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NegativeNINE's Statistics:
Level 1 Trainer
Wins: 0
Losses: 0
Pokemon: 12

Spoiler: show

Male Lickitung: Level 2
No Sig

Genderless Baltoy: Level 1
No Sig

Male Mareep: Level 1
No Sig

Female Hoppip: Level 1
No Sig

Male Meditite: Level 1
No Sig

Female Buneary: Level 1
No Sig

Female Gulpin: Level 1
No Sig

Male Shellder: Level 1
No Sig

Female Slugma: Level 1
No Sig

Female Smoochum: Level 1
No Sig

Male Duskull: Level 1
No Sig

Female Kirlia: Level 2
No Sig

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I'll be updating my Summary on Serebii, not here.


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Spoiler: show
Flamer-Male Growlithe Lv 1
Signature Move:None Yet

Peeko-Female Wingull Lv 1
Signature Move:None Yet

Bayley-Male Bayleaf Lv 2
Signature Move:None Yet

Naughty-Female Natu Lv1
Signature Move:None Yet

Devastator-Male Voltorb Lv1
Signature Move:None Yet

Barager-Male bagon Lv 2
Signature Move:None Yet

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Trainer Level: 1
Wins: 0 / Draws: 0 / Losses: 1
TP: 1 / SP: 0 / KOs: 0
Spoiler: show
Shroomish (M) (L1)
No bio as of yet
No sig as of yet

Scyther (M) (L1)
No bio as of yet
No sig as of yet

Gulpin (F) (L1)
No bio as of yet
No sig as of yet

Cubone (F) (L1)
No bio as of yet
No sig as of yet

Snover (F) (L1)
No bio as of yet
No sig as of yet

Voltorb (N/A) (L1)
No bio as of yet
No sig as of yet

Mantine (F) (L1)
No bio as of yet
No sig as of yet

Kabuto (M) (L1)
No bio as of yet
No sig as of yet

Shuppet (M) (L1)
No bio as of yet
No sig as of yet

Onix (M) (L1)
No bio as of yet
No sig as of yet

Lickitung (M) (L2)
No bio as of yet
No sig as of yet

Sneasel (M) (L2)
No bio as of yet
No sig as of yet

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Spoiler: show
Stefan, Level 1 Male Scyther
Stefan's been with me for as long as I can remember. I had met him many years ago back when I was just a wee lad strolling through the forest... alone and separated from my parents by sheer misfortune. Suddenly a swarm a Beedrills swarmed me for no good reason and attempted to U-turn me to certain death until Stefan intervened just in time. His swift and precise strokes got them good and they eventually retreated with haste. Out of a sense of obligation, Stefan has stayed by my side ever since. For a Scyther, Stefan's incredibly calm, collected and, most importantly, dedicated to his physical and mental training. Although he still dislikes the color red.
[sig in construction]

Xane, Level 1 Male Eevee
[sig and bio pending]

Raven, Level 1 Male Ralts
[sig and bio pending]

Amelia, Level 1 Female Squirtle
[sig and bio pending]

Thrudgelmir, Level 1 Male Elekid
[sig and bio pending]

Soulgain, Level 2 Male Riolu
[sig and bio pending]

Falken, Level 2 Female Combusken
[sig and bio pending]

Oswin, Level 1 Male Turtwig
[sig and bio pending]

Zengar, Level 1 Male Kabuto
[sig and bio pending]

Wendy, Level 1 Female Jigglypuff
[sig and bio pending]

Wurger, Level 1 Male Spearow
[sig and bio pending]

Zelgius, Level 1 Male Nidoran
[sig and bio pending]

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PASBL Stats:
Level 2 Trainer, 12 pokemon
9-7-0, 16 KOs, 46TP

Spoiler: show
Clark / Charmeleon (M): lvl 2
Bio: Clark the Charmeleon is the evolved form of the Charmander that I received from Professor Oak in Pallet Town. Being my first pokemon, we've had many great battles together. Some notables being Blane and his Magmar, as well as Richie and his Chameleon. Pikachu being a notable sparing partner as well.

On our way through Johto, I met up with my Uncle James who breeds Charizard near the Charicific Valley for Professor Oak. He saw the fire in Clark's eyes, how bad he wanted to be the best pokemon on my squad. He decided to take Clark in to train him with the Charizard's in the valley.

Training was tough on poor Clark. He barely stood a chance against those Charizard and their ability to fly and use of powerful dragon attacks. He never gave up though, through all the pain and scars he accumulated on his face and chest from multiple slash attacks. Ash's Charizard even took Clark under his wing (I guess literally and figuratively).

Several months passed training under Ash's Charizard and Clark the Charmander was well respected in the Valley as the scrappy little pokemon that never gave up. The biggest Charizard of them all disagreed with this however, the same Charizard that gave Ash's Charizard trouble when he first arrived at the Charificific Valley. Big Charizard decided to pick a fight with Clark while Ash's Charizard was away. He pummeled Clark as the other Charizard looked on, worse than he had ever been before. Clark had enough and started glowing to finally evolve into Charmeleon. Clark remembered how Pikachu would use Zap Cannon to immobilize his foes, he decided he must munster up enough dragon energy to do this and created Dragon Cannon. It completely caught Big Charizard by surprise in the air and utterly knocked him out as it fell to the ground paralyzed. The charizard never looked at Clark the same and they all gave him the most upward respect from then on.

Clark is currently in my rotation of pokemon, summoning him from the valley when needed.

Signature Move - Dragon Cannon (DR): (Waiting for Approval)
The user charges up for several seconds, and fires a large beam of concentrated dragon energy, dealing heavy damage. It's relatively slow in comparison to other dragon attacks, making it fairly easily evadible, but its paralysis rate is practically 100%, even a close miss with induce some partial paralysis (Can only be used once per battle)

Wicked Witch of the West (W3) / Vulpix (F): lvl 1 *Shiny*
Bio: Wicked Witch of the West (or W3 for short) the Shiny Vulpix is a newer pokemon of mine. I was training Mike near the Johto Safari zone and it appeared out of the bushes and I had to catch it. It hasn't been used much in battle but I plan to raise it into a beautiful silver Ninetales.

W3 currently resides with June at our farm in the orange islands being called to battle when needed.

Special Training: Rolling the Sod! (Waiting for Approval)
W3 the Vulpix has twice as much grass energy as it normally would.

Hidden Power in now of Grass Type

Wally / Pidgeotto (M): lvl 2
Bio: Wally the Pidgeotto is the evolved form of the Pidgey that I caught in Viridian Forest when I first started my journey. There not much to be said about Wally. He comes out, focus' getting the job done, and goes back into his pokeball. He's a loner type and would rather be in his pokeball. I'm completely okay with that and respect his wishes.

Special Training: Can I go home to my ball yet? (Waiting for approval)
Wally's Hidden Power is now Ground Typed and has enough ground energy to use it twice per battle.

Ahchu / Pikachu (F): lvl 2
Bio: Ahchu the Pikachu is one of my most relied on Pokemon. We've won and lost many battles against some of the toughest trainers around. Jeri's Magmar and Lt.Steel's Alakazam being some of our tougher opponents. She's been in most of my teams from catcher her in Viridian Forest, all the way though Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh.

I named her Ahchu for no particular reason. Just sounded right at the time when she was caught. She absolutely hates being considered one of the cliche mascot pokemon that everyone uses. She wears a small pink bow on her left ear just to be different. It pushes her more and more to be the best Pikachu she can be. We've tried multiple ways to train and stand out and finally came up with a move that worked. Being able to summon toxic from the tail, we were able to train and summon straight poison energy as well. It's Cliché but makes sense.

Special Training: The need to stand out (Waiting for approval)
Ahchu the Pikachu can now use Poison Tail. It has enough energy to use it 3 times per battle.

Hidden Power is also that of Poison Type

Buc / Chimchar (M): lvl 1
Bio: Buc the Chimchar is one of our family pokemon. He's from my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. He was my pap's starter pokemon and is an avid fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates from being around the city so often. So much that my pap actually taught him how to play.

Since the inception of the Pokemon affiliate 'Pittsburgh Steelix" in the MLB. Buc has become one of the starting pitchers being able to throw a 80 mph fastball. He wears a Pirates hat with cornrows to look like his favorite Pirates player Andrew McCutchen and a Pirates jersey with number #89 annd "Buc" on the back.

Buc lives at our second house in Pittsburgh. Most of the time he is traveling with the team but can be called upon when needed.

Signature Move - Buc Town Swag (Normal / Various) (Waiting for approval)
Buc carriers a pouch of three baseballs on him (Baseballs and pouch are a viable size for it's current evolution. It looks more or less like a fanny pack on the front of it's body.). Buc can put the various energy's available to him (Fire, Fighting, Electric, Dark, Steel, Rock, and Grass) into these balls and throw them at his opponents at a high velocity for Decent Type Damage and Light Normal Damage due to the actual ball. Solid energy is used in all. The balls disintegrate after use. Just like a pitch in baseball, it takes a second or two to wind up and throw.

Cue / Cubone (M): lvl 2
Bio: Cue the Cubone was hatched from an egg that I received from the day care in Solaceon Town. It's parent are unknown so it was not given a skull helmet or a bone to hold. It is a rare occurrence in the pokemon world when this happens. It's head does look similar to that of a Charmander's.

Cue was reluctant to battle for the longest time because of his "handicap". So I brought Clark from out of the Charificific Valley and with the help of him and Ahchu, they took Cue under their wing and trained him to the best of their ability through Sinnoh. The training was nothing special, nothing amazing, just general skills to battle to the best of his ability without a bone and skull helmet.

Special Training: Brought up from nothing. (Waiting for approval)
Cue can not used Bone Club, Bonemerang, Bone Rush, Skull Bash, or Iron Head because of his handicap. It can now use Fake Out, Quick Attack, Sing, and is familiar with using Agility because of his training.

Junior / Elekid (M): lvl 1
Bio: Junior the Elekid was caught amongst a group of Mr. Mine and Mime Jr in the Sinnoh Region when I first began my journey there. Apparently his mom (Mrs.Mime) mated with an Electabuzz from a group in the area. Most of the Mr. Mime shunned him for this but his mother knew she had made a mistake and trained him to the best of her ability so he could one day escape from the discrimination of the Mr. Mine.

Junior was reunited with his mom, Mrs. Mime, and half-brother, Mike the Magby, during the beginning of the Lily of the Valley Conference during the first three preliminary rounds were all three were my main team throughout. They became close during this time and Mike became his best friend.

Special Training: Out of wedlock (Waiting for approval)
Mrs. Mime trained Junior to be familiar with the move Psychic and has double the psychic energy.

Hidden Power is that of Psychic Type

Ahsneeze / Sneasel (M): lvl 3
Bio: Ahsneeze the Sneasel is from Mt. Silver of course. How cliché is that. Like a few of my pokemon though, Ahsneeze watches too much Naruto and tries to make sig moves accordingly.

Signature Move: Shadow Bind (DK) (Waiting for approval)
Using good energy, the user sends out numerous tendrils of dark energy from their own shadow on the ground with which it attempts to bind the opponent. The user of Shadow Bind must concentrate while maintaining the attack, but they can use other attacks concurrently. It will not work if there are no shadows on the ground.

Tony Spark / Magnemite: Lvl 1
Bio: Magnemite is a huge Marvel Comicn fan, Iron Man being his favorite in particular. So much that it changed the colors of itself to look hot rod red like Iron Man. It's body and the tips of both it it's magnets are red, while the bolts and most of it's magnets are gold, just like Iron Man's armor. It will only answer to Tony Spark as well.

Tony Spark is currently in and out of my rotation.

Signature Move - Repulsor Ray (EL) (Waiting for approval)
The user creates a white beam of powerful electric energy, which is fired from it's magnets (ala like Tony Starks hands in the movie "Iron Man") at the opponent to hit for good damage. It can also be used launch Tony Spark into the air 8-10 ft.

June / Bulbasaur (F): lvl 1
Bio: June the Bulbasaur was hatched from an egg that I received for my 21st Birthday from my parents. It was used regularly through my journey in Johto, especially in the beginning rounds of the Silver Conference.

June now mostly stays at our farm in the Orange Islands. She helps dig out rows and plant our berrys.

Special Training: Green thumb in the garden (Waiting for approval)
June the Bulbasaur can now use and is familiar with Dig.

Dizney / Growlithe (M): lvl 2
Bio: Dizney the Growlithe is pretty much our house dog. We take him where ever we are at. He's not much a battler but we call him in when needed.

He's actually really muscular for a Growlithe. We have a metal dog run the we put him on in the back of both houses for him to go to the bathroom as he pleases without him running away. Sometimes the wheel pulley that's connected to his leash and metal run gets stuck and he has to pull himself along without the wheel moving. It would be like someone holding you back with a rope as you ran forward. This is what we think has made him so big. He's such a sweet and loving pokemon but the neighbors are horribly scared of him because of his size. Same with various pokemon around the neighborhood. (Actual true story about my dog)

Special Technique - Intimidate (Waiting for approval)
When Dizney is summoned to the field, the effect of roar is automatically felt across the arena. Due to that though, the actual move Roar now becomes useless. Roar rules apply.

Bruce / Zangoose (M) lvl 1
Bio: Bruce the Zangoose was the only pokemon I caught in Hoenn. Not much is to be said about him as he is still in training and has been used very few times.

Special Attack: Rasengan (NO) (Waiting for approval)
Not to be confused with Naruto's Rasengan, this is just a Hyper Beam that is charged in the form of a ball through one Bruce's front paws that has to physically touch it's opponent for damage to be calculated. Same rules for Hyper Beam apply.

Mrs. Mime / Mr. Mime (F) lvl 2
Bio: Mrs. Mime the Mr. Mime is from a group of Mime (Mr. Mime / Mime Jr.) that live in the Sinnoh Region near Twinleaf Town. She is absolutely gorgeous for her species and because of this has become somewhat of a Jezebel. Not finding anyone good enough for her in the Mime group, she ventured off to an Electabuzz group down the road and mated with one. Her Mime clan was furious, especially when they found out she was expecting with an egg. They let her stay as long as she didn't go off again. No male Mr. Mime became interested in her again, this didn't matter however because Junior became her world and she raised him to be the best he could be.

Once Junior went off on his journey, Mrs. Mime was feeling lonely again. There was a Magmar down the road that she took a shining to. At the end of it all, she was expecting again. This time however, the mime clan booted her out and she was out on her own. Needing help, she ventured Sinnoh looking for me. Mike the Magby was hatched during this time and she trained him while they were along on their journey, finally catching up with me at the Lily of the Valley Conference. Both of them joined my team.

Mrs. Mime and her two sons were my team of three through all three preliminary rounds of the Lily of the Valley Conference and become closer as a family during that time. She was happy to see that her sons became best friends after all everyone went through.

Special Technique: Holy Hot Mama (Waiting for approval)
Mrs. Mime is gorgeous for her species and a Jezebel. When she enters the field, pokemon of the male pokemon in her egg group stop for a second or two and awe at her beauty then continue with their orders. Male Magmar and Electabuzz will be attracted to her. Male Mr. Mime are unaffected by this as well as baby pokemon. Attract can not be used if 'Holy Hot Mama' comes into effect entering battle. If Attract is used by Male Magmar or Electabuzz on her, she will automatically be attracted to them as well.

Mike / Magby (M) lvl 1
Bio: Mike the Magby is the son of Mrs. Mime and half-brother of Junior. Mike grew up throughout the Sinnoh Region with his mom, Mrs. Mime. He never knew is real father and never had any friends due to his mom being shunned out of the Mime group for mating for the second time outside of their species.

Mike and his mother Mrs. Mime were added to my team during the Lily of the Valley Conference as I made my journey home. They apparently followed me there as Mrs. Mime knew that's where I was originally going when I took Junior with me. Him, Junior, and Mrs. Mime were my team through all 3 preliminary rounds of the tournament. They became really close as a family during that time and Mike finally found his best friend in his half-brother Junior.

Special Training: Again, Out of wedlock (Waiting for approval)
Mrs. Mime trained Mike to be familiar with the move Psychic and has double the psychic energy.

Hidden Power is that of Psychic Type

War / Wartortle (F): lvl 2
Bio: War the Wartortle as a Squirtle was an odd capture as I captured it amongst a group of Swinub while I was walking through Ice Path on my way to Blackthorn City. It seems to have gotten used to the cold and her skin is a darker blue. Apparently the stories going around town when I arrived at blackthorn was that a trainer abandoned his baby squirtle in mahogany town and not knowing any better wandered its way to Ice Path where the Ice pokemon there took it in as their own and took care of it. And to be honest, from experience, his favorite move seems to be Ice Beam rather than Water Gun. She doesn't dig hot weather tho.

Type Addition (Ice): Through living in Ice condition in the ice cave, Squirtle has adapted to elements and seems to have gained an additional Ice type also. She has all the strengths and Weaknesses of that of an Ice Type also.

Majin Buu / Gastly (M) Lvl 1 (Pink body and gas)

Current Matches since keeping track.
1: Vs Salamencia
2: Vs Squirtleking
1: Vs Kilowatt

1: Vs Deadlion 1-0


No Contest:
1. Vs XanderKetsu
8-7-0, 15 KOs, 44TP (2009-10)
1-0-0, 1 KO, 2TP (Since Return 8/13/2012)

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...try a little harder.
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Returning vet, new faces...mostly.

Spoiler: show
Level Ones.

Ba'Gamnan: Level 1 male Anorith.

Zodiark: Level 1 male Dunsparce.

Arse Yes: Level 1 Genital-deficit Bronzor.

Jeanius: Level 1 Female Abra.

Plague: Level 1 male Spoink.

Fafnir: Level 1 female Gible.

Echo: Level 1 Male Kricketune.

Nebula: Level 1 Antipenivaginulated Voltorb.

Vile: Level 1 Female Treecko.

Doldi: Level 1 male Mudkip.

Stonesheet: Level 1 male Scyther.

Level Twos.

Impregnable: Level 2 female Gyarados.

Yakuza: Level 2 male Murkrow.
Stale Water.

Unruly Premonition.

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Spoiler: show
All level 2

Elementara: Female Dratini
No Signature move

Jackie Chun: Male Hitmonchan
No Signature Move

Bugsy: Female Venonat
No Signature Move

Ghoulana: Female Gastly
No Signature Move

Shadow: Female Eevee
No Signature Move

Kamikaze: Male Pidgeotto
No Signature Move

Hephestaus: Male Growlithe
No Signature Move

Firepit: Male Slugma
No Signature Move

Hades: Male Larvitar
No Signature Move

Mithril: Female Pineco
No Signature Move

Balloshock: Genderless Voltorb
No Signature Move

DizzyDiver: Male Butterfree
No Signature Move

Totem: Female Natu
No Signature Move

Osiris: Male Dustox
No Signature Move

Sea Breeze: Female Marshtomp
No Signature Move

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Mr. X/OSF's ASB Team
0 Wins, 0 Draws, and 1 Loss
Zero Knockouts, Three Trainer Points, and Zero Service Points.
Trainer Level One
13/13 Slots filled.
vs. Jamil (loss)
Spoiler: show

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Just in case of another attack of SPPfail.

Trainer Lv 1
6 KOs | 12 TP | 0 SP
Win: 3 | Lose: 0 | Draw: 0

Spoiler: show
Flip: Level 1 Male Mudkip
Flip was my first Pokémon, and is pretty laid-back about everything. Until he starts battling, that is...
No Signature Move

Shiro: Level 1 Male Togepi
I hatched Shiro from an egg a friend gave me. His cheerful attitude is infectious, but can sometimes border on the severely annoying.
No Signature Move

Jino: Level 2 Female Gible
Jino has an unfortunate habit of biting any inanimate object she can stuff into her mouth, which gets her into trouble a lot.
No Signature Move

Sparky: Level 1 Female Pikachu
Sparky loves to practise her electric techniques on her team mates, and usually ends up picking on Jino, as Jino's the only one who never notices. Loves to be petted, and hates being told her nickame is overused.
No Signature Move

Pali: Level 1 Male Oddish
I pulled him up in my garden one evening, having mistaken him for a weed. After a quick battle in which Sparky promptly fried him, he now lives happily in a plantpot in my room when not in his pokéball.
No Signature Move

Ignis: Level 1 Male Houndour
Ignis is Shiro's opposite, tending to be grumpy and bad-tempered most of the time. However, strangely, Shiro is the only pokémon he gets along with, as he tends to snap at the other members of the team if they get too close.
No Signature Move

Hato: Level 1 Female Pidgey
One of the first pokémon I caught, Hato was a long way from home when I first saw her. After Flip fought off the small flock of Taillow that were chasing her, she seemed to want to follow me so I asked her to join the team. She's very dependable, and I've often asked her to carry messages over long distances for me.
No Signature Move

Nutkin: Level 1 Female Pachirisu
Often called "Nutty" or "Nuts" for short, this squirrel really is dangerous to know. She will use her cuteness to her advantage, but never hesitates to bite someone's face off if they annoy her.
No Signature Move

Reikou: Level 1 Male Chinchou
Being the silent type, Reikou doesn't comminicate much. Although I put most of that down to the fact that he's a fish. He shows affection by bumping against my legs whenever I swim in his pool, but unfortunately this has led to me getting electrocuted on a few occasions.
No Signature Move

Gaku: Level 1 Male Ralts
Gaku prefers reading to fighting, and when not battling he can often be found with his head in one of my old A-level physics textbooks.
No Signature Move

Current matches:
1) Vs. Amras.MG (SPPf)
2) Vs. Salamencia (awaiting ref) (SPPf)
3) Vs. KratosAurion (UPN)
4) Vs. IceCold (SPPf)

Completed matches:
1) Vs. Arthur (win by DQ)
2) Vs. Fire_Pokemon_Master_271 (win)
3) Vs. Kush (win by forfeit)

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It's the yearly visit!
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Returning Ref - Ungraded
Wins - 0 - Losses - 1 - Draws - 0

Spoiler: show
Level 1 Female Vullaby
Hidden Power: Fire

Level 1 Female Smoochum
Hidden Power: Dark

Level 1 Male Phanphy
Hidden Power: Fire

Level 1 Female Growlithe

Level 1 Female Tangela
Hidden Power: Rock

Level 1 Female Aipom

Level 2 Female Girafarig

Level 2 Male Hawlucha

Level 1 Female Ekans

Level 1 Female Shuppet

Level 1 Genderless Baltoy

Level 1 Female Wingull

Level 1 Male Timburr

Level 1 Female Horsea

Level 1 Male Tyrunt

Watch this space.

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Team Mascot:
* Soonansu: Male Wobbuffet

Bug Pokémon
24 Mao: Female Scizor
27 Volcarona: Female Volcarona
28 Armaldo: Female Armaldo

Dark Pokémon
14 Dorobou2: Male Weavile
29 Scrafty: Male Scrafty
30 Bisharp: Male Bisharp
31 Hydreigon: Male Hydreigon

Dragon Pokémon
1 Athena: Female Dragonite
7 キングドラ: Female Kingdra
31 Hydreigon: Male Hydreigon

Electric Pokémon
3 Arisu: Female Raichu
23 Jishaku: Magnezone

Fighting Pokémon
11 オコリザル: Female Primeape
26 ルカリオ: Male Lucario
29 Scrafty: Male Scrafty

Fire Pokémon
2 Hikaru: Female Charizard
9 ブーバーン: Male Magmortar
27 Volcarona: Female Volcarona

Flying Pokémon
1 Athena: Female Dragonite
2 Hikaru: Female Charizard

Ghost Pokémon
4 Miss AllSunday: Female Gengar
19 ヨノワール: Male Dusknoir

Grass Pokémon
18 Fushigidane: Male Bulbasaur
25 ルンパッパ: Female Ludicolo

Ground Pokémon
5 Miss Doublefinger: Female Sandslash
13 Hagane: Male Steelix
16 Osorege: Male Nidoking
21 Nuoo: Female Quagsire

Ice Pokémon
14 Dorobou2: Male Weavile
17 Yukidama: Female Cloyster

Normal Pokémon
6 Mr. 2: Okama Ditto
12 Mirutanku: Female Miltank
20 Kabigon: Male Snorlax

Poison Pokémon
4 Miss AllSunday: Female Gengar
15 Toshabutsu: Male Muk
16 Osorege: Male Nidoking

Psychic Pokémon
8 Zenchi: Male Alakazam
22 スターミー: Starmie
32 Metagross: Metagross

Rock Pokémon
10 カブトプス: Male Kabutops
28 Armaldo: Female Armaldo

Steel Pokémon
13 Hagane: Male Steelix
23 Jishaku: Magnezone
24 Mao: Female Scizor
26 ルカリオ: Male Lucario
30 Bisharp: Male Bisharp
32 Metagross: Metagross

Water Pokémon
7 キングドラ: Female Kingdra
10 カブトプス: Male Kabutops
17 Yukidama: Female Cloyster
21 Nuoo: Female Quagsire
22 スターミー: Starmie
25 ルンパッパ: Female Ludicolo
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PASBL Squad Summary - James2791

Trainer Stats
Trainer Level 2 - 16 Pokemon in squad - Ranked 38th
SPPf/UPN PASBL Referee C+ 28 Battles - 9W - 18L - 1D - 93TP - 23KO's - 2 SP

Current Battles

PokeBowl 2011 Matchups
Round 1) vs firewater (Female Solosis)

Current Battles Reffing

Completed Reffings

Completed Battles + Results
Spoiler: show

1) vs Mr. Penguin (SPPf) - Loss (2TP gained)
2) vs DTG6407 (SPPf) - Loss (2TP gained)
3) vs Drincewind (SPPf) - Win by DQ (2TP & 1KO gained)
4) vs Kush (UPN) - Loss (2TP gained)
5) vs lion hunta (SPPf) - Win (8TP and 4 KOs gained)
6) vs JQ2ujrx (SPPf) - Loss (3TP gained)
7) vs Killy Gallet (SPPf) - Loss (2TP gained)
8 ) vs Grand (SPPf) - Win by DQ (2TP and 1KO gained)
9) vs Yougirasu (SPPf) - Draw (8TP and 4KOs gained)
10) vs Handymankg2 (UPN) - Loss (4TP gained)
11) vs DaveTheFishGuy (SPPf) - Loss (4TP gained)
12) vs SphealDrill (SPPf) - Win (4TP and 2 KO's gained)
13) vs Kush (UPN) - Loss (3TP gained)
14) vs bigtukker (SPPf) - Win (8TP and 4KOs gained)
15) vs Shadowshocker (UPN) - Loss (2TP gained)
16) vs Peridot (UPN) - Loss (2TP gained)
17) bs mewmaster007 (SPPf) - Loss (2TP gained)
18.) vs DTG6407 (SPPf) - Loss (4TP gained)
19) vs Zalck (SPPF) - Win (4TP and 2KO's gained)
20) vs SM (UPM) - Loss (3TP gained)
21) vs flyingwhite2 (UPN) - Win by DQ (2TP and 1KO gained)
22) vs atlantiskid99 (SPPf) - Loss (2TP Gained)
23) vs Rangeet (SPPf) - Loss (4TP Gained)
24) vs mewmaster007 (UPN) - Loss (2TP Gained)
25) vs Breeder KJ (UPN) - Win - (4TP and 2KO's gained)
26) vs Cow434 (UPN) - Win by DQ (4TP and 2KO's gained)
27) vs Shuckle (UPN) - Loss (2TP Gained)
28 ) vs Kindrinda (UPN) - Loss via DQ (1TP Gained)

PASBL Squad 16/16
Spoiler: show

Gekko - Male Grovyle (Level 3)
Bio: Being my first Pokemon as a Treecko and now as a Grovyle, Gekko has seen and travelled the world at my side. Being an irreplaceable teammate and a great friend, Gekko is always willing to battle anyone, anytime. His stealthy and cautious demeanour makes him a tough opponent for any foe.

Aurelius - Male Servine (Level 2)

Jaws - Male Feraligatr (Level 3)
Bio: The unparalleled and unrivalled source of humor of the team, Jaws has an equally big appetite as his sense of humour. Obtained in Johto as a Totodile, he has never ceased to amaze me with his ability to stuff kilos upon kilos of food into his gigantic jaw. Even now, as a Feraligatr, whenever there is food around, Jaws is certainly likely to be there. Akin to his huge appetite, his sense of humour is eccentric, although his attempts of silly faces, jokes and whatnot usually end in bewildering epicfail....

Fury - Male Charmeleon (Level 2)
Bio: Originally a Charmander obtained from Professor Oak, Fury always had a ferocious demeanour about him, whether it be in a battle, out and about, or anywhere, for the matter. He certainly didn't seem pleased when joining my team, but since joining, has become a real powerhouse. Not only has he learnt to vent his own fury in the correct circumstances, but he has become a great friend and companion.

Xenon - Male Eelektrik (Level 2)
Ellie - Female Emolga (Level 1)
Vittore - Male Kadabra (Level 2)
Duro - Genderless Metang (Level 2)
Tyson - Male Zangoose (Level 2)
Illusion - Male Absol (Level 2)

Camo - Male Kecleon (Level 2)
Bio: Camo was obtained in the outskirts of Lilycove City - and it was no easy fret. His constant disappearance and reappearance in that battle had myself and my Pokemon extremely confused and stunned. A Quick Attack from Gekko had him pinned, and with the luck I was truly needing at the time, managed to capture him. Since then, Camo has been a real driving force in my team. His gleeful attitude only makes up for the countless times he likes to camouflage himself in thin air... much to the loathing of my Pokemon and I.

Vito - Male Dratini (Level 2)
Rex - Male Axew (Level 2)
Furore - Male Gyarados (Level 2)
Davarus - Male Sandile (Level 2)
Shadow - Male Gastly (Level 2)


SleepingCelebi - For the awesome signature!

James2791's PASBL Stats

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Level 4 Alakazam male

Stu- Level 1 Torkoal

Hanahagane- Level 1 Female Hoppip

Level 1 Female Snorunt

Level 3 Steelix male

Dratini Level 2 Male

Level3 Electabuzz male

Level 3 Quagsire (m)

Level 2 Rotom (Fan

Level 3 Tentacruel female

Level 3 Primeape male

Level 3 Clefable female

Level 3 Female Marowak
I caught this Cubone because of its special feature: instead of having a solid bone, it was holding the vertebrae of some animal. With some tampering of the weapon and some training from Ivy Valentine, Cubone learned to use his new whip effectively.
Special Training: Whip Stance (UNKNOWN)
With a flip of his wrist, Cunbone can make the bone in his hand go from semi solid to a whip. Because of this, Cubone can use all whip and Wrap attacks, each taking 125% more energy to use. Also, all physical attacks that use the bone to attack while in solid mode will do 80% damage because the the bone is no longer solid. When throwing the bone, it has a chance to trip the foe or wrap around the foes legs.

Magneton Level 3
Signature Attack- Polar Charge- Magneton will charge up the electricity in its body, increasing its speed and the power of its electricity moves by two levels for five rounds. It uses the same energy as Calm Mind.

Armaldo Level 4 Male

Haunter Level 3 Male

Scolipede Level 3 Male

Gligar Level 2 Male

Male Phanpy Level 1

Female Shellos (West Side!!) Level 1

Male Aerodactyl Level 1

Male Mime Jr. Level 1

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Tree Star Badge - Mozz Badge

Level 7
Apollo: Male Dragonite (+)
Seth: Male Gengar (+)

Level 6
Aang: Male Smeargle
Amp: Gend. Magnezone
Cascade: Gend. Starmie
Chomper: Male Rampardos
Copper: Male Typhlosion
Cortex: Male Gallade
Cygnus: Female Altaria
Demyx: Male Kabutops
Gyatso: Male Skarmory
Io: Male Charizard
Ion: Male Electivire
Iroh: Male Magmortar
Ironhide: Male Steelix
Isis: Female Flygon
Jet: Female Togekiss
Justinian: Male Nidoking
Katara: Female Golduck
Lilith: Female Cradily
Mekong: Female Whiscash
Mercury: Male Houndoom
Namine: Female Froslass
Nemo: Male Armaldo
Orion: Male Lucario
Pakku: Male Empoleon
Polaris: Male Lapras
Raphael: Male Blastoise
Riptide: Male Omastar
Sebastian: Male Kingler
Sheldon: Male Kingdra
Sirius: Male Umbreon
Sokka: Male Marowak
Thor: Male Jolteon
Toph: Female Sandslash
Toruk: Male Aerodactyl
Tyson: Male Machamp
Warpath: Male Bastiodon
Zuko: Male Infernape

Level 5
Manny: Male Mamoswine

Level 4
Venus: Female Tangrowth
Darner: Male Yanmega
Larxene: Female Lanturn
Petrie: Male Archeops
Saix: Male Golbat
Spike: Male Carracosta
Starscream: Male Zweilous
Zexion: Male Absol

Level 3
Olga: Female Larvesta
Roku: Male Kadabra

Level 2
Alex: Female Mareep
Azula: Female Vulpix
Mel: Male Munchlax (+)
Otto: Male Treecko

Level 1
Barry: Male Pichu (Level 1)
Jenova: Female Grimer (Level 1)
Krypton: Genderless Golurk (Level 1)
Norton: Genderless Porygon (Level 1)
Raoden: Male Girafarig (Level 1)
Vin: Female Joltik (Level 1)
Wally: Male Growlithe (Level 1)

Spoiler: show
Level 7
Apollo: Male Dragonite
Bio: Apollo is one of the very few of my Pokemon who have been with my squad from the very beginning. However, his ability has only recently been realized, now a prime fighter of my squad, and obviously a very fierce opponent to face, doing very well in all of his battles. Most recently, however, he lost to another Dragonair, a battle very, very close to the very end. Convinced that if he would have lasted another round he would have won the battle, he trained endlessly until he regained his confidence, and gained a very useful characteristic from it...
Signature Training: Dragon's Strength (Dragon)
From his extensive training, if Apollo normally would be knocked out, he will remain active on the field until the next turn, at the end of which he will faint, no matter what. Apollo may be knocked out sooner by opponent attacks, however, provided they would be enough to knock it out.

Cortex: Male Gallade
Bio: Unlike many of his species, Cortex is a foolhardy extrovert. Cortex has numerous times gotten into altercations with other Pokemon with the smallest provocation; luckily for him, his psychic prowess has usually allowed him to escape unscathed, either through using its Psychic to attack its opponents mercilessly or by Teleporting away from the danger. However, once Cortex found himself in a barfight with a gang of old, irrelevant, somewhat overweight ghost and dark types which called themselves the Wild Hogs. While normally Cortex would recognize the danger the type-advantaged opponents presented and would Teleport away, in this case an opposing Gengar used Mean Look, sealing Cortex's fate. Multiple Thunderbolts, Night Shades, and other attacks did massive damage to the young psychic. Battered and bruised on the brink of death following the battle, Cortex set off in search of a way which would allow him to defeat these foes. After tutelage under a number of dark and ghost Pokemon proved ineffective and Cortex was unable to learn any move that would give him protection against the ghosts' multiple beam attacks, Cortex heard word about a master Pokemon which was able to bend attacks back toward its opponent with ease. Searching for this master, Cortex developed quite a reputation as a ruthless vagrant as he traveled across the land, senselessly attacking Pokemon unless they gave him the information he was seeking. Eventually Cortex found a Zubat which was willing to share the information; its parents had been killed in a battle in an alleyway sometime before, where an Alakazam had been able to redirect all of their attacks back at them before Psychically sending a building toppling down onto them. Cortex then journeyed to the sewers of Saffron City, where he found this Alakazam; after several months of hard training, the scars of which still remain on his body, Cortex learned Kinesis and Miracle Eye. He then traveled back to the bar where the ghosts and darks had defeated him so long ago, and he easily turned their Thunderbolts and Night Shades back against them, using Miracle Eye to render the dark types susceptible to his Psychic onslaught. He left them unconscious on the floor as he set back out into the world, finally vindicated.
Special Training: Alakazam's Training (Psychic)
Cortex may use Kinesis and Miracle Eye, though his training has neglected Magical Leaf, Charge Beam, Grass Knot, Future Sight, and Icy Wind, and he may not use these attacks.

Level 6
Aang: Male Smeargle
Bio: Aang is the Avatar, meaning that he alone can master all of the elements. He has blue arrows on his forehead, arms, and legs. His unique ability has altered his Sketching ability. He is hesitant and extremely lacking in self-confidence. Never wishing for this responsibility, Aang finds himself doubting himself and his ability to defeat the Fire Clan and bring balance back to the world. This is further accentuated by Aang's failure to protect his flying Pokemon friends, most notably Gyatso, when the Fire Clan attacked.
Special Training: Fully Realized (Various)
Aang may Sketch 3 moves of each of these categories: Flying, Fire, Water/Ice, Ground/Rock. Further, Aang may learn 3 moves per level. Therefore, Aang may Sketch a total of 15 moves at Level 1, 18 at Level 2, 21 at Level 3, etc. The additional moves learned as a result of leveling are not restricted to any type. Aang can Sketch as many times per battle as he wishes. Aang is however a slow learner, and cannot use a move in the same battle he learns it without expending extra energy (1.5x). Moves can be deleted from Aang’s movepool by spending a battle in the Pokemon Center or at a cost of 1 SP. Further, because Rock and Ground types are the opposite of his native Air element, he will need to Sketch each Rock/Ground move twice to learn it permanently. Contrarily, he will not suffer the 1.5x energy addition on Flying type moves, since they are his native element. In the next battle, all energy costs are normal.
Fire Moves (1/3): Flamethrower, Fire Blast
Flying Moves (1/3): Twister
Water/Ice Moves (3/3): Water Pulse, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam
Ground/Rock Moves (1/3): Stone Edge, Earthquake
Additional Moves (1/18): Focus Punch

Amp: Gend. Magnezone

Cascade: Gend. Starmie
Bio: The lake that Cascade lived in before its capture originally was sparkling clean. However, businesses from the cities began to run pipes to the lake and dump toxic waste into it. The water types in the lake either died or migrated to another area, though Cascade chose to stay in its home. Poison types were attracted to the area and Cascade found itself needing to use its psychic abilities to keep them at bay as well. Eventually, however, a Tentacruel moved into the area. Twice the size of a normal Tentacruel, Cascade’s psychic abilities were largely ineffective against it. It was forced to leave the area and while in exile from its home, Cascade trained itself until it learned to use a more powerful psychic move. After learning this move, it returned in triumph, defeating the Tentacruel and driving the remaining poison types out.
Special Attack: Death Star (Psychic)
Cascade glows gold with psychic energy for several seconds, during which time its weakness to dark, ghost, and bug attacks will double to be double-super-effective against it. After the charging time is complete, Cascade will release the psychic energy in the form of golden beams from each of its points. These beams will join together a few feet in front of Cascade and the resulting beam will attempt to strike its target. This attack is deals damage equal to a Hyper Beam and takes as much energy. This attack may be used once per battle. Cascade cannot use Hyper Beam.

Chomper: Male Rampardos
Bio: Chomper’s cool. He studied under Bumi, but his nature disallowed further training in Earthbending. Cool and calculating, Chomper struggled to grasp the idea of being strong like rock, preferring instead to disable the opponent.
Special Attack: Geminite (Rock)
Chomper shoots out a small glowing ball of rock energy such as with Power Gem. Upon contact with the opponent, it will stop glowing, but will remain as a crystal latched onto their skin. Initially, it has a surface area of about 2 square inches. Every round, the crystal will double in size until completely covering and immobilizing the opponent. Extremely strong Pokémon such as Steelix will not be affected. The crystal can be removed by way of Rock Smash or Brick Break or a sufficiently powerful attack. The crystal is about 2 inches thick and very hard, rendering limbs useless if allowed to encapsulate them. This attack uses energy equal to a Power Gem to use and does no damage. Any sufficiently powerful attack can destroy the crystal, be it the trapped Pokemon's or Chomper's.
Tree Star Badge
Attachable Badge
The badge of the Lazarus Gym, the Tree Star Badge is, as the name suggests, a leaf shaped in the form of a star. The badge glows with an eerie power which serves to level the playing field for those who may have a few less million years of evolution on their side.
Badge Effect: Fossil Fortitude
The attached Pokemon is treated as though it is one level higher than it actually is--the Pokemon will remain at its actual level, but the badge bestows it with extra power. The actual benefit is up to the ref's scale (extra health/energy, increased attack/defense power) but there must be some benefit given. This badge is attached to one Pokemon in signature submissions but can be changed to a different Pokemon at will. This effect does not trigger the disobedience clause should another uplevel be used in the same battle, as it does not actually raise the level of the Pokemon.

Copper: Male Typhlosion

Cygnus: Female Altaria

Demyx: Male Kabutops
Bio: Demyx has always desired to learn the Earthbending techniques of Toph and Bumi, but his methods proved that to be quite impossible. Toph's techniques focused on waiting for the most opportune moment to attack while Bumi's were primarily defensive; Demyx's desire to rush in and attack blindly made it impossible to master either of those techniques. However, he did desire some method to hold the opponent down while he attacked.
Special Attack: Rock Tomb Plus (Rock)
Demyx stomps the ground and mini-Rock Tombs appear over any of the opponent's feet or hands that are currently on the ground, rendering them immobile and trapping the opponent. Demyx must maintain slight concentration to keep the mini-Tombs active, but may attack concurrently. The Tombs disappear after 2 rounds at most. The mini-Tombs can withstand damage equivalent to a mid-charged Hyper Beam or a Rock Smash/Brick Break before being destroyed. Demyx loses the regular Rock Tomb as a result.

Gyatso: Male Skarmory

Io: Male Charizard
Bio: Ever since Io was born, he always felt as though he was a true dragon. Abandoned at birth, he was found and brought to a dragon sanctuary, the home of many Bagon, Gible, and Dratini. Though he was shunned from the dragon games, laughed at and called names, the then Charmander felt that his dragon heart would win out in the end. He worked tirelessly to perfect his draconic techniques, though even so he was not truly a dragon. Realizing that in this environment he would never achieve his goals, Io set out on a journey to attempt to become a dragon. He attempted every ludicrous idea which he thought of: he would throw himself off of cliffs to attempt to emulate a Bagon’s thick skull, barely surviving the fall and needing to nurse his injuries for several weeks before even being able to walk again, and would even attempt to swim to mimic Dratini. The latter almost cost the now Charmeleon his life. He was rescued by an adult Dragonite, who carried the Charmeleon’s almost lifeless body to its island, which was populated by many dragons of all types. However, these dragons, instead of rejecting Io, embraced him. They began to help him hone his dragon skills even further than he had before, though in doing so, he neglected his fire attacks. A large scar runs diagonally across Io’s chest from a battle against an invading group of Salamence. With this battle, Io felt that it had finally achieved its goal of becoming a dragon type. Its physiology mirrored this transition, its tail taking on a blue tint in addition to the reddish orange flame that it had been previously.
Type Change: Dragon (Fire/Dragon)
Io is now a Fire/Dragon type with all of the associated resistances and weaknesses. Its dragon type attacks are slightly more powerful and take slightly less energy. However, its fire attacks are slightly less powerful due to the emphasis that Io has put on its dragon type training and use a proportional amount less energy. Io’s flying ability is somewhat diminished, becoming slightly slower and slightly less agile. The de-emphasis of his training on fire type moves, however, has rendered his Ember and Overheat completely unusable. The pride he has gained from his training has caused him to reject traditional fighting tactics which he sees as giving an unfair advantage or depending on luck, and as such, will not use Attract, Beat Up, Belly Drum, Captivate, Double Team, Endure, Sleep Talk, Swagger, or Toxic. Io, however, retains its weakness to water, takes neutral damage from electric attacks, and does not gain additional resistance to fire type attacks.

Ion: Male Electivire

Iroh: Male Magmortar

Ironhide: Male Steelix

Isis: Female Flygon

Jet: Female Togekiss
Bio: Quite possibly the most trusted of my squad, Jet is a very powerful force to battle against in battle. Realizing that in order to successfully counter all foes, she would have to master, or at least have sufficient experience in, the ice type. Appealing to the number of my Pokemon that can use ice attacks, Bane in particular, Jet eventually learned an ice attack.
Special Attack: Sheer Power (Ice)
An ice attack with energy usage and power roughly equal to Hidden Power, released in the form of a light blue beam. Usable 3 times per battle.

Justinian: Male Nidoking

Katara: Female Golduck
Bio: Katara is Sokka the Marowak's sister. Their mother was killed when they were young by the Fire Clan, and as a result she has assumed a motherly role. She is sometimes overbearing and always rambling on about hope. Katara is a waterbender, meaning she is specially tuned to psychically moving water and stuff. She is Aang’s tutor for water and ice moves. Her specialty involves psychically taking hold of water and hitting stuff with it.
Special Attack: Water Whip (Water)
Katara takes control of an available source of water telekinetically and guides it in any direction she pleases, such as into an opponent, for damage equivalent to the amount of water controlled. If there is no outside source of water available, Katara may use a Water Gun attack at the cost of a move then telekinetically guide it as she pleases. The energy cost is equivalent to the amount of water controlled, and by extension, the amount of damage. The “average” for this attack is that it will do good damage and take good energy; this can be altered up and down, as far down as she would like and as high as significant as long as a suitable body of water is available. The energy for this attack is half water energy and half psychic energy for the normal attack, but an additional Water Gun of energy is added to the costs should the variant be used. Only water damage is done. The advantage of this move is that Katara has full control of the water, and it is more difficult to dodge. Katara cannot use Fury Swipes, Cross Chop, or Dynamicpunch however.

Lilith: Female Cradily
Bio: Like all members of its species, Lilith lived at the base of the ocean. Normally it would gain energy by preying on passing creatures, but some bioluminescent algae overtook the area, depleting the area of oxygen and as a result, all life. Rather than leaving its place of residence, Lilith adapted and began to photosynthesize from the light given off by the invasive algae.
Special Training: Solar Glory (Grass)
Lilith is able to use any available source of light, natural or artificial, to power its Solarbeam and Synthesis attacks. If the light is not natural sunlight, the charge time of Solarbeam will increase as if Lilith were a non-grass type in normal sunlight. Synthesis will be much less effective at restoring health and energy in non-sunlight. Health and energy will be regained at the normal rate, but only one-eighth of its maximum health and energy can be restored rather than one-fourth if Lilith is not in natural sunlight. If Lilith is in natural sunlight these attacks work normally.

Mekong: Female Whiscash

Mercury: Male Houndoom

Bio: Mercury constantly tries to come up with a way to counter the dreaded water types. One day, it was traveling along, before seeing a blue flash fly past it. The blue was recognized as the legendary Pokemon Suicune, who had been fleeing from Raikou, who was charged with electrical energies. As Raikou saw the little fire hound, it quickly let off a huge Thunder attack, forever changing Mercury’s moves.
Special Training: Thunderbolt (Electric)
Mercury can use the attack Thunderbolt at the expense of giving up both Dream Eater and Nightmare for the rest of the battle.

Namine: Female Froslass
Bio: Frost is quite unlike others of her species. She detests the white coloration which provides camouflage in snowy conditions, and outside of battle she dons a black cloak. She has apprenticed under the dementors of Azkaban, finding their methods inspiring and the chilly temperatures they inflict comforting. After several long years, she eventually learned the final secret of the dementor – the Dementor’s Kiss.
Special Attack: Dementor’s Kiss (Ghost)
Frost approaches the opposing Pokémon and, without needing to make physical contact, begins to inhale deeply. Frost absorbs energy at a rate dependent on the opponent Pokémon’s mindset. If the Pokémon is particularly joyous, or under the effects of Focus Energy, the maximum amount of energy will be sapped, which clocks out around a significant amount. This replenishes Frost; if the Pokémon is extremely happy with the way the battle has been going, Frost will recover a decent amount of health. The opposing Pokémon is left feeling cold and hopeless after the attack; this is not the same as frustrated (akin to Frustration), however. This may be used once per battle. It does no damage to the opponent Pokémon.

Nemo: Male Armaldo

Orion: Male Lucario
Bio: Abandoned as a pup, he was found by a trainer who lived in the middle of nowhere. But it wasn’t just a regular nowhere, but rather nowhere in the middle of Canada. So it was cold. Orion trained here for quite some time, becoming quite accustomed to the frigid conditions that he lived in. He eventually moved on to another tropical region. But creepy stuff started happening, and it's up to Orion to save his new home! A group of ice types had infiltrated the area, turning it into a frozen wasteland; Orion was the only one able to withstand the frigid temperatures and beat down the ice types, enabling the region to return to a state of lush productivity.
Special Training: Heart of Ice (Ice)
Orion is very resistant to cold temperatures and hypothermia and is sure-footed on ice. This does not affect his ability to withstand ice type attacks.

Pakku: Male Empoleon
Bio: Pakku is old and wise, a Waterbending master and Katara’s teacher. He focuses on being able to strike the opponent from far away, without being at a risk of harm himself. He puts a great deal of emphasis on established tradition.
Special Technique: Water Snake (Water)
Using energy equal to an Aqua Jet, Pakku propels itself upward on a swirling pillar of water. This takes minimal concentration to maintain, and Pakku may move the pillar about as he wishes. The pillar is about 8 feet high, within jumping distance of most Pokemon. Therefore, Pakku may attack from relative safety from physical harm, though if he is knocked from the pillar he will sustain falling damage. This attack may be sustained indefinitely at the cost of an Aqua Jet of energy per round.

Polaris: Male Lapras
Bio: Polaris, like most Lapras, lived near the North Pole for most of his life. However, his colony of Lapras was found during an exploratory mission by a group of poachers, who killed many of his companions and captured Polaris himself, locking him in a cage and transporting him into Kanto. There, Polaris felt horribly; he was locked alone in a cell, unable to escape. Eventually he attempted, successfully, to free himself using Solarbeam. However, he was quickly recaptured due to that nasty inability to walk over land. Polaris was only allowed outside at night, then, to prevent any more shenanigans; his water and ice attacks had no effect on the specially tempered steel of the cage. Recalling back many years ago to the aurora borealis which had powered his attacks, Polaris longed for this sense of familiarity. He therefore worked on using his own electrical attacks to produce an ionization effect similar. Eventually he succeeded, and used this power to escape.
Special Technique: Northern Lights (Electric)
Polaris shoots electrical energy into the sky, ionizing the particles and producing a very weak aurora effect. This will remain for 3 rounds. Under this aurora, all Pokemon in the area will be able to use Solarbeam as though the sun were out, under normal conditions. Ice attacks will also get a very small boost in power. Energy use is equal to a Thunderbolt and is usable once per battle.

Raphael: Male Blastoise

Riptide: Male Omastar

Sebastian: Male Kingler

Seth: Male Gengar
Bio: Before his untimely death, Seth was a Squirtle. Squirtle was the Pokemon of a farmer who used the turtle to irrigate his crops, which Squirtle willingly did. However, one summer a swarm of Kricketune ravaged the landscape and bore down upon the Squirtle's farm. Squirtle attempted to protect the fields, but was taking severe damage. He set up an Aqua Ring but unfortunately it was not enough to stave off the massive damage that it was taking. In its second life, therefore, Seth maintained that one reminder of its past torments.
Special Technique: Watery Grave (Water)
Seth may use Aqua Ring once per battle.

Sheldon: Male Kingdra

Sirius: Male Umbreon
Bio: Sirius has been fascinated by Psychic attacks since it was born, and the repeated non-effective attacks on it allowed it to absorb some of the energy. After noting Cascade lifting and throwing an opponent Pokemon, Sirius realized exactly how nifty that would be to have. After a bit of training with small objects of any sort, including rocks, branches, and eventually working its way up to small Pokemon, such as Rattata, Weedle, and Caterpie, Sirius has finally learned exactly how to lift opponent Pokemon with its Psychic attack.
Special Training: ph34r t3h 1337 psychic powahs (Psychic)
Sirius is considered familiar with psychic abilities, and can therefore use Psychic to lift and throw opponent Pokemon. However, Sirius uses more psychic energy than a normal psychic type to perform this.

Sokka: Male Marowak
Bio: Sokka was a member of the Water Tribe, even though he quite obviously is a little different. Since he’s not a water type. He doesn’t realize this, though, and it’s probably best for him to continue his life in ignorant bliss. In any case he finds himself without the acute aquatic prowess of his sister Katara, so he wields his bone club with power and purpose. During their journeys, the group found a meteor. Being the cunning strategist that he is, Sokka melted down some of the metal and coated his club and skull with it, rendering him unstoppable! Just kidding about that last part.
Special Training: Meteor Metal (Steel)
Sokka’s skull and bone are coated in metal from a meteor from space. This makes them indestructible under normal battlefield conditions, but Sokka takes slightly more fire type damage from attacks that strike its skull.

Thor: Male Jolteon

Toph: Female Sandslash
Bio: Toph has been blind from birth, her eyes a creamy white. However, she refuses to accept her boundaries as a result of her headstrong natures. She ran away from her overprotective parents to teach Aang how to use ground and rock type moves. Though she’s blind, she’s by no means helpless. She can feel the vibrations through the ground, letting her know exactly where her opponent is!
Special Training: Badgermole (Ground)
Though Toph is blind, she can still sense where objects are around her due to being specifically tuned into feeling the effects of vibrations; somewhat of a Supersonic through the ground. However, as a result, she is rendered completely unable to sense an opponent if either herself or the opponent is not touching the ground. On sand, Toph will somewhat be able to sense the opponent, but it will be “fuzzy” and not as precise. Toph’s ground attacks are increased in power by 1.2x due to the special connection she has with the earth. She also has sensitive hearing.

Toruk: Male Aerodactyl

Tyson: Male Machamp

Warpath: Male Bastiodon

Zuko: Male Infernape
Bio: Zuko was banished from his home, a colony of fire Pokemon who sought global conquest. He was actually next in line for the throne at that time, leaving him broken and having gone from riches to rags in just a few short moments. The fire clan seeks to destroy Aang, and while Zuko had previously gone on missions hunting Aang, he now looks to teach Aang the skills of fire. He has an intense scar over one of his eyes from a burn many years ago.
Special Technique: Agni Kai (Fire)
Zuko’s flames grow much larger and hotter, greatly improving Zuko’s firepower. Zuko’s fire attacks become 1.25x more powerful at the cost of 1.3x energy. Agni Kai will last until struck by a water attack or rain and the flame diminishes, or until Zuko runs out of energy. Triggering Agni Kai counts as a move.

Level 5

Manny: Male Mamoswine

Level 4

Darner: Male Yanmega

Venus: Female Tangrowth

Larxene: Female Lanturn
Bio: Larxene is sadistic and cruel. She attacked many Pokemon for no reason, and developed quite a reputation among the sea, striking fear into all but some water/grounds. After a while, though, she got bored and wanted a challenge. Seeing an Eelektross she decided to mimic the characteristic that made that species interesting - the ability to manipulate magnetic fields. Now she can attack land-based stuff now too. Awesome.
Special Technique: Electromagnetism (Electric)
Larxene constantly levitates using a magnetic field. This levitation requires no energy to maintain, though Larxene is somewhat less nimble and fast than an Eelektross. This does not affect Larxene's ability to travel through water. She has a significant flight ceiling (like a Magnemite would).

Petrie: Male Archeops

Saix: Male Golbat

Spike: Male Carracosta

Starscream: Male Zweilous

Zexion: Male Absol

Level 3

Olga: Female Larvesta

Roku: Male Kadabra

Level 2
Alex: Female Flaaffy

Azula: Female Vulpix
Bio: Azula is Crown Princess of the Fire Clan and has the power to back up that claim to the throne which was given to her following her brother Zuko's banishment. She is highly advanced in fire techniques, even adjusting the temperature of her flames to burn a bright blue instead of the normal colors of fire. However, this has led her to become borderline deranged and quite psychotic, making her more dangerous if anything. Many of the most powerful Firebenders are able to control electricity, a notable example being her uncle, Iroh the Magmortar. After much painstaking training, she mastered this new technique and plans to use it to further her nefarious deeds.
Special Training: Lightning (Electric)
Azula may use Thunderbolt twice per battle, with according type energy. Also her flames are blue, but besides being awesomer, the color change makes no difference in battle.

Otto: Male Grovyle

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Current stats: (Lvl. 5)
(91.86% win pct) 38 Wins/2 Losses/3 Draws (98 KO's/257.5TP)
Dragon Gym Leader

Spoiler: show
Gym Squad -

Yougirasu - Level 6
Male Dragonite

No Signature

Kush - Level 6
Male Kingdra

No Signature

Shiny Magneton (SM) - Level 5
Female Garchomp

No Signature

Hanatori - Level 5
Female Dragonair

No Signature

Kindrindra - Level 5
Female Altaria

No Signature

Rangeet - Level 5
Female Salamence

No Signature

Balmund - Level 5
Male Flygon

No Signature

NotMozz - Level 5
Male Dragonair

No Signature

Rest of the crew -

Dark Magic - Level 5
Male Gengar

No Signature

Holy Emperor Kuno (Kuno) - Level 5
Female Charizard

No Signature

Steelbeak (Stlbk) - Level 5
Male Fearow

No Signature

Guenwyhvar - Level 5
Female Houndoom

No Signature

Jerichi - Level 5
Male Raichu

No Signature

Concept - Level 5
Genderless Starmie

No Signature

Firewater - Level 5
Female Alakazam

No Signature

Quintowill - Level 5
Male Infernape

No Signature

Treepandaone (Treep) - Level 5
Male Lucario

No Signature

Insidious_Dreamer (I_D) - Level 5
Female Sceptile

No Signature

Ryuusei - Level 5
Female Scizor

No Signature

Dewbie - Level 5
Male Aerodactyl

No Signature

Not Muyo - Level 2
Male Duskull

No Signature

Copygoo - Level 2
Male Elekid

No Signature

Roki (Loki's Evil Twin) - Level 1
Male Dunsparce

No Signature...but he's probably plotting something evil...

Morg - Level 1
Male Metapod

No Signature...only cause his last one is...in flames!

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Mudkip Loki's Useless Pokemon + Mudkip

Loki- Level 2 Trainer.
Loki is from the year 2003. He didn't do a lot back then because the league was really slow. He joined FB and stuff happened. Then he didn't come on to UPNetwork a lot because he had a bad life. Now things are slightly better and he quit playing MMOs. Now he strives to do dumb things with Pokemon just for his own amusement.
Signature Trait: Why So Serious? (Humorous)
Loki is banned on SPPf. Because of that, he will never battle on Serebii's lame fail forums which puts FUNown's home of Dimension F look awesome. Also, you can't take Loki seriously. Except when he is being serious. In which case, if you don't take him seriously, he will flame you. So take it easy man. BTW, this post probably isn't up to date. Except if the edit date on the bottom seems is very recent. But don't hold your breath for that to change.

Track Record:
Check the goddamn League Table you lazy bastard!

Ref Grade: B-
I am only willing to ref up to three matches at a time.

Pokemon Squad: 18/18
1- Tartarus: Level 2 Male Trapinch
Thanks to Health Care, Tartarus has a very good dental plan. This has lead to him getting extremely strong teeth that are durable, sharp, and deadly!
Special Training: Geophagia (Ground)
Because of Tartarus' exceptionally powerful teeth, Tatarus has decided to eat things which are normally more difficult. First by eating bones, then thick shelled creatures, but eventually started eating rocks and even metal ore, ensuring his teeth and jaws can overpower almost anything. As such, Tartarus is now capable of using Dig through any sort of terrain at remarkable speed, as he will eat through difficult terrain such as concrete, rocks, and asphalt, but performing dig in difficult terrain will require 15% more energy. He can also perform Sand Tomb (sinkhole version) on difficult terrain costing 25% more energy. In addition, Bite, Crunch, and Bug Bite are 20% more damaging and use 15% more energy. Tartarus also has no intention of ever evolving and such, will not evolve.

2- Screamo: Level 3 Female Mismagius
Screamo is totally into emo music. Because of this, she's a total downer to hang around with. She would cut herself if she actually had something to cut into, like flesh and blood.
Special Attack: Shadow of Doubt (Ghost)
Screamo begins to sing an extremely emo song (the lyrics and tunes are at the referee's discretion). The song itself has no real effect, but while she is singing, ghostly energies are released from her mouth and energies invade the enemy's mind, filling them with depressing and demoralizing thoughts. The effectiveness of the attack is based on the battle situation. i.e. if the enemy is tired and/or hurt, there is a higher chance of success. If the Pokemon is weak to Ghost type, there is a higher chance. Meanwhile, if the Pokemon is healthy and energized, there is little chance it will succeed. If the Pokemon is resistant, there is a lower chance. The highest possible chance of success is about 80% while the lowest is 1%. While demoralized, there is a chance the Pokemon may do nothing. At their lowest morale, this can be about 50%, but if they were barely effected, it can be as low as 10%. The duration of the demoralized state is based on how well the battle goes after being demoralized, at ref's discretion, but will usually not last more than 3 rounds. This attack can be used only once per battle, and uses the same energy as a fully powered Shadow Ball.

3- Glory: Level 2 Female Kadabra
Special Attack: Visions of Glory (Psychic)
Glory uses her telepathy to scan her opponent's mind for what they desire. She overrides their senses and cause them to believe they are living out their dream, distracting them for the next few moments. The dream ends once the targeted Pokemon has struck with any attack (even non-damaging ones). The chance of success is depends on how susceptible the target is to mental attacks. The highest success rate being 75% and as low as 0%. Dark types are immune. Uses the same energy as 1.5x of Psychic and is usable only twice per battle, once per Pokemon.

4- Anger: Level 2 Female Houndour
Special Attack: Iron Fang (Steel)
Anger places energy into fortifying the physical toughness of her teeth, causing her teeth to become practically indestructible for a brief moment. With that, she takes a powerful bite out of her target, dealing approximately as much damage as Bite, has the same chance to flinch, and uses about 1.5x the energy. Iron Fang cannot be used the same turn as any other Elemental Fang moves (Fire Fang or Thunder Fang) or use those attacks the following round. Iron Fang can be used three times a match.

5- Wrath: Level 2 Male Sneasel
Special Technique: Ice Blade (Ice)
Wrath presses his right claws up on his left palm and gathers energy into them as he pulls his claws off. Like unsheathing a sword, he creates a series of ice knifes on the tip of his fingers, extending his claws on his right hand to almost double in length. The next lacerating attack Wrath performs will be with his right claw and will have added physical ice type damage, a bonus of approximately 10% more damage and will cut twice as deep. After the attack, the Ice Blades will break off. Creating the blades uses approximately the same energy as an Ice Punch. Wrath may only do thing up to three times a match.

6- Mudkipz: Level 1 Male Mudkip
He's quite charismatic. Why? Because he's Mudkipz. U kno u leik'em
Special Trait: i herd u liek Mudkipz (4chan)
bcuz evry1 luvs Mudkipz, Mudkipz can Attract ne Pokemon. It ignores breeding groups and even gender, all because everyone loves Mudkipz. Cannot evolve.

7- Blaster: Level 1 Male Whismur
Special Defense: Negative Sound Zone (Normal)
Whismur's potent hearing and powerful audio producing power allows him to create a bubble of sound that negates all other sounds, essentially creating a sound-less area, causing all Pokemon within the area to feel deaf and mute. It does not affect Pokemon's abilities to obey their trainer's commands. This will negate all sounds in an area roughly the same area as Trick Room, centralized where Blaster stands. The area of effect weakens with each passing turns, ultimately being reduced to nothing on the 5th round after use. Whismur may use move this once per battle. The move uses energy equal to Hyperbeam.

8- Pennybags: Level 2 Male Meowth
Pennybags used to be the pet of an AIG executive who passed away and gave all his money to his cat instead of anyone important. After the AIG scandal became public, Pennybags felt it was necessary to help repay the world by giving out the money the fastest way he knows how- by throwing coins at everyone he sees. But even so, it seems Pennybags has been unable to save the economy and now vows to work harder even if he must sacrifice his own well-being.
Special Training: Pennybag's Bail-Out v1.1 ($$$)
Because of Pennybags nearly infinite money he inherited, he is capable of doing Payday three times a round every round as though it was a normal two-move round (energy use is the same as a three-mover if he performs a three Paydays). In addition, Pennybags can perform a four-move Payday to count as his normal three-mover. But, because of his absurd affinity to tossing his coins, he has forgotten every other move he normally learns. As such, his entire movepool is Payday and nothing else. In addition, due to his feeling of guilt his inability to stop the recession, Pennybags will not evolve until the American economy is no longer in recession! Also, as the coins hold the spirit of his former owner, the attack can affect Ghosts.

9- Level 2 Genderless Magnemite
Special Training: Electroreception (Electric)
Magnemite's family used to leech power from a Nuclear Power Plant. The radiation from the power plant caused it to become blind. Due to the blindness, Magnemite had to learn to sense its surroundings through detecting the electrical and magnetic field generated by its surroundings and navigate itself thanks to the Earth's magnetic field and field around objects. As such, Magnemite is able to detect the location of its enemies and its' surrounding with ease despite being blind.

12- Lotad Lotading Rodriguez: Level 2 Male Lombre
Lotad Lotading Rodriguez is a proud Mexico born Mexican. Land of tequila, killers of Davy Crockett, and rivers cursed by Montezuma. Lotad is proud of his heritage and only just recently left his homeland to battle internationally in the PASBL.
Special Technique: Pig Flu (Poison)
While living in his home pond in Mexico, Lotad caught H1N1 from his former workplace. Luckily for Lotad, his species is largely unaffected by the virus, but it lives in his Toxic producing glands, where it will likely stay. While there, the H1N1 can be coughed out, where it will linger in the air for the remainder of the battle. With one cough's worth of virus in the air, any Swinub, Piloswine, Mamoswine, Spoink, and/or Grumpig will be poisoned upon breathing the air. If there are two coughs worth of virus, they will be inflicted with Toxic instead. More than two coughs worth of virus will have no additional effects as the air in won't sustain more than a two coughs worth of virus. The virus can be washed out of the air with Rain Dance or dies from low temperatures from Hail or Blizzard. In open air arenas, it can be blown away with Whirlwind or Twister. Lotad can cough up to 6 times a battle and can no longer use Toxic.

13- Loki: Level 2 Male Dunsparce
Named after his trainer, Dunsparce is awesome.
Special Training: Awesome (Normal)
Dunsparce is more awesome, making other Pokemon jealous and quicker to anger while around him or possibly more attracted to him. As such, attacks such as Swagger will be more effective against Male Pokemon, whom are jealous of him as well as use anger based attacks more effectively against Loki. Meanwhile, female Pokemon will be more susceptible to Flatter, Attract, and Captivate. Loki is also prideful, so he is unwilling to perform attacks that make him look bad, such as Flail and wouldn't stoop so low as to copy his opponents with Mimic, Psych Up, and Role Play. Oh yeah, he learns Flatter.

14- Hindenburg II: Level 2 Male Drifloom
After the catastrophe of the Hindenburg crash, Drifloom was born from the ashes of the burning wreckage, where it floated about the Atlantic following the path of the dead vessel until it was finally caught by me. He is sometimes called H2 for short. Also a reference to Hydrogen Molecules.
Special Training: Hydrogen Powered Flight! (Fire)
Hindenburg II is very much like the original Hindenburg, it is filled with hydrogen gas to improve it's flight abilities. Because of the hydrogen, H2 is slightly quicker than normal Driflooms and is able to fly a bit higher more efficiently. Additionally, H2 can release some of it's Hydrogen to use for Fire attacks, allowing it to perform Flamethrower, but use of it's hydrogen will cause it to lose altitude quite quickly and cannot perform more than three Flamethrowers per battle. The hydrogen can also boost the power of the attack Explosion, boost up to 50% more power at maximum hydrogen, losing 15% per Flamethrower's worth of gas. While containing hydrogen, H2 will be susceptible to Fire attacks, taking double damage.

15- Feathers McLeod of the Clan McLeod: Level 2 Male Farfetch'd
Feathers McLeod died thousands of years ago defending his homeland of Scotland against the invading Romans who wished to steal their precious metal tin to make their pewter... or brass... or bronze... I forget. And so does Feathers. After he died, he miraculously came to life and was found by another named Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, who told him of the Immortals and that he was one of them. With the knowledge of Juan Sanchez, Feathers traveled the world seeking vengeance against the Roman General who slaughtered his clan. Conveniently, that guy was also an Immortal, ultimately bringing him to battle internationally in the PASBL.
Special Training: The Highquacker (80s Movie)
From the many millenniums of experience as an immortal, Feathers has become quite tough. He cannot die in battles except through decapitation. If he suffers any crippling injuries, they will instantly be healed after the end of the battle. If any Pokemon should decapitate Feathers he will die and his opponent will be shot with a number of Thunder attacks equal to his level, but after enduring the hits, would be restored to full energy (not health) and somehow learn all of Feather's attacks until the end of the battle. His immortality has no effect on his ability to get KOed in battle. Feathers will not willingly allow an opponent to decapitate it and will never forcefully decapitate itself. Can only be decapitated in Realistic battles and once decapitated, it can obviously not be revived at a PokeCenter.

16- FUNown: Level 2 Genderless Unown F
Unown comes from Dimension F. In Dimension F, all things that should have gone right always goes wrong. As such, that dimension is always full of people screaming "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF" and getting angry and frustrated over their constant failures. Unown became depressed and tried to commit suicide by throwing itself into a blackhole, but even that was a failure as he ended up in our dimension instead of dying. Oddly enough, its presence cause strange radiation that makes things in our dimension randomly fail also.
While Unown is in the battlefield, an odd occurrence will happen. All actions done by all Pokemon, including Unown, its opponent(s) and/or ally have a 50% chance to fail. Any failed action will simply not happen and no energy will be wasted, but the Pokemon will be slightly confused as to why the action didn't happen, but then snap out of it very quickly and keep going. The exception is Unown. All actions it fails will lose the energy for the failed attack. This has caused Unown to become quite the pessimist and it can never do more than 2-movers. If its first action in a round fails, it will be so demoralized it will skip its remaining commands for the round. This is what it looks like upon failing.

Deviljho: Level 1 Male Tyrunt
Cloned from the bones of an extinct elder dragon, Deviljho shows exactly why they've gone extinct. Deviljho is an apex predator of extreme hunger and savagery with no regard to it's own ecosystem. The beast consumed all prey animals and even resorted to cannibalism, effectively ending the reign of his species and all species of his era.
Signature Move: Brute's Rage (Dragon)
Should Deviljho be struck by a super-effective attack, he taps into an ancient instinctual rage, his body going beyond it's normal limitations with no regard to its own safety. In this mode Deviljho's attack and speed will increase by 20% it's normal and can use Dragonbreath, but he suffers 20% extra damage and expends 20% extra energy. Deviljho will only remain in this enraged state until has suffered damage equal to 2HB worth of damage or expended 3HB worth of energy (Assuming 6/9 rules). This effect is automatic and does not use energy on it's own but can only trigger once per battle.

NotAGun: Level 1 Male Klefki
NotAGun is from the mean streets of Unova despite Klefkis not being native to it.
Signature Training: I cut you fool!
Klefki learned a long time ago how to defend himself. He uses his keys as weapons themselves. NotAGun know the moves Cut, Fury Attack, and Fury Swipes.

RAYGEE: Level 1 Male Torchic
Many years ago, Torchic's family was blessed with a new clutch of eggs. But one day, an evil gang of Tepigs and Spoinks stole away the new unhatched siblings. Now RAYGEE has made a vow of absolute vengeance upon all swine who dares enter his sight!
Special Attack: ANGRY! (Fire)
Upon seeing any pig Pokemon like Tepig line, Piloswine line, or the Spoink line, RAYGEE will ignore all of his remaining orders to perform this attack. He will gain a sudden burst of fire energy and recklessly jump at his foe, crashing with the force of a Flare Drive and then Self Destructing on impact! Any walls made of wood or glass have little chance to stop his destructive self catapult, but concrete and steel may prove to be troubling. RAYGEE cannot control himself when this happens, he will simply do it on sight. He will then KO from exhaustion or self inflicted damage and hopefully take down his hated enemy. If RAYGEE has already used two moves that round, he will immediately perform this attack at the beginning of the next round. If he has performed one attack already but was ordered something different, he will automatically ignore that second command and perform this attack. RAYGEE won't use a three mover though.

Zero Cool: Level 2 Male Hitmonchan

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Andreste: Trainer lvl 1
I love Fire Pokemon.

Spoiler: show
Marlee: Charmander (F) lvl 1

Rick: Vulpix (M) lvl 1

Dizney: Growlithe (M) lvl 1

Cyn: Cyndaquil (F) lvl 1

Rocky: Houndour (M) lvl 1

Eve: Eevee (F) lvl 1

Chimmy: Chimchar (M) lvl 1

Elekid (M) lvl 1

Treek: Treecko (M) lvl 1

Laxadasical: Munchlax (M) lvl 2

Tar-Tar (Tar): Larvitar (M) lvl 1

Bemused: Magnemite lvl 1

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Feuer Faust

Tiere Des Abgrundes

A tall man, seemingly very young, yet still possessing an aura of great wisdom and mystery. He wears the clothes of both a teenager and a gentleman at once, blending their styles. Dark jeans cover his legs, and his torso is clad in a simple gray sweater. Beneath it lurks the simple white collar of a worker's shirt. Black socks and sharp dress shoes protect his feet, just as a stylish black pea-coat covers his upper body, parted at the chest with the buttons undone. A simple gray fedora, reserved and roguishly stylish, settles on top of brown hair and hazel eyes. He is an enigma, a cipher. He is Mysterious Trainer Mekanic...

Mekanic, formerly known as Excalibur.
B Grade Referee.
Level One Trainer.
13 Pokemon.
4 Win - 1 Draws - 3 Losses
8 Knock Outs / 17.5 Trainer Points / 0 Service Points

Spoiler: show

Samael – Male Slowpoke (Level Two)
Samael, the Desolate One. Esteemed right hand of the squadron, Samael is named for a fallen angel described as “the blind God”. He is perhaps the most evil in the entire bunch of Pokemon, his dark-side evident in his ruthless method of battle. Even if I hadn't given him the name Samael and instructed him to lead my other Pokemon into battle, I'm sure he would have assumed the Darth Vader-esque roll of dark ruler naturally. He's so evil he manages to make the normally blank stares of a Slowpoke look sinister. He takes great pleasure in suprising his opponents. He has trained extremely hard to overcome his natural weakness, and with great effort has managed to do so, allowing him to move at great speeds.
Special Attack – Speedpoke (XX)
Samael's Speedpoke is, in fact, Quick Attack. Through huge amounts of effort, the extrodinarily slow Pokemon has learned to momentarily accelerate himself to the speed of Quick Attack, hitting the opponent for the same amount of light damage. However, this action is entirely unnatural to Samael, and consumes 2.5x the energy of a Quick Attack to perform, and can only be used three times per match.

Raziel – Male Quagsire (Level Two)
Raziel is named for a fallen angel who speaks of hidden and secret things. It describes him well. I caught him, not in the wild, but in Pewter City, of all places, breaking into the museum and attempting to read several tablets that were being held in the basement. He was seeking deep knowledge, and ways to overcome his own weaknesses. I offered to help him learn, and with my aid he has come to understand several ancient techniques and abilities. One, in particular, stood out to him, and I helped him to master them, combining them into a single technique he uses to exact vengeance on his foes.
Special Attack – Selios Venomae (Poison)
Through studying ancient texts, Raziel has learned to imbue himself with poison-type energy, focusing them through himself and making use of his limited access to Poison-type energy to produce a powerful attack. His fist glows with deep purple energy, slamming it into the enemy, much like any other Elemental Punch. This attack delivers damage equal to a Thunderpunch,and has a great chance of poisoning the enemy, about 20%. It consumes energy equal to a Thunder. Raziel can only use this technique twice per match, as it involves a large amount of Poison-type energy.

Vassago – Male Chinchou (Level One)
Vassago is the Finder of the Lost. Named for a fallen angel who finds all things hidden, he is the inquisitor of the team. He finds and extracts information, at any cost. Vassago is a playful and intelligent fellow, but he has no real moral compass and doesn't have any real compassion for anyone else. His allegiance to the group is purely pragmatic. He simply agreed to join us when I explained our purpose to him. He has no qualms about using harsh and amoral methods to seek out the things he wishes to find. Applied to battle, Vassago's affinity for discovery has evolved into a new technique, one he honed studying the anatomy and psychology of the average battling Pokemon for years.
Special Technique – Knowledge Delve (XX)
Vassago focuses his mind, digging deep into his stores of anatomical and psychological information and cross-referencing it with the opponent's current pattern and species. He infers from this information a weak point on the opposing Pokemon, a place he can strike or a manner he can attack in that will be especially painful for the enemy. The attack used immediately after Knowledge Delve will deal approximately 1.5x damage. Knowledge Delve's advantages are lost if Vassago is distracted or hit before another move can be used. It consumes energy equal to 2x Calm Mind and can only be used twice per match. Vassago can only use this technique in conjunction with Ice-type techniques.

Raum – Male Totodile (Level One)
Raum is named for a fallen angel who is the Lord of the Crows. He embodies the predatory element of crows very well, preying on his enemies in the moment of their weakness. He is a very vicious little creature, one who enjoys bringing pain and causing mischief. I caught him out by New Bark Town, where he was terrorizing inhabitants and generally eating pets and causing havoc. Samael often has to keep him in line, keeping him from deeply wounding his opponents. Raum is the most capable of pure, unadulterated violence out of the whole group squad. He is also very dirty, and enjoys wallowing in the mud. His affinity for swamps and other nasty places has given him a close link to mud and dirt. He is perhaps the most dirty Pokemon on my squad, and it is always possible for him to have a faint coating of dirt at any time.
Special Training – Mud Wallowing (Ground)
Raum has trained long and hard to learn to use dirt and mud as weapons he can use to hurt other people, combining his two loves of violence and dirtiness. To that end, he has forced himself to learn how to use the move Mud Bomb. However, as a byproduct of this, he is other training has suffered, making him forget the move Blizzard.

Lilith – Female Finneon (Level One)
Lilith is a dangerous little Pokemon. She is named for a fallen angel who is a seducer of men. Lilith is a powerful Pokemon, one who uses the various 'Wind' attacks with great effectiveness. She didn't seem like she would fit in with my other questionably-amoral Pokemon, but she took to their brand of evil in stride. Lilith trained long and hard with those techniques, making them as powerful as she possibly could. When she found that she had reached maximum effectiveness, she developed a way to fuel them to ever greater heights of power. By training every single day and funneling as much energy as she could into the wind attacks, she discovered she could make them incredibly powerful with effort.
Special Training – Windstorm (XX)
Lilith has learned to make the various 'Wind' attacks incredibly powerful. By funneling a much larger amount of energy through the attacks, about twice of what is normally consumed, she can do roughly twice the damage of the original attacks. This addition can only be performed on the specific attacks Air Cutter, Gust, Silver Wind, Icy Wind, and Ominous Wind. This is done by adding 'Storm' to the attack order, such as 'Gust Storm' or 'Silver Wind Storm'. Lilith can only accomplish this two times per match and will consume 2.5x the energy for the boosted attack. The attack will leave Lilith slightly exhausted after use.

Rahab – Male Squirtle (Level One)
Rahab is named for the fallen angel of Pride, he whose name means Violence. Ironically enough, Rahab hates violence. It's not that he doesn't like hurting others. He has no problems with that. He just hates being attacked. He really doesn't like to be in pain. Rahab used to be one hell of a poor battler, and would always end up using the same move; Withdraw. As good as hiding in his shell was, he discovered that if he channeled energy through it, he could make it even more of a devious weapon to use against his enemies.
Special Technique – Silvide Shell (XX)
Rahab gathers up typeless energy, like a Hyper Beam, and focusing it throughout his shell. It creates a mottled tortoise shell of translucent silver energy that emanates from his shell, creating a half-dome shield that coats the outside of his shell in a Light Screen material. The shield is powerful and can hold back special attacks of up to a Thunder in strength before it breaks apart. Against physical attacks, it will not halt them and will easily shatter. It consumes energy roughly equal to 1.5x Light Screen and can be used at most twice per match.

Kunopegos – Genderless Staryu (Level One)

Forneus – Male Marill (Level One)

Israfel – Male Charmander (Level One)

Lix Tetrax – Female Pikachu (Level One)

Sorath – Female Tangela (Level One)

Wormwood – Male Teddiursa (Level One)

Vaul – Male Cranidos (Level One)

Match History

Current Matches
Vs. Lonely Cubone (UPN)

Tiere Des Abgrundes
ASBL Trainer - Level One
B Grade Referee
4 W - 1 D - 3 L
8 KO / 17.5 TP / 0 SP

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Ryuusei's Squad
Trainer Level 2

Wins - 13 ~ Losses - 3 ~ Draws - 0
23 KOs ~ 54 TP ~ 6 SP

Current Matches :::
none started

Spoiler: show

[WIN] VS Quintowill
[DQ] [WIN] VS zodiacsage
[WIN] VS milotic111
[LOSS] VS Kush
[WIN] VS Senor Cheesypie
[WIN] VS DTG6407
[WIN] VS Breeder KJ
[LOSS] VS Jerichi
[WIN] VS Poke Hunter
[WIN] VS Rangeet
[WIN] VS EarthKwake
[WIN] VS Quintowill
[WIN] VS Rangeet
[DQ] [WIN] VS Beluga23
[WIN] VS Rangeet

Spoiler: show

Level Three Female Froslass

Level Three Female Milotic

Level Two Female Combusken
Amber is a fighter, she will fight to the end at all costs. I received her as my birthday present and she was my starter Pokémon. Amber is the definition of a bad girl and has the most heart and spirit out of all the Pokémon I have. She has been my loyal partner from the very beginning and has proved herself in many battles. Amber always had a dream and that was to fly. It was strange for a bird-like Pokémon to not know any of flying moves or lack the ability to fly.
Signature Move: Top Gun (Fire/Flying) (Special Attack)
With much practice with the normal types on my team, Amber has finally managed to perfect a move that was of the Flying type. Placing her left hand above her right hand, she concentrates and creates a sphere of energy similar to Energy Ball. However, this orb of energy will be pink in color, charged with 50% flying type energy and 50% fire type energy and she can toss it at her opponent like Energy Ball or rush in and smack them with it (move needs to be specified). The sphere does as much damage as Energy Ball and requires 1.2x the energy required for Energy Ball. It can be used at a maximum of two times a match.

Level Two Female Clefairy
Luna is the dark twin of the Full Moon Twins. Luna hatched a mere seconds before Sulli at Full Moon and they have been inseparable since. While Sulli preferred the sunlight and the light in general, Luna preferred the moonlight and the darkness. They couldn't be more opposite than that. Angered by her lack of dark typed moves, Luna trained and practiced hard to try and create a dark typed move that suited her.
Signature Move: Darkness Love (Dark) [Special Attack]
Luna having trained in the dark and under the moonlight for ages, has finally came up with a move that suited her personality yet instilled darkness. She fires a black colored heart shaped beam at her opponent, filled with dark typed energy. It deals as much damage as Dark Pulse and requires 1.2x the energy of Dark Pulse. It has a 10% chance of making the opponent attracted to Luna (if they are of the opposite gender), only for the first use against the opponent. It can be used a maximum of three times a match.

Level Two Female Jigglypuff
Sulli is the light to Luna’s dark, the polar opposite of her older sister, the younger Full Moon Twin gained more ‘light’ then ‘darkness’. Sulli loves the sun and the light and disliked the darkness in general. As there aren’t any ‘light’ types or anything along those lines, Sulli decided to abandon thought on holy attacks and decided to stick with what she had and make a move that suited her lovey-dovey style.
Signature Move: LoveGame (Psychic) [Special Attack]
Sulli managed to perfect this move due to her amazing vocals. Named after the Lady Gaga song, she sings and sound waves are emitted in one direction, but in the form of heart shaped waves. Any male Pokémon who hears this will instantly stop in their tracks due to the wonderful voice, being calmed down by it into not attacking Sulli. In addition to that, it has a 25% chance of attraction (with a decrease of 15% chance in attraction for each use after the first). However, any female Pokémon who hears this will become more enraged by the sound and have their attack stat raised, akin to the boost of a Howl. On female Pokémon, this damages them slightly(same as an Ember) but male Pokémon take no damage. Energy consumption of this move is equal to Hyper Voice and 1.5x of Attract altogether. This can only be used once per battle, and Sulli will not be able to use sound based attacks afterwards as this attack wears out Sulli's vocals.

Level Two Male Gyarados
Zarevok was just a mere Magikarp when I caught him. Humiliated by the many Pokémon in the sea for being puny and pathetic, he was in tears when I first met him. He was shy and didn't get along with many of my Pokémon except for one, Illusia. After working hard and training nearly every day, he evolved into a strong, ferocious Gyarados. He has kept his feelings for Illusia a secret but plans to tell her soon.
Signature Move: Northern Cross Bomber (Flying) (Special Attack)
Zarevok always felt weird that as a flying type, he knew no flying typed attacks at all. He worked hard training to impress Victoria, and with many special moves at his disposal, he trained firing different types of energy attacks from his mouth till he has finally managed to fire a Flying typed one. He fires a blast of air that explodes upon contact with his opponent, dealing flying typed damage equal to the orb form of Water Pulse and requiring energy equal to 1.3x of Secret Power. Zarevok is able to use this a maximum of three times a match.

Level Two Staryu

Level Two Female Bayleef
Hyosung is the fierce mother-figure to Zinger, Ji Eun and Sunhwa. She protects them and considers it part of her duty to take care of them and heal them. However, she realized she had a rather limited movepool and it was hard to use moves of other times. Training rigorously with Narsha and Ga-in, she managed to perfect and upgrade her moves into a different form.
Signature Move: Magic (Grass) [Special Training]
After numerous rigorous trainings, Hyosung finally perfected her attacks. Using the move Leaf Tornado, as a base, she trained to get all her leaf attacks to reach a form similar to that. Hyosung now knows Leaf Tornado, using Razor Leaf-type leaves for this version. She may also use a version, called Magical Leaf Tornado, using the attack Leaf Tornado with Magical Leaf-leaves in this one. This does 1.2x more damage than Leaf Tornado, costing 1.2x more energy as well. Upon evolution to Meganium, Hyosung may use a version consisting of Petals instead of Leaves (having learned Petal Dance), dealing 1.4x more damage and costing 1.4x more energy. However, these special versions of Leaf Tornado may only be used twice per match (per special version) while the normal Leaf Tornado may only be used four times per match.

Level Two Female Quilava

Ji Eun
Level Two Female Vulpix

Level Two Female Meowth

Level Two Female Dratini

Level Two Female Togepi

Level Two Female Roselia

Ga In
Level Two Female Beautifly

Level Two Female Seviper

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Pikachu .:mes magnifiques mignons:.

.:nouvelle française:.

.: W / L / D :.
.: 4 / 2 / 0 :.

.: KO / TP / SP :.
.: 8 / 24 / 0 :.

.:mes magnifiques mignons:.
Spoiler: show

Mélo: Level 1 Female Clefairy

Toudoudou: Level 1 Female Jigglypuff

Heureux: Level 1 Male Togepi

Goinfrex: Level 2 Male Munchlax

Foudre: Level 1 Male Elekid

Magnéti: Level 1 Genderless Magnemite

Mygatik: Level 1 Male Joltik

Souris: Level 1 Female Pikachu

Férosinge: Level 1 Male Mankey

Lippouti: Level 1 Female Smoochum

Carapuce: Level 1 Male Squirtle

Nosferapti: Level 1 Female Zubat

Volcane: Level 2 Female Magby

Need stories soon....
I can hear the whispers in the woods
Yesterday, I got lost in the suburban dream
I can feel the freshness in the breeze
Today, I found myself in the harmony of nature
I can see the shimmering sun on the streams
Yesterday, I got lost in a world so familiar
I can smell the rain in the earth
Today, I found myself in a world unknown

.: W / L / D :.
.: 4 / 2 / 0 :.

.: KO / TP / SP :.
.: 8 / 24 / 0 :.

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5 wins 5 losses 11 KOs 37 TP 6 SP

Victoria: Female Level 2 Gastly
Hidden Power: Fighting

Alice: Female Level 2 Golett
Hidden Power: Fire
A long, long time ago, Alice was known as Unit 02DCHR-CLRN3T; built and trained to fight by an ancient civilization, Unit 0-C was well versed in hand-to-hand combat, but always felt out of place among it's brethren. Years passed, and Unit 0-C continued to serve as a frontlines physical attacker. 0-C enjoyed what it was created for, but never enjoyed being called an "it". One day, when its audio processors picked up a nearby conversation about the civilization's princess, something awoke inside Unit 0-C. Unit 0-C changed it's name to Alice and fled from the civilization. Thousands of years later, I found her in a quarry, where she had built up her own kingdom and ruled fairly over the Ground and Rock types there as a princess. She missed her fighter lifestyle, however; and upon being defeated in battle, wished to join me and my team.
Special Training - Princess Punch (Fighting)
Alice is considered to be familiar with Fighting type energy. She loses Curse, Signal Beam, Ice Punch, Rollout, Toxic, and Grass Knot.

Sheldon: Male Level 3 Banette
Hidden Power: Ice

Alexander: Male Level 2 Drifloon
Hidden Power: Ground

Danton: Male Level 2 Duskull
Danton thinks he's hot shit. And by hot shit I mean scary as fuck. And let's be real, he kind of is! He's got a skull mask thing for a face and that creepy single red eye hovering behind it. But he treats himself like the King of All Fear and Spookiness in the world and speaks and acts like a B-list horror movie villain. He's actually a huge weenie. Go figure. One thing he DOES have going for him though is how he can pop up out of seemingly nowhere.
Hidden Power: Grass
Signature Techinique: Are You Scared??? (Ghost)
Danton can remove his mask at will. Removing and placing/throwing the mask counts as one move. When his mask is removed, he can teleport to it at will at a significant energy cost. Much like the actual move Teleport, after a few seconds of concentration, Danton will disappear, and then 1-2 seconds later he will reappear whereever his mask was previously, now with the mask on. The order "Spook" means to teleport to the mask. Mask teleporting messes with Danton's ghost energies, and he is unable to use any ghost moves for a full round after doing it. Danton cannot evolve. Danton's mask has the strength of a Marowak's skull, and if it is destroyed the same stipulations for getting a new one apply.

Querra: Female Level 2 Yamask
Querra hates being taken advantage of, or mocked, or generally underestimated in any way. Whenever she starts to get some success, people are always there to shut her down somehow. She's pretty cold and mean towards basically everyone, and she'll do everything possible to keep someone from getting a leg up on her. She's developed a way to just shut everyone around her out and leave her alone, which she uses to full effect on some of her particularly bad, self-hatred days.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Special Training: Peace and Quiet (XX)
If Querra is ordered to block an attack using her mask, a faint typeless force field will project around her as she does so, reducing damage/effectiveness from sound-based attacks by a decent amount. The force field does not shield her from any other type of attack, only sound-based ones. Anything else must strike the actual mask in order to be blocked.

Frederick: Male Level 3 Vileplume
Hidden Power: Water

Samson: Male Level 2 Paras
Hidden Power: Fire

Nancy: Female Level 2 Psyduck
Hidden Power: Ground

Tjeka: Female Level 2 Beedrill
Tjeka is really intense. She doesn't show weakness except on Wednesdays, when she loosens up and will only play video games and watch anime all day. Otherwise, though, she's a cold and hardened killer.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Ability: A Cold and Hardened Killer (XX)
Tjeka enters battle with a Swords Dance boost in effect. She loses the actual use of Swords Dance, as well as Double-Edge and Skull Bash.

Gut: Female Level 2 Diglett
Gut is so peppy. She's very enthusiastic about learning and battling and she loves to accompany me on reffings. She's just a neato kiddo. She's adapted to many different types of locations so she can always participate if needed.
Hidden Power: Grass
Special Training: Ultimate Enthusiasm (Ground)
Gut can traverse through metal, concrete, and solid rock as easily as she can through dirt.

Lace: Female Level 2 Doduo
Lace is a princess, and thus is a trained and skilled multitasker. To guide the kingdom in times of stress, of course.
Hidden Power: Flying
Signature Ability: Royal Management Skills (XX)
Princess Lace takes 80% of the damage from all attacks, until she reaches half health. After that point, one of her heads is knocked out, and she will take 125% damage from all attacks until she is knocked out. If Lace is knocked below the halfway point, but in some way recovers so that her health is back above the halfway point, she will still take 125% damage from all attacks and one of her heads will remain knocked out.

Fedanura: Level 2 Female Loudred
Hidden Power: Grass

Kale: Female Level 2 Dunsparce
Kale is very serious about battling! She always gives 100% and she never messes around in battles. Outside of battles she's really funny and an enjoyable person to be around! She throws GREAT parties. But yeah, in battle? Total serious mode. She's pushed herself to make the greatest advantage of all of her assets as a Dunsparce.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Special Training: Flight (Flying)
Kale can fly as well as a Pidgey.

Joanne: Female Level 2 Qwilfish
Hidden Power: Ground

Allie: Female Level 2 Klang
Hidden Power: Ground

Fiela: Female Level 2 Mawile
Hidden Power: Water
Attached: Mawilite

Turnstile: Level 2 Male Bergmite
Hidden Power: Fairy

Sextant: Level 2 Male Swirlix
Hidden Power: Ground

Wilma: Level 1 Female Flabebe
Hidden Power: Ground

Rallentando: Level 1 Male Froakie
Hidden Power: Ground

Anna: Level 1 Female Mienfoo
Hidden Power: Ghost

[i can't believe all of the things they say about me]

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PH's Squad and Stats

Trainer Level: 1
C+ Grade Ref
0 matches - 0 wins, 0 draws, 1 losses.
0 KOs - 1 TP - 1 SP

Vs Redpanda
Vs Squirtleking
Vs DefiantDenial

Spoiler: show
Vs Kindrindra - LOSS - 1 TP

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

Hunter: Level 2 Male Luxio
Hunter, PH's signature pokemon and co-ref. With his trainer through thick and thin, and one of the two squadmates kept since the start. He has a snarky demeanour, but is quite a nice guy really. He gets along well with Zapz, having built up a bit of a banter, and Anna, a sense of comradeship having been built over their time working with PH. He is determined to do his best in battles, and never lets a disadvantage get him down. He decided one day that he'd had enough of ground types having an advantage, and decided to create a technique that allowed for him to fight back more effectively.
Signature Move: Ice Bolt (Ice)
Hunter takes some energy from his ice pool and uses it in the same way he would use his electric pool to create a Thunderbolt. This sends a lightning-shaped version of Ice Beam at his foe, dealing significant damage for the same amount of energy. His ice energy is increased to the point that he can bust out two of these per match. However, the technique is not capable of freezing a target, and in order to learn to focus his Ice energy into a projectile he gave up on Ice Fang.

Anna: Level 2 Female Combusken
Anna, a fierce fighter and one of two pokemon PH still has from the beginning of his ASB career. She is the go-to squadmate for particular annoyances, and always puts up a good fight. She decided to train in order to get a better advantage on two of her weaknesses; water and flying. Therefore, she trained with using Thunderpunch, and modified it into something spectacular.
Signature Move: Lightning Jab (Electric)
Anna prepares a Thunderpunch, but charges a Solid amount of electricity into her fist before taking a jab forwards that launches the electrical energy - still in the shape of a fist - and the foe, striking them for Good damage. She has trained the technique so much that she has the electrical energy to use it three times a battle, but she has lost use of basic Thunderpunch.

Vinny: Level 1 Male Treecko

Joe: Level 1 Male Totodile

Vera: Level 1 Female Ralts

Carver: Level 1 Male Sandshrew

Zapz: Level 1 Male Joltik
Zapz is a Joltik with an astounding appetite - for both poffins and energy - for a pokemon of his size. Found in a small Unovan power plant that was having energy storage troubles, he had no problem switching from draining a generator to leaping on Hunter's face and sapping some of his electrical energy. This was quickly put to a stop and the Joltik captured - but Zapz' interesting ability remains.
Signature Technique: Energy Drain (Electric)
Zapz clambers onto a hard-to-reach-as-possible part of his foe and uses a Light amount of energy to send an electrical impulse into their body. This causes energy to build up where he is, which he then siphons out of the foe. The most that can be siphoned like this is an Extreme amount, and if struck Zapz ends the technique.

Spectra - Level 1 Female Misdreavus.

Filia: Level 1 Female Mawile
Filia is... somewhat different from other Mawile. The maw on her "ponytail" has a mind of it's own, christened Samson. This mouthy extension eggs on the otherwise timid Filia in fighting, providing her with a lot more bite when needed. Upon capturing her, I noted the duo's similarity to a certain fighting game character - hence the names. They've been practicing various attempts at techniques from their namesake, but so far have not had a lot of success... bar one.
Signature Move: Trichobezoar (Steel)
Filia turns, pointing Samson at the foe... at which point he hurls up a huge ball of "hair" and skulls (of previous meals). The hair part, however, is actually finely woven metal, created from steel energy within the parasite's maw. This causes the projectile, if it hits it's intended target, to hit for some significant damage. However, usage of it also requires fairly significant energy. The projectile is roughly spherical and is about the same size as Filia herself (minus Samson).

Roc: Level 1 Female Spearow
Roc is named after the famous, gigantic mythical bird encountered by Sinbad the Sailor - and for good reason...
Special Trait: Big Bird
Roc is 1.5x as big as a pokemon of her kind usually is in both height and weight. However, this additional bulk has made it harder for her to fly as well as most of her kind - her flight speed and ceiling are reduced.

Hanadenki: Level 1 Female Hoppip
Yet another member of the famous Hana clan, Hanadenki is an excitable young pokemon. However, after a certain Corsola freezed the crud out of her at an Amusement Park, she has had to find a way to come to terms with her clan's... less-than-stellar weakness to ice. Therefore, we trained her in a technique that'd give her the edge in battle.
Signature Attack: Denki Pop (Electric)
Hanadenki's leaves glow yellow with electric energy before firing off a small ball of lightning that, when it impacts on something, bursts in a shower of sparks in a fashion not unlike a firework. This burst is what causes most of the damage - a considerable amount - but it is also engineered to do 1.25x as much damage to Ice-Type pokemon and pokemon familiar with Ice energy (after type effectiveness calculations). The move costs a significant amount of energy to use.

Snowfall: Level 1 Female Snorunt
From an area around Snowpoint, Snowfall is a relaxed, friendly pokemon. She tends to keep to herself, and tries fiercely hard in battle against other Pokemon. However, there is something in her bloodline that traces all of the way to a frozen cavern in Unova, where the icy Kyurem resides. It doesn't have much of an effect on her though. Well, except...
Special Training: A Chill Wind
Snowfall can use Glaciate.

Legion: Level 1 Porygon
Legion, named after a Geth character from Mass Effect, is equally fierce in battle as his namesake. However, he is a little susceptible from trouble from malware, viruses and steel types - so we upgraded his software to help him out a bit.
Special Training: Firewall
Legion can now use Flamethrower and Fire Blast.

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1-5-0(1/9/0 w/ KT) 2-24-2

Spoiler: show

Briquette: Female Magby
Magby: (Fire) Because they gestate in magma, Magbys, Magmars, and Magmortar can stay in lava/hot chemicals indefinitely.

Hanaame: Level 1 Female Hoppip
Bio: Nosecandy is... batshit crazy. It's pretty obvious that she was on dope 24/7, and had helped Dusty with his Powders. She often goes out in Lala Land, dreaming of some psychadelic world where Pokemon are the Trainers and humans are the Pokemon.
Signature Training: Wat
Hanaame takes 5% less damage than usual, but there is a 5% chance that she'll use Swagger instead of one of her ordered attacks.
Hoppip: (Grass/Flying) Hoppip fly mostly by the force of the wind, or, if there is no wind, it glides. While it is able to fly somewhat under its own power, it is tiring for a Hoppip and used only to catch a breeze. Thus, a Hoppip will try to stay in the air unless it has no alternative.

Dusty: Level 1 Male Pikachu
Bio: Dusty is a drug addict. I met him a squatter's house two blocks down from the TO hellhole, waiting in line to take a Poisonpowder from a weak Butterfree. He want to get into the drug dealing business, and trained with his shroomy pals that I've yet to be acquainted with. He decided to get off the street to kick arse with me, bringing Hanaame with him.
Signature Training: That's not oregano.
Dusty can use Poisonpowder, Stun Spore, and Sleep Powder, each only having one use per match.
Pikachu: (Electric) The most popular Pokemon, Pikachu is the most agile of its evolutionary line, if not the fastest. Pikachu have sensitive hearing, at the expense of increased vulnerability to sound attacks.

Orephelia: Female Mawile

Princyce: Level 1 Female Smoochum
Bio: Born from a Jynx and rare Male Jynx, Princyce was praised as a pure-blood of her species. Even though she's had tutors, she doesn't have as many moves as another Smoochum could.
Signature Training: Royal Blood
Princyce's Ice & Psychic attacks use 15% less energy than usual. However, she has lost all her egg moves.
Smoochum: (Ice/Psychic) A Smoochum's kiss attacks are more effective. In the dark, it feels using its lips, and any Pokemon it feels with its lips has a 10% chance of paralysis or confusion.

Snowflake: Female Snorunt

Mia: Level 1 Female Misdreavus
Bio: Mia had always wanted to specialize in energy draining. She had even more experience in her battle against Sector Shadow.
Signature Training: Draining Death
When using a ghost type attack, Mia can choose to add a Spite's worth of energy to it. When she does so, the attack will decrease energy instead of health (with resisances/weaknesses included). To not drain herself, when ordering she cannot use both moves in this way, otherwise it will be a three-mover. Because it attacks energy, a sleeping Pokémon will not wake up after a Draining Death attack.
Misdreavus: (Ghost) See ghost Pokemon rules, all ghosts fight more enthusiastically at night, though light does not hinder their ability to battle. Misdreavus can see in the dark.

Aria: Female Togepi
Togepi: (Normal) All baby Pokemon’s Charm attacks, if the Pokemon can be Charmed, are twice as effective. Its shell provides a slightly higher defense where it covers. Togepi is able to levitate through minor expendure of energy.

Jacques Copeau: Male Mime Jr.
Mr. Mime: (Psychic) Mr. Mime are mainly proficient in wall defensive attacks, and can perform such moves (Barrier, Light Screen, Reflect, etc.) almost instantaneously.

Aqua: Female Marill
Marill: (Water) Marrill's hearing is more sensitive than normal, at the expense of making it more vulnerable to sound attacks. Marrills may use their tail-balls as a floatation device, making it difficult to force one underwater if it does not wish to do so.

Dahvie: Level 1 Male Snorunt
Bio: Dahvie was my first 'mon. I had found him in the desert, hangin' with the Skorupi, Spinirak, Trapinch, Cacnea, and other desert natives. He was quite an odd Snorunt, and whenever it snowed on the mountains, he made long journeys to see the place he could no longer live in. Soon after meeting him, a was surprised at what he's learned, and together we will be shrivelling up in the heat and dry air.
Signature Training: Desert Heart
During his life in the desert, Dahvie has learned Sand Tomb, Poison Sting, Flame Wheel, Absorb, Poison Fang, Sand Attack, Mega Drain, Drain Punch, Shadow Sneak, Leech Life, Ancient Power, Gust, and Bug Bite. However, he's lost Rest, Water Pulse, Hail, Protect, Safeguard, Rain Dance, Attract, Natural Gift, Icy Wind, Avalanche, Double Team, Weather Ball, and Captivate, and now takes x1.5 damage from Water attacks. Dahvie has done so much in his current form, and will never evolve.Dahvie: Level 1 Male Snorunt


Pyre: Male Charmeleon
Charmeleon: (Fire) Charmeleon is the fastest of the Charmander family on the ground, but not the most agile. Charmeleon are harder to scare, but are more easily angered or confused. All of the Charmander family have flaming tails, which give off light to about 30 feet.

Omelet: Female Chansey
Chansey: (Normal) Chansey and Blissey are resistant to special attacks, and will take less damage from them. However, they are weak to physical attacks, and take more damage from them than normal.
Originally Posted by Lonely Cubone View Post
J-J-Just Teeter Dance

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level 1

Vs. Poke_hunter(in progress)

Past Battles:
Vs. Handymankg2 (lose)
Vs. A Winter Breeze (lose)
Vs. Lonely Bones (lose)
Vs. Brandan (lose)
Vs. Arthur (Canceled)
Vs. DragonDance(lose)
Vs. Amras.MG (lose)
Vs. tbh313(lose)
Vs. Toastedbagel(WIN) Yes
Vs. Matz (lose)


Spoiler: show
Male Poliwag (level 1)

female Poliwag (level 1)

female Bagon (level !)

male Larvitar (level 1)

Male Trapinch (level 1)

Female Horsea (level 1)

Male Electrike (level 1)
Electrike loves to run around in circles. He loves going faster and faster. Trying to translate this to battle, we came up with a useful attack befitting his personality.

Signature Attack:Electric Spin (Electric)
Electrike will run one circle around the enemy very quickly, staying about 3 feet away from the opponent, similar to a Quick Attack in speed. While circling the opponent, he shoots a mild burst of Electric energy at the opponent, which will hit the opponent and bounce back towards Electrike. It will do this for up to 1-5 times in a row, as the accuracy is not that great and 5 hits is fairly unlikely. The attack will hit less based on Electrike's condition as well, doing less hits if tired, low on energy, paralyzed, etc. The attack does not cause paralysis, but does between Mild damage (1 hit) to Significant damage (5 hits). The attack takes the energy of a Thunder and can be used twice a match. It can be used as just a dodging technique, but will still have to use the Electric attack in conjunction.

Male Vulpix (level 1)

Female Dratini (level 1)

Male Houndour (level 1)

Male Grovyle (level 2)

Female Cubone (level 1)

Male Pidgeotto (level 2)

Banner by I_D

1 8 0
KO tp tl
1 15 1

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