its footing when on rocks or uneaven ground. Upon evolution, it found itself a lot more sensitive towards it's suroundings as well as all the people and pokemon around. It wasn't touchy feely sensitive, more sensitive to the movements and positions of every little thing due to the Psychic element he gained.
In an attempt to adjust to his new found Psychic abilities, Espeon practised and reviewed all the moves it had gained through evolution and paid special attention to it's Psychic moves. However, it realised eventually that it had access to two moves that were effective towards pokemon of a certain disposition. But, he had no way to make his opponents vulnerable to these moves. As a result, he vowed to find a way to make pokemon suffer the effects of his attacks and as an added bonus, spit at feet of the creators who gave him these moves with no way to use them.
As a result of Espeons training to master the technique of sleep inducement, he spent many a day with Psychic pokemon experienced in such techniques. As a result, he spent many months with Hypno's and Exeggutor's alike in attempt to muster the strength to induce sleep on an unwilling pokemon.

Special Technique: Requiem of the Evangelical Master (REM)

The resulting move was an interesting combination of ideas that manages to work effectively. By creating a Psychic link with the opposition that requires direct eye contact, Espeon can use the suggestive powers of yawning to lull the opposition into a restful sleep. The catch? Espeon struggles to stay awake due to the suggestions it sends over and all the yawning it does.

REM produces the effect of a restful sleep onto the opponent without wasting their rest and sends Espeon into an unresting sleep. As a result, Espeon will wake up in half the time of the opponent unless either side is attacked due to the sleep not being so comfortable. The move takes the energy of a Psybeam to use and can only be used once per battle. In addition, Espeons natural Rest is half as effective at energy restoration and he cannot use Yawn completely.
[Espeon: (Psychic) An Espeon’s fur is sensitive to the movements of the wind, caused by the movements of an opponent, so it has a slightly higher chance of evading any attack from an opponent, and is very difficult to surprise. An Espeon has sensitive hearing, at the expense of higher vulnerability to sound attacks.]


Level 2 Female Growlithe
A jolly little Growlithe, despite being abandoned at an early age. It's often eager to prove itself and doesn't overthink things which can be a help or a hindrance depending on the situation or move. She's was always hard to work with, especially with training and never stayed focus on what it was doing. This made developing strategies and new moves most difficult, but as is the case we pushed through the difficulties to produce something of beauty.

Special Attack: Finale Touch (Fire/Dragon)
Growlithe, quite upset with the fact that even through evolution doesn't learn any sort of last ditch use everything you've got type move decided to work on something similar. She quickly charges all of her remaining fire and dragon energies within her body. The quick release combined with the free, raging energies within are enough to KO her but before she does she nobly uses the energy as an attack, by charging in and striking her foe. To be able to fully utilize this move Growlithe must be have below 1/4 of both her health and energy remaining and unless she has at least half of her Dragon energies remaining the attack will be just plain fire based. The damage output is similar to the amount of energy used but with a cap at damage equal to a Fully Charged Hyper Beam. Dragon energy will be Dragonbreath level, with Fire energy composing the rest of it and damage being proportional to these energies. The tackling has a moderate risk of flinching if attacked during the attack, causing Growlithe to faint automatically.
[Growlithe: (Fire) Arcanines and Growlithes are extremely loyal and brave. They are more likely to follow orders of their trainers, even if they consider such orders questionable. They are also more resistant to fear-inducing effects. Finally, their hearing is more sensitive than normal, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound attacks.]


Kabuto, Level 2, Male.
The Kabuto formerly known as Rich is a smart kabuto with such an urge for a speed that he unfortunately lacks. He was released by his original trainer, who revived him from an ancient fossil, for his apparent speed related issues, after which Rich spent his time searching the ocean and caves for ways to make himself as fast as possible. He preferred to visit caves with fast moving currents for him to try to move against, his favourites are the waterfalls in Seafoam Islands, the Waterfall outside Evergrande City on route 128 and the spiralling whirlpools around the Whirl Islands. Such places he believed, with perseverance, would make him a faster pokemon. After having limited success in his attempts to increase his own speed, Kabuto decided to take a different path for battle while he worked on perfecting his skills.

Special Training: Dude, where's my Range?

Disappointed by the fact that he could only manage to move faster with Aqua Jet, Kabuto decided to put more effort into learning moves that were suited to fighting at range to allow him more time to dodge and necessary.
Following in depth training with groups of Grumpig's and Mismagius' that inhabited a desolate forest within the Hoenn region, Kabuto managed to get to grips with the techniques of Power Gem and Energy Ball. But to master such moves, he had to set aside techniques that would either hold him back or could be used to assist him with mastering the moves. As a result, he can no longer perform Mega Drain, Rollout, Substitute and Double Edge.
The resulting moves however, are not perfected and as a result cost Kabuto 1.2x the normal energy usage for either move.
Sig in the Works...
[Kabuto: (Rock/Water) Kabuto’s have a protected top, where their top eyes are located. However, their underside is weak and unprotected, and they have a hard time righting themselves if knocked over.]


'Net, the Female Nosepass. Level 2
'Net is believed to be one of the few poekmon in the world who has a name starting with an apostrophe at the start of her name. 'Net is highly magnetised, which is how she got her name, and has a lot of potential. She dearly dreams of one day making it to Mount Coronet so she may evolve.
'Net has been through many tough experiences and non was tougher than delivering supplies between two towns on the shores of a large lake. The actual task wasn't going to be so tough, although all the walking would take it's toll but it was everything that happened that caused some changes in 'Net.
As we were making our way round a large thunderstorm formed along the side of the lake that we were walking on, having been blown across from the forest that was to our left. As the rain began to beat down onto our heads we picked up our pace and unfortunately ran into some trouble. A rouge Houndour was harassing a number of the forest pokemon in a very dominating fashion, you could very clearly see the fear in their eyes and the scorches across their skin/fur. We were going to attempt to avoid the situation and possibly return when we weren't soaked and didn't have a job to do, but the Houndour noticed our presence very quickly and had no intention of letting us near or past.
It launched a vicious Shadow Ball at us as a warning, but we weren't going to be scared off so we engaged in a battle. Since 'Net was already out she jumped at the chance to battle and we used a variety of rock based techniques to use Houndour's typing against him. However when Houndour was Swaggering towards 'Net, her confusion made for terrible consequences. She quickly struck with a Thunder Wave to paralyse and then followed up by charging a Zap Cannon. This proved to be the mistake. The large charge of electricity drew in the lightning from above and it struck 'Net with such sheer natural force that it was blinding, but the power coursed through her and she unleashed an extremely powerful shot that KO'd the Houndour easily, however 'Net also collapsed. Grabbing her and through the pain of the electricity that was still within her discharging into me I ran all the way to the Pokemon Center where the nurse there worked all night to help 'Net, who was never the same again.

Special Training: Charging Experience.

Due to the surge of raw, natural electricity that struck her, 'Net had an excess amount of electrical energy within her that was to dangerous to remove without hindering her natural status. As a result, she is considered familiar with the Electric type, having energy levels to match this and knows how to use Charge Beam. The overflow of electrical energy had a negative effect on her more earthly factors, reducing the damage inflicted with her Ground and Fighting typed moves by 10% and causing her to forget the move Power Gem. As an interesting effect on the additional electricity within her, she has a slight glow to her when in darkness making her an easier target for all pokemon in low light.
[Nosepass: (Rock) Nosepass' nose acts as a magnetic compass, and can track the general direction (though not distance) of a Pokemon by homing in on the electric currents in their body, aiding them in situations where they cannot see the Pokemon in question. This of course works most efficiently against Electric types]


Beldum, Level 2 Genderless.
A Beldum? In PASBL? Is what I often hear and I say why not, I plan to use Beldum but it's good to throw people off a bit. There were times in Beldum's existence, mostly before he met me, that were bleak and painful for him. He decided, while listening to some AC DC that was on my laptop, that he should put all of his effort into besting himself during these events. The strain he put on his body made some serious alterations to his genetic structure, but he found himself able to exceed his natural limits and push his bounds. However, these new limits were still very limited, but with plenty of training he should be able to push himself further than he thought possible.

Special Training: Back in Black (Various)
With his efforts described within his Bio, Beldum is now Black in color as well as the ability outlined below. Beldum will never be able to evolve. Instead, he gains permanent access to 5 random moves per level (decided using a RNG, similar to the way a Metronome would.) The first 5 are given by the sig reviewer. The attacks for additional levels will also be given by the current reviewer and will be sent via Public Message after they are notified with a PM linking to the match where the level occurred and asking nicely. 467 total moves as of Gen IV.
The new moves grant access to additional pools of energy that are there to power the attack, each move will grant Beldum the energy needed to perform the move twice. The exception to this is if the attack uses more than 1/2 HB of energy, then the energy pool will meet the level needed to perform the attack once. The pools are not additional amounts of energy for him to use as well as his original, they will act as they would for any Pokemon that learns a variety of moves. As his variety of moves grow, he will gain a better level of access for that elements energy, but the levels are capped and as such, will never be able to surpass the amount that a non familiar Pokemon would have.
Current list of moves is as follows:
Offensive: Thrash, Dig, Nature Power, ThunderShock, Mega Punch, Fly.
Defensive: Morning Sun, Baton Pass, Psycho Shift, Pluck.
[Beldum: (Steel/Psychic) Beldum may levitate itself a short distance above the ground by expending minor energy for each round it remains levitated. Being inorganic, Beldum cannot be affected by Poison in any way, unlike other Steel types who could be affected if the Poison is ingested internally.]


Murkrow, Level 3 Female
Murkrow, or Krow as she prefers, is an arbitrary fighter. Often being reckless and hot headed within battles, she is not known for keeping her feelings to herself or pulling punches. She works tirelessly night and day to push herself to the limits of her abilities and then some. In the little downtime she takes, rather than resting or helping out she will take off and watch the flocks of Honchkrow and Murkrow from afar to study techniques that they might be using that she isn't. It has been theorised by pokemon psychologists that the desire to prove herself comes from being, literally, knocked out of her flock by either a sibbling or a close relative.

Sig removed. New one to be made eventually.
[Honchkrow: (Dark/Flying) Honchkrow have influence over Murkrow. If Honchkrow is fighting a Murkrow, the Murkrow will be more reluctant to damage it.]


Quagsire, Level 2 Male
Calm, collected, consistant and dim, what more do you need to describe him? Okay then, he likes to spend his days lounging by rivers, knocking berries and fruit out of trees and bushes with his water attacks when he gets hungry. His laid back attitude flows into battling but doesn't seem to hinder his speed or desire to beat the opponent, rather it's used to lull them into a false sense of security before he comes in for a power attack.

Sig in the Works...
[Quagsire: (Water/Ground) Quagsire move at a decent clip on land, and a respectable pace in the water, though they prefer shallow, slow water to deep, fast currents. Wooper and Quagsire are coated with a slimy substance, which makes them harder to grab.]


Absol, Level 2, Female.
One of Yougi's favourite pokemon in terms of appearance, adding an Absol to the sqaud as soon as possible was a must. This young girl was a feisty catch and had advanced her array of hard hitting moves when we went into battle against each other. After a long and hard battle, Kabuto managed to gain victory and as a result both trainer and pokemon earned her respect. Outside of battle, Absol is a gentle spirit and has quite an infatuation in regards to both Yougi and Kabuto and can often be seen curling up either on Yougi's lap or besides either of them.

Special Training: The Spice of Life.

Absol loves her movepool, it's so diverse with so much choice for her to choose from when it comes to typing. However, she was a little dismayed at either having situational moves or not having any moves in some types. In defiance to these restrictions, she spent a lot of time around 'Net and Growlithe to try and develop skills to help fill some of these 'unnatural errors' (her words, not mine).
As a result of her positive mental training method (her patented 'See, attempt, practise, complete.' method) she is able to use Earth Power and Dragonbreath. However, these moves cost her 1.2x the normal energy and Dragonbreath has a more limited range. In addition, she has also forgotten how to use Substitute, Sucker Punch, Giga Impact and Swift since she has 'to many of these typed moves'.
[Absol: (Dark) Due to their ability to predict disasters, Absol have a faster reaction time to large-scale attacks (Earthquake, Blast Burn, Explosion, Thunder, Hydro Pump, Sandstorm, exceptionally powerful sig moves, destruction of arena, etc, etc). This does not guarantee escape, it merely increases the odds of dodging]


Relicanth, Level 2, Male.
Another whimmed pokemon, mainly because he only had 2 pokemon he could call on to fight toe to toe in a water battle. Relicanth was seen to use a variety of combinations similar to Yougi's as well as a number of hard hitting manouvers. Despite this, Yougi actually obtained Relicanth from a breeder who'd done all he could in regards to nurturing and raising the pokemon. To prove that he was capable of taking Relicanth for battling, he had to best the breeder who used Relicanth in a battle. Doing so earned him a new team member.

Sig in the Works...
[Relicanth: (Water/Rock) Though far more at home in the water, Relicanth's lobed fins allow it to stand on land and even move, though slowly, as if they were legs.]


Mankey, Level 2, Male.
Obtained around the same time as Smoochum, this hot headed little guy can come off as quite the bully because of the way he treats the young Ice type. In actuality, his actions are actually playful banter that gets slightly out of control. If he does get carried away though, it's likely that Smoochum will smack him with a Psychic attack before he can be returned. It would be simple to say that he has a crush on the young pokemon, but due to the fact that they're in completely different breeding groups it seems unlikely. Regardless, the hot-footed pokemon seems energetic enough to provide a decent battling pokemon in Yougi's squad with a lot of potential.

[Mankey: (Fighting) Mankey and Primeape interpret being stared in the eyes a challenge to their authority. Thus, any eye contact attacks an opponent uses will raise Mankey or Primeape's attack power and energy use for the next two rounds. During these two rounds, Mankey and Primeape will attack the one who did the staring incessantly, and will ignore any orders to attack something else.]


Mr. Mime, Male, Level 2.
Bio to come later.

[Mr. Mime: (Psychic) Mr. Mime are mainly proficient in wall defensive attacks, and can perform such moves (Barrier, Light Screen, Reflect, etc.) almost instantaneously.]


Grimer, Male, Level 2.

Grimer was obtained through a trade from a far off, distant location known as Almia where he'd terrorised a sewer with other poison typed pokemon. Although the trade itself was fair, the trainer who sent Grimer over to Yougi seemed to have an odd sense of humour that caused him to have to work hard to have Grimer forget the name he'd been referred to for so long.
Eventually though, Grimer became Grimer instead of Rangeet-go-Boom! and quickly slotted into Yougi's team. The effects of the people he met in Almia shone clearly in Grimers personality as he is very friendly and quite caring (although everyone has to be careful to keep him away from plant life and other such living organisms).
With unknown potential and a fresh set of moves, it's unknown how fruitful Grimers future will be but hard work will have to be done to get the best of the young, slimy pokemon.

Special Attack: Toxic Rave.By imitating Shadow Rave, Grimer created his own version of the move. To utilize the move, he sends a wave of Poison energy into the ground towards where the opponent stands. The energy then quickly bursts out as three barb-like spikes that are usually spread around the opponent dealing heavy damage and having a high (50%) chance of dealing full damage, regardless of defensive boosts. The attack itself takes a fair amount of concentration when sending the energy through the ground and uses high energy.The barb-like spikes can only reach a maximum of 2 meters in height, meaning that the opponent will need to be fairly close to the ground to be struck.
Grimer: (Poison) These Pokemon are made up of poisonous substances made of liquid slime. Thus, toxic or polluted chemicals heal them instead of harm them. The same is true for poison attacks. Grimer cannot see in complete darkness, though they see better than most in low light. They are also very flexible, and can fit through gaps that most pokemon of their size couldn't. Their bodies absorb physical blows, and physical projectiles, making all attacks in these manners 85% effective. However, as the slime is liquidized, they take slightly more damage from electric attacks.


Shake the Octillery, Male, Level 3

Caught as a fresh faced Remoraid with a lot to prove and little time to do so, Shake sought to not only fit in with the group but also to stand out as a battler as well. He faced stiff competition in battles facing up against the likes of a Kabutops and coming out with a smile, sort of, on his face. His shining moment was in his evolution though. Being no longer limited to areas that had large volumes of water to allow him to move around he had greater access to battles and ample opportunities to prove his value. He's looking for the greater challenges that are to come and his own fresh move to mix things up.

Sig in the works.


Valensiya the Venonat, Female, Level 2

Valensiya is a hard pokemon to figure out, she can chatter on for ages which previously gave her the nickname Natter. However, everything that comes across has no correlation to herself, her life, her likes, her interests, they are yet to be known by anyone. However, she does like to be close to people, often snuggling against them for comfort. I believe that evolution will help her to grow and open up about these feelings, but only time will tell.

Sig in the works.


Sparkle the Misdreavus, Female, Level 2.

Sparkle is a feisty, prankster of a pokemon and her preferred method of giving people a shock is to simply hide and give them a jolt of electricity. She finds gleeful irony when people tell her that her actions shocked them and will often chuckle for hours afterwards. She's highly adept with her electric moves and is looking to further advance them to build on her available techniques. However, she can't take battles seriously for long and this drastically slows things down for all involved.

Sig in the works.


Shania the Pikachu, Female, Level 1.

After searching for an Electric pokemon, the choice was eventually made on having a Raichu in the party. This unfortunately meant that a Pikachu would have to be found. Yougi and Shania don't get along well currently, they mean well by their actions but Yougi's pure dislike for Pikachus above any other pokemon make there involvement difficult to say the least. This strained relationship isn't destined to last for long though as a Thunderstone and evolution are high on the list of priorities, showing Shania that Yougi cares, he just doesn't like Pikachus.

Sig in the works.


Maya the Houndour, Female, Level 1.

A playful pup who loves soaking up the sun is the best way to describe Maya. Originating from an area close to Mayan ruins, the name was hardly creative but she's always looking to help by adding a little fire to anything. Playfully dubbed as the pyromaniac of the group, even compared to Growlithes 'fire-bug', she tries to hold back but will inevitably set fire to the curtains, or the bed, or the stove...
She's dead set on working her fiery magic wherever she can, assuming she knows where to find it, and wants to prove herself as one of the newest additions to the team.

Sig in the works.


Matches Completed;

Spoiler: show

vs. Electivire165 ~Win~ ~2-1~ [2KO, 4TP]
vs. Joshua ~Loss~ ~1-2~ [2TP]
vs. K_B_K ~DQ Win~ ~1-0~ [1KO, 2TP]
vs. Killy Gallet ~Loss~ ~1-2~ [2TP]
vs. Lunatone_Is_This ~DQ Win~ ~1-0~ [1KO, 2TP]
vs. James2791 ~Draw~ ~4-4~ [4KO, 6TP]
vs. Mewmaster ~Win~ ~3-2~ [3KO, 6TP]
vs. MuffinLuvr ~Win~ ~3-2~ [3KO, 6TP]
vs. DTFG ~Loss~ ~0-1~ [1TP]
vs. Quintowill ~Loss~ ~1-2~ [2TP]
vs. Handymankg2 ~Loss~ ~1-2~ [2TP]
vs. Concept ~Loss~ ~1-2~ [2TP]
vs. ToastedBagel ~Win~ ~2-1~ [2KO, 4TP]
vs. Brandan ~Win~ ~1-0~ [1KO, 2TP]
vs. Quintowill ~Win~ ~2-1~ [2KO, 4TP]
vs. Milo ~Win~ ~2-1~ [2KO, 4TP]
vs. SP-Eevee ~Loss~ ~1-2~ [2TP]
vs. DTFG ~Loss~ ~0-1~ [1TP]
vs. Mewmaster ~Pokébowl Loss~ ~0-1~ [1TP]
vs. Kindrindra ~Win~ ~6-4~ [6KO, 12TP]
vs. Rocky ~Win~ ~3-2~ [3KO, 6TP]
vs. DragonDance ~DQ Win~ ~3-2~ (would have been a win without DQ) [3KO, 6TP]
vs. Salamencia ~Win~ ~4-3~ [4KO, 8TP]
vs. Blaze ~WWC Win~ ~2-1~ [2KO, 4TP]
vs. Zerozoner ~WWC Win~ ~2-1~ [2KO, 4TP]
Running Total: ~15Wins, 8 Losses, 1 Draw~ 42KO, 95TP

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Torkoal Stu
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Luvdisc Luvdisc luvs Stu PASBLing~

Stu's PASBL Stummary

25 Wins ~ 15 Losses ~ 3 Draws
Knock Outs ~ 51 (9 KOs until Level 4)
Trainer Points ~ 124 (38 TP until Level 4)
Service Points ~ 2

Current Battles:

Current Reffings:

Level Three Trainer
B Grade Referee
Former Bug-Type Gym Leader

Badge Case:

Struggle Badge
Global Badge
This is the badge of the Combeenation Gym and the symbol of having beaten its Gym Leader, Stu. The Struggle Badge has a spider in a web to represent triumphing over Bug Typed Pokémon in their own natural habitat but also to represent one of the areas within the Gym itself. The name is derived from the fact people often consider it a struggle to fight with an entire team of Bug Pokémon. Its effect provides the trainer with a boost in battles to represent that most Bug Typed Pokémon are often considered weak.
Badge Effect: Soldier On
If the holders Pokémon raise their stats during the battle, the increase becomes slightly more powerful.
Confirmed Here

Achieved Level Three
Certified as a B Grade Referee
Acquired Position Of Bug Typed Gym Leader
Finished Fourth Place In Pokébowl Tournament 2008
Interviewed For The Shadow Experiments
Won Worst Burger Award At The 2011 PASBL Awards
Won Best Stu At The PASBL 2013 Awards

Team Stu-pendous:
(23 Slots - 31 Filled)
Spoiler: show

Torky: Male Torkoal – Level Three
Bio: Torky is Stu’s first and main Pokémon. They’ve been through everything together, from the dramatic life or death situations to the fun adventures, they trust each other completely and are almost completely in sync. Personality wise he is very brave, independent, confident and selfless, he’ll do anything for anyone that needs his help as he strongly opposes hate and evil. Due to his age and history, he is very wise and level headed leading him to be very highly respected by Stu’s team, even members who don’t necessarily seem very friendly or like anyone so he seems to have taken on an almost leadership role in some respects. He sees Stu and the team as his best and dearest friends.
Hidden Power Type: Electric
Special Training – Hero Heart (Fire): Due to his strong willed confident character and everything he’s been through Torky has developed the heart of a hero. Which means he cannot be scared out of battling due to his bravery, he cannot be angered into attacking as he does not believe in unnecessary violence (and he’s really level headed) and he cannot be distracted from the battle (through means of sexual attraction) because he is so determined and committed to his cause and justice. So for example attacks such as Scary Face, Leer, Swagger, Taunt, Attract, Captivate and so on all have no effect upon him whatsoever (just to clarify he can be affected by statuses such as Confusion and Sleep though). However as he does not believe in acting out of violence or hate, he can no longer use Frustration. Due to his fierce and determined spirit Hero Heart cannot be negated through the use of moves such as Gastro Acid or through use of a Signature Move a Pokémon may have.

Mr. Desserts: Male Phanpy – Level Three
Bio: Mr. Desserts always had a sweet tooth for desserts, however one time a Machop stole his cream pie that he was saving to share with his friends. Every day he went out to track down the Machop that stole his pie with no success until one fateful day, he found the Machop, but he had already eaten the pie. This sent Mr. Desserts into a rage where he couldn't help but use an endless string of Tackle attacks. After the Machop ran away the team found him exhausted and took him back and made him a new pie. However ever since that day during a battle if the opponent had dealt a lot of damage to Phanpy he could be ordered to use a special attack Just Desserts.
Hidden Power Type: Ice
Special Attack – Just Desserts (Normal): Due to his past if Phanpy takes heavy damage during a recent round he can use an attack which sends him into a frenzy of Tackles (one Tackle for each round that has passed), the strength and energy of these Tackles is based on each round (like in the first round if he took no damage, then the first Tackle would do no damage and take up no energy. But in the second round if he took really heavy damage, the second Tackle would do double the damage of a regular Tackle but take up double the energy, and so on). This move can ony be used once per battle and it may even cause Phanpy to faint if it uses so many Tackles it runs out of energy. If it runs out of energy while using the attack (as in it uses a super powerful Tackle which takes up the remaining energy but it still has a Tackle or two left to do) he will faint and not be able to carry out the remaining Tackles. Useable once per battle and only when he has taken heavy damage from the opponent recently, however due to the energy involved he could exhaust himself from the attack.

Miss Vegetareon: Female Leafeon – Level Three
Bio: Miss Vegetareon, like Miss Twinkle, was named by ABL. She and Stu met during the first Pokébowl tournament in 2008 where they lost their match to Dream Breaker, but she fought so hard Stu decided he would send an application to the Bowl Tournament Hosts to keep her. Even though he lost this Bowl match he ended up coming in fourth overall due to a lucky loser programme. She is a very kind spirited, generous and friendly Pokémon and she loves sunlight and nature, however she strongly hates cruelty to Pokémon and the use of Pokémon for evil. She doesn’t really like battling that much, though she will fight when necessary or in order to defend herself. Stu maintains that Miss Vegetareon represents his (at the time) new found vegetarianism, as he gave up eating meat, fish and all things animal in June 2008 (still going strong, just sayin’). Miss Vegetareon has spent so much time in nature she seems to know all about remedies and healing techniques, so she has managed to develop overtime a sort of immunity to status effects. But since she is so generous and kind she cannot help but share this immunity with other Pokémon too.
(Note: Her signature move is allowed to be more powerful due to a prize I received in coming fourth in the 2008 Pokébowl which I gave to her~)
Hidden Power Type: Rock
Special Resistance – Flower Of Life (Grass): While Miss Vegetareon is in battle she and any other Pokémon currently in battle are immune to physical status effects (Paralysis, Freezing, Burning, Sleeping (except if the opponent puts themselves to sleep, for example Rest) and Poisoning). Also when Miss Vegetareon is sent out into battle any Pokémon that currently has any physical status effects are instantly cured. However while she is in battle Pokémon (including herself) are still affected by mental status effects such as Confusion, Attraction and any other effects in that vein.

Miss Kissie Kiss: Female Jynx – Level Three
Bio: Ever since she met Mr. Cuddles, Kissie Kiss has tried to kiss as much as she can just like Mr. Cuddles hugs as much as he can. She is sassy and independent, which is something she has carried over from her Smoochum days. However, after watching Enchanted her quest to kiss became something much more serious and now is always going on speed dates and trying to meet men so she can find her ‘True Love’s Kiss’.
Stu: True love’s kiss?
Giselle: It’s the most powerful thing in the world!
Thanks Giselle~
Hidden Power Type: Water
Special Technique – True Love’s Kiss (Psychic): Miss Kissie Kiss kisses the opponent in an attempt to make them fall in love with her, but due to the kiss being passionate and seductive it has a 10% higher chance at success rate than an Attract would at that point in time. Other than the 10% higher success rate at any given point, the rules surrounding True Love’s Kiss are identical to that of Attract, except to initiate the attack Kissie Kiss’ lips have to touch the opposing Pokémon (rather than Attract which is based off the Pokémon attempting to look seductive) and that the move is considered Psychic typed. Miss Kissie Kiss can no longer use the regular kind of Attract or the move Captivate however.

Ambipom Pom: Female Ambipom – Level Three
Bio: Ambipom Pom is very avid cheerleader, so she prefers supporting her team mates rather than fighting herself. She loves putting on a performance, usually with dancing, bright lights and music. Stu found her while travelling and attending Pokémon Contests, which he has always had a particular love of. During one contest in the audience he saw the Aipom sitting on a chair cheering on the Pokémon during the contest, however the strange part was the Aipom did not belong to anyone and instead was just watching the contests and cheering on the Pokémon out of the kindness of her own heart. Stu was moved and after the contest challenged Aipom to a battle and in the end up captured her. He has worked hard to help her come up with a routine she loves, as well as (kinda selfishly) developing her a battle move that is effective and looks dazzling.
Hidden Power Type: Psychic
Special Attack – Razzle Dazzle (Normal): Aipom Pom releases a small burst of light, which dazzles the opponent for a few seconds before she quickly hits the opponent with her tail. The burst of light consumes the same amount of energy as half of a Flash and the dazing the opposing Pokémon suffers only lasts about five seconds maxinmum. The physical aspect of Razzle Dazzle deals good damage and takes the energy of a Brick Break.

Miss Twinkle: Female Piplup – Level Three
Bio: Miss Twinkle always wanted to be a dancer ever since Stu met her. She would always dance and use attacks like Bubble to make it look pretty, Stu knew that she would be great in any Contest that she put her mind to it. She was named by ABL after Stu wanted some suggestions, as soon as he heard ‘Miss Twinkle’ he knew this name would stick with her forever. She loves to show off and brag about her dancing skills and can often let her confidence run away with her and find herself in difficult situations because of it, but she means well really. After seeing Mr. Cuddles and Miss Kissie Kiss develop their own hugs and kisses, respectively, she decided to choreograph her own special dance routine called the ‘Twinkle Dance’. While practising her own dance she became surrounded by a group of five Spinda, Twinkle bragged about her amazing dance skills and how the Spinda’s signature Teeter Dance will be no match for her Twinkle Dance once she’s finished. The five Spinda soon became angry at Twinkle’s bragging and they all began to dance their Teeter Dance in perfect time and it was actually amazing. Upon finishing they challenged Twinkle to top their dance with her dance, which was unfinished, at this point Stu arrived and saw what was going on as Twinkle began to dance. As Twinkle was dancing due to her fierce determination to beat the Spinda she began to glow a magnificent blue colour. Stu then commanded Miss Kalida to sprinkle some silver wind onto Miss Twinkle and Aipom Pom to create some swift stars around her causing her performance to look amazing. Upon finishing her dance the Spinda were blown away by her amazing performance and agreed that Twinkle was an amazing dancer. Twinkle then turned around and noticed Stu and thanked her trainer for all of his help, from then onwards Stu decided to help Twinkle master her Twinkle Dance.
Hidden Power Type: Ground
Special Technique – Twinkle Dance (Water): Twinkle glows a bright blue colour and spins around in a Swords Dance-esque style. This dance is quite quick and raises her Attack and Special Attack by the same amount as a Calm Mind, but it also decreases her defence by the same amount making her more vulnerable and susceptible to physical and special attacks. Energy is also equal to that of a Calm Mind. Twinkle believes this dance to be extremely special so she'll only dance it twice per battle.

Little Miss Static: Female Flaaffy – Level Three
Bio: Before Little Miss Static Stu had never owned an Electric-Typed Pokémon so as a Mareep she definitely gave him a run for his money, she’d always be accidently shocking him or her team mates and releasing electricity at inappropriate times. She is cheery, optimistic and a bit like a ray of sunshine on Stu’s team, a smile never leaves her face and it is impossible for her to be unhappy. During a thunder storm Little Miss Static ran away from Stu and got struck by lightning. The electricity began to pulse through her body, forcing Little Miss Static to figure out how to let the electricity escape her body appropriately and to take electricity into her body on will. After this event Stu managed to get Little Miss Static to control her electrical prowess, except when she becomes too excited, angry or is in a battle she always seems to give off extra bits of electricity.
Hidden Power Type: Grass
Special Training – Sparks Fly (Electric): Due to her letting off extra bits of electricity during attacks and the extra sparks flying, when Little Miss Static uses an electric attack that has a chance of paralysing the move now has an extra boosted 5% chance of paralysing.

Captain Crow: Male Honchkrow - Level Three
Bio: While rowing a small boat across the sea in an attempt to explore the world Stu was attacked and kidnapped by pirates, they locked him up and took away his Pokémon. The king pirate had a Murkrow who he used to ridicule and belittle in front of all of his pirate minions and their Pokémon. This Murkrow became increasingly annoyed with the pirates, but could never escape as they were in the middle of the ocean and he had no idea where he would go because he never knew of any other way of living. On the third day Stu’s imprisonment the Murkrow secretly brought him some food and water and Stu thanked him, the Murkrow struck a deal with Stu that he would help him escape and get him his Pokémon back from the pirates if Stu would take the Murkrow to the land with him, so Stu agreed. The Murkrow then took the first Pokéball he could find and then secretly brought it to Stu, it was Miss Kissie Kiss who Stu then used to escape the prison in the base of the pirate ship. Miss Kissie Kiss and the Murkrow then teamed up to fight the pirates, who were easily defeated as they had not got too much battle experience out at sea and he got his other five on hand Pokémon back, however the King of the Pirates then challenged Stu. The Murkrow volunteered himself to fight his old trainer and the King of the Pirates sent out Tentacruel and Murkrow was quickly knocked out. Stu picked up the fainted Murkrow and then used Miss Kissie Kiss to defeat the King of the Pirates. He then escaped using one of the life boats of the ships. Upon getting to land Stu revived the Murkrow and thanked him for helping him escape, and the Murkrow thanked Stu in return. Stu then captured the Murkrow and named him Captain Crow after his pirate days, however he now hates all other pirates because of his treatment while on the pirate ship.
Hidden Power Type: Ground
Special Technique – Buried Treasure (Dark): Inspired by his pirate days Captain Crow creates a ball of dark energy and sends it at a random point under the ground of the arena. After four rounds the ball of dark energy comes out from the underground and strikes the opponent. If someone damages the ground around the point (for example Earthquake or happens to dig at the precise spot) where the dark energy is currently residing it will be instantly unleashed and strike the opponent, however at a lessened power because to reach its full power it needs to reach the four rounds (so if it is unleashed straight after use it does no damage, after one round it does a quarter of Future Sight’s damage, etc.). Buried Treasure inflicts the same amount of damage as a Future Sight and consumes the same amount of energy. Buried Treasure can only be used once per battle.

Mr. Poli PoPo: Male Poliwhirl– Level Three
Mr. Poli PoPo is a rather secretive Poliwhirl, he is very quiet and solitary. Not all the time though, sometimes he is the life and soul of the party. But sometimes, he retreats away quietly and sits by himself for long periods of time. Stu has come to the conclusion that he is better off left alone when he is in one of his reflective periods, as usually in his reflective periods he is thinking up something rather nasty.
Hidden Power Type: Ground
Special TrainingWicked Thoughts (Dark)
Mr. Poli PoPo can now use Nasty Plot.

Zero: Genderless Magnemite - Level One
Zero was a scientific experiment, he was designed by a mad scientist attempting to create a race of Steel-Typed Pokémon that were not susceptible to the fire. The scientist’s lab was discovered and he was arrestred for illegal experimentation, most of the Pokémon escaped into the wild with no lasting effects. One exception to this was Zero, the first of all the experiments, who Stu captured because he really wanted a Magnemite. It was not long until he discovered that the scientist’s experiments had actually made a change to the Magnemite. He is named Zero as he was the original experiment.
Hidden Power Type: Water
Special TrainingThe Water In The Machine (Steel)
Zero’s Hidden Power is now Water-Typed and he has enough Water energy to use it twice per battle.


Mr. Cuddles: Male Venonat – Level Three
Bio: Mr. Cuddles is a friendly and peace loving Venonat who attempts to change cold hearted Pokémon and Trainers through the wondrous action of hugging. Mr. Cuddles was one of Stu’s first ASB Pokémon and his extreme love of hugging has inspired many of Stu’s Pokémon to embrace aspects of the world they love and develop special attacks accordingly. Upon the discovery that Venonat cannot learn U-Turn (and that Venomoth can) Stu decided to help Mr. Cuddle develop a U-Turn like Hug which he named ‘Hug And Run’ as he often likens it to a hit and runs.
Hidden Power Type: Water
Special Technique – Hug And Run (Bug): Mr. Cuddles has embraced a life of hugging, so he has lost the ability to evolve into a Venomoth. But in his special hug attack he runs over to the opponent and hugs them tightly. After about five seconds of intense hugging he is then withdrawn and Stu releases another Pokémon (in a U-Turn-esque fashion). The attack has a chance of leaving the opponent confused due to the sheer randomness and amazingness that is the act of hugging during a fierce Pokémon battle, if Mr. Cuddles is at full health the chance of confusion is roughly 60% and decreases as Mr. Cuddles becomes more tired. The withdrawing part of the attack only works if Mr. Cuddles was able to hug for the entire of the five seconds and if he was interrupted it fails and if the hug is cut short the chance of confusion is also lessened accordingly. The rules and information surrounding this attack otherwise (including energy usage) are identical to U-Turn. Also Mr. Cuddles can no longer use Baton Pass.

Miss Joy: Female Butterfree – Level Three
Bio: Nurse Joy is a Pink Butterfree with pink pigtail antae, she likes to wear a little nurses hat when she is not battling. She first started her love of Nurse Joy's when she was born as a cute little pink Caterpie and got grouped with a bunch of Happiny's. When a Nurse Joy came to collect the Happinys she found the pink Caterpie and began to look after her. The Caterpie later evolved into Metapod and then Butterfree, learning the ways of the Pokémon Nurse as she went. Of course the pink Butterfree eventually found she did not fit in with the Chanseys and Nurse Joy and went to find her place in the world. Before she left Nurse Joy gave her a nurse’s hat. The Butterfree continued flying around trying to find her place, though she had no battle experience due to her life in the Pokémon Centred and got attacked by a Scizor. Stu happened to be walking through the forest at the time and spotted it. He ran in and used Torky to defeat the Scizor and save the Butterfree. He was surprised that the Butterfree didn't even try to defend herself, so he began to converse with her and discovered the fact she had no battling skills and preferred a more passive approach anyway. Stu then offered to help her find her true place, but she replied saying she thinks she's already found it. So then Stu captured the pink Butterfree and named her Joy after Nurse Joy.
Hidden Power Type: Ground
Special Technique - Healing Spores (Bug): Due to her life as a Pokémon nurse she has developed a Sleep/Stun/Poison Powder like attack which works similar to Refresh. Joy flaps her wings and releases a pink spore over a Pokémon, a Pokémon that is touched by these spores has any status effects (Confusion, Poison, Paraylsis, Burnt, Frozen, Sleep) healed instantly (or woken up in Sleep's case). However, these spores can even heal opponents. The energy of this attack is equal to that of a Refresh. A single Pokémon can only be healed by these spores once per battle and Joy herself is not affected by said spores.

Drillbit: Male Beedrill – Level Three
Bio: Drillbit was Stu's second Bug Pokémon, caught as a Weedle in a forest while he was traveling. He quickly evolved to a Beedrill and Stu used him in many battles. However, Stu constantly attempted to teach Drillbit a powerful Bug move similar to that of Megahorn. While in battle he ordered a Poison Sting, but instead of using the stingers to poison Drillbit began to charge them with what appeared to be Bug energy. Drillbit then stabbed the opponent with said charged stingers and seemed to inflict very heavy damage. Stu was amazed by this attack and decided to help Drillbit hone and master it. After much training Drillbit was finally able to use this attack on command under the name 'Mega Drill'.
Hidden Power Type: Rock
Special Attack – Mega Drill (Bug): Drillbit charges his stingers with Bug energy and stabs them into the opponent. Overall this attack inflicts about the same damage as a Megahorn and costs about the same energy.

Professor Webster: Male Ariados – Level Three
Bio: Webster’s dictionary defines intelligent as: “having or indicating a high or satisfactory degree of intelligence and mental capacity”. This perfectly describes this Ariados. Stu found him (as a Spinarak) in a library asleep on top of an open book, presuming after a long night’s reading, the book was Webster’s Dictionary and according to the librarian the Spinarak had been reading the dictionary for years over and over again. Stu was then told a story of the poor spider’s origins. One day his trainer ran into the library after losing another battle while using him, he went to get a book on Pokémon and found the dictionary open on the table and placed Webster on it and ran out leaving the poor spider all alone with no one because he deemed him ‘too weak’. A Nurse Joy came over and healed the poor Spinarak, but he refused to leave the library. Over the years he beame closer and closer to books, reading about many different things: Pokémon battles, Contests, Gym Leaders, Famous Trainers and even non-Pokémon stuff like advanced mathematics and literature. He quickly developed a distrust of humans which is what sent him retreating into books. After hearing the story Stu felt bad for the Spinarak and attempted to catch him, though the spider quickly crawled away into a hole. Stu tried to talk him into to coming out, all he got in response was a spider web to the face. Disheartened Stu decided to leave the library, as Webster clearly hated people. He went back the next day to actually get a book out this time, where he saw many webs sprayed across the ceiling and books, the webs directly above Stu. The Spinarak had been touched that someone tried to reach out to him so he decided to get Stu’s attention. Stu smiled as the Spinarak then landed on his shoulder and since then Stu named him ‘Webster’ after his favourite book, Webster’s Dictionary. Slowly over time he has regained faith in the world and he still loves reading. Since Webster is really smart, he seems to a great control over his own mind and he has a strong mind, so to speak.
Hidden Power Type: Water
Special Training – Super Smarts (Psychic): Due to his super smarts Webster’s mind cannot be altered or changed by other Pokémon. So attacks that for example try to change his mood (for example Taunt) or attract him sensually (for example Attract, Captivate) all have no effect. However, he is still affected by the statuses of confusion and being put to sleep, because even the smartest of people can be confused and need to sleep.

Yanmega: Male Yanmega – Level Three
Bio: YANNMMAAM!!!! is a special Yanmega and a previously popular topic of discussion between Stu and Gary, involving a shipping with 'Generic Sunkern', but due to the eye sore that is official his name Stu tends to just refer to him as ‘Yanmega’. Personality wise he is shy and doesn’t speak to people much when he first meets them, however within the team he is quite outgoing as now he feels comfortable enough around the other team members. Stu first met Yanmega as a Yanma in Blackthorn City of all places, under the control of a young trainer who was battling and then lost to Clair the Gym Leader and her Dragonair. The trainer believed that Yanma was a Dragon Type, due to it being a dragon fly, and continuously ordered him to use Dragon Typed attacks to defeat her. After losing the trainer angrily released Yanma, declaring the poor Bug Type as the worst Dragon Type ever, even after Clair corrected him and told him that Yanma was actually a Bug Type he still released Yanma and angrily left. Stu decided to intervene and offered to take the poor Yanma off Clair’s hands, saying that he loved Bug Types and promised to take really good care of him. Yanma, at first, found it difficult to respond to Stu’s orders of Bug and Flying typed attacks as he was so used to hearing about Dragon Typed moves, so Stu decided to teach him a Dragon Typed attack after he had been reacquainted with his Bug Typed heritage. Before long Yanmega was an amazing battler and Stu decided to teach him Dragonbreath as it is the signature attack of Clair, the Blackthorn City Gym Leader where Stu first met Yanmega.
Hidden Power Type: Water
Special Training – Spirit Of The Dragonfly (Dragon): Yanmega can now use Dragonbreath.

Sergeant Heracross (H-Unit): Male Heracross – Level Three
Bio: H-Unit used to live in a forest full of many Heracross and whee he was their leader, meaning he is actually quite old but he is in pretty good shape despite this. One day a younger Heracross challenged him to a battle and if he lost he was to be outcast forever from their forest. H-Unit agreed to this fight and the battle began. The battle then lasted for ages, with neither Pokémon giving up. The younger Heracross ended up being too quick for him and managed to dodge his moves and then win while H-Unit was vulnerable. After that H-Unit was exiled and forced to live alone in a different forest. While training Drillbit one day Stu came across H-Unit collapsed on the ground breathing heavily and in a lot of pain, he threw a Pokeball and captured him before quickly heading to the Pokémon Centre. There he was healed and Stu conversed with him about his past and what had happened, however he then quickly flew away leaving Stu to chase after him. He eventually spotted H-Unit attacking a tree in anger and Stu assumed it was because of his past, Stu told him that he could help train H-Unit and then he could rechallenge them and be reaccepted. So Stu and H-Unit trained for what seemed like an eternity, after about a week he and H-Unit decided to go back to his old forest where they came across his old group. He challenged his replacement to a battle and the two fought, eventually H-Unit managed to top him and win. H-Unit was extremely happy and the Heracross embraced him as their leader once again, but as Stu was prepared to release him H-Unit turned to the Heracross saying he only wanted to make things even rather than become the leader and that he was going to stay with Stu forever. After this event Stu decided to embrace H-Unit’s Fighting side and they spent a lot of time training with Fighting Pokémon in dojos and the like.
Hidden Power Type: Rock
Special Training – Expert Fighter (Fire/Ice/Electric): Due to his extensive training with Fighting Pokémon, after being outcast from Bug Types, H-Unit can now use the Elemental Punches. However due to the fact he is extremely unfamiliar with the typing of these moves he can only use one the punches per battle. Furthermore he can only use the elemental punch that he ends up using twice per battle.

Mr. Aggro: Male Armaldo – Level Four
Bio: Mr. Aggro is an extremely aggressive Pokémon and is always looking to start a fight, so Stu tends to only use him in the most vital of situations or difficult of battles. Stu believes the source of all of Mr. Aggro’s pent up rage and anger is due to the fact he was a fossil who did not want to be brought back to life. Unlike Mr. Krypto, Stu believes that Mr. Aggro isn’t necessarily a bad guy, he’s just a bit unhappy and Stu has made it his mission to turn his frown upside down. However, due to Mr. Aggro’s serious anger issues he has known to go into a particular state when faced with a Pokémon he feels is stronger than him, in an attempt to defeat them and be stronger. Stu has named this state Warmonger.
Hidden Power Type: Grass
Special Training – Warmonger (???): If Mr. Aggro is fighting a Pokémon is a higher level than him (like if he is fighting someone’s upper level Pokémon or the match isn't equilevel, etc.) then he instantly goes into a state of complete anger where all of his damaging attacks become 10% more powerful and take 10% more energy to use. However, in this state he will not use any non-damaging attacks during this time, even if ordered to, in which case will just repeat the last damaging move he used. The state will be active from when the higher levelled Pokémon is sent out against Mr. Aggro until Mr. Aggro is withdrawn, knocked out or the opponent is knocked out.

Mr. Eggo: Male Volbeat - Level Three
Bio: Mr. Eggo is a Volbeat hatched by Stu on one of his many adventures with his dear friend Gary. After hatching many Volbeat from many Bug Eggs in a search for a Beautifly, eventually Stu decided to keep one of these Volbeat, who he named Mr. Eggo, as Gary insisted all of Stu's eggs that were named Eggo would hatch into Volbeat. Mr. Eggo is quite energetic and comedic, often trying to make people laugh with his antics. Stu is often quite worried to use him in battle, due to this trickster nature.
Hidden Power Type: Ground
Special Technique – Trickster (???) This move can only be used in a round when the opponent increase their stats through their own means. Mr. Eggo begins to glow with a red light, which fades after a few seconds, which then causes their stat increase to have the completely opposite effect. So for example instead of Calm Mind raising their stats it will lower them instead. The energy usage and typing of this move is equal to the energy of the move it is focused on and then a half added on, so if it is used on an opponent’s Swords Dance then this move consumes the energy of a Swords Dance and a half to use. If this move is used against a typed attack the typed energy is also used for it to work, for example if Quiver Dance is used then this move uses Bug tyed energy. This move can only be used once per battle.

Mr. Krypto: Male Scyther - Level Three
Mr. Krypto is a Scyther that has trained using fire for many years in an attempt to overcome his weakness of the Fire type. Stu, therefore, has named him after Kryptonite due to his one main weakness and his attempt to overcome it. Due to his extensive training he can be quite cruel or heartless to Pokémon, especially Fire Types. Stu somtimes even questions if he is good or kind deep down, but he seems to have acquired a certain sense of loyalty to Stu and his team, so Stu thinks of that as a good start.
Hidden Power Type: Water
Special Resistance – Kryptonite Armour (Steel): Fire-Typed Attacks that are used against Mr. Krypto now inflict x3 instead of x4.

Miss Hermit: Female Dwebble - Level Three
Bio: When Stu first heard about the new Bug Pokémon of Unnova, he was sceptical, excited and kinda scared. He was planning to not travel there for awhile, however a Pokémon Specialist asked him, as the Bug Gym Leader, to go there and find out why the number of Dwebble in the Unova population has decreased. After travelling there he discovered that the Crustle and Dwebble had divided into two sides and were caught in a bitter feud, hence the lessened number of Dwebble babies being born. He then spotted a baby Dwebble in captivation, so after freeing it he began to care for it, after researching the two sides of the Crustle and Dwebble feud secretly for a few days he discovered it was due to the baby Dwebble and that a low level Crustle had had this baby with the princess Crustle. This, in turn caused havoc and chaos amongst the population. He decided to gather all the Crustle and Dwebble together and let them make peace, he stood before them all and held out the baby. However, they would not listen to his preaching and the two sides decided to patch up their feud so they could kill Stu and the baby and then start afresh in their community. Stu then quickly fled the area, with the Dwebble, promising never to go back there. But at least he had completed his mission of solving the feud. And before you knew it, the population numbers rose back to their expected numbers in no time. Miss Hermit is very shy and recluse due to her background, but is slowly becoming more and more social with Stu and his team, but having been raised in a war zone she has seen much violence and tends to be more passive and defensive when battling.
Hidden Power Type: Fighting
Special Defense – Extra Protection (Psychic): Miss Hermit can now use Light Screen.

Mr. Drip Drop: Male Masqurain – Level Three
Bio: Mr. Drip Drop loves water. He loves the ocean, he loves taps, he loves ponds, he just loves water. So much so he decided to fight nature and try to stay a Water type even when he evolved into a part Flying type. He can often be found in the rain or in sinks playing around in the water. He’s pretty easy going and really a bit of a pushover. Stu believes he used to belong to a plumber because he found him in The Combeenation Gym's pipe system when there was a water leak in his Gym.
Special Training – Waterworks (Water): Mr. Drip Drop is now a Bug/Water (like Surskit) and has all the Weaknesses/Resistances associated with that.

Miss Creepy Crawly: Female Galvantula – Level Three
Bio: Miss Creepy Crawly was captured by Stu on an expedition of Unova looking for new Bug-Typed Pokémon for his Gym Squad, he was simply amazed by the idea of a Bug and Electric Typed Pokémon and he knew he had to capture one. She loves playing up to the creepy stereotypes of spiders and such, so therefore Stu named her Miss Creepy Crawly. She likes to use her scary antics to try and help her in battle, causing Stu to try and invent a fear inspiring move for her.
Hidden Power Type: Water
Special Defence – Arachnophobia (Bug): As she loves being scary and inspiring fear into Pokémon if ordered to use ‘Arachnophobia’ Miss Creepy Crawly attempts to scare the opposing Pokémon from using their currently ordered attack by being as spider-like as possible. The base success rate for the opponent being too scared to attack Miss Creepy Crawly is 80%, but then after each use (successful or otherwise) the chance of it being successful decreases by 20%. The fear only lasts the length equal to one attack. If the opposing Pokémon is deemed (through ref’s discretion) to be a Pokémon that wouldn’t be reasonably scared by Miss Creepy Crawly (if they’re considered to be way more powerful or are massively larger for example) the base success rate for this attack becomes 40% instead of 80%. Energy for this attack is equal to that of a Scary Face.

Miss Wildfire: Female Larvesta - Level One
Bio: Miss Wildfire was once a poor lost Larvesta, who hatched from a random egg stranded in the middle of a forest. Somehow she ended up being raised by a Leavanny who taught her the ways of the grass typed Pokémon. The other Leavanny, Swadloon and Sewaddle were afraid of Miss Wildfire and thought of her to be dangerous, mainly due to the fact she could seriously injure them or destroy their homes with her strong powerful fiery attacks. But her adoptive mother Leavanny, who could not have her own kids, did not give up on her and raised her as if she was her actual mother. Years later the Leavanny was kidnapped by a Pokémon Hunter, which led to Miss Wildfire going on a mission to find her. Stu eventually stumbled upon her and was moved by her touching story, so they decided to team up in order to find and save the Leavanny.
Hidden Power Type: Grass
Special Training – Natural Flame (Fire): Due to her early life Miss Wildfire has a strong connection to Grass Pokémon, so she can now use Energy Ball.

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TEAM MASCOT (Doesn't count towards squad limits, unusable in battle):

Soonansu: Male Wobbuffet
This Pokémon is the the most well-known (and disgusting) member of the league. Known for being outright gross, he has had his share of problems. Born to a Crack-addicted Wobbuffet mother and a Gengar father who was hooked on Soap Operas in Japan, Wobbuffet had a tough time fitting in. By the age of 6, he found a group to be a part of: The Barrier'd *****es, a tough gang of Mr. Mimes who spent their days looking to score a hit, or maybe a lucky night with a woman. Wobbuffet stayed with them for about a year, picking up new abilities. He was scorned, however, when they realized he's rather play in a pile of his own fecal matter than score with a lady Wobb. The Mimes then kicked him out of the gang, and he found his way onto a sake ship bound for America. This is where his cravings for alcohol began, as he drank so much, his BAC went up to 5 times the legal limit. I found him on the docks, rolling around in a pile of his own vomit, and took him in. We have been great friends ever since, as he stays in his REEEEOOOT Plantaaaation all day, mixing up new concoctions and rolling around in his own filth.
Special Training: Daiben no Kami (Psychic/Fighting)
Wobbuffet can now use Mirror Coat, Safeguard and Counter slightly quicker. If the opponent does not use an offensive attack against Wobbuffet in a given round, there is a 33% chance that Soonansu will use Metronome, because he likes watching his fingers move, but Metronome cannot be ordered. Soonansu can also use Toxic, because goddamn it, he always knew how to use it.


Athena: Female Dragonite

Hikaru: Female Charizard
With its love of fire, Hikaru has worked on a way to turn one of her most powerful attacks even more powerful..
Special Technique: Fire Arrow (Fire)
Due to training with one of its most powerful moves, Fire Blast, Hikaru is now able to manipulate the attack any way it chooses. She can adjust the Fire Blast in any way now, including making it any pattern, character, or line. The Fire Blast must be ordered as such, and must be the same thickness as a normal Fire Blast (the thickness of the "lines", not the full attack). The most powerful version of this would be the Fire Arrow version, which is a straight line which goes from Charizard to its opponent in a straight line, dealing a constant stream of damage equivalent to taking a full on Fire Blast, but focused on one precise point. Using these versions of Fire Blast consumes no extra energy.

Fuu: Female Butterfree
Butterfree has several long range attacks which can help it against others of its type. However, even with its significant psychic ability and similarity to Pokemon like Beautifly, it can't learn two significant moves: Recover and Morning Sun. However, working hard, Fuu has learned a different technique that combines a little of both.
Special Technique: Healing Wind (Psychic/Bug)
Using significant Psychic and Bug energy, Fuu flaps its wings, taking in any available light, even artificial light. Recovered health will be about 1/6 of its maximum health from Psychic energy, and 1/6 of its maximum from Bug energy. This will be modified from its current energy levels. Psychic energy consumption will be equivalent to 1/3 Recover, and Bug energy will be equivalent to 2 Hidden Powers. The Bug energy will only be consumed if there is any sort of light available to use the attack.

Suzuka: Female Umbreon
Picked up as an Eevee from a trainer whose Flareon simply had way too many kids, Suzuka has always known she'd become an Umbreon one day.. Because I told her I needed a dark type. Also, she might have been tipped off by the fact that most of her matches occurred at night, or in the Dark Layer of my gym. From battling in the dark so much, she not only evolved into an Umbreon, but had some more prominent features of an Umbreon, most notably the poisonous sweat it releases from its pores.
Hidden Power (Dark): Umbreon is able to use the Dark version of Hidden Power
Special Attack: Bicycle Kick (Fighting/Normal)
Suzuka does a back flip quite quickly indeed, as her legs glow with the little fighting energy she has, as she kicks her opponent for good damage. While the move can be used several times, depending on energy levels, the fighting energy only lasts for 2 uses max.

Arisu: Female Raichu
A member of my squad for a while, Boruto went with a new name to go with her style of a more agile battler. Raichu's hind paws have a little extra grip to them thanks to excessive dancing and training, her workouts focusing more on agility than brute strength.
Special Training: Agile Mouse (Normal)
Arisu maintains her higher speed and agility, able to move slightly quicker than others of her species. The percentage increase is approximately 10-15% depending on the circumstances. Energy use while using agility is slightly higher, but nothing ridiculous.

Mr. 0 – Male Cacturne
The leader of this group, Zero is a dark soul, uncaring and unrelenting. Never one to back down from a fight and never one to show mercy, Cacturne is as mean as they come. With the power of sand at his disposal, he takes on all comers in the deserts of Alabasta.
Signature Move – Suna Suna no Baruchan (Dark)
With the ability to thrive in the arid climates of the desert,Cacturne are able to find moisture in places other beings cannot. With
his signature move, Cacturne smacks the opponent with one of his spikes and drains moisture out of their body at a decent, but
consistent rate. A Kimori's arm would become mummified in about 30 seconds. All effects of this move can be nullified by either ingesting water or soaking the affected part(s) in water.

Miss AllSunday - Female Gengar
The partner of Mr. 0, Gengar is just as quiet as he is, typically letting actions do the talking for her. A little more compassionate than Cacturne, Miss AllSunday is still a ferocious battler, especially when pitted against a younger, more inexperienced trainer.
Signature Move - Hana Hana no Te (Dark)
Miss AllSunday is able to use her significant mental ability to recreate her own hands anywhere in the arena. At any one time, the most she can create is 6, but they only last for 2 attacks. This consumes decent energy, increasing exponentially with each subsequent usage.

Mr. 1 - Male Tyranitar
Keeping with the theme of quiet asskickers, Mr. 1 lets his partner, Miss Doublefinger, do the talking for him. A large Pokemon, Tyranitar is able to create Sandstorms at will, making him perfect for a desert arena.
Signature Move - Supa Supa no Ryu (Steel)
Tyranitar has mastered a move which many Pokemon know, but few know well, Iron Tail. Instead of focusing the steel energy at its tail, Tyranitar is also able to focus the energy to any part of his body, turning the section momentarily into hardened steel. This makes any spikes on his body much sharper, but leaves him more vulnerable to fire attacks while in use.

Miss Doublefinger - Female Sandslash
Brash and talented, Sandslash likes to talk a good game before impaling her enemies, letting them ponder her words as they fade out of conciousness. Miss Doublefinger has deep purple quills so it can use its signature move.
Signature Move - Toge Toge no Doping (Steel)
At any point during the battle, Miss Doublefinger injects herself with one of her quills, which make all of the quills on her body much sharper and increases the power of any attack using them (projectile or direct) much more powerful (15% more). The effects last for 4 rounds and can be used once per match.

Mr. 2 - Okama Ditto
A Ditto which likes to wear mascara, Mr. 2 practices ballet on a regular basis, usually transforming into a Kirlia or another graceful Pokemon to do so. Along with ballet, Ditto is, of course, a master of transformation, which enables him to be a master spy and an all around nuisance for enemies.
Signature Move - Mane Mane no Montage (Normal)
As a Ditto can change its own structure at will, Mr. 2 has trained that ability far beyond others of his species. He can transform between forms instantaneously, and without much use of energy (regular Dittos expend next to no energy anyway to use Transform).

Senrei: Male Gallade

Zenchi: Male Alakazam
A member of my squad from before I can remember, he was actually rarely used throughout my career. Over time, though, I realized that a Psychic Gym would more suit my style, so Fudin got a new name, but still retained his inherent power which makes his species so formidable in battle.
Special Training: Naihatsu (Various)
Due to rigorous training using his various energy types, Zenchi can modify any attack he currently knows with any energy type, given that he knows at least one offensive energy-driven attack of that type. His energy levels for each type are dependent on how many of those attacks he knows, so he'll have way more Psychic and Ghost energy than Ice or Fire.
The attacks he can modify to be of any type (which fulfills the aforementioned conditions) are: Hyper Beam, Ice Punch, Shadow Ball, Future Sight, Shock Wave and Psybeam (which keeps its confusion-inducement even with a different energy type).

Male Magmortar
This Pokémon has been trained by the very best Fire trainers in the business. Hence it will have more fire energy than normal Pokémon of its specie. This Pokémon was the first place price in the KAST 2 Final, and hence does not count towards squad limits.
Special Attack: Dragon's Flame (Fire/Dragon)
Magmar summons its extra fire energy, as explained in the bio. Magmar then proceeds to shoot out a massive flame attack, in the shape of a dragon, that is relatively slow, but hits for extremely high Fire and Dragon damage. The attack leaves Magmar drained, thus preventing it from attacking in the next round, while it recharges (like a Hyper Beam attack's recharge). This move may only be used twice per battle.Energy usage is substantial for this move, akin to Hyper Beam.

Male Kabutops
Level 5

Female Primeape
Level 5

Mirutanku: Female Miltank
One of the lesser used members of my squad, Miruchan uses her species high physical defense and speed to her advantage in battle. However, due to being a normal typed Pokemon, she has a huge variety of moves at her disposal, but not enough energy to use them all. After enough work, however, she was able to focus in on one type and give herself an added energy boost in battle.
Special Training: Energetic Teats (Varies)
In battle, Miruchan will have 33% more energy of a type to be determined when it is first sent out into battle. In exchange, I pick two other types, each will have a 10% reduction in energy. The types must be “special” types (ice, water, electric, fire, etc.) and it must have at least two attacks in Miltank’s moveset.
Level 5

Hagane: Male Steelix
To test out his amazing power, I took Hagane to the Battle Tower after he evolved. He seemed to take on all types, even using Sandstorm to stop some solid fire types in their tracks. However, there was one type he couldn't even touch: ghosts. So after enough training with my retired Yorunozuku, he picked up a few moves that a Steelix would NEVER know.
Special Training: Noctowl's Revenge (Psychic)
Due to reasons specified in the biography, Hagane can use Foresight in addition to its other attacks.
Level 5

Doroboo2: Male Weavile
After Dorobou died, The Mozz was infuriated, and went out and trained a new Sneasel in the exact same way, to eventually exact revenge on Eternal Chaos.
Special Technique: Tomeihane's Last Resort (Psychic)
While watching Tomeihane battle during a recent DFD match, Sneasel got an idea for a new signature move. Sneasel uses Psychic ability to get into the opponent's mind, and read their thoughts. The move lasts for 5 turns (starting next round), and while it's being used, Sneasel's evasion becomes considerably higher, as his mind will help him avoid attacks at a much higher rate. However, during these 5 turns, Sneasel may only use 2 2-attack rounds, as well as not able to use it's 3-move combo during the 5 rounds. The move uses up some energy, but not a whole lot, as his moves are limited during this time.
Level 5

Toshabutsu: Male Muk
When Betobetaa evolved into Muk, he made a very bold statement: That he was the most disgusting Pokemon in Mozz's team! Wobby, of course, took offense to that, and the two of them have been fighting ever since. Thanks to these countless battles, Muk has been able to not take as much damage from Psychic attacks.
Special Resistance: Wobberific (Psychic)
Due to reasons specified in the bio, Toshabutsu takes 100% damage from Psychic attacks, not 200%.
Level 5

Osorege: Male Nidoking
Osorege was sort of my little pet project, so to speak. I fed it a steady diet of Australian beer, dingoes and Vegemite, so now that it is at it's final evolved form, it is quite the ruthless competitor.
Special Training: He's Actual Size (Normal)
Due to his diet of horrible Australian food, instead of being 4'7", 137lbs, the ******* is 5'3", 185lbs. Osorege is much more able to scare opponents, less able to be scared, will have a slight increase in normal attack power and normal defense, but a much less chance of avoiding attacks.
Level 5

Yukidama: Female Cloyster
During a recent Kwanzaa get-together, I purchased gifts for all of my Pokemon. For Wobby, I got him a combination beer mug/bong, etc. For Cloyster, whose name means "Snowball," I bought her one of those Thighmasters so she could open and close her shell much faster than normal.
Special Defence: Retreating Frenchy (Normal)
Whenever a special attack is levied upon Yukidama that would be deemed "super effective," there is a 50% chance that she will close her shell instantaneously, withdrawing. This will not count towards her total number of attacks for the round, but will drain energy if used enough. It will also leave her open to attacks like Rock Smash, et al.
Level 5

Fushigidane: Male Venusaur

Kabigon: Male Snorlax
A typical Snorlax, this bad boy likes to eat, sleep and bang. Yes, bang. In fact, he's so horny, that he has a little bit of an odd technique it uses in battle.
Special Technique: Get over here, woman! (Normal)
When facing a female or genderless Pokemon in battle, and is hit with an attack that has a part of his opponent actually touch Kabigon, there is a 50% chance that Snorlax will attempt to grab it and subsequently hump it. Actually, given Snorlax's size, it's more likely than not he'll give it a Body Slam which does heavier than normal damage and confuses the heck out of it's opponent.
Level 5

Nuoo: Female Quagsire
The second oldest member of my team, Nuoo has been with me in no less than 3 leagues, being one of my most able battlers. Always with a goofy look on her face, she enters every match with a resounding “Quaaaaag.” Her lack of weaknesses and ability to use some of the best physical and special attacks make her a force to be reckoned with. Of course, nothing is more well-known about Nuoo than her love of crackers, which makes her special attack work.
Special Attack: Salting the earth (Normal)
Nuoo spits a water gun out that has a very high salt content, coming from eating a lot of Ritz Crackers. When used on a Pokémon, if directly hits a wound, causes immense pain, and when used on Grass Pokémon, it reduces their attack power by 50% for the next 2-3 turns.
Level 5


Jishaku: Genderless Magnezone

Mao: Female Scizor


Male Lucario

Male Anorith

Female Lotad

Female Snorunt

Male Horsea

Male Dratini
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Yay my squad

My PASBL Squad and Stats
Level 2 Trainer


Rose: Level 2 Female Roselia (Grass/Poison) As a rose plant, Roselia emanates a soothing scent constantly that acts much the same way as Sweet Scent. Its effects are potent in close quarters, but quickly lose strength outside of a foot from it.

A somewhat vain yet polite Pokemon. As my very first Pokemon, given to me by my parents, Rose and I are close. She has shown a great deal of interest in Contests and the beautiful techniques the contesting Pokemon use. She hangs out with Morpheus a lot and likes to show him how to be elegant in battle. She always pairs up with Morpheus when I ask them to get ready for battle training.
Special Attack: Poison Petal (Grass/Poison)
Through intense contest training, Rose discovered how to lace her Petal Dance with Toxic slime. Creating a flurry of glistening purple petals. Damage dealt= Petal Dance. Energy used= Petal Dance x1.25. 50% chance of causing regular poison. This attack can only be used 3 times per battle.

Athena: Level 2 Female Kirlia (Psychic) Kirlia's empathic abilities make it very in touch with its opponent. Attacks that deal with the opponents mental state are more effective. It also has a very good sense of balance and is hard to knock down.

A very gifted and patient Pokemon. Shortly after I caught Athena, we became very close. She has always displayed well balanced abilities and a natural gift for controlling her psychic powers. She meditates with Diana daily.
No Signature Move

Fluffers: Level 2 Female Flaffy (Electric) Mareep, Flaaffy, and Ampharos have the ability to use the balls on their tails as lights. While not as powerful as a Flash attack, they light up the arena without blinding opponents or allies, and doing so takes almost no energy to maintain. It is considered one move for a Mareep/Flaaffy/Ampharos to light its tail. This will, however, make it a more obvious target for Pokemon who can see in dark areas.

A very shy and reserved Pokemon. I discovered Fluffers in an abandoned temple to the Electric spirits outside my home town. Apparently there was once an old religion devoted to "The Trinity of Power", with the legendary Pokemon Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos being depicted as the messengers of the three spirits of Fire, Ice, and Electricity. Fluffers firmly believes in the power of the Electric spirit because it had provided for her in the temple. I convinced her to come with me on my journeys, and she prays with Eos and Sugar everyday.
Special Attack: Judgment Bolt (Electric)
Fluffers utters a quick prayer to the Electric spirits, asking them to help her to against her opponent. After this, she releases three bolts of electric energy which come at the foe from various directions. The Prayer time is equal to the MC time of a Shadow Ball, and costs the energy of Thunderbolt x1.5. Each bolt does damage equal to one Shock Wave, with a maximum damage of a Shock Wave x2.5 if all three hit. Each bolt has a 10% chance of causing paralysis for a total of 30% if all three hit.

Eos: Level 3 Female Ninetails (Fire) as foxes, Vulpix and Ninetales are more inclined to combat by deception. They can go twice as far while invisible using Faint Attack, Confuse Ray is more effective, and their Double Team produces one additional copy. Vulpix and Ninetales have sensitive hearing, at the expense of greater vulnerability to sound attacks.

A very quiet and faithful Pokemon. I discovered Eos in an abandoned temple to the Fire spirits outside my home town. Apparently there was once an old religion devoted to "The Trinity of Power", with the legendary Pokemon Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos being depicted as the messengers of the three spirits of Fire, Ice, and Electricity. Eos firmly believes in the power of the Fire spirit because it had provided for her in the temple. I convinced her to come with me on my journeys, and she prays with Fluffers and Sugar everyday.
Sig Pending

Diana: Level 2 Female Meditite (Fighting/Psychic) Meditite meditates constantly, and therefore has a very sharp mind. This makes it far more resistant to mind-altering statuses. Meditate and Calm Mind are slightly more effective.

A calm and even tempered Pokemon. I met Diana after journeying through the mountains of Asia, where I found her in a Pokemon Psi Chi Training School. Wild Fighting and Psychic Pokemon from all over the area had come to learn the ways of the Psi Chi. Diana was one of the instructors, after I used Star to defeat her in battle, she agreed to come with me to learn more about Pokemon Battling with a Trainer. She meditates with Athena daily.
Special Defense: Psi Chi (Fighting/Psychic)
As an instructor of Psi Chi, Diana was as close to being a Master as she could be. The art of Psi Chi combines the opponent's momentum with the gift of the average Psychic. If an opponent tries to attack Diana while she is using Psi Chi, her opponent will receive x0.5 recoil damage. This costs the same as Detect to activate. Activation counts as two moves and the effect lasts for one full round. Diana can only use this twice per battle.

Prince: Level 2 Male Prinplup (Water) The Prinplup family have a layer of fine down covering them, enabling to easily survive freezing and even hot temperatures.

A proud and headstrong Pokemon. On a trip my family took to the Northern Seas, I met Prince. He was in a gang of Prinplup who were terrifying the local Pokemon. After Rose and I won a battle against him, he agreed to come with me, so he could learn to become a stronger Pokemon.
No Signature Move

Shocker: Level 2 Female Trapinch (Ground) Trapinch is a great digger and can do so with ease and speed. It also digs relatively silently and is hard to detect when underground. Its large jaws make its biting attacks more effective. Trapinch can see in the dark.

A loud and confident Pokemon. I met Shocker while adventuring through the deserts of Africa. She helped me and my Pokemon find an oasis when we'd run out of water. This particular oasis was being over run by a gang of particularly mean Cancnea, but with help from me and Prince, she was able to drive them out of the oasis and make them apologize for being mean to other desert Pokemon. She decided to come with me once she saw that the Cacnea weren't going to rise again. When we battled she used a very interesting move combination that we've since worked on. Whenever I let her out for training with the others, she just goes underground and stays there.
No Signature Move

Sugar: Level 2 Female Smoochum (Ice/Psychic) A Smoochum's kiss attacks are more effective. In the dark, it feels using its lips, and any Pokemon it feels with its lips has a 10% chance of paralysis or confusion.

An amazingly loving and romantic Pokemon. I discovered Sugar in an abandoned temple to the Ice spirits outside my home town. Apparently there was once an old religion devoted to "The Trinity of Power", with the legendary Pokemon Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos being depicted as the messengers of the three spirits of Fire, Ice, and Electricity. Sugar firmly believes in the power of the Ice spirit because it had provided for her in the temple. I convinced her to come with me on my journeys, and she prays with Eos and Fluffers everyday.
Special Attack: Shards of Justice (Ice)
Sugar utters a prayer to the Ice Spirits asking for help against her enemies. After this, her opponent is surrounded by dagger-like shards of ice that are aimed at her opponent's weak points. These can be broken. However, if the target moves away from a shard it will plunge into it's target point. There are three levels to this attack. Quick Prayer(QP), Mid-Prayer(MP), and Full Prayer(FP); these prayer times are the same as QC, MC, and FC Shadow Ball charge times. The QP level creates one shard that aims at the throat; this level causes damage equal to one Ice Shard with energy use of Ice Shard plus Spikes x0.5. The MP level creates three shards that aim at the throat and two other weak points; at this level each shard does damage equal to Ice Shard x0.75 with total damage equal to Ice Shard x2 if all three hit and energy use of one Ice Shard and Spikes x0.75. The FP level creates five shards; this level has a 30% chance of causing the target to flinch and each shard does damage equal to Ice Shard x0.5 with a total damage of Ice Shard x2.5 and energy use equal to one Ice Shard and one Spikes. All three levels have a 10% chace of completely freezing the target. sugar can only use this twice per battle.

Morpheus: Level 3 Male Espeon (Psychic) An Espeon’s fur is sensitive to the movements of the wind, caused by the movements of an opponent, so it has a slightly higher chance of evading any attack from an opponent, and is very difficult to surprise. An Espeon has sensitive hearing, at the expense of higher vulnerability to sound attacks.

A very regal and thought-filled Pokemon. Morpheus and I met during my adventures through Johto. Him and I have worked very hard on his Confusion and Psychic control for the sake of contests. He and Rose are always coming up with some new combination to show me and they usually involve him manipulating moves of hers with his Psychic powers.
No Signature Move

Marshy: Level 1 Male Marshtomp (Water/Ground) Being a wet and slimy Pokemon, attacks involving grabs or holds are difficult to execute. It may also use its fin to detect things happening in the arena.

I found Marshy in the marshlands of Sinnoh. Already a Marshtomp when I found him his story was told to me by a man from a nearby village. His previous trainer had abandoned him after he evolved because she didn't like his new form. I took him in and helped him learn all kinds of moves and tactics.
No Signature Move

Fanger: Level 1 Male Zubat (Poison/Flying) Zubat is completely blind, as it has no eyes. However, it uses sonar to detect things, which means that it cannot be fooled by visual illusions (such as Double Team). Zubat have sensitive hearing, at the expense of increased vulnerability to sound attacks.

I met Fanger outside a small cave on the edge of the forest where I met Rose. He was tailing behind a group of Golbat that had just finished feeding on a nearby Stantler, when he fell right down in front of us. After I'd healed him we started to get to know each other and in became clear how string he was.
No Signature Move

Shiny: Level 1 Female Chinchou (Water/Electric) Chinchou are fish, and thus are slow and nearly immobile on land, but are faster and more agile in the water. Whenever a Chinchou uses an electric attack in the water, it creates a small amount of electricity around it, shocking anything in the water with it within 10 feet of it (damage is considered equal to half a Thundershock for the most powerful electric attacks). As an electric type, it is immune to recoil from using electric attacks in the water or during a Rain Dance. It may also use its antennas as a light source in the same way that the Mareep family does with their tails.

Shiny and I met near the end of my travels in Johto and we've been close for a while. She's quite hyper active and has a tendency to blast people with water and electricity.
No Signature Move

Aurora: Level 1 Female Butterfree (Bug/Flying) Butterfree’s powders are slightly more effective than normal. It is also considered to be familiar with psychic abilities, and may use Psychic to lift Pokemon. Butterfree can see in the dark.

Aurora is a happy go lucky Pokemon with a lot of training under her belt. After Rose and Eos she's been with me the longest and has proven to be a very skilled flyer.
No Signature Move

Artemis: Level 1 Female Nidorina (Poison) Females in the Nidoran family may use any attack requiring their horn (such as Horn Attack), but since the horn is not as long or as tough, their horn attacks deal three-fourths the damage. All Nidoran have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound attacks.

Nidorina and I met during my travels in Johto and has a lot of experience training and battling with a degree of success.
No Signature Move

Medea: Level 1 Female Misdreavus (Ghost) Aside from when it desires to be in solid form, it is almost always gaseous (about 85% of the time). Surprise physical attacks will almost always pass through Misdreavus. Misdreavus hovers quite low to the ground unless ordered not to, so when it does lapse into solid form, it can take its share of scratches on rough terrain, especially when moving fast. Misdreavus cannot switch to the ethereal mode. Misdreavus and Mismagius can fly, though they are not as fast or agile as true flying pokémon and cannot fly as high as they can. They can see in the dark.

Medea and I met during my time in Sinnoh just outside the Old Chateau in Eternia forest. Shortly after we met she displayed a remarkable affinity for precision Psychic maneuvers.
Special Technique: Precision Psychic (Psychic)
Through natural skill and ability Medea's Psychic powers are more adept. By spending 1.25x the energy of Psychic she is able to pick up and move objects as if she was familiar with the Psychic type.

Crow: Level 1 Male Murkrow (Dark/Flying) Murkrow are symbols of woe amongst Pokemon and people, particularly when seen at night. Murkrow can see in the dark, and fight more enthusiastically at night.

When I first met Crow he was in the possesion of a strange old woman at the Old Chateau. She'd trained him to use his dark and ghost energies in unison to create cursed objects and barriers that forced the victim to violently hallucinate about their greatest fears and darkest secrets. She did this because she was trying to bring pain to the ones who'd killed her ancestors who used to live in the Chateau.
Special Attack: Night Terror (Dark/Ghost)
Crow uses energy equal to one Light Screen (0.5x Light Screen of Ghost energy and 0.5x Light Screen of Dark Energy) to curse the opponent with violent hallucinations of their greatest fears and darkest secrets causing full body paralysis around 20% of the time and damage equal to one Night Shade. This can be used once per battle.

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Psy - Level 2 Female Eevee
Sig Pending approval

Lilo - Level 2 Female Shiny Feebas

Tops - Level 1 Male Kabuto

Violet - Level 1 Female Pidgey (Purple in places where it should be Brown)

Wave - Level 1 Male Mudkip

Goona - Level 1 Female Dratini

Reaper - Level 1 Male Duskull

Larx - Level 1 Male Larvitar

Vicious - Level 1 Male Houndour

Ralts - Level 1 Male Ralts

Skorpa - Level 1 Female Skorupi

Elly - Level 1 Female Elekid

Shane -Level 1 Male Blue Chimchar
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~EarthKwake's PASBL Team~
Level 1 Trainer

1 W // 3 L // 1 D
2 DQW // 0 DQL
5 KOs // 14.5 TP // 0 SP

Currently Battling: 4
Current Reffing: 0

Battle History:

Spoiler: show

-vs. S_M = Ongoing...
-vs. Martz = Ongoing...
-vs. Zalck = Ongoing...
-vs. Poke_Hunter = Ongoing...

-vs. Breeder KJ (RF) = DRAW
-vs. ShadowShocker = LOSS
-vs. DragonDance (RF) = LOSS
-vs. Ryuusei (RF) = LOSS
-vs. Bigtukker = DQ WIN
-vs. holy_lucario = DQ WIN
-vs. tbh1313 = DRAW
-vs. Breeder KJ = WIN

Team Sandstorm:

Khepri: Level 2 Male Ninjask
Ninjask is part of an elite trio of ninja insects that roams the dunes in search of baddies to bust (which are surprisingly few; I think they just like showing off their ninja skills…). Led by Shikaka the Shedinja, Khepri and his female partner Kurasa are quite deadly. Shikaka is a master of stealth, while Kurasa is a master of assassination. And Khepri? He’s the best at quick getaways, of course!

Nuit: Level 2 Female Noctowl
Surprisingly, owls are quite common in the desert. Being very versatile, Hoothoot have replaced making nests in trees to making their nests in cacti (no, not Cacnea!). They are proficient burrowers, and prefer to come out at night. Nuit in particular is named after the desert goddess of the night sky, which is fitting for a nocturnal bird of prey. Nuit also loves digging in the sand to give herself a protective coating of dirt, shielding her from the sun's harsh rays.

Taweret: Level 1 Female Hippopotas
Taweret has been a long-time denizen of the desert. In fact, scores of Hippopotas have been inhabiting the desert for generations. Normally they simply laze about stumbled-upon oases, enjoying the abundant fresh water (so rare in arid climates), exotic fruits, and protection from enemies due to their numbers. Taweret quickly grew bored of this lifestyle. She loves exploring the far reaches of the dunes, and it was on one of her expeditions that she found me and joined my team. Now she has all the adventures she wants.

Khufu: Level 1 Male Larvitar
Khufu thrives in the desert. He feels at home nowhere else but around parched sands and an arid climate. He is always on the move in search of powerful opponents on which to hone his skills, and is especially dangerous during a Sandstorm, when his vision and agility are much greater than those of his prey.

Geb: Level 1 Male Cacnea
Geb loves nothing more than staging boxing matches in the desert with fellow cactus Pokémon. Very proficient in many forms of punching, Geb usually places in the top three of these contests of strength. He trains in the caverns under the Hoenn Desert, smashing rocks and boulders until his fists are sore. Living in the desert so far away from vegetation has caused his Grass-type abilities to suffer, but his opponents certainly don’t notice any deficiency in his punches!

Ankh: Level 1 Genderless Baltoy
A recluse by nature, Ankh is often by itself, training its Psychic powers. It feels a great attachment to past eras, enjoying visits to museums or archaeological dig sites. Ankh is very careful around fossils, lifting them out of the sand with its mind and stowing them away in a safe place that only it knows about. Its mental capacity is high, and it specializes in Confusing its opponents.

Osiris: Level 1 Male Skorupi
Osiris is a master of traps. He relishes in immobilizing and poisoning his opponents , preferring a slow kill to powerful direct attacks. His favorite climate is arid and hot, but dislikes sandstorms. Although devious at times, Osiris is very intelligent and apparently tells very witty jokes (which only other Pokémon can understand, of course).

Wadjet: Level 1 Female Ekans
Wadjet, like most residents of the desert, prefers the cool nighttime air to the arid heat of the daytime. She hunts in almost total darkness, able to see her prey perfectly clearly. Known in the desert as “Serpiente Nocturna”, or Serpent of the Night, she is also named after the Egyptian goddess of snakes.

Cleopatra: Level 1 Female Numel
Cleopatra prefers the dark caverns under the desert to the intense sunlight of the sands above. Being most at home in the heat, she uses the magma stored within her to heat the caves to a comfortable temperature. She hates dampness and cold weather.

Amun: Level 1 Male Kecleon
Amun has spent his entire life in the Hoenn desert, and takes very well to arid environments and sandy terrain. Camouflage is the move he uses most, whenever he is threatened. Due to his timid nature, he chooses often to hide instead of fight. Named after the Egyptian deity Amun, which means "the one who is hidden".

Isis: Level 1 Female Vulpix
Isis is very versatile in strategy, sometimes using stealth and scare tactics to win a battle and sometimes using direct attacks to keep the heat up. A newer member of my squad, she has a mysterious presence about her. We first met in the midst of a Sandstorm, in which she was struggling to find shelter. I helped her to safety, and she repaid my generosity by becoming a part of the team. Isis prefers using Dark and Ghost type moves, though her flames are as hot as the desert sand.

Nyl: Level 1 Male Barboach
A Pokemon usually confined to water, Nyl inhabits desert oases or muddy rivers. He prefers hot climates, and enjoys burrowing in wet sand or dirt at the bottom of streams. Before joining the team, he lived with a group of other Barboach and Whiscash. He is proficient in both Water and Ground type moves, truly embodying the spirit of the desert.

Level 1 Male Mankey
Bio coming soon...

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paperluigi's Squad and Stats

PASBL Trainer Level 1
0 KOs/0-TP/0-SP

Battle History

Spoiler: show
vs EmpoleonD-Ongoing
vs Rangeet-Ongoing
vs Espeonix-Ongoing


Spoiler: show
Male Eevee Lvl 1
No sig

Female Shinx Lvl 1
No sig

Female Chikorita(Rose) Lvl 1
No sig

Male Charmander(Blaze) Lvl 1
No sig

Male Kirlia Lvl 1
No sig

Female Spheal Lvl 1
No sig

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Absol tbh1313

Trainer: tbh1313
Trainer Level 1

My Team
Spoiler: show
Corvonera, level 1 Female Murkrow.
Raijuyo, level 1 Male Electrike.
Sporchio, level 1 Male Grimer.
Valsuchi, level 1 Female Dunsparce.
Naaldago, level 1 Male Qwilfish.
Oscurspuk, level 1 Male Duskull.
Vuriente, level 1 Female Vulpix.
Calcipugno, level 2 Male Hitmonlee.
Bellacaim, level 1 Female Mawile.
Veleta, level 2 Female Nidorina.
Potrucca, level 1 Female Smoochum.
Mostrolag, level 1 Male Snover.
Bepaaldro, level 1 Male Teddiursa.

My Matches
Spoiler: show

None post reset.

My Reffings

If any links don't work, plz inform me.
PASBL Trainer Level 1, (semi)recently reset.
B+ Ref, I take requests
TP 0, KO 0, SP 0

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Toastedbagel's Wonderful Squad of Fantasticness

Light-Abra Lv 1-Male
Chester-Gastly Lv 1-Male
Dr. Octagonapus- Remoraid Lv 1-Male
Ryuk-Zubat Lv 1-Male
Mr. Popo-Elekid Lv 1-Male
LaZaNatashaBudondrala (Lasagna)-Cyndaquil Lv 1-Female
Bon-Bon-Turtwig Lv 1-Male
Miley Cyrus-Smoochum Lv 1-Female
Cartman-Magnemite Lv 1-Genderless
Bakura-Azumarill Lv 2-Male
Happy-Quagsire Lv 2-Female
Suzaku- Ralts Lv 1-Male
Rangeet-Bagon Lv 1-Male
W-3 (1 DQ) L-5 (;_;) D-0
Level-1 KO-6 TP-24 SP-0

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~DTG6407's PASBL Squad & Stats~

Trainer Level: 2
Referee Grade: B-
Wins: 5
Losses: 3
Draws: 1
KO's: 15
TP: 34
SP: 7

~The Squad~

Spoiler: show

Starfallen (Female Dragonair)
No current signature move

Kenude (Male Scizor)
No current signature move


Ryuuka (Male Shiny Charmeleon)
No current signature move

Netsuretsu (Male Riolu)
No current signature move

Ganko (Male Cranidos)
No current signature move

Tamashii (Male Gastly)
No current signature move

Nezumi (Female Pikachu)
No current signature move

Hoshi-Gata (Genderless Shiny Staryu)
No current signature move

Chikara (Female Kirlia)
No current signature move

Sachi (Female Togepi)
No current signature move

Chinami (Female Mantine)
No current signature move

Dendo (Male Elekid)
No current signature move

Jetto (Male Remoraid)
No current signature move

Yoroi (Female Skarmory)
No current signature move


Hitsuji (Male Mareep)
No current signature move

Raion (Male Shinx)
No current signature move

~Battle History~

~Reffing History~

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Sénor Cheesypie
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Snorlax The Team of Cheesypie!

Trainer Level- 1
Trainer Points- 4
Knockouts- 0

Wins- 0
Draws- 0
Losses- 3

UPN Profile
SPPF Profile

Current Matches-
Slot 1) Open
Slot 2) vs. Poke_Hunter [UPN]
Slot 3) vs. EpicScizor [SPPF]
Slot 4) vs. Star_Girlz93 [SPPF]

Match History-
Spoiler: show
UPN Matches-
vs. Rangeet Loss 1-0
vs. tbh1313 Loss 1-0
vs. handymankg2 Loss 2-0
vs. Ryuusei Loss 2-0
SPPF Matches-

The Team-
Spoiler: show
Sénor Cheesypie: Level 2 Male Meowth
My first Pokémon and my trusted partner. The good Sénor has seen me through good times and the bad.
Sig Awaiting Approval.

Fist: Level 2 Male Hitmonchan
One tough SOB. His fists instantly draw respect from the fiercest foes.
Sig Awaiting Approval.

Ghost: Level 1 Female Gastly
I found her wandering around a graveyard. She was hovering over the grave of her previous trainer. Whilst floating, she was crying. It was a sad sight.
Sig Awaiting Approval.

Kenya: Level 1 Male Spearow
Bio: Recieved from a guard in Johto, Kenya has since developed into a valued member of the Cheesypie team.
Sig Awaiting Approval.

Rock: Level 1 Male Geodude
I found Rock floating in a pond when I was walking through a forest. I captured him and discovered he had a strange resistance to water.
Sig Awaiting Approval.

Axel-F: Level 1 Genderless Porygon
I don't really remember how I met Axel, I just went to a nightclub one night and woke up the next day with its pokeball on my belt.
Sig Awaiting Approval.

Turtle: Level 1 Male Squirtle
Turtle is a strong pokemon. He doesn't give up until he is beaten to a pulp and forced to.
Sig Awaiting Approval.

Fire-Horse: Level 1 Male Ponyta
Fire-Horse is a pimp. He controls Goldenrod City's underworld.
Sig Awaiting Approval.

Munch-Meister: Level 1 Male Munchlax
Munch is a tough little guy. His constant hunger has toughened him up.
Sig Awaiting Approval.

Starfishamajig: Level 1 Genderless Staryu
Starfishamajig is a starfish. He enjoys doing starfish-y things.
Sig Awaiting Approval.

Hombré: Level 1 Male Lotad
Hombré is a Party-Animal. He's spent many, many nights dancing with many Sénoritas.
Sig Awaiting Approval.

Filth: Level 1 Female Grimer
Filth is filthier than your average Grimer. He used to be a member of an underground Grimer gang called the filthies.
Sig Awaiting Approval.

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Trainer Level-1
Trainer Points-0(having first battles currently)

Ongoing matches:
VS Senor Cheesypie(ongoing) SPPF )SLOT 1
VS Daisy Inari(ongoing) SPPF )SLOT 2
VS Poke_Hunter(ongoing) UPN )SLOT 3
VS Eveelution(ongoing) UPN )SLOT 4
PASBL Trainer Lv1
W-0 L-0 D-0

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hen da man
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Name: hen da man
Trainer Level: 2
Trainer Points: 81.5
Service Points: 0
Knockouts: 21
Reffing Grade: C+

Wins- 9
Draws- 1
Losses- 24

Current Matches-

*=Dark types used, #=No Dark types used.

hen da man vs. Celebii151 [UPN] Reffed by rotomotorz
hen da man vs. The Last Jedi [SPPf] Reffed by Lt. BLEU™
hen da man vs. Myles Fowl II [UPN] Reffed by MewTheGato

Extra Exhibition Slot: hen da man vs. Kush [Rental Battle] [UPN] Reffed by Zelphon

Gym Slot:

Finished Matches-
Spoiler: show

1. hen da man vs. Breeder KJ Loss 4-2 (Doubles) [SPPF] Reffed by DaveTFG#
2. hen da man vs. AtlanteanTroll Win 2-1 [UPN] Reffed by brandan*
3. hen da man vs. darkjigglypuff Win (by DQ) 1-0 [SPPF] Reffed by DragonDance#
4. hen da man vs. MagnificentMudkip Win (by DQ) 2-1 [SPPF] Reffed by DaveTFG#
5. hen da man vs. brandan Called off as a draw 1-1 [UPN] Reffed by Concept#
6. hen da man vs. Salamencia Win (by DQ) 2-2 [UPN] Reffed by Kush#
7. hen da man vs. Kindrindra Loss 3-1 [UPN] Reffed by DaveTheFishGuy*
8. hen da man vs. S_M Loss 6-4 [UPN] Reffed by DaveTheFishGuy*
9. hen da man vs. Rangeet Loss 2-0 (Doubles) [UPN] Reffed by SP-Eevee#
10. hen da man vs. DaisyInari Loss (I disappeared DQ) [SPPF] Reffed by Copygoo*
11. hen da man vs. Copygoo Loss (I disappeared DQ) [UPN] Reffed by Ethe#
12. hen da man vs. Quintowill No thread, no ref. [SPPF] I don't know what happened here as I disappeared

The Comeback:

13. hen da man vs. biggggg5 Loss 1-0 [UPN] Reffed by XanderKetsu*
14. hen da man vs. XanderKetsu Loss 1-0 [UPN] Reffed by Celebii151*
15. hen da man vs. zerozoner Loss 2-1 [UPN] Reffed by XanderKetsu/Dave*
16. hen da man vs. Fireray Win 5-3 [SPPF] Reffed by XanderKetsu/takkupanda*
17. hen da man vs. takkupanda Loss 3-2 [UPN] Reffed by Salamencia*
18. hen da man vs. Colddragon Win 2-1 (Doubles) [SPPf] Reffed by zerozoner*
19. hen da man vs. Rangeet Loss 1-0 [UPN] Reffed by kusari#
20. hen da man vs. Celebii151 Loss 2-1 [UPN] Reffed by takkupanda#
21. hen da man vs. kusari Loss 2-1 [SPPf] Reffed by takkupanda*
22. Gym Trainer Match - Kairne vs. hen da man Loss 4-3 [UPN] Reffed by Celebii151*
23. hen da man vs. Squirtleking Loss 3-2 [UPN] Reffed by DaveTFG*
24. hen da man vs. Charminions Loss (I disappeared DQ) [SPPf] Reffed by Haymez#
25. hen da man vs. Kush Loss (I disappeared DQ) [UPN] Reffed by kusari*
26. hen da man vs. biggggg5 No result [UPN] Reffed by Firewater#
27. hen da man vs. TheNthDoctor No result [UPN] Reffed by Dream Breaker#
28. hen da man vs. Dream Breaker No result [UPN] Reffed by Celebii151*
29. Gym Trainer Match - kusari vs. hen da man No thread, no ref. [SPPf] I don't know what happened here as I disappeared

The Comeback (Attempt #2):

30. hen da man vs. SoulMuse Cancelled [UPN] Reffed by Kairne#
31. hen da man vs. Celebii151/FlashFusion Loss 2-1 [SPPF] Reffed by Kindrindra*
32. hen da man vs. Firewater Not finished [UPN] Reffed by Kairne#
33. Gym Trainer Match - hen da man vs. redpanda15 Loss (I disappeared DQ) [UPN] Reffed by Kairne*
34. hen da man vs. Charminions Loss 2-1 [SPPF] Reffed by Salamencia#

The Comeback (Attempt #3)
35. hen da man vs. DarkLucarioADV Win 2-1 [UPN] Reffed by Mew The Gato#
36. hen da man vs. Machamp-X Loss 3-0 [SPPf] Reffed by Darth Takuya#
37. hen da man vs. redpanda15 Win (by DQ) 2-1 [SPPf] Reffed by Darth Takuya*
38. hen da man vs. Trot Away Win 2-0 [SPPf] Reffed by Darth Takuya#
39. hen da man vs. DaveTheFishGuy Loss 2-1 [SPPf] Reffed by Darth Takuya#
40. hen da man vs. Bard Cancelled [UPN] Reffed by Trot Away#
41. hen da man vs. Astral Shadow Loss 1-0 [UPN] Reffed by Schadenfreude*
42. hen da man vs. Connor Loss 2-0 [UPN] Reffed by Darth Takuya*
43. hen da man vs. Trot Away Cancelled [SPPf] Reffed by Machamp-X#

My Squad-
Spoiler: show
Lewis: Level 2 Male Skorupi
Hidden Power: Ice

Skorupi: (Poison/Bug) Skorupi are adept at digging and can stay underground for longer than other non-Grounds. Their tails are also fairly adept at grabbing and manipulating objects.

No Signature move


Carol: Level 2 Female Larvesta
Hidden Power: Electric

Larvesta: (Bug/Fire) Larvesta shoot fire from the five horns around their face. They move mainly by crawling, and although somewhat slow at first, can build significant momentum, especially when done in tandem with their ability to issue fire which allows them to jump quite well and propel themselves somewhat.

No Signature move


Greg: Level 2 Male Nuzleaf
Hidden Power: Rock

Nuzleaf: (Grass/Dark): The leaf on a Nuzleaf's head is sacred to them, and any damage done to it will greatly anger Nuzleaf and cause it to fight more aggressively, focusing their attention against the offender, for the next few rounds. The length of the time for their rage, as well as the extent of their aggression, depends on the extent of the damage, as well as whether it was intentional or not. Nuzleaf will NOT under any circumstance allow their leaf to be damaged, as such, they cannot be ordered to have their leaf damaged to gain the benefits of the rage. Nuzleaf will, regardless of their orders, consider the protection of their leaf top priority. Nuzleaf can recover energy at the rate of Mega Drain by latching onto a tree. Latching counts as one move. They are excellent climbers.

No Signature move


Sly: Level 2 Female Servine
Hidden Power: Rock

Servine: (Grass) Servine, as a young snake, are fairly swift and agile Pokémon. Their body and coloring allow them to easily hide amongst trees and grass and their Leaf Tornado attack is faster and more disorientating to its targets. They have two vines that stem from their neck. Since their hands are much less prehensile than their pre-evolution's, they utilize the vine-like extensions around their neck to manipulate items and foes, which can extend and retract to attack or grasp. As starter Pokémon, their Grass-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/4 health.

No Signature move


Gillette: Level 2 Male Scyther
Hidden Power: Ground

Scyther: (Bug/Flying) Scyther are very fast and agile in the air and can use slashing attacks with daunting speed, granting them a 1.1x boost to such attacks. However, their defences are slightly weaker than those of other Bug-types.

No Signature move


Eeliza: Level 2 Female Eelektrik
Hidden Power: Ice

Eelektrik: (Electric) Eelektrik levitate by default. Moving by electro magnetic propulsion, they are not as fast as other levitating Pokémon, but are much more agile. They are also fairly good swimmers and are able to stay underwater as long as any Water-type.

No Signature move


Jasper: Level 2 Male Litwick
Hidden Power: Bug

Litwick: (Ghost/Fire) Litwick's flame is made from a ghostly fire which only sheds light when Litwick desires. Though this light can be used to illuminate dark spaces for long periods of time, it can also be turned off so that, despite still burning, it does not illuminate anything. Litwick move primarily by hopping, though, by melting some of their wax, they can ooze to move around the arena. They can levitate, but are not particularly fast or agile, packing a lower flight ceiling than most levitating Pokémon. Litwick are generally solid, with the exception of their flame which counts as ethereal. They can phase temporarily into the ethereal state to lessen damage from moves. Because their flames are ethereal, they are not dealt extra damage if struck with water based moves.

No Signature move


Crusader: Level 2 Male Pawniard
Hidden Power: Ground

Pawniard: (Dark/Steel) Pawniard's bodies have multiple sharp steel blades on them, which they can use for attack or defense. Pokémon directly attacking Pawniard risk lacerations and 25% recoil damage.

No Signature move


Don: Level 2 Male Dratini
Hidden Power: Ground

Dratini: (Dragon) Dratini can move equally well in the water and on the ground, but they prefer water, as they cannot fly like their higher evolutions. They have decent vision in low light environments.

No Signature Move


Blaze: Level 2 Male Houndour
Hidden Power: Grass

Houndour: (Dark/Fire) Houndour have hearing that is more sensitive than normal at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound-based status moves and an excellent sense of smell which allows them to track opponents and tell the real clone in a Double Team. Much like the Growlithe family, while more reluctant to bond, they are fiercely loyal to those who earn their trust. As dogs they are quite good diggers and deal 1.1x damage with their biting attacks.

No Signature Move


Murky: Level 2 Male Murkrow
Hidden Power: Ground

Murkrow: (Dark/Flying)
Murkrow are symbols of woe amongst Pokémon and people, particularly when seen at night, so they may make opponents feel uneasy. Murkrow are quiet fliers and can easily evade detection.

Bio: Murky and I got off to a bad start when I was walking through the town and he stole my bag! I chased him down town and when I caught him I found out he was very lonely. I felt sorry for him and we bonded and became really good friends. He then decided to join me in battles later on.

No Signature Move


Max: Level 3 Male Vigoroth (Up-level)
Hidden Power: Psychic

Vigoroth: (Normal) Vigoroth always want to be active and find it impossible to remain still. A Vigoroth has more energy than normal, but uses it at a quicker rate. Because of their active nature, Vigoroth are more resistant to effects that cause Sleep and will wake more quickly from the condition. They are also excellent climbers.

No Signature Move


Gunny: Level 2 Male Remoraid
Hidden Power: Ground

Remoraid: (Water) Remoraid are fish Pokémon and almost helpless on land. They fight more enthusiastically when submerged and in a sizeable body of water. They are capable of latching on to allied Mantine and firing ranged moves in flight with perfect accuracy due to their symbiotic nature. They have excellent accuracy and their attacks have a greater chance of hitting. They can see in the dark.

No Signature Move


Peach: Level 2 Female Clefairy
Hidden Power: Dark

Clefairy: (Fairy) Clefairy are less shy than Clefable but are still unnerved by large crowds of people and are easy to intimidate. Clefairy can jump high and far and can levitate, though not with much speed or agility. They can see in the dark. They suffer from having slightly less type energy in the same way that pure Normal-types do.

No Signature Move


Scar: Level 3 Male Druddigon (Up-level)
Hidden Power: Ice

Druddigon: (Dragon) Druddigon are very cold-blooded. In the sun and warmer temperatures, they will fight with great enthusiasm, but in cold temperatures or if chilled, they will quickly grow sluggish. Their skin is very tough and scaly and their body is covered in spikes; both of these factors will cause 25% recoil to physical attacks against it.

No Signature Move


Sid: Level 2 Male Archen
Hidden Power: Grass

Archen: (Rock/Flying) Archen are poor flyers, though they are able to hop quite a distance and glide somewhat. They are adept climbers.

No Signature Move


Grigor: Level 2 Male Frogadier
Hidden Power: Poison

Frogadier: (Water) Frogadier (Water): Frogadier are quite agile and able to scale and cling to horizontal and vertical surfaces for a short period of time. They have an extremely keen sense of aim, and are able to reliably hit targets with projectiles even at a significant distance. The bubbles around their neck give them a slight protection against attacks and allow them to quickly produce bubble-related attacks. Using a move they can throw a clump of bubbles from their cape, which can stun a target or stick to them to hinder their movement using mild energy. As starter Pokémon, their Water-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/4 health.

No Signature Move


Charles: Level 2 Male Honedge
Hidden Power: Water

Honedge: (Steel/Ghost) Honedge are possessed swords, their body entirely made up of the blade and sheath, making them inorganic. All attacks involving slashing get a 10% boost in power. They levitate by default. They always grip their sheath with their cloth, somewhat weighted down by the heavy metal protector. Using a move, Honedge can sheath themselves, making them immobile but meaning they take only 90% damage from attacks. As they are bound to a physical object, they are unable to achieve states other than solid.

No Signature Move


Ysma: Level 2 Female Inkay
Hidden Power: Steel

Inkay: (Dark/Psychic) Inkay are able to bioluminesce, allowing them to light up a dark area for an extended period of time by using a move. It costs no energy to maintain this light. Their light-based attacks are slightly more potent than normal. They also can maintain their accuracy regardless of their orientation. They can levitate, moving through small, thrusting motions, much like an aquatic squid which makes them agile but not particularly fast. They are also fairly able swimmers and can stay underwater as long as any Water type. They can expel ink as a defense, using little energy but at the cost of a move, which can be used to blind opponents.

No Signature Move


Edward: Level 2 Male Ralts
Hidden Power: Steel

Ralts: (Psychic/Fairy) Ralts's empathic abilities make them very in touch with their opponent. Attacks that deal with the opponents mental state are more effective. Teleporting also requires slightly less energy.

No Signature Move


Venus: Level 2 Female Mawile
Hidden Power: Water

Mawile: (Steel/Fairy) Mawile's metal jaws are very strong and exceptionally difficult to force open. Attacks involved with them are 1.2x stronger then normal. Their techniques that are based on cuteness (such as Charm, Attract, Sweet Kiss, etc) are slightly more effective. Mawile can see in the dark.

No Signature Move


Rikochet: Level 2 Male Hawlucha
Hidden Power: Ground

Hawlucha: (Flying/Fighting) Though not extremely fast or proficient fliers, Hawlucha are extremely adept at aerial movement. Although they can maintain some level of flight, they prefer jumping and gliding, and can move extremely fast when launching from the ground. When executing physical moves, they can also more easily maneuver to evade counter-attacks or position themselves in an optimal place.

No Signature Move


Chuck: Level 2 Male Poliwhirl
Hidden Power: Fire

Poliwhirl: (Water) Poliwhirl are capable of decent movement on land, though they still prefer the water. They secrete a sort of slime when out of the water, which makes them more slippery and harder to grab.

No Signature Move


Spoiler: show
SPPf: SP-Eevee vs. Kindrindra- Completed
UPN: Quintowill vs. Roseheart- Completed
SPPf: Yougirasu vs. Milotic 111 RF!!!- Completed
SPPf: S_M vs. Rocky57- Completed
SPPf: James2791 vs. Ethe- Completed
SPPf: Dusknoirdude23 vs. CrazyCupcake- Completed
SPPf: biggggg5 vs. Ethe- Completed
UPN: Empoleon Dynamite vs. Kush - Completed
UPN: Kairne vs. Phoopes- Completed
UPN Gym Trainer Match: Kairne vs. gmoyes- Completed
UPN: kusari vs. zerozoner- Completed
UPN: Key vs. takkupanda- Cancelled
SPPf: DeadLion vs. Martz- Completed
SPPf: Killowatt vs. Martz- Not Completed?
SPPf: Salamencia vs. Armaldo- Completed
UPN: Salamencia vs. Dream Breaker- Completed
UPN: Arrexsaur vs. Fireray- Completed
UPN: takkupanda vs. Sneezey12- Completed
SPPf: Kush vs. takkupanda- Completed
UPN: biggggg5 vs. Kairne- Completed
UPN: kusari vs. takkupanda- Completed
SPPf: Kairne vs. Charminions- Completed
UPN Gym Trainer Match: Kairne vs. Haymez- Completed
UPN: Kairne vs. Ethereal- Not Completed
SPPf: Mapsal313 vs. DeadLion- Completed
SPPf: StarMasterWarrior vs. Squirtleking- Not Completed
SPPf: biggggg5 vs. redpanda15- Completed
SPPf: Quilavaflare vs. zerozoner- Completed
SPPf: Quilavaflare vs. tyoyo3131- Completed (Not by me)
SPPf: EmeraldGoblin vs. KingTorterraXIV- Completed
UPN: Kairne vs. Firewater- Not Completed
SPPf: kingothestone vs. Matoro- Completed
SPPf: Miror vs. Clay95- Completed
UPN: EmeraldGoblin vs. bleuumbreon- Completed
SPPf: Valaraukar vs. Skarm- Not Completed
SPPf: Concept vs. Yougirasu- Not Completed
SPPf Gym Battle: Shadowshocker vs. Oliver101- Not Completed
SPPf: Swampurtz vs. bleuumbreon- Completed

The bank of hen da man! -
Spoiler: show
People who owe me SP:
Sneezey - 6.5 SP
Kairne - 10 SP
EmeraldGoblin - 10 SP

People who I owe SP:

To do list:
-Get to TL3
-Become a better ref.
-Get more Dark Type 'mon.
-Get the Dark Gym/Gym trainer.
-Verse some higher quality opponents.

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Naruto Ninja44's Squad Stat Stuff
Dave told me to do this.

Name: Nikky
Age: 16
Hometown: Mohnton, PA
Trainer Level: 1
Current Pokemon: 13
Wins: 2
Draws: 0
Losses: 2
KO's: 5
Trainer Points: 19


VS DaveTheFishGuy Loss, 1-2 KO's
VS Tbh1313 Cancelled
VS Zodiacsage Win by DQ, 2-1 KO's
VS Rangeetsuper Cancelled
VS Zalck Cancelled
VS DaisyInari Loss, 2-3 KO's
VS Shadowshocker Loss, 1-4 KO's
VS Breeder KJ Win, 3-2 KO's

VS Poke_Hunter 0-0 KO's
VS atlantis_kid99 0-0 KO's

Gym Matches


Spoiler: show

Level 2

Leo: Male Croconaw
Croconaw: (Water) Croconaw is the middling of speed and agility in the Totodile family. As an alligator Pokemon, the Totodile family has the strongest bite attack of any Pokemon relative to their size. However, their jaw muscles are meant for clamping down, not opening up: most Pokemon can easily keep them shut with their own hands. In wet arenas, the airholes on their snouts allow them to stay almost completely submerged while being able to see above the surface.

Bio: My first pokemon ever. I got Leo when he was a baby Totodile from my Aunt and Uncle, who found him in their backyard. I took care of him and battled him against other neighborhood kids. By the time we set out on our journey, he had evolved from all the experience of beating the local kids. Leo likes to keep moving all the time; whether he's running, battling, or just simply talking. He loves to battle though, and likes a straight out offensive attack against his opponent. He tends to leap before looking most of the times.

Jade: Female Kirlia
Kirlia: (Psychic) Kirlia's empathic abilities make it very in touch with its opponent. Attacks that deal with the opponents mental state are more effective. It also has a very good sense of balance and is hard to knock down.

Bio: I found her as a Ralts, just wandering around aimlessly on my driveway and wounded from what I guess was a battle. She easily allowed me to take care of her and keep her, especially since she didn't mind being in the company of Leo (my Croconaw) and I. Though her and Leo argue constantly over whether to relax and be quiet or battle and talk. This usually results in fights between them (She's won so many against Leo, that she's evolved. They really have a bad habit of this.). She dislikes battling constantly, though she will battle on the occasion for the sport of it. When she does, she likes to put her opponents asleep, to avoid as much conflict as possible.

Level 1

Peris: Male Growlithe
Growlithe: (Fire) Arcanines and Growlithes are extremely loyal and brave. They are more likely to follow orders of their trainers, even if they consider such orders questionable. They are also more resistant to fear-inducing effects. Finally, their hearing is more sensitive than normal, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound attacks.

Bio: Peris was my first real capture. I caught Peris while chasing him and some other city Growlithe's into an ally-way after they took my backpack. I used Leo(Croconaw) against him and took down the others with a Water Gun. Instead of totally knocking him out, I decided to capture him, though he did put up quite a fight (and another chase around the city) before he let me catch him. Peris loves to play pranks and has the tendency to steal things of mine. He bumps heads with Leo a lot, mostly for leadership of the squad. He also gets annoyed by Dora (Shinx) often and snaps at her a lot. Peris doesn't mind battling, he usually uses speed techniques to bypass the opponent and hit them without a mark on himself.

Adara: Female Gastly

Gastly: (Ghost/Poison) See ghost Pokemon rules, all ghosts fight more enthusiastically at night, though light does not hinder their ability to battle. Gastly can see in the dark.

Bio: After going on a ghost themed tour in Gettysburg (in the middle of June, too), I was leaving when Adara had decided to follow me out of the city. Seeing as she didn't want to go back, I kept her. It was a pretty simple encounter. Adara loves to travel, is really loud, and has a TV addiction. Like, she'll wake me up in the middle of night cause she's laughing way too much at some comedian on Comedy Central. She gets along really well with all of the others. For some reason she really likes to hang out with Damien (Clefairy). She battles whenever she feels like it. Some days she's aggressive and wants to battle and others she just wants to sleep and watch TV all day. She loves to freak out her opponents and does so by putting them to sleep and giving them traumatizing nightmares with Dream Eater.

Teft: Male Trapinch

Trapinch: (Ground) Trapinch is a great digger and can do so with ease and speed. It also digs relatively silently and is hard to detect when underground. Its large jaws make its biting attacks more effective. Trapinch can see in the dark.

Bio: Teft was a problem to get. I always wanted a Trapinch so I started heading out to the desert to get one but halfway there, I found him making holes in a sandbox at a playground. He liked to pop out of the sand and scare the kids, so I decided that it'd be good to try to kill two birds with one stone. That didn't work out so well, as apparently he moved from sandbox to sandbox at the local playgrounds. So I had to map out where he went and find out a pattern to catch him. I did get him. After Jade (Kirlia) knocked him out cold (by accident, of course.) I tried to catch him but since Jade felt bad, she woke him up and he escaped. He also changed his routes to scaring the kiddies, so I had to redo everything and caught him while using Peris (Growlithe). Teft is really grumpy and cranky all the time. He just has a negative attitude about everything and acts like an old man. He's really nice to Jade, though. Teft likes to battle (I think it makes him feel less old and mean) and loves to Dig and use Earth Power to blow away his opponents.

Holt: Male Snorunt
Snorunt: (Ice) Snorunt has powerful jaws that allow it to eat ice and snow. Its biting attacks are 10% more effective than normal.

Bio: I found Holt after a big snowstorm. I made a sexy igloo with Leo (Croconaw) and we went to get some hot chocolate and to warm up. After returning from our break, we saw that a Snorunt had taken over our iglooand took appropriate action to kick him out. Leo used Water Gun and Brick Break while the Snorunt used Ice Fang and Headbutt. Eventually we wore him down and I caught him to stop being a nuisance. Holt's personality is exactly that as well; a nuisance. He has a habit to annoy everyone he meets and the squad generally tolerates him. He loves to battle though, and likes to annoy his opponents too, using moves such as Ice Shard and Double Team.

Keen: Female Taillow
Taillow: (Normal/Flying) Tailow are extremely stubborn, and will stay conscious for one round after they should have been knocked out

Bio: I found Keen while just taking a walk in the park. She was a baby Taillow and Leo (Croconaw) had apparently picked a friendly fight with her while I wasn't paying attention. She found it threatening to her brothers and sisters and immediately started to fight him to protect them. After a few playful Bites from Leo, I noticed and decided to catch her (which I did). Keen is very big sister-like and is always protecting the other pokemon on the squad, no matter how bad the enemy seems. She gets along well with the others and is seen scolding Peris (Growlithe) for his behavior quite often. She doesn't like to fight outside of double battles but will if I send her out. She loves to use boosting moves such as Agility and Focus Energy.

Dora: Female Shinx
Shinx: (Electric) Shinx' hearing is more sensitive than normal, at the expense of making it more vulnerable to sound attacks.

Bio: I caught Dora right after I set up camp in the woods one night. I was telling everyone scary stories (which really were lame, in hindsight) around the fire. They were effective enough, for when noises from outside of the camp were heard, everyone freaked out. It even sent a Shinx running in a panic out of the woods. Apparently, she was listening in on the stories and was scared. Though not scared enough to fight us (I think she was proving that she wasn't a total coward). Adara (Gastly) stepped up and quickly put her to sleep, luckily I caught her before Adara could give her nightmares. Dora likes to act tough, though she is really jumpy and timid. She also likes to eat peaches, for reasons unknown. She gets along well with most of the group, though she has an admiration for Peris (Growlithe) and likes to follow him around, much to his annoyance. She likes to battle and always accepts them, even when hurt. Her style consists of stunning her enemies then giving big amounts of damage.

Noel: Male Makuhita
Makuhita: (Fighting) Makuhita are slow and lack agility, but are sturdy and difficult to knock over. Makuhita have powerful hands, and any attacks performed by use of their hands (Arm Thrust, Knock Off, possibly Rock Slide) do 25% more damage.

Bio: I found Noel while at a carnival during the summer. Leo (Croconaw) had just gotten me a balloon and we were walking from the rides when suddenly the balloon was ripped from my hands. There was Noel, trying to get away with about 20 other balloons. This got Leo really angry and to spite Noel, he used a Bite attack on all of the balloons; he popped them. Now Noel got pissed and then attacked Leo with Arm Thrust, but Leo took him down with a Hydro Pump. While he was recovering, I caught him fairly easily. Noel follows through with things he plans in his mind and loves to collect balloons, even after they deflate. He's quiet and the group sometimes disapproves of how he goes off to do his own thing without telling them. He isn't afraid to accept a battle though, and he likes to use powerful moves as efficiently as possible.

Steph: Female Oddish
Oddish: (Grass/Poison) Oddish spreads its seeds at night. While it cannot see completely in the dark, it sees better than most in low-light conditions.

Bio: Under Construction

Aaron: Male Aron
Aron: (Steel/Rock) Aron can see in the dark. Due to its exceptional hardness, it will not take recoil damage from attacks it uses.

Bio: Under Construction

Kovu: Male Poocheyena
Poochyena (Dark) If Poochyena is sent into battle, it's opponent's attack will be slightly lowered as long as Poochyena is in battle, as long as the opponent would reasonably be afraid of Poochyena. Poochyena has sensitive hearing, at the expense of increased vulnerability to sound attacks.

Bio: Under Construction

Damien: Male Clefairy
Clefairy: (Normal) It is less shy than a Clefable, but is still made a bit nervous from large crowds of people. Clefairy and Clefable can jump high and far, and can use their wings to fly (not fast or well, but they can). The Clefairy family cannot see in total darkness, but they can see better than most in low-light.

Bio: Under Construction

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Froslass Ethe's Records of Events

~Formerly AWB, still sucky though.~
Trainer Level: 2
Ref Grade: C+
27 KO\\78 TP\\4.5 SP
(4 SP on loan to DragonDance)
(I'll never see that again)
9 wins\\6 Losses\\1 draws
{2 DQ Wins\\1 DQ Losses}
Slots filled: 19/19

Spoiler: show
Pami: Level 2 Male Ralts
Hidden Power: Ground

Khione: Level 2 Female Snorunt

Xesspe: Level 1 Female Sigilyph
Hidden Power: Ground

Ronnie: Level 2 Male Marill
Hidden Power: Ghost

Arnie: Level 3 Male Vileplume

Aria: Level 2 Female Togepi

Gumdrop: Level 1 Female Goomy

Abasa: Level 1 Female Super Pumpkaboo

Tita: Level 1 Female Mawile

Harlequin: Level 2 Male Ariados
Hidden Power: Fighting

Brigitte: Level 1 Female Mime Jr.

Charlotte: Level 1 Female Girafarig

BMO: Level 2 Female Chinchou

Malia: Level 2 Female Surskit
Hidden Power: Rock

Gunter: Level 1 Male Piplup

Marina: Level 2 Female Frillish
Hidden Power: Electric

Luci: Level 2 Female Illumise
Hidden Power: Fire

Tori: Level 2 Female Croagunk
Hidden Power: Flying

Maraschino: Level 2 Female Smoochum
Bio: Maraschino is one of the food and drink themed 'mon, and was given her name for her relatively sweet nature. Battling has always been one of her favorite activities; with an inadequate trainer like myself, she's had to devise a few strategies to compensate. With her name taken as inspiration, she's made an excellent themed tactic.
Hidden Power: Fire
Signature Technique: Cherry Coat Chase (PSY/NOR)
Maraschino becomes covered in a psychic veil, and hits her target with a quick attack, which deals light physical damage and light psychic damage. No matter what, the attack will (almost) always hit, which means that Maraschino will always be able to follow the target, gaining speed until she hits. The only way to shake Maraschino is to hit her somehow, and hard enough to make it lose the concentration holding up the psychic energy. In addition, the 'bubble' of psychic energy also protects her from ALL dark attacks, but provides no protection from anything else. Maraschino will be able to go anywhere she could normally go, although once it hits the opponent, the aura fades. This technique may be used thrice per match.

Cantabile: Level 2 Female Jigglypuff
Bio: Cantabile didn't grow up as a regular member of her species; she never learned to sing and she pursued the tuba with her musical ambitions. She often regrets choosing to do so, and the closest she comes to singing is playing 'cantabile', a musical term that means singable or songlike. This did have a sig idea tagging along, though.
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Move: I AM A SINGER (Various)
As Canta has learned to imitate singing with her instrument, she has learned to imitate type energies by using Uproar. Thrice per match she may use any energy pool available to her and infuse it into an Uproar (example: Dark I AM A SINGER!), and each pool may only be used like that a maximum of two times per match, and never in the same round. Cantabile may no longer use Hyper Voice, Sing, and Perish Song. The energy is composed solely by the given type.
TL-2 • B Grade Referee
Former Bug and Water GT

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Reposting here because of less laggy forum...

Trainer level 3: 53 KO \\ 187 TP \\ 37.5 SP
21 win 29 loss 1 draw (17/21/1 Without DQ)
Slots filled 31/31
Tokens: Abomasite

Current battles:
Slot 1: Spff: Free
Slot 2: UPN: VS Ex-Admiral-Insane
Slot 3: UPN: VS SquirtleKing
Slot 4: Spff: VS Rangeet

Gym Slot:
Spoiler: show

Smaug: Level 4 male Charizard
Hidden Power: Grass

Dragonair: Level 4 male Dragonair
Hidden Power: Steel

Cradily: Level 4 female Cradily
Hidden Power: Rock

Rex: level 3 male Grovyle
Bio: Rex loves to play and spend time with Lombre, but he has always been jealous about Lombre's ability to use water attacks. To counter this he learned how to use water energy.
Sig: Due to the reasons stated above Rex can use aqua-tail twice per match at the cost of 1.25 times general energy. Also he can't use irontail anymore.
Jeri: Approved.
Hidden Power: Steel

Tagnela: Level 3 female Tangela
Hidden Power: Water

Kuan Yin: Level 3 female Milotic

Yeti: Level 3 male Abomasnow.
Bio: Snover and Tropius grew up high in the mountains near some hot springs. Snover really like to bath in them despite the heat. Because he spent most of his life in that heat, he's more resistant to fire.
Fire proof: Due to the reasons stated above Snover takes only 300% damage from fire attacks.
Jeri: Approved.
Token: Abomasite
Hidden Power: Rock

Tropius: Level 3 male Tropius
Bio: Tropius grew up together with Snover on the mountain, while Snover liked the hot springs more, Tropius prefered the white cold snow. Due to spending most of his life in the snow, he has become more resistant to the cold.
Ice cold: Due to the reasons above Tropius only takes 300% damage from ice attacks.
Jeri: Approved.
Hidden Power: Water

Flareon: Level 3 male Flareon
Hidden Power: Ground

Garcia the level 3 male Lombre:
Demon punch: Fire
Using his native powers from hell, Lombre unleashes a punch not unlike Captain Falcon. It charges like a regular fire punch, but uppon impact all his fire energy is released in the image of Satan's face, engulfing the opposing pokemon and dealing extreme (aka FC hyperbeam) damage. Like giga-impact, Lombre will have to spend the next round resting, and he burns his fist leaving him unable to excecute any punching moves with his dominant arm for the remainder of the match (unless a team mate uses heal-bell or something). He can use his non-dominant arm, but punching attacks will lose 25% power, for the normal energy use and have a 10% chance of missing and hitting himself. This attack only works when he hasn't thouched his fire-pool yet. Obviously he can only use it once.
Jeri: Approved.
Hidden Power: Rock

Metal: Level 3 metang.
Obtained after I found him almost drowing in the sea. I saved it's live, but it got a bit rusty.
Sig: Rust
Due to the rust it takes only 150% damage from fire attacks (rust being burned iron, wich can't burn anymore ect). It also left it more brittle and it will take 10% more damage from physical attacks.
Jeri: Approved.
Hidden Power: Water

Nephentes: Level 3 female Victreebell
Sig: Fast spin
Bellsprout and evolutions repel 50% more fire with swordsdance at the cost of half the boost and 25% more energy.
Jeri: Approved.
Hidden Power: Water

Ditto: Level 3 Ditto
Ditto transforms in the first pokemon he sees, and stays that way for the time he's out. It doesn't require a move to do (although it still takes transform energy) and he can't be untransformed, or retransform into someone/thing else. The first pokemon he sees will usually be the opponent. In a doubles match he'll randomly transform into one of the opponents. He may transform into a wild pokemon, but only if one is having some impact on the current battle.
Jeri: Ditto really should be like this anyway. Approved, though since it's based off an in-game ability, do realize that I'll allow multiple copies of this sig.
Hidden Power after transform: Fairy

Exeggutor level 3 female Exeggutor
Bio: to come
Sig: As it's stated in the SC that Exeggcute is knocked out when all of the eggs are, I want to make good use of that. See this as Exeggcute having a perpetual painsplit between them. So Exeggcute can let one of the eggs take an attack as a move by breaking that link. The egg takes 1/n (n being the number of eggs left) of the current health and energy levels of Exeggcute, which are lost if the egg is knocked out. Also for each egg that is knocked out, the power of offensive moves decrease by 1/6. So if 3 eggs are knocked out, attacks from Exeggcute will be doing only half the damage.
If the attack doesn't KO the egg, Exeggcute will spend 3-5 seconds (depending on how much health the egg has left, more health=less time) to pain split the damage between them and reestablishing the link(this will cost no energy, just time), being immobilized while that happens. If it does KO the egg, the remaining eggs will also need to reestablish the link, but then it takes only 2 seconds. During this time they are also more vulnerable to attacks that hit all eggs at the same time (like blizzard), dealing 2 times the total damage.
Only attacks that can be reasonably blocked by one egg can be blocked, like beams and physical attacks. More widespread attacks like blizzard, icy wind, flamethrower to some extend, and shadowballs shadow wind can't be blocked or only partially. When these attacks hit when they are fully separated (so not rebinding, see above), they hit each individual for the full damage of that (part of the) attack, which may lead to an OHKO.
When she evolves into Exeggutor, she will drop one of her heads like in rollout to take the attack. And the attack drop won't effect stomp.

This can be used 3 times, whether the egg is knocked out or not.
Hidden Power: Water

Rozemarijn: Level 3 female Roselia.
Hidden Power: Ground

Lambo "Stupid cow" Bovino, Level 3 male Bouffalant.
Bio: Lambo is the lightning guardian and wields the Vongola lightning ring. Before you get funny thoughts about how stupid and childish Lambo is, Lambo uses the ten-year-bazooka, updated by Giannini to last a few hours, so he enters the fight in adult mode. As an adult he has learned a very powerfull (although slow and inaccurate) electric move, without the need to use his own lightning flames.

Sig: Electrico Cornata. (Electric)

Lambo spends an major amount of normal energy to manipulate te electrons in the air, this results in a massive thunderbolt shooting down. The thunder will hit his horns, without damaging him, and will charge them with electricity. After a short pauze (1 sec) to integrate the power he carges towards his foe, halfway through the electricity expands from his horns forming two solid spears of electricity. This attack, when it fully hits, deals extreme physical electric damage and is capable of breaking through a light screen, but is blocked by barrier. He doesn't need to tab into his (shallow because normal type) electric pool, since the electricity comes from the enviroment, but total energy use is extreme.

Obviously such an awesome move must have some drawbacks. Firstly this only works in outdoor arena's, and raindance must be able to have an effect in the arena (so in desert arena's this does not work). Furthermore the clap from the thunder wakes up sleeping pokemon and knocks back the sense in confused pokemon. Finally all the normal giga impact drawbacks are applied.

Can be used one time.
Hidden Power: Fairy

Moshi Level 3 female Lampent
Soul sucker:
Liwick can feed on the souls of her opponents, she uses a move akin to gigadrain to do so. It works exactly the same, but it's of the ghost type.
Jeri: Approved.
Hidden Power: Fairy

Euphoberios Level 3 male Whirlipede
Hidden Power: Water

Vleermuis Level 3 male Golbat
Hidden Power: Ice

Kwal Level 3 male Frillish
Hidden Power: Fire

Wartortle: Level 3 male Wartortle.
Sig: Alligator snapping turtle.
Squirtle is an alligator snapping turtle.


Well, maybe not but he does bite really hard. His bite attack now deals significant damage (for considerable energy) and he can use Crunch two times a battle. In addition the XX part of crunch deals moderate damage instead of minor, of course energy use is boosted to match the damage output.
Hidden Power: Gound

Dionia: Level 3 female Carnivine
Bio: I met her in the Scotish low-lands in a swampy area, where it ALWAYS rains. Anyway she poped-up (while it was raining of course), and I tried to use Moshi to burn her. For some reason it didn't really seem to work that well. My surprise was even bigger when I saw her using a well placed water-pulse to down my poor Lampent. Back then I blamed the rain and that she just had saved up water and hurled it away. Sadly Vuurvlieg underwent the same faith. Finally Garcia stood up, hearths in his eyes, and fought her. Have I already mentioned that it rained there? Anyway garcia was having a hard time without type-spam, and ice-punch didn't seem to have the desired effect either. Running low on type-energy Garcia had to resort to grass attack, and to my surprise, it worked very well. Well except solarbeam, because it was raining, a lot. So after I caught her it finally struck me, due to living in the swamps where it is always raining, she absorbs a lot of water with her roots, essentially gaining the water type.
Sig: I'm a swamp-plant
Dionia is a swamp plant and due to living in a place with copious amounts of water (because it ALWAYS rains), she has become a grass/water type with all the resistances and weaknesses that go with it. Except the extra water still hurts her when it crystalises into ice, so she still takes 150% from ice-attacks. She has also gained the moves water pulse, bubblebeam and hydropump. There is a catch however, she isn't really familiar with water-energy, having only 1.5 HB of water energy. In order to use more water attacks she has to either absorb water with her roots in a puddle (costs a move, takes 5 seconds to fully refill)), or collect it passivally in the rain (doesn't cost a move, one waterpulse worth at the end of the round). This doesn't add to her total energy (see it as converting normal energy to water energy) Also can't use Stockpile, Swallow and Spitup since she's essentially stockpiling water already.
Jeri: Eh, fine. Approved.
Hidden Power: Rock

Lawn mower: Level 3 genderless Rotom-cut
Sig: I'm a lawn mower damn-it
Lawn mower is a Lawn mower, he learns cut and slash. Also because he's a grass type he can use leaf-blade and leaf-tornado too. Additionally he can use solarbeam (using magic) with grass type efficiency with non-grass type charge time. He looses the ability to levitate at all, but he's able to get back on his wheels when knocked over (doesn't cost a move). Lawn mower also has forgotten how to use discharge, toxic, double team, ominous wind, spite and natural gift. It also can't change forms anymore.
Jeri: Approved.
Hidden Power: Rock

Rampardos: Level 3 male Cranidos.
Sig: Ramming master
Cranidos knows how to ram people, even his body is well adapted to soak up the impact. As such he doesn't take any recoil from moves involving his head. Whether a move uses his head is up to the ref and description, but headsmash is fairly obvious. He also burns 10% extra energy for recoil buffering.
Jeri: Approved.
Hidden Power: Grass

Raichu: Level 3 male Raichu
Hidden Power: Grass

Pidgeot: Level 3 female Pidgeot
Hidden Power: Ground

Phanpy: Level 2 male Phanpy
Hidden Power: Electric

Hanachuurippu: Level 2 female Skiploom
Sig: Flying powers
Hoppip can use airslash.
Hidden Power: Fire

Miles Edgeworth: Level 3 male Doublade
Bio: After witnessing his father's murder and blaming himself for it. He grew up to be a prosecuter in order to lock all criminals away. In court evidence is always flinging back and forth but due to his training at law school he has learned to produce counter evidence against almost anything.
In court Miles has learnt to take abuse and bide his time before making a deadly counter attack. As such he can now use bide.
Hidden Power: Ghost

Florgess: Level 3 female Florgess
Hidden Power: Fire

St. Catherine: Level 2 female Smeargle
Smeargle knows the following moves: Flamethrower, Fire blast, Double team, Earth power, Thunderwave, Dynamic punch, Hyperbeam, Bide. That's 8/10

Spoiler: show

VS Jerri 0-1 (DQ), Metal.
VS Kush 1-0, Lombre.
VS Ryuusei 1-4, Ditto, Trapper, Treecko, Pikachu.
VS Gmandiddy 3-2 (DQ), Nepenthes, Ditto, Metal.
VS DragonDance 0-2, Ditto, Lombre.
VS Handy 3-5 (Gym), Snover, Exeggcute, Treecko, Lombre, Tengela.
VS Firewater 2-3, Flareon, Cradilly, Flygon.
VS SM 1-3, Lileep, Bonsly, Ditto.
VS P_H (Grass VS Typespam) 5-6, Exeggcute, Nepenthes, Tangela, Snover, Treecko, Lombre.
VS DTFG (Grass VS Water, I'm ashamed...) 2-3, Tangela, Lileep, Lombre.
VS Kush 1-3, Lileep, Trapinch, Lombre.
VS SP-Eevee 1-0, Lombre.
VS Kush 3-2 (DQ), Ditto, Metang, Lileep.
VS Brandan 3-2, Lombre, Treecko, Lileep.
VS Yougirasu 1-2, Feebas, Lombre.
VS Firewater 4-6, Ditto, Tangela, Flareon, Flygon, Victreebell, Metagross.
VS Breeder KJ 2-3, Nephentes, Exeggcute, Snover.
VS Mewmaster007 1-2, Metal, Trapper.
VS DTFG 0-2, Pluisje, Kuan-Yin.
VS Kusari 3-2, Pluisje, Tropius, Trapper.
VS Daisy 3-2, Lombre, Rozemarijn, Tropius.
VS Rangeet 1-1 then loss in sudden death, rental Yamask in a tournement match.
VS Concept 2-2, Pluisje, Metal.
VS Weebos 3-1, Larvesta, Moshi, Schimmel.
VS Spectrum 3-3 (DQ), Metal, kuan-yin, Pluisje.
VS Quintowill 2-1, kwal, Euphoberios.
VS RoseradeRaider 3-2, Tropius, Lombre, Metal.
VS LC 3-4 (gym), Rex, Tangela, Ditto, Garcia.
VS Roseheart 0-1 (metronome), Pikachu.
VS Empoleon Dynamite 1-2, Metal, Kwal.
VS Brandan 0-1, Squirtle.
VS Kush 4-3, Metal, Cradilly, Lawnmower, Ditto.
VS Ethe 3-2, Ditto, Kwal, Metal.
VS Joshua 3-4 (gym scenario), Lileep, Rex, Tropius, Garcia.
VS Spikkle 2-1 (DQ), Cranidos, Flareon.
VS Kin 2-3, Scolipede, Cranidos, Flareon.
VS Concept 1-2, Ditto, Tropius.
VS Xanderketsu 1-1 (DQ), Lambo.
VS Dave 2-4 (gym, DQ), Ditto, Frillish, Carnivine, Wartortle, Cradilly.
VS Emp 2-3 (DQ), Lambo, Abomosnow, Pikachu.
VS XanderKetsu 1-0, Tropius.
VS Kairne 2-0, Snover, Cranidos.
VS Sphealdrill 4-3, Scolipede, Metang, Lombre, Abomasnow.
VS Midgeorge 3-2, Hana, Rotom, Donphan.
VS ZincSpider 2-1, Pikachu, Zubat.
VS Biggggg5 1-0, Zubat.
VS Fishy Dave 2-3 (DQ), Metang, Wartortle, Pidgeotto.
VS LC 3-4 (DQ), Flareon, Lombre, Dragonair, Bouffalant.
VS Hana (Flying VS Grass) 2-3, Lombre, Abomasnow, Rotom.
VS Squirtleking 2-3 (DQ), Dragonair, Cradilly, Rotom, Wartortle
VS Vye 1-0, Honedge
VS Sneazy 1-3, Smeargle, Cranidos, Dragonair.

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Foot, meet mouth.
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Send a message via MSN to Rangeet Send a message via Skype™ to Rangeet
I reset.
Current stats: Level 3, B- ref
21 wins(4 DQ), 13 losses, 1 draws
53 KOs, 90 TP, 0.95 SP
Spoiler: show
Lvl 3 F Fearow(Woa Fearow)
"He clasps the crag with crooked hands;
Close to the sun in lonely lands,
Ring'd with the azure world, he stands.

The wrinkled sea beneath him crawls;
He watches from the mountain walls,
And like a thunderbolt he falls."

Such are the words of the great Alfred, Lord Tennyson on the magnificent creature. Being a true lover of poetry, Woa Fearow has fallen in love with this poem, and practised for hours to fulfill the poem...

In her own twisted way, because this bird is batshit insane. After a long period of training, including a time when she dunked her head into an aquarium and then pecked at an electrical transformer- in that order- she finally managed to learn some stuff.

Special Training: Nature, red in tooth and claw
Woa Fearow knows Water Gun("wrinkled sea") and Thunderbolt(...). She has the type energy to use each twice per battle, though the second usage will be weakened a little.

Lvl 4 M Dusclops(The Undertaker)
Duskull was always quite strange. Occasionally he would run away and not come back for a long time, refusing to tell me anything. One day, in a battle, when he was losing by a large amount and had only a sliver of health, he suddenly used Explosion! Amazed, I realised that he must have been training to do so, possibly because he knew I liked using the move :p
Special Training: BOOM
The Undertaker knows Explosion, but he didn't learn Mean Look, and apparently his parents didn't teach him Destiny Bond.

Lvl 3 M Electabuzz(Stone Cold Steve Austin)
Elekid is the toughest, meanest, SOB in the ASB. Hence, his name. Contrary to popular belief, he was not, in fact, born and raised on the streets- he was born to pretty rich parents. These parents quickly found out his natural affinity and trained him to increase his strengths.
Signature Move: Austin 3:16
Being the toughest, meanest SOB in the ASB, Elekid is not a fan of wimps. Therefore, he has the same SC as a Charizard(the whole "determination means he'll stay alive for another round" thing). However, he refuses to use Screech, Rest, or Feint(trolol) because they're all for wimps.

Lvl 4 M Charizard(Kane)
Kane is a demented monster. Also he's extremely weak to rock attacks and nobody likes that. Therefore he trained with Edge for ages(suffering many injuries- my Clefable helped with that) until he got better against them.
Kane takes 300% damage from Rock attacks, not 400%. Lol.

Lvl 3 M Aerodactyl(Edge)
Edge is a beast. Likes absolutely ripping apart stuff while not even caring for himself. He thinks it's pretty silly his species doesn't learn Head Smash. However it's a pretty difficult move to learn so he didn't bother learning it. That is, until he fought a Gyarados on a pool. Said Gyarados just chewed him up, thanks to no good Rock moves. To prevent this stuff from happening again, he...
...learnt Head Smash. Additionally, he takes reduced recoil from the attack due to his really hard head, ref's discretion.

Now TL4.

Lvl 3 M Krokorok
This guy, is weird. Well, okay, I'm only saying that because he's the only dude who watches WWE with me. Apparently, he's a huge fan of Daniel Bryan.
Signature Move:
Krokorok knows Submission.

Lvl 3 M Riolu(Chris Benoit)
Lvl 3 M Honchkrow(Raven)
Lvl 3 M Quagsire(Rangeet)
Lvl 3 M Golett(Small Big Show, or SBS for short)
Lvl 3 M Sigilyph(Sphinx)
Lvl 3 M Drifblim(Trilo)
Lvl 3 M Gliscor(Sting) Now TL4.
Lvl 3 M Golbat
Lvl 3 M Mankey(Sandor Clegane)
Lvl 3 M Remoraid
Lvl 3 M Lombre
Lvl 3 M Machoke
Lvl 3 Porygon2
Lvl 3 M Croconaw
Lvl 2 F Frillish
Lvl 2 F Zangoose(Arya Stark)
Lvl 2 M Combusken
Lvl 2 F Kirlia
Lvl 2 M Scyther
Lvl 1 F Croagunk
Lvl 1 M Tyrogue
Spoiler: show

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Pokemon Trainer
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zodiacsage's PASBL stats

zodiacsage's PASBL stats

Trainer Level: 1
Bio: Zodiac was born and raised in Lavender Town located in the Kanto Region. He spent his youth researching the myths and legends concerning Pokemon. Zodiac would often assist Mr. Fuji with small duties at the Pokemon Tower and learned much of the bond between Humans and Pokemon from him. After leaving his hometown he set off to collect a Squad of Pokemon so he can test his true skills as a Trainer.

Point Count
Trainer Points: 0
Service Points: 0
KO's: 0

Pokemon Squad
Spoiler: show

-Bios to be added soon-

Monferno, Level 2 Male

Marshtomp, Level 2 Male

Machop, Level 1 Male

Zubat, Level 1 Male

Hoothoot, Level 1 Male

Eevee, Level 1 Male

Elekid, Level 1 Male

Togepi, Level 1 Male

Ralts,Level 1 Male

Scyther, Level 1 Male

Duskull, Level 1 Male

Bagon, Level 1 Male

Snover, Level 1 Male

Battle Record

Matches in Progress
(SPPf) MagnificentMudkip (C) vs. zodiacsage (A)
Location: Outdoor Concrete Arena
Ref: Salamencia
Link to the Battle

(UPN) zodiacsage (C) vs. Naruto Ninja44 (A)
Location: Prof. Oak's Lab
Ref: DaveTheFishGuy
Link to the Battle

(UPN) zodiacsage (C) vs. Ryuusei (A)
Location: Playground
Ref: Firewater
Link to the Battle

(UPN) zodiacsage (C) vs. Rangeetsuper (A)
Location: Disco Hall
Ref: Dream Breaker
Link to the Battle
PASBL Trainer Level 1


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Pokemon Trainer
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AT's (AtlanteanTroll's) Squad Statistics

Trainer Level: 1
Bio: I came from Atlantis to kick some surface world butt. (Atlantis should be read as New England.)

Point Count
Trainer Points: 0
Service Points: 0
KO's: 0


Leviathan - Lickitung (Male) - Lv. 2

Grendel - Gyarados (Male) - Lv. 2
Bio: Grendel, like the rest of my team, is a mythology nut. In fact, I actually bought him at a Renaissance Fair. After exploring the fair with Prometheus, we decided to see a production of Beowulf. At the time, he was only a lowly Magikarp, and not being the brightest of creatures, thought that Grendel was a dragon. Thus his nickname was born.

Prometheus - Chimchar (Male) - Lv. 1

Flit - Starly (Female) - Lv. 1

The Golden Fleece - Mareep (Female) - Lv. 1

Gremlins - Gastly (Male) - Lv. 1

The Golem of Prague - Geodude (Male) - Lv. 1

Tonks - Budew (Female) - Lv. 1

Hitachi - Buizel (Male) - Lv. 1

The Amazing Randi - Abra (Male) - Lv. 1

Koro Poko - Snorunt (Female) - Lv. 1

Asashōryū - Makuhita (Male) - Lv. 1

Mic Mac - Stunky (Female) - Lv. 1

Battle Record

Matches in Progress
AT vs hen de man
Kin vs AT

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The Lord of the Derp
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Brandan's Awesome page!

Squad!Click here If You Dare
UPN ME VS SP-EEVEE(6vs6)-ME VS Kairne(3vs3)-ME VS James(2vs2)
Reffings None
Stats W12/L17/3DQ/D2/SP 18.75SP lent 2 for copy/K39/TP99

Spoiler: show
Worst Battle Award
Winner: Brandan v Rangeet

The Derp Award

TO Villain

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Location: United States
Posts: 145
Trainer Level 2
C+ Grade Referee

4 - 6 - 0

11 KOs, 33 TP, 1.25 SP

Current Battles

Completed Battles
SPPf: VS. lorddarigarn (Win)
SPPf: VS. Thunderstarry (Loss)
SPPf: VS. suicune lover (Win)
SPPf: VS. muumajii23 (Loss by DQ)
SPPf: VS. Holy_Lucario (Win by DQ)
SPPf: VS. Rangeet (Loss)
UPN: VS. Ryuusei (Undecided)
SPPf: VS. smashlloyd20 (Loss by DQ)
UPN: VS. Poke_Hunter (Undecided)
SPPf: VS. blazeVA (Win)
UPN: VS. brandan (Loss by DQ)
UPN: VS. Roglef (Loss by DQ)
UPN: VS. Spikkle (Undecided)

Battles I'm Reffing
UPN: Kairne vs. rotomotorz

Spoiler: show

Sparky: Level 3 Male Raichu
As a Pichu, Sparky originally had a job as a Poke-Electrician. He was naturally well-suited for the job and did a great job at fixing anything electric that was broken. One day he got a call from Mr. Mime saying that his computer was broken, so Pichu headed over to his house. When he got there Pichu discovered that the computer was not broken, but it did need a recharge. (Electronics in Pokeland don’t have external power sources, so they have to be recharged by electric pokemon.) He reached towards the recharge outlet on the side of the computer, but was met by only air. Finding out his arm was to short, Pichu resorted to using the longest part of his body, his tail. This plan, though, also failed because Pichu’s tail was too flimsy. Pichu thought and thought, and finally decided to use Iron Tail to stop his tail from moving around. So Pichu used Iron Tail and hooked up to the recharge point. He felt it somewhat easier to move electricity through his tail than normal. Of course, when he thought about it, he figured it was the iron in his tail helping to conduct the electricity to the outlet. When the computer was recharge Pichu removed his tail and saw it was still buzzing with electricity. Pichu swung it around a little to get rid of the excess and accidentally swung his tail into Mr. Mime, who was standing beside him. Pichu’s tail knocked down Mr. Mime as well a giving him a small case of paralysis. When Mr. Mime recovered he said “That tail can be dangerous.” As Pichu walked back to his office he thought to himself ‘This tail can also be very useful.’ So Pichu started perfecting his ‘Conduction Tail’ attack.
Special Attack: Conduction Tail (Electric/Steel)
Pichu uses Iron Tail and conducts electricity though said tail until there is enough energy in its tail to perform a Thunder attack. Pichu then slams its tail into the opponent. It uses the combined energy of an Iron Tail and a Thunder attack. It deals damage equal to an Iron Tail and a Thunder combined, but has only a 10% chance of paralysis. This move is also very draining on Pichu, therefore he can only use it 3 times per battle.

Mega: Level 2 Male Bayleef
When Mega was young and reckless it came across a Bellossom minding it own in the forest. Eager to show of its skill, it used a Bullet Seed attack at Bellossom to get it attention. Bellossom turned towards Mega and it realized it was under attack. It launched a Toxic attack that hit Mega dead on. The Bellossom started walking away as the toxic seeped into Mega’s bloodstream. Know fully well what would happen to him, Mega decided to end this quickly. He decided to use a Vine Whip to bring Bellossom back. He wrapped Bellossom and well has bring it back his noticed a sight purple tone to his vines. ’The poison,’ Mega though. ’Well, this is one way to get rid of it.’ Be a poison pokemon, Mega knew exactly where the poison was inside him and began to push it out through his vines toward Bellossom. The poison reached its target and Mega saw the poison rapidly seep into Bellossom. Mega released Bellossom and run to check it out. It seemed that the poison had already taken affect. The rest of the story is unknown besides for the fact that the Bellossom was found outside the Pokemon Center a little while later. By the time I caught Mega it had already perfected its ‘Poison Wrap’ attack.
Special Attack: Poison Wrap (Grass/Poison)
Mega launches a Toxic Attack, but keep the acid inside its mouth. He then swallows the acid and poisons himself. After that he uses Vine Whip and wraps the opponent well causing Vine Whip amount damage. Mega then proceeds to push the poison out of his body through the vines. Once the poison reaches the opponent it is transferred to its body, poisoning it. This technique allows for more of a direct transfer of poison, therefore decreasing the time for it to get to the bloodstream to 1 or 2 rounds. Of course, an unfortunate side-effect is that if Mega cannot transfer the poison to the opponent because it cannot be wrapped, it is released before the transfer, or other reasons, and then Mega keeps the poison in his body and is affected without have to wait for the poison to enter the bloodstream because it is already there. This move uses the energy of a Vine Whip and a Toxic combined, and can be used a maximum of 3 times during battle.

Charlie: Level 2 Male Charmeleon
Charlie has always had the worst luck. One day, well walking home from work, he tripped and fell into a giant mud puddle. Charlie, always having a positive outlook on life, picked himself up and thought ‘It could of happened to anyone.’ So he simply walked on home to take a bath. Of course, as luck would have it, he had to pass a big pile of grass clippings along the way, and as luck would have it Charlie tripped into the grass clippings. Charlie once again picked himself up and once again started on his way home. On his way, though, he ran into a pretty angry looking Houndoom. Charlie politely smiled at it and countined his journey home. This Houndoom would have none of Charlie’s merry and happy attitude. The Houndoom let loose a Flamethrower that hit Charlie dead on. All of the grass on Charlie lit up like a camp fire. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Charlie had finally had enough. He turned to face Houndoom. Charlie said “Now you’re going to get it.” He powered up a Metal Claw attack and rushed at Houndoom. As he ran he noticed a silver color liquid and saw that the fire on his claws was melting the metal on his claw. At first he panicked, thinking that his attack wouldn’t work, but then he thought that the fire would only power up his attack more. Turns out he was right. Charlie slashed Houndoom with even more power than a regular Metal Claw. He left the Houndoom there and from then on abandoned his happy-go-not so lucky lifestyle for a pessimistic one. On the bright side, his luck got much better.
Special Attack: Flame Claw (Fire/Steel)
Charlie uses Metal Claw to strengthen his right claw. He then lights his claw on fire with a flamethrower and rushes to his opponent and slashes them with his claw. This attack uses the combined energy of a Metal Claw and Flamethrower. Of course, because of the extreme heat that the metal has to undergo, some of it melts and therefore does only a Flamethrower and .5 of a Metal Claw in damage. Flame Claw has a 30% chance of burning the opponent, but because it doesn’t hit the whole body like Flamethrower, it will only burn the area the claw hits. This will, in turn, lower the amount of damage taken from the burn. This move can be used 3 times per battle.

Phoenix: Level 2 Female Pidgeotto
Pidgeotto was born high atop Mt. Ember on the Sevii Islands. Her father was rumored to be the legendary Moltres. However, before she was born Moltres mysteriously vanished. Hoping that Moltres would one day return Pidgeotto waited on Mt. Ember her whole life. One day she met a migrating male Pidgeotto. They hit it off, but the next day the male had to live. A few days after Pidgeotto laid an egg. She cared for it and protected it from every fire pokemon on Mt. Ember. Of course, this meant repeated blows from fire-based attacks like Flamethrower and Fire Spin, but Pidgeotto would do anything for her baby. Over time Pidgeotto noticed that the fire attacks seemed to hurt less and less. Then one day the egg hatched. Pidgeotto feed and helped the baby Pidgey to grow. One day I came to Mt. Ember in search of Moltres. At first I was disappointed when I saw it was not there. Then I saw Pidgeotto on the far side of the crater. I thought ‘Well I’m I might as well get a new pokemon.’ I called out Torkoal and order a Flamethrower. It hit dead on, but Pidgeotto just shrugged it off. It clapped its wings around Pidgey, but Pidgey got away and flew over to Torkoal. Torkoal used Fire Spin of it’s own accord (I had only had it for a few days) and Pidgey fell to the ground. I yelled “Torkoal stop, it’s just protecting it’s mother.” Pidgeotto looked on in shock. She had never seen Pidgey like this. She had never known it was so grown up. She suddenly realized that her life had passed so quickly, and that Moltres had not returned and would not returned. Her life had been wasted besides her little Pidgey. Just then Pidgey started to glow. It then evolved into a Pidgeotto. Once again Torkoal launched a Fire Spin. This time the baby Pidgeotto withstood the attack and used a Wing Attack. Torkoal was pushed back and I used the chance to return Torkoal to its pokeball. “That is want you get for not listening to me,” I said. The mother Pidgeotto rushed to its child. After check its wounds and a brief conversation, mother and baby decided it was time for the child to go off on its own. Waving goodbye to its mother, the Pidgeotto flew off into the sunset. I said “Oh well, this trip was a bust. I guess I’ll see you around Pidgeotto, and sorry about the Flamethrower.” I started down the mountain. Pidgeotto, left to itself, wondered what to do the rest of her life. Her thoughts, however, keep wondering back to me. She wondered why I had spared her child. Was it just because of my kindness, or something else. There was only one way to find out, and she had nothing better to do with her life. She flew after me and we have been partners ever sense.
Special Resistance: Fire Resistance (Fire)
Thanks to her repeated encounters with fire-based attacks while protecting her baby (and possibly because of her father being Moltres), she has built up a resistance to fire attacks. This reduces the damage taken from fire attacks from 1x to .5x. This genetic change, however, also comes with a reduced resistance to water-based attacks. This means that the damage taken from water attacks is changed from 1x to 2x.

Level 3 Female Espeon
No Signature Move

Toto: Level 2 Male Croconaw
No Signature Move

Cinder: Level 2 Male Quilava
No Signature Move

Dude: Level 2 Male Elekid
No Signature Move

Level 2 Female Quagsire
No Signature Move

Level 2 Female Mawile
Attached Item: Mawilite
No Signature Move

Rocky: Level 2 Male Geodude
No Signature Move

Level 2 Male Machop
No Signature Move

Yoma: Level 2 Female Duskull
No Signature Move

Zero: Level 2 Male Vigoroth
No Signature Move

PASBL Trainer Level 2 - SPPf Native
C+ Grade Referee - VM me with any reffing requests and I'll see what I can do

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MovieZackiel's PASBL Stats

Trainer Level: 1
Current Pokemon: 12
Trainer Points:14
Service Points:0


vs DaveTheFishGuy Lose
vs Stargirl Discontinued
vs Roseheart Win
vs mewmaster007 Lose
vs Breeder KJ Lose
vs Kush
vs TBH1313
vs Shadow

Level 1 Male Charmander
Level 1 Male Chimchar
Level 1 Male Squirtle
Level 1 Male Pikachu
Level 1 Male Treecko
Level 1 Female Eevee
Level 2 Female Furret
Level 2 Male Munchlax
Level 1 Male Rhyhorn
Level 1 Female Dratini
Level 1 Male Scyther
Level 1 Female Remoraid

Pasbl Stats

Trainer Level 1
Wins:1 Loss:4
TP:16 KO:1

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