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Squad Summaries - Archived

A+ Grade and Head Referee
Former Gym Leader of the Normal Asylum Gym
Former Gym Leader of the Iron Chef Steel Gym

The People's Ovation Badge
Attachable Badge
The badge of the legendary Kitchen Stadium Gym with three gems (Red, Blue and Yellow) to symbolize the triumph over the invincible 'mon of Iron. To represent the malleability and power of Steel to appear in many shapes and forms, this badge may be attached to any Pokémon that desires a strange change in form.
Badge Effect: Many forms
A trainer can attach this badge to one of his Pokémon in order to give that Pokémon a feasible Type Change signature that would ordinarily not be allowed

Tensai Gym Badge
Global badge
This badge is awarded to trainers who manage to defeat Jurojin/Mozz in a gym battle. The latent psychic energy within this badge can be felt by anyone who holds it in their hand.
Badge Effect: Psychic communication
Trainers who normally do not possess psychic powers can expend the energy inside this badge to establish temporary telepathic communication with their Pokemon.
This badge may only be used when going first. The trainer states in their post that they are using this badge, then sends their orders for the round via PM. The ref posts, confirming that the orders were received, and then the trainer going second posts their orders. The ref includes the psychic orders in their post and then refs normally. This effect may be used once per battle.

Electric Gym Badge from Yami Ron (No effect)

Spoiler: show
Level 5

Squirtle: Male Blastoise
Bio: Indisputably, the best Blastoise ever. Squirtle has a history comprable to that of any pokemon in the league, the lazy, loud, and proud terrapin has been included in Muyo's team for every match he's had, with the exception of one, when Tenchi took his place temporarily. Half of the team of utter obliteration with Tenchi, his love slave, who completely obliterated all 6 of ZoraJolteon's squad in their 6 on 6, yet him succumbing to the temptations of Stlbk's Charmeleon, Kuno, cost Muyo a certain victory over his only real rival. Muyo has been working hard to instill a competitive desire in his favorite pokemon, with marginal success. Squirtle is well famed for winning sleeping contests against Seanlax, as well as dozing off at a moments notice when Muyo gets distracted. In battles however, Squirtle is still the backbone of every successful team, and his sleep beforehand always pays off
Special training: Well Rested
As Squirtle spends up to 23 hours of his day asleep, during the relatively short times he's awake, he's able to make use of an energy reserve that most pokemon make use of during the entire day. As a result, Squirtle has about 15% more energy than a standard Blastoise woud have.

Hiruma: Male Charizard
No Signature Move

Krystrdottir: Female Wigglytuff
No Signature Move

Navi: Female Clefable
No Signature Move

Noisolhpyt: Male Typhlosion
No Signature Move

Ala Kazot: Female Alakazam
No Signature Move

Harold: Male Primeape
No Signature Move

Go-Gi: Female Kingler
No Signature Move

X-Rok: Male Steelix
No Signature Move

Rtagilaref: Male Feraligatr
No Signature Move

NBL: Female Lapras
No Signature Move

Yatta: Male Ariados
No Signature Move

Reya: Female Kabutops
No Signature Move

Dewdrop: Female Venusaur
No Signature Move

José: Male Ludicolo
Muyo met José back when he was only a Lotad, sleeping in front of a Home Depot. With some mild coaxing, Lotad was eventually convinced to work for team Muyo for substantially less than minimum Pokéchow, part of which he sends back to the pond where he is originally from. After his evolution into Lombre, he overcame the typical laziness of the species to save up for a used Water Stone, which still somehow managed to do the job. Now with an abundance of energy and a hot Latin temper, José is ready for action at the drop of a sombrero. Apart from when it's time for a Siesta.

José: We met at an IHOP, and I'm a US Citizen.

Sure you are José.
Special Training: Stereotypical to the MAX (Fighting)
As a result of his fiery temperament, José is often getting into up-close-and-personal scraps with all sorts of Pokémon. As a result, his psychical moves are 5% more effective, and he is considered "familiar with fighting moves" from a Super-effective standpoint.

Seanlax: Male Snorlax

Sakai: Male Scizor
No Signature Move

Ishinabe: Male Lucario
Ishinabe is a shiny green Lucario, with a penchant for peppers. Being a member of team Iron Chef, Ishinabe considers himself the most versatile member able to handle himself no matter what sort of theme the opponent may try out.
Special Training: Serving Your Ass to You on a Wagon (Fighting)
Feeling a particular kinship with chefs of his own typing, Ishinabe has worked hard in order to soften the stiffness of his full body to fight chefs of both of his types more evenly. As a result of this slight softening, fighting type moves now do regular damage, as opposed to 200%, but steel moves now also do regular damage as well, as opposed to 50%.

Michiba: Genderless Metagross
Michiba is the most venerable and wisest of the Steel Pokémon contingent, and is considered to be the strongest of team Iron Chef.
Special Attack: Broth of Vigor (Psychic)
Never one to perform in a traditional fashion, Michiba focuses on the purest form of his discipline, Psychic energy. Seeking to invigorate his old carapace to continue the battle, Michiba uses a refined form of Giga Drain to directly assault the psychic energy of the foe. Broth of vigor drains health and energy from the opponent based only on the amount of Psychic energy they have, ignoring all types, resistances and immunites. Types with more Psychic energy (Psychics and Ghosts, or Pokémon with multiple Psychic moves) feel the drain at a level of a Giga Drain or higher, while those with fewer Psychic moves take as much as a Mega Drain, and those with none take only an absorb's worth. Michiba can use Broth of Vigor four times a match, but no more than two times on any one opposing Pokémon

Hecate: Female Gengar
Named after the chief of staff in Tartarus from Greek Mythology, Hecate is one of the oldest pokemon of all time, even by ghost pokemon standards. Among the time she’s spent on the earth, she has witnessed thousands upon thousands of years. Originally a Mew, she battled hundreds of pokemon, and became one to truly be reckoned with, until her original trainer died, and she was buried alive along with him, as were his wishes. That is where the Mew died, and a newborn Gastly rose through the grave, leaving her body with her fallen master, Hecate went out into the world, observing, learning, and coping until now...
Signature Training (Ghost): Beckoning at Death's Door
Like most of those among the dead, Hecate's has unfinished business left in this life, and she carries this attitude with her into battle. Due to this attachment to the realm of the living, she has developed the kind of determination we tend to associate with the Charizard family, and has developed their characteristic of being able to keep herself from being KOd for one extra round after she would usually be assumed to be KOd.

Level 6
Tita: Level 6 Female Dragonite
Tita is one of the older remaining members of the ASB, but much older than even that indicates. Tita is the reincarnated form of an angel who was removed from heaven when Arceus, the God of Pokémon, seized the heavens. Confused at her reincarnation in the form of a Dratini, Tita slumbered for ages in a secluded pond, far away from the developing civilizations of men. When she awoke once again, her memories of her former life had faded away, and she began to explore the thoroughly different world which surrounded her... until her capture. Despite having no memory of her previous days, she has a divine inner fire which burns constantly, turning her scales a dark red as a mark of her former divinity.
Special Training: Type Change (Fire)
Tita has the extra type Fire added to it due to reasons specified in the unusual characteristics section.
With the constant heat of her heart pulsing throughout her form, Tita has the additional type of Fire and all of the weaknesses and resistances that lie therein. As a result she has knowledge of the moves Overheat, Lava Plume, and Will-O-Wisp and her fire moves have an additional 10% chance to burn the opponent. However, the fire within has enveloped over her Ice Energy, leaving her unable to use Icy Wind, Blizzard, Mist, Hail and Ice Beam

Level 3

Morimoto: Male Skarmory
No Signature Move

Level 2

Chairman Kaga: Male Piplup
No Signature Move

Nakamura: Male Shieldon
No Signature Move

Aron: Male Aron

Trapinch: Female Trapinch

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Graveler Re: Squad Summaries

Trainer Level 4
56 KO's 165 TP 31.5 SP
B Ref
2x/3x reffing scale
Rock Gym Leader


Biohazard Badge
Global Badge
The radioactive skull badge given out by Shadowshocker, leader of the Poison-typed Ground Zero Gym. All of Shadow's Pokemon are designed after some of Jumbaa Jookiba's 628 illegal genetic experiments, though due to general restraints Shadow has not been able to transcribe soopuh-Pokemon abilities to them. No one said anything about the badge, though, and it seems that prolonged exposure to the nasty sides of Poison has turned the badge septically sinister...
Badge Effect: Insult to Injury
If the holder's opponent's Pokemon is under at least one status, the holder's Pokemon does 15% more damage to the statused Pokemon.

Indurate Badge
Attachable Badge
Trainers who defeat Tyranidos, leader of the Godly Geode Gym, will receive this badge made of pure diamond, to symbolize the toughness of rocks. Likewise, the badge grants a specific power to toughen up a Pokemon.
Badge Effect: Immunity
This badge can make a type that would usually do neutral damage to your Pokemon, an immunity. The trainer who wins this badge may choose which type to change to an immunity, but can only choose from the types that inflict neutral damage and cannot pick the Normal type.

Spoiler: show
Gym Squad:

Habeeb: Male Pupitar (Level 4)
Bio: Habeeb is sick and tired of having to constantly bounce around to move. He feels like a sitting duck (or more like sitting Farfetch'd am I right?) and wants to have the freedom of movement. However, he could not use his pressurized gases inside his shell to fly ( ;; ) he could do something else with it.
Special Technique: Agility (Normal)
Habeeb can now use his pressurized gas to use Agility, at 1.5x the energy cost of a regular Agility.

Tom: Shiny Male Rampardos (Level 4)
As Christmas ASB 2007 comes to a close, I decided to pick one up on Boxing Day! Muyo and ABL graciously decided to travel to Sinnoh and let every ASBer, now have access to D/P Pokemon and moves. As I stated in the TO "I really wanted a Cranidos" Thank you, Muyo and ABL, for making this wish come true! [/corny] He is very good at handling rocks.
Special Training: Rocky Road (Rock)
Tom summons rocks to point up from the ground in the entire arena! This can hurt all Pokemon (except flying types) at any time. This attack does 10% more damage as Spikes, but takes energy as Spikes and Stealth Rock combined. The rocks pop up every other turn, and keep doing so until Tom is about halfway on his energy. Can only be used once (duh) per battle.

Hideki: Male Sudowoodo (Level 4)
Bio: So this one time I was walking in the woods randomly, as I seem to do that a lot, I came upon a beach at the very end of the woods. There were many palm trees around, but I saw one that stood out. Suddenly, eyes popped open on this tree, and I discovered it to be a Sudowoodo! So, I sent out my pal Conway the Croconaw to make quick work of the rock beast. Strangely, the Sudowoodo was able to take twice the Water attacks as a normal Rock type, and even fired Grass type moves at Croconaw. The water next to this Sudowoodo had somehow changed his genetic structure so then he could fight whatever decided to attack him, usually water Pokemon, and that he could attack and beat the Pokemon in return. In the end, I won the hard fought battle and found something truly incredible about him.
Special Characteristic: Grass Type
So Hideki is Rock/Grass because of his location. He gains all weaknesses/resistances associated with this type change. He also gains the moves Energy Ball, Magical Leaf, and Solar Beam, but forgot how to use Fire Punch and Ice Punch because he hurts himself with them D:

Dude: Male Graveler (Level 4)
Bio: His spikes vanished suddenly, like pimples eventually do, and he wasn't special anymore. So, I trained him like usual to get plain old stronger. He really wanted a sig move, so, like every Pokemon EVER seems to do, he trained on his own. He especially liked Stealth Rock, so he made his own little adjustment to the move.
Special Training: Stoning Your Lungs (Rock)
Dude basically uses Stealth Rock, except the rocks pop up every turn. They do minor damage, though they do strike the opponent's ribs. The repeated blow to the ribs impedes breathing, and thus, makes them lose energy more. This doesn't work with Pokemon who are flying, or giant Pokemon. This takes the energy of 1.5 Stealth Rocks and can only be used once. It stops when Dude is KO'd.

Wally: Male Bastiodon (Level 4)
No Sig Move

Rhino: Male Rhydon (Level 5)
Bio: I could always count on Rhino when I was feeling down. My place of residence didn't have a fireplace, so whenever I felt cold or just wanted to curl up next to something warm, Rhino was always there. He was always warm because he had a really warm heart, not only because he was nice guy, but also because he was born and raised inside of a volcano. As such, training with Fire Pokemon all the time really stuck with him (in addition to, you know, living in a volcano). As a result, he would have an extra bit of fire within him to use Fire moves.
Special Training: Heart of Fire
Rhino is considered familiar with Fire type moves as some Water types are familiar with Ice type moves. His Surf and Whirlpool attacks are now considered Fire type attacks, and thus can only be used in lava. Being so hot all the time has its disadvantages, however, as he now no longer can use Blizzard, Bubblebeam, Water Gun, Icy Wind, or Avalanche.

Soleil: Genderless Solrock (Level 4)
No Sig Move

Lune: Genderless Lunatone (Level 4)
No Sig Move

Rex: Male Aerodactyl (Level 4)
No Sig Move

Cell: Male Kabutops (Level 4)
Bio: I named him after Cell from DBZ because Kabutops' head shape is the same as Imperfect Cell's head shape. As well as that, this particular Kabuto has cells of the type energies. When I revived him from a fossil, a certain Dr. Gero changed its DNA structure so then it would be capable of using moves from the different type energies.
Special Characteristic: Cells (Various)
When ordered to do so, Cell uses "Metronome". But instead of every attack possible, he can only use a move from each type of energy he isn't naturally familiar with. Those moves are Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Bug Buzz, Dark Pulse, Mid Charged Shadow Ball, Psychic Wave, Air Slash, Sludge Bomb, Dragon Pulse, Earth Power, Flash Cannon, and Focus Blast (.75 times the power). He can only use any of these moves once per battle at 1.5x the energy it would usually take (with the exception of Focus Blast, which takes the energy of a regular one as it is less power). These moves will be randomly generated by the ref, just like a regular Metronome.

Marvin: Male Armaldo (Level 4)
No Sig Move

Scevola: Male Magcargo (Level 4)
No Sig Move

Other Pokemon

Kerr: Male Flygon (Level 5)
Bio: Because he wasn't a Trapinch anymore, he didn't have that Special Grass resistance (He doesn't need it anyway). So, he decided to use his new Dragonic Powers with the same old Ground Type that he was stuck with for so long as a Trapinch. This led to something pretty handy in battles.
Special Technique: Dragon Tomb (Dragon)
Essentially a Dragon typed Sand Tomb/Fire Spin, Kerr uses up the energy of a Sand Tomb to create one with Dragon Energy instead, not having the need to be in a sandy arena. The attack itself does the damage of a Dragon Claw, as the opponent can't really sink in a valley of sand because of this move. If the opponent touches the Dragonic flames, it will take damage equal to half of a Dragonbreath and has the half the chance of paralyzing/burning (15% and 5%, respectively) the opponent as a Dragonbreath. Can be used twice per match and once per Pokemon.

Crest: Female Steelix (Level 4)
Bio: After a failed attempt at becoming a full Crystal Onix, Crest sighed in sadness. She really liked crystals and how shiny they were. Ultimately, she was still a normal Onix, but through excessive training and underground sleeping, Crest learned something new with crystals.
Special Technique: Crystal Coat (Rock)
Crest can now coat herself in a special crystal rock thing which helps in battle. When ordered as the opponent uses a Special Attack (except for Water moves), Crest quickly turns crystal briefly, which makes the oncoming Special Attack bounce off of her and return to hit the opponent. This uses the energy of 2.5 Ancient Powers and can be used twice a battle.

Pyro: Female Charizard (Level 4)
Bio: Ever since she noticed the flame on her tail, she has been thinking about what she could do with it. All she heard about was that once the flame goes away, she will never be able to battle again. She figured that she would need to turn this weakness into a strength.
Special Training: The fire on her tail (Fire, yeah, fire!)
Pyro has learned to use many fire attacks from her tail. She can use Fire Punch (Fire Tail), Flamethrower by swinging her tail back and forth rapidly, and Fire Spin by spinning her tail. However, this is more tiring than the regular attack itself, so each attack used by her tail takes 1.5x the energy.

Pallav: Male Sceptile (Level 4)
Bio: Another amazing story of body part realization, Pallav noticed the leaves on his wrists. He already knew how to use Leaf Blade, but decided to take it one step further. Instead of conjoining the three leaves into one to create just one solid blow, he figured out how to use all three.
Special Training: Leaf Darts (Grass)
Pallav sharpens his leaves, just like a normal Leaf Blade. However, they do not form one blade on each wrists, but three smaller ones. He then has the power to throw them at his opponent just like someone would with darts. If all hit, it does the damage of a Leaf Blade. Regardless of how many hit, it always takes the energy of a Leaf Blade. Can be used three times per battle.

Conway: Male Feraligatr (Level 4)
While swimming in the Lake of Rage (bad idea), a Totodile decided to swim along with me and we became friends, so he let me battle and eventually catch him. He has known a secret trick that is very strange, yet satisfying.
Special Attack: Water Claw (Water)
Conway knows how to harness his water abilities. He has figured out how to get water pulsing out from his hands and attack with it. So his claws are coated with rushing water which is really effective. It also has about a 15% chance of water entering the nose or mouth of a non-water Pokemon, or just a land lover, which results in flinching (because of coughing/sputtering). This attack does as much damage as a Water Pulse and takes a bit more energy than a Dragon Claw. Can only be used twice per battle.

Tara: Genderless Starmie (Level 4)
No Sig move

Sumati: Female Gardevoir (Level 4)
Sumati is very upset that Dark Type Pokemon are stronger than her. She especially does not like the idea that Psychic Type moves don't effect Dark Types at all. After I caught her in a wild encounter, she has been doing special training by herself when I train my other Pokemon. She has learned a new move, but has forgotten how to use a few more. Luckily, these moves don't mean very much to her.
Special Training: Dark Sacrifice
Sumati knows how to use Miracle Eye, but cannot use Snatch or Thief.

Neha: Female Kangaskhan (Level 4)
No Sig Move

Birla: Female Electabuzz (Level 4)
Bio: While I was traveling in Johto (don't laugh), I stumbled upon what it seems to be a Thunder Stone sticking out of the ground. I picked it up, thinking, "OMFG, it's a Thunder Stone." So, as I was walking, this kickass Elekid started following me. Why did I know it was kickass, you ask? Because it was going to be mine, is my answer. *hears Kricketunes* >.>. Anyway, I found out that Birla had this awesome power, the power of awesomeness.
Special Attack/Training: Electric Drill (Electric)
Birla can drill through the ground with electric energy. He basically uses a form of Thunder Punch to drill through the ground and go back up (duh). Once he does this, he launches up and hits the foe (if he hits) with electric energy. This attack does about 1.5 times as much as Thunder Punch because of the element of surprise, it also has the same percentage of paralysis a normal Thunder Punch would have. It takes about the same energy has a Dig and a Thunder Punch.

Tata: Female Magmar (Level 4)
Bio: When I was training with this little gal, she always had an apt of guessing which Pokemon is the real Pokemon when it used Double Team. She also spotted invisible ghosts quite well too. "Huh, she might be part Psychic." I thought. BUT BEFORE MUYO SHAKES HIS HEAD IN REJECTION, that's not why she knew. I noticed that she blew out a little flame that tracked which opponent was the real one, or where an invisible ghost went.
Special Technique: Tracking Flame (Fire)
So, Tata can make a flame which is basically a tracking thing. She blows out a small flame that travels over to the opponent and stays with it, even though the opponent has used Double Team or is invisible. This flame can only be defeated with a water typed move, or a very strong gust of wind. If either of those don't happen, the flame goes out automatically after 5 rounds of being in battle. This flame takes the energy of a Will-o-Wisp and can only be used once per Pokemon.

Samson: Male Scizor (Level 4)
Bio: While me and my buddy Tyrant were walking down a road, we spotted a heard of Kricketune. So then I was like "Cool, maybe I should capture one." So then I went into the forest and followed the Kricketune around, hoping to hear their chirps so then it would be easier to find them. But then suddenly, I heard a really high pitched chirp which boggled my senses and then I had know idea where I was going. Suddenly I woke up to see a Scyther amongst some Kricketune while they were feeding on sap of a tree. I suddenly thought "Wow, a Scyther which can confuse people, I wonder how it could do it." So then I sat there, hoping to see it confuse something else. Suddenly a Mightyena came running towards the bugs. All of them chirped, including Scyther, because they had been startled. Scyther's chirps had managed to confuse Mightyena as well and they all flew away.
Special Training: Chirp (Bug)
Samson knows how to chirp like a Kricketune. He does this by rubbing his blades together and it makes a high pitched noise, similar to that of a Supersonic. This confuses the foe. This attack takes about 1.25x the amount of energy as a Supersonic. This attack can by used 3 times per battle.

Nila: Female Lapras (Level 4)
No Sig Move

Sarika: Female Skarmory (Level 4)
Bio: Ever since I've captured her, she's always had the need for speed. Her species looked pretty speedy, however, she was just mediocre compared to some of my faster Pokemon. After getting the original concept from Code Geass, she learned to harness her energy into making herself a lot faster.
Special Technique: Energy Wings (Flying)
Sarika collects Flying energy onto her wings and they start to glow. For the two rounds after this move is ordered, she will move as if she used the long term form of agility three times, greatly increasing her speed. This will make every move from the opponent have a 75% chance to hit. The opponent will also have a 75% chance of dodging any Physical moves from Sarika when using Agility or the like. And, because of the increased momentum, any Physical attack she uses will do 5% extra damage but any Special attack will do 10% more damage to her. This move can be used twice per match and uses Flying energy equivalent to Flamethrower. Sarika can no longer use ST/LT Agility

Cutthroat Bill: Male Sableye (Level 2)
No signature move

Circe: Female Noctowl (Level 2)
No signature move

Jones: Male Golett (Level 3)
No signature move

Ichor: Male Grimer (Level 1)
No signature move

Hanuman: Male Mankey (Level 1)
No signature move

Duster: Male Sneasel (Level 1)
No signature move

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Bulbasaur That I_D Guy Has A Squad...

PASBL Trainer Level: 4
26-12-8 | 77 KO's | 195 TP | 0 SP


Reffing Badge
Onslaught Badge

[.:Battle Slots:.]
Slot 1 - empoleon dynamite (UPN)
Slot 2 - mewmaster007 (UPN)
Slot 3 - GrJackass (UPN)
Slot 4 - Ethereal (SPPf)

Gym Slot - ??? (???)

[.:Battle Waiting List:.]
1. milotic111 (UPN)
2. ??? (UPN)
3. ??? (UPN)
4. ??? (UPN)
5. ??? (UPN)

Spoiler: show

Elodie: Level 5 Female Bellossom
Elodie returns to me from way back when known as Bulbasaur and although she did some soul searching and aimless wandering, she heard of my return and has finally found me once again. She was known in the previous squad as the dancer and had a wonderful attack that was very beautiful to look at, though rather technical for a dancer to perform. Always the playful one and never weary of a challenge, she takes up arms to fight for me once again.
Special Technique: Yusuton, Higa Zekkou (Rock)
Elodie starts dancing in front of her opponent, and finishes with a pirouette. She then spins her body at a fast rate and as she spins, little blades of energy fly from her, all directed at the opponent. Each little energy blade has the power of the Rock-type behind it and is sharp enough to cause small lacerations. The multitude of little energy blades create enough light when the attack goes off, that it looks like a fireworks display. The attack does a total of a Petal Dance in damage and can leave the opponent rather dazed. It uses 1.25x of Petal Dance in energy and will leave Bellossom disoriented right after the move, similar to Petal Dance.

Venera: Level 5 Male Salamence
Venera lived a very lonely life within his clan of other Bagon and Shelgon. He was always the outcast and never had any friends whatsoever. To combat this loneliness, he became accustomed to creating a Double Team clone that had real solidarity to it and could think on its own, so he could have someone, even though it was a complete copy of himself, to play with. He used to do everything with this companion. However, the other members of the Clan thought it was quite funny to destroy the clone, by touching it with something with enough strength to make it disappear, just like a normal Double Team clone.
Special Attack: Furuiton, Gatsuuga (Dragon)
When Venera uses Double Team, he only ever creates one clone. In a twister style movement, Venera and his clone spin to create very fast winds around them both and then they jump at their opponent and spiral around each other. The attack deals damage equal to 1.5x Twister. It takes the energy of 1.5x Twister. It counts as a two-move combo when the clone is not already on the field. The clone cannot be destroyed while performing this attack, but immediately disappears after the attack hits.

Vynolia: Level 4 Female Venusaur
My faithful companion, Vynolia has always been by my side. I found Vynolia when she was the leader of a humble group of Bulbasaur and Ivysaur. The group was rather remote and lived in a place of paradise. Their version of paradise had multitudes of flowers covering every square inch of the ground. The flowers had so many petals, it was impossible to distinguish one from another. As a result, Vynolia has six times as many petals on her back than normal.
Special Attack: Haton, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi (Grass)
Vynolia can use the petals on her back by taking about four at a time and splitting them into hundreds of pieces. Each piece has very sharp edges, akin to a small knife. The tiny knives begin to spin and are spread all around the arena. Then, they are concentrated on the opponent. This attack deals damage equivalent to 2x Leaf Storm and takes energy equivalent to 2.5x Leaf Storm to execute.

Blade: Level 4 Male Gallade
Blade has been training all his life. He has always been against fighting to solve problems, and instead he has always tried talking to resolve issues. Since meeting me, he has come to understand that fighting is mostly a necessary thing, especially with me. However, as a result he started some special training and has finally returned to me with the results. This training was specifically to master the art of the fighting style that is known as Juuken.
Special Training: Seiton, Juuken (Psychic)
Blade has a special fighting "mode" known as Juuken. This is a hand-to-hand combat style that stays on the back foot and tries to dodge as much as possible, using the opponents weight against them like in Judo. Beginning this fighting "mode" counts as a move in battle and must be ordered. Conversely, Blade can stop using Juuken when ordered to do so, but this does not count as an attack. When he uses Juuken, he expends energy equivalent to a 1.5x Foresight every round in order to maintain this style. The style also includes putting some energy in his palms so that with every hit that makes physical contact, extra energy is put into the area touched so that each hit has a 10 % chance of partial paralysis of the limb touched. This increases the energy usage of all attacks that make physical contact take an extra 20 % energy to use.

Revier: Level 4 Male Slowking
I met Revier in a cave. He was always a loner, but the reason for that was unclear. The cave was clammy and cold. It had almost no light whatsoever, except for a small crack somewhere in the cave ceiling. Revier liked it in that cave, he was happy there. However, when I "rescued" him, he found out what is was like to live in the light. Since then, he has had a personal vendetta against whatever/whoever put him in that cave of misery.
Special Attack: Seiton, Tayuya (Psychic)
Revier delves into the mind of the opponent and makes them see particularly horrifying images, usually of friends or family dying, in a rather gruesome fashion. This attack deals damage equal to 1.5x the damage of Psychic and has a 10% chance of causing the opponent to flinch. It takes the 1.5x the energy of Psychic to use.

Flarek: Level 4 Male Infernape
Flarek was part of travelling circus act when I met him. He was labelled as "Smoke-breather", which seemed odd, since all Fire Pokémon know how to breathe smoke. However, when I asked about it, the keepers just told me that he had never breathed fire ever in his life. I thought this was a joke, so I took him off their hands and began training. No sooner had I done so, did he reveal that he can breathe fire like normal Fire-types, but his fire always has more smoke attached to it than normal.
Special Attack: Katon, Hisekishou (Fire)
The fact that he breathes a bit of smoke every time he uses a fire attack from his mouth means that each attack of this type has a 10 % chance of partially blinding the opponent. As a result, it has been found that Flarek can't use Smokescreen. However, more importantly, we turned it into an attack. Firstly, Flarek releases a Smokescreen, but try as he might, his smokescreen is always just a grey smoke. However, the grey smoke is much hotter than a normal Smokescreen, and never black. The grey smoke is sprayed in front of him, and engulfs the opponent, and surrounding arena area, giving an approximate radius of 5m around the opponent. This never includes Flarek. Then, when enough smoke has been released, he clenches his teeth and the entire smoke cloud explodes in a burst of fire, flame and heat. The attack deals damage equal to 1.5x Flamethrower, and takes the energy equivalent to 1.5x Flamethrower and 2 Smokescreens to complete.

Grapper: Level 4 Male Ambipom
Grapper was a weird Aipom since he has an odd obsession with his tail-arm, more-so than any other normal Aipom. He always stands on his tail-arm. But, when attacking, all attacks that use hands/arms are driven with his tail-arm. Since evolving, this hasn't changed and he now uses his tail-arms for almost everything he can possible. This fascination with his tail-arms, and concentration of energy in his tail-arms, spawned his special attack.
Special Attack: Fuuton, Rasen-Shuriken (Flying)
Grapper concentrates a massive amount of energy in his tail-arms such that it forms a small ball that is about the size of the palm of his tail-arms. The ball is pure energy that spins on itself at a rapid pace. Then, using some Flying energy, the spinning takes on the form of a shuriken that spins extremely fast. The result looks like a shuriken that has a ball in the middle of it. He then throws the shuriken-ball into the opponent. If it hits, it causes a large explosion that deals 2x Dynamic Punch of damage to the opponent. The energy usage is 2.5x Dynamic Punch. This attack can only be used once per match.

Lili: Level 4 Shiny Female Ludicolo
Lili hated where she lived. The reason for this was that it never rained. Of course, this was especially an issue for her since she likes to have water around all the time. She began trying to overcome this issue with a daily use of Surf in order to create some water around where she lived. But soon found out that in the summer, the water dried up too fast. Instead, she tried to combine two Surf attacks. What happened was a rather different result.
Special Attack: Suiton, Suiryuudan (Water)
Lili lets out a stream of water similar to that in Surf, but the water spins very rapidly in a more Twister-like movement. The beauty of this attack is that Lili gives this torrent of water a dragon-like head that is extremely menacing. The combination means that a volume of water equal to 2 Surf attacks is created and the dragon face is so menacing that the opponent has a 10% chance of flinching. The attack takes energy equal to 2x Surf and a Scary Face and deals 2x Surf in damage.

Thorn: Level 4 Male Torterra
I found Thorn in a very dense forest of very tall trees. He had spent most of his life in this forest, learning and understanding how the wood grows so tall, straight and solid. Funnily enough, when I met him, he was so shy and scared that he set up a shield of some sort that was very odd in appearance. I eventually coaxed him into coming along with the party and we learned to use his shield in battle.
Special Defence: Mokuton, Mokujou Heki (Grass)
Thorn spends energy to have wood grow out of the ground in front of him, that grows a sort-of cave-like appearance, covering all directions of attack, except directly behind him. The attack takes a very short amount of time to setup, thus he spends the energy for Agility and Protect for the defence. The setup is permanent on the field until destroyed, and cannot be moved since it is rooted in the ground. The wood is extremely strong and thick, however one Flamethrower in one spot will burn a hole through it. Otherwise, it takes a strong attack to destroy a part of it, and two to destroy all of it. Ice-type attacks are 'super-effective' against it, making so brittle that a Tackle will destroy the entire thing. A Blizzard can destroy it in one go. Thorn can only setup two of these structures at the one time. It counts as a two-move combo.

Bronté: Level 4 Female Rhyhorn
When Bronté was very young, she learned that she could move faster if she dug her front legs in a bit before moving, and jump-running around in this fashion. She found that when she did this, she became very connected with the Ground. When I met her as part of her family, she was much older and consolidated this affinity for the Ground. It took a while to convince her elderly mother that she was not going to be hurt if she spent her time with me.
Special Defence: Doton, Doruki Gaeshi (Ground)
Bronté rears up and digs her front legs in deep to make a slab on earth about 1 metre long, 1 metre wide and 50 cm in depth. The slab jumps out of the ground like a seesaw and stands at about 70˚ for about 5 seconds before falling back to the ground. This can be used to block all medium-powered attacks, but it cannot block water based attacks like Water Gun and similar strong attacks, as the earth just breaks apart too fast. This takes the energy equivalent to 1.5x Rock Throw to use.

Buzz: Level 4 Male Electabuzz
Buzz is always making sparks. Ever since I first met him, he just couldn't stop himself from doing it. So, we decided to practice with the spark generation. After some serious long and hard training, he was able to generate quite a substantial field around himself. This field, when concentrated in one part of the body became a very powerful attack. It also had a very nice side effect.
Special Attack: Raiton, Chidori (Electric)
To concentrate the sparks, Buzz uses the energy of Thunderpunch. He chooses to concentrate the energy into his fist and arm for a more powerful version of a Thunderpunch. When he attacks, however, he moves at lightning speed that uses the energy of a Quick Attack. So, the total damage dealt by the attack is equal to 2x Thunderpunch and the total energy used is equal to a 2x Thunderpunch and a Quick Attack. The part of the opponent's body that Buzz hits (except the head or chest) with this attack is paralysed for two rounds.

Liz: Level 4 Shiny Female Sceptile
Liz has spent her entire life living with trees, and just loves jumping around in trees. She enjoys them so much, whenever she is in a tree-filled arena, she will never set foot on the ground and always attacks from the trees. If she needs to come close to attack, she jumps out from the trees, attacks, and jumps straight back into the trees immediately afterwards. Once, while training, I forced her to stay on the ground. And she got so angry, she set about making my life hell by attacking me with such a fierce attack.
Special Defence: Haton, Hakke Rokujuu Yonshou (Dragon)
Liz stands in one spot and waits for her opponent to come close before disappearing from sight. She beats up all over her opponent and every attack has the power of the Dragon-type behind them. The move deals the damage of a Leaf Storm and takes 1.5x the energy. It may only be used once per battle.

Shade: Level 4 Male Sableye
Shade met me when I was visiting a neighbouring town. He decided he liked me for some reason and kept following me, the stalker. I knew nothing about it until one night when he caught me with some technique and I could barely move. He showed himself to me and forced me to take him long with me. I later learned that he was running from his old trainer who treated him like he never existed and never acknowledged his special ability.
Special Attack: Kuroton, Kage Nui (Dark)
Shade puts his hands together in a special seal that allows him to make his shadow jet-black in colour. Immobile, he uses his shadow by extending it in a single line. If the shadow touches the opponent's shadow, they also become immobile. Then, Shade splits the shadow up into 10 strands and has them become a tangible thread that rises out of the ground and pierce the opponent. Each strand deals 0.2x the damage of a Crunch, as such the entire amount of damage can be 2x a Crunch and uses the energy of 2 Crunches. Since it's based on the movement of a shadow, the attack can only be used where a shadow can be formed (i.e. it can't be used at night when there is no moon). There is only a 50% chance of the shadow making contact with the opponent's shadow if it is not already in contact.

Rheza: Level 4 Male Scizor
Traveling deep within a jungle forest area, I managed to stumble upon a well-kept secret. It was a haven of bugs - a bugs' paradise if you like. Except for a small group of Scyther. It was interesting because, at first glance, they looked like they fit in. But, after living with the bugs for a while, I came to the understanding that there were murders going on. There was a killer on the loose. I decided that I would take it on myself to find the culprit. I finally cornered the bug and we fought all night. In the end, I won, and he agreed to come along with me with the promise of plenty of fights to be had where I was going. He had the most fearsome technique in his arsenal.
Special Technique: Chuuton, Mushi Dama (Bug)
Being the bloodthirsty villain he is, he enjoyed taking his opponent's by the neck and threatening them with his arm-blades. While in this position, he was able to dig his fangs and legs into the opponent and steal their energy. The damage dealt and energy used is equivalent to a Giga Drain and the attack also has a 10% chance of the opponent being paralysed. For the attack to work, Rheza must be able to latch on to the opponent.

Elli: Level 4 Female Cradily
I rescued Elli from a river bed that she was wandering down one day. However, I should be more specific, she had been completely submerged by the most torrential rains the previous 2 weeks and she wasn't able to get away from the water. When I rescued her, she was trying ever so desperately to pull herself from the mud and slime. After this, she was much stronger.
Special Training: Suiton, Mizu no Tatsumaki (Water)
The strength in Elli’s little legs has nearly quadrupled and as a result, she is much more easily able to move her body around. She can quite freely jump up to 3 metres in distance. She is 3x faster than normal Cradily and can hold her whole body weight on one foot.

Verim: Level 4 Shiny Male Drapion
I met Verim on a sunny afternoon. It wasn't too hard to find him since he was running in circles. It was obvious that Verim loves his tail. He spends forever chasing his tail. This doesn't affect his battling of course, since he gets to use his tail to beat up his opponents. This fascination is not such a big deal when you learn why he is so fascinated. He has an extra poison sack in his tail and loves that fact. Verim makes his own unique poison in this sack and can use it in one attack.
Special Technique: Dokuton, Satetsu Kaiho (Poison)
Verim gets super close to his opponent and then sticks his tail directly into them so that the poison he releases will go straight into the bloodstream. The poison wracks the system with a initial hit that deals damage to the opponent equal to 1.5x a Sludge Bomb. Can also cause paralysis, sleep, slowness (as in the Icy Wind effect), or the toxic effect. Each of which have 10% chance. However, only one type of status effect can be inflicted. The attack takes the energy of 1.75x a Sludge Bomb to complete and can only used three times a match, and is only usable on Pokémon who could plausibly have their skin punctured.

Orgus: Level 4 Male Abomasnow
High in the mountains of the far north, I was trekking and suddenly a storm blew in and I was wondering whether I would be able to survive the night. I tripped and fell and never found a cave. I woke in the morning to find Orgus standing near me trying to keep as warm as he knew how. He had covered me with his whole body, taking the brunt of the storm by himself. We decided to travel together afterwards as his defense was most useful to me.
Special Technique: Retsuton, Hakuren (Ice)
Orgus raises his arm and charges it with Ice-type energy like an Ice Punch, but then he shoots it out like an Ice Beam. This beam is far colder than a normal Ice Beam and it freezes the air instantly. The size of this block is the same size of Orgus. It is effectively a solid wall of very thick ice that he pushes out from himself. The attacks deals damage equal to 1.5x a Ice Beam and takes the same amount of energy. It can only be used twice per match.

Aéri: Level 4 Female Togetic
Aéri is a sweet girl that spends most of her time in the arts room. Who would have guessed, but Aéri is a proficient painter. She loves painting and has spent almost here entire life perfecting her ability. Her love of the painting eventually led her to try and create an ability for use in battle that was at least based upon the ink she loves to use. She spent quite a number of years perfecting a way to make her energy look like ink and she has perfected the following technique.
Special Attack: Nimpou, Choujuu Giga (Normal)
Aéri charges for 2 seconds before releasing three beams of energy in quick succession each taking the shape of a black and white eagle. The eagle-shaped beams are fired off in arcs that are 120˚ apart from each other. (In order to help visualise this, think a big TriForce with each beam representing one piece of the TriForce. The beams cannot go separate directions.) When they all hit the opponent, they take 2x Mega Punch in damage (each beam being 0.5x a Mega Punch, with 0.5x Mega Punch added if all hit.). As each beam hits, it becomes ink which splatters all over the opponent. This ink has the effect of reducing the opponent's speed by 6.66% per beam such that if all three beam hits, their speed is reduced by 20%. If any of the ink slashes in the opponent's eyes, it may impair their vision as well. The attack takes the energy of 3 Mega Punches to use and Aéri will be fairly exhausted in the following round due to high energy use. Can be used twice per match.

Serenia: Level 4 Female Lapras
Serenia is named as such since she is the most calm Lapras you'll ever meet. However, she still believes that fighting is a necessary evil which creates peace and thus, she makes sure she can create that peace when she is fighting. Hard done by her clan, she decided to come with me in the hope that together we cold create more peace than she could alone. We trained hard, and created the most beautiful and thus peaceful attack.
Special Technique: Retsuton, Hyouten Hyakkasou (Ice)
Serenia shoots a bolt of energy to the sky which cause it to become grey and form clouds extremely quickly over the arena. Then, as the clouds gather closer and closer over the opponent, a beam of blue-white light appears in the centre of the clouds and blasts the opponent. the beam freeze on contact and covers the body quickly. Once the attack ends, the ice melts away quickly. This attack deals damage equivalent to a Hyper Beam and takes 1.5x the energy. It has a 10% chance that the ice doesn't melt at the end of the attack. It can only be used once per match.

Raesta: Level 4 Male Aerodactyl
Raesta is one of the more feisty of its kind. Spending most of his time, flying around and generally making a hazard of himself. His most favourite type of attack is Fire since most of his Fire-typed attacks are released from his mouth. One day, he was playing around with his fire-type energy and burned Vynolia a bunch. We he went for his next attack, she closed his mouth with her vines. When she finally let him loose, the expulsion of the energy was what created his new attack.
Special Attack: Katon, Goukakyu no Jutsu (Fire)
Raesta concentrates a ton of energy in his mouth and then shoots it out in one big blast. The concentrated energy explodes on impact, creating a massive fireball around the opponent or whatever it ends up landing on. The attack has a 10ft radius and this can sometimes include Raesta in small arenas. It deals the same damage as a 1.5x a Fire Blast and the same energy to perform.

Gyra: Level 4 Genderless Metang
Gyra is a sibling of my former companion, Spinna. Gyra, like it's sibling also likes to spin around. But his spinning has always been of a different kind in the sense, that it's for show. Though it likes spinning, it won't be found doing much of that during battles as it is of the opinion that it would hurt it's sense of direction and whatnot. Regardless, Gyra had an interesting battle-worthy ability when we first met.
Special Defence: Doton, Suna no Tama (Ground)
This technique takes the sand from two Sandstorms and condenses it using the Psychic energy natural to Gyra, to form a shield. The defence blocks one attack before disappearing. However, it can't block high-pressure Water-type attacks and turns to glass more often than not when blocking a high-powered Fire-type attack. In which case, it hangs around until it is broken. The defence uses energy equivalent to 1.25 a Safeguard. It can only be used 3 times per match. If it turns to glass, Gyra expends Psychic-type energy equivalent to a Flash each round until the glass is destroyed.

Genryu: Level 4 Male Dragonair
Genryu can't take it at all when people slag him off. He just can't stand it. Respect is of the utmost importance to him. His noble style to the battle demands respect from his opponent. He doesn't tolerate insubordination, but though his emotions run high, should this take place in battle he keeps always keeps his cool. He is never one to be questioned and even i have to spend time making sure I do the correct things by him. Battling with him is more like a partnership of two minds, rather than my ordering of his movements. There is however, one thing that he never keeps his cool about - the attack we developed.
Special Attack: Katon, Joukaku Enjou (Fire)
Genryu spends the energy equivalent to a Fire Blast and a Flamethrower to make a fire to appear in front the opponent. The fire creates a ring very quickly, by encircling the opponent, and completely surrounding them in a wall of flames with a diameter 8 metres. The heat of the flames extends over the top of the circular wall of flames such that it forms a fierce heat barrier that can be broken through but would hurt the opponent akin to 0.25x a Fire Blast. The ring lasts for two rounds and during this time, the opponent takes progressive damage of 0.5x Fire Blast per round. At the end of the second round, the flames rush at the opponent, dealing them an extra 0.25 of a Fire Blast. So the total possible damage is 1.25x Fire Blast.

Zanado: Level 4 Male Seadra
Zanado has been sort of a lone wolf in his own right for quite some time now. I managed to meet him when I was caving in the southern mountains and got lost in. I stumbled across this large underground lake where there were a number of the Horsea, Seadra, and Kingdra. But Zanado turned out to be one of the more special ones. Not only was he totally fabulous to look at (the shine of his scales was totally obvious from the rest of the dull scales around him), but he was one to stand out in just the way he walked and moved. When I finally met him, his personality was what got me and I just couldn't help but be affected by his bubbly nature. We have been a team ever since, and we sorta think a lot alike which is odd due to my Grass-type affiliation!
Special Ability: Suiton, Sakamake (Water)
On the underside of Zanado’s tail, there are small pores that can expel a small amount of water. Zanado uses this in a directional fashion in a propulsive manner to aid his mobility on land. He expends energy equivalent to a Rain Dance every round to be able to move freely on land as if he was a hopping Hoothoot. This ability only activates when Zanado is on land.

Wraith: Level 4 Male Nidoking
Wraith spends his time training his backside off. His addition to the team caused some ruckus, but everyone settled down and now enjoy the push they all get from Wraith, especially during the training sessions, which of course are in addition to the training sessions he does by himself. In fact, I can't even remember the last time he ate with us as a whole team. His personality is an endearing one, but then again, he's just so full of energy and drive that it can be a little overwhelming at times. His attack has been something of talk throughout the team. He made it his own when he was very young, or so I've been able to work out.
Special Attack: Pakuton, Futtobase (Ghost)
Wraith creates thick swirling winds around him before concentrating and channeling that energy into his right hand. The energy swirls about mostly in his hand while some of it races around his whole arm. He then pummels his fist into the opponent, the impact causing an explosion. He takes no damage from the explosion as the slight excess energy absorbs the backlash of the explosion. The damage dealt is 0.75x a Hyper Beam and the energy is 0.8x a Hyper Beam. This can only be used 2 times per match.

Rosé: Level 4 Female Roserade
Let's face it. Rosé loves her wine. Not just any old wine, either. That weird blend of the white and red wine that is rather pink in colour, hence her name. She can always be seen slacking off from her work in order to sip some new blend she's come across during our travels. However, her taste in wine isn't the only weird trait that she has. She also has a complete and enduring fascination with the metals in the wine and more indirectly, the Steel-type itself. She was particularly keen on honing her skills in this area and I knew just the answer. I paired her up with Thorn, and together they trained so that she could be able to control some of the Steel-typed energy she had desired for so long. We came up with a technique that she could use it with.
Special Technique: Yusuton, Sakikurue (Rock)
Rosé starts to glow an odd blue-green colour before many tendrils of energy of the same colour appear from her body and start to flow out towards the opponent. Each tendril is hardened due to the Rock-type energy in them. When they reach the opponent they wrap tightly around the major muscles and pressure points such that they feel a lot of pain, to the amount of a 0.5x Rock Throw. The tendrils siphon health and a little energy back to Rosé in the same way a Giga Drain would siphon energy and a little health - it's effectively a Rock-type version of Giga Drain that has reversed the energy and health restoration levels. As a result, Rosé now no longer has the ability to a normal Giga Drain. It takes the energy of a 2x Giga Drain and a Rock Throw to use. This can only be used twice per match and cannot be used twice in one round or part of a 3-move combo.

Tsuchi: Level 4 Male Shiftry
Tsuchi is a bit of a quirky one, since he preferred to play in the mud and sand rather than learn to be a part of the team. He has since stayed an outsider to the team, but his solitary behaviour did allow for him to come closer to understanding how the earth feels and as such, has worked in an interesting attack.
Special Attack: Yusuton, Ganchuurou no Jutsu (Rock)
Tsuchi whacks the ground with his hand. This creates a massive number of small rock pylons. Each pylon is covered in rock energy. They all have very sharps edges and appear beneath the opponent as a circle of radius 2 metres. They can reach up to 2 metres. The damage is equal to 0.75x a Stone Edge and takes the same energy. This can only be used 3 times per match.

Yinik: Level 3 Genderless Rotom – Mow Forme
Yinik has always been one for practical jokes. And especially since it prefers to stay in the one form, Mow. It also takes a liking to using his favourite form to cut the grass wherever we choose to have lunch, even if there is as little as a square metre of the grass. Weird fellow.
Special Attack: Yusuton, Kage Bunshin Shuriken (Rock)
Yinik turns around and races in a S-like pattern away from its opponent. In doing so, it kicks up stones and rocks from its erratic movement. This debris is flung in every direction possible, and each sharp stone comes infused with Rock-type energy. Effectively, this attack is a Rock-typed Bullet Seed, but sprayed from behind Yinik in a fashion similar to a wide-spread Swift. The attack deals 2x Bullet Seed in damage and takes the same in energy to use.

Brűlur: Level 4 Male Charizard
There’s nothing much to say about this fellow, he’s fiery, he’s full of energy and his sig was one that he just had fun doing. Mind you, he does have a healthy hatred for Vynolia since she always gets more of my attention than he does, and as a result, he has tried to attack me a few times. Let’s just say that we have come to an understanding where we get along as long as I don’t overdo it with Vynolia when he’s nearby.
Special Technique: Doton, Nikudan Hari Sensha (Ground)
Sig to be advised

Sacadores: Level 4 Female Munchlax
A boxer in her heart, Sacadores, the first Spanish addition to the team seemed to fit right in. However, the tomboyish nature and the boxing have put the other girls in a bit of a tizz. She spends more of her time with the boys in the team and some of the girls are starting to get along with her. Her one-two hit is something to behold.
Special Attack: Nimpou, Brazo Derecho del Gigante y Brazo Izquierdo del Diablo (Normal)
Sacadores starts by lending the opponent a nice hit with her right hand. The hit comes with the full force of a 0.75x a Mega Punch behind it. The hit knocks them into the ground such that Sacadores can pound the opponent with her left hand, the attack leaving a distinct mark of a devil’s face around where she hit them. Damage and energy is equivalent to 1.5x a Mega Punch.

Niki: Level 4 Female Larvesta
Niki hates people, hates company and hates life in general. Why she ever decided to be a part of my squad is totally beyond me. She is on a dark path of revenge, though he wont tell anyone what that entails, only that by being with me can she get that revenge. She keeps to herself and doesn’t interact with any of the other squad members save for meal times which can be rather awkward when she’s in a bad mood. This loneliness aided her in becoming a sharp shooter of sorts and has a signature attack to go with it. It is clear from Niki’s intentions that this move was originally meant to be used at about 3x the strength, but it took too much of a toll on her body. With my help, we perfected it for use in battle.
Special Technique: Hagaton, Jakuhou Raikouben (Steel)
Ignacia takes up a fairly defensive stance so that she can deal with the recoil of the attack she’s about to produce (in other words, she doesn’t move while performing this attack). She then charges up a heap of steel-type energy, takes aim and fires. A beam of silver energy is released from her arm, heading for the opponent. It deals the same damage as Thunderbolt and uses the same energy. This move can only be used once.

Ubrus: Level 4 Male Zweilous
Ubrus is one of the more playful members of the team, and has spent a lot of time with Lili. An unlikely pairing, but it probably mostly has to do with a possible crush he has on her. He has enjoyed spending so much time with her that he managed to get her to teach him her special attack. Although, he could never do it anywhere near as well as she could…
Special Technique: Pakuton, Enma Kourogi (Ghost/Dark)
Sig to be advised

Jorrul: Level 3 Male Galvantula
When I met Jorrul, he was a little feisty guy. I found him near a swamp, his home was a hollowed out tree nearby, and I had stepped into his territory by accident. He responded by showing himself and hissing at me. However, when he hissed, I got sprayed with little droplets of water. We fought, and I captured him. It was only after he had calmed down and I got to know him better, did he show me how he created the water. He could hold a little bit of mud and dirt in his stomach which he combined with his natural poison glands.
Special Technique: Suiton, Teppoudama (Water)
Jorrul spits at his opponent, and water droplets are sprayed at them. The droplets are smaller than those in a Bullet Seed, but there is a lot more of them. The attack deals 2x Bullet Seed in damage and has a 10% chance of poison. It takes the energy of 2x Bullet Seed and 1x Poisonpowder. It can only be used three times in a match.

Cabas: Level 4 Male Ferrothorn
My journeys through Unova brought me to a small cave. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful little round Ferroseed sitting high up in the roof. I was instantly intrigued. A battle ensued, and after I caught the little guy, he evolved. And as he did so, he seemed to gain a shine that wasn’t present previously. The nutrients Cabas had absorbed from the cave had given is new form a strength uncommon to other Ferrothorns.
Special Technique: Hagaton, Shukaku no Tate (Steel)
Sig to be advised

Xenik: Level 1 Genderless Shiny Rotom
As far as I can tell, this little Rotom is as good of a brother to Yinik that they’ll ever get. The two are easily distinguishable from each other since Xenik is the shiny version of the species. However, the one thing they don’t have in common is that Xenik finds Yinik’s pranks very boring, preferring to stay out of those affairs altogether.
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Priya: Level 1 Female Snorunt
Priya is the team’s most definite “primadonna”. If she can get anyone other than herself to do the task at hand, she will. She expects that Rosé will feed her, which doesn’t happen very often, and she struts around everyone as though she really is a princess.
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Cassie: Level 1 Female Shiny Gastly
Cassie probably spent too much time around Yinik, and the two of them are now the team jesters, playing pranks on all of us. This isn’t so bad as it manages to keep us all on our toes, and keeps us laughing. Just one of these days though, I wish she would let up…
sig to be advised

Izzi: Level 1 Male Girafarig
Fascinated with his tail, Izzi spends a lot of his time, trying to work out why it looks so evil. However, he does find it fun to use it in duels against Sadie. The two of them play-fight far too often for my liking.
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Sadie: Level 1 Female Sneasel
Sadie spends most of her time with Izzi, trying to mock fight against his tail, but is also a wildly avid whittler. If she ever gets a chance to stop, she’ll find a branch, or fell one, and whittle away until the early hours.
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Mazane: Level 1 Male Riolu
Mazane spent most of his life reading. A bookworm like no other, it was a wonder to me when I first met him inside a local library, sitting cross-legged. He took a liking to me and I decided it would be fun to have a little bookworm on the team – especially if it meant we learnt more…
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Denz: Level 1 Male Torchic
Denz has watched too much Naruto and has fallen in love with Rock Lee and his Nice Guy Pose. He adopts this pose wherever possible, including within battles when he has a moment to look his best. His love of the character also meant he copied one of his attacks.
sig to be advised

Nyram: Level 1 Male Scraggy
Unlike most of his species, Nyram would rather not bang his head into things. This makes him one of the more intelligent members of his brothers and sisters, but also made him an outcast – scoffing at your species characteristic can do that to you. Instead, he spent his time focusing on more important things, like his future…
sig to be advised

Haylee: Level 1 Female Shiny Meditite
Haylee is too much a tom-boy for most of my team’s liking, but it suits her just fine. She has the same issue as Denz, but her liking of Rock Lee extends to Might Guy and a fairly simple attack made famous by the anime sensei.
sig to be advised

Quase: Level 1 Genderless Shiny Magnemite
I picked up Quase at a local PokéMart. It was just wandering around aimlessly, and being shiny, I just had to have it. You never know when having a massive magnet around might be helpful…
sig to be advised

Total Pokémon: 43

Looks like I might be here to stay...

PASBL Trainer Level: 4 | 26-12-8 | 77 KO's | 199 TP | 0 SP
PASBL Referee (C+)
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Name: Treepandaone - Matt Brown.
| 28 Wins | 16 Losses | 4 Draw |
Knock Outs : 82
Trainer Points: 234.5
Service Points: 0
Level Four Trainer
Referee Grade: B

Pokemon Wu: Thorn of Torterra, Fist of Tyrogue

PASBL Bagdes: Indurate Badge

Pokemon Allowed - 24
Pokemon Currently - 24


Spoiler: show

Frederick J. Dukes – Level 4 Male Munchlax
Born in Nimbasa City, Frederick J. Dukes starts out as a member of a circus sideshow under the name "the Blob", being extremely overweight having developed an eating disorder. Told that he is in fact a mutant by Xavier, Blob feels that he is better than the rest of the mutants thanks to his immovability and seemingly invulnerability because of his fat. Shunned away from other mutants because of his arrogance, Frederick joined the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. He becomes part of the plot to assassinate Senator Kelly before being upgraded in powers by Onslaught. He remains with the Brotherhood, becoming a special operative of the federal government when the Brotherhood is reformed as the government-sponsored Freedom Force. Captured by me following his assault on the Xavier mansion we managed to use his abilities to battle other Pokémon, proving that he is the best and improving his self esteem.
Signature Move: The Blob (Psychic)
Using his limited psychic ability, Frederick covers himself in psychic energy before charging into the opponents, body slamming them. This does the damage of a body slam, but of psychic damage. This takes the energy of a psychic and a body slam and may only be used once per battle.

Theo Adam– Level 4 Male Lucario
Born an ancient Egyptian prince named "Teth-Adam", Lucario was chosen by the wizard Shazam to be his successor as he was thought to be pure. The wizard Shazam originally gives him ancient powers derived from Greco-Roman deities and Possessing the same powers that Captain Marvel would later be granted, Adam is soon corrupted by the vastness of his powers. Deciding that he should rule the world, Adam overthrew and killed the pharaoh and assumed the throne. Angry at his successor, Shazam banishes him to the most distant star in the universe, unable to take his powers away. Spending the next 5000 years flying back to Earth, Adam fights Shazam's three newest champions, Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. With all three being of equal strength and invulnerability, the fight lasts a long time, destroying much of Earth. Finally, Adam is tricked into repeating the word 'Shazam'; reverting back to his Teth-Adam. 5000 years of aging caught up with him, allowing Captain Marvel to knock him out before he turned into a skeleton. Being revived by Mister Sinister using his DNA I was able to capture him then, using his abilities to better my team.
Special Attack: Black Adam (Neutral)
Charging up a large ball of ??? energy, Theo launches a Flash Cannon-sized ball at the enemy, causing a Flash Cannon's worth of neutral damage to all types. This costs him a Flash Cannon's worth of energy. Because of their heavy plated skin, this attack does nothing to Steel and Rock types and only does Neutral damage to the other types of Pokémon.

Sebastian Ballesteros – Level 4 Male Drapion
Sebastian Ballesteros is an Argentine business tycoon who becomes the fourth, and only male, Cheetah. As an agent of the Amazon enemy Circre, he also becomes her lover. Seeking the plant god Urtzkartaga to become a new version of the Cheetah, he appealed to Urtzkartaga ego, making a case that the previous Cheetah's failures were because they were female and that a male Cheetah could be superior. Once Urtzkartaga was convinced, Barbara Minerva's access to the Cheetah was cut off and Sebastian was given the power in her place. Angered at the loss of her powers, Barbara Minerva eventually battles Bellesteros for control of the power of the Cheetah. Der new power, given to her by a different God, doesn't assist her regaining the right to become the Cheetah, however, Minerva kills Sebastian in his human form, regaining her Cheetah form as a result. She is later seen giving his blood to the Urtzkartaga plant as a sacrifice, Sebastian was reborn and captured by me as a young-ling. While it doesn't have the Cheetah power, Drapion has managed to gain a new ability left over.
Signature Move: Cheetah (Water)
Sebastian has now learnt the move Crabhammer, using its water energy to cover its pinsir. This can be only used twice per battle.

William Butler - Level 4 Male Magmar
A small, timid Pokémon, William was captured by me when I was traveling in the Pacific Ring. Hellion showed early obvious signs of enjoying traveling but had difficulty adapting to the heat. Early on in my short time with the Magmar, I began to see that the fire-type yearned to be back home, so we took a trip there. After a vacation seeing its homeland, a geyser of molten lava exploded on Magmar. With it being usually normal, Magmar stayed in the geyser to heat up but as the geyser didn't stop, Magmar began to feel a little woozy. After fainting in the geyser, I was forced to wait three days before the Magmar woke back up. Shrugging it off as an un-natural phenomenon, I soon found out that the geyser meeting had unlocked a new move for Butler, a move I called 'Supernova'.
Special Attack: Supernova (Fire)
Using its magnificent prowess that it learned from the Pacific Ring geysers, William is able to cannon together the essence of flame and ball it together to create one burning fireball. The 'supernova' will do the same damage as Zap Cannon, with the same charge time and will take the equivalent of a zap cannon and a flame wheel of fire energy to execute.

Sir Whoop Her - Level 4 Male Quagsire
Living in snowpoint city was hard for Sir Whoop Her. Coming from the royal family of Berlitz, Wooper was indeed a nomad after being cut from the will for reckless behavior. Putting the Lady Berlitz at danger due to a love affair with a rival family, Sir Whoop Her was thrown out and had to travel the world. Meeting countless animals wanting to tear him a new one, Sir Whoop Her had to come across a new move to scare off the animals. Far from a fast specimen, Wooper had to extort itself to become faster, realizing a move to help it along its way. Along the way, it found my team and begged to join. I agreed.
Sig Pending

Fin Fang Foom – Level 3 Male Axew
First coming from a an alien world, Fin Fang Foom originally came to earth on the same asteroid burst as Deoxys back in in the early native times; back when Pokémon ruled the planet and humans were just evolving into a species that we know now. Upon arrival, Foom's dragon squad were ambushed by Pokémon hunters to eat, killing many of the members before finally being defeated. The rest, not ready to start their conquest transformed into human forms and blended into the natural world, biding their time to break out of their shells and take over the world. Fin Fang Foom, however, was hidden on route 45 in dragons den and sent to a mystical sleep using a mixture of herbs from this planet to keep him as a back up in case the rest were found out and killed. Resting until the 21st century, despite a few occasions, Fin Fang Foom finally rose when he was let loose out of his tomb, rampaging New York until the Fantastic Four subdued him and sent him back to the tomb. During one of my adventures, I managed to find the dragon's tomb where he was de-powered and shrunk. At this time, super-villain Mandarin was also at the lair; attempting to boil Fin Fang Foom in poison in order to take control of alien tech power rings Fin Fang Foom had in its possession. I managed to save it before it was too late, battling Mandarin in an epic 6 on 6 battle before finally defeating him. As an acknowledgment for its life, Fin Fang Foom gave itself to serve me for the time being, until its debt is paid.
Signature Technique: Axonn-Karr (Poison)
While I managed to save Fin Fang Foom from the poison incursion, I didn't manage to save it entirely. Being of mystic descent Fin Fang Foom was able to recover from the acid, but because it came down with the DNA Pokémon, some of its abilities were transfused during its time spent in the acid pools. Fin Fang Foom is now able to use Cross Poison and Venoshock and has the poison energy to use both of them once or either of them twice.

Phil Lynott - Level 2 Male Volbeat
Phil is a Pokémon who I found while wandering the streets of downtown Nimbassa City. I was wondering down the streets with my iDex playing some really loud rock and roll music. Deciding that it liked the music, Phil decided to follow me, buzzing through the air next to my head while trying to hear the excessively loud music. Unaware of its presence and blinded by rocking out to the music I soon found myself in the dirty back alleys of the city. Realising my mistake, I turned around to go back to the safer part of the city when I discovered I had no idea where that was. Walking aimlessly through the back streets of Nimbassa I was soon picked up upon by two guys who knew I had no idea where I was going. Jumping me for my Pokémon, the two guys took all of my Pokéballs. Dumbfounded I chased after them but received a punch in the face, flying backwards onto some bins. Angry at my treatment, Volbeat came down to help me but soon met heavy resistance in a Flareon and a Slugma, both who had the upper hand advantage over the bug Pokémon. Seeing that the Volbeat was prepared to stand up for me, I stood up and my iDex headphones came out of the jack leading to the music to be blurted out of the speakers. Hearing the music, Phil began rocking out to the Bon Jovi, using the music to dodge attacks and headbang his way into the lead. Unfortunatly, the two fire types still had the upper hand though Phil didn't give up. When all was seemingly lost, Deep Purple's legendary guitar solo came on the playlist which made Phile play an air guitar as a last act of defiance. When he did this rock appeared at this new found hope, as a Power Gem collided into the fire types, KOing them and making sure I got my Pokémon back. Since then Phil and I have been training with rock & roll music ever since.
Signature Move – Thin Lizzy (Rock)
Being such a rock legend, Phil can use Power Gem. This can only be used twice per match. This sig also has Dave's Permission.

Khorne – Level 3 Male Lotad
Being a demon to many people, Lotad found himself as a miserable and lonely Pokémon that no-one seemed to like but everyone wanted to have. Hating the fact that he, like Bidoofs around the globe, could never truly find himself to have a loving owner, he went to live in the forest. After a rather horrible existence by himself, Lotad decided to turn to blood magic as it passed the time. Becoming quite good at it, Lotad entered the fade where he was corrupted by a Desire Demon who promised that he could be happy in the fade and find a loving owner, while also being extremely powerful. Soon after I was in the forest looking for Galvantulas when I saw Lotad wrecking the forest because of the demon inside it. Using the demon's powers, Lotad seemingly had access to nearly all moves; its favourite being Ancient Power, a move long used before the time of man to destroy bug types. Using this it was able to keep the bug Pokémon of the forest at bay while it hydropumped the forest down. Deciding to protect the forest I ran in but kept on getting caught by the rocks as they cut me and sent me flying back. After a long time, I was almost defeated when the Lotad looked back upon me and found that I cared not only for the forest, but for it. Snapping out of its demonic haze Lotad forced the desire demon from its system and destroyed it. After that, it allowed me to capture it and we've had a good time ever since.
Demon Prince (Rock)
Because of its past, Lotad can use the move Ancient Power once per match.

Aleksei Sytsevich – Level 3 Female Swinub
Born in cold Russia and coaxed into a life in the Russian Mafia, Aleksei got into his life for the dreams of easy money. Having no luck and heading down a path to a short and brutal life, Aleksei accepted an offer to be tested on by a series of life-threatening series of chemical and radiation of treatments after promises of wealth and power. Planning on supporting his poor impoverished family with the money, Aleksei accepted and went through months of transformation, being told he would be entered into a superhuman agency for professional spies. Chosen because of his low intellect and muscular physique, Aleksei powerful and indestructible armour was modelled after a Rhino and permenantly bonded to his skin. Given a first mission to capture astronaut John Jameson to sell on to the highest bidder, Aleksei was given sub-hypnotic US training and a fake US identity. Aleksei turned on his benefactors, destroying their headquarters in an attempt to go it solo and raise all the money for himself. Moving to America, Rhino attempted to kidnap John before he was stopped by Spider-Man and sent to a correctional facility and kept under heavy sedation. After some time, Rhino broke out and attempted to get revenge on Spider-Man only to be beaten again and tried and convicted. Serving his sentence in jail, Aleksei was released before being approached by his old employers who offered to double his strength via radiation treatments. Accepting the offer as he had no other gainful employment, Aleksei went on to try and capture Bruce Banner, but failed as he was beaten by the superior strength of The Hulk. After that battle, Aleksei came to the attention of The Hulk's most foremost rival, The Leader, and was rescued and given gamma-ray bombardments to increase his strength to that of The Hulk's. When he next went to battle The Hulk, The Leader used brainwaves to control his every move and they were evenly matched. When he regained controlled both men were aboard a shuttle on the opposite side of the sun. Being sent back down to Earth by The Leader, both The Hulk and Aleksei battled for many days with no outcome before crash landing on Earth. Laying there for some time, I managed to capture Aleksei before he awoke, making the process a lot easier.
[color=deepskyblue]Signature Move: Rhino
Aleksei covers itself in ground energy and uses a ground-type head smash. It deals the same damage, uses the same energy (in ground) and does the same amount of recoil. Because of Rhino's low intelligence, he cannot turn and takes a long time to stop and could crash into anything if dodged by the opponent or if there's something behind them and can take extra damage (at ref's discretion). This can only be used once per Pokémon and twice per battle as it takes something out of Aleksei.

Terry Corso – Level 3 Male Psyduck
Terry Corso was living in Dark City when he first began daydreaming about aliens. With his feet up on a desk and he began to wonder if humans and Pokémon were like an ant farm, only cultivated for aliens. Thinking he had solved the world's greatest mystery, he ran out of the door and into the street, shouting 'EURIKA' but in Psyduck speech. Interrupting the battle of the two feuding gyms he explained his theory but was wafted away. When he persisted, he found himself beaten unconscious by a rather angry Scizor owner who was pissed off that the Electabuzz trainers were also surging forward for a gym. When he awoke, Terry found himself in a dark cupboard. With no realization of any lighting moves, Psyduck began to wrack its brains on how to escape. As it began to panic, it also began to get a headache as it tried to find a way out of the sealed room. Finally, it began to get such a headache that its tailed glowed, showing the door and the weak points enough for Psyduck to Ice Beam the pressure points; breaking the door and letting itself out. After escaping it found that both sides were still at war, despite being 24 hours later. Being annoyed at the Scyther, Psyduck let out a giant Blizzard attack which froze the entire battle. Having been seen by the Pokémon gym official, Psyduck ran away scared, thinking it was in trouble, but managed bump into me. After finding me I was able to sort out its differences with the gym official but after that it decided to stay with me.
Signature Move: Alien Ant Farm
Because of the panic it experienced in the closed; sealed; dark room, Psyduck can now use Tail Glow. However, because of the stress it takes to use the move, Psyduck also has a 10% chance to fail the move, using the energy but not getting the boost.

John Johnson – Level 2 Genderless Skarmory
Guido Fawkes, codename John Johnson, is synonymous with the failed attempt at overthrowing the British Pokémon government of 1605. Long hyped up by the press, one thing they've forgotten to mention is the use of Pokémon in the plot; various Onix, Dugtrio were used to dig tunnels while Electrodes were used as a fail safe should the gunpowder not blow up. However, this was famously thwarted and Guy Fawkes was hung. Little did the government know that his trusty Pokémon, a black coloured Skarmory, was able to break free of its Pokéball moments after its capture and fly away into the sky; to carry on the message of his master. Many generations later and with no real luck, the last Skarmory of the line was born and named John Johnson. Forever shamed by his ancestors past, John began atoning for the sins of generations before him; going round helping others as he eventually made his way through a sin list. However, one year later when John was roosting in a tree somewhere when a bush began to set alight. Going back to the original parable of Moses and Exodus John heard of a plan to re-imagine the gun-power plot; as it was God's wishes. 3 weeks later and with the plan set out to destroy a horrible coalition government, Skarmory was just about to begin construction when I came along, spotting the bird using Dugtrio to dig precariously close to number 10 downing street. Seeing me as a witness, Skarmory tried to eliminate me but after a long battle, I beat, talked it of of and captured the steel-bird. Since then we've been trying to rectify the moment of clarity; claiming that it was the devils work that tricked him, however, John has learnt a pretty nifty move thanks to all the underground shenanigans.
Signature Move: Guy Fawkes (Ground)
Using its new innate knowledge of the ground, John uses a ground-type ice beam which deals the same damage as an ice beam and uses the same energy. This may be used once per match and Skarmory fires the beam out of its beak.

Pingu – Level 2 Female Prinplup

Ted Grant - Level 2 Male Machop
Orphaned during the great Pokémon depression, Ted Grant grew up fast on the dirty undergrowth and streets of Castelia City, fending for himself since before he could remember. Finding himself, one night, on the verge of collapsing from hunger, Ted Grant saw a stranger being mugged down a dark alley. Always one to stand up for justice, and hoping to take a slice of reward money for his troubles, Ted sucker punched the mugger and saved the civilian. That civilian, it turned out, was renowned heavyweight champion of the world “Socker” Smith who as an act of good faith took Ted into his home and began training him in the art of fighting. Before long, Ted Grant quickly became a world-class heavyweight boxer in his own right, though he stayed out of professional fighting. Unbeknownst to him, Smith's managers were planning the biggest payday of their careers using underhanded tactics. Loading a boxing glove full of poison Smith's managers, Flint and Skinner, accidentally killed their prize fighter by using the wrong dosage, originally intending to slow Smith rather than outright kill him. After Ted Grant was arrested, Flint and Skinner put a hit on the Machop, but he survived and was forced to go on the run. Donning a costume to hide his fugitive state, Ted Grant joined my team when he came across me and the other superhero Pokémon, who promised him redemption and justice.
Signature Technique: Wildcat
Being an expertly trained boxer, Ted Grant gets all the punch moves it does not already have (Comet Punch, Mach Punch, Sucker Punch, Drain Punch, Shadow Punch and Dizzy Punch (and Power Up Punch at the introduction of Gen VI)) however Ted can only use two punches, different or not, per battle at the 1.5x energy cost for regular damage.

Dr. Henry Pym - Level 1 Male Drowzee
Inspired by the theoretical writings of a Professor Gregson Gilbert and his synthetic Dragon Man, a DNA-transfusion of man and Dragon-type, Henry Pym began experimenting with artificial intelligence in order to “better Pokemon-kind”. Creating several steel mechanisms after brain-washing several steel types into giving up some of their protective armour, Pym devotion to the project meant it transfer some of its own brain cells into the machines in hopes of creating a psychic/steel Pokémon to lead the pocket monsters into a new golden age. When the machines didn't work Henry fell into a deep depression and slowly began to become insane over his mechanical failures. With the loss of some of his brain cells, Henry began to believe the machines did work, his subconscious driving his psychic powers to move the metal around. With an increasing level of mental instability while still maintaining an advanced intellect, Henry began attempting to assimilate all types of Pokémon at once into his machine, having convinced himself toward an irrational hatred for humans. Starting with bug-types, Henry attempted to combine bug brains into his machine, but as it was not something he could control with psychic powers, it failed once again. Growing more and more frustrated and getting less and less sleep, Henry snapped and attempted to transfer some of the bug responsive into his own head. He succeeded, and attempted to destroy several cities in his area to test his new “powers”, calling on Pokémon around the area to join him. The operation did leave some side effects and in his weakened state, I managed to capture Henry. His mental state means he still believes that he is a free Pokémon, accepting my orders as if they were his own thoughts and seeing his opposing Pokémon as a human who stands in his way.
Special Technique – Ultron
Because of his bug-infusion, Henry has developed a sort of hive mind which he shares with all Pokémon. Because of this, he can target one or more allied Pokémon to form a hive mind; thus allowing each one to be aware of each other's situation. This mean they cannot be surprised unless they all are, and one cannot be affected mentally unless they all are.

Level 2 Male Onix

Level 2 Female Houndour

Level 1 Female Skrelp

Squib - Level 1 Male Inkay


Nathan Summers - Level 5 Male Electivire
Summers was my very first electric type and is, by far, the team's main battler. After having a battle during a very stormy night, me and Nathan were running back when lightning struck a tree on our left. Knowing that lightning doesn't strike twice, we ran for the tree only for another bolt to crash through the air and hit Nathan on the head. With current electric shocks running through his and my system every time I tried to move the Electabuzz, I endured and got Electabuzz to a pokécenter. Since then, Overload has always has a gift in being faster due to the overcharge in its electric energy.
Special Attack: Gift of Zues
To concentrate the extra electric energy that Nathan has gained from Zues’ special thundercloud, Overload uses 1.1x the cost of a Zap Cannon. He chooses to concentrate the energy into his attack, Zap Cannon so that it becomes faster. When he attacks with Zap Cannon, he can then use the Zap Cannon with the speed of a thunderbolt, but has the same accuracy as a normal Zap Cannon. This is due to the extra electricity that Electabuzz has in its system which allows it to be faster in this move only. The faster Zap Cannon has the same damage and energy costs, however, it has a mere 25% of paralysis due to it being faster.

Charles Xavier – Level 4 Male Raichu
Professor Charles Xavier was born in Castelia City . Having been bred by two different trainer's Pokémon; one being a rich nuclear scientist, Charles was made for success as he showed early moves that ordinarily would take longer to progress. During his growing up, his father and his trainer died during a Nuzlocke run and he was left with his mother alone. As he grew up, Charles' psychic abilities began to manifest he finds himself becoming an excellent academic and athlete before becoming increasingly interested in Genetics, Biophysics and Psychology. When I was in Castelia City I witnessed a giant explosion of the local science lab and saw two Pikachu's being pulled out of a fire by their trainer. Both Pokémon seemed not to care about the man who had just saved them, and despite offering to take care of them, only Charles decided to join my team, wanting to perfect his increasing mutant powers in the psychic ability.
Signature Technique: Professor X
Because of the explosion in the science lab, the nuclear reaction of various chemicals seems to have added to Charles' increasingly powerful mind abilities. As such, he has learnt the move Psystrike but may only use it once per battle.

Doug Ramsey – Level 4 Genderless Magneton
From a young age, Douglas 'Doug' Ramsey was around special Pokémon as he lived with his parents in Westchester County where the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters was placed. Hitting it off with student from the school he found that they shared the same passions of video games, computers and computer technology. Using his expansion of writing computer code and her ability build powerful computers, Xavier took interest in the boy as he suspected that Doug had powers but didn't want to intervene as he suspected that such a passive power may go unnoticed. After being ignorant to Xavier's real reason behind the school he was told after being needed to communicate with alien Warlock, which he did and saved, earning him the title of Selfsoulfriend. Soon finding his power at use to the X-Men and its kin, he began working as the 'go-to guy' for research and information and even wrote programs for the Danger Room training simulation which provided trouble to even the hardest warrior. I met and captured him to provide a challenge to my own team, which he agreed to as Xavier was also with me.
Signature Technique: Cypher
As a member of the School for Gifted Youngsters, Doug became able to reprogram itself to the environment and analyzing the battle. As such, Cypher is able to 'become one' with the arena in order to grant the benefits of the arena in itself. For example, Cypher will get the advantage in The Nightmare Graveyard (usually only available to ghosts) and gains the advantage of not feeling uncomfotable in Tyrandos' gym arena; The Godly Geode Gym.

Jefferson Pierce - Level 4 Male Amphardos
Being an Ampharos, or more commonly spelt as Amphardos, Jefferson adopted sheep like tendencies growing up, turning from a fluff ball of useless-ness into something that I can actually use in battles without completely failing as I try to explain why a four legged sheep would be able to lift its front lefts for any of the good moves that Mareep actually has. Nevertheless, Ampharos needed something more. As most of the Pokémon I had on my team are special, each having a move to their own. Feeling like an outcast and having no love until evolution, Ampharos tried to improve its chances of getting a signature move by visiting a power station, knowing that 99.9% of the signatures are made by freak accidents and irregularities, and what's more irregular than a sheep in a power station? I don't know, but it worked. Using its fur and electric something or other, Ampharos was able to manipulate all of the power plants electricity into its body, channeling it until it collapsed under the pressure. I came to rescue it, but as I got through the door, I caught sight of a large wing-tail, a tale of another Pokémon that lives in a power plant that I could possibly get in the future? Who knows, but it was majestic. Once Ampharos was conscious after a trip to the PokeCentre, all was well, except now No, Ewe began to get rather hot when it put all its power into a thunderbolt.
Special Attack: Black Lightning (Electric)
Using ventricular fibrillation and extra electricity from Ampharos' trip to the power plant, Jefferson can now generate currents approaching 100 mA, causing some injuries to all who manage to stand in its way. To perform this, Jefferson first holds both paws on the body part of the opponent, one hand on either side, before using electricity to put 500 to 1,000 volts of electricity through the opponents one body part, creating a macroshot. Heating due to resistance then occurs, leaving the opponent with internal burns due to the large energy (which is proportional to the duration multiplied by the square of the current multiplied by resistance). This attack does decent damage to the opponent through the use of tissue heating and costs the energy of a Thunderbolt and a half to do. In realistic matches this attack does not seriously injure the Pokémon and has a mere 10% chance of a one battle stay, because Pokémon are hard S.O.Bs. Any area that has internal burning will act like regular burning, with an increase on the softness, making it hurt more when pressure is applied.

Klara Prast – Level 4 Genderless Mow Rotom
Born in 1895 Klara Prast has an unfortunate background of being a young abused wife to an aggressive older Pokémon husband who made it live to serve him. When she was even younger, Klara's family had sold it off because it saw the grass-type a disgrace to the regular family of Rotoms, being one of the first who was able to move around as a lawn-mower. Seeing Klara as 'unholy' she was made to serve her husband as to atone for its sins, which had been drilled into her at an early age. At the age of 12 years Klara ran into the time displaced Runaways, who saved it and showed it the life of a superhero. Brought with the Runaways through to the present; Klara is technically dead and has the power to 'talk to plants'. Working in the present day, Klara has had problems with the new-fangled technology that the generation possesses, saying she will “never get used to this generation”. After The Runaways disbanded following the UAV attack on Old Lace, I managed to capture Klara to my team to revive hope in her powers by schooling her with the rest of my super-power team.
Signature Technique: Rose Red (Grass)
Being technically dead and coming from the previous generation, Klara Prast is back to being an Electric/Ghost type with Grass familiarity. In addition to this, with grass stuck in its system, Klara learns the moves Energy Ball, Mega Drain and Power Whip. Because of this, Klara has lost moves Ominous Wind, Will-o-wisp, Dream Eater, Mud-slap, Light Screen, Charge Beam and Discharge. Klara cannot change forms and must stay in its Mow form.

Jennifer-Lynn Hayden - Level 4 Female Lanturn
The daughter of Alan Scott and the golden age of water type relationships, Jade is a super Chinchou trained in the art of protection by Alan when she was just a young child. After having her mother, Thorn, run away over fears of harm, Jade was left by herself to be as a normal child, Alan not knowing that she had the same powers as he did. One day, however, a young Mudkip tried to sexually assault her, but Jade managed to break free using meta-Pokemon strength and a power she didn't remember in the morning. Growing up, she was soon taught the powers of her family and met her super villain enemy in Luthor, a Quagsire of epic proportions. Using his powers over ground, Lex attempts to bully Jade only to have it backfire.
Special Attack: Jade (Grass)
Using power fueled by the emotional spectrum of willpower, Jade slaps her left fin which begins to glow, producing a solid green slight which is constructed of imagination and will. Using this, Jade pushes her fin through the water in a line towards the opponent, sending the solid beam onto the opponent, doing an Signal Beam worth of grass energy to them for a cost of a Ice Beam. This can only be used once per match.

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My Pasbl Squad

Skia: Level 3 Male Pidgeot
Skia, is the leader of my squad; he is also obsessed with his beak, and really wanted to learn Drill Peck, and was always talking about how awesome a move it was and how it was the best pecking move, until I gave him the idea to quit bragging so much about how good he thought it is and actually try to learn it and see just how good it is, and he managed to convince my Spearow into teaching him Drill Peck with him, he managed to learn it
Special Attack: Drill Peck (Flying)
For reasons stated in the Bio, Pidgeotto has managed to learn Drill Peck

Whacker: Level 2 Male Cubone
Whacker has a short temper and hates idiots, and when someone acts like one, he whacks them with his bone, thus his nickname, this has no effect on his battling though.

Level 2 Female Duskull
No Signature Move

Level 2 Medidite (M)
No Signature Move
Currently in Pokemon Center for: 2 battles

Level 2 Female Lileep
No Signature Move

Level 2 Male Elekid
No Signature Move

Level 2 Male Remoraid
No Signature Move

Level 3 Female Dragonair
No Signature Move

Level 2 Male Natu
Bio: Natu, for some reason, is obsessed with huge beams, and is mad about the fact that he only knows one attack that's a large beam, so he trained for a long time to try to learn Hyper Beam, but ended up creating a new attack in the process. He also is a wiseass, and tends to comment on battles when I'm reffing
Signature Move: Sky Beam (Flying): Natu charges up a large beam of Flying energy for about five to seven seconds and releases it. This beam is about the same size as a half charged Hyper Beam, and looks similar, only its gray, not white. This beam does the same amount of damage as Drill Peck, only it won't pierce, and uses slightly more energy than Drill Peck

Monty: Level 2 Male Monferno
I caught Monty mostly because of using a Monferno (which I nicknamed Monty, and who is Monty's namesake) for Round 2 of the 2007 Pokebowl, where I realized just how good the Chimchar line's movepool is. One thing that I quickly discovered is that he disliked combats that are decided by luck, like his namesake's and after much searching for a way to reduce luck, he stumbled upon an aura hidden within him. He experimented with it, and discovered that it reduced the odds of some types of luck from occurring. However, he found that it leaves him vulnerable.
Special Defense: Radius of Skill (Fighting)
Monty glows and then releases a large aura that covers the field, causing all attacks that have a less than 50 percent chance of achieving something as part of the attack (not counting hitting the opponent if the attack has a less than 50 percent chance of doing so), have half as much of a chance of succeeding (for example, Fire Blast, which normally has a 30% chance of burning, instead has a 15% chance of burning while the aura is active). It also causes all attacks that have a have a 50% chance or more of achieving something but aren't guarantied to achieve it to have half as much chance than normal to fail (for example, a Destiny Bond when used first has a 25% chance of failing to work normally, but has a 12.5% chance to fail in Radius of Skill) Also, Assist and Metronome have a 50% while Sleep Talk has a 75% chance of failing entirely while the Radius of Skill is active. Radius of Skill lasts for 3 rounds maximum and counts as a 2 move combo. Radius of Skill uses up a Fire Blast of energy to start and a Flamethrower per round to maintain, but Monty may drop it at any point before it expires naturally. Also, Monty takes 20% more damage from all attacks while Radius of Skill is active and 10% more damage the round after Radius of Skill ends.
Currently in Pokemon Center for: 2 battles

Level 2 Female Absol
No Signature Move

Level 2 Male Jigglypuff
No Signature Move

Level 2 Female Drifloon
Drifloon has had a focus on the flying aspect of her typing from an early age. She was convinced that it was only holding her back, as it only gave her an extra resistance in exchange for three weaknesses, and yet her species only learns two, weak, flying type moves. Determined to change that, she decided to learn a new, decently powered flying type move. Realizing that none of the standard flying type moves with decent power were moves that she would be able to learn, she set out to create one of her own. She tried to create more powerful versions of what she already knew, but she wasn't getting the power she wanted. One day, it hit her to try to use flying type energy instead of ghost type energy on Shadow Ball. This proved to be a more difficult task than she expected, and she struggled for weeks just to succeed at replacing the ghost energy for the flying. Eventually she managed to succeed at her flying type Shadow Ball, which she named Sky Ball.
Special Attack: Sky Ball (Flying)
Drifloon creates a ball of energy similar to a Shadow Ball in front of her. However, instead of being Ghost energy, it is made of flying type energy. The attack may be charged similar to Shadow Ball, but however, due to the difficulty of switching types, she takes about two to three seconds more than she takes to charge Shadow Ball. Wind Ball can't be interrupted by psychic moves unlike Shadow Ball, is otherwise identical, with flying type damage instead of ghost. However, it uses 30% more energy than a Shadow Ball because of the difficulty of switching types. The difficulty of switching types means that she can only use Sky Ball twice per match.

Level 2 Female Gligar
Gligar hates being at a serious disadvantage when it comes to type. He feels that in order to be at her best, he can't afford to have such a crippling Ice weakness. Therefore she chose to train against Ice types routinely, even though she knew that she didn't stand a chance against them, because she was hoping to lessen her natural weakness to ice type moves. After several months of training this way, she slowly began to lessen the weakness, and by the time she stopped, her weakness to ice had been significantly reduced.
Special Resistance: Surviving Ice (Flying/Ground)
Because of this constant training against Ice types, Gligar's weakness to ice has dropped from the normal for her species 400% to 300%.

Level 2 Male Gyarados
No signature move

Level 2 Female Swablu
Swablu is very much a risk-taker. Even as a wild pokemon, she would routinely use moves such as Double-Edge even though they harmed her. However, there was one risky but powerful move that she could realistically obtain, Brave Bird. She trained for months at trying to master it, but had no luck until I caught her. Once I figured out why she was always training by herself, I had Skia, my Pidgeotto be her mentor and teach Swablu Brave Bird. Even with a mentor, learning Brave Bird was not easy. It took her months to master, and she still hasn't perfected it to the level of a pokemon who learns it naturally
Special Attack: Brave Bird (Flying)
Because of training with Skia, Swablu has managed to learn Brave Bird. However, because she doesn't learn it naturally, it may only be used three times per battle.

Level 2 Genderless Bronzor
No Signature Move
PASBL Stats:
Trainer Level: 2; Wins: 14; Losses: 13; Draws: 2; Knockouts: 28; Trainer Points: 85.5; Service Points: 6; DQ Losses: 1; DQ Wins: 0; Badges: 1 (Referee Badge)

FB Information

FB Pokemon:

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Headmaster Kuno
Level 6 5
Ice GL
5 Badges (Ice, Flying, Fighting, Rock, Pokebowl)
137 KOs - 329 TP - 110 SP
(TL 6 is: 137/140 KOs, 329/300 TP, 1/1 badge, 0/1 Gym match refereed, 0/30 SP earned)

Attachable Badge
During a hard night's revelry, sometimes a bit of a kick is needed to get things moving and give the drinkers a bit of an edge. This badge mimics the power of the fabled Jäger Bomb and gives pokémon a kick up the pants in their efforts to do battle. The Jägerbadge resembles a stylised Snorlax's head, alternately colour after the gym's strongest pokémon and filled with the sweet sweet liquor of the night.
Badge effect:
Once per battle, the pokémon wearing this badge may make use of an energy free move. This move does not cost any energy, typeless or otherwise, though the user must have the energy required to make the move work normally in order to use it. Thus, a Clefable could order a free Focus Punch and then use another Focus Punch, but not a Focus Punch and then a free Focus Punch. This effect does not count as using one move less from a "one mover-two mover-three mover" perspective.

Monolith Badge
Attachable Badge
The Monolith Badge is awarded to those who best the very stones beneath their feet and the leader of the Rock Gym, Haymez. The badge is composed of diamond, cut in such a way as to catch light and appear to glow. This round cut mineral imbues the wearer with tremendous resistance, enabling them to face their biggest weakness without fear.
Badge Effect: Rock Solid
When attached to a Pokemon this badge hardens their resistance, enabling them to face their greatest weaknesses with solid determination. Any double weaknesses naturally held by the bearer will be reduced to single weaknesses while this badge is attached. This does not affect weaknesses unnaturally obtained through sigs or other effects, only those given by the bearer's natural typing.

Pyramid Badge
Attachable Badge
Those trainers that are able to conquer their personal demons and defeat DaveTheFishGuy in Silent Hill will be awarded with a Badge associated with the haunted town's most fearful guardian. Though the raw power of Pyramid Head is unable to be contained, the effect his appearance has on both humans and monsters alike has been infused into this tiny replica of his signature helm, sending all interlopers running.
Badge Effect: Neither Rain Nor Snow Nor Glom Of Nit
Infused with the supernatural abilities to stalk and track a specific target, the Pokémon this Badge is attached to is made more tenacious in battle. This gives them more stamina, making them more resistant to the effects of sleep and tiredness, allowing such benefits as taking longer to succumb to attacks like Hypnosis and Sleep Powder and not getting as winded or using more energy after multiple successive attacks, but does not grant the bearer any extra energy. This Badge must be attached via Squad Submissions.

Onslaught Badge
Global Badge
The badge of the Donnybrook Coliseum, emblazoned with a flaming fist representing justice. This badge is given to trainers who triumphed in the Coliseum, and represents their skill and determination to win in an all out assault.
Badge Effect: Furious Onslaught
This badge allows the wielder to use one additional Three Move Combo in all of their matches.

For our second place winner, Kuno, in addition to the slot and bye, he will get a free token of his choice from the PokéMart. In addition, he will be receiving the PokéBowl 2011 Badge (which is the same as the 2008 one), which allows him to use two uplevels in a battle without negative effects.

Spoiler: show
Level 7:

Female Articuno
Monolith Badge
To call someone ice cold generally implies an insult. This of course, does not always hold true for ice type Pokemon, as they generally take pride in their cold. Articuno, for as long as I've known her, as always been kind of both. Now, don't get me wrong, she is very kind and compassionate when she wants to be. It is just that more often then not she can be kind of cynical and cruel. I of course am able to pick up on this, which is why I refused to give her a nickname. I may refer to her as Princess or Sweetums at times, much to her disdain, however she has grown to "get used to it". Neither are her official nicknames because if anyone other then myself called her that she would solidify them instantly. Basically, her hobbies include being cold and manipulative, and can be downright scary (which means alot coming from me).
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Cold Hearted (Dark)
Being especially cold hearted and manipulative, she has learned how to use Nasty Plot, Snatch, and Taunt.
Articuno is a special '1 level higher' on my squad and does not count as one of my intial two.

Female Latias
SC: Latias' body is shaped for optimal aerodynamics, allowing Latias to reach high speeds and perform agile maneuvers with great ease. Latias' body is covered in a fine down of refractive feather-like scales which allow it to reflect light to appear invisible. This ability is similar to the invisibility usable by Ghosts, but is difficult to maintain for an extended period of time, and can only be used for two rounds per battle.
A long long time ago, in a place far far away, there was a Latios and Latias. It was impossible to separate them. Through good times and hardships they traveled the world and their friendship grew. Despite being the exceptionally elusive duo, they did meet some unfortunate circumstances. It was a rainy day when a greedy trainer got the sneak on Latios. He coated himself with a dark aura with his Pokemon, using Pursuit. They managed to track him down and he used a Masterball to catch the legend without fail. With her partner got, she was quite furious. She felt devastated because she lost her friend, but more so for the underhanded and cheating tactics. To make it worse, Latios was used for evil purposes. She had to find a way to get him out of there. After trying for quite some time to train and master a new attack, she finally figured it out. She would use a technique similar to his. By coating her enemy in a dark aura, she would be able to get what she wants from them. One fateful day, some time later, she used the technique on him and peered into his mind. But it was too late, he had already sold Latios off. She would have never attacked a human but after what he has done, she had to. She flew off, searching to find the one taken from her. She had a fateful encounter with a rival trainer, and wanted nothing less to be captured by a human. However after proving her worth, she decided to trust this human. She was powerful enough of a trainer to help Latias search for the one stolen from the world.
Hidden Power: Fire
Special Attack: Soul Drain (Psychic)
Using her psychic abilities, her opponent gets covered in a psychic aura. The aura uses moderate energy to use, and is rather quick to set up. The next attack used by her enemy will have one half of its energy stolen. The attack will be half as strong or effective due to the energy being sapped. In addition, the aura will then vanish and that stolen energy will be given to Latias instead, as typeless energy. Energy stolen will only work on attacks, and will not activate on movements and/or minor actions like dodging or turning invisible. It cannot be used on dark type Pokemon. This attack is usable two times per battle..

Level 6:

Neptune: Male Dragonite
Having watched too much "The Little Mermaid" he decided to go under the sea. Being a creature of the sea he decided to visit the place. Finding it to be nothing like the movie, with a distinct lack of singing water type Pokemon, he eventually left. Little did he realize it took him 15 years to not finding any singing creatures. He eventually realized that he could stay underwater indefinatly, and has the added effect of water type. However after losing the flying type, he cannot fly as well as he once used to.
Hidden Power: Fire
Special Training: Type Change (Water)
Neptune has the extra type Water added to it due to reasons specified in the unusual characteristics section. Being in tune with his watery side, he now has the additional type of Water and all weaknesses and resistances associated with it. However due to the overwhelming water energy, he takes 1.5x damage from grass and electric attacks isntead of being neutral to the elements. He is unable to fly very high, and cannot stay in the air for more then 2 rounds. He also lost the ability to use Fire Punch, Flamethrower, Heat Wave, Fire Blast and Sunny Day, but gains Brine, Bubble and Splash.

King: Male Rhyperior
King is the king of fighters. This was not always the case, however. He has trained tirelessly in my old gym, with many of my fighting type Pokemon. As a young lad, he learned to take the punches. As a rock type, he took lots of extra damage, but he kept on training. He eventually learned to shed this weakness, the Rock type. But he was not content with just this. With much training he was not only able to shed his body of Rocks, but learn the art of fighting himself.
Hidden Power: Grass
Special Training: Type Change (Fighting)
King has the extra type Fighting added to it due to reasons specified in the unusual characteristics section.
The urge to fight runs through King's blood, causing him to to gain the additional type of Fighting and all of the weaknesses and resistances that lie therein. Due to his special training, he does not gain or lose any attacks. Instead, him losing his rock type causes his weight to drop 200 lbs, which increases his speed and agility appropriately. Although his skin is still fairly rocky and tough, due to the loss of his rock type, Rock Wrecker becomes a normal type, as mentioned in it's move description. However since he is still fairly rocky, he will take an extra 25% more damage from fighting then normal.

Ghost: Male Gengar
He is a Ghost, and one of the three used to take down a legendary beast. It does give him some bragging rights, you know.
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Attack: Mega Hypnosis (Psychic/Ghost)
Ghost's eyes begin to glow red, as he uses a Hypnosis. However it is much more powerful than normal, and will put a Pokemon to sleep regardless of mental state, and they will sleep for 1 round longer than normal. In exchange to do this, he must use the energy of 3 Hypnosis. In addition, regular Hypnosis cannot be used at all, and Mega Hypnosis can only be used once per battle (regardless of it it works). All other Hypnosis rules apply (such as eye contact).

Champ: Female Machamp
Being Kuno's leading Fighting Pokemon, it is obvious she has to be one of the best. From since she was hatched from an egg, she was trained by Headmaster Kuno to be tough and to keep fighting. However like her trainer, she has crazy dreams of glory, fame, and everything else we strive for, no matter how hopeless life is. Now that she has 4 arms, things are a little easier.
Special Attack: Saotome School of Anything-Goes Martial Arts Special Attack: Kachuu Tenshin Amaguriken (Fighting)
This is a special move taught by the best, for the best. Champ uses all her fists to much in a very rapid style, making her fists unable to even be seen moving. The speed of it can be surprizing to foes, as they do not know whats going on. This move can be used in a few ways. The first way is just a rapid volley of blows which deal moderate damage across a Pokemon's body. The second is having all blows land on one single spot, or just a general area in specific. This deals much more damage. While the second version does not take any more energy, it requires more concentration to pull off. This attack does not take very long to do, as the movement is very fast. This move uses the energy of a Strength and Fury Attack combined, however it can only be used once per opponent, as she doesn't want them to know how to block it a second time, and only twice per battle.

Ranma: Alakazam
It still changes turns into male when it comes Sunny Day is used and female when it comes in contact with the rain from Rain Dance, however when it went to evolve, something happened...
Special Training: 6th Sense (Psychic)
Ranma is both blind and deaf. However, due to special training, he still knows where everything is. Ranma will always know where everything is in an arena, and where the opponent is and what he/she is doing, in the same way a Zubat or Starmie does, but with psychic energy. This doesn't make him tired, because his loss of senses made that one powerful enough not to require any energy or focus to use. This new sense, also speeds up how long it takes to use psychic attacks, making them slightly faster then normal.

Gekiganger III: Male Hitmonchan
After watching too much Martian Successor Nadesico, he realized he would devote his life to Gekiganger. He also mastered the super secret special attack, Gekigan Flare. Gekiganger III is also a bit taller and more buff than other Hitmonchans.
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Attack: Gekigan Flare (Fighting)
Gekiganger III goes to punch like any other punch he has. However like Mega Punch, it leaves a white streak behind it when he launches for his attack. Although this punch is not as powerful. Gekiganer III's fist starts to glow turning very bright for anyone who looks at his glove or at Gekiganger III, like a Flash attack, as he goes for the Punch. This attack is about as strong as any of the element punches, and a bit faster. The energy required is a bit more then a normal element punch. This attack can be used once every 2 rounds, and a maximum of 5 times.

Airman: Male Poliwrath
Poliwhirl looks like Airman from the Megaman games, and so he believes he actually is one.
Special Attack: Air Shooter (Flying)
Poliwrath can use his swirls on his stomach similar to the fans of Airman. He spins it fast, firing a beam of wind energy at his opponent. The attack does thunderbolt worth of damage, but as Flying type, as well as make the Pokemon hit by it asleep due to the power of the spiral. Energy usage is equal to a Thunderbolt and Hypnosis. The attack is usable 4 times per battle but due to sleep rules will only make a Pokemon sleep once, with other uses making them drowsy with diminishing returns each use.

Violent: Male Exploud
Special Training: Volume 11 (Normal)
His volume has been turned up way too high. Because of this, all his sound attacks are a bit more controlled then normal. He can focus sound waves in a smaller area to increase damage and limit range, or spread it out evenly throught the entire arena for less damage. His sound attacks are all slightly louder then normal as well.

Pimp Master Jay: Male Mr. Mime
Pimp Master Jay is a professional pimp. He managed to land the finishing blow on Ho-oh. That earns you some respect, you know. But he left the pimping life behind. He was last heard muttering how it is not easy, and left that life behind.
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Pimpin' Ain't Easy (Psychic)
In order to keep the ladies (and men) at bay, he learned how to perfect his protection abilities. Light Screen and Barrier, will now block up to an extreme amount of damage before dissipating, due to having mastery of these types of attacks as a Mr. Mime.

Mrs. Magellon: Female Nidoqueen
Mrs. Magellon ate the Doku Doku no Mi, effectively making her a "Poison Human". However not being human, and already being poison, it did not do a whole lot. However it did give her a way to use her poisons more effectively.
Special Attack: Poison Cloud (Poison)
Mrs. Magellon spits out a ball of poison, which explodes in the air, releasing a venomous dose of poison, which fills the arena and which Mrs. Magellon is immune to. This Poison obscures vision like a very strong Haze, and is quite poisonous as well. As well as inflicting poison upon inhaling, it irritates the eyes, causing them to be very watery and induces a runny nose/sneezing fit. The sneezing fit will make it difficult to focus on high concentration attacks. The fog will last for 5 founds, and the effects of being in the fog will last for one round longer after being in it (so being in the fog for two rounds will cause 3 rounds of effects, 2 in the fog and one when outside) and uses the energy of Haze and 2 Poison Powders. The attack can be used 3 times per match. This attack will only reduce accuracy like a stronger haze for Poison types (as they will be uneffected by the poisons) and will have mixed effects on Steel types (depending on if they breath/have eyes etc or not).

Shiriko: Female Smeargle
Special Technique: Profesional Painter (Normal)
She grew up just a normal lad, however she knew that she was destened for something greater. She went to art school, however she was kicked out due to it being for Humans only. So she started to paint by herself, perfecting her technique. She started to sell her paintings, and now she is a professional painter. She can learn up to 20 moves via sketch - 10 offensive and 10 defensive, with 1 extra move learned in each category for every trainer level higher then 1. She also cannot learn the same move twice. She can also use the move as many times as she wants in a battle. However, if she attempts to use those moves in the same battle she learned them, they will perform at 50% efficiancy. The next time she is brought out to battle again, she will use them as normal, by then she would have mastered the move. If she goes over the limit, she can choose which move to remove, but it would cost 1 service point. If she is in more then one battle at the same time, she cannot use an attack she learned in one to effect the other, as the battle must be completed before it is permanantly added.
The current attacks that Smeargle has learned are:
Offensive Moves (15/15) - Brick Break, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Giga Drain, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Luster Purge, Mud Bomb, Night Shade, Pain Split, Rock Blast, Shadowball, Sky Attack, Solar Beam and Thunderbolt
Defensive Moves (12/15) - Barrier, Focus Energy, Haze, Hypnosis, Light Screen, Nasty Plot, Rain Dance, Rock Tomb, Sunny Day, Supersonic, Swords Dance, Thunderwave, Wish

Jesus: Male Magmortar
Jesus is a Magmortar, that is holy. He can do lots of miracles, but instead chooses to battle. The only thing he can't seem to master is that 'Water to Wine' trick.
Special Training: Jesus (Normal)
Jesus has an interesting techinque he uses for battling. He is very good with his feet, and so when battling, he does not making a sound when he is walking or moving. In addition, he is also capable of walking on top of liquids, like water, chemicals or lava. However if he gets hit with enough force, he will fall in. He is not forced to stay above the liquids, and can choose to swim/go underwater in them if he chooses to do such.

Kuno: Female Kangaskhan
She has been named after me, and so I can assure you she is the best. She really wanted to become a fighting type, to fight alongside her allies in my gym. However it just could not be. She would train and train but she was unable to learn the fighting ways. Part of her wanted to keep her child away from harms way, and so in the end she could not go through with it. However something inside of her was born. Through the determination to keep her child safe, she has learned a new ability. Her fighting spirit will protect her kid and her allies.
Special Training: Fighting Spirit (Fighting)
When Kuno is on the verge of KO, she gains a boost in her ability to stay alive. When she drops under 1/4th HP remaining attacks done to her are reduced. What happens is that her fighting spirit protects her from damage, although this comes at a cost... While attacks will do half the damage they will normally do, the other half of the would-be damage is instead removed directly from her remaining energy. And so while she might remain fine in health, should her energy run out by this method she can just as easily become KOed. This effect will kick in automatically and does not require an attack/to be aware of it to start. This comes at an energy cost though, she will lose a Hyper Beam worth of energy to start the effect. Should Kuno be healed over the 1/4th mark for any reason, the effect will still stay active.

BellAwesome: Female Bellossom
BellAwesome comes from a long line of Awesome Pokemon. After playing way way too much Final Fantasy games, she decided to learn a new move that the Malboro use.
Special Attack: Bad Breath (Grass)
BellAwesome takes a deep breath in, and spews out a vile grass attack. It deals moderate damage, however it is riddled with diseases. Upon breathing, the opponent will suffer a myriad of ailments. They will start to get confused, drowsy, slightly paralyzed, poisoned, and generally find the experience quite unpleasent. It smells terrible and so their sense of smell will not be effective for the rest of the match. Energy use is 1.5x Dragonbreath, and uses grass type energy. One use per battle.

Male Charizard
Charizardite X
This Pokemon has been trained by the very best Fire trainers in the business. Hence it will have more fire energy than normal Pokemon of its specie. This Pokemon was the third place price in the KAST 2 Final, and hence does not count towards squad limits.
Hidden Power: Poison
Special Training: Flaming Tail (Fire)
Charizard's tail flame is brighter than usual. This means that it can light up dark arenas more effectively, Charizard can use its tail as a more effective weapon than usual thanks to the larger flame, Charizard can inflict an automatic burn on any opponent that touches the flame, and that Charizard's tail flame is more resistant to water that hits it directly. However, Charizard expends more energy than usual during battle.

Clampy: Female Cloyster
Clampy has been on my squad for many many years. However it was only recently that I found out her true history. She has clamped onto a Slowpokes tail many years ago. But due to the shame of that Slowbro losing many battles, she separated off of it! It is quite unheard of, I know, and so I did not believer her story. But apparently she showed me something that made me a believer. She has learned some psychic abilities due to her being a part of a Slowbro for so long, and when she evolved into a Cloyster they manifested even further.
Special Training: Psychic Familiarity (Psychic)
Clampy is now capable of using Psychic attacks as if though she is one, and has Psychic type energy equal to what a Psyduck has. In addition she has learned some Psychic moves that she witnessed Slowbro use during her time with it. She now can use Light Screen, Future Sight, Calm Mind, Psywave and Psychic. She can restore much more psychic energy then normal during a Rest. In exchange for this, she now takes 1.25x damage from both Ghost and Dark, and she lost the ability to use Payback and Secret Power.

Serendipity: Female Lapras
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Snow Surfing (Ice)
Lapras has spent a lot of time on the snow. Because of this she is capable of swimming on top of it as if though it were water. In addition to this, attacks that require water to be present can be used with snow instead, although they will take a little bit more energy to execute.

President Obama: Male Abomasnow
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Attack: Red Tape (Grass)
This attack will not work if the arena ground is particularly hard, but will work on softer surfaces. President Obama drops some red vines from his feet underground discreetly. Keeping them underground, he aims them for his opponent and surfaces them under it, wrapping them around his opponents feet or other limb on the surface. Obama must have both feet on the ground at all times, and is unable to move very much if at all during the attack (ability to move depends on arena softness). Obama uses his strength to keep his opponent from moving away from that spot, or even pulling them underground if the arena is soft enough. The vines stay on for two turns, and can be attacked in a manner such as Leech Seed although they are slightly stronger. This attack can only be used once per opponent, and two times per match total. Energy usage is equal to two Vine Whips to keep the enemy in place, and an additional Strength energy usage to pull underground.

Strongbad: Male Glalie
I paid alot of money to have surgery to make him look like a floating strongbad head, and so he is red and looks like that.
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Move: Your head 'asplode (Ice)
Strongbad shoots out a red and black colored ice sheet which shatters on contact with anything remotely solid into super sharp slivers. Damage dealt is fairly high if the opponent has a softer body, meaning more puncture wounds. A tougher Pokemon would take much less damage. Energy usage is equal to Blizzard, and is usable 5 times per match. Muyo made this awesome 'mon and sig.

Lillian: Female Weavile
Lillian is one of my evilest Pokemon. She loves to slice up enemies and has no qualms about killing during a battle. However she has a surprisingly loyal side about her. Should she find herself avenging a fallen comrade, things will get nasty.
Special Training: Revenge Killer (Dark)
Lillian is a revenge killer. More than anything, she hates seeing her comrades falling in battle. Yet more than often, she has to take revenge. When released into a battle after a fallen teammate, she will see her opponent as her revenge target. This will not work if Lillian is released as the first Pokemon in a battle, if she was released after a double KO, or if Lillian was released, recallled, and then released again at a later point (it would only work the first time in that instance). In a battle where she is fighting a revenge target, her first slash/claw attack of the match that hits will do 1.5x the normal damage. In addition to this, she does not want her target to get away, and so she has modified her Pursuit attack. The attack now uses double the energy, and in exchange it will now prevent the Pokemon from being recalled, in addition to the damage. However this change to Pursuit will only work on a revenge target. The downside is that if Lillian is able to KO her revenged target, she will feel very relieved and not be able to battle as well. For 3 rounds after she KOs her revenged target, all attacks done by her will use 1.5x the normal energy.

Snowflake: Female Dewgong
Her drill is her favorite part of her body to attack from. She has learned how to use it in a way that is much better then normal.
Special Attack: Flying Drill Dive (Normal)
Snowflake slaps her tail on the ground (or water) to leap into the air. She revs up her drill, readying Horn Drill mid-flight. She then uses the force from her jump and gravity to ram the opponent with the Horn Drill. While jumping and Horn Drill are both normal attacks, what the sig does is simply combine them, as well as give her boosted accuracy for the drill. Damage is what was mentioned combined with being hit with a horn drill, Pokemon with softer skin will take more damage, etc. Energy for Flying Drill Dive is the energy to jump and Horn Drill, and it is usable 2 times per match, once per opponent's pokemon.

Icy: Female Froslass
A crafty ghost Pokemon, she loves hiding in the snow and not being seen.
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Invisibility Boost (Ghost)
Icy is capable of going Invisible for a 4 turns instead of the standard 2 turns for Ghost Pokemon.

Flamer: Male Jynx
Flamer is a rare male Jynx. He is named that because he is always burning with the hot passion to battle. Flamer tried to study under Pimp Master Jay to learn seduction, but he was kicked out after one course for reasons not disclosed.
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Burning Passion (Fire)
Flamer has exploded with flaming energy, and has learned how to do a few odd attacks because of it. He is capable of using both Flamethrower and Lava Plume, although he can only do either attack 3 times per battle. Sadly, because he could not perfect the looks of the attacks, they both end up looking more pinkish then their normal red. In exchange for this, she lost the ability to use all her Grass attacks (Energy Ball and Grass Knot), and his fire attacks will use 1.25x more energy then normal.

Bullfango: Male Mamoswine
I found him at the top of a mountain, trying to act fully evolved. He thought he had huge horns and was somewhat indimating. I found it endearing and I decided to capture him. I learned that his horns are quite the potent weapon, and so I decided to try to teach him a move to make use of them. Now that he is fully evolved, he loves smashing into things at full speed with his giant horns.
Special Attack: Bull Rush (Ground and XX)
The attack starts with Bullfango coating his horns and the front of his body with ground energy. He then rushes towards his foe as fast as he can, slamming into them to deal damage. The attack itself does two different kinds of damage. The ground energy put into the attack does a Blizzard worth of damage in ground energy. This aura can also help dissipate energy attacks that the ground energy is super effective to during the rush, however it will weaken the aura by 1/2 the energy used. So a Flamethrower rushed into will weaken the aura by 1/2 a flamethrower. Energy attacks rushed into that ground is not super effective towards will be reduced by that energy amount exactly, and attacks rushed into that is super effective to ground will do double the damage to the aura (and if it completely gets rid of it, it will get through and deal damage to him). The second part of the attack is the physical impact, which deals damage in a way similar to Body Slam, in which large opponents will take less damage then normal damage, but smaller Pokemon will take more (with similar paralysis chance depending on weight difference). However the charge is quite reckless, and a side effect of the slam deals recoil damage to Bullfango like he had used Double-Edge, but there is no recoil from the aura, just from the physical impact. And so the 2nd part is a sort of combination of a full speed Body Slam with the recoil as well. The attack does both kinds of damage at once, and is usable 2 times per battle and he has perfected the attack to only use a Blizzard worth of energy.
In exchange for the miraclous energy use and move usage, he had to go under intense training. In order to learn the ultimate bull style attack he forgot the previous strongest moves he had, Hyper Beam and Giga Impact. Additionally he now hates walls and sees them as his enemy and is unable to use Light Screen, Reflect, and Protect. Sadly the attack made him quite arrogant, and he believes he can charge into anything. Due to this he also is unable to use Curse and Defense Curl to boost his defense (although he can still use Defense Curl to curl up, it will still reduce the damage a small bit, much to his dismay). And don't get me started on dodging moves. While he can be ordered to dodge and avoid attacks, he will definatly not agree to Double Team or Detect to dodge attacks, and forgot those moves as well. While he can Agility, his arrogance will not allow him to use the move to dodge either. He does not care for love, or what the opponent is doing in general, and so Mimic, Charm, Attract, Captivate and Amnesia are unsuable as well. All this arrogance has also caused Swagger and Taunt to have no chance of working as well on him, as he pretty much does not have any moves left to not attack with anyway.

Level 1:
Lord Helix: Male Omantye
Hidden Power: Grass

Stlbk: Female Mareep

Female Aerodactyl

Old Badges:
Spoiler: show
Frosty Badge
Attachable Badge
Given to trainers who beat the Ice Gym Leader Kuno, in the freezing cold arena. Their Pokemon will be imbued with a Heart of Ice, which has various effects.
Badge Effect:
A trainer can attach this badge to one of his Pokémon in order to give that Pokémon damage resistance. This badge is not stuck to a Pokemon, and can be changed on a battle per battle basis, but cannot be removed when used in a battle. The badge should be posted with a Pokemons signature move, but can be put on another pokemon by posting in submissions and specifying that it is removed from the first and placed on the second. The badge has various effects. For non-ice types, they will gain a heart of ice. This means that they will be given a bonus to resisting ice attacks, as if though having an Ice Resistance signature move (400% weakness will be reduced to 300%, 200% to 150%, etc). Ice types will have this same bonus, but of a type they are weak to of their chosing, which must be done when first attached in Squad Submissions.
Currently attached to Articuno.

Indurate Badge
Attachable Badge
Trainers who defeat Tyranidos, leader of the Godly Geode Gym, will receive this badge made of pure diamond, to symbolize the toughness of rocks. Likewise, the badge grants a specific power to toughen up a Pokemon.
Badge Effect: Immunity
This badge can make a type that would usually do neutral damage to your Pokemon, an immunity. The trainer who wins this badge may choose which type to change to an immunity, but can only choose from the types that inflict neutral damage and cannot pick the Normal type.
If it is not a
Caterpie it simply
does not matter pie
~ haiku, Morg 2017

Spoiler: show

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Boulder Badge
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Spoiler: show
My team as of... the last edit time.

Shinseikousetsu: female Eevee (level 1)
no sig

Yukinezumi: male Pichu (level 2)
Bio: Yukinezumi is the child of a Raichu and a shiny Glaceon. During a great blizzard, his egg was left under ten feet of snow and ice, where it sat until hatching. In a natural attempt at the egg's survival, the Glaceon's genetics took over the genetics of the Raichu, chilling Yukinezumi's body. His fur that would normally be yellow turned white, and his cheeks turned bright blue. After the egg hatched, Yukinezumi took hours digging out of the snow he was buried in. He wandered the snowy mountain for a year, the cold genetics taking over him slowly with each passing day. Soon enough, he was no longer bothered by the cold, and after a while, he grew to enjoy it. Also, due to electric bolt-like form, as well as Ice typing, Yukinezumi found it easy to learn to use Ice Beam to freeze predators. One dark day, a blizzard twice as bad as the one he was caught in as an egg came by, and he was buried underneath. There he stayed for days on end, unable to move or to escape, barely alive, the only thing keeping him from freezing to death was the last of the Glaceon DNA kicking in at full strength, turning the small mouse's blood cold and fur frozen, fully adapting to the icy environment. I dug up the little guy at that spot after he was buried for almost a week, dying of hunger and thirst. I nursed him back to health and he's been hanging around me ever since.
Sig. Move (Type Change): Snochu
Yukinezumi is an Electric/Ice type. Yukinezumi can use Ice Beam at 1.5x the normal energy.

Shishoutsuno: female Seel (level 2)
Bio: Shishoutsuno's ancestry traces back through long line of Seel and Dewgong with unusually long and sharp horns, these horns have been passed down from generation to generation, with Shishoutsuno being the newest member of the long line of ancestry.
Sig. Move (Special Training): Long Horn
Shishoutsuno's horn is about 1.5 feet long, instead of the small stub that most Seel and Dewgong have. This unusually long horn ups damage from Shishoutsuno's horn based attacks to 250%, however, all energy based Electric attacks that come withing ten feet of Shishoutsuno's horn are drawn to it automatically, like to a lightning rod, and almost always hit Shishoutsuno. Also, Shishoutsuno's speed is reduced to 50% that of normal, due to the extreme amount of weight on her head, and all horn based attacks take 1.5 times as much energy. The horn can be broken by an attack of good physical power, about that of a Brick Break from an average Machop, if broken it will result in a stay in the Pokemon Center for one battle.

Itsuryuuchi: male Scyther (level 2): shiny
Bio: Scyther was born with an odd defect, he is colorblind, but not the way animals are, the way humans can be, meaning he cannot tell the difference between green and red. This of course creates problems with his species berserk rage when seeing red.
Sig. Move (Special Training): Colorblind
Scyther is driven berserk by both red and green instead of just red.

Sumizomegai: male Absol (level 2)
Bio: Sumizomegai has pure black fur and skin, and blood red eyes. He knows no emotion other that malice. This lack of emotion is due to watching his parents be brutally murdered when he was young, leading him only to want to become more powerful, training in order to forget. Through his training, he has gained the ability to put his malice into his attacks, in a way.
Sig. Move (Special Training): Dark Emotions
Sumizomegai can make any of his physical attacks part Dark type by infusing them with anger and hatred, and a little Dark energy of course. The attacks due no more damage than they normally would. The attacks only become x/Dark type attacks, where x is whatever type the attack previously was. This can be ordered on any of Sumizomegai's physical attacks at any time, and that attack will take 1.25 times as much energy as normal.

Mizukouhi: female Croconaw (level 2)
Bio: Croconaw loves to ice skate as I quickly noticed, I taught her how to speed skate and she has done so ever since.
Sig. Move (Special Training): Speed Skater
Croconaw will skate when on ice, when skating she goes about twice as fast as she would if she just slid on the ice, however, when skating she is knocked over much easier since only her claws are on the ice and not her entire foot.

Onbinomoi: male Kirlia (level 2)
Bio: Onbinomoi has lived in a freezing cave filled with Ice Pokemon constantly attacking him for all of its life, the constant cold and icy attacks froze his skin and chilled his blood, over time he adapted to the cold in every way, as well as learned a move from the local inhabitants. Onbinomoi is a light blue with very dark blue hair.
Sig. Move (Special Training): Type Change (Ice)
Onbinomoi has become a Psychic/Ice type and knows Ice Beam, however, Ice Beam takes 1.5 times the energy it normally would.

Nenshouryoku: male Charmeleon (level 2)
Bio: Charmeleon loves moves in which fire engulf part of his body. He also loves to slice away at things. He has combined such techniques as Slash and Fire Punch in order to form a special move.
Special Attack: Flaming Slice (Fire)
Charmeleon rushes up to the opponent and uses a Slash attack with his arms covered in the flames of a Fire Punch. Unlike a regular Slash, this attack does not have a high critical hit ratio. This attack's total damage is 125% that of Slash and energy of 175% of Slash, and may be used 5 times per battle. This attack has a 15% chance of causing a burn.

Mabuitoukai: female Teddiursa (level 2)
Bio: Teddiursa wanted to feel like one of my icy crew, but only having one Ice attack discouraged her. Over time she came up with a more powerful Ice attack.
Sig. Move (Special Attack): Ice Kick (Ice)
Teddiursa focuses its energy into it's foot, much like a Pokemon would for a Mega Kick, however, Teddiursa channels Ice energy normally used for an Ice Punch and then jumps up and kicks the opponent doing damage roughly equal to a Mega Punch with energy equal to a Mega Kick. This attack has a 20% chance of freezing the opponent. This attack can only be used twice per battle.
Note: Will not be a full body freeze.

Gym Trainer Squad

Myououmono: male Sneasel (level 1)
Bio: Myououmono's speed and agility have always been top notch, however he has constantly tried to find a way to increase his speed and agility. He has developed a way to convert Dark and Ghost energy to pure speed and agility.
Sig. Move (Special Training): The Speed of Darkness
By constantly using Dark and Ghost energy to create an aura of speed around his feet, Myououmono's speed and agility are permanently increased to 150% that of a normal Sneasel, however, Myououmono is completely incapable of using any Dark or Ghost energy based attacks whatsoever, also, due to the increased speed, turning while running is extremely hard to do, so attacks such as Aerial Ace are impossible, and dodging from a run is improbable. This Sig is in effect at all times during a battle, and Myououmono's energy drops by a Submission every round, by two Submissions during any round in which he runs a significant amount (enough to warrant a move), naturally, if Myououmono does not move during the round for whatever reason, no energy will be lost.

Myoukougou: female Sneasel (level 1)
Bio: Myoukougou loves throwing things, and likes it when things have an added kick to them when they hit, so attacks like Swift were never quite good enough for her. Over time, she learned to add Ice energy to her Swift attack.
Sig. Move (Special Attack): Squall Storm (Ice)
Myoukougou fires off a Swift attack coated in Ice type energy, when the attack comes in contact with anything, each star has a 25% chance of having a partial freeze effect, much like that of an Ice beam. This attack does damage equal to that of a Swift, but uses the energy of 1.5 Swifts, and can be used 5 times per battle.

Burakkuaisu: male Snorunt (level 1)
no sig

Kuraiyuki: female Snorunt (level 1)
no sig

Fuyushinrin: male Snover (level 1)
no sig

Touketsumoui: male Spheal (level 2)
Bio: One day, while practicing his Water Gun, Touketsumoui accidentally mixed in Ice energy, causing the Water Gun to come out in the form of slush, which froze over after a while. Over a good bit of time, Touketsumoui started adding different amounts of Ice energy to get different freezing time, and eventually got it as soon as possible without draining himself completely.
Signature Move (Special Attack): Slush Gun (Ice)
Touketsumoui shoots out a Water Gun with an extreme amount of Ice energy in it. The excess amount of Ice energy makes the water turn to slush as soon as it leaves Touketsumoui's body. After the time of roughly two rounds, depending on how long the rounds last, at referee's discretion, the slush freezes into pure ice. The slush can be gotten off with a decent amount of effort, and if the arena is warm it will take longer to freeze, though if the arena is cold, it will take less time to freeze, at refferee's discretion. This attack does damage equal to a Water Gun, and uses energy about that of a Hyper Beam.

Hiyayakatei: male Delibird (level 2)
Bio: Hiyayakatei believes himself to be Santa's personal helper, more importantly, the one who keeps track of the "Naughty List", for whatever reason, Hiyayakatei believes that everyone is naughty, and should get coal. Due to this belief, Hiyayakatei has developed a way to turn some of his Presents to hot coal.
Sig. Move (Special Attack): Down the Chimney (Normal)
Hiyayakatei flies above the foe and drops a load of ten Presents that have been infused with Hiyayakatei's malice, these "Coals" drop quickly and each has a 20% chance of leaving soot on the opponent. Soot will cause dust to smother the opponent when they move, clogging up their lungs slightly and lowering their speed. Each Coal does damage roughly equal to half an Ember and the attack uses energy roughly equal to two Presents. This attack can only be used 3 times per battle.

Kaori: male Swinub (level 2)
Bio: Swinub has always been extremely confident in its Ice attacks, but no so confident when it comes to physical attacks, over time, we found a way to lend the power of Ice to a physical attack.
Sig. Move (Special Attack): Frost Charge (Ice)
Swinub surrounds itself with huge amounts of Ice energy, then, like a Pokemon would use a Volt Tackle, Swinub charges at the opponent and slams into them with all the cold surrounding it. This attack does damage roughly equal to a Volt Tackle and uses energy roughly equal to a Blizzard. This attack can only be used 3 times per battle. This attack has a 5% chance of freezing where the opponent got hit.

Reishoutekibi: female Jynx (level 3)
Bio: Reishoutekibi loves both her Ice and Psychic types, but could never combine them, until she came up with a brilliant move one day while drinking a milkshake.
Sig. Move (Special Attack): Brain Freeze (Ice)
Reishoutekibi gets into the mind of the opponent the same way she would use Confusion. However, instead of barraging the mind with confusing images, Reishoutekibi uses the opponents mind to lower the temperature inside the opponents skull greatly. This causes the opponent to feel pain. This attack does damage equal to two Confusions and uses energy equal to a Psychic and a Confusion. This attack has a 5% chance of causing confusion. This attack can only be used 3 times per battle.

Retsubouei: male Cloyster (level 3)
no sig

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Nick - Trainer Level 2
B Grade Ref
24 KO's (6 til TL3)
57 TP (33 til TL3)
29.75 SP

Team [16/16]
Spoiler: show
Initia - Female Gardevoir Lv. 3
No Bio/Sig

Regnum- Male Electabuzz Lv. 3
No Bio/Sig

Mendax - Genderless Porygon Lv. 2
Bio: Mendax started out his journey into the world of battling when he was caught lurking in some of the seedier sites in the internet. With a cry of "OH NOEZ", Mendax battled off some legal junkie Porygon dude, who was both surprised by Mendax and oddly aroused. Seriously.
Special Training: pr0n g00vin [Typeless]
Having seen so many different types of porn and whatnot, Porygon can use his vast knowledge of lust to seduce Pokemon it normally wouldn't be able to. Porygon can now use Attract, Captivate, and Flatter on Pokemon of both genders, although with a 10% lower chance of the move working than normal, due to the occasional "WTF" factor of seeing hardcore fantasies done by a living computer.

Aeger - Male Cubone Lv. 2
Bio: Cubone hails from the Earth Kingdom, and was trained by King Bumi, and powerful Earthbender in the days of Avatar Aang. Under Bumi's tutelage, Cubone has honed his Earthbending skills to a level of fighting mastery. However, this didn't stop him from getting caught by me. Mahahahahahaha.
Special Training: Earthbender [Ground]
Aeger's earth and rock related attacks deal 1.2x the normal damage due to his training under King Bumi. These attacks include: Ancient Power, Rock Slide, Earth Power, Mud Slap, Stealth Rock, Rock Tomb, Sandstorm, Dig, and Earthquake. However, his Bone-related attacks recieve no boost from his training, since they do not involve Earthbending. However, because he is an Earthbender, he cannot use attacks related to his opposite element; Air. Aeger can no longer use the attacks Icy Wind, Substitute (due to the direct-attack approach Earthbenders utilize in fights), Blizzard, and Protect.

Lenterex - Genderless Slowking Lv. 2
Bio: Slowking evolved prematurely due to Nick's Shellder Clamping onto his Slowpoke's head midmatch.
Special Training: WHY WON'T IT COME? [Typeless]
Due to evolving into a Slowking while still a baby, Slowking completely skipped the part of maturity where he gets a sex drive, and is now an asexual Pokemon. Due to this, he is impervious to any sort of Attract/Flatter/Captivate-esque move, but also can't use these moves himself.

Cogito - Male Meditite Lv. 2
No Bio/Sig

Magnes - Genderless Magnemite Lv. 2
No Bio/Sig

Musae - Female Pikachu Lv. 2
No Bio/Sig

Artificium - Genderless Metang Lv. 2
No Bio/Sig

Iracunda - Female Chimchar Lv. 1
No Bio/Sig

Gladius - Male Scyther Lv. 1
No Bio/Sig

Mirum - Male Dratini Lv. 2
No Bio/Sig

Advena - Female Clefairy Lv. 2
No Bio/Sig

Umbra - Female Snorunt Lv. 1
No Bio/Sig

Petasata - Female Lombre Lv. 2
No Bio/Sig

Sidus - Genderless Staryu Lv. 1
No Bio/Sig

Match History:

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Because Serebii is a piece of shit that won't let me edit my post there...

Level 4
69 KOs, 179 TP, 119.5 SP

Spirit Badge
Pokebowl 2008 badge

Points needed for level 5:
90 KOs, 240 TP

Spoiler: show

Rats: Male Raticate (level 4)
Throughout the pages of ASB history--hidden deep within the footnotes of books with titles such as Fisting of the North Star and Debbie Does Darnassus--a recurring character is described: a Raticate with dark gray fur, a drinking problem typically associated with Irishmen and the ability to get any Poke-hoes he wanted. After years of sabbatical in seedy towns south of the border, Rats has come back to judge the ASB and found it wanting. With many of the old guard dispersed to the winds (and many castrated by the various rule changes that ensured that not every Tom-Dick-and-Hariyama can summon mighty demons that can tear the world asunder) Rats has helped to assemble a new team of Pokemon that will show the rookies how it's really done.
Special Training: Never Say Die(normal)
Rats has been a part of the ASB for a long time, so anyone who chooses to underestimate this Raticate does so at their peril. Rats' most notable trait is his incredible physical resilience: his stamina and energy are higher than normal, allowing him to take more punishment (a Thunderbolt's worth, typically) and use more attacks (again, another Thunderbolt's worth of energy) before fainting. This incredible endurance, along with a good deal of luck makes Rats incredibly hard to kill, and he can survive situations that would kill most other Pokemon (though not without serious injury in most cases).

Targe: Male Blastoise (level 4)
Affirmative action selection required to fill the turtle quota. In a previous existence Targe bravely pulled raid bosses that either 1)were heavily composed of molten lava and fire 2)had huge teeth or 3)all of the above, and as a result has almost no fear of death.
Special Training: Dauntless (Water)
Targe has learned to keep his wits about him during moments of extreme duress, especially when duress is 15 feet tall and can chew through steel doors. Any attempt by an enemy Pokemon to scare, confuse, or otherwise demoralize Targe is much less effective.

Gaia: Female Venusaur(level 4)
Special Training: Kudzu (Grass)
Gaia's grass-based attacks that require her to "grow" items for the attacks (moves like Vine Whip and Razor Leaf) come out much more quickly than expected, making them harder to dodge and more likely to make called shots. These attacks also require slightly more energy than normal.

Sparky: Male Arcanine(level 4)
Special Technique: Firewalker (Fire)
Sparky disappears in a burst of flame, suddenly reappearing from any open flame in the vicinity. Size is not an issue: a flame as small as one on a candle will suddenly expand, revealing Sparky when it recedes. Sparky cannot teleport into flames that are a part of another Pokemon's body (eg. a Charizard's tail flame). Any Pokemon near Sparky when he teleports or reappears takes a small amount of fire damage from the surging flames. This move requires roughly as much energy as the move Teleport.

Kikuko: Female Gardevoir (level 4)
Special Training: Invisible Friend (Psychic)
Kikuko is accompanied to battle by her "friend" Gassy, which looks like a mouthless Gastly in bright, visually offensive pastel colors. As a psychic construct of Kikuko's mind(it can only be seen by Kikuko, her trainer, and any other psychics/psychic Pokemon), it has no tangible mass and cannot be attacked, nor can it physically impede anything or be physically impeded. Regardless, Kikuko has learned how to channel her special attacks through Gassy in battle, allowing him to act as the origin point for them instead of Kikuko herself. Using special attacks through Gassy consumes 50% more energy than normal, and only one attack can be used through Gassy each round. Gassy can be ordered to move around the field without using a move, but it cannot go beyond 50 feet of Kikuko.

Kikuno: Female Gardevoir (level 4)
Kikuno is a strange breed. Unlike most other psychics or even her twin sister, Kikuno's more traditional psychic abilities are fairly weak: she can barely lift anything with Psychic and her Shadow Balls would make Dan Hibiki piss himself laughing. While this would seem to doom Kikuno to a life of misery, in truth her psychic abilities reflect much more closely with that of a Medicham or Gallade, and her physical strength is immense despite her gender and size. Regardless, Kikuno still feels like a misfit and desperately tries to prove her worth.
Special Training: Brawler (Fighting)
Despite her species and gender, Kikuno uses the movepool available to Gallade rather than the standard movepool open to Ralts->Kirlia->Gardevoir. Her stats are also similar to a Gallade's instead of a Gardevoir's (ie Gallade swaps Gardevoir's attack and special attack stats).

Athena: Female Ampharos (level 4)
Athena speaks little, if at all. This stems not because she's shy, but more or less because she believes in the concept that you can say a lot with a little. She has become something of a loremaster in her off time, and no one knows the area within 100 miles of the Bakemono gym better than she does. She has taken the name Athena, from the Greek goddess of wisdom.
no sig move

Rahat: Male Dragonair (level 4)
No Signature Move

Beta: Female Houndoom (level 4)
Sparky's love interest, she seems to finally be reciprocating it, and they seem to be romantically involved. She is a talented battler, and is a force to be reckoned with in any situation.
No Signature Move

Tidal: Male Gyarados (level 4)
Despite the Gyrados stereotype of random, rampant destruction, Tidal is surprisingly intelligent. This doesn't mean he's any less capable of wreaking havoc if he needs to, however. Tidal, unlike most Gyrados, is blood red with black spots.
no sig move

Eats: Female Espeon (level 4)
Eats is the daughter of Rats and Eevil. She was presumed lost when the league reset, but she eventually found her way back to her parents, where she took up allegiance with Blastoise and co.
No Signature Move

Eevil: Female Umbreon (level 4)
For those who don't know, Rats and Eevil mated the first time Blastoise and The Mozz fought. In result, Eevil became pregnant and bore Eats, the daughter of herself and Rats. However, Rats has shown himself to be a less-than-adequate father at times, largely leaving the task of rasing Eats to Eevil. While it's likely that Eevil still loves Rats, his chaunivistic nature can be a turn off at times. The chaos that the reset caused the continuity caused Eevil and Eats to be separated from The Mozz. She then teamed up with Blastoise and co., who eventually found her daughter.
no sig move

Seri: Female Aerodactyl (level 4)
no sig move

Ronin: Male Gliscor (level 4)
Quite possibly the oldest Pokemon on Blastoise's squad, Ronin has seen a lot in his lifetime. Always content to try new things, no one is really sure what Ronin will do next.
No Signature Move

Tsubaki: Female Ninjask (level 4)
no sig move

Eisenfaust: Male Lucario (level 4)
This is the Lucario that Chozo used against ABL in the finals of Pokebowl. Though he ultimately lost, Chozo was so impressed that he offered the Lucario a spot on his team.
Good thing too, because Eisenfaust would have been given over to the furries otherwise, an ignoble fate for such a great Pokemon.
Special Training: True Sight(Fighting)
Eisenfaust has refined his aura senses to the point where it overlaps with his normal sight, the Lucario able to use them as effortlessly as breathing. With these overlapping senses Eisenfaust is able to pick out the true Double Team clone with ease and even the thickest fogs are clear as a sunny day in the Lucario's eyes.
Moves that obscure the opponent (Double Team, ghost invisibility, etc.) as well as moves that reduce the field of vision (Smokescreen, etc.) have no effect on Eisenfaust. Eisenfaust also sees clearly even when his eyes are completely closed. However, he burns energy equivalent to .25x a Foresight a round for this effect.

Ghost Squad

Oni: Female Gengar (level 5)
The oldest ghost on Blastoise's squad, she's also notable for being one of Blastoise's few ghost Pokemon who doesn't suffer from some sort of psychosis.
Special Training: Fall like the Wind (Ghost)
Oni can remain invisible for three rounds per battle instead of two. Oni can use ghost attacks while invisible without breaking her invisibility.

Gin: Female Mismagius (level 4)
Special Technique: Witch Mark (Ghost)
Gin casts a special hex on her opponent, which takes the form of an arcane sigil floating above them. While the hex is in place Gin is supernaturally aware of her opponent's exact location at all times, allowing her to see through deceptive attacks such as Double Team, invisibility, and making her nearly impossible to sneak up on or surprise. In addition, ghost attacks aimed at the target gain limited homing properties, making them harder to dodge than normal. Witch Mark lasts 5 rounds and uses as much energy as a Night Shade.

Menoko: Female Froslass (level 4)
Born and raised in a Shinto shrine in the mountains of Japan, Menoko is an oddity among her ethereal brethren: where they are wild and free-spirited, Menoko is calm and reserved. Of all the ghosts on Blastoise's squad, she is the penultimate philosopher (or as her fellow Pokemon refer to her, "a boring-*** stiff with her head in the clouds"). As an ice type Menoko is fascinated with the seasons and how the icy chill of winter gives way to a verdant spring, natural cycles at odds with each other yet complementary. Menoko has spent years contemplating the nature of the seasons and her place within them, and sees honing her unique talents in battle as a way to achieve insight into this great truth.
Special Training: Thaw (Ice/Water)
Menoko can convert her ice attacks to water attacks when ordered to do so by her trainer. While the attacks remain the same and the energy consumed by the attack is still ice energy, the damage dealt is considered to be water-based instead of ice-based. Ice attacks modified in this fashion cannot freeze the opponent unless battling in a temperature where water would freeze normally. Ice attacks converted to water attacks use 10% more energy than normal.

Thamar: Female Spiritomb (level 4)
no sig move

Gambler: Male Sableye (level 4)
Trained by a mining conglomerate to act as a "hound" to sniff out new veins, Gambler's skill at his job was mitigated by his tendency to eat the merchandise. Down on his luck, Gambler eventually found work in a grimy comics store in some nameless city. Fascinated by a certain superhero known to spin a web any size (which would then catch villains like flies) Gambler vowed that he had found a new purpose and would become a hero just like him. So Gambler did what any aspiring superhero would do, which is dunk the nearest Ariados into highly radioactive waste and let it bite him.
That he even survived is a miracle. That it even worked moreso. With a dark red coloration like that of an Ariados, Gambler now supplements his natural abilities with spider powers.
Having been bitten by a radioactive Ariados, Gambler has now developed several "spider powers." The first is that his strength and agility have increased, giving him a large amount of strength and speed relative to his size. The second is that he can now use String Shot and Spider Web, and he is capable of using the former to swing around like the web-slinger of legend, which he uses to supplement a Sableye's natural ability to climb walls. Unfortunately, being bitten by a radioactive arachnid also has its downsides: Gambler takes 1.5x damage from rock, fire, and flying attacks, and cannot use Captivate.

Cauldron-Born: Male Dusclops (level 4)
Cauldron-Born, despite having a name linked with Scottish myth, was actually born and raised in Mexico. Embracing the power of cultural stereotypes to its fullest, Cauldron-Born is obsessed with lucha libre wrestling (so much that his skull "mask" is painted blue and gold) and envisions the glorious day when he will have hands, for he will be able to join the proud ranks of masked wrestlers everywhere.
Special Training: Usted es ya muerto (Fighting)
Cauldron-Born has trained for many years for the day he can become a mighty wrestler, and because of this he is now a Ghost/Fighting type with all associated weaknesses and resistances. As soon as Cauldron-Born evolves to Dusclops/Dusknoir, it will gain the ability to use Submission at the cost of not being able to use Future Sight.

Gunbatisi: Female Drifblim (level 4)
It was the 1940's, and war had once again engulfed the world. In these desperate times many strange inventions were designed in the hopes of turning the tides of war, including massive ships made of ice, supertanks, flying tanks, and planes that bore a striking resemblance to some marital aids. Into this era Gunbatsi was born and raised, before being recruited by the military as a carrier "pigeon". Mindful of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (also German anti-air), Gunbatsi was entered into a pilot program that sought to reinforce Pokemon with human technology as an additional form of protection. The pilot program was only a mixed success and got axed shortly after the first trial run, but regardless the changes wrought on Gunbatsi allowed her to survive the war and make it to the present day.
Special Training: Iron Soul (Steel)
For reasons specified in the bio, Gunbatsi is now a ghost/steel type with all associated weaknesses and resistances. The steel armor takes the form of carefully inlaid ribs overlapped with iron plates inside of her body. Unfortunately, during the pilot program they never managed to work all the kinks out, and so this protection comes with a few disadvantages. First, the extra plating slows Gunbatsi down, so she is slower than others of her kind. The second is that she only gains the benefit of her steel type while in solid form: going into any other state causes her to lose the resistances of her steel typing, but she still retains the weaknesses. Third, the metal in her body is pushing over half a century at this point and is more vulnerable to temperature extremes: Gunbatsi's steel typing provides no resistance against ice attacks and fire attacks do 2.5x their normal damage instead of 2x. Finally, due to the armor protection Gunbatsi can no longer turn invisible effectively: her body will disappear, but the steel plates inside of her will remain visible, thus betraying her location.

Kirchoff: Genderless Rotom (level 4)
The meanest, nastiest hombre ever to not exceed one foot in height, Kirchoff is sheer piss and malice given a highly compact form. It spent most of its early life in a car factory where it happily wreaked havoc, able to evade attempts to capture it by its unique ability to paralyze even opponents shielded from electricity. With the power to so easily dominate its opponents, Kirchoff has a massive chip on its tiny, tiny shoulders, convinced of its own superiority due to the fact that it can easily render foes stupefied and helpless.
Special Technique: Mental Static (Ghost)
Kirchoff fires a wave of ghost energy at its opponent. If hit, the ghost energy infiltrates the target's neural system, wreaking havoc and inflicting paralysis on the target. Unlike Thunder Wave the attack does not need to be "held" in order to inflict heavy paralysis: once hit the target will quickly succumb to the effects of paralysis. This effect is not perfect however, and most Pokemon can build a short-term immunity to the attack. While the first successful use fully paralyzes under normal circumstances, the second use on the same Pokemon in the same battle is only half effective, the third use is half as effective as the second use, and so on. Mental Static uses energy equivalent to that of Night Shade.

Wraith: Genderless Shedinja (level 4)
no sig move

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No Longer Flying GL
Level 5/Level 4 under incoming rules changes, post will reflect that for now.
93 KOs
255 TP
0.25 SP
A- Grade Referee (inactive though)

I have badges. Namely, mine and Mozz's. Woo.
Spoiler: show
Tensai Gym Badge
Global badge
This badge is awarded to trainers who manage to defeat Jurojin/Mozz in a gym battle. The latent psychic energy within this badge can be felt by anyone who holds it in their hand.
Badge Effect: Psychic communication
Trainers who normally do not possess psychic powers can expend the energy inside this badge to establish temporary telepathic communication with their Pokemon.
This badge may only be used when going first. The trainer states in their post that they are using this badge, then sends their orders for the round via PM. The ref posts, confirming that the orders were received, and then the trainer going second posts their orders. The ref includes the psychic orders in their post and then refs normally. This effect may be used once per battle.

Dual Wing Badge
Global Badge
This badge is awarded to those who defeat Hanatori in a Gym Battle, symbolizing the ability to overcome the diverse threats posed by Flying-type Pokemon. The badge itself resembles Dragonair's wings placed side by side, with a Pokeball peeking out from the middle.
Badge Effect: Spam Filter
When bringing this badge into battle, choose one of your Pokemon and eliminate one of its type weaknesses, making a double weakness a normal weakness and a normal weakness neutral. The weakness being reduced must be declared when the badge is brought into battle with your squad. This effect stays on the same Pokemon for the entire battle--even after the chosen Pokemon is KO'ed, the effect can not be shifted to another Pokemon.

Recent Match history for anyone who's curious:
Spoiler: show
Decided to reset this box because all my previous matches were at least a couple of years old. Will update with ongoings later. Huzzah.

Flying-types (15):
Spoiler: show
Hanatori: Female Jumpluff (Level 4)
The self-appointed ASB Queen of Comedy. This may or may not be accurate, but we can confirm that she has a particularly smart mouth.
Special Attack: Hana Family Secret Technique: Puffer Ball Explosion (Flying)
Hanatori creates what appears to be a softball-sized version of the cotton puffs on her head and arms, and directs it at the opponent. Upon contact, the ball explodes into a large ball of wind, dealing significant damage. This attack uses energy equal to Thunderbolt, and is usable three times per battle.

Hanako: Male Jumpluff (Level 4)
Older brother to Hanatori. Same snide remarks, greater knack for falling in some odd crowds.
Special Attack: Solar Spin (Grass/Flying)
Hanako charges a Solar Beam, as normal, but includes a good amount of Flying energy in the beam. When Hanako finishes charging, he releases the attack in the form of a large whirlwind of Grass and Flying-type energy that is similar in nature to Twister. The cyclone moves through the arena, and deals heavy Grass-type damage and mild Flying-type damage to opponents. As with Twister, Solar Spin deals more damage if the opponent is airborne when hit, and the cyclone is able to pick up water and deal more damage at the referee's discretion. This attack uses energy equal to a Solar Beam and 0.75x Twister, and can only be used once per battle.

Chou Chou: Female Butterfree (Level 4)
A totally edgy Butterfree who laughs at your suffering, as much as a Butterfree can "laugh." Chortles, maybe?
Special Technique: Bad Chamber (Psychic)
Using significant Psychic energy, Chou Chou creates a special "zone" where the opponent's Pokemon are released for battle. Whenever a Pokemon on this side is switched out, their replacement is drained of a good amount of off-type energy, with the type chosen at random. This does not affect how 'fresh' the enemy pokémon feels when they are released. Despite being a mysterious 'zone' and not a cluster of rocks or spikes, this move is just as easily negated by Rapid Spin and other entry hazard removers. This move is usable once per battle.

Bela: Female Crobat (Level 4)
The ideator and highly questionable leader of the Bela/Sasori/Koutetsutori trio. Is often in her own world, albeit one parallel to our own.
Special Attack: Injection (Poison)
Bela bites the opponent for mild damage while attempting to inject a toxin into his/her body. If Bela is able to break the opponent's skin and inject the toxin successfully, after two rounds, the toxin will begin to affect the opponent's brain, allowing for the effects of Bela's mind-altering attacks to last one round longer than normal. This attack uses energy equal to Bite plus Toxic, and can only be used once per battle.

Ohashi: Female Xatu (Level 4)
Is either asleep or working on some gadget at any given time. How does a Xatu make complicated gadgets when it doesn't have opposable thumbs? Telekinesis...?
Special Defense: Mirror Body (Psychic)
Ohashi uses a good amount of Psychic energy (equal to Barrier) to create several Psychic energy copies of herself, which fly around Ohashi and create a dome of protection around her for the round. The clones deal no damage upon contact with other Pokemon, but when met with an energy attack, they reflect the attack towards the opponent, at the same amount of strength as the attack was when it was used. Physical attacks will get past the barrier with no difficulty whatsoever, but they will not break the barrier. This attack must be the only attack ordered for Ohashi during the round, and can only be used once per battle.

Asher: Male Charizard (Level 4)
I don't actually have much recent information on him because he's rather detached from the team's usual antics. Whoops. But yeah, he flies around a lot. Wouldn't you, if you were a Charizard?
Special Attack: Fire Ball (Fire)
Using a good amount of Fire energy, Asher engulfs himself in flames. Pokemon touching the flame will take light damage, with a 10% chance of being burned. The flames wear off after five turns. This attack can only be used twice per battle.

Koutetsutori: Female Skarmory (Level 4)
Voted "most-annoying-to-type nickname in the PASBL" in 2002, 2005, and 2009. More than a bit thick in the head, but fiercely loyal to her friends.
Special Attack: Rising Metal (Steel)
Koutetsutori shoots into the air at high speeds, charging Steel-type energy into her horn and hitting the opponent for solid damage. If the opponent is a significant distance above Koutetsutori, there is a chance that the opponent will flinch. This attack uses energy equal to Iron Head and Quick Attack, and can be used three times per battle.

Pitch: Female Altaria (Level 4)
Difficult to describe without resorting to phrases such as "like [insert cartoon speedster of choice here]" or "going faster miles an hour."
Special Training: Walkin' on Air (Flying)
Pitch can use a decent amount of Flying energy to accelerate various physical moves of hers, allowing them to hit an opponent slightly faster than a Quick Attack and increasing the amount of damage done by a mild amount. Because of the high speed involved, Pitch will also take decent recoil damage. At each trainer level, she gains the ability to use this on one more attack. So far, she is able to use this with Take Down, Dragon Rush, Steel Wing, and Double Edge.

Konchuu: Female Masquerain (Level 4)
About half detached from Team Dual Wing, content to just skim the lakes she once called home. The other half is endlessly fascinated by what goes on, but that first half makes her a good 'outsider' perspective for the team.
Special Training: Rain Moth (Water)
Konchuu, relating more to her former Water type than her Bug type, has practiced her Water-type attacks more, meaning that she has the energy reserves of a Water/Flying type. This of course means that she has much less Bug energy to work with than before, having the same amount of Bug energy as a normal Masquerain would have Water energy.

Kashoku: Female Togekiss (Level 4)
Is made of sugar and spice and everything nice. But mostly sugar.
Special Attack: Hindenkiss (Fighting)
Kashoku, taking after the TO Party Togekiss, channels all of the fail in the battle, causing her to ignite in an aura of Fighting energy. She dives at the opponent with little regard for her own safety, dealing damage that, like Return or Frustration, varies based on the amount of "fail" present from past rounds at the referee's discretion, with average levels of fail causing good damage/energy use and a damage/energy use cap of 1.5x Thunderbolt. Kashoku receives roughly 1/3 of that damage in recoil.
If there is no fail present to fuel her, she crashes and burns, taking high damage. This attack is usable twice per battle, but no two uses can fall within five rounds of each other due to the time it takes to accumulate fail, and a second use is more likely to fail--no pun intended.

Sasori: Female Gliscor (Level 4)
Likes: Boys and music. Sasori is the diplomat of her trio - mind, one that can be quite forceful when things get out of hand.
Special Attack: Triple Hammer (Ground)
Sasori leaps at the opponent, charging Ground energy into her claws and stinger. She strikes the opponent from above with both her claws, then with her stinger, dealing considerable damage altogether. Due to the multiple hits and amount of force behind the attack, there is a chance that the opponent will flinch. This attack uses significant energy, and is usable three times per battle.

Ichiyou: Male Tropius (Level 4)
A squad babysitter before the lot of them outgrew the need for it, though it bears note that Ichiyou was never very good at keeping Team Dual Wing calm. Oh, he tries to be as responsible as they come - even took in an egg that would eventually hatch and reveal Pitch.
Special Attack: Iron Arse (Steel)
Ichiyou coats her arse in a shell of Steel energy and slams it into the opponent for good damage. This attack uses energy equal to Iron Tail and can be used three times per battle.

Anasazi: Male Aerodactyl (Level 4)
... --Anasazi
Special Training: Stealth (Flying)
Anasazi is apparently so good at being silent that he has become a stealth flier; only Pokemon with sensitive hearing will be able to detect him through hearing alone. However, his silence has caused any attacks relying on sound to become less than half as effective as usual.

Bulle: Female Drifblim (Level 3)
A sunny disposition forever damaged by encounters with some shady 'mon during transport duties.
Special Defense: Static Field (Electric)
Using Electric energy equal to Light Screen, Bulle creates an electric field that extends five feet in all directions away from her. Electric attacks will be absorbed by the barrier, which can endure two Thunderbolts, one Thunder, or a combination of attacks that would do equivalent damage before being destroyed. Pokemon, physical attacks, and other special attacks will pass through the field easily, but coming in contact with the field will cause that Pokemon to take damage equal to 1/2 Thundershock, with a 5% chance of mild Paralysis. This attack may only be used twice per battle.

Tentoumushi: Male Ledyba (Level 1)
Now that Tochukaso no longer occupies the squad's 'scaredy bug' niche, Tentoumushi can sneak back in. Timidly, of course.
No Signature Move

Other Pokemon (13):
Spoiler: show
Kappy: Male Blastoise (Level 4)
Always freezes the floor.
Special Technique: Kappy Always Freezes the Floor (Ice)
Kappy uses Ice energy to produce a half-inch-thick layer of ice over the ground around him and his opponent, up to a radius of about fifteen feet. Energy use will depend on the amount of moisture in and on the ground and the amount of space frozen, with the amount of energy used ranging from half an Ice Beam around water to 1.5x Ice Beam in particularly dry areas. This technique is usable twice per battle.

Kitsune: Male Ninetales (Level 4)
Generally calm and reasoning, the weirdo.
Special Technique: Nine-Tailed Incense (Fire)
The tips of Kitsune's tails become very hot as Kitsune directs a stream of fragrant, non-combustible smoke at the opponent. When inhaled, this incense causes mild Paralysis, but if the opponent inhales a large quantity of incense (at the referee's discretion), full Paralysis can occur. Touching the tips of Kitsune's tails while this attack is being used will result in mild Fire-type damage. This attack uses energy equal to 2x Ember and can be used twice per battle.

Tochukaso: Male Parasect (Level 4)
The mushroom part is terribly rude; the insect part is a bit timid.
Special Attack: Drain Vine (Grass)
Tochukaso uses energy equal to 1.5x Giga Drain to make a large vine grow out of the ground, wrapping around the opponent and draining energy. The type of energy drained is the same type as the last energy-based attack used by the opponent. The vine drains energy at the same rate as Giga Drain if the opponent is familiar with the energy type being drained (Fire energy from a Typhlosion, Psychic energy from a Drifblim); the rate increases to 1.5x Giga Drain if the opponent is unfamiliar with the type (Ice energy from a Clefable).
Tochukaso does not restore any energy from this attack. While Grass energy is required for the vine to grow, any weakness or resistance to Grass will not be taken into account when the vine drains energy. The vine can only come up in arenas where the ground is soft enough for the vine to emerge, and it will go back underground after it is finished draining energy. This attack can be used two times per battle.

Shiro: Male Dragonair (Level 5)
Shiro's a Dragonair, he doesn't need a signature move.
No Signature Move

Zekka: Female Lickitung (Level 4)
Voted runner-up for "least likely squad member to say anything." This may not be voluntary on her part.
Special Training: Delicious Elemental Sauce (Various)
Zekka may coat her tongue with Fighting, Ice, Electric, Fire, or Ghost energy while using Lick, using additional energy equal to Shock Wave and doing decent additional damage. Zekka is only allowed to use one element as Elemental Sauce per battle, and can use Elemental Sauce with Lick twice per battle.

Semme: Female Tangrowth (Level 4)
Generally of high spirits and hot blood. Enjoys sports.
Special Technique: Broadhand (Grass)
Semme uses Grass energy equal to 2x Growth to enlarge one of her vine-hands to two times its size. Attacks used with the vine-hand do more damage, but are slower as a result. This attack can be used twice per battle, and can not be used consecutively on the same vine-hand.

Okusan: Male Remoraid (Level 3)
Loves all living things from the sea.
Special Attack: Lovely Pulse (Normal/Water)
Once per match, Okusan may add Normal-type energy to his orb-form Water Pulse. When the orb hits the opponent, the Normal energy will begin to glow wherever the water is, with the intensity depending on the amount of energy added. The amount of Normal energy added depends on how happy he currently is, with additional energy usage (and also damage) ranging from 1/2 Swift to 2x Swift.

Lim: Female Quagsire (Level 3)
Current holder of the "Youngest Squad Member" title. Suitably naive.
Special Defense: Cloaking Film (Poison)
Lim, like all Quagsires, is coated with a slimy film. Twice per battle, Lim may use Poison energy equal to 2x Acid Armor to give a few extra layers to her coating of film; however, the next few layers will have a highly reflective quality to them, allowing Lim to become invisible for one round, as the film will quickly dissolve afterward. These layers of film can be wiped away fairly easily by special attacks, and Lim's eyesight will be somewhat worse, as the film covers her own eyes.

Makuro: Male Sneasel (Level 1)
Old 'mon. Likes fighting.
No Signature Move

Morgane: Female Cyndaquil (Level 1)
Morgane, one of my first Pokemon from way back, carries with her a fascination with electricity. This probably dates back to her time at a Pokemon Center as a Cyndaquil, when she recovered from a near-death experience in battle and liked to rub the balloons she was sent all over her fur.
No Signature Move

Charlotte: Female Swinub (Level 1)
No Signature Move

Ganymede: Male Clefairy (Level 2)
Ganymede is the squad's most socially conscious Pokemon.
No Signature Move

Inertia: Genderless Voltorb (Level 1)
Inertia is a property of matter.
No Signature Move
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"I'm glad to know I made your theoretical signature quote." ~Jerichi / Thanks to Le Morg for the avatar!

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Gallade The Squad That Is Weebos

Spoiler: show


Fighting Gym Leader of the Donnybrook Shopping Mall
Level 5 Trainer
32 pokemon

Onslaught Badge
Global Badge
The badge of the Donnybrook Coliseum Shopping Mall, emblazoned with a flaming fist representing justice. This badge is given to trainers who triumphed in the Coliseum Mall, and represents their skill and determination to win in an all out assault.
Badge Effect: Furious Onslaught
This badge allows the wielder to use one additional Three Move Combo in all of their matches.


Rayje-Male Gallade-lvl 6
Rayje is Moody's twin brother and my squad front man. He's a boss and he knows what is good.
Sig Move (Special Attack) Gravity
Rayje can use Gravity and it costs slightly less energy.

Aeneas-Male Blaziken-lvl 5
After watching this video and a lot of Super Smash Bros. Aeneas simply could not handle the epic power of the Falcon Punch and had to learn it himself. He could only perfect a mild version of it, as he is not Captain Falcon.
Sig move (Special Attack) FALCON PUNCH! (Fire)
Aeneas charges up fire energy in his fist and then releases it in a punch of ultimate destruction. Does the damage and takes the energy equal to Full Charge Focus Punch. Essentially its a fire type Focus Punch, however it has all the classy flair a Falcon Punch has. As such it also has a Dynamic Punch element, as it creates a miniature explosion when it connects, which can send the opponent flying. Side effects include death, destruction, and surprise abortion. Once per pokemon.

Spanky-Male Primeape-lvl 5
Spanky was born to some conniving and vile owners who named him Spanky. Since then wherever he went people would hear his name and spank him, thinking they were oh so funny with their little "Spank the Mankey" jokes and whatnot. However, one day, Spanky had enough,and went on a rampage of spanking. Unfortunately for him he lived in Texas at the time, and the Texans did not take kindly to his antics and he was charged with multiple assaults. Unable to overcome the rage inherent in his nature he spanked the Judge to death and earned himself instant execution by electrocution. He resisted being pulled to the chair with all his might, but the Texas outnumbered him and strapped him down. As he raged against society the Texans charged him with high voltage. He screamed and writhed in the chair and finally slumped forward, slightly singed. However mere seconds later he sat up again, electricity crackling in his fur. Surprised the Texans laid into him again with similar effect. They tried it 27 more times, and Spanky survived. After they stopped to marvel at this freakish occurrence Spanky took the opportunity to electocute them with the electricity stored in his body. I’m not entirely sure how he survived all of that, but it has been speculated that some freak gene mutation allows him to conduct electricity harmlessly, or that even his own resilient spirit had something to do with it. Regardless his electrical prowess has become one of his strengths.
Sig Move (Special Training) Electric Type
Spanky has gained Electric type. He is still weak to flying moves and has also learned how to use Thunder Wave.

Susan-Female Lucario-lvl 5
Susan is a large fan of Dragonball Z. She watches the reruns all the time. She developed this move by copying the show a number of times, and it proves to be a devastating technique
Sig Move (Special Attack) KAMEHAMEHA! (Normal)
Susan unleashes the Kamehameha wave, a large blue beam of elite destruction. This move does twice as much damage as hyper beam and takes twice as much energy. Can only be used once per battle and has a large recovery period after it similar to Giga Impact.

Sapsucker-Male Heracross-lvl 5
Sapsucker is a versatile fighter, however his biggest weakness was his double weakness to flying. He decided one day to do something about this and trained endlessly with members of my squad who knew flying attacks. He's been training for years, focusing all of his energy into undoing the one crucial weakness of his. In the end he has succeeded, but at a cost.
Sig Move (Special Training) Air Resistance
Sapsucker takes neutral damage from Flying attacks, but he no longer has any resistances (Bug, Dark, Fighting, Grass, Ground).

Bossa Nova-Male Scrafty-lvl 5
Bossa Nova spits lyrics like a dragon spits fire
Dance with him and you’re bound to retire
You best not be frontin’, don’t give him no flack
Lest he bust up you suckas with a Rap Attack!
Sig Move (Special Attack) Rap Attack
Bossa Nova assaults the foe with his vicious rap skills. The sheer brutality of his lyrical content and rhyming prowess causes the opponent to be so stunned they fall asleep. Science has yet to explain this. This attack is basically Sing, it takes the energy of Sing and can only be used twice per battle.

Poli-Male Poliwrath-lvl 5
Poli is a boss, you can tell by looking at him. He’s got sweet moves and a fly body. He used to run on the Pokeathlon track team, his event was the 4 by 100 meter relay. As such he got adept at passing batons.
Sig Move (Special Attack) Baton Pass
Poli can use Baton Pass.

Zelda-Female Kirlia-lvl 3
Zelda plays video games all day. Primarily fighting games because she dreams of being a Gallade. In the rare moments when she isn't trashing people online she's playing games in the Zelda series. She enjoys this series so much that she has adapted a technique analogue of an in-game item.
Sig Move (Special Attack) Light Arrow
Zelda shoots a solidified apiece of energy at the foe. This is a piercing attack and it deals Solid physical damage. This attack also has the properties of a high powered Flash attack, which will lead to temporary blindness and a short stun of around 10 seconds. This attack normally does neutral damage to all types, but if it hits a Ghost type it will do super effective damage and force it into solid form for the duration of the stun. This attack uses High energy and can only be used once per Pokemon.

Vicky-Female Croagunk
No sig.

The Rest of my Homies:

Voodoo-Male Cacturne-lvl 5
Voodoo is a deranged homicidal maniac. But he is also unique among his Cacturne brethren. Random wanton murder would be a natural fit for the Dark side of your typical Cacturne, but Voodoo enjoys watching his opponents degrade over time. He loves wearing them down with Poison, watching their faces as they acknowledge their inevitable doom. He has become a sort of mad genius of poisons. When he isn't off murdering he can often be found studying various plants and mixing different poisonous compounds to try. He has studied under many different poison types and poison masters, including the illustrious Gym Leader Koga. After so much study and training he has fully embraced the ways of Poison pokemon.
Sig Move (Special Training) Dark Apothecary (Poison)
Voodoo is Grass/Poison and has learned Sludge Bomb, but in return he has forgotten Faint Attack and Payback.

Moody-Female Gardevoir-lvl 5
Rayje and Moody were twins at birth and they excel in battle together. They both focus on different techniques and complement each other exceptionally.
Sig Move (Special Training) Brain over Brawn
Moody's Special Attacks do 25% more damage, but her Physical Attacks do 25 % Less and take 25% more energy.

Bud-Female Meganium-lvl 5
Bud was my first pokemon. She is very energetic and full of spunk. She and I have been through a lot together, so she can be a little clingy at times. She likes to take a supportive role on my team, shoring up her defense to benefit herself and her teammates.
Sig Move (Special Training) Screener (Psychic)
Bud is considered familiar with Psychic abilities and has an increased Psychic energy pool. In addition her Light Screen and Reflect attacks absorb slightly more damage.

Panzer-Male Blastoise-lvl 5
Panzer is a battle-hardened Blastoise who has seen his fair share of battles. He uses his experience to get an edge over his opponents.
Sig Move (Special Ability) It’s Just You And Me
When Panzer is out in battle the opponent cannot switch out through recall or switching moves like Baton Pass, Volt Switch, or U-turn.

Buffalo-Male Octillery-lvl 5
Buffalo grew up on a small volcanic island along the equator. He basked in the blazing sun all day, swimming through waters heated via volcanic vents. One day, as he frolicked in the waters off the coast, his friends played a dirty trick on him and squirted ink right into his eyes. Fumbling about blindly, Buffalo swam right into a volcanic vent. His friends watched in dismay as he disappeared into a cloud of smoke.
Buffalo could feel the heat emanating from the molten core of this vent and he tried to find his way back out, but all was for naught. A mysterious force was pulling at him, and the more he fought the harder it pulled. Eventually he tired of fighting it and could do nothing but ride the current further and further from salvation.
Buffalo was sure he was fried, but despite the rapidly increasing heat he was not feeling any discomfort or pain. Perplexed he rubbed the ink from his eyes and looked around. He was inside a massive cave practically overflowing with molten lava, yet still he felt no pain. As he wondered this a mysterious ball of light appeared within the magma, and it grew ever nearer. It soon became apparent that this orb was of massive size, and it broke the surface of the lava as a ball of fire.
Buffalo watched in awe as the ball of fire burst in all directions and revealed a Moltres, the creature was surrounded by a bubble of fire, presumably that was what was keeping it alive. Buffalo was completely awestruck, and even more so when the creature spoke to him.
“Young pokemon of the sea, I was imprisoned down here long ago, but I have reawakened thanks to the proximity of your life force. I do not have long before my fire shield gives out, if you help me escape my prison I will reward you plentifully.”
Buffalo looked at the majestic creature and felt pity for its plight. “Of course I will help you,” he said, “Never before have I seen the majesty of fire that you represent. I am humbled in your presence.”
“That’s very kind of you,” said the Moltres, “But I really must get going or I’m really going to die. It’s been through my power that you have not been boiled alive down here, I still have some power left, lead me to the surface and I will bestow it upon you.”
And with that the two pokemon made a mad rush up the vent, towards the surface and freedom. Meanwhile Buffalo’s companions thought they had just lost their friend. As they mournfully turned away they felt heat on their backs and could feel the rumbling of the volcano. They turned and Buffalo and Moltres burst from the vent spewing fire in all directions. Astonished the pokemon could only watch in awe as the red octopus and the phoenix raced toward the surface. Moltres burst through the ocean in an explosion of steam and fire, majestically showering everything with shimmering flames.
He turned to his companion and savior Buffalo and said, “Thank you sea creature, please accept this boon and know the power of fire.”
Sig Move (Special Training) Octocombustion (Fire)
Buffalo is now familiar with the Fire Type and therefore has significantly more Fire typed energy at his disposal.

Jim-Male Sableye-lvl 5
Known to others as merely "Jim", Jim is in fact a master of deception and espionage. He is a high class thief and spy and his natural ghost and dark abilities enhance his role in his occupation, not to mention the fact that he can climb walls and such.
Sig Move (Special Training) Ethereal Espionage
Jim can go invisible one additional time in a match, three times in total. As a result of his focus on hiding and sneaking about, his defense abilities have been lowered, resulting in him unable to use Protect.

Ditto-lvl 5
I received Ditto from the Daycare Couple on one of my trips to study breeding. When I asked about his progenitors the old man only winked and told me that was a secret of the trade. I assumed Ditto was a regular Ditto, until one day after a battle with a Pidgey the day before I sent out Ditto and lo and behold, he transformed into a Pidgey. Casually I looked around for one, and after a minute I realized the implications of me not being able to see one. Looking down I asked Ditto to transform into a Caterpie we fought the week before, and he did. After scanning the premises I realized that Ditto had a memory uncommon for run-of-the-mill Dittos, and thus I realized his potential as a battler as opposed to a good sex man.
Sig Move (Special Training) A Memory
Ditto is unusual for Dittos because he remembers things. He can store up to three different pokemon to transform into without their presence. He has to be in battle with a pokemon in order to store the transformation, and he has to use a Memory Transform, which is a two move combo attack that uses twice Transform’s energy and that he can only use once per battle. Ditto can only store a pokemon that can be obtained at the level he is at and at the trainer level I am at. When he stores a form he stores it at that evolution level and cannot devolve or evolve that form unless he stores that evolution through battling it. Ditto can start the battle in one of his three stored forms, and he can change to a different stored form once per battle and the cost of double Transform’s energy. As a direct result of his energy expenditure, once he has three forms stored he can no longer use regular Transform and can only use his stored forms. When starting in one of the forms, the move does not have to be used, but the energy still counts as being used. The different Pokémon Ditto can transform into will be listed in the signature move at the start of the match.
Stored Pokemon: Nidoqueen, Reuniclus

Bilbo Bagons-Male Salamence-lvl 5
Bilbo Bagons was a typical bagon in his youth, yearning to fly like all the others. He would go running off cliffs all day long, even when he became Shelgon he never stopped running. I took him with me to visit Hawai’i because I figured there weren’t many places to jump there so he wouldn’t hurt himself. He enjoyed the time off briefly, but he was not one to relax. As I slipped into my sun stroke stupor on the beach Bilbo slunk off to buy a helicopter ride over the volcano. I woke up in time to watch his helicopter lift off and I frantically hijacked the next one and the high speed air chase was on. The helicopter hovered over the volcano and just as I neared it I saw Bilbo look out at me, wink, and then leap into the open sky. “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” was my slow motion scream and he hurtled headfirst towards molten lava. Just as he connected with the fiery insides he burst into a display of light and the whole volcano raged and thundered as mini eruptions occurred along with a bizarre light show. I peered my soot and tear streaked face into the rim and the volcano suddenly erupted with fury. Riding the blast of lava was Bilbo, but he had now evolved into Salamence and taken on the fury of the volcano that birthed him the joy of flight.
Sig Move (Special Training) Fury of the Volcano (Fire)
Bilbo is now Dragon/Fire type, with all the implications. Also he is weak to Water moves and can no longer use water moves.

Kami-Male Electivire-lvl 5
Kami has the fury of a Thunder God instilled in him. He has honed his prowess in electricity to create an ultimate attack.
Sig Move (Special Attack) Hammer of the Gods (Electric)
Kami begins the attack by physically punching the opponent and supercharging them with electricity, temporarily paralyzing them for the duration of the attack, (which isn't very long), he then leaps into the air, propelled by electricity, and unleashes some stored electricity into the sky. This creates a lightning bolt which he then rides back down to the opponent, dealing massive Electric damage with a fair chance of paralysis and it will stun both pokemon for an equal period of time. The damage of the attack is along the lines of Giga Impact and it is both physical and special damage. The energy usage of this attack is also equivalent to Giga Impact and Thunder. The speed of this attack makes it nearly impossible to dodge even if the pokemon managed to resist the paralysis from the punch. Use of this attack will temporarily deplete Kami's charge, rendering him unable to use Electric attacks for the next round unless he uses the attack Charge beforehand. Due to the intensity of the attack it can only be used once per match.

Caulk-Male Dunsparce-lvl 4
Caulk is a legendary fighter of worldly renown. His most famous exploit was standing against Tita the Dragonite in single combat, and winning...morally.
Sig Move (Special Training) The Joys of Flight
Caulk is significantly better at flying than his fellow Dunsparce. He flies around better and at the same cost of other natural fliers and levitating individuals. When sent out he begins each battle in the air..

Ghidora-Male Hydreigon-lvl 6
Ghidora is a freaking boss.
Sig Move (Special Training) Simultaneous Attacks
Ghidora can use attacks simultaneously because of its numerous heads. Using two attacks at the same time consumes 1.25 the normal energy and he can only do it twice per match.

Starscream-Golurk-lvl 5
Starscream flies all day. Every day.
Sig Move (Special Training) I Believe I can Fly
Starscream uses significantly less energy than other Golurks when flying around, he uses as much energy as a natural levitator or natural flyer would use to soar about the skies.

Creeper-Female Galvantula-lvl 5
Creeper's climbin' in yo windows, snatchin' yo people up.
Sig move (Special Attack) Toxic String (Poison)
A String Shot laced with toxic style poison. This move infects the opponent with Toxic and functions as a String Shot. Takes the energy of those two moves combined and can be used twice per battle.

Kayek-Female Archeops-lvl 4
Kayek loves to dance.
Sig Move (Special Training) Dance Magic Dance
Kayek has learned Dragon Dance and Swords Dance.

Harry Champ-Male Nidoking-lvl 5
Harry Champ is a man destined to be king. He also believes that he needs MORE DOTS! But he can't, so instead he just has a better one.
Sig Move (Special Attack) MORE DOTS! (Poison)
Harry Champ's Toxic works its magic twice as fast and takes twice as much energy.

Serenity-Female Larvesta-lvl 3
Serenity is very supportive of her fellow teammates. She tries her hardest to help everyone be the best they can be and she has a very protective nature. She’s been through a lot in life, but she knows that as long as she’s still flying everything will be all right.
Sig Move (Special Training) You Can’t Take The Sky From Me
Serenity has Charizard’s species characteristic. This means that she will stay conscious for another round after she has been knocked out.

Rafael-Male Gliscor-lvl 3
Rafael is a screen writer. He also installs screen doors. In his spare time he's a door to door sunscreen salesman. He's also a journalist and occasionally attends movie screenings.
Sig Move (Special Attack) Screen
Rafael knows Light Screen.

Chopper-Mow Rotom-lvl 1
Sig Move (Special Training) A Movepool
Chopper has learned Energy Ball, Razor Leaf, and Giga Drain. He no longer knows Leaf Storm and Wil-O-Wisp.

Soakem-Wash Rotom-lvl 1
Get them wet.
Sig Move (Special Training) A Movepool
Soakem knows Water Pulse and Aqua Ring and has forgotten Wil-O-Wisp.

Poe-Male Murkrow-lvl 1
Spoiler: show
Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.
`'Tis some visitor,' I muttered, `tapping at my chamber door -
Only this, and nothing more.'

Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December,
And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.
Eagerly I wished the morrow; - vainly I had sought to borrow
From my books surcease of sorrow - sorrow for the lost land Orre -
For the rare and radiant desert whom the angels had named Orre -
Nameless here for evermore.

And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain
Thrilled me - filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before;
So that now, to still the beating of my heart, I stood repeating
`'Tis some visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door -
Some late visitor entreating entrance at my chamber door; -
This it is, and nothing more,'

Presently my soul grew stronger; hesitating then no longer,
`Sir,' said I, `or Madam, truly your forgiveness I implore;
But the fact is I was napping, and so gently you came rapping,
And so faintly you came tapping, tapping at my chamber door,
That I scarce was sure I heard you' - here I opened wide the door; -
Darkness there, and nothing more.

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there wondering, fearing,
Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before;
But the silence was unbroken, and the darkness gave no token,
And the only word there spoken was the whispered word, `To Orre!'
This I whispered, and an echo murmured back the word, `To Orre!'
Merely this and nothing more.

Back into the chamber turning, all my soul within me burning,
Soon again I heard a tapping somewhat louder than before.
`Surely,' said I, `surely that is something at my window lattice;
Let me see then, what thereat is, and this mystery explore -
Let my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore; -
'Tis the wind and nothing more!'

Open here I flung the shutter, when, with many a flirt and flutter,
In there stepped a stately Honchkrow of the saintly days of yore.
Not the least obeisance made he; not a minute stopped or stayed he;
But, with mien of lord or lady, perched above my chamber door -
Perched upon a bust of Paras just above my chamber door -
Perched, and sat, and nothing more.

Then this ebony bird beguiling my sad fancy into smiling,
By the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore,
`Though thy crest be shorn and shaven, thou,' I said, `art sure no craven.
Ghastly grim and ancient Honchkrow wandering from the nightly shore -
Tell me what thy lordly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore!'
Quoth the Honchkrow, `Nevermore.'

-Abridged version of "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe

Sig Move (Special Attack) Nevermore (Dark)
Poe calls out "Nevermore" naming an attack in the opponents movepool. The named attack cannot be used by that pokemon for the remainder of the match. This takes Significant energy and can only be used on one move per pokemon and only on one pokemon per match. This cannot be used on Signature created moves. It can be used on established moves learned through Special Training. Nevermore can only happen if the attack is one which deals with energy (has some sort of glow). For example, a Squirtle's Body Slam can't be sealed, but Skull Bash can be, due to the normal energy used in the attack. If the attack which is attempted to Nevermore is of the victim's type, the energy required to use Nevermore rises significantly, and the attack takes much longer to do.

Polaris-Staryu-lvl 1
No sig.

Loquita-Female Lotad -lvl 1
Loquita is a saucy wench. She hangs around with sailors and has traveled the world on various ships learning about her passion: dance. She has learned many styles of dance and constantly dances about in the fashion of her species. She has used this to her advantage, combining dancing techniques and the things she learned sailing to mold the environment into one more comfortable for her.
Sig Move (Special Training) Drizzle
When Loquita is sent onto the battlefield it begins to rain as though Rain Dance had been performed. Loquita begins the battle with the energy of a Rain Dance subtracted from her energy total. This does not count as a move.

Manoswine-Male Swinub-lvl 1
No sig.

Trainer Level 5 - KOs:106 TP:274.5 SP:7.5 C+ Referee
Fighting Gym Leader
39 - 23 - 13

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SLOT 4: vs. Shadowshocker [UPN]

~Matches being Reffamicated by ME!!!~
JQ2ujrx vs. wolfsrain23 [SPPF]
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~ Teh Awesomeness, The Team!~

Weebl and Bob: Level 1 Male Exeggcute'
Weebl and Bob. The awesomest egg creatures in the world. They live in Magentaland with Monkey, Hairy Lee, Chris the Ninja Pirate and more. I befriended them when I traveled to Magentaland and gave them many pies. When transported to the Pokemon world, they take the form of two Exeggcute.
Sig Awaiting Confirmation.

Cat Face: Level 1 Male Meowth
Cat Face is equal in the awesomeness stakes with Weebl and Bob. He lives in yet another dimension and lives in a house with an Old Lady, Gordon Ramsay and A cat who lives in a box named Box Cat.
Sig Awaiting Confirmation.

Antenna: Level 1 Female Chinchou
Antenna is a strange one. I found her in a lake during my travels in Johto. She seems to have perfected her own technique, which I have named The Zappinator.
Sig Awaiting Confirmation.

Aquadia: Level 2 Female Gyarados
Sig Awaiting Confirmation.

Whizzi: Level 1 Female Whismur
Special Attack: Screamquake (Ground/Normal)- Whizzis voice is so ridiculously loud that if it puts its mouth to the ground and screams, it causes an earthquake. This move causes as much damage as Earthquake and uses 1.25x as much energy.

Bear: Level 1 Female Teddiursa
Bear is a cute little thing, however make her angry and you will pay.
Sig Awaiting Confirmation.

Petal: Level 2 Female Bayleef
Special Attack: Solar Blast (Grass)
Bayleef can launch a Solarbeam that is incredibly powerful. There is one catch, she can only use it when Sunny Day is in effect. It is 2x more powerful and also uses 2x more energy.

Slowzette: Level 1 Female Slowpoke
Special Attack: Ice Gun (Ice/Water)
For this move, Slowzette launches an Ice Beam and wraps it in Water Gun. It does 1.75x as much damage as Ice Beam and uses 1.5x as much energy. It does Water-Ice type damage.

~Salsa~: Level 1 Male Lotad
Special Attack: ~Salsa~ (Grass/Water)
Salsa is a trained dancer. In this move he performs a Salsa Dance for 5 seconds and then launches an Energy Ball wrapped in Water Pulse. It has a 15% chance of confusing. It does 1.5x the damage of a FC energy ball and uses 1.5x the amount of energy.

Nidi: Level 1 Female Nidoran F
Special Attack: Toxic Pump (Poison)
This is a Poison-Type variation of Hydro Pump. It has a 90% chance of poisoning the opponent. It does just as much damage as Hydro Pump and uses 1.5x the energy of Hydro Pump.

Flame: Level 1 Male Growlithe
Special Attack: Toxic Flames? (Fire/Poison)
Flames upbringing in the sewers gave it a completely new attack. On command Flame can unleash a flamethrower which is wrapped in Toxic. It Poisons the opponent and has an 8% chance of burning. It uses the energy of 1 and a half Flamethrowers.

Bob: Level 1 Male Eevee
Special Attack: Air Raid (Normal)
Bob is sufficiently trained in the area of ninjaness. In this move he uses Quick attack to fling himself high into the air over his opponent before diving down towards them and using a Skull Bash like move on them. This extra force from the dive makes the move 2.5x as strong as a normal Skull Bash, It uses 2x as much energy as a regular Skull Bash.

Ghost: Level 1 Male Gastly
Ghost is a spooky guy. His moves are spooky, his behaviour is creepy and he scares baby Pokemon while they sleep. Creepy enough for ya?
Sig Awaiting Confirmation.

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MCXD [Win] [Serebii] [2-0]
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Mouldy.K [Win] [Serebii] [2-1]
Jonny2Hai [Win] [Serebii] [1-0]
Glacier99 [Win] [Serebii] [2-0]
Lust For Power [DQ Win] [UPNetwork] [1-0]
Spider2611 [Draw] [UPNetwork] [1-1]
Quintowill [Win] [Serebii] [2-1]
Turtle Master [Win] [UPNetwork] [1-0]
IceCold [Win] [UPNetwork] [1-0]
MCXD [Forfeit] [Conclusion Invalid]
Weebos [Loss] [2-3]
Tyranidos [Loss] [1-2]
Quintowill [Win] [2-1]
Ryuusei [Draw] [2-2]
ShadowShocker [DQ Loss] [1-2]
GrJackass [Conclusion Invalid] [1-1]
Concept [Loss] [0-1]
iamDewgong [Win] [1-0]
Spikkle [Conclusion Invalid] [?-?]
Salemencia [DQ Loss] [3-3]
Milotic111 [Loss] [0-1]
DaveTheFishGuy [Draw] [0-0]
ZoraJolteon [Loss] [0-2]
Brandan [Win] [3-0]
Copygoo [Win] [1-0]
Kush [Loss] [0-1]
ShadowShocker [Win] [1-0]
Etheral [Loss] [0-2]
Kindrindra [Win] [1-0]
Etheral [Win] [1-0]
EmpoleonDynamite [Win] [1-0]
Weebos [Win] [1-0]
DreamBreaker [DQ Win] [2-1]
Firewater [Win] [1-0]
DaisyInari [Win] [1-0]
Tyranidos [Draw] [0-0]
Treepandaone [Win] [1-0]
Kusari [Win] [1-0]
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GalladeRocks [Win] [3-0]
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[MCXD Vs Jamil] [Ended in Forfeit]
[Glacier99 Vs Rangeet]
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Current Team : 25 / 25
Spoiler: show

[Aoi] [M] [Altaria] (Level Four)
Spoiler: show
Aoi is an eager young Altaria, one of the sweetest on the time. Despite being male he is very proud of his appearance and will not leave the house without preening properly. He holds his pre-evolutions name close to his heart as he feels apon evolution he truely became a beautiful swan.
Despite this it didn't start like this, when he was young, he was considered small and stubby. He lived with a group of Wingull who were stranded on an island in the center of Hoenn. Normally Wingulls are native to coastlines but this particular flock had lost their sense of direction and taken refuge on the route normally native to Swablu and Seviper. Evolution quickly came to the flock and yet they were still drawn to the route, using the various small ponds and lakes dotted around the area to catch stray fish. They were an unusal sight to the Pokemon living in the area, they had never seen anything like it, birds who liked the water. The community of Pokemon there were very closed minded and would often poke fun at the now Pelipper. There was a very apparent rivalry between the Pelipper and Swablus. They for some reason hated each other, perhaps it was the seperation in types, both were flying yet one was normal and bland and the other had a watery world to explore. However, one young Swablu did not show hatred towards the Pelliper but rather, curiosity. Aoi was born in the same generation as the first young the Pellipers had so as the Pelipper's raised there young, so did the Swablu and as such Aoi was raised at the same time as the young Wingulls.
Unlike the rest of them Aoi would not avoid the waters, he would regularly watch the Pelliper swim, chirping happily to them rather than showing the hatred his parents did. In response the Peliper and Wingull considered Aoi a friend. Aoi was very close friends with one Wingull in particular - by the name of Chihaya. The two were almost never seen apart and Chihaya parents would often look over the two to make sure that Aoi's parents did not harm either of them or show anger towards them because they were friends.
Despite having soft cloudy wings Aoi would often join the Pelipper swimming on the lakes. He was fairly poor swimmer but with practise and encouragement from Aoi he improved extremely quickly and learned how to move forward, stay afloat and glide accross the water effortlessly. While his brothers and sisters learned to fly, he learned to swim, ignoring the lessons his parents tried to teach and focusing on earning his water wings.
Even though he refused to fly, prefering to swim, the young Wingull soon also gained the ability of flight, something Aoi had yet to achieve. He tried with all his might but he couldn't maintain flight for more than 10 seconds, even with all his practise. The young bird felt horrible, that is until his friend Chihaya cheered him up, having the same problem the Normal/Flying type had, claiming in chirps that he too prefered to swim and wanted to stay grounded (or waterlogged) with Aoi.
Eventually the two grew together, Chihaya had evolved into a Pelipper and Aoi had remained the same, not able to evolve into his final form. He didn't mind so much, just that Chihaya was now much larger than he was and so was the majority of the generation of Wingull. Even so Aoi remained on the lakes, practising his swimming skills as always, Chihaya by his side as always and his lack of the ability to fly, as always. He didn't mind so much but he did feel isolated from his family, even the Pelipper seemed to be acting differently. There was a sense of unease on the entire route, like something was about to happen.
Happen it did, a young trainer with a strange looking Dragonair had waltzed into the route. She was about the age of 13, her blonde hair tied in a pony's tail and she looked to be searching for something. It seemed she was after to capture one of the young Swablu. Sending out the Dragonair she quickly tracked down one of the young birds, namely Aoi. The Dragonair attempted an Ice Beam which was promptly countered by another Ice Beam, this one came from Chihaya. Who had seen the girl and scrambled to aid his best friend. After a raging battle Chihaya was down, he had fallen to a Thunderbolt from the powerful dragon-type Pokemon. Now the focus was fully on Aoi, with a determined face he raised his body dodging the Dragonairs ice-type attack by ducking to the side. He continued this for a few minutes, dodging, praying the Dragonair would run out of ice-type energy. But she didn't, this Dragonair was different. Finally Aoi was too tired to dodge and took a direct-hit Ice Beam dealing massive damage to the young bird. Glancing weakly over to Chihaya he attempted to get up, but merely flopped back on the floor. The Dragonair began to charge another ice-based attack. Before it could make contact however Aoi started to struggled, putting all his energy into defending him and his friend against the Dragonair before he began to glow. His small body expanded and neck grew. As the light faded he had evolved into an Altaria. The dragonair appeared confident however, now she had an even greater advantage. Aoi, in the end, was no match, though he put up an impressive fight, using moves the girl had seen no Altaria use before. Aoi was captured with ease yet his young friend could not be ignored either. Chihaya looked desperately towards the training, wishing to be together with his best friend. Despite the Dragonairs disgust the trainer also caught the Pelipper and the two remain close, their bond growing as Chihaya cheered Aoi in his matches.
The girl left the route and the route was left two Pokemon short, their parents, having watched the whole thing were both annoyed at the trainer and happy, Chihaya's parents glad they were together however Aoi's held resentment against the girl.
Signature Move
[Dragon of the Lake] - Because of Aoi's history he is now the Dragon/Water type. He takes 200% damage from Dragon-type attacks, takes 100% damage from Grass and Electric thanks to his added water typing and takes 50% damage from Fire, Water and Steel, despite the typings extra resistance to the first two types. He loses all his flying-based attacks bar Twister due to it's dragonic origins. He is unable to Fly completely, which means he is slightly faster on land to prolonged periods spent there, moreso on water due to his time on the lakes. He also loses all his fire-type moves due to his water-type energies causing an inability to access the conflicting fire-type energies. In exchange for losing his Flying attributes he gains the moves Hydro Pump, Aqua Jet, Water Pulse and Aqua Ring. He also gains the moves Surf and Dive due to his time spent on the lake with the Pelliper, hunting for food requiring a combination of both. Any attacks involving his wings however, take x1.3 energy to perform due to his lack of wing useage, this includes moves like Blizzard which require wing movement to activate and all other attacks required x1.1 energy to perform in comparison to normal.

[Flint] [M] [Aerodactyl] (Level Three)
Flint is a strong and trustworthy Pokemon, known for his strengh and reliability whenever danger is near, especially if that danger involves saving young children from a burning building or taking on giant mechanical Rampardos in attempts to save his son. He was never very talkative and at the loss of his wife and son resorted to searching the mountains daily in attempts to find his missing son. Though because of this he had forgotten about his second son, who, after many hardships, prooved himself to Flint after confronting his own twin. All in all his life has been pretty Strange, Funny, and Heartrending though he soilders on, determined to make a better life for what's left of his family.
Signature Move
Hold Down and Release The B-Button - If this were one of those silly RPGs one would hold down the b-button and release it to send him running forward, smashing head first into whatever he came into contact with. As it is not Flint has learnt the move Head Smash instead.

[Wendy] [F] [Dragonair] (Level Four)
Spoiler: show
Wendy is as fierce as she is cold, she does not like to think of others and does not care for others to think of her. She is not used to kindness and as such will not give it back. This is mostly due to her past which she thinks is much more tragic than anyone elses and thus will not care or pay attention to anyone elses problems in the team.
When she was a young Dratini she lived at the Safari Zone, a perfect idealic place for rare Pokemon to hide, only the most dedicated and therefore respectable trainers would attempt to capture the rare and valuable Pokemon within the depth of the Zone's waters. However this did not always hold true, while respectable trainers did come in and capture the rare dragon-type Pokemon, hunters and collectors still made their way through the Safari gates, threw down their equipment and started fishing in hopes the rare snake-like Pokemon would bite.
At this age Wendy was young and curious, she wanted to be captured yet she wanted to play 'hard to get' in a sense. She would look sneakily above the waters to see who was fishing before deciding if she would 'bite' or not. Many nerdy trainers would come by and drop a line but she would pay them little to no attention, she wanted a high-flying trainer who looked like they actually meant buisness instead of just catching her and throwing her in the box until they felt like evolving her.
Days passed at a time and her waiting produced no results, until one day, a very respectable looking and rich trainer sat down on the bank and started to fish. She popped her head above the water very slightly and examined the man, he looked rich and he looked like he knew what he was doing. Wendy was impatient, she wanted a trainer very badly by this point and would take just about anyone. But this man, to her, looked perfect, so she did as she had planned over the years, tugged on the line causing the man to reel her in instantly, throwing a Safari Ball in delight and praying that it would stay still. He was over the moon when it was succesful, so quickly too. With a grin he sprinted out instantly, handing back the remaining Pokeballs to the women at the counter and dashing out. Releasing his Pidgeot he flew back to Cinnabar Island and burst into what Wendy assumed to be his house. It was, smaller than she had expected but he seemed excited to have caught her so she felt smug about her ability to choose a trainer.
However her smugness left her as the man handed her Pokeball to a boy, a young boy about the age of ten who, although seemed even more excited to have her than the older man had in catching her, looked as if he had just started his Pokemon adventure. She found this to be true as the young trainer called out his Squirtle that he had only got a few weeks prior. Expecting to be released to at least meet this other she was left slightly disapointed as the trainer skipped out, brothers Soul Badge safely pinned to his jacket and jumped into the water holding onto the young Squirtle as he began his way off to the Seafoam Islands. Wendy heard him mumble something about his brother and how he would be mad if he knew he was there but he and the squirtle just snickered slightly as the two hit dry land and entered the cave. A few seconds and a few steps in a wild Seel attacked them, in response the boy sent out his squirtle in response. The seel had no problem taking the weak low leveled squrtle down as it attempted to tackle his opponent. Seeing this the boy cringed in fear as the sea-lion Pokemon approached him. Despite it's cute appearance he didn't like the look of it's horn. In desperation the boy sent out Wendy. He had little to no clue how to use the dragon-type so ordered her to do whatever she pleased. Wendy herself had no idea either what she could even do so she just stood her ground whilst quickly mulling over an escape plan, turning to her 'trainer' with hopeful eyes. Her trainer however wasn't there, he had grabbed the young Squirtle and ran out the cave, leaving her to take the full force of an Aurora Beam, barely surviving the Super Effective blow. She got up, albeit weakly and stared back at the Seel who lowered his head once more, dealing the final blow knocking her out completely.
When she woke up she began to shiver, curling up on herself in attempts to warm her body, however, she noticed she was laying in what looked like a bed of ice on a raised platform, water either side of it. She looked around quickly, her body numb and her eyes drooping back down once more, she noticed various blue feathers at random intervels, it was apparently whatever creature had lived on it's rock no longer lived her. Wearily slithering her way accross to the feathers she used her tail to gather them together, in attempts to gain warmth from them but to no avail, the feathers themselves were ice-cold as she soon found out, as ice formed accross her body by merely touching them for too long. She threw them into the water in panic. Sighing, body still numb from the cold, her core temperature dropping she was resigned to her fate, curling up she closed her eyes a final time and got ready to slip into her final slumber.
However death did not come to the young Dratini as she woke up, huddled next to a group of Seel and Dewgong who were also sleeping on the bed that had once belonged to a legendary Pokemon. Although their bodies were cold they produced some warmth for the young Dratini who nuzzled into one, despite her body remaining cold.
As luck would have it the Seel that had knocked her out had taken pity on the young Dratini and had granted her a second chance at life. However, being ice-types they too were cold and only did what they could to keep her alive. They took no pity on her weakness to ice and forced her to adapt to the conditions rather than letting her leave to warmer climates. Her body over the years began to adapt to the cold and although it was still painful to her dragon-side she soon began to tolerate the cold as much as she could at least.
Surfing the islands I had come in expecting to capture a water-type, I had not expected to encounter Wendy. A Dratini is a cave like this? I had to, it was a given, I weakened her as much as I could but was surpised that my Lotad's ice-attacks weren't as effective against the Dratini as it should have been. None the less I caught her and added the Dratini to my team.
Apon evolution I noticed something different about her. She seemed to have much more weaknesses than a normal Dragonair and yet, somewhat liked the cold. Her wings seemed to sparkle with ice-like energy, although entirely cosmetic reminded me of a bird I had once seen.
She was stubborn to say the least and had a resentment to trainers in general. It took a while for her to even get used to me but when she did she became a valued member of the team, depsite her apathetic demeanor.

Signature Move
Below Freezing [Type Change] - Due to Wendy's path she is now the Dragon/Ice type. She takes 200% damage from Dragon, Fighting, Rock and Steel whilst taking 100% from Fire and Ice. She loses all her Fire moves in the process due to her lowered body-temperature but due to this gains the moves Sheer Cold. Due to her time spent with Seels and Dewgong she also picked up on the moves Aurora Beam and Ice Shard. She cannot evolve due to the typing going against her partially Flying evolution.

[Kenny] [M] [Absol] (Level Four)

Kenny, unlike most Absol, has a tendancy to get killed. A lot. He lacks the ability to dodge misfourtunate events that most Absol posses, at least, most of the time. Though he has an uncany ability to come back from the dead. Though the latter half is mostly due to a Pokemon Center visit though he does have some strange luck.
Signature Move
Oh My God, You Killed Kenny - Kenny has the ability to die in many ways. Perhaps being smashed by a Rock Slide or incinerated by Blast Burn. Or struck by Thunder (well, lightning) maybe even crushed by a Snorlax. He does however, have a very good tendency to psych people out. Just when you think he is going to die, he doesn't and instead is killed by something much larger and far more comical. As such, attacks that do under a Thunderbolt of damage cannot kill Kenny in the same vein as Charizard and Swellow/Tailows species characteristics. It essentially means he may survive one more attack than he normally would. However if an attack that is a Thunderbolt or stronger damage-wise he will faint straight away as normal. If he is hit with two attacks under a Thunderbolts damage he will also faint as he may only survive one attack longer than he normally would.
In exchange he loses Absols natural ability to sense disaster and strong attacks, as, let's face it, it's far more comical if he dies that way than from a Hidden Power.

[Ninten] [M] [Lanturn] (Level Three)
Ninten is a strange fish, he has always loved both the sea and the land, battling in both words gives him a rush. However, being a fish out of water on land makes fighting extremely difficult and uncomfortable. So, seeking help from his team mate Aoi, who had experience in battling on both land and water. The difference between them however was obvious, once being a bird who could walk on the ground and the other a legless fish. However, talking to another team mate soon solved part of his problem. Despite being old Wes helped greatly in explaining how his electo magnetic physics worked. Being an electric type he could utilize this somewhat by creating electrical fields. However it was not perfect, he still wasn't comfortable outside of water. So he refered back to his friend Aoi, who would often use the move Aqua Jet. Then the Chinchou had the idea to utilize the two moves to fight on land.
Signature Move
Land Lubba - On land Ninten can levitate in the same manner as a Magnemite (species characteristics) with similar height restrictions and ascention speeds, utilizing a natural excess energy to create the magnetic field. Because of being out of the water as well as in the water he now takes 75% from fire attacks rather than 50% when battling outside of a body of water.

[Chirin] [M] [Ampharos] (Level Three)
Chirin has always been a curious Mareep, he always tends to stray away from the group and do his own thing in his own little world. In battle he is very arrogant and won't take no for an anwser in any situation. This gained him the position of Claus' rival almost instantly, the two tend to fight at any given moment. The one thing that defines his name however is the small bell hanging around his neck. A precious trinket that Chirin has always carried around since capture. Previously he had dragged it along but now it has been tied carefully around the him.
Signature Move
Melancholy Of The Ringing Bell - Chirin's bell was always a burden, especially as a small Mareep - it would always reveal his location. The small sheep-like Pokemon certainly didn't like this homing device round his neck but it was always too precious to take off, even if it did prevent him from his daily dose of reckless adventuring. Sadly the bell itself was lost in an accident before capture, memories of the bell's use still lingers to when he would use it to run an electrical current through it to produce a high enough frequency to make a potent attack of it. However, with this memory in mind the sheep has managed to find a way to produce this sound without the use of the bell but rather his own vocal chords. Of course, this still involved the running of electricity near such a vital 'organ' so to speak but with regulation and a slightly higher knowledge of the workings of sound waves he has managed to pull it off. This has allowed him to use an attack with a similar frequency as Hyper Voice. Though not as loud as the attack his voice produces a high enough frequency to damage all who hear it the same amount as a Hyper Voice would with a x2 multiplier. However, the sound is restricted to be used only on Pokemon with sensitive hearing making it far less potent than it may first appear. Energy use for this move is x1.5 a Hyper Voice and can only be used once per battle due to the risk it involves on Chirin's vocal chords, keeping it to one use per battle allows for careful regulation of the attack itself.

[Miss Marshmallow] [F] [Mawile] (Level Three)

Miss Marshmallow is a strange Mawile, she has over-protective tendancies. If she is given an item she will defend with her life. She also has an affinity for biting into anything, especially metal and steel. The rest of the team know not to mess with her of fear of causing her entering 'super ticked off mode' of which she goes on a muderous rampage. Though this isn't the main problem with her. Constant biting has caused her jaw muscles to increase and become abnormally powerful. This is her defense mechanism for protecting whatever precious item she has in-trusted with. She has continued to practise her biting attacks to assure her jaw is powerful enough to fend off any intruders daring to steal her treasure.
Special Training
Lock-Jaw - Constant biting has caused Miss Marshmallow's jaw's power to increase dramaticly. Now all biting based attacks Miss Marshmallow has learned does x2 damage. Although strengthened it also has caused some problems. Each time she uses a biting based attack she yields a 30% chance her jaw will essentially dislocate itself causing it to clamp shut for the rest of the battle, this means all biting attacks reliant on her jaw will be off-limits. With increased power comes increased energy use and in result it takes x1.5 more energy to use her biting attacks.

[Pollyana] [F] [Raichu] (Level Three)
You can call her Pollyana, say she's crazy as a loon. She believes in silver linings and that's why she believes in you. Always optimistic and happy-go-lucky. She knows full well her beliefs are unrealistic in this day and age but she believes in them anyway, no matter how crazy others think she is. She's always had a strong belief in the Pokemon Ho-oh and hopes one day to meet him at the end of the rainbow. She can be awkwardly cheesy at times but there's not much we can do. She's gonna be this way her life through. She still believes in miracles and swears she's seen a few and the time will surely come when you can see her point of view. She believes in second chances and that's why she believes in you.
Signature Move
Belief Of Morning Sun - Wish style, Pollyana wishes and believes that the sun will shine once more to provide her with some health restoration. The attack follows the same rules as the move 'Return' to determine how much energy, health and time the attack takes. When Pollyana is in an extremely good mood, this can be compared to the mood required for a high powered Return, healing is x2 that of a Morning Sun, consuming x2 the energy and taking 1-4 seconds to pull off. When her mood is quite neutral the restoration is x1.5 and energy use still remains at x2. This takes slightly longer at 5-7 seconds. Finally, if Pollyana has in a bad mood the attack only heals x1 of a Morning Sun and consumes x1.5 the energy but takes 7-10 seconds to perform. When performing the move she is open and if attacked during this time her mood will drop dramaticly and her enthusiasm will take a huge blow resulting in her moves effectiveness reducing by 50% for the rest of the round and next round. After the attack is complete she enters a state of pure joy which means she's more likely to get hit until the round she used the move on ends. Of course, like synthesis, the limit to healing is 1/4 of maximum health overall and can only be used once per battle.

[Pokey] [NG] [Metang] (Level Four)
Pokey is hands down one of the most selfish bratty Pokemon you'll ever meet. He won't do anything unless it yields a massive benifit to himself. Not to mention he is extremely manipulative and normally hides behind other more powerful Pokemon to back him up. Ironically it usually works. The majority of the team despise him apart from two. Miss Marshmallow, who follows and picks after him like a maid and Claus who has fallen for his tricks.
Special Training
Manipulative Means - By nature Pokey is self-centered and never to be trusted and most Pokemon know to avoid him. Of course he has found ways around this by picking up a few techniques. Pokey can now use the moves Taunt, Torment, Swagger, Faint Attack and Fake Tears, all means of annoying and manipulating his opponent, even lulling them into a false sense of security. All of which take x1.5 energy and yield a 20% chance of failing completely which will disgruntle him for the remainder of the round thus making him less focused on task and more likely to ignore orders similar to the effects of Swagger without the attack boost. He is also limited to one means of insulting/manipulating per battle, meaning, if he uses Taunt/Torment/Swagger, he may not use either Faint Attack/Fake Tears in the same battle. The reverse being also true. In addition, Fake Tears has an added 10% chance of failing due to the fact Pokey is inorganic and thus cannot cry making his little charade less convincing at times.

[Wes] [NG] [Magneton] (Level Four)
Wes is an extremely old Magnemite, dating back to the day's when there was no such thing as those fancy 'speciel defense' stats or TMs exceeding 50 and all they had back in those days was good old fashioned Pokeballs, none of your fancy, Quick Balls or Love Balls or whatever you young'uns call them. He remembers being a thief back in those day, extremely skill with bombs of the electrical variety, however those days had passed as had his stupid idiot of a son who had somehow got himself lost. In any case, he was stuck in the Kanto Powerplant for an extremely long time, odds being against him meaning that not a single one of the millions of random encouters in the Plant were him. Though living there for said long time has caused him to be extremely protective over his teritory. If any of the younger Magenemites got too close he would attempt to attack them or get them to leave him along by shouting, 'gosh darn kids, get off my side of the plant.' Which of course worked to no avail. As such he spent most of his time in a corner of the plant, scheming ways to get back at those annoying kids, especially for claiming he belonged in a retirement home, the nerve of them.
Signature Move
Scheming Befuddlement - Wes may be old but all his plotting to find an advantage over the younger generation has granted him the ability to use Nasty Plot.

[Wataru] [M] [Dewott] (Level Three)
Wataru is a peppy and optimistic young Oshawott who always looks on the bright side of life for the most part. He has a certain despise over Dragonair's however due to almost losing his best friend to one in his time on the contest circuit. However, contests weren't for him so he quickly got into battling where he found his favourite moves. He soon learned he could use his shell in his attacks but only certain attacks. He practised these moves over and over again and soon his skill in them increased steadily. Having a slight case of OCD he felt the need to return his shell to his chest after every attack, even between two shell-blade based attacks. He has taught himself how to do this so quickly he doesn't even notice he does it... until he gets the shell stuck, it takes a while to unfree it.
Signature Move
Samurai in Training - Wataru's 'Slashing' moves, ones that use his 'Shell Blade' (Air Slash, Night Slash, Razor Shell, Fury Cutter, X-Scissors) deal x2 their normal damage for a cost of x2 their normal energy. However, Wataru has a 30% chance on getting his shell stuck on his chest once he finishes the attack and replaces the shell. This means he can no longer use the afformentioned moves for the rest of the battle.

[Derpy Fins] [Stunfisk] (Level Three)
In appearance, derpy may look rather silly, though this is almost always overshadowed by the fact her species looks pretty darn derpy to begin with. Her eyes are often out of focus, each eye looking in a different direction giving her a rather derpy look. Despite this she loves to swim in the depths of the ocean, albeit she is rather clumsy whilst doing it. She also loves muffins apparently, or so the other squad members seem to tell me.
Signature Move
Water You Looking At - Stunfisk's may be naturally more resilient to water than most ground types but Derpy has taken this one step beyond. She now takes 100% damage to all water attacks. This is due to prolonged periods in the deep sea, moreso than most of her species. In exchange however she takes 150% from Steel type attacks due to, again, her time under the sea. Where most electric types are normally found near machines or some form of steel to build up a basic resistance to it. Derpy was not granted the same advantage.

[Oshoe] [M] [Sableye] (Level Four)
Oshoe is a fairly old Sableye and very well educated. Although he was caught later on in my ASB career it was clear he had a lot more experience than most of my squad. He also seemed to have affinity for music, the piano and ragtime especially. Though his wisdom is usually counteracted by the fact he assumes he is the king of a castle and kingdom of his own name. Most of the team ignore this babbling. Though one such bragging that couldn't be ignored was his claim to be able to destroy all Psychic-types that dare cross his path. This was proven incorrect at the hands of Concept's Slowking. He won't let it die, though he blames the ordering of Thunder Wave, a move he cannot use for his loss. As such he searched for a way to get back, deciding to learn blocking and disabling attacks to make sure no Psychic-type can avoid is Fully Charged Shadow Ball of doom.
Signature Move
Ensarement - Oshoe can now use the move Thunder Wave thanks to some training from my teams electric types, assisted by his natural access to the energy-type. Restricted by his species limited pool of electric-energy.

[Raimundo] [M] [Skarmory] (Level Four)
Raimundo is an arrogant Skarmory caught on the coast of Brazil. He was found skimming accross the waves, a suprising place for a Skarmory to lurk. He was known as a nusiance to the local surfers who would often get knocked off by the wings he produced and he was also known for summoning storms and controlled hurricanes in the ocean. He clearly had talent but that talent was untapped and used purely on mischief.
Signature Move
Wudai Star Wind - Raimundo can now use the move Hurricane due to his natural affinity for creating winds.

[Lucas] [M] [Electabuzz] (Level Three)
Spoiler: show
Lucas was always the odd one out as an Elekid, despite having a loving mother, a strong father and a rather mischevous older twin brother he would still remain quite quiet. His residence - the Kanto Power Plant, far from the situation his namesake found himself in. He was surrounded by electricity, high tech devices and the constant buzzing of his excitable sibling. Unlike most Pokemon, the family would often move around a lot, despite running the risk of being caught by trainers. His mother was extremely protective and father extremely cautious and strong, able to fend off even the strongest of trainers with relative ease. Their traversing brought them to Pallet Town, home to various members of their family caught by trainers in Professor Oak's lab. It was a relatively safe place to visit considering most Pokemon there were assumed to be already caught and the tabs being kept on them were not strict, at least, not until they were called back inside for the night. The family would visit Lucas's grandfather relatively often, an elder Electrivire with an odd sense of humor which often stunk a bit too literally for their tastes. Regardless, it had become an annual trip they would make around the time of the boys birthdays and the townsfolk had become accustomed to seeing the traveling pack of two Elekid's, an Electabuzz and Elektrivire wandering around town, heading for the research lab. It really wasn't anything new to them. Just south of the town's research lab was the ocean, a large clear blue body of water as far as the eye could sea. For Lucas, going anywhere near it wasn't at all tempting, he'd rather stay as close to his mother as possible. But on this trip his older brother's curiosity had got the better of him, slipping away sneakily to mess around in the shallow waters. Seeing his brother run off Lucas chased after him, his parents non the wiser to their two sons sudden disappearance. Lucas edged closer in attempts to reach his brother, to at least explain what a bad idea he thought it was for them to be out there but one little slip and he too was in the water. This wouldn't worry him on most occasions, the electric type was a strong swimmer but not even his swimming strength could help him keep his head above the surface of the water as a strong undercurrent pulled him under. He wasn't sure what had happened, where Claus was or where he was for that matter, let alone if he was still alive. All he knew was he was being stared at by strange alien creatures, at least, that's what he thought. As his eyes began to focus he realized that the creatures weren't exactly aliens... and that he was at least alive. They were Pokemon... but not of any species he'd seen before. Human in shape their cheeks looked like a Pikachus but they had fluffy purple hair either side of their head and strange curled shoes. He knew one thing, they had saved him. He got up weakly and at once the group of strange mime-like Pokemon gathered round him with interest. He began to panic as their bodies drew closer, it was unnerving, they were strange and he was alone. One walked forward as the others backed away. It looked like it had a strange fascination with the Elekid. The one that had walked forward raised a hand causing Lucas to shrink back immediately but not fast enough to avoid having it's hand pressed gently against his forehead. He was shaking but soon relaxed, he wasn't in pain, he felt a rather nice relaxing feeling take over him, a wave of tiredness overcoming him yet, he didn't feel like he could fall asleep. The mime smiled, quickly apologizing for her... or his rude behavior (Lucas really couldn't tell) explaining how she... or he.... was correct, that the boy did have an odd aura about him, hidden potential yet to be unlocked and claimed it had unlocked it for him. Lucas looked puzzled but the group only laughed, reassuring him not to worry and offering him what looked like the Pokemon equivalent of makeshift tea. The Mr. Mime's allowed the boy to recover before listening to his story and shook their head sadly as he mentioned his brother, explaining he had been the only Elekid they'd seen. There wasn't much else said after that, the Mr Mime's had seen him off and directly him back to Pallet Town, avoiding the pulling current. He searched the line of water he had just pulled himself out of but found no trace of his brother. At least not until he felt his body hit the ground. He looked up to see the older Elekid grinning, helping him up, explaining that he was worried sick. How long had he been gone? Mere hours it seemed, apparently his Dad was furious but his Mum calmed him down. On reuniting all three of them were just glad the young electric-type was safe. His mother making him promise he'd stay close and scolding Claus for running off in the first place.
They visited their grandfather as planned but Lucas couldn't help but wonder what the Mr Mime's had meant by untapped potential being unlocked, he pushed these thoughts to the back of his mind and decided to just enjoy his time with his family. That's all that really mattered to him.
Little did he know the powers that would soon awaken in him and that he would soon learn.

Signature Move
PK - Lucas is now the Electric/Psychic type with all the weaknesses and resistance that go with it. Due his dislike of violence and fighting he has lost the moves Brick Break, Submission, Low Kick, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Seismic Toss, Focus Punch, Hammer Arm and Rolling Kick. His fighting energy reserves are equal to that of a normal-type. Though has aquired the moves Mirror Coat, Zen Headbutt, Heal Pulse and Extrasensory, which he discovered over time as his strength and level increased. He cannot however manipulate objects with Psychic, he may only use the Psychic wave variation. Due to his new found abilities after evolving into Electabuzz Lucas can no longer evolve. In addition, due to his Psychic abilities he has focused less on his physical strength, meaning all physical attacks Lucas performs requires x1.5 more energy than normal and deals only x0.8 the normal damage.

[Voltenso] [M] [Electrike] (Level Three)
Voltenso has always seen himself as 'awesome' and 'laid-back' in his own words if he could speak. He's fairly lazy although won't back down from a fight and always makes poor Pokepuns surrounding heat and how that if they can't take the heat wave they should stay out of the kitchen, much to the despair of the rest of the team. Volt was trained specifically to be a police dog, of sorts. He could never quite live up to the Growlithes of the police squad, he figured it to be mostly because of his lack of fire power. However, he had plenty firepower. He was sure he had so many fire moves but the problem was, he didn't have the energy to perform enough of them, so a bit of self-help training was in order.
Signature Move
Get Some Fire Power - Voltenso is familiar with fire-energy in the same way a Golduck is familiar with Psychic or a pure Water-type is familiar with ice. He naturally stores more fire energy in his body assisted by his natural ability to use fire-type moves. As such he may no longer use Ice Fang, Spark, Wild Charge, Electro Ball, Body Slam and Rain Dance but gains the move Heat Wave.

[Sam] [M] [Cubone] (Level Two)
Sam isn't the most sociable of Cubone, not that any of their species is really known for it but he keeps himself to himself most of the time. His mother and father, unlike most Cubone are very much alive. Although he'd hate to admit it he's extremely grateful for this but it didn't mean he doesn't get into trouble at times and when he does he gets mad, very mad. So mad he smashes his bone into the ground and creates an Earthquake. A problem his mother had to deal with personally. She taught him to control his rage and use it in battle rather than out of anger.
Signature Move
Bonequake - Sam has the potential to use an Earthquake that deals x2.0 normal damage and uses x1.5 the normal energy when ordered to use a 'Bonequake'. This technique follows the same rules as Earthquake apart from it directly uses Sam's bone with much greater force than a normal Earthquake and slightly faster. In exchange however he has a 30% chance of damaging his arm temporarily in such a way that will reduce his physical attack strength to 50% till the end of the match and will be unable to use any bone-based attacks whatsoever or attacks that may require his bone to deal the bulk of the damage at the referee's discretion. Even if the attack does not have the debilitating effect the sheer force will reduce Sam's physical attack strength by 10%. This move may only be used once per match.

[Rowan] [M] [Eelektrik] (Level Four) (Level Up)
Rowan had always been a hardworking Pokemon, even as his days as a Tynamo, working day in day out in what one could call the closest thing to a Pokemon mine. He was used to living in very adverse conditions underground, a rarity for his species and for electric-types in general, he had to suffer through Earthquakes, Mudslides and various other natural occurrences that happened throughout his lifetime. Though when he came out from underground for the first time he found the wind to be particularly painful, not used to being exposed to it and lost his natural resistance to flying-moves as a result, in fact, he had changed from resistant to weak.
Signature Move
Level Playing Field - Rowan now takes 100% from ground attacks rather than 200%, however he now takes 200% from flying attacks which once only dealt 50%. His resistance to steel has also gone from 50% to 100% due to the lack of metals in the mines to gain his resistance from.

[Stacey] [F] [Garvantula] (Level Three)
Stacey has always been slightly smaller than the average Garvantula, even with her increased size upon evolution it was clear from a stage that she wasn't going to get any bigger. As a result she became more frail and less able physically than most, which lead her to sharpen her special attacking skills instead.
Signature Move
Conservation of the Smallest - Stacey takes 10% more damage from physical attacks than normal and deals 10% less damage and takes 10% more energy to use her own physical attacks but in return, has focused her special attacks in doing 30% more damage than normal at only 20% more energy than normal.

[Francis] [M] [Clefable] (Level Four)
Signature Move

[Rurynn] [M] [Houndoom] (Level Four)
Signature Move

[Claus] [X] [Rotom] (Level Three)
Signature Move

[Oliver] [M] [Poliwag] (Level Two) [Uplevel]
Signature Move

[Nichol] [M] [Volbeat] (Level Two)
Signature Move

[Angie] [F] [Shieldon] (Level Two)
Signature Move


PASBL Profile
W - L - D - (DQ)
24 (2) - 8 (3) - 4
B Grade Ref
71KOs 162 TPs -0 SPs
Spoiler: show
Kush: 4.25 SP
Dave: 0.25 SP

Fizzy Bubbles Profile

Party - PC
Spoiler: show

Claus; () lvl 100 Katherine; () lvl 18 Jun; () lvl 53
Cumulus; () lvl 50 Lucas; () lvl 14 Carmen; () lvl 8
Denny; () lvl 21 Akito; () lvl 18 Maya; () lvl 5
Pippi; () lvl 28 Matthew; () lvl 16 Agito; () lvl 3
Amber; () lvl 1

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DD's guide to type energy colours:

Fire Water Grass Electric Ice Psychic Dragon Dark Normal Rock Ground Fighting Bug Poison Ghost Flying Steel "XX"

Spoiler: show
Level 5:

Papa Emeritus II: Male Gengar

Ron Paul: Genderless Metagross

Level 4:

Skanky: Male Nidoking
Skanky's a pretty awesome guy, eh loves mud and doesn't afraid of anything. Aside from being a generally great 'mon to hang around with on a daily basis, he's a complete beast in battle. The guy has a special place in his heart for mud, too., which he used to develope a powerful technique in battle.
Special Attack: Dirty Muddy Blast (Ground)
Skanky fires a Hydro Pump of pure mud and Ground Energy at the opponent. If the mud gets in their eyes, it can cut their accuracy. Damage and Energy are equal to Hydro Pump, and can be used once a battle.

Amber: Female Blaziken

Vic Romano: Male Houndoom
Vic, in contrast to his partner in broadcasting, Kenny, is much more serious about his work and often fails to find the humour in things that Kenny can. Coming from a past of Alcoholism, drug abuse and failed marriages, Vic is often the butt of Kenny's jokes, and thus and developed a way to deter him when he feels things get out of hand.
Special Training: Scald
Vic has learned Scald, and has enough Water energy to use it twice a match.

Danzi: Male Gyarados
Former leader of my squad, Danzi is an aging Gyarados, and battling has taken a backseat to training my other pokemon. However, when called upon, Danzi is as fierce as any other Gyarados in existence.

Viper: Male Arbok
Viper, being one of the original members of my squad, and one of the most frequently used members, is a natural close-range warrior. Rarely one to use projectiles, he instead likes to bite, wrap, and do whatever while not giving the opponent any room to breathe. Without a useful sig to help him in this, he went into his own personal training to use a technique that would be effective in close combat.
Special Technique: Acid Mist (Poison)
Viper has taught himself to spray a venomous mist at the opponents face. Although there is no permanent damage, the opponent will have great difficulty seeing anything for the round Acid Mist is used, and the round after that, before they will slowly get their vision back, the the referee's discretion. The effect decreases the farther away Viper is from the opponent, and at the attacks maximum range, of 10 feet, barely any effect will be felt. Acid Mist will also sting a lot, causing discomfort. Energy usage is equal to Flash x2 + Acid x2, and this move can be used only twice per match.

Yuna: Female Scizor
This scyther is a bit too obsessed with Final Fantasy X-2. So much that she learned an attack based off her namesake.
Special Attack: Trigger Happy (Bug)
Yuna Uses this move by repeatedly slashing the air as many times possible in 5 seconds; usually about 15-20, depending on energy. Each swipe creates a shape of Bug energy the shape of her scythe. The energy moves lightning quick, and does the damage of 1/10 of a Slash attack. Therefore, if 10 hit, it does the damage of 1 slash. Energy use is that of 2 slashes. This attack can be used twice a match.

Toro: Male Tauros
Toro's horns are unusually curved. Instead of going up, and away from his face, they curve straight ahead, pointing in the same way he is facing. Because of this, we have managed to develop a way to take full advantage of this.
Special Training: Horn Attacks
All attacks where Toro uses his head to strike the opponent (Tackle, Headbutt, Iron Head, Giga Impact, etc.) do extra damage and energy equal to Horn Attack, with Horn Attacks damage properties (momentum, opponents skin type, etc.) factored in.

Boris: Male Raichu
Boris, the friendly, carefree Raichu. He doesn't like battling all that much, but when called upon, is incredibly fierce. Not that he cares at all.
Special Attack: Electrotail (Electric/XX)
Boris charges Electric energy into his tail, and hits his opponent with it. Because of the shape of his tail, it acts like a whip, and in realistic battles, can cause some serious welts or lacerations. Damage/Energy equal to Iron Tail + Slash, and can be used 3 times a battle.

Messiah: Female Dragonair
no sig

Silverstone: Male Aerodactyl
Back in the prehistoric times of wheneverland, Silverstone's DNA was traced back to a clan of Aerodactyl, known and feared across the land as some of the most vicious Pokemon to exist. These Aerodactyls trained themselves to harness their inner Rock energies to their fullest potential. They also had a slightly lighter, and more metallic colouring to them. When Silverstone was "born," Danzi decided to try to tap into his roots, train Silverstone and unleash the power of his ancestors in him.
Special Training: Ancient Terror
Silverstone has been trained to use Rock energy in various physical attacks in addition to their natural type energy (though, not at the same time). The attacks that can be used as Rock typed attacks are: Dragon Claw, Steel Wing, Crunch, and Sky Attack. Silverstone can use the Rock typed version of each attack once a battle and use 25% more energy than normal.

Vektor: Male Charizard
The noblest of the noble, Vektor is a very proud Charizard. You could also call him a warrior, being a veteran of countless battles; being on the winning end of the vast majority of them. One of the few problems he's consistently had however, predictably, was with Rock types. To counter this, he's spent many years training along side my Blaziken, as well as Danzi, to harness the inner fighter within.
Special Training: Inner Fighter (Fighting)
Vektor is considered familiar with the Fighting type, Gaining a boost in type energy to that of a Water type with Ice energy. He also learns Drain Punch, and Cross Chop, but forgets all Steel attacks, Crunch, Rock Slide, Secret Power, and Swagger.

Male Sceptile

Male Blastoise

Chimera: Female Arcanine
Special Training: Hidden Power (Ground)
Týr's Hidden Power is of the Ground type, and can be used twice a battle, but forgets Aerial Ace.

Melissa: Shiny Female Ninetales
Being one of the few female pokemon on my squad, as well as being in a common egg group has led to many attempts by certain members of said squad to try and "pick her up." This has led to Melissa training especially hard in the way of the Psychics, in order to literally repel them away.
Special Training: Back off, pig! (Psychic)
Melissa has learned Psychic; both Wave and Telekinetic forms. However, the training required for this has caused her Ghost and Dark energies to fall to levels equal to that of a Normal type.

Level 3:

Al: Male Octillary
no sig

Level 1:

Kenny Blankenship: Male Rhyhorn
You're damn right, he's back. The lovable Rhyhorn who made a Koffing blow up with his horn, loves chicks and beer, and loves to crack a joke (usually at Vic Romano's expense) has come out of retirement to cause havok to the league again. In the time he's spent training for his big comeback, he's tried his best to eliminate the reason I stopped using him in the first place.
Special Training: Balance
Kenny now only has single weaknesses to Water and Grass attacks, but does not resist Normal, Flying, Poison and Fire attacks, taking neutral damage, and is not immune to Electric attacks, simply resisting them instead.

Guy LaDouche: Male Stunky
Guy (pronounced "gee") is the lovable, but creepy field reporter, always wearing a pith helmet (except in battle, because no items ), and interviews the contestants with his creepy French accent. He is probably bisexual, as he constantly tries to make passes on his interviewees, both male and female. He's not very skilled in battle, but he's always hilarious to watch.
Special Training: Creepy French Guy
Whenever Guy uses a physical contact move (such as Tackle), he attempts to verbally attract his opponent. This never works, but the attempt, combined with his natural stench, has a 25% chance of causing the opponent to become Confused. Diminishing returns/mental state/etc., all apply. A Pokemon can only become confused once by this effect. Guy is also more easily attracted than others of his species, and can be attracted by both males and females.

Captain Tenneal: Male Zangoose
The Captain is the field marshall, who instructs the contestants through individual challenges, and meeting them for a quick briefing before the show, using catchphrases like "Let's go!" "Get it on!" and "Well, you're wrong!" He has developed his signature sword swipe for use in Pokemon battles.
Special Attack: Let's Go! (xx)
The Captain hits the opponent with a left-handed swipe of his claw, while simultaneously turning his body 180 degrees. The attack can send the opponent flying, like Dragon Tail. Considerable damage/energy, usable three times a battle.

Female Absol

Male Sandile


Spoiler: show
Pokemon that do not exist on my squad, but I am keeping here for reference, in case I ever add them again. Deal with it.]

Thrasher: Male Gabite
Less-cringeworthy bio coming shortly
Special Attack: Sand Chomp (XX/Rock)
Thrasher lines his teeth with sand, and then bites down on the opponent. After the bite is over, the sand will irritate the opponent, causing discomfort for a couple rounds, or if the wound is flushed with water. Damage/energy equal to Crunch, and can be used 3 times a match.

Awesome Kong: Female Kangaskhan
Typical Kangaskhan, really. Violent, Savage, will fuck you up on your best day, etc.Her sig is just an exttension of that mindset.
Special Attack: Awesome Bomb (XX)
Kong grabs the opponent, usually the neck/throat, if they have one, with both hands, lifts up, then slams them down (just like this), while sitting out at the same time. Because of the whole being grabbed by the throat thing, it can partially cut off their air supply, making all subsequent movements for a short time take slightly extra energy, while they catch their breath. Damage equal to Psychic wave, Energy equal to that, x1.25. Can be used 2 times a battle.

DUCK: Genderless Porygon-Z
Officially the first Porygon-Z in the league, DUCK has become the envy of many. Once completely banned from the ASB for reasons even Muyo didn't know, my old Porygon from back in the day has returned with a vengeance and a new name. During the many years he spent away from me, he learned to refine his signature move. Also, he wishes he was as cute as a Porygon2, hence why he keeps a picture of his former self around.

Kenny Blankenship: Male Rhyhorn
The poster-boy of Team DD, and the Dirty, Muddy Monsters, Kenny's interests include Beer, Pizza, Playboys, and Pestering Vic, his partner in broadcasting. If you've heard of the TV show called MXC, you'll have heard of Kenny. Despite being the dumbass party boy he is 90% of the time, when it comes to battling, he is surprisingly sharp for his species. His highlights include singlehandedly pummeling Mr. X into quitting like a wussy.
Special Attack: Mega Rockie Horn of Doom (Rock)
Essentially a rock typed Megahorn, Mega Rockie Horn of Doom can be used 3 times a battle. Damage/Energy are equal to Megahorn.

Kenny: What the FUCK is happening to me?

Level 4: 38-14-7, 76 KO's, 212 TP, 0 SP, B- ref

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55 KOs
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7.75 SP
Record: 21 Wins, 6 losses, 2 draws

Matches: 1/3
Vs. ID

Reffings: 0/2

Wild Furniture
Quest Log

Spoiler: show
Pokemon: 21/22

Primape D. Luffy: Male Primape (Level 3)
He has the will of D, whatever that means. He wants to be Saru no Ou.
Special Attack: 4th Gear (Various Elements)
Primape D. Luffy has mastered all the punches. He traveled the world learning new punching techniques. Because of this, he is now able to do punches of different elements to ones normally taught. He can do an elemental punch of choosing from Flying, Ghost, Grass, and Ground. The attack is as strong as a normal element punch, and uses the same energy. He can use this attack 3 times per battle, and due to unfamiliarity with these elements, he can only use the same element punch 2 times (So he can use the same punch 2 times, and another for the third).

SOGEKING: Male Octillery (Level 3)
As a child, pirates raped and pillaged his village. He tried his best to fight them, but failed, causing everyone in his town to die horribly. Except for him. He decided to rebuild the town into Sniper Island. He learned the ability the pirates used to make themselves more powerful, Nasty Plot, and used it to defend the town. People came and the town flourished, hailing Sogeking as the king of Sniper Island. And then I showed up and caught him. There were no survivors.
Special Attack: Dark Boost (Dark)
Sogeking can now use Nasty Plot, for 1.5x the energy of normal, and only once per battle.

Franky: Male Corphish (Level 2)
Special Attack: Slick Willy (Water)
He spits up a watery blob of sputum. This viscus also contains an oily residue. This attack deals minor damage, however it is very slippery. In addition, the oily mixture lowers the freezing point of the water to make it more easily suceptible to freezing. In addition, this attack can also be used to make the floor slippery, upto to 5 square feet. Pokemon on this slick will have to tread carefully, fast movements will almost always cause a slip..

Brooke: Male Frillish (Level 3)
no sig

Zoro - Male Piplup (Level 1)
no sig

Sanji - Male Torchic (Level 1)
no sig

(and other 80's Cartoons)

DW: Male Ludicolo (Level 4) *
He envied other grass types, and their fance spores and powders. DW decided to learn the basic arts of being a grass type and learned two need attacks.
Special Attack: Grass like Me (Grass)
DW is now capable of using both Sleep Powder and Stun Spore. However they use 1.5x more energy then normal.

NegaDuck: Male Haunter (Level 3)
NegaDuck is the evilest thing to come to St. Canard.
Special Attack: Eye of Quackzecoatl (Ghost)
NegaDuck concentrates on the last attack, or attack currently used by the opponent. It works like Mimic, in that NegaDuck will obtain the ability to use this attack, while the opponent will forget how to use it. Ability to forget is dependant on rules like Amnesia, where a Thunderbolt might not be forgotten from a Pikachu while its Surf would be. If the attack fails in making the enemy forget it, NegaDuck still learns the attack. If not, the opponent will be unable to use that attack for the rest of the battle, and NegaDuck gets it as well. Energy use is equal to that of 1.5x Flamethrower in ghost energy. Usable once per battle, and leaves him unable to use Mimic, Destiny Bond, Sucker Punch, Perish Song, and Dark Pulse.

MegaVolt: Female Ampharos (Level 3)
She spent some hard time in training, and used the electrical techniques to battle.
Special Training: Old Sparky (Electric)
She is capable of adding an extra electric surge through all her damaging attacks. This gives a 15% chance to paralyze for any attack that cannot paralyze, and an additional 15% to any that already can. In addition, the ability improves the effect of Thunderwave. This comes with a cost, as every attack will now use an extra amount of Thundershock energy to give the paralyze chance. This attack can be turned off, and will require an attack to do so. Once turned off, it cannot be turned on again for that battle, and it starts automtically on.

Don Karnage: Male Aerodactyl (Level 2)
He likes eating rocks, and the result is a sandy aftertaste. Yohoho.
Special Attack: Sandbreath (Ground)
He breaths in, and fires out a stream of sandy breath. This attack deals moderate earth damage. When fired, it is slightly wet as it is being spit out of his mouth, at a sandblastery speed, and when comes in contact with a Pokemon it not only deals damage, but sticks to the Pokemon much like a experience at the beach. The sand will not just irritate the Pokemon, but will dry up instantly like cement, impeding movement depending on where it hit and the intensity of the blast. At point blank, a full body blast of sand will reduce speed and movement 20%. However much like regular sand, it can be brushed off, requiring an action to do so, and will also come off after being hit with a few attacks. Getting into a body of water will also wash it off instantly. Energy usage is equal to 1.5x a dragonbreath, and it is usable 3 times per battle.

Slimer: Male Grimer (Level 2)
Special Attack: Sludge Shell (Poison)
Grimer has the ability to create solid Sludge Bombs. When using the attack, he solidifies the exterior of his body. He fills the body with a Sludge Bomb. Upon contact with the shell, it will explode. The copy Grimer cannot move or do anything, as it is just solid poison in the shape of Grimer. After filling the shell with a Sludge Bomb, he slips out the back, and Pokemon not paying attention to this might be decieved into thinking that the copy is the real one. Can only be used 2 times per battle and it takes 1.5x the energy of Sludge Bomb. The damage is equal to Sludge Bomb with a 10% higher chance to poison.


Lina: Female Kadabra (Level 3)
After using many Tri-Attacks, she has developed a version that is better, faster and stronger then ever before.
Special Attack: Tri Attack v2 (aka Giga Slave) (Ghost, Psychic, Dark)
Much like a regular tri attack, she fires a beam of energy, coated with some Ghost, Psychic and Dark energy instead of the normal energy. This gives the beam a 20% total chance of causing either mind confusion, drowziness, or temporary blindness. This attack uses 1.5x the energy of Tri-Attack and usuable 3 times per battle.

Bigby: Female Houndoom (Level 3)
She has always wanted to be a singer. However she has only learned one attack in her attempt to do so, the rest just cause odd effects to her listeners.
Special Training: Singing Lessons (Normal)
Due to reasons mentioned in her sig, she can now use Sing, Supersonic and Screech. She can only use any of the 3 attacks, 3 times per battle, each taking up 1.5x the energy of normal.

Charlotte: Female Ariados (Level 3)
Special Attack: Venom Bite (Poison)
She bites the opponent, dealing light Poison damage, injecting a venomous toxin into the Pokemons body. It acts like a instant acting Toxic, as it is injected directly into the bloodstream. In addition, it gradually slows the Pokemon down as the circulates throught the body. It reaches it's full effect in 5 turns, and slows the Pokemon down to a maximum of 15% speed. This is usable 2 times per battle, and energy equal to 2 Toxic and Bite. It will not work on opponents with skins that an Ariados could not realistically bite through.

Jaws: Male Onix (Level 2)
After watching Jaws one too many times, he wanted to Kintner boy spill out all over the dock on the Fourth of July, with his cold, lifeless eyes; like a dolls eyes. Sometime he go away, sometime he doesn't go away. He'll never battle Pokemon again. Pokemon go into the box, box underground, Steelix is underground, our Steelix. Farewell and Adieu to you, fair Spanish Lady.
Special Training: Ground Diving (Ground)
Jaws is capable of diving in the ground and swimming in it, like a water Pokemon swimming in water. He moves around by drilling through the ground and serpentining. He can move fairly fast in softer surfaces, however harder ground will make him move slower, and some surfaces will not be "swimable". Energy usage will be the same as normal swimming in softer surfaces, and a bit more in the rougher terrain. He can swim for a maximum of 5 rounds. DAAAAA-NUH.


Aquarius: Male Dragonair(Level 3)
Aquarius is the illigitimate son of a Lapras named Aquaman and Kuno's Dragonite Neptune. And Neptune is a real slut, with a taste for large Pokemon. But he never really knew his father, and wanted to know more about him. He was embarassed about his element and wanted to get away from regular Pokemon. So he trained in the water, making it eventually his pride and joy. After many years, he emerged with the same traits that his father once had, although he has yet to meet him...
Special Training: Type Change (Water)
Aquarius has the extra type Water added to it due to reasons specified in the unusual characteristics section. Being in tune with his watery side, he now has the additional type of Water and all weaknesses and resistances associated with it. However due to the overwhelming water energy, he takes 1.5x damage from grass and electric attacks isntead of being neutral to the elements. He is unable to fly very high, and cannot stay in the air for more then 2 rounds. He also lost the ability to use Flamethrower, Heat Wave, Fire Blast, Dragon Rage and Sunny Day.

N/A Starmie (Level 3)
Even though Starmie are genderless, it feels feminine and wants to be a pretty princess. This desire has lead her to somehow change the color of her gem, and boost its ability in battle.
Special Training: Diamond Gem (Normal)
Starmie's gem in the center is now completely transparent like a diamond, and any physical attacks directed towards it will do 10% less damage.

Male Slowbro (Level 3)
After watching much DBZ he decided to train in the hyperbolic chamber, perfecting his technique. It took many episodes for him to come out and actually be used, giving him much time to learn his specialty.
Special Training: Zero Gravity (Psychic)
Due to reasons mentioned in his sig, he has learned the attack Gravity. In addition, he can use Trick Room with less 10% less energy consumption.

Male Lampent (Level 3)
Special Attack: Schadenfreude (Fire/Ghost)
Lilwik uses a special form of will-o-wisp combined with some of its wax. This attack deals decent fire and ghost damage. However upon contact with the hot wax, it will burn the area hit and cover it with wax. The wax will cool instantly and solidify, which will relieve the pain of the burn. However the effected area will be harder to move due to being covered. In exchange, the wax will offer increased protection and reduce all damage from attacks by 25%, and will vanish after a few attacks or a really strong attack. The Pokemon covered in it can choose to break the wax as an attack to destroy it instantly. However as the wax was helping the burnt area, the burn will start to be felt and take effect. Usable twice per battle but only once per Pokemon.

Female Cottonee (Level 3)
no sig

Male Joltik (Level 3)
no sig
Spoiler: show
Pokemon I Begrudgingly Gave Up
Dayman: Female Lanturn (Level 3)
Fighter of the nightman. Champion of the sun. She's a master of karate, and friendship, for everyone.
Special Training: Piercing Thunder (Electric)
Laturn has learned how to use her electric attacks on those that take normal or are resistant to the type. Boosting her species characteristic, when she uses an electric attack underwater and within 10 feet of her foe, Pokemon that are neutral or resistant to electricty will take an extra 20% damage from the attack. However Pokemon that are weak to electricity will only take the normal thundershock worth of extra damage when within 10 feet and underwater.

Millie: Female Milotic (Level 3)
Special Attack: Blue Flames (water/fire)
Milotic spews out a clear chemical that reacts with water. As soon as it comes in contact with it, it will ignite the surface with a hot blue flame. This chemical is sprayed out as a coneal breath shaped pattern in a wide radius. This chemical has a low density so it stays on the surface, and the flames rise to one foot and deals constant damage over time and vanishes after 2 rounds. It cannot be extinguished by water or ice. It can also be combined with other attacks. Usable only twice per battle. It uses energy of a 2x dragonbreath but does 3/4ths the damage of dragonbreath for every turn in contact, but with a 30% increase in chance to burn. Usable twice per battle.

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Sableye Squid

Trainer Level 2
5 Wins, 7 Losses, 1 Draws
KO's 13 TP's 45.5
SP 5.25

30 KO's and 90 TP's for level 3

Slot 1: Sciz @ UPN
Slot 2: Kindindra @ UPN
Slot 3: Ebenezer @ SPP
Slot 4:

Spoiler: show

Elk - Male Elekid, lvl 2

Elk is, like, my Pikachu. Not because of it's typing (even though the typing DOES match with Pikapika), because he is the first ever to join mah squad. Like Gary's Eevee in Pokemon Yellow. Because of this, Elk is awesome. He might be a big muncher who likes food, but he has some serious volts behind his belly. Yah. We all love E to Tha K - Elk.

Special Training: Globe

Elk's roundness has given him the power to use Rollout. He also sports a 15% more powerful Rolling Kick. However, we live in a superficial world... Elk can't use Attract or Captivate anymore.

E-Psych - Male Kirlia, lvl 2

E-Psych is the offspring of a Gardevoir and a Gallade who really disliked each other. Rumours are that the two psychic pokeparents are... Well, we shouldn't put faith in rumours like that. Anyway, E-Psych was found in the Sibirian frozen woods. Since nothing than Swinubs lives over there, I got a bit confused. After a while, it appeared like E-Psych have been travelling around quite a bit. On his travel bag, he has stickers from Mallorca, Australia, Nigeria, Russia and Madagaskar, to name a few.

While hanging in Nigeria, he discovered the most strange voodoo-acts which the Nigerian voodoo people used. He managed to turn this all into a powerful move.

Special Attack: Nigerian Voodoo Blast (Psychic)

A purple, flashy beam of Psychic energy which deals the same damage and uses the same energy as a FC Hyper Beam. Same charging time too. Can be used three times per battle.

Hermione - Female Vulpix, lvl 2

This lil' fox is a big Hermione fan. She have tried to learn a lot of those spells from the books, but apparantly she didn't have the required power. She learned one thing, however, which is pretty close. She's very proud of it and gave it a very pompous name.

Special Attack - Eatorus Dreemus Omnomnomus (Psychic)

Hermione uses the energy of a Dream Eater to drain the same amount of energy a Dream Eater does, and to do same amount of damage Dream Eater does. Can only be used on sleeping 'mons. Can be used twice per battle.

Eclipse - Female Gligar, lvl 2

Eclipse has hanged around with me since about ten years ago, when I was really young and didn't know how to battle proberly. I also thought it was kinda lame that she couldn't evolve into some kickass killer-scorp. However, just recently it appeared that others of the same kind have started doing that, so me and Eclipse decided that maybe we should battle out a bit to make her look get the cool look.

Special Training: Haxphail

When Eclipse found out how other Gligars evolved into Gliscors, she made a plan - Let's be HaXx0rs! She bought an AR on eBay... However, the cheating device was old, and the only thing affected from the haxattempt was Eclipse's claws, which are now Gliscor-sized and Gliscor-looking. Every claw attack will inflict 1.3x the normal damage, and require 1.2x the normal energy.

Elixir - Male Duskull, lvl 2

Elixir is a party boy. The reason for this is that he noticed that neither Elixirs or Ethers are in the stores. Thus, he decided that everyone should be able to get a little bit of Elixir! Hahah!

Special Training: SingStar

Every party needs music, and thus, Elixir can use Sing.

Mr. No, Male Slowbro, level 2

Due to being snagged on by Bitey the Shellder against Joshua, Mr. No evolved too early.

Tarzan, female Croconaw, level 2

I aim to beat Torky the Torkoal with this one. Which I won't. But I will try.

CHAPTER 1 - The Swamp

Tarzan had been living in a jungle for almost SEVENTYNINE YEARS :O So, she might be old, but Totodile can get extremely old without losing their speed and power and stuff. Betcha didn't know woho! *sings system of a down songs*

Anyway. This very jungle had a giant swamp which was scary yet amusing. Scary since lots of scary monsters lived there (like lots of Feraligatr and, err, Caterpie) but amusing since Tarzan could splash around as she wanted. She didn't care about getting dirty, and sometimes she even happened to swallow some of the swampy mud. That wasn't very tasty, but she loved the swamp too much to care about swallowing mud every now and then. However, some of the mud didn't leave the, err, natural way, and is still in her body.

CHAPTER 2 - The Fighter

The king of the jungle, Ambipom, was a great king. He never made bad decisions and every jungle citizen really liked him. The yearly "Two Jungles, One Cup" tournament between this place and the other Jungle in town was really liked by both... jungles. Hm.

The rules were simple - Each of the two jungle leaders picked three fighters to fight with against the other jungle. Last Pokemon Standing wins. Ambipom's team had a long winning streak - mainly because of their fierce Scyther, Jaco Pastorious, who could club down anyone. However, this time around, Jaco had made an everlasting post in the TA so to say - he had left for more jazzy things. Ambipom's replacement for him was very unexpected by the whole jungle - Tarzan.

"Tarzan? Who the heck is that?" the junglemen and women asked. "Urh, never heard the name before" was the usual answer. However, a scary Caterpie happened to know something; "Isn't that the young, muddy croco who's always hanging out at the swamp?"

Well said, Caterpie. Tarzan, who had just reached the age of 16, was chosen to battle together with Ambipom and the big boyos.

[predictable conclusion]

And how she did it. Right after the starting bell rang, she rushed over to the opponents team and knocked them all out;

A speedy Dodrio was swiftly taken down by two powerful Slashes.

A furious Cacturne fell at once for a well-placed Ice Beam.

A sneaky Kecleon, hiding in a tree, was beat by a Crunch to the head. Sry Jeri

The only one left to take down now was the leader for the other Jungle, a BIG Hippowdon. Intimidating, it opened it's big mouth, ready to chomp down on the poor croc. And...

*enter Tarzan's head* Holy crap, that's one huge mouth. Needs a bit of toothbrushinhg though. *leave Tarzan's head*

That's one cocky newbie. Oh well, it ain't braggin' if you can't back it up, Tarzan may have thought, and unleashed a WICKED Hydro Pump right into the poor 'Powdon's gaping mouth. Ring the bell, ring the bell!

[/predictable conclusion]

After this demonstration of power, Tarzan got known and respected in the whole country. For the sake of fairness, she even got banned from the TJ;OC.

CHAPTER 3 - The Shock

The strong Tarzan, now in the respectable age of 33, had been chilling out in the jungle for 33 years. Obvious? Maybe. Anyway. She felt like "Maaaan, 33 years is a very long time. I've been here for way too long already. It's time to go somewhere else." And go somewhere else, she did. After a harsh trip trough a desert where she Water Gunned a whole lot of Sandshrew into oblivion, she finally arrived to her goal - the ocean. When she saw it, she was like "OH THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER THERE'S WATER EVERYWHERE AND NOT A JUNGLE TREE IN SIGHT" and she rushed into the ocean with amazing speed.

She splashed around, enjoying herself, for maybe... two seconds. And then. A strange yellow glow in the water. "Hm!", Tarzan thought, "What is that? Needs some exploring". She swimmed out to the yellow blob...


The Lanturn completely grilled poor Tarzan with a Thunderbolt. She had never been beaten before. And now OHKO'd!? Tarzan was ashamed and returned to the jungle, obsessed to find a way to beat the crap out of the electric basterds.

CHAPTER 4 - The Hippo

Upon her 50-years-anniversary, Tarzan had a huge party with all the jungle folks. Elixir the Duskull was the evening's main event, singing his amazing songs which made the party one of the best ever. E-Psych, the travelling Ralts, got the job as a bartender. He made some fine drinks.

Anyway. At around 22:30, Tarzan left the building and went out for a smoke. Aaand guess who showed up. Hippowdon. "Howdy", it said. "Well, howdy yourself", Tarzan replied, a bit suspicious though also rather dizzy from E-Psych's mixtures. "What brings you here, mate?" she continued.

The Hippo smiled with his big chompy mouth. "Just around to give you my best wishes and congratulations. I must say, in these 34 years, I have never recieved such a beatdown that you gave me."

Tarzan smiled a bit, still dizzy. The Hippo continued; "Have you ever lost a battle?"

Tarzan looked towards the hippo. What kind of question is that?

"Well... *hick* Only once. *burp* Against a friggin' electric... something." Tarzan had to sit down - What had that sneaky Ralts put in these drinks?

The Hippowdon glanced at her. "Electric, you say? Funny. I beat those guys without breaking a sweat." He looked around. "You know what, Tarzan - let me help you out. The next time you see one of those shocky things, you'll kick their butts." Tarzan, now feeling more dizzy than ever, tried to reply. "Oh... but... Cool... How?" but before she got an answer, she collapsed down on the jungle lawn. She caught a glimpse of white light from the hippo before fainting, however, but she thought it was because of the drinks.

CHAPTER 5 - The Mud

The party went on without anyone noticing this strange event and Tarzan wasn't found before the next morning. A healthy Manectric saw her sleeping in a bush, woke her up, and asked what she did there. Tarzan told her the story about the Hippo and the drinks.

The Manectric looked a bit "Eh?", and stated "you know, that Hippowdon left these areas like fifteen years ago. It was reported he was killed in a snowstorm too. You can't have met him."

Tarzan looked confused. "But..." before she could continue her sentence, she puked out a large ball of mud and sand on the electric dog-thingy, knocking him out immidiately. Tarzan was even more confused now. However, she realized this could be useful. But how did she get that ability?

Special Training: Spirit of Hippowdon

Due to the swampy baths and the Hippowdon incident, Tarzan can now use Mud Shot for 120% of the normal energy cost. Can be used three times per battle. However, she cannot use Headbutt (the pain in the head recalls pictures of the Lanturn) or Thrash anymore.

Jaco Pastorious, Male Scyther, Lvl 2

Jaco Pastorius is a Scyther who grew up in the same jungle as Tarzan the Totodile (however, back then he was only called Jacob or Jake). He won the Two Jungles; One Cup tournament many times with his buddy Ambipom, but one day he felt like "Argh, this jungle doesn't really sport the most fun things available - Wake up, walk around, take a swim, eat, walk around, siesta, dinner, party. Repeat. Argh."

And he went off. After a farewell to Ambipom, he took his stuff and started to search for new things. Fun things. But he didn't find any fun things. He searched for a whole twelve years but didn't find anything, and this made him really depressed. Together with a sad "Argh", he went into a club for a beer. He didn't even notice the sign that said "Weather Report - Live tonight" on the door. In he went.

And he was met by the most wonderful jazzy tunes ever heard. "Oh god", he thought, "this is what I should do with my life". After the show, he went backstage and had a chat with the bassist of the group. "Hola", Jake said, displaying his spanish knowledge. "You guys really put on quite the show tonight, no?" The bassist, who hadn't noticed the bug before just now, looked really scared. What on earth was this, a green big thing with friggin swords!? The bassplayer ran out of the room immidiately, screaming for his dear life.

Jake was sad. He just wanted to have a little chat. But now - the one person he loved didn't understand him. "Hm, he didn't even take his bass with him", Jacob noticed. "It wouldn't be that good if just rottened away here. I think I'll take it."

So, Jacob took the base guitar with him. Even though he realized that he wouldn't be able to play it without fingers, he kept it with him all the time. He looked up the name on Weather Reports base player - "Jaco Pastorious". The name was so similar to his own that it wasn't even funny, and he decided to call himself Jaco Pastorious too.

Jaco will always be a true jazz lover, and although he can enjoy other kinds of music too, he really dislikes rock. This hatred has even made him somewhat resistent to the awful noise.

However, problem was - Jazz + Insects didn't really do well together. Jaco hated this, and tried lots of ways to get rid of this lame Bug-crap he unfortunately had with him. Hanging out with birds didn't work (they ate him), hanging out in fire didn't work (it burned him), hanging out in cave didn't work (it just sucked).

Jaco was sad. Like real sad. He saw Fiery Dragonites, Buggy Electabuzzes, Fighty Rhyperiors, FIERY OCTILLERIES EVEN. At least almost. And he thought to himself, "Why? Why can't I not?"

And he fell asleep.

And he wake up with a strange sensation in his body - "I need to visit someone. But who?" He walked out of his, uh, home, and down the street. Suddenly he was attacked by a small bird! "ARGH", Jaco shouted, "DON'T PECK ON ME LIKE THAT", and swooshed the bird away with his lovely swordy thing. However, he noted that the Peck didn't hurt as much as it used to. Jaco had won the fight!

Special Training: No more bug

Jaco Pastorious is now considered a Flying type only, and not a Bug. This has made him able to use the moves Fly and Twister, and he can also fly as good as any bird without being tired, but he cannot use any bug moves except for X-Scissor. The guy has swords for hands damnit. Also U-Turn is now made of Flying Energy instead of Bug energy. He cannot evolve to a Scizor (without being re-siged, that is).

Zorro - Genderless Bronzor, lvl 2

Zorro loves Zorro. Especially his hat. He loves a lot of hats especially - The Lombre one is especially great.

Special training: Hats?

Zorro can now use Focus Blast, twice per battle.

Frodo Bagons - Male Bagon, lvl 2

He is the keeper of the ring. He sneaks around, never being more aggressive than necessary. He protects it from the dirty hands who wants it. He keeps the greasy bling-loving magpies away with his special move. He is the ring keeper.

Special attack - Thorehead of Funder (Electric)

Basically a Skull Bash (in terms of damage, charging time, energy usage etc) with Electric energy. Can be used twice per battle. His lack of aggression have made him unable to perform the move Trash.

Draggo, male Dragonair, lvl 3

Draggo used to hang out on this fancy island in the middle of the pacific. It had a lot of volcanos on it so he had to learn to avoid the lava in some way. He made this awesome dance-looking move which looked similar to a Dragon Dance but had not so similiar effects.

Signature Move: Draggo Dance

When using Draggo Dance, Draggo's dragon-type and fire-type moves gets boosted as if a Swords Dance/Nasty Plot were in use. This effect lasts for three rounds and energy use on those moves are raised appropriately. Energy usage for Draggo Dance is the same as for a Swords Dance and Nasty Plot. Draggo cannot use the standard Dragon Dance anymore.

Uh, male Clefable, lvl 3

So due to a whole lot of talk about Clefable, I decided to get one myself. It's pretty dumb and can't say Clefable, only Uh, and thus I named it Uh. It is also coloured in a baby blue sort of colour. Dunno why really. Either way it's dumbness have given him a pretty cool move.

Special attack: Stophalt (Normal/Psychic)

Uh uses some kind of Psychic wave, however instead of the general Psychic=IQ-theory, he uses his lack of IQ to create this wave. It has a colour of vomity green-yellow. It does not hurt the opponent but makes them Stophalt, in other words they can't move until the attack is released (5-10 seconds) or if they take damage higher than a Slash. However, the catch is that Uh can't move while the Stophalt is held. Yarh. It consumes the energy of a Psychic, half of it being Psy energy and half normal.

Ghostman, male Sableye, level 2

Ghostman have been hanging around in lake. Yeah. You may think that a lake does seem a bit unfitting for a ghostman, and it sure was. However, it wasn't only bad. This lake had lots of Gorebyss, Poliwag, Slowbro, Staryu and Starmie. And all this damn psymons used to toss Ghostman around all the time. Pretty cheap. Still, he learned something too.

Special Training: Mindtraining

Ghostman is now considered familiar with Psychic abilities, and can pick up things and so on. He is, however, not immune to mentally affecting Psychic moves. Damn waters broke his shield or something.

Steelman, genderless Metang, level 2

Steelman was hanging at this very lake, too. He didn't do a lot of tossing with Sableye, he was more interested in a nice Krabby-chick. This Krabby was a real master in the art of blowing bubbles. Beldum tried too, but he felt like he was missing something. Probably, a dude with five or so moves can't get new moves with ease, but Beldum was training really hard so it got into him somewhat anyway.

Special Training: Krabs

Steelman can, when it evolves to a Metang, use the moves Bubble and Bubblebeam twice per match. Kewl.

Fightman, Male Hitmonlee, lvl 2


Move Level Bonus from Elk to Ember or E-Psych
Get a Sableye
Think about submitting Ref App
Get an Aerodactyl called Manko, or some variation on it

Originally Posted by Dosuser
MetagroĂź: Male Beldum
MetagroĂź is a totally metal dude. One day, Kuno's voice boomed out, "YOUR STRUGGLE TOTALLY MAKES YOU METAL." This benediction fueled MetagroĂź' determination to keep struggling to the very end. In his neverending struggle to fulfill his destiny, MetagroĂź sought out Morg for enlightenment. Morg looked with respect upon MetagroĂź' tireless struggle and permitted him to train alongside his Magikarp. Now, MetagroĂź has learned not to be mastered by its struggle, but to be the master of its Struggle.

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::Trainer stats::

Trainer Level 2
B Rank Ref
11 Wins, 6 Losses, 1 Draw
26 KO l 50 TP l 0 SP

Spoiler: show
Wins: 11
vs Quinto (2 KO, 4 TP)
vs Mr.X (1 KO, 2 TP)
vs Alpha (2 KO, 4 TP)
vs Kratos (3 KO, 6 TP)
vs Kush (3 KO, 6 TP)
vs brandan (3 KO, 6 TP)
vs Dopple (2 KO, 4 TP)

vs Handy (3 KO, 6 TP)
vs LC (3 KO, 6 TP)
vs Amras (1 KO, 2 TP)
vs Rangeet (1 KO, 2 TP)

Losses: 6
vs Treepandaone (4 TP)
vs Weebos (2 TP)
vs DragonDance (3 TP)
vs ShadowShocker (1 TP)

vs Hanatori (2 TP)
vs Concept (6 TP)

Draws: 1
vs Insidious_Dreamer (2 KO. 3 TP)

Spoiler: show
Andúril, Level 2 Male Charmeleon
Andúril is full of love and passion for battles. Nothing else can make his day as the thrill of fighting tougher opponents, as well as the sensation of claws tearing through his very own flesh. Andúril's fighting style is that of a berserk brawler, favouring all out offense while sacrificing defense.
Special Training: Berserker Arts
Andúril has managed to perfectly emulate the ways of a Berserker. Physical attacks have 15% increased damage and 10% increased accuracy. As a result of fighting without guard, Andúril is able to work through pain, making him 30% more resistant to flinch. Due to his reckless behavior on the battlefield, however, when at close range his defense drops down by 10% and evasion drops by 15%. Andúril is also 30% more vulnerable to moves that make him become enraged and go berserk. Special attacks deal 15% less damage and cost 1.3x more energy to use as Andúril dislikes using them. Andúril now has access to the move Close Combat, but has lost the ability to use Protect and Endure.

Rhay, Level 2 Male Grovyle
As with Andúril, Rhay too enjoys the thrill of a tough battle. Unlike Andúril though, he prefers to keep his cool and calculate ways to strategicly and effectively take out his opponents. His powers of observation are unmatched on the entire squad as he is quick to notice details others would normally overlook. Though he may keep a cool facade in fronts others, Rhay is, in fact, an emotional wreck and will sometimes display wild mood swings without notice.
Special Technique: Scan
Rhay scans his opponent to reveal any weak spots, greatly increasing the chances of scoring a critical hit during his next attack. The move itself requires a great deal of concentration and energy, consuming that of a Detect. Like Detect, Rhay can see through Double Team clones, improve visibility during Mists, etc while concentrating. The chances of the move succeding is modified by factors such as energy, Rhay's state of mind, visibility, etc up to ref's discretion, with them halving with each subsequent use (2nd time being 50%, 3rd 25% and so forth).

Cyum, Level 2 Male Riolu
Recieved as a gift by an oh-so-kind gent (it seems they were overcrowded with Riolu pups at their care center). Cyum prefers peaceful and quiet environments (which is why he enjoys Hrothgar's company the most) and he generally disdains fighting. Despite this, he possesses tremendous battle skills which have made him an integral part of my squad.
Special Attack: Shin Shoryuken (Fight)
Cyum charges his fist with great amounts of fighting spirit before unleashing a devastating uppercut. Physical damage equal to that of a Sky Uppercut is dealt upon impact. The concentrated fighting spirit is then forcefully released in the form of a towering vortex of energy which sends the opponent flying and deals damage akin to that of an Aura Sphere. Energy use is equal to that of a Sky Uppercut plus an Aura Sphere. Shin Shoryuken can only be used once per battle.

Valgaav, Level 2 Male Bagon
Pride and awesomeness are Valgaav's most prominant characteristics. He firmly beliefs he is above all his peers. Such behavior has kept him isolated from most of his companions, except from Narsil and Gotoh who, attracted to Valgaav's strong persona, ended up as his own eternal and personal minions. In battle, his control of draconic and fire energy is without peer in his squad.
Special Attack: Gaav Flare (Dragon/Fire)
Valgaav fires an orb of compressed dragon energy and fire which explodes into a purplish storm of flames upon impact, dealing damage equivalent to that of 1.5x a Dragon Rage and requiring just as much in energy to use. The sphere is composed of equal parts dragon mist-flame and pure crimson flames and has a 20% chance of paralysing and/or burning the foe. Gaav Flare can only be used twice per battle.

Gotoh, Level 3 Male Feraligatr
Big and burly, but as simple minded as a Bidoof. While his intellectual capacity to reason is close to zero, Gotoh has the heart, the guts and the jaws. Not much is known about Gotoh's past. He was found by Valgaav all beaten up in a nearby river. His life was spared, words were exhanged and, ever since, a unique relationhip was developed. To Gotoh, he is Valgaav's bodyguard and caretaker. To Valgaav, Gotoh's his own personal slave, a status that puts him right below his feet, but above the rest of the mob.
Special Training: Buff Physique
Serving as Valgaav's shield, Gotoh has trained his body extensively to take as much punishment as possible and to relinquish back the same amount of pain. As a result of his labor, Gotoh's attack and defense are increased by 10% and he is now able to Bulk Up. However, his extremly bulky build has rendered him unable to Dragon Dance, Double Team, Agility or Aerial Ace, as well as making his muscles 10% more vulnerable to the effects of paralysis.

Narsil, Level 2 Male Gible
Caught after a fierce battle with Andúril, Narsil is an all-around Gible with an obssession with anything spicy, sweet, sour, tough, dry and any other existing flavour and texture. Simply put, Narsil has the urge to bite and chew anything within sight, though he may sometimes bite more than he can chew. Being such a flat character, it twas quite easy for Valgaav to draw him in under his command. Narsil quickly became friends with Valgaav's other minion, Gotoh. While Gotoh's main purpose is that of a shield, Narsil serves as Valgaav's all-piercing lance.
Special Attack: Chigaryuu (Dragon/Ground)
A special technique developed by Narsil which makes good use of his dragon and ground natures and his preference for bite attacks. Narsil charges his fangs with an even mix of dragon and ground energy to then fiercely bite onto the opponent. Damage is equal to that of 1.5x a Crunch and takes as much energy to use. Can be used twice per battle.

Hrothgar, Level 2 Male Larvitar
Egg Hatched. Found while strolling the mountains and kept ever since. Nearby villagers would later hear agonizing howls and witness stray Hyper Beams as whole mountains were turned to nothingness. Hrothgar himself is incredibly quiet and trusts no one except myself, his "motherfigure". Hrothgar also has another rather intresting and peculiar perk, he hates eating soft soil. Instead, his diet consists almost exclusively of hard, compressed stones. The tougher they are, the better. This peculiar habit has developed several unusual new traits.
Special Mutation: Rock Lover
Being exclusively fond of rocks, Hrothgar is now considered as a pure Rock type, with all weaknesses and resistances associated to it. As a result of his specific diet, all Bite attacks gain a 10% boost to their power, needed to chomp down onto the hardest of rocks. However, his unfamiliarity with the Ground type means that Hrothgar is now unable to use Earth Power and is not as proficient at digging as others of his kind. Hrothgar is unable to eat dirt to recover health.

Medeus, Level 2 Male Houndour
Medeus had a rough time when he first came into this world as he was lost and abandoned by his pack soon after he was born. Apparently, it had something to do with the natural calamity of a certain Tyranitar going wild several years ago. However, Medeus is of the sturdy kind, and managed to survive all by himself, despite the odds. With the passing of time, he became a ruthless and cold-hearted hunter, able to take down his prey in a fast, elegant and most silent of manners. I first saw him barely a year after catching Gurthang while revisiting the area, and the feral look in his face, plus the fact that he was all by himself, got my interest. After a rather intense battle with Hrothgar, he was finally caught.
Special Technique: Shadowstep (Dark)
A move developed by Medeus to flawlessly take down any prey by surprise. Medeus shrouds himself in a dark veil before vanishing out of sight in a puff of black smoke, taking no more than a second to do so. A second or two later, Medeus reappears in a similar fashion at the location directed by his trainer. This move is energy intensive, requiring as much energy as a Teleport, and has all the same restrictions to use. Can be used up to three times per match, and never more than once per round.

Gurthang, Level 2 Genderless Bronzor
A rare Bronzor that sports a metallic red-orange hue. Found him will strolling some ancients ruins that surfaced as consequence of the cataclysmic destruction wrought by Hroth's former mother. His unique appearance and persona caught my attention, earning him a spot on my squad. Gurthang is rather carefree and usually spends his time in a slowpokesque manner.
Special Mutation: Phosphor Bronze
Upon further examination, I discovered Gurthang is in fact composed of a copper alloy which is rather unique to his kind. As such, Gurthang's body is tougher than normal and has 15% increased resistance against physical blows.

Hueco, Level 2 Male Duskull
Hueco's a bizzare Duskull clad in pure white and sporting an eerie and unusual golden colored iris. He's rather anti-social and generally remains in some sort of emotionless state, as if apparently not having a free will of his own. Hueco seems drawn to emotionally unstable beings, and hovers around Rhay out of sheer habit.
Special Attack: Cero Oscuras (Ghost/Dark)
Hueco fires a pitch black beam of energy dealing heavy damage. Damage is equivalent to that of 1.2x a Hyper Beam while taking as much energy to use, rendering the user exhausted afterwards. Dark energy is mixed in as the attack is charged and fired, making it impossible to interrupt, intercept or redirect with psychic abilities. Cero Oscuras is made up of equal parts ghost and dark energy and can only be used once per battle.

Albafica, Level 3 Female Milotic
Albafica had a rather pitiful life while a Feebas. Her appearance so foul, that she eventually ended up isolated from her very own group. Nonetheless, she found new hope under the caring arms of her trainer and eventually grew into a magnificent Milotic whose beauty would leave everyone staring in pure awe. Her hair now silvery white, her scales now a bright gold, yet shining with the various colors of the rainbow, and her body now covered in a gorgeous light mist of ice crystals. Truly, good things happen to those who endure hardships.
Special Mutation: Goddess of the Lake
Albafica's beauty is something that could be even considered surreal, as such, the effectiveness of Captivate and Attract are increased by 50%, regardless of gender and her appearance evokes a soothing sensation on those who lay eyes on her, reducing the chances of the opponent becoming enraged or berserk by 30%, and severely reducing the effectiveness of rage-based attacks by 40%. Albafica herself, however, is unable to use the moves Frustration and Swagger.

Orchrist, Level 2 Female Seviper
Orchrist is a rather misunderstood character. All she really wants is mere attention, but she somehow always draws in the wrong kind, which is probably due to her arrogant and selfish personality. This generally causes her comrades to develop an inmediate rejective posture, which in turn further fuels her negative attittude. She does enjoy some company of in the form of Hueco however, who sides by her for all the wrong reasons, and harbors a secret crush for Andúril, who's too into fighting to really care. On the flip side, Orchrist harbors deep hate and resentment for Albafica, who now seems to be the entire squad's center of attention.
Special Attack: Death Fang (Poison)
Orchrist bites onto the opponent, releasing a potent mix of hemotoxins and neurotoxins, developed as a result of her rival Zangoose's increasing poison resistance. The attack deals as much damage as a Poison Fang while requiring 3x as much energy to use, and has a 50% of causing severe intoxication and/or fully paralyzing the foe. The move itself is ineffective against inorganic or plated pokemon. Reserves for this concoction are very limited and, as such, Death Fang can only be used once per battle.

Mithros, Level 2 Female Venonat
Mithros was born in a mountain area thick in spiritual and psychic energy. As such, her kind have grown more closely related to that of psychics. Mithros herself is rather calm and collected, if not a bit excentric as well.
Special Mutation: Psychic Tuning
With the passing of generations, Mithro's breed has become more attuned to that of psychics than normal. As such, Mithros is now considered to have as much psychic energy as a regular psychic type would and has now access to the moves Calm Mind and Future Sight. However, this new attribute has opened up new, previously non-existant weaknesses. As such, Mithros now takes 50% more damage from ghost and dark moves.

Mugen, Level 2 Male Farfetch'd
Mugen has managed to achieve a title most a Farfetch'd would only dream of: badass. Rude, lewd, vulgar and nihilistic are Mugen's core traits. He lives by his own ideals and by the law of the blade. His leekplay is rather wild, unpredictable and damn effective, making him quite unexpectedly deadly on the battlefield.
Special Attack: Infinity Slash (Normal)
Mugen starts a brutal series of slashes, each using the momentum from the previous one to speed and power up the next. The attack goes on until a decisive hit is delivered that either separates both pokemon or knocks the other down, dealing total damage to that of 1.2x an Outrage while using as much energy to use. The move is not rage based and uses pure skill instead to keep the string going while preventing Mugen from falling into dizzyness or losing his bearings. Infinity Slash can only be used once per match.

Ippo, Level 2 Male Hitmonchan
Ippo may be smaller than the average of his kind, but he holds a dream of becoming the absolute best boxer on the planet. Naive and a tad shy, but full of determination and love for the sport, Ippo trains extensively everyday and hour to achieve his goal.
Special Attack: Dempsey Roll (Fighting)
Ippo begins circling from side to side in a eight-figure motion before unleashing a tremendous barrage of hooks, smashes and upppercuts, finishing off with a final power straight. Damage is equal to that of a Close Combat plus a Mega Punch and takes as much energy to use. The user is left exhausted afterwards and speed is reduced a bit due to the strain put to Ippo's lower body. Repeated use of the move is dangerous to Ippo's life and, as such, it can only be used once per match.

Greil, Level 2 Male Tauros
Before joining the squad, Greil used to be the leader of his herd. For years he defended his spot title against countless young males, until one day he fell, his experience no longer able make up for his old age. Banished from his group, he roamed the plains in solitude until he was finaly caught by myself. His experience has been a great help in the training of the entire squad. Despite his old age though, fire still burns in his eyes as Greil fully intends to make his scars proud in battle.
Special Training: Seige Weapon - Battering Ram
Through years of experience Greil has mastered the art of ramming attacks. His body fully used to them, he does no longer take any recoil damage from their use and he now has access to the move Head Smash, usable only once per battle. Old age has taken a toll on him though; his body no longer what it was, Greil now expends 10% more energy on all moves.

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Level 4 Trainer, A- Referee
Career record: 42-12-3; Post Reset: 21-6-3
166.5 TP, 1 SP, 60 KOs
Badges: Spirit Badge (Reed)

Spoiler: show
1. Shadow: Male Scizor (Level 5)

2. Vulkan: Male Charizard (Level 5)

3. Acella: Female Skarmory (Level 4)
Acella is a senior officer in Sciz's personal Air Force used to defend his estates. She is Captain of the DFA (Death From Above) Corps, the divison of Skarmory dedicated to air-to-ground bombings and precise attack runs. After a particularly nasty encounter with numerous heavily armored enemies which ended with half her division injured or dead, Acella developed a new technique in order to deal with armored threats. Gung-ho in attitude, fearless and unhesitating, Acella leads her attack squadrons to victory after victory. Her official song is “Flight of the Valkyries,” which she plays to terrify enemies before her squadrons rip them apart.
Special Attack: H.E.A.T. (Steel)
When it comes to dealing with hard targets, Acella has taken matters into her own claws. There are two variations of this attack; a missile used in a precise strike ideal for a very tough target, or a machinegun-like strafing run used to hose a large area. For the missile version, Acella charges up a huge amount of Steel energy on her stomach, which transformed into a mass-reactive, needle-nosed shaped-charge that hardens within seconds. Acella sends it streaking at the opponent at hyper-velocity, where it strikes, penetrates and explodes for extreme damage (equal to Fire Blast).
For the strafing-run version, Acella charges the same amount of energy in to two orbs, one on each wing. Acella fires twin streams of hundreds of large-caliber “bullets” of hardened, explosive Steel energy. These bullets have the same penetrative properties as the missile, but to a lesser degree, and each individual bullet does a very minor amount of damage. When they all hit the same target, it accumulates to extreme damage. Acella can concentrate her fire, or spread it over several targets, which obviously effects the damage output. This version does not have the precision aiming as the other due to the large-volume of fire, but it is NOT inaccurate.
Each version of H.E.A.T. uses the same amount of energy, which is the equivalent to 1.25 Fire Blasts. Natural armor, cover, and defensive moves (Light Screen, Reflect, Barrier, etc. Protect and Safeguard will still work.) offer little protection from this attack, as H.E.A.T will smash right through them into the target. The missile logically has more penetrative power than the strafing run; it can go right through the aforementioned defenses, while the strafing-run will need to be concentrated for at least half its duration. It can cause severe rending damage to hard and/or heavy targets (Steel, Rock, and Ground types, or any other pokemon with a hard exterior or who are extremely heavy, like Snorlax) and might require a stay in the Pokemon Center similar to Rock Smash/Brick Break (depending on the location of the hit). This is due to the mass-and-surface-tension-reactive nature of the projectiles; a soft target will cause them to “think” they have penetrated into the soft inside of a target, and a light target will not offer enough mass for penetration. Thus, a light and “soft” target, like Jigglypuff, will not sustain “rending injuries.”
Each version of H.E.A.T. may only be used once a match (meaning one missile and one strafing-run, or two missiles, or two-strafing runs).

4. Mr. Mac: Male Blastoise (Level 4)

5. Biney: Male Sneasel (Level 4)

6. Atlas: Male Ursaring (Level 4)

7. Fulmino: Male Electabuzz (Level 4)
Special Attack: Heaven Thunder Hammer (Electric)
Fulmino shoots a tremendous amount of electricity high in the air, which arcs down like a Thunder. In transit, the ball of electricity forms into a massive warhammer, which comes crashing down on the opponent with a clap of thunder and the ringing impact of a hammer on an anvil. While damage is equivalent to Thunder, it drops the chance of paralysis in exchange for stunning the opponent. The hammer hits with great concussive force, blasting the opponent off their feet/flying through the air for several yards, and leaving them stunned for approximately 7-10 seconds. In Realistic matches, this attack can cause concussions with repeated use. Heaven Thunder Hammer uses the energy of 1.25 Thunders, and can be used three times a match.

8. Sledge: Male Marowak (Level 4)
A far cry from the Eastern inspired styles of combat that most Marowak employ, Sledge has developed a more Westernized philosophy when it comes to dishing out the hurt. Packed with an additional 20 pounds of muscle, broad through the shoulders, and a good half a foot taller than is normal, Sledge is a close-combat monster. His beloved, over-sized warclub, nicknamed Pulp, measures 1.5x as long as a regular Marowak club, is slightly thicker, and the head has a vague resemblance to a sledge hammer's business-end. No one knows where he got such a mighty weapon, and it is a secret he does not want to divulge. He also has a small, decorative shoulder plate made out of bone that sits on his right shoulder. It imparts no effect on Sledge, and is not taken into account under any circumstances; it simply looks badass
Special Training: Hill-Crushing Hero (Fighting/Ground)
Being big, strong, and carrying a huge effing club has its benefits. Sledge's physical attacks now hit for 10% more damage than normal while using 10% more energy. He is also able to “charge” each swing of his massive club (like charging a beam attack, but this does not impart energy to his club; he's just putting more force behind it), ranging from just a little bit extra damage up to 1.5 times the normal damage, and using the equivalent amount of energy. Sledge may only overcharge his swings three times a match, and can only overcharge one swing per turn. This does not stack with the 10% he has on his physical attacks.
He now uses his club for each of the following attacks: Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Focus Punch, Mega Punch, Dynamic Punch, Iron Tail, Fury Cutter, and Giga Impact and Rock Smash/Brick Break. These attacks drop the “Punch/Tail” part and gain “Club” (i.e.; Thunder Punch is now Thunder Club, and so on. Rock Smash and Brick Break stay the same). This is essentially cosmetic, as they do the same damage as the original attacks albeit with the 10% increase in power Sledge has. Focus Club, Dynamic Club, Fury Cutter, and Giga Club cannot be overcharged. Since he has concentrated so intensely on his new style, Sledge has lost a lot of capacity for ranged attacks and certain other specialty moves. He has forgotten the moves Focus Blast, Fire Blast, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Icy Wind, Water Gun, Bubblebeam, Mimic, Substitute, and Stealth Rock. The few special ranged attacks he retains work at 75% power and accuracy. Bonemerang no longer functions, as his club is not balanced like a normal one, though he may still use Fling. Moves involving fast movement (Quick Attack, Agility, Aerial Ace, etc) burn 15% more energy due to his large stature. His club is significantly more difficult to steal or forcibly take from his grasp than that of a normal Cubone and cannot be broken. He will never drop his club unless under extreme circumstances

9. Dexter: Male Scizor (Level 4)

10. Peleps: Male Kingler (Level 4)

11. Bequin: Female Golduck (Level 4)
Bequin has always admired Ki the Alakazam's tremendous psychic capabilities. While her species is gifted with psychic power, she has always felt frustratingly weak compared to him. After straining her mind past its limits, she blew multiple synapses and nearly fried her cerebral cortex. Luckily, Ki was on hand to help in her rehabilitation. He discovered while performing psy-microsurgery that her synapses were healing at an accelerated rate and actually growing stronger and more resilient. Reinforcing them with his own psychic essence, he had Bequin back on her feet in no time. With subsequent regular mental rehab exercises, her mental power has multiplied many times over.
Special Training: Synapse Conditioning (Psychic)
After the surgery performed by Ki and subsequent rehab training, Bequin now has the same amount of Psychic energy as a Psychic type would, and gains the moves Extrasensory, Kinesis, and Dream Eater. She has since lost the ability to use Aerial Ace, Mimic, Focus Punch, and Substitute.

12. Max: Male Umbreon (Level 4)

13. Gregor: Male Houndoom (Level 4)

14. Ace: Male Arcanine (Level 4)
A lion-hearted veteran of the league, Ace is another member of the Old Guard on Sciz's squad. He earns the “legendary” moniker of his species; his signature technique, as well as his handsome looks, has made him the subject of numerous portraits and magazine covers. He looks a bit more heavily muscled through the shoulders and legs while being a tad less "fluffy" than other Arcanines. His eyes blaze gold with inner-fire (a trait inherited from his father), and his fur softly emanates a red-gold aura. Combine this with his signature move, and you have a paragon of Arcanine-ness. Ace is regarded as an older brother to most of the team, a dependable, brave and strong protector, as well as a stand-up guy. He is romantically involved with squadmate Isabella and have been together for quite a few years. Gregor, Sciz's Houndoom, holds a fierce grudge against Ace. Not oblivious to Gregor's feelings towards Isabella, Ace has nevertheless tried being friendly with him. However, Gregor is determined to hate him. Isabella has had to intervene several times to prevent their conflicts from becoming physical, though there were confrontations that even she failed to stop. Their latest bout ended with both Ace and Gregor severely injured, but neither have any intentions of letting their conflict die down.
Special Technique: Glorious Inferno Plate (Fire/Steel)
Learning from battles past and working with Ki, Ace has since developed a more efficient manner of using his trademark technique. In the past, Ace would erupt in a burst of fire and then focus the flames into hardened plates on key areas of his body. Now, he forms plates of specialized Steel energy on his head, chest, back, legs, shoulders, haunches, and then engulfs himself in flames (which are of the “hard” variety used in Fire Blast). These plates act as anchors for the flames, and allow them to quickly take a coherent shape. The flames are formed into a full suit of ornate heavy plate armor. It includes head and neck barding (similar to that of a warhorse), breastplate and backplate, shoulder and haunch plates, and greaves. The effect is truly spectacular, as Ace emerges a walking tank armored in flames. There are two effects the armor endows upon Ace. First, his intimidation factor is cranked up; his Roar and Howl are doubly effective at disrupting/intimidating foes, and opponents who are already afraid of Arcanines (type disadvantage, natural enemies, rodents, birds, etc) will now be very intimidated. The other effect, logically, is that the armor itself increases both his defense and special defense by 25%, as well as having a 25% chance of moderately burning any foe who makes physical contact with him. Creating the armor takes a good bit of time, around 10 seconds or so, and uses a Fire Blast's worth of Fire energy and 1.5 Iron Tails worth of Steel energy. His speed is decreased by 25%, as the armor is rather weighty. While wearing this suit of armor, Ace cannot use Double Team, Extreme Speed or Aerial Ace, and Agility and Quick Attack will burn 10% more energy than normal. The armor does not count as an "open flame" when Water attacks are used against him, nor does Ace take extra damage from Rock Smash/Brick Break because the armor is not part of his body. The armor lasts for 3 rounds, and will disappear at the end of the 3rd round. Glorious Inferno Plate can only be used once a battle, as the specialized Steel energy is in short supply.

15. Isabella: Female Ninetails (Level 4)

16. Ki: Male Alakazam (Level 4)

17. Stag: Male Heracross (Level 4)
Stag is strong. Really effing strong. Some might even say he possesses “retard strength.” This has definitely served him well, as he has been a Pitfighter his entire life. Victor of countless life-or-death struggles, Stag's repertoire of fighting moves is considerably greater than others of his species. Stag has been tossed around the world, being bought and sold to the highest bidder while becoming one of the most sought after gladiator 'mon on the black market. This has left Stag a lonely, tragic figure, never having the luxury of friends or family to lean on. While others might wallow in self-pity, Stag could never afford a moment of weakness in such a cut-throat environment, and had to be immensely tough mentally to keep himself alive. As Stag says, "You have to be stronger than the story." Even now, having been rescued from the pitfighting underworld, he still maintains that charming, dashing personality which he used to win over the crowd while kicking ass.
Special Training: Spine-Crushing Brawler (Fighting)
Having to fight for his life nearly everyday, Stag's intimate knowledge of fighting has bumped up his arsenal. He can now use Hammer Arm, Drain Punch, Cross Chop, and Force Palm. He does not know how to use Helping Hand, as all of his pitfights have been mano-a-mano or him against multiple opponents, so he doesn't do the whole “encouraging teammates” thing. He has also forgotten Mimic, Rock Slide, and Substitute.

18. Sejanus: Nidoking (Level 4)

19. Lyko: Male Sandslash (Level 4)
Lyko was formerly part of the Emergency Retrieval Squad for a mining company, hired due to his incredible capacity for digging, even for one of his species. One particularly awful incident was avoided due to Lyko's ability to move through even the toughest ground in short-order. When a mile-long length of tunnel collapsed, Lyko and his team of specialists managed to rescue every single worker who was trapped. He has since hit the big time by starting his own business, “Lyko's Sentinels,” renting out Rescue Squads to companies requiring expert safety personnel.
Lyko is a confident, self-made 'mon. Usually he's even-tempered, genial, and calm in stressful situations. His analytical mind is a fountain of strategies on how best to approach a situation, a useful trait when there are people and fellow 'mon trapped beneath the earth. Lately, he's taken more pleasure in battles, as it offers a place where he can release all of his pent-up frustration about the ailing economy.
Special Training: Land Surfing 'Shrew (Ground)
A master digger, Lyko is able to dig quickly through the ground with the greatest of ease. Digging requires significantly less energy than would be considered normal, and he can dig through “normal” ground (i.e. loose dirt, sand, soft earth) at a significantly faster rate and for longer distances than normal. He is also quite competent at digging through difficult terrain, like rocky or hard earth which is usually considered un-diggable. He can even pass through moderate amounts of solid rock or concrete (such as a 3 foot layer of rock, or a concrete wall/foundation) by infusing his claws with Ground energy (a Thunderbolt's worth), which is a supplementary action to digging, and does not count as an additional move. Lyko also has a very acute awareness of his position and that of his objective while underground, and can come up at a given location with pin-point accuracy.

20. Nina: Female Dragonair (Level 4)

21. Ravenor: Male Haunter (Level 4)

22. Ejava, the Roseblack: Female Venusaur (Level 4)

23. Hobbes: Male Persian (Level 4)

24. Castellan: Male Rapidash (Level 4)

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4KOs 8TPs

Spoiler: show
May: Level 2 Female Ninjask
May was the orignal member of my squad when I first started as a trainer in the Honen region a few years ago and has been with me ever since. Although she has undergone some changes in the process, namely the shedding of her skin on evolution giving birth to a strange looking creature she herself refers to as her sister, Amy. Though May herself is very much a hyperactive young bug type to tie in with her incredible speed in battle.
No Signature Move

Amy: Level 2 Female Shedinja
Amy came into existance as soon as May evolved. Her name is an anagram of her older kin and she likes it very much as it promotes her closeness to her. Even so, she is somewhat envious of her and her amazing speed and survivability. She is rather withdrawn from the world as she cannot survive blistering heats, winds or even the rocks she floats above meaning she is rather a careful battler and a nervous one at that.
No Signature Move

Artemis: Level 1 Male Smeargle
This crazy dog like painter thinks he is the strongest mon in the world. The team begs to differ however he is a talented painter and has an eye for fine works of art. Though he is less into painting and more into sculpturing, an art which he has spent many a day mastering in order to perfect his talent.
No Signature Move

Otto: Level 1 Genderless Ditto
This strange ball of pink goo loves nothing more than transforming into it's opponent. Of course, that's what all Ditto's do but Otto loves the thrill of change and the challenge of using his opponents movepool against them.
No Signature Move

Sophie: Level 1 Female Roselia
Her name may contain assonance but she is by no means sweet or soft for that matter. Sophie loves nothing more than spamming her Poision Jab ability to no end in a relentless attack, something she finds extremely fun and amusing to say the least. Especially the expression on her opponents face.
No Signature Move

Alfons: Level 1 Male Butterfree
Alfons is a very quiet Butterfree and likes to keep himself to himself most times. He is by no means anti-social, he just isn't very sure of himself being a frail bug type. All he is looking for is a chance to proove himself and put forward his confidence in order to grow.
No Signature Move

Tuna: Level 1 Female Natu
A strange little bird with an affinity for tuna. Ironicly and quite obviously an anagram of his species name but all the same the small guy sure loves it. Infact, he was found hanging around with a daunting looking pack of Meowth's dubbed at their tuna collecter and boy he could find the fish just about anywhere.
No Signature Move

Morice: Level 1 Male Castform
Cute, small and ever the day-dreamer. Morice would love nothing more to float up in the sky and become a cloud himself. His focus seems to always lie elsewhere even in battle. He'd much rather observe how the strange looking nimbus looked rather like a Zubat rather than get involved in any fights. However when pressed he is rather proficent with his control over the weather and mastery of the elements. Or so he puts it.
No Signature Move

PKAB: Level 1 Female Chatot
A quirky little Pokemon but sure as heck won't shut up when I tell her to. Imagine an alarm clock, now imagine a siren, now put the two concepts together and imagine what that would sound like amplified ten fold. Ear plugs are advisable if you are within a three mile radius of this rather annoying little lady.
No Signature Move

Katie: Level 1 Female Pikachu
Katie is rather like Sophie, rather hot-headed and easily infuriated. Katie on the other hand finds firing large amounts of electric more efficent way of attacking rather than putting the phsyical hurt on her opponent. None the less she isn't one you would want to have a run in outside an official match.
No Signature Move

Melody: Level 1 Female Combee
Not much can be said about Mel, she loves to sing or buzz to be more accurate, often mistaking grass type Pokemon for flowers which can get her into trouble. She may not have very much fighting strength at the moment but she strives to get stronger.
No Signature Move

Risa: Level 1 Female Wooper
Risa enjoys nothing more than a day at the beach, the sun, the sand, the rocks, all things she happily resists and in turn doesn't mind taking for the team. She however hates grass types as all Wooper would. Which is a shame because she absolutely loves nature, rolling around on the grass being a favourite passtime for her. Of course she is the youngest of the group.
No Signature Move

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Lonely Cubone
Sexy, Sexy Man
Level Five Trainer
Ground Type Gym Leader
38-13-5 since 2009 return
3 Tournament wins, 5 DQ wins
40 Pokemon (40 Slots)
A- Grade Referee
104 KOs, 241.5 TP, 5.5 SP
5 SP bet outstanding on Stlbk to beat Kuno (I'll never see that again)

Holder of the Biohazard Badge (Poison) and Mozz Badge (17-Type Gym) in addition to own Skull & Cross Badge (Ground)

Badge Case:
Spoiler: show
Biohazard Badge
Global Badge
The radioactive skull badge given out by Shadowshocker, leader of the Poison-typed Ground Zero Gym. All of Shadow's Pokemon are designed after some of Jumbaa Jookiba's 628 illegal genetic experiments, though due to general restraints Shadow has not been able to transcribe soopuh-Pokemon abilities to them. No one said anything about the badge, though, and it seems that prolonged exposure to the nasty sides of Poison has turned the badge septically sinister...
Badge Effect: Insult to Injury: If the holder's opponent's Pokemon is under at least one status, the holder's Pokemon does 15% more damage to the statused Pokemon.

Mozz Badge
Global Badge
Badge Effect: Mozz Effect When used, all Pokemon on trainer's team will have one minor type have double the energy as it usually would have. A "minor type" is defined as one that is not the Pokemon's primary or secondary type, and the Pokemon has at least 1 but no more than 4 offensive, damage dealing moves of said type. This includes all possible moves that the Pokemon knows, so this includes event moves, added moves via signature trainings, et al. The trainer may select the type for each Pokemon when they are first sent out. If no type satisfies the badge requirements, the type with the least known moves MUST be chosen. This does not increase total energy.

The Skull and Cross Badge
Attachable Badge
A small badge in the shape of a Marowak Skull and two Bones, the Skull and Cross badge is the token given to victorious trainers at Lonely Cubone’s Terra Firma Gym, and is sometimes known as the symbol of the Jolly Wakker.
Badge Effect: Earth’s Renewal. The Pokémon which holds this badge seems to restore itself from the very earth it stands upon. At the end of any round in which the Pokémon is touching the ground (including concrete/clay if the arena is so based) it will restore a small amount of health, on a par with the effects of Aqua Ring, up to 1/3 of its total health over 10 rounds of ending the round grounded. 1/3 is the maximum that can be healed by this badge, even if the holder survives long enough for it to be more.

Current Battles:
Spoiler: show
vs Concept 4v4 Singles (Gym Defence)
vs Rangeetsuper 4v4 Singles (Gym Defence)
vs Concept 4v4 Singles (Gym Challenge)

vs Holy Emperor 1v1 Singles (Pokébowl Quarter Final)

vs Milotic111 4v4 Doubles (Eevil Eexes)
vs Tyranidos 6v6 Singles (Eevil Eexes)
vs Empoleon Dynamite 4v4 Singles

Previous Battles:
Spoiler: show
Stats prior to my return: 2 wins, 4 losses, 6 KOs and 18 TP. There is no record of these matches. The below are all post-return.

01.vs Mr. XXXXX (UPN) 3v3 Singles
02.vs Handymankg2 (UPN) 3v3 Singles, DQ win after 2 KOs
03.vs Quintowill (UPN) 4v4 Doubles
04.vs IceCold (Serebii) 1v1 Singles
05.vs Salamencia (UPN) 1v1 Singles
06.vs Rangeetsuper (UPN) 3v3 Singles
07.vs KratosAurion (UPN) 2v2 Singles, TL2 Tournament, Free Round DQ win with 2 KOs
08.vs Martz (UPN) 3v3 Singles, DQ win with one KO
09.vs Mekanik (UPN) 3v3 Singles, DQ win before KO
10.vs Flyingwhite2 (UPN) 2v2 Singles
11.vs A Winter's Breeze (Serebii) 1v1 Singles (GAME)
12.vs Kush (UPN) 3v3 Singles
13.vs Shadowshocker (UPN) Gym Battle, 4v4 Singles
14.vs Quintowill (UPN) 1v1 Singles (GAME)
15.vs DragonDance 1v1 Singles
16.vs Mozz (UPN) Mozz Gym Battle
17.vs iAmDewgong (UPN) 2v2 Singles
18.vs Salamencia (UPN) 4v4 Singles
19.vs Firewater (Serebii) 2v2 Singles
20.vs Kush (Serebii) 4v4 Singles
21.vs DaveTheFishGuy (UPN) 2v2 Singles
22.vs S_M (Serebii) 1v1 Singles
23.vs Kindrindra (UPN) 3v3 Singles
24.vs DragonDance (UPN) 4v4 Singles
25.vs Treepandaone (UPN) 3v3 Singles
26.vs Quintowill (UPN) 4v4 Singles (Gym Defence)
27.vs Joshua 2v2 Singles
28.vs Milotic111 (UPN) 4v4 Gym Defence
29.vs KratosAurion (UPN) 2v2 Singles
30.vs Firewater (UPN) 1v1 Singles
31.vs Dream Brealer 4v4 Singles, DQ after 2 (Gym Defence)
32.vs Treepandaone 4v4 Singles (Gym Defence)
33.vs Kush 4v4 Singles (Gym Defence, Realistic)
34.vs Rangeet 3v3 Singles (Equiall 2)
35. vs Milotic111 4v4 Doubles, DQ win with full KOs.

01.vs ZoraJolteon (UPN) 3v3 Singles, Draw
02.vs Shiny Magneton (UPN) 2v2 Singles, Draw
03.vs Concept (Serebii) 3v3 Singles, Draw
04.vs Shiny Magneton (Serebii) 1v1 Singles (GAME), Draw
05.vs Loki (UPN) 1v1 Singles, GAME, Draw

01.vs Insidious Dreamer (UPN) 4v4 Doubles, Loss
02.vs Joshua (Serebii) 4v4 Singles, Loss
03.vs ZoraJolteon (UPN) 4v4 Doubles, Loss
04.vs Balmund (Serebii) 3v3 Singles, Loss
05.vs Mozz (UPN) Gym Challenge Match, Loss by 3-1
06.vs DaveTheFishGuy (UPN) GAME 1v1, Loss
07.vs Handymankg2 (UPN) 4v4 (Gym Scenario), Loss
08.vs DaveTheFishGuy (UPN) 3v3 Singles, Loss
09.vs Concept (Serebii) 1v1 Singles, GAME Hitmonduel
10.vs DaveTheFishGuy (UPN) 4v4 Singles, (Gym Simulation), Loss
11.vs Concept (Serebii) 4v4 Singles
12.vs S_M 2v2 Singles
13.vs Char 4v4 Singles (Gym Defence, Equiall 2)

Tournament Matches
Count towards Points but only wins towards Record

Pokebowl 11 Round One: vs Akihide (DQ, No Points)
Pokebowl 11 Round Two: vs Tyranidos (Win, 1 KO & 2 TP)
Pokebowl 11 Round Three: vs Jerichi (Win, 1 KO & 2 TP)

Squad New Version:
Spoiler: show

Ground Gym Squad
17 Pokémon

Clay, L. 6 Rhyperior (M)
Clay is a rather unique Rhyperior. He was born and raised amongst a typical Rhyhorn herd but found himself unable to rise to dominance due to his perpetual failure in the ritual head-butting competitions with his peers, having a softer skull and hide than the typical Rhyperior. As he aged, his hide turned a browny-red colour, almost clay like in its unusual softness and an increasingly suspicious herd cast him out into the desert. I came across clay a few months later and after tracking him for some time, attempted to capture him, using my Donphan to battle the unusually coloured Pokémon. Whilst Rhyhorn managed to defeat Donphan, it seemed that he was impressed that another soft-skinned Pokémon could put up such a fight and chose to join my team.

Over the years since, Clay has become a key battler in my squad and a force particularly in the newly opened Terra Firma Gym. He has learnt to adapt his battling style to his unique body, fighting more like my other Ground Pokémon than the traditional brute force approach of Rock types and, over time, has found himself using his Rock-type heritage less and less, and is almost unrecognisable from most of his species now.

Type Change: Rock is dead, long live Paper and Scissors! (Ground): Clay is a pure Ground type Pokémon, and as such no longer has the Rock secondary type. As a result of this, he has much less Rock-typed energy than a normal Rhyperior, barely more than any Ground Pokémon would have. His hide is softer than a Rock Pokémon, and as a result he will take less damage from Rock Smash and moves of that ilk, but more from normal Physical attacks as would any Pokémon of soft skin.

Species Characteristic: Rhyperior can create rocks from its hands for any rock based attack requiring some from the arena. Its charging based attacks do slightly more damage then normal as well. Its Solid Rock ability means that super effective attacks against it deal slightly less damage.

Elsie, L. 5 Marowak (M)
My namesake, Marowak is determined and calm, but above all as you might suspect, lonely. His quirk is that his bonesword is a little smaller than most, something for which he has compensated by learning to surround it with a coating of ground energy when he throws it, proving forever that it is not the size but the way in which you use it. And yes, he's a guy called Elsie. Don't laugh, he's got a bone and he's not afraid to use it.

Special Technique: Bone of Earth (Ground): When performing any of his Bone related moves (Bone Club, Bone Rush and Bonemerang) Marowak coats the blade with some of his own Ground-typed energy, which compensates for the Bone's lack of size. His Bone attacks do regular damage, but are composed of 50% Ground Energy and 50% Physical Damage in a similar manner to the elemental punches. This means that they do 150% damage to Ground-weak opponents but just 75% to Ground-resistant Pokémon.

Species Characteristic: Marowak's face is covered by a skull, which it will not remove willingly. If the helmet is shattered, it will cost 1 SP or 1 battle for Marowak to go and find another. Marowak may not use its respective bone attacks if it is not holding its bone.

Scott Steelgrin, L. 5 Steelix (M)
One of the coolest references amongst my squad, Scott Steelgrin is so named not just for the awesome pun but for his extreme emotional peaks and troughs, mirroring his namesake. In battle, he is capable of supreme moments of power, but only for short periods as he finds it impossible to remain on an emotional high for an extended period of time. Luckily for him, he has often flattened those before him before this becomes a problem, allowing him to concentrate on learning to play Bass very badly in the downtime.

Special Training: Scott Steelgrin’s Finest Hour (Normal): Once per battle, Steelix may designate any round in which he is an active Pokémon as his Finest Hour. In this round, his attacks will deal an additional 25% damage, but will become energy inefficient, using up 50% more energy than usual. Scott’s Finest Hour does not count as a move to activate, but cannot be used in conjunction with a three-move combination. The round after Scott’s Finest Hour will be termed Scott Steelgrin’s Infinite Sadness, and in this round he may only use a single move, which will only do 75% of the usual damage.

Species Characteristic: Steelix are large Pokémon, and are able to burrow through hard materials with their Dig attack easily (such as concrete). They are also more resistant to extreme pressures. Steelix can see in the dark.

Elvis, L. 5 Nidoking (M)
He's the King of Rock and Roll don't you know? But don't worry, this isn't another ludicrous justification for a Pokémon knowing sing: he's back from the dead to rock you from your head down to your blue suede shoes, but was unfortunately reincarnated in the body of a rather irritable Nidorino with very little ability to gyrate his hips and even less vocal beauty. When evolution finally came, Elvis was lifted back onto two feet and ready to rock the planet once more with his own unique brand of battling.

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Of the Nido monarchy, Nidoking has the higher offensive power, and any attacks it uses with its tail are 1.25 times as powerful. All Nidoran have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound attacks.

Omicron, L. 5 Claydol

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: As they have eyes all around their heads, Claydol are almost impossible to surprise or sneak up on. Claydol naturally levitate, and can keep it up indefinitely.

Nelly, L. 5 Donphan (F)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: The strip of black, leathery skin acts as treads for when Donphan is performing a Rollout, thus giving it better traction (and accuracy) when using a Rollout attack. Like all elephants, Donphan are sure-footed, even though they cannot see their own feet.

Kimerupt, L. 5 Camerupt (F)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Camerupt tend to be only slightly-less apathetic than their Numel bretheren, although their higher intelligence gives them a better ability to follow orders. However, they become extremely angry when struck in the face: a Camerupt struck in the face by an opponent will focus almost exclusively on that target to the exclusion of all other concerns unless something else starts to become a bigger problem or gets in the way of Camerupts's revenge. Until its target has fallen Camerupt will be extremely emotional and responsive but more vulnerable to confusion.

Colin, L. 5 Mamoswine (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Mamoswine is large and sturdy, making it difficult to knock over. When it starts charging, it is difficult to stop.

Glenn, L. 5 Quagsire (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Quagsire move at a decent clip on land, and a respectable pace in the water, though they prefer shallow, slow water to deep, fast currents. Wooper and Quagsire are coated with a slimy substance, which makes them harder to grab.

Brenda, L. 5 Flygon (F)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Flygon’s enlarged eyes are adapted to seeing in a sandstorm, are and such are not hindered in heavy sand or fog. They also have slightly improved vision in low light, but are more vulnerable to Flash and similar effects.

Behemoth, L. 5 Torterra (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Due to the tree growing out of it, Torterra is impossible to knock completely on its back. Torterra is also able to blend into its surroundings on certain terrain, making it difficult to spot in forest areas

Isabella, L. 5 Sandslash (F)
Nobody expects my Spanish acquisition! I’ve never been quite sure if it’s a simple hangover of watching too many episodes of Monty Python’s Flying Circus or an actual genetic link to family of refugee Pangolins in Cataluńa , but Isabella remains stoically convinced that her role in my Gym squad is to hunt down Psychic Pokémon and eliminate them using her three weapons of fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency and...oh no, four weapons, sorry...

Special Training: The Fourth Weapon (Dark): Isabella can use Pursuit. Some say it’s the fourth weapon, others argue it’s a simple combination of surprise and ruthless efficiency, but it certainly helps her track down and defeat Witches Psychic Pokémon.

Species Characteristic: Sandslash are more effective diggers than Sandshrew are, thanks to their longer claws. Their claw-related attacks (Slash, Cut, etc.) are 1.25 times as powerful. While not 'bouncy'ť in Defense Curl, they are spiky, and any Pokemon who comes into physical contact with them will take a little piercing damage. Sandslash can see in the dark.

Vlad, L. 5 Gliscor (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Gliscor are not true fliers: instead, they glide. If needed to, however, they are able to fly for short distances, and their claws allow them to grab and climb relatively smooth surfaces. Upon evolving, their claws got quite stronger and attacks that use it are 15% stronger then normal. Gliscor can see in the dark, and fight more enthusiastically at night.

Cyborg, L. 5 Golurk (N)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Golurk is entirely inorganic, meaning it is completely unaffected by poison. Though slow and robotic, it is quite heavy and bulky for its size, allowing it to deal more damage from physical attacks. Despite being very large and extremely heavy, Golurk has the astounding and mysterious ability to fly at high speeds through the air, though this can burn energy very swiftly.

Adrian, L. 5 Excadrill (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Excadrill’s claws are as tough as steel and covered in sharp grooves, allowing them to dig through any surface with great ease. They dig like a drill, rotating extremely quickly, letting them travel very fast through the ground for little energy. It can dig through most surfaces and tunnel in almost anything aside from many feet of solid concrete or bedrock. Its tunnels are also sturdy, and, if desired, can be made so they do not collapse after being dug.

Edward, L. 5 Stunfisk (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Despite being a Ground-type, Stunfisk dwells primarily underwater and can stay in water for an unlimited amount of time. Though still weak to Water attacks, it is somewhat less vulnerable than other Ground-types. Stunfisk, though able to swim somewhat, moves mostly through flopping and sliding, but it prefers to lie and await fs in mud or other similar substrate.

NINCADA, L. 2 Nincada (M)
NINCADA is very much like a regular Nincada, only bigger and thus better. Nobody is quite sure why, but he may have been bitten by a superhero at some point.

Signature Ability: NINCADA: NINCADA is the size and weight of a Crustle. His massive size has considerably improved his ability to control the earth, and he can use Earthquake, Magnitude, Stone Edge, Bulldoze and Earth Power as a result. NINCADA cannot evolve.

Species Characteristic: Nincada are very good diggers, and can do so with speed and ease.

The Eevil Eexes
7 Pokemon

Gideon Graves, L. 3 Glaceon (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Glaceon have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound attacks. Their light coloring and ice-like body patterns allow them to hide better among ice and in blizzards.

Matthew Patel, L. 3 Flareon (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Flareon has sensitive hearing, at the expense of greater vulnerability to sound attacks.

Lucas Lee, L. 3 Vaporeon (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Vaporeon have sensitive hearing, at the expense of greater vulnerability to sound attacks. They are also good swimmers, and just as agile on land as they are in the water.

Todd Ingram, L. 3 Leafeon (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Leafeon have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound attacks. Leafeon constantly produces clean air, especially when in sunlight, allowing it to rid areas of Smog, Mist or other pollutants at a faster rate than normal.

Roxxie Richter, L. 3 Jolteon (F)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Jolteon has sensitive hearing, at the expense of greater vulnerability to sound attacks. Its body is also spiky, making physical contact and grabbing/wrap attacks painful for the Pokémon wrapping Jolteon.

Kyle Katayanagi, L. 3 Espeon (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: An Espeon’s fur is sensitive to the movements of the wind, caused by the movements of an opponent, so it has a slightly higher chance of evading any attack from an opponent, and is very difficult to surprise. An Espeon has sensitive hearing, at the expense of higher vulnerability to sound attacks.

Ken Katayanagi, L. 3 Umbreon (M)

Signature Move: None at present

Species Characteristic: Umbreon can see in the dark and has sensitive hearing, at the expense of greater vulnerability to sound attacks. Once per every 10 rounds, an Umbreon may sweat poison out of its pores as a move. Any Pokemon not resistant to poison who comes into physical contact with Umbreon risks being poisoned. The poison stays on Umbreon unless it is somehow washed off. Umbreon is immune to its own poison produced by this method. By concentrating and holding still, Umbreon can cause it's rings to glow, brightening the area something at the cost of very little energy.

Other Pokémon
16 Pokemon

Mirko, L. 5 Hitmonlee (M)

Buzz, L. 5 Beedrill (M)
Buzz is a very unique Beedrill, although you wouldn't know it to look at him. I'd owned him for a long time before realizing that he'd never managed to Poison anything using his Poison Sting and Twineedle attacks. After some medical examination, the reason became more clear: his poison sacs were completely dry and did not function in the usual way, leaving him completely without Poison in his body. Since then, he's worked hard to compensate for this loss, and learnt a few new techniques to compensate for those he inevitably lost.

Type Change: Mostly Harmless (Bug): Buzz has lost his Poison Type, for the reasons specified above. This means that he is a pure Bug Type, and loses access to his Poison moves: Toxic Spikes, Toxic, Poison Jab, Sludge Bomb and Poison Sting. Whilst he can still perform Twineedle, there is no chance of it Poisoning its target. As a result of working to compensate for this, he has learned the moves Big Buzz and Needle Arm.

Species Characteristic: Multiple Beedrill on the same side share a hive mind: thus, each one is aware of every others situation. One cannot be surprised unless they all are, and one cannot be affected mentally unless they all are. In a Grand Melee, all trainers must agree to a mental link between their Beedrill, and any trainer may break the link between the group and his Beedrill at any time. Beedrill can see in the dark.

Noel, L. 5 Delibird (M)

Steve, L. 5 Golduck (M)

Marcel, L. 5 Mr. Mime (M)

Euryale, L. 5 Tangrowth (F)

Matilda, L. 5 Kangaskhan (F)

Alexandria, L. 5 Ampharos (F)

Clifford, L. 5 Arcanine (M)

Elphaba, L.5 Mismagius (F)

Bruce, L. 5 Crobat (M)

Snowball, L. 4 Grumpig (M)

Josef, L. 4 Probopass (M)
In Soviet Russia, bios write you! Such a ludicrous justification of anything would never fly in the PASBL though, so I must also mention Josef's sensational handlebar moustache and love of Five Year Plans in order to allow his use of this KGB approved signature technique.

Signature Defence: The Iron Curtain (Steel): Josef is able to summon a Steel Barrier at the cost of significant energy. This defensive shield functions much like the move Barrier, except that the Curtain is of the Steel type and has weaknesses and resistances as such: a Fire move will only need to be half a powerful to shatter it, while a Grass move would need to be twice as strong.

Species Characteristic: Probopass moves about exclusively by levitation. The mini-noses can be controlled as if psychically and can be moved to the edge of its magnetic field (about 10 feet), allowing Probopass to use punching attacks from a distance. It has more electric energy then normal.

Chicago, L. 4 Weezing (M)

Silva, L. 3 Galvantula (M)

Harrier, L. 1 Mantine (M)


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Sam Da Sniper
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[Trainer Level: 1

1st - http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=394460 loss
2nd- http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=397160 loss
3rd- http://forums.upnetwork.net/showthre...?t=1626&page=2 win
1 Win
2 Loss
0 Draws

SP: 0

Spoiler: show
12/12 slots

Smog: Level 1 Male Koffing
Bio: My true ace in the hole, Smog my most loy… well maybe not loyal… more like Freeloader. Smog has been with me from day one. Its not clear if he thinks of me as his true master or just someone to sponge off. Despite this however when Smog finally dose get into battle he specialises in gas and prepares his opponents weak before finishing them off. A true dirty fighter, hope you brought your oxygen masks.
Special Attack: Inhale Gas (Poison)
Koffing has learned to do the reverse of his usual dragging any gasses in the area back to himself. This in tern clears the area of his or any other gas related attack but also heals him. Can be used once in a battle. The energy used and the number of gasses absorbed reflects healing done. 1 gas = Decent healing/energy use, 2 gases = Good healing/energy use, 3 or more gasses = Substantial healing/engergy use.

Level 2 Male Wartortle
Bio: Ok my actual most loyal and trusting pokemon. Wartortle has been with me nearly as along as Smog and has been my faithful companion and all that other mushy stuff ever since. No he has no nickname, nothing ever stuck and simply he needs non. He loves to fight, preferring to get in the melee rather than Spam moves from afar, and unless under effect obeys orders to his best ability.
Special Defense: Freeze Shell (Ice)
A move that can be used quickly, the move is similar to withdraw but with the addition of a frozen layer around the shell adding additional defence. After using the pokemon is somewhat slowed for one post until the ice is thawed. Can be used twice per battle. The energy used is the same as a withdraw attack but deduces speed considerably after use.

Granite: Level 1 Male Rhyhorn
Bio: a true gentle, blooming lazy giant. All he wants to do is graze on grass all day and sleep. However this is until he’s in a battle. His charges are especially powerful due to his large size. He follows orders but more likely its just to get the battle over with quicker.
Special Attack: Metal Horn (Steel)
By manipulating the trace metals found in his body Rhyhorn channels this into his horn turning it from rock to metal temporally he then charges his opponent in an attack similar to horn attack dealing a good deal more damage than horn attack. The damage still depends on momentum and impact. The attack takes up a good deal more energy than horn attack although the actual amount depends on how momentum is put into the attack.

Skaterz: Level 1 Male Zigzagoon
Bio: Skaterz or Skat hasn’t been around that long however his simply a sugar addicted pain in the bum. He never stops still, insisting on running in erratic patters and generally been a nuisance. However I have decided to put that energy to good use and when in battle he’s as happy as a Fox in a chicken coop.
Special Attack: Needle Shower (Normal)
A normal type move similar to pin missile but does Large damage but takes a Large amount of energy to use. The move is fairly hard to dodge due to the large shower of needles but the smaller the pokemon the less damage taken, as they don’t get hit by as many needles as a big one would. Can only be used twice per battle due to the loss of spikes.

Malik: Level 1 Male Kabuto
Bio: Malik and Melissa where found together. Unlike some fossil reconstruction’s they where naturally living in a cave. Strange you may ask but pokemon are rarely actually extinct for long. The two where instantly inseparable having spent years living together. Malik is the more active and forceful of the two, he spends most of him time attacking and excels in fighting with Melissa.
Special Attack: Ancient Blast (Rock)
Kabuto drains rock energy from the surrounding and from himself and unleashes them in a light brown beam of energy. The attack dose similar damage and energy drain to a solar beam. Like solar beam there is a delay in charging before the blast fires. If Kabuto is on a rocky surface the charge time is reduced.

Melissa: Level 1 Female Omanyte
Bio: Malik and Melissa where found together. Unlike some fossil reconstruction’s they where naturally living in a cave. Strange you may ask but pokemon are rarely actually extinct for long. The two where instantly inseparable having spent years living together. Melissa is a lot more shy and reserved compared to Malik and is so far untested in fighting alone. She prefers to fight with Malik and usually acts as the defence for both.
Special Defense: Ancient Armour (Rock)
Omantye projects a barrier of energy around herself and anything in a 3-foot radius. The barrier looks like a large brown bubble with the bottom half underground. The barrier can be moved through by other Pokemon, but any attack that is fired is stopped or weakened by it. The energy drain is high for each turn using the shield and Omanyte can’t attack while maintaining the shield.

Perri-Perri: Level 1 Female Natu
Bio: One of my original three, she joined us shortly after Wartortle. She complemented us quite nicely as she was quiet yet a character. She specialises in Teleporting using it to evade many attacks thrown at her. She’s quite a dark horse really she evades a lot but also uses powerful Psychic attacks to surprise and overwhelm her foes.
Special Training: Teleport Mastery (Psychic)
Natu has spent many long years of training using teleport and as a result is now much better at it allowing it to be used with a considerable energy reduction of about 50%. All the years with this training however have weakened her in other less used attacks and as such Giga Drain, Haze, Rain Dance, Sunny Day, solarbeam and thunder wave are no longer useable.

Block Head: Level 1 Male Onix
Bio: a resently added member to the squad. Despite having two rock pokemon, Block Head is a good compliment to the team. He’s a ready fighter and unlike Granite is always willing to slam into things. He is as thick as they come, and will usually use his hard head to dig or slam into anything he can.
Special Training: Underground Assault (Ground)Onyx’s spends most of his time underground, and as such his Ground attacks have a 30% damage increase. Also, his dig attack in particular hits for more force by about 50%. The drawback is that he’s lost the ability to use some of his unused attacks such as Dragonbreath, Sunny Day, Mimic, toxic and attract.

Piranooku: Level 1 Female Carvanha
Bio: The reason I will never step into water again! She is a very nasty and vicious pokemon something you wouldn’t want to share the water with. She likes nothing better than taking big lumps of flesh out of anything and everything she can.
Special Attack: Feeding Frenzy (Dark)
Piranooku swims rapidly around her opponent crating a mini whirlpool. The whirlpool doses no damage but keeps them in place for that attack to occur. She viciously bites the opponent 2 to 5 times from any angle. Each hit causes about three-quarters the damage of a normal bite. After use Piranooku is slightly confused from dizziness. The energy used varies with the number of hits but is about half the energy used for a normal bite x number of hits. 2 uses per battle.

Mr Sneeblay: Level 1 Male Tangela
Bio: King of style despite the bad hair day Mr Sneeblay doesn’t like to over exert himself unless he needs to. He fights with style and grace, relying mostly on buffs and fancy moves to get by rather than brute force. Ever the charmers he liked to woo the ladies into false a sense of security with his dashing good looks before finishing them with unexpected blows of power.
Special Training: Too sexy for my shoes?
Mr Sbeeblay self proclaimed king of style is quite the lady’s man. He uses his dashing charms and good looks to entice them. This ability allows any attracting moves to be more effective against the opposite sex which means it takes longer for them to realise that they have been had.

Flare: Level 1 Female Vulpix
Bio: Speaking of the fox in a chicken coop, a new and so far untested addition to the team. She uses her cunning and natural dispassion skills to overcome opponents. So far she’s proved a good and relatively hassle free pokemon. Unlike some I can think of, no name’s mentioned. Although she always has a strange look in her eye like she’s just waiting for the opportunity when my guards down. Don’t look at me like that I’m not paranoid
Special Training: Speed Demon
Flare is fast, even faster than the average vulpix. She has a natural tallent for being very fast. She is around 40% faster than normal. This comes with the down side that her physical attacks are 25% less effective and she takes 10% more damage from them.

Forge: Level 2 Male Hitmonchan
Bio: Forge has an iron will to win. He fights until there is only one left standing , preferably him. His fighting style revolves around devastatingly fast punches to wear down his opponents. His personality is quite distant, he’s very calm and collected but truly comes alive in the fight.

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M. M.
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Trainer Level 4
Wins:18 Losses:14 Draws:4
TP: 180.5 SP:1 KOs: 60
B- Ref Grade

On-Going Battles

Finished Battles


Spoiler: show

Fundido Level 4 Male Typhlosion

Odonata Level 4 Female Yanmega

Download Level 4 Porygon2

Glutton Level 5 Male Mamoswine
No Signature Move

Lagarto Level 4 Male Feraligatr
No Signature Move

Elephas, Female Donphan, Level 4
Phanpy is unlike the rest of her species. Instead of being able to sputter out Water like the others of her elephant family, she has always been able to shoot fierce flames out of her trunk. Back in her natural habitat, before she was captured, she was the cause of many forest fires. She was cast aside by her brethren as she was more of a hassle to them. Although, I welcome her familiarity with flames with open arms.
Special Attack: Firehose (FI)
Phanpy can use Flamethrower twice per match, however due to the nature of the attack and the newfound fire energy Phanpy can no longer use Ice Shard nor Water Gun.

Garnet Level 4 Male Kabutops

Lanturn Level 4 Male

Dusclops Level 4 Male

Grem, Male Sableye Level 4

Nebulak, Male Gengar Level 5

Alicanto, Female Skarmory Level 4

Skarabhorn, Female Heracross Level 4

Phyllobates, Male Toxicroak Level 4

Level 3 Male Houndoom

Kremling, Level 3 Male Krokorok

Level 1 Male Bulbasaur

Level 1 Female Tynamo

Level 1 Staryu

Level 1 Male Abra

Level 1 Male Slowpoke

Level 1 Female Smoochum

Level 1 Male Spoink

Level 1 Bronzor

Level 1 Baltoy

Male Absol Level 1

Male Froakie Level 1

Tournament Battles

Spoiler: show

Pokebowl '11

mewmaster007 vs Yougirasu Win

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PASBL Trainer Record:

Trainer Level: 4

W:30 - L:27 - D:4

KOs: 69
TP: 197
SP: 2.5

B Rank ref

Battle Slots - 0/4 taken

Slot 1 - Open

Slot 2 - Open

Slot 3 - Open

Slot 4 - Open

Gym Slot: Open

Squad Slots: 36/36 filled.

0 single slots purchased.
4 sets of 3 purchased.
0 sets of 6 purchased.


Spoiler: show
Birdkeeper's Token
The Birdkeeper's Token signifies freedom of thought and movement that transcends the art of the possible. It can be attached to Flying type pokémon and greatly enhances their natural abilities. They will be significantly faster and more agile than their peers in whatever their usual mode of transportation is, able to travel further and with more precision and dexterity than others without expending much more energy. At ref's discretion, they will be more able to dodge attacks and harder to evade when using their own. This token may be purchased during the week long Easter event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Attached to Steve the Xatu.

Reaper's Token
This attachable item can only be given to Ghost type pokémon. If the pokémon wearing this token has the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they are able to do so for three turns instead of the usual two and enjoy perfect invisibility where they might usually have left an icy glimmer or some other give away. If the selected pokémon does not already possess the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they gain the ability to do so for two turns, leaving a slight give away when they do so such as the glint of an eye or the glow of an ectoplasmic body. Ghosts wearing this token are also granted an increased ability to trick their opponents. This token is available only during the Halloween sale and may be purchased by trainers up to once.
Currently unattached.

Harvester's Token
The Harvester's Token denotes one's prowess in caring for and farming the bounties of nature. It can be attached to Grass type pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. Rain will heal them by a mild amount each round, sunlight will regenerate them mild energy each round, healing moves cost half their usual energy cost and draining moves are much more efficient. This token may be purchased during the week long Thanksgiving event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Attached to Tetsu the Torterra.

Attached to Blaine the Alakazam.


Spoiler: show
Ares: Male Charizard (Level 4)
A loner, never wants to make friends, or play with others. He's difficult to handle, and will attack any stranger that tries to get near him. He was a ruthless fighter, and in battle it used to be hard to get him to stop fighting, even after the battle was over. This earned him his nickname. However, now he has calmed down during battle, and he has channelled his rage into a strength.
Hidden Power: Grass
No Signature Move

Blaine: Male Alakazam (Level 4)
A loner, like Ares, his long hours of sleep make him seem a dull character, and he is. Even when he's awake, Blaine sits by himself. He won't attack strangers, but he never joins anyone to do anything. He only seems to interact with people that show a relatively high level of intelligence. In battle he constantly thinks through the moves he makes, and might not follow a command if it doesn't seem logical or reasonable in any way. Not that this ever happens, due to his trainer being similarly logical
After learning he was named after David Blaine, the famed illusionist, Blaine decided he should probably see if he could imitate the man himself. He studied hard to learn how the brain worked, and how to manipulate it.

Hidden Power: Rock
Special Training: Psychological Genius
Blaine can use Hypnosis, but only twice per battle and once per target. Normal sleep rules still apply.
Attached: Alakazite

Zudo: Male Nidoking (Level 5)
An aggressive and devious Pokemon, Zudo uses his poisonous attacks to try and sustain power over anyone he deems worthy to serve him. He is one of the harder members of the team to control, and held a similar attitude in battle, brutally attacking whenever he can. He finally realised, however, that he needed strategy to win some battles, so now listens more. He is a good friend to Ares. While he agrees to listen, he still worked on discovering a way to use his devious and manipulative nature, and managed to pick up a few new moves from comrades and opponents. After he evolved to Nidoking, he needed no time to learn or perfect Taunt, already knowing it, so we worked on re-teaching him a couple of old moves to give him some more diversity.
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Corruption (Dark)
Due to his dark nature, Zudo can now use Nasty Plot and Snatch. However, due to his lack of respect for most others and belief that he is stronger by himself, he cannot use Helping Hand, Captivate, Attract, Flatter, Mimic or Amnesia.

Shio: Male Blastoise (Level 4)
Shio's motto is "brain over brawn", although it doesn't mean to say his attacks don't pack a punch. He doesn't approve of rushed tactics, and will always try to stop his friends from acting rashly or fighting amongst each other. His calmer approach to life affects his battling quite a bit.
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Knowledge is power (Typeless)
Shio can now use Calm Mind and Meditate, but is unable to use Rage, Mirror Coat or Counter.

Caprice: Female Ampharos (Level 4)
Caprice is a dreamer. She spends her time in fields, watching the clouds pass by, wishing her life was as simple as that of a cloud. She doesn't have as much dedication to training as the other members of my squad, but she still trains when she feels like it. She takes her battles seriously, but only so that she can enjoy a good rest without interruptions afterwards. Her electrical prowess is the reason I added her to my squad. Being an Ampharos, she uses the light on her tail quite a lot to see when there is no natural light, and she has learned to harness the energy released when lighting her tail.
Hidden Power: Ice
Special Training: Glowing with potential (Typeless)
Caprice can now use Tail Glow, but can only use it once per match.

Mia: Female Espeon (Level 4)
A funloving Espeon that just likes to run around, playing. Albeit overly trusting, she is fierce in battle, and a good companion. She treats battles like a kind of game, never taking it very seriously, no matter how much she gets hurt.
Hidden Power: Rock
Special Training: Levelling the Playing Field (Fighting)
Due to her training, Mia is now able to use Focus Blast twice per battle. However, her Focus Blasts are weaker in power, dealing damage equal to a Thunderbolt and costing a Thunderbolt's worth of energy. She has also gained 2 Thunderbolt's worth of Fighting energy to use her new move. In addition, her natural love for a fair battle has caused her to forget the deceptive Swagger, Double Team, Fake Tears, Charm, Captivate, Attract and Substitute, as well as losing Mimic and Psych Up due to her wishing to win with her own strength alone.

Helia: Female Typhlosion (Level 4)
I met her in an alley when she was just a Cyndaquil, fending for herself. She finds it hard to open up to others, but is a loyal companion when she trusts someone. She can hold her own well in a battle, but never seems to be able to trust her opponents after the battle is over.
Hidden Power: Grass
No Signature Move

Tetsu: Male Torterra (Level 4)
Tetsu is a real team player. Always looking out for his friends in and out of battle. With intelligence to go with his kindness, Tetsu is the stability of the group, helping all ‘mon to co-operate.
After a while of training, I realised he was lacking something. Despite his Ground type moves allowing him to fight Fire types well, he still wasn’t that capable in battle. I eventually remembered the meaning behind the name I gave him. “Iron”. Inspiration was flowing, and I got to work teaching him Steel moves, some knowledge of the type already fresh in my mind from using my Scizor before it left the team.

Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Iron Will (Typeless)
Due to his training, Tetsu is considered familiar with Steel type moves, increasing his Steel energy pool to the level of a Water type’s Ice energy pool. He has also learned Heavy Slam and Flash Cannon. However, he can no longer use Double Edge, Sand Tomb, Leech Seed, Swagger, Substitute, Curse or Amnesia.
Attached: Harvester's Token

Pierre: Male Mr. Mime (Level 4)
Pierre is French. Or, that’s what he would have others believe. In reality, Pierre is a born and bred Brit. However, he was inspired by Marcel Marceau (the professional mime, not LC’s Mr. Mime, although said Mime is cool too) at a young age, and has decided to try and become as like his hero has possible. Therefore, he has taken the name of Pierre, and has stopped speaking completely, communicating only through mime. He is even silent in his sleep.
Hidden Power: Rock
No Signature Move

Tess: Female Black Delibird (Level 4)
When you think of Delibird, you probably imagine them to be kind, giving and selfless, correct? Well, those 3 words are probably the worst words to describe Tess with. She’s selfish, cold and bitter, to say the least. As if to highlight this, all the parts of her body that should be red are jet-black. She has joined the Ares and Zudo section of my squad, and the two seem to get on well with her, despite her being probably being the least friendly of them.
She doesn't like giving out presents. Why? Giving something of value away for nothing? But, alas, she is a Delibird. Gifted with gifts. So instead of actually giving away things of any real value, she's decided to give actually hurtful Presents instead.

Hidden Power: Flying
Special Training: She Knows If You've Been Bad or Good (Typeless)
Tess's Present attack is now super-effective against Dark, Ghost and Poison-types, but is resisted by Normal, Fighting and Psychic-types.

Belle: Female Miltank (Level 4)
Belle has a very caring nature, and is practically the opposite of Tess. She tries to do whatever she can to help the other members of the team when they need something. As such, she quickly took the role of the squad’s nurse, and tries to help newer members settle into the group.
Hidden Power: Fire
No Signature Move

Anura: Male Politoed (Level 4)
Anura is a Politoed. This makes him awesome. In fact, he’s probably the most awesome Pokémon on my squad, and he knows it. He is extremely proud, and tries to get stronger every day. He sees Ares and Link as his main rivals, and wishes to surpass them. He won’t give up in battle, and seems to thrive under pressure.
His never-give-up spirit and ability to improve his performance under pressure has given birth to a new trait, which he feels suits him very well.

Hidden Power: Grass
Special Training: The Awesomeness of Anura (Typeless)
When Anura is in a "tough spot", his attacks are 25% stronger, for an equivalent energy increase (as standard for offensive boosts). A "tough spot" is roughly defined as "1/4 of his total health or lower", though if he is in a relatively good position (ref's discretion) in the match, the threshold will be a bit lower, and similarly will be higher if he is in a particularly bad position (again, ref's discretion). This does not apply to moves that do not directly damage the target (e.g. Sandstorm), and does not affect secondary effects of moves at all. He cannot use Belly Drum, Hyper Beam, Focus Punch, Toxic, Double Team, Substitute, Swagger or Frustration.

Clyde: Male Mothim (Level 4)
Clyde is one of the Pokémon I remember most, mainly due to him being a Mothim and therefore a cool ‘mon in terms of design. Finally being added once I purchased slots after reaching TL2, he was originally a member of an obvious double-act. The second half being a Butterfree named Bonnie. The latter has, as of writing, not made it into my ASB squad, but this team of 2 was first created outside of the ASB. Clyde does wish he could be with said Butterfree, but as of yet he isn’t. Despite this, Clyde flirts a lot and cracks jokes wherever possible and is not unlike the common British 18-20 year old. But he doesn’t drink because he’s small and therefore a lightweight.
Despite being pretty cool, Clyde is a rather disappointing Pokémon, as he hasn’t been able to battle much thanks to his poor movepool and typing. In fact, by the time I’d realised this, he had only been used in 1 completed match, in which he hadn’t managed to excel. After moping about this for a while, he decided he needed to find a way to become useful. Fortunately, all it took was some training for some extra moves, so it didn’t take long for me to help him out here.

Hidden Power: Rock
Signature Training: MUST USE IT!
Due to needing a usable movepool, Clyde has learned Mud Shot.

Zeke: Male Tauros (Level 4)
Zeke is a relatively new member, but this doesn't stop him acting like one of the original members. He's rather friendly, and constantly tries to place himself among other members of the group. He's also easily irritated, as one might expect from a Tauros. But he's fitted in well, partly due to a suspected crush on Belle, the Miltank on my squad.
I caught Zeke a little while after all the Gen V nonsense settled in, and one of the newly discovered Pokemon, Bouffalant, has rather bothered him. While Bouffalant does have an afro, which is perhaps its only selling point against Tauros aesthetically, it seems to have been given a lot of love by its creators. In particular, it can somehow use Swords Dance, yet Zeke can't naturally use it. This really irritated him, and he worked hard to remedy the problem.

Hidden Power: Fighting
Due to his training, Zeke can now use Swords Dance.

Mohs: Genderless Metang (Level 4)
Mohs has been recently renamed, and with it a new personality. Not that the old one really had a personality. Mohs is rather a video-game fanatic, despite not being able to really hold the controllers or consoles. He has played some, however, by using Telekinesis and Psychic to “hold” anything he needs; it’s a little taxing on him, but nothing he’s not used to with battles and what have you. Amazingly, thanks to the lightness of said controllers and consoles, he is able to get quite a bit of game time in before really tiring. However, it was a game he had never played that gave birth to an interesting trait of his.
One time he stumbled across a recording of E3 2006, which previewed ’Genji: Days of the Blade’. Seeing him watching this, I suddenly realised something. Apparently, a lot of people rather mistakenly associate Metagross with crabs. Because they’re a little similar… 4 legs, no claws. But they do have an exoskeleton (kind of) and multiple legs. With this flawed association in mind, I began training him alongside Dale, my Kingler, to perfect a new move that should help him cover his two weaknesses just a little better.

Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Giant Enemy Crab (Water)
Mohs has learned Crabhammer, and his Water energy pool has increased to allow him 2 uses of Crabhammer per match.

Smashie: Female Steelix (Level 4)
Smashy smash smashy smash smash smash. Smash smashy smash smash smashy smash smash smashy. Smash smash SMASHY SMASHSMASH.
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Smashy Smash!
When Smashie is sent out into battle for the first time, she performs an automatic Curse. This doesn't use a move, but it does use the energy usually required. This boost will fade as normal.

Monsieur Sol: Genderless Solrock (Level 4)
The only true French ‘mon I own, Sol is a little annoying. He’s tried time and again to speak French; he feels that without this trait he cannot be “truly” French. But he’s a Pokémon. He is limited in speech somewhat. So this has proven too hard for him. Yet he still tries. However, his most annoying trait is his cowardice. When he finds himself at a disadvantage in a battle, he gets quite desperate and would go so far as to try to flatter his opponent to avoid KOs or death. Fortunately, I have managed to train him to avoid simply running away from the fight.
In fact, it’s this desperation to avoid defeat that gave birth to a new move. He found that Sandstorm was a good deterrent. But it isn’t great. So he worked on a new move; similar to Sandstorm, but reworked in certain ways to become stronger and more useful. To push opponents away, and stop them hitting him hard.

Hidden Power: Grass
Special Attack: Sable Dance (Various)
Sol spins around, emitting energy and moulding it into sand-like particles that begin to fly wildly, forming a kind of energy sandstorm. This makeshift sandstorm is then sent toward the opponent. The attack generates quite a bit of wind, giving it a semi-physical nature like that of Twister, but is mostly special as the “sand” that forms the bulk of the storm is pure energy. He can use either Rock or Ground energy for this attack, but the type must be stated when Sable Dance is ordered. The attack does heavy damage for the same amount of energy under standard conditions, but it may deal more damage if the winds generated pick up any sand or water, at ref’s discretion. Sol can only use Sable Dance three times per match, and can’t use the same energy type for this attack more than twice per match. He has gained enough Ground energy for two Sable Dances. Sol cannot use Sandstorm.

Jean, the Gene Genie: Female Duosion (Level 3)
Jean’s a huge biology geek; think Dave (TheFishGuy), but more generally knowledgeable. Unfortunately, she’s not incredibly well versed in English, being a Pokémon, so she doesn’t often attempt to share this information. But it’s there. A true scientist, she finds the whole Pokémon physics thing a shade disconcerting. But she’s no physicist, so she tends to shrug it off easily enough.
Named for a famous David Bowie single, Jean is a massive fan of his. Quite fortunate, really, considering her name was conjured before her personality was invented discovered. Finding it quite difficult to develop any kind of Bowie-related signature move, she instead concentrated on the particular song that named her. After watching Disney’s rendition of Aladdin countless times, we finally settled on a technique that might be passable. Win/win situation; Aladdin’s a good film.

Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Technique: Three Wishes
Once per battle, Jean can expend major energy to send three orbs of energy skyward. Each orb contains the same amount of energy (moderate), and will grow a minor amount each round, up to a maximum of significant energy per orb. These orbs will remain when Jean is KOd or otherwise returned to her ball, and will travel with the battlers if there is an arena change (e.g. Dave’s Dark Gym). Furthermore, they are not volatile, and will not explode when hit with anything. As a move, Jean or her team-mates can “recall” one of the orbs, at which point it will drop down and enter the recipient’s body, triggering its effect. Each orb can be one of three types, all of which must be declared when ordered, and each orb type has a slightly different effect, denoted by a different colour:
Type A: Red in colour, this orb restores energy equal to the energy it currently holds.
Type B: Milky white, this orb restores energy from one type pool (selected when ordering to recall that orb) equal to the energy currently in the orb, at the expense of all reserves of one other random type energy. This drain applies at the same time as the recovery.
Type C: Tinted deep blue, this orb will recover health equal to the energy it currently holds. This orb counts as a “healing move”, and as such only one Type C orb can ever be created.
Excluding the limit on Type C, the orbs can be any type, so one could order “ABC”, “AAC” or even “BBB”. After an orb has been recalled, Jean and her allies must wait 5 whole rounds before attempting to recall another. As the orbs are all different colours, it is possible to tell which is which at any time, and thus possible to order which orb to “recall”. The order for this attack is "Three Wishes ([Types])". For example, "Three Wishes (AAB)" would result in 2 Type A and 1 Type B.

Steve: Male Xatu (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Fighting
No Signature Move
Attached: Birdkeeper's Token

Gilderoy: Male Slowking (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Ground
No Signature Move

Ken: Shiny Male Gallade (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Dark
No Signature Move

Buzz: Male Galvantula (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Water
No Signature Move

Dye-Are-Hoe-Ia (DAHI): Male Stunfisk (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Ice
No Signature Move

Naesala: Male Honchkrow (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Fighting
No Signature Move

Clay: Male Gliscor (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Ground
No Signature Move.

Dale: Male Kingler (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Grass
No Signature Move

Hank: Male Primeape (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Dark
No Signature Move

Felix: Male Togetic (Level 3)
Hidden Power: Fighting
No Signature Move

Male Inkay (Level 3)
No Signature Move

Female Snorunt (Level 2)
No Signature Move

Rafiel: Male Lapras (Level 2)
No Signature Move

Volke: Male Frogadier (Level 2)
No Signature Move

Female Sliggoo (Level 4) - Uplevel
No Signature Move

Female Chansey (Level 2)
No Signature Move

Male Grimer (Level 2)
No Signature Move

Male Pancham (Level 2)
No Signature Move

Battle Records:

Spoiler: show
vs Mewmaster007 (Win, 3 v 3, 1-0)
vs Concept (Draw, 2 v 2, 0-0)
vs Jeri (Loss, 1 v 1, 0-1)
vs Joshua (Loss, 1 v 1, 0-1)
vs Firewater (Win, 1 v 1, 1-0)
vs Handy (Loss, 1 v 1, 0-1)
vs SM (Gym Match, Loss, 2 v 2, 0-1)
vs Dark Magic (Win, 2 v 2, 1-0)
vs DD (Loss, 2 v 2, 0-1)
vs Concept (Mozzrules Gym Match, Loss, 2 v 2, 0-2)
vs Kush (Loss, 4 v 4, 0-1)
vs ID (GAME, Win, 1 v 1, 1-0)
vs LC (Loss, 4 v 4, 0-1)
vs KJ (Win, 2 v 2, 2-0)
vs Kush (Win, 2 v 2, 1-0)
vs Martz (Win, 3 v 3, 1-0)
vs Emp (Loss, 6 v 6, 0-1)
vs Kin (Win, 1 v 1, 1-0)
vs Spectrum (Win, 2 v 2, 1-0)
vs Dave (Loss, 4 v 4, 0-2)
vs Hana (Pokebowl, DQ Win, 1 v 1, 0-0)
vs Treep (Pokebowl, Loss, 1 v 1, 0-1)
vs MM (Loss, 2 v 2, 0-1)
vs Rangeet (Loss, 2 v 2, 0-1) - Warning: A lot of debating in this thread.
vs BlazeVA (Win, 3 v 3, 1-0)
vs Shadowshocker (Gym challenge, Loss, 6 v 6, 0-1)
vs Pengyzu (Levelling match, Draw, 2 v 2, 0-0)
vs Tyranidos (Win, 3 v 3, 1-0)
vs Yougi(Loss, 4 v 4, 0-1)
vs [email protected] (Win, 2 v 2, 1-0)
vs ChaoticHell83 (Loss, 1 v 1, 0-1)
vs Zerozoner (Loss, 3 v 3, 0-1)
vs Biggggg5 (Win, 2 v 2, 1-0)

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Wins: 61
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Ties: 8
Trainer Points: 363.5
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Accomplishments: (You can call them this I suppose)
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Steel Gym Leader
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Spoiler: show

Harvester's Token:
The Harvester's Token denotes one's prowess in caring for and farming the bounties of nature. It can be attached to Grass-type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. Rain will heal them by a mild amount each round, sunlight will regenerate them mild energy each round, healing moves cost half their usual energy cost and draining moves are much more efficient. This token may be purchased during the week long Thanksgiving event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

The Smelting Badge:
Attachable Badge
The Smelting Badge shows a Pokémon’s ability to be involved with their environment, and the strength of the minerals and other materials that have created the world we live in today. By defeating the gym leader and his Pokémon that are so engaged with the world around them, a victorious opponent gains a powerful tool. Any Pokémon that welds this badge has the ability to passively regenerate energy over time. This badge only restores a light amount of energy per turn, and caps at 1.5 Hyper Beams of energy regenerated.

Primary Badge
Global Badge
The Primary Badge is given to those trainers tenacious enough to best Kairne in the Triad Gym. The gems embedded in the badge symbolise the triple threat of Grass, Fire, and Water; and show the owner's mastery over the basic types.
Badge Effect: Type Mastery
When used, each time the owner of this badge sends out a Pokémon for the first time in the battle, he/she can choose 1 damage-dealing move of that Pokémon's type(s). That Pokémon may use that move until the end of the battle, although usage of it will take a light amount more energy than normal. If a Pokémon is returned to their PokéBall and sent out later in the same battle, a new move is not chosen, instead they retain the previously chosen move. Additional move restrictions apply (NO Legend moves, or exclusive moves, such as Sketch, Conversion/Conversion2, Transform, etc. Physically impossible moves also may not be chosen, such as a Voltorb with ThunderPunch, but if the Pokémon can reasonably use it with a small bit of improvisation, such as Magnemite with Steel Wing, that is permissible).

Current Matches
Spoiler: show

TBA (Challenging ______)

Steel Pokémon

Special Operations Permanent Headcrushing Implemented Experiment (S.O.P.H.I.E.):
Level 6 Genderless Metagross

Spoiler: show

Bio: Sophie was once a worker at a steel plant that developed, along with other things, barbed wire and other sharp things. In fact she was so successful with this development that she made her company millions of dollars and became a household name. When she retired, she refined her abilities, and eventually became able to form the material and even control it with her powers.
Signature Move: Barbed Wire (Steel/Typeless)
Sophie uses some of her Steel energy reserves to form an incredibly strong fence of barbed wire around the field. This crashes into the opponent for decent damage, but it is all depending on the softness of the opponent. When the wire fence crashes into the foe, similarly to regular barbed wire, the barbs with cut and scratch into the opponent, dealing more damage depending on the toughness of the skin. The harder the skin, the less effective the wires are to their target, depending on Ref's discretion. The Steel energy allows it to strike ghosts or other transparent beings as well. Energy use is equivalent to Stealth Rock.
Explanation: it's a Stealth Rock that's based on the "Softness" of the opponent, so Rocks/Steels/inorganics/things like Muk and Ditto would resist, Pokes with fur, direct skin, or generally no shielding would take increased damage.
Hidden Power: Ice
Attached Badge: Smelting Badge

Mantis: Level 5 Male Scizor
Spoiler: show

Bio: Scizor was a bit of a badass, or a scientist, or something, he could have just been crazy. Regardless, he's been around for a while and decided to test the effects of fire moves upon his own body. These experiments lasted for years, and more than one place on his body is melted beyond recognition, given the extreme heat he experienced... While he didn't die from this, he did learn some things about his body, or at least learned about the heat he could take. As a result, he also found that water hurt, a lot- the steam that rose really irritated his eyes and the minerals within sunk into his skin and burned terribly. He also found that fire wasn't quite as bad as it used to be either.
Signature Training: Steam Rises
Mantis's experiments with the fire has changed his body in many ways. For one, he takes only 2x to fire attacks. However, the problem is that pressured water hurts him greatly, so while he can stand it enough to bathe and drink it, it's really painful if it's applied in any sort of force towards him because of the weaknesses in his skin. He takes 2x damage to Rock as a result.
Hidden Power: Ground

Fissure: Level 5 Male Bastodion
Spoiler: show

Bio: Fissure was a happy go-lucky Shledon, he was on my team after being a rental but I adopted him soon after our loss in the Pokébowl. However, after my second match with him ended with him collapsing a building on himself and his opponent he suffered greatly. However even after he was cleaned off and such he still had some issues afterward, as if he'd eaten some mineral that wasn't normally in his habitat or something. Also, the pressure of hundreds of thousands of tons of rock and metal and wood and other materials had something to do with it. However, because of this, he realized that life sometimes would get you down- and that if he could survive a skyscraper falling, then he could survive any other physical blow. Granted, he had to go through therapy and a few other problems, but once he recovered he came back for more action, thrills and fights. But for the most rate, he's the same Pokémon- just a little stronger in the head.
When the skyscraper fell on him it was lucky that he hadn't died. Having millions of tons of steel and glass and stone and other materials falling on you isn't good. However, after his full recovery, Brick realizes that he really was a tough SOB- and really didn't care less about Physical damage anymore. In fact, he's so tough that all physical blows virtually bounce off of him.
Signature Ability: Tough as a Skyscraper:
As a result, he takes 50% less damage from all physical attacks. training has solidified him against his weaknesses, so for example, physical fighting moves like Rock Smash or Focus Punch would only deal 200% damage, instead of 400%, and in the case of neutral or resisted strikes, damage would be dealt as if it was resisted (so a neutral physical move would deal damage as if it was resisted , and resisted moves would deal damage as if it was 4x ineffective, but not immunity) None of these boosts to his defense stack, so he would not take less than 2x damage from a physical 4x super-effective move.
This does not apply to projectiles, so Brick still takes full damage from any type of projectile attack, in the case of 4x moves for example, Mud Bomb, Earth Power and Hidden Power would not be affected by this boost and would deal full damage, while Earthquake would only deal 2x damage regardless if it was Direct Contact or not. Water Gun would deal full damage, Aqua Tail would be resisted, etc.
Due to the experience however, he has also lost his immunity to poison attacks, due to the infections that he contracted in the rubble, and instead takes resisted damage. Poison also begins at Toxic level regardless of the strength of the poison attack. He also cannot use any poison moves of his own. He has a phobia of ground attacks, that's not to say that he won't turn into a shivering wreck when he encounters them in battle, but the experience has prevented him from ever using Earthquake, Bulldoze or Fissure ever again, the memories being too much for him. The injuries to his legs have crippled his speed, making him 50% slower than other Bastodion, and has blocked his ability to use Double Edge, Heavy Slam, Giga Impact, Body Slam, Iron Tail and Dig. Finally, he can't use Counter on account of his weakened reflexes.
Hidden Power: Flying

Briars: Level 5 Male Ferrothorn
Spoiler: show

Bio: Briars lived in some awesome caves, and he learned how to use the rocks to protect himself and his friends. However, he did have an aptitude to store the rocks he broke, as if he was trying to clean up the caves that he lived in. While doing this, while bored he used to practice throwing them about, in order to entertain himself As a result, he's learned some new attacks.
Signature Ability: Rock Collector
Ferrothorn is strong enough to break rocks with its... arm things, either way, he broke enough of them to figure out how to use them for battle, he can now use Stone Edge, and has the type energy to use it three times a battle.
Hidden Power: Flying

Thomas Edison Level 5 Male Empoleon
Spoiler: show

Bio: Thomas Edison managed to train for a long period of time. Such a long period of time that when he returned, he was totally different. Confused by his actions, we all had to ask, and found that he had trained in the Salt Lake area, where the salt content was incredibly high, and as a result, it changed him quite a bit. His water attacks seemed more painful, more direct to the core, but as he explained, he mentioned how the massive amounts of salt in the area had affected his water attacks, his ability to live, and even how it affected his relationships with other water types that are not from the area. Eventually, through a strict diet, we managed to fix the worst parts of the massive salt content that he had to endure, and it made him stronger.

Signature Ability: Saltwater (Water)
As a result of his trials and tribulations, Thomas Edison managed to survive the salt intake and the damage it did to his body. As a result, his water attacks, due to the salt intake deal 2x damage to other water types. On the downside, Rock types take resisted damage from his water attacks. He also forgets how to use Grass attacks, Hydro Cannon, Waterfall, Whirlpool, Hyper Beam, Yawn, and all of his attacks that restore Health or Energy to him

Hidden Power: Flying

F-Drive: Level 5 Genderless Magnezone
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Grass

Bio: F-Drive really, really hates getting dirty. As a result, he constantly wants me, or anyone else to clean him constantly, even to the point to where it affects his ability to battle sometimes.

Signature Ability: Waterworks
Due to his need to be clean all of the time, F.Drive has trained, and learned how to use Water Gun. He has the type energy to use it three times a battle.

Compass: Level 2 Genderless Bronzor
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Water
Bio: Bronzor scanned the skies for my family for years. At the same time, no one but me ever really appreciated him, and it wasn't until a terrible thunderstorm that we really learned what he really felt for us. The storm had been terrible, and many of our neighbors lost everything but their Pokémon and their lives. However, thanks to Compass, who'd been unfortunate enough to take the blasts. It didn't kill him, but the electricity absolutely wrecked his magnetic field for months. One he recovered however, we found something miraculous had happened, as if he'd been given a gift for his work.

Signature Training: Overcharge
Rather than the electricity inhibiting his body killing him, or inhibiting his natural way of life, Barometer found out that he actually use Thunderbolt. It doesn't have the paralysis chance however.

Mantle: Level 5 Male Steelix
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Grass
Bio: Mantle and his family lived deep underground, and I do mean deeply underground. In fact, when I found him he was not used to the reduced pressure and was in fact ill with pain and confusion when he reached the surface. However, it wasn't until I started to use him that I realized how much his family's life within the deepest, darkest parts of the earth's crust had truly shaped him, or at least how he lived his life.

Signature Ability: Pressurized (Rock/Ground)
Mantle lived deep underground, so deep that the pressure toughened his body, made him stronger, and his ability to use his Rock and Ground attacks to their highest potential, due to how his environment forced him to be able to shift the earth in high amounts of pressure. As a result, Mantle's ability to shift the earth is quite legendary, as he can summon rocks from all terrain within reason. Due to his life underground, it's appeared that he retains virtually the same amount of Rock energy reserves that he owned as an Onix. The problem is that he can't use Fire or Electric, or Poison moves, having never been exposed to them as a young Onix.

Lucario: Level 5 Male
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Dragon
Bio: Lucario was, from a young age very into fighting to train to be the very best fighter that he could be, rather using his complex speed and flexibility to confuse foes. However, this changed when he evolved. While he was stronger physically, he started to loathe his harder, tougher body, not finding it flexible enough to meet his needs on the battlefield. As a result, he started taking more and more classes to reduce these needs, all of his efforts motivated by his constant dealings with Earthquakes and other ground moves. Eventually he got it, he managed to overcome his challenges, and while he reached the motivation, or the body speed and flexibility that he always wanted, we all found that he'd indirectly given up something else, some of the incredible mental power that he had also owned throughout his life. He still lives, happily, but a regret remains in his mind, causing his mental strength to be somewhat weaker than most Lucario's...

Signature Ability: Trading the Mind for the Matter (Steel)
Lucario now takes neutral damage to Ground energy. However, his Aura abilities are not quite as powerful as other Lucario's, and as a result, he has a harder time locating other Pokémon with his aura abilities. And his ability to dodge attacks with his eyes closed is also reduced by 50% of its normal efficiency. He also takes 2x weakness to Psychic attacks as a result.

Skarmory: Level 2 Female
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Ground

Bio: Skarmory worked and worked towards being able to combat foes of all shapes and sizes, but found that electricity was far worse to her than it needed to be for her to always win. As a result, she trained and trained, and eventually found a way to fight this weakness, as she quickly managed to create energy that helped her electrical problem, if only for a small amount.

Signature Attack: Lightning Rod (Steel)
Skarmory uses a significant bit of energy to fire a rod of energy that wherever it hits it will remain in the battle until it is destroyed. What happens is that while this rod is on the field, it absorbs a certain amount of electric energy, diverting it away from its owner before the full attack would normally land, so if a Thunderbolt is launched at Skarmory, the rod would take some of the energy before it hits Skarmory. This energy doesn't last forever, as after the rod absorbs enough electric energy (a significant amount), it will shatter, bursting into pieces and returning the damage to the Pokémon guilty of the attack. The move only reduces the strength of the electrical damage by a Mild amount at a time, affected by distance, the strength of the electric move in question, and so forth. Should the electricity not be strong enough, the attack will be fully absorbed. Electricity from Skarmory's allies are not absorbed by the Lightning Rod. Because of this, Skarmory can't use Brave Bird. Also, she only can use this twice in a battle, and never against the same foe.

Mawile: Level 2 Female
Spoiler: show

Hold Item: Mawilite
Hidden Power: Flying
Bio: Mawile was also a Pokémon of mine who wished to work in human professions that were different than the usual bit, namely she was an assistant to a physical therapist. She learned a lot from her training, not only in how to heal others, but how muscles, joints and other vital parts of the human and Pokémon body were able to work and function. When she decided to join me, it was then that she learned how to use her knowledge of the body to damage her foes in battle, as well as how she would contain unruly patients. However, ever since finding her fairy typing, she's decided to use the light show to subdue foes, instead of the drugs.

Signature Attack: Sparkles (Fairy)
Mawile can now use Dazzling Gleam and Moonblast, as she uses the light and energy a way to subdue her patients when she is not battling, in a way that doesn't cause debilitating addictions to painkillers.

Nosepass: Level 2 Male
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Grass
No Sig

Traffic Cone: Level 2 Female Pineco
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Water

Bio: Traffic Cone, or TC has developed herself into a successful Pokémon, and was used by police forces to help apprehend fleeing criminals, when it was found that Growlithe, Arcanine and other police animals weren't quite as adept at stopping fleeing vehicles as they were at capturing them. As a result, before she joined me, TC had trained herself in the ways of disabling machinery and the ability of criminals to flee.

Signature Ability: Reinforced
Due to many years of stopping criminals from fleeing the cops, TC has found that her best method is through her Spikes ability. Through many trials, popped tires, boats, shoes, you name it, her ability to lay down preventive spikes became legendary in their strength, skill and effectiveness. All of her "Spike" moves (Spikes, Stealth Rock, and Toxic Spikes) take more force from attacks to be knocked away. Due to her training, these moves also are faster in how quickly they react, even being quick enough to hit ghosts and other Pokémon who may be able to avoid the attack, these moves all take 1.25x more energy to perform. This effect only lasts for two turns after TC is removed from the battle through knockout or switch, but while she is on the field, all stealth rock/spike based moves performed by her allies will obtain the speed boost to their effectiveness.

Aegislash Level 3 Male
Spoiler: show

This Aegislash is a prize for ranking first, second, or third in the Spring 2015 Grand Melee. It does not count toward squad limits.
Special Attack: Spite Sword (Ghost)
Aegislash has been trained to learn Spite Sword, an attack which works like Slash, but deals Solid ghost damage. In addition to this, the attack also leaves a sort of curse on the opponent. Spite Sword will also remove a Good amount of type energy of the last move the enemy used. The damage dealt and energy removed are both effected by weaknesses and resistances.

Aron: Level 1 Male
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Default
No Sig

Pawniard: Level 1 Female
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Default
No Sig


Hothead: Level 5 male Magmortar
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Ice

Bio: Hothead was curious, even as a Magby with the mysteries of the psychic type. At the same time, he didn't know his father, but he had heard from his mother that he had been a Psychic type. Eventually, once he grew older, he trekked across the globe to try and find his missing father. He eventually did, and after a terrible argument, which ended when Hothead threw his father out of a window. Either way, his father, the sly Mr.Mime that he was, through a combination of fear, pride and a bit of frustration, taught his son some of the tricks that he'd learned using his psychic abilities. I suppose Magmortar learned how his mother met the guy, but I'm not sure, he just showed me what happened when he got back. All I knew is that he could pick me up with Psychic, and that's not supposed to happen normally.

Signature Training: Psychicness is cool. (Psychic); Hothead is familiar with the Psychic type. He has learned Calm Mind and Future Sight but become unable to use Focus Punch, Submission or Cross Chop.

*Level 5's*

DusclopsLevel 5 male Dusclops
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Fighting

Bio: Dusknoir was a strange one, he enjoyed haunting the old Pokémon tower in Kanto with his friends, and as a result, he was not pleased at all when the Radio Tower was to be built, and the earlier building razed, he along with the other ghosts fought to protect their home. However, they were not successful, and as a result, he and the rest of the ghosts were driven away. A few months later, he was determined to win the tower back, and he attempts this by destroying the Radio Tower's transmitter. This does not end well, and as a result, he was critically injured, most notably his ears were injured by the radio frequency. As a result, once he recovered, he was never the same, he could not hear as well as he used to, and as a result, he was not regarded as well as he once was. However, he discovered that when he was angry enough, his voice became pure energy, nothing intelligible to any ears, but a powerful wave that was even strong enough to topple trees. I did not know that he had this power when I met and captured him, but it has suddenly become apparent on how helpful this would become.

Signature Move: Ghostly Wail (Ghost)

Dusknoir learned a powerful wail, which he's learned in exchange for his Curse and Ominous Wind attacks. How this works is relatively simple, he blasts a loud noise from his mouth, which acts similarly to Ominous Wind, with equivalent damage and energy consumption. However, the difference is that this being sound, rather than energy filled winds, it is much more difficult to blow away or disrupt, and it can disrupt moves that are unstable or require charging, such as Shadow Ball, Zap Cannon or other charging attacks.

Vert: Level 6 Male Ludicolo
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Ground

Vert, or the Artist formerly known as Loco lived a difficult life. Not only was he perceived as being strange by other Pokémon, given his father being not known, he also dealt with the struggle of being considered a curse by the people who lived around him. Regardless he lived as best he could, but it wasn't until his mother died and he was left alone, driven away by the other Pokémon and humans, only able to grab a red rose that his mother wore on her head, until the day she died. It happened that he traveled by sea, to a new place where all was well. The problem began as the humans first discovered him, and believing him to be the cause of a plague, attempted to wipe him out.

It wasn't but for the grace and kindness of an ancient Relicanth, he would have died from the abuse. Regardless he harbored a deep mistrust for most Pokémon in general, and lived with the Relicanth deep under the waves. It was for years that he lived in this place, never really seeing the rain or sun as he learned how to fight, live and defend himself using the rocks in the area. As it was, when he grew up, he left the place to explore the world around him, but suffered from a bit of blindness upon reaching the surface, not being careful as he returned to the surface. This furthered his problems, and it wasn't until he found his eyesight again that we met. Terrified and angry, Vert attacked Metang and Cyndaquil viciously, laying Cyndaquil low with some powerful rock moves, before Metang managed to stop him. When he collapsed from the fatigue, it seemed as if a spell had broken over him, or something that we never noticed. As it was he agreed to travel with us once he regained his sight and health, and fought valiantly, winning many battles and eventually evolving into a Ludicolo.

It wasn't until he evolved that I noticed the flower. It seemed to always be attached to him, never wilting, never breaking or being damaged, as if he was holding onto a memory of some sort. Not knowing his history, I never really knew, other than he always tried to hide the flower, even to his own risk in battle. But other than seeing the flower for that one time, it never was a concern, until one day. Loco had battled a strong foe, an Absol or something, and while the battle raged, he was hit by a strong blast of energy, that I saw the flower for the second, and final time, as Loco crashed into the dirt, the flower flew off of his hat, and onto the ground. Loco saw the flower, and raced to try and save it. The Absol took a chance, and fired an attack, which crashed into the flower and in front of Loco, creating a large explosion. Everything had gone silent, and the battle had ended soon after, Loco's rage clouding his vision and causing him to ignore the entire battle, until he was knocked out. Loco actually didn't speak for quite some time afterwards, only staring at the one petal that he'd saved in his frantic rage for quite some time. Eventually he got over his depression, but I noticed that some attacks seemed less effective, and it wasn't until I saw him openly crying as he fired a Water Pulse, it wasn't until the energy sent the Beedrill he was battling to the ground that I realized that this was something new that had been unlocked, and that it wasn't water that was in that orb of energy. As of now, I don't really know if he still has that one petal or not, but I believe that he still does, as I can see it in his mannerisms and actions, he feels released, or peaceful even, though he still doesn't say much.

Signature Ability: A Red Petal

Loco, through the training given to him by the old Relicanth willed himself to learn Stone Edge, and the energy to use it 2 times a battle. The issue was that because of his time spent in the dark caverns, he lost the ability to use Focus Punch, Giga Impact and Blizzard.

Wave: Level 5 male Blastoise
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Grass

Bio: Wave was cool and never was afraid of anything. The one thing he hated however was fucking Lanturns and their bullshit in the water. As a result he trained and trained, and he ate a lot of dirt. Thinking that it would help or something. To be honest it didn't do much, other than he managed to be able to use more ground energy than normal. So his training helped him to be able to smash electric Pokémon with better appeal, or something- not sure but he can crush things now.

Signature Ability: Mudbathing

Pretty much, Wave has eaten a lot of mud and dirt, but the fact was that he trained and trained until he managed to get a solid amount of ground energy, more than that of his own species. As a result, he was able to learn Mud Bomb, and double his natural Ground energy reserves. The issue was that within this training, he's forgotten and/or is unable to use Zap Cannon, or Giga Impact.

Pollen: Level 5 male Butterfree
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Water

Bio: Pollen had the significant trouble of being allergic to flowers. Given that he's a bug Pokémon that has the job of pollinating said flowers to help them and the world grow, this made life difficult, and he made life for the other Pokémon that lived around him very difficult, on account of his constant sneezing since that released potent pollens that made life difficult as at any time, a Pokémon working next to him would randomly be paralyzed, poisoned or put to sleep at any time without warning. This resulted in Pollen not being particularly popular with his other friends. One day however, we met while I was on a safari, and his sneezes seemed to confound my Pokémon at nearly every turn, at least until he was overpowered and eventually captured. Pollen eagerly accepted his new fate, well except for a particular Volbeat who in Pollen's eyes was a jerk joining us as well, but his life turned for the better once he was introduced to the benefits of Pokémon-adapted allergy medicine that allowed him to control the sneezes and use them for good.

Signature Move: Sneeze (Bug): Pollen sneezes on his target, the resulting gust of wind having a 10 yard range. The move does Significant Bug typed damage for the equivalent energy. Embedded within the gust are various spores and pollens. These spores and pollens are of various plants and fungi, and as such Sneeze has a chance of inflicting either Sleep, Poison or Paralysis to the target, with a 20% chance of any of these affects harming the opposing Pokémon. Inorganic Pokémon are immune to this attack's secondary effects, as is anything that does not have the ability to smell or breathe openly.

Hulk: Male Level 5 Furret
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Ground

Bio: Hulk was a very enthusiastic workout freak, he spent all of his time in the gym, and ingested tons of substances to maintain his sweet bod. At the same time, it wasn't entirely fun and games, for while he gained amazing muscles and toned abs, his constant steroid use, even after he stopped using the drugs, caused his balls to shrink to microscopic levels.

Signature Ability: Sweet Bod.
Hulk is much larger than other Furret, being twice the size and weight of a normal Furret, with a slight boost to all physical moves, so that they deal 1.25x the damage for the same amount of energy. The downfall is that his agility and speed is half of that of a normal Furret, the drugs in his system has caused his mental faculties do decline, meaning that he's less able to comprehend orders, and is more susceptible to deceptive attacks, and he can't use Thunder or Blizzard, and he never runs away from a fight training session, so he's forgotten Baton Pass and U-Turn as well.

Frost: Level 5 female Froslass
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Ground

Bio: Frost was a strange Froslass, and while she was a ghost, she had many confidence problems, always being shy and unwilling to try new things. Her friends though, realized that she needed help, and quickly pointed her towards some websites, or just Ancestry.com. Frost however, when she looked at these places found that instead of her family, she discovered the family of the being that she used to be before she died. Following the lifeline of this individual, she was surprised to find that some of these past ancestors had been rather honorable and powerful warriors, who were widely revered in their homelands. Hoping that they could teach her how to be more confident, she traveled throughout the lands, hoping that they could teach her what she needed. At the same time, while the spirits weren't that well trained in psychology, they were able to convince her that she had gained new strength, by teaching her something to combat her greatest problem to her confidence. The Fighting spirit from those spirits rippled through her, and as a result, she managed to improve herself and managed to gain some new life-skills as well.

Signature Ability: Confidence

Due to the training and newfound information she gained from the spirits, and her difficult journey, Frost learned Focus Blast, and has the energy to use it twice a battle.

Pure: Level 5 male Medicham
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Rock

Signature Training: I was the chosen one! (Psychic);

Pure now takes 150% damage from Ghost typed moves rather than 200%. He cannot use Poison Jab or Guard Swap,

DaveTheOctoGuy (Level 5 male Remoraid); Goes by the name of Dave.
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Dark
No Sig

Marowak: Level 5 male Marowak
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Electric

Signature Move: Mudbone (Ground):

Marowak sends some ground energy into the ground, and uses it to form a shape similar to the bone he holds in his hand. He throws it, similarly to a Bonemerang. Instead of returning to Marowak, upon impact the Mudbone turns into actual mud, just like a Water Pulse turns into Water, and splatters. This blinds the target if it hits them in the face Furthermore, the mud hardens quickly, potentially slowing the target down somewhat. The move does damage and uses energy equal to a Bonemerang.

Spindry: Wash-Rotom (Genderless) Lv.5
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Fighting
Spindry was a relatively happy Rotom, but he always enjoyed doing laundry. One day he absorbed my washing machine, and while he controls it, he still does laundry- this has caused him to learn some new ways to control the water energy he was given, as the strength of his powerful Hydro Pump was always good when the house needed a power washing, it was quite useless for more delicate things... like underwear, or socks, or even bed sheets, so after a lot of work, we managed to find him some new training and new water tricks to go by.

Signature Ability: Multi-Functions Activate (Water)

Spindry has, from his attempts to do the laundry learned Water Gun, Water Pulse and Scald, in order to wash clothes to the best of his ability. At the same time, he also learned Ice Beam. Unfortunately, sans for the energy needed for Scald, he can't use fire attacks, He's forgotten how to Volt Switch, Rest and Pain Split.

Claydol: Level 5 genderless Claydol
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Fighting

Sig Ability: Mudballs (Ground):

Claydol loved to juggle, but seeing as it had to use Psychic powers, it got bored. It also got bored of needing the ground to use ground attacks. So what does it do? It learns Mud Bomb for kicks. Claydol can now use Mud Bomb and Mud Shot because it just should be able to.

Grimer Level 5 male Grimer
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Grass

Hariyama: Level 5 male Hariyama
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Dark

Bio: Hariyama was a powerful battler, friend and imply huge mass of muscle. That's not to say that he was stupid by any means, he graduated from a human college, with the help of other Pokémon and people, and through his studies he realized that he needed to develop means to fight other Pokémon that were able to stay out of his reach. Through these teachings, he researched the Mantis Shrimp. Realizing that he had something similar in the large size of their hands/claws for the rest of his body, he practiced and trained to develop a new move, that while it was not quite as devastating to use as the Mantis Shrimp's equivalent, it still was quite powerful.

Signature Move: Clap (Fighting)

Hariyama slams his hands together at a tremendous speed to send a blast of fighting energy towards his opponent. While the energy itself deals considerable damage for equivalent energy, the force of the energy will disrupt any other actions, including flight or fast movement, as the energy is supersonic in speed, and solid enough to cause Pokémon to trip, or knock them out of the air if the energy is focused on wings or legs. This move can only be used twice a battle, and Hariyama cannot use Fake Out or Cross Chop.

Norton: Level 5 genderless Porygon-Z
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Move: Virus Buster (Typeless)

Porygon Z uses significant energy to form particles of energy to surround the field. Whenever a Pokémon appears on the field, the energy will collide into them for Moderate damage, regardless of type or other factors. The particles are a destructible entry hazard.

Armaldo: Level 5 male Armaldo
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Bug

Bio: Armaldo came from a time where Pokémon had little else but their teeth and claws to fight. At the same time, he learned a great power, that while he could explain and teach his others of his group, he was never able to unlock himself. At the same time, when he died, was fossilized and revived, he found that his teachings had been spread throughout the land. While it wasn't that revolutionary as it had been a few hundred thousand years earlier, he was glad to see that long range battling had worked out. Turns out the stories were true, as I found that he had been the one, or in his area was the first time that bugs had started using energy or projectile attacks against their much larger foes. The report also noted that it was an Armaldo who'd given the idea.

Signature Training- I created bows and arrows for bugs.
Armaldo can now use Bug Buzz because he was the founder of the idea. His Hidden Power type is also Bug.

Pikachu: Level 5 Male Raichu
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Ice
No sig

Honchkrow: Level 5 Male Honchkrow
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Fighting
No Sig

Galvantula: Level 5 male Galvantula
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Water
No Sig

Master Chief: Level 5 male Typlosion
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Ice

Bio: Quilava is, well a bit tough. Respected among the team for being one of the enforcers, tough and reliable he has gotten me and the rest of our team out of a few jams. However, his training hasn't done anything for his speed, and after taking a "drenching" blow from a Bagon back when he was a Cyndaquil, he wants to make sure that he never could be touched... unless he wanted it to be. So implementing stolen technology from the year 2552, he managed to improve his body to meet this need, and to make sure he'd never need a shield again.

Signature Move: Firebomb (Fire)
This Typlosion simply wants to burn things and people, but using Flame Wheel wasn't powerful enough, he hated hurting himself with Flare Blitz, and he couldn't get his whole body into a Fire Fang or Punch. So he decided on a move to where he could use his bulk to his advantage, and was still able to burn things. In his Firebomb, Typlosion enflames himself, such as in a Flare Blitz or Flame Wheel, before he leaps into the air, body slamming his opponent. This attack has a 25% chance of burning the opponent and a 10% chance of Paralysis, just like Body Slam. Firebomb does damage and uses energy equal to a Body Slam. He forgets his actual Body Slam attack to learn this move.

RockMan: Level 5 male Magcargo
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Grass

Bio: Magcargo was a normal Slugma, except for one day he had a cruel trick played on him- he was forced to stay still far longer than he was designed to, and as a result, his body hardened to solid Magma. However, he managed to survive because he managed to keep his internal organs moving. However, due to this, he doesn't look like normal Magcargo, rather, his body is covered in hardened magma, similarly to the shell on his back. This helped him greatly in existing, as it helped him camouflage himself and to not hate water as much, but it came with a terrible price.

Signature Ability: 100% Dynomite baby!
Needless to say, due to his unfortunate accident, RockMan now has no exposed magma on his body. His entire body's covered by a material similar to his shell, which protects what remains of his magma from outside exposure. The problems are multiple, while he still can exist in his natural habitat of lava, his internal body needs all of the heat it can get to keep him alive, so his fire attack abilities are somewhat limited, namely he can't use Lava Plume, Inferno, Overheat, Heat Wave, Shell Smash, Defense Curl, Rollout, Harden, or Rock Smash, on account that his body needs the fire to continue its survival, and if his shell were to be broken there's a chance he could die. At the same point, it's near impossible to destroy the shell without an active attempt to do so, but he's also slightly slower than other Magcargo.

Dormant: Level 5 male Camerupt
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Grass
No Sig

Infernape: Level 5 male Infernape
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Ice
No Sig

Spirit: Level 5 female Houndoom
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Grass

Bio: Sprit is a different Houndoom, who instead of following the night, she rather follows the daytime, or at least enjoys it a bit more. At the same time, it helps in some ways, or at least she doesn't like to be particularly unsporting. I guess it was her upbringing that caused this, seeing as she was raised in a marvelous forest by a family of Leafeon, which for what I can see, she was the only fire Pokémon within 50 miles of the place. She's mellowed out, and won't hurt a fly, though she's also doesn't mind water types as much as you would think. At the same time, so much exposure to sunlight and happy things has hindered her dark abilities some, as from a young age she was taught to be a proper lady, and ladies aren't supposed to be rude. While she's given up on what she considers, "backward chivalry" she still has some remnants of what she learned, notably some strange familiarity with grass abilities.

Signature training: Solidarity, Solar Power, what's the difference? (Grass):
Spirit is familiar with the Grass type and has learned how to use Energy Ball. She has forgotten how to use Overheat, Inferno, Heatwave, Snarl and Swagger

Level 4's

Magikarp: Level 4 Male Magikarp

Raticate Level 4 Male Raticate
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Ground
No Sig

Level 3's

Ivysaur Level 3 Male Ivysaur
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Fire

Level 2's

Drowzee: Level 2 Male Drowzee
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Dark

Grovyle: Level 2 Male Grovyle
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Flying

Volbeat: Level 2 Male Volbeat
Spoiler: show

Bio: Volbeat came from the same meadow as Pollen, but at the same time, this bug Pokémon grew to gradually hate the Butterfree, on account of many, many mishaps, from being so (eventually) minor as being subjected to one of Butterfree's sneezes, that would inevitably cause him to be harmed by the spores within, to more severe problems like stealing a few women from him, all of course these events were accidental in nature, but Volbeat was a vengeful Pokémon. At least until I captured him and Butterfree. That day, it was found that through my attempts to capture this Volbeat that he was incredibly powerful, or at least resistant to many poisons, toxins, and other chemical effects that were sprayed. There's only one guess as to how this occurred, and while Volbeat still openly dislikes Pollen, he has also noticed the benefits from the Butterfree's pains, and how they have made his life better, even if they caused him some pain and suffering.

Special Training- Rage of the Volbeat.

Due to Volbeat's poor luck, or possible design from Pollen, he's gained a resistance to the toxin that cause paralysis, poison and sleep. Due to the constant exposure to the toxins from Butterfree, and the other bugs and grass types in the home he once lived in he is far more resistant to attempts to incapacitate him. As a result to his constant exposure, Poison takes an extra round to impact him, and he can only be poisoned from actual poison attacks, any type of bodily paralysis is less effective, whether it's from electricity or a toxin because his muscles have trained themselves to be able to move even while paralyzed, as he was often forced to finish his work for the day. This does not mean he is immune to paralysis, but that he has the same resistance to all types of paralysis as would electric types to paralysis from electric attacks. Sleep moves take extra time and focus to put him to sleep, and he can still function normally when drowsy, but it will cost him more energy to use attacks.

All things are not fine and dandy because of these developments, as the constant ingestion of toxins have prevented him from ever learning Baton Pass, U-Turn, Tail Glow, Moonlight or Rest, and he's more susceptible to Freeze, Burns and Confusion status effects.

Hidden Power: Water

Dope: Level 2 Male Slowpoke
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Bug
No Sig
PASBL: Record: 61-55-8, 361.5 TP, 174 KO, 2.5 SP, Trainer Level 5
My ASB pokes

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PASBL Stats:
Level 5 Trainer, 27 Pokemon, 8th Ranked Trainer in PASBL
32-18-12, 91 KOs, 252.5TP, 0.5SP
Badges: Maelstrom (Flying), Abnormality (Normal)

Kingdra Helmet - Due to a mishap, the original Wu fought over in this match was warred over in a different match, so SS changed my Wu, and has yet to edit thusly.
Clefable Locust
Glove of Magnezone
Kyogre Charm

Spoiler: show
Adeo – Level 3 Male Lanturn
Adeo is a very strange Lanturn, in that he’s actually obsessed with ‘pretty lights’. He spends hours at a time charging his antennae and just watching the sparks fly with a dopey smile on his face. As a result, his eyes are far less sensitive to bright lights.
Special Training: ‘Pretty Lights’
Adeo is immune to moves that involve bright lights, such as Confuse Ray or Flash.

Aenir - Level 5 Male Zangoose
When I found Aenir, he lay dying in a poisoned swamp near a nuclear plant, barely conscious, a large open wound across his stomach. We rushed him to a Pokčmon Center, where he went into cardiac arrest. Twice. Fortunately, the nurses knew what they were doing, and with a lot of work and some painful recovery, Aenir survived, but still bears the scar across his chest, and a constant reminder of his ordeal. His fur is tinged a sickly purple, and his claws tinged a sickly green.
Special Training: Toxic Memory
Aenir is now a Normal/Poison type Pokčmon, with all the weaknesses and resistances that come with such a combination. His claws are also tipped with a weak poison, which has a 5% chance of poisoning the opponent (10% if the claws pierce skin or enter an open wound). However, he no longer can use Refresh, Mud-Slap or Dig.

Catalyst – Level 5 Genderless Metagross
Catalyst claims to be a vessel for change, and acts like he’s omnipotent. He claims to know when the world is going to end, causing most of my squad to consider him somewhat crazy. He does, however, have some use, he’s one hell of a battler…
Special Training: Huge… My hands are huge…
Catalyst’s ‘hands’ (or claws, whatever you want to call them) are slightly denser than usual. As a result, any move using his hands does 1.25x the usual damage.

Danika – Level 5 Female Lapras
Danika is a peaceful Pokčmon, preferring more so to simply enjoy the company of other Pokčmon as opposed to engaging in battle. She is sweet at heart, but will still battle if called upon, seeing it as a chance to test her skills and more as a game than a battle. Danika seems to have a denser shell than most Lapras, which doesn’t seem to hamper her in the slightest, but seems to offer a little protection…
Special Training: Lightning Rod
Due to the density of Danika’s shell, when she is hit by an electric attack, the shell absorbs some of the attack, as such, Danika only takes 1.25x damage instead of the usual 2x.

Electra – Level 5 Female Electivire

Envy – Level 2 Female Kangaskhan

Gunner – Level 5 Male Steelix
Gunner is extremely brusque, choosing to simply speak his mind regardless of etiquette or social graces. He also has the ability to grind some of his steel plates together, which seems to create sparks. He told me he did this one day while leaning across an electrical cable, and the grinding of the plates tore the cable, sending thousands of volts through him. He survived fortunately, and gained a nifty gift.
Special Training: Shocking Reminder
Gunner can use Thunderbolt.

Hades – Level 5 Male Haunter

Ichinose – Level 5 Genderless Starmie
Ichinose speaks very little, being a star with no mouth, and having no face means he shows little facial expression. So far, all I’ve been able to determine is he follows me by choice, and he seems committed to a path that he feels is right. He seems to hold a slight aversion to darkness and shadows, preferring to stay in the light, and this aversion seems coupled with an ability to overshadow the dark…
Special Attack: Nijigasume (Grass)
Ichinose charges grass energy to his core, causing it to glow brightly, before firing off his attack, which takes the form of a large ball of energy about half the size of Ichinose. A brilliant flash of light, roughly twice the brightness of Flash, is emitted just as the ball is released, which could have the effect of interfering with the opponent’s vision or distracting them, slightly lowering their chance to dodge. The ball of energy deals damage equal to 1.25x a Secret Power, and uses 1.5x the energy of Secret Power. Nijigasume can only be used three times a match, as Ichinose lacks the grass energy to use it more than thrice.

Illiaster – Level 5 Male Ludicolo
Illaster has always had an obsession with the sky; more accurately, with the stars that hang in the night sky. He has always desperate sought a way to fly, but is constantly reminded that he can never achieve his goal. So, he compromised, training with all flying types he met before I found him to gain a little bit of what he wanted…
Special Training: Starry Sky Charity
Due to his intensive training with flying type Pokemon, Illiaster’s Hidden Power is of the Flying type.
Insidious – Level 5 Male Shiny Flygon
Insidious is a sparkly fiend, arrogant because of his shiny colouration. He did not take kindly to being captured, but several training sessions amongst my other squad members (particularly the Ice familiar Water types) have made him understand who’s the boss. His stubborn nature, however, insured that he was exposed to a lot of ice, and it seems to have helped him.
Special Training: Frost Guard
Insidious only takes 300% damage from Ice attacks instead of the usual 400%.

Isuru – Level 5 Male Gallade
Isuru is polite and charming, a welcome change to some of the arrogant members of my squad. He’s quite the mediator as well, often serving to solve several disputes amongst my squad members (often having to hold them apart telekinetically). He does know how to throw down when necessary though, and has managed to create quite an inventive move…
Special Attack: Flight Plan (Flying)
Akin to moves like Leaf Blade or Night Slash, Isuru channels Flying energy to his blades, and slashes the opponent. Damage dealt and energy use are equivalent to Night Slash. Flight Plan can only be used twice per battle.

Joshua - Level 5 Male Charizard

Kurayami - Level 5 Female Absol
Kurayami seems to be one of the few Absol that live up to their reputation as ‘disaster’ Pokčmon, seemingly able to predict when something bad is coming. When I met her, she told me of a vision she’d had, of a huge ball of darkness striking at a Pokčmon. Little did she know, it was her doing…
Special Attack: Impending Doom (Dark)
A Dark version of Future Sight, Kurayami looks into the future to befell a disaster on an opponent’s Pokčmon. Follows the usual rules of Future Sight, except it uses Dark energy instead of Psychic.

Kyoya - Level 1 Male Houndour

Lust – Level 5 Female Nidoqueen
Lust is best described as being a stranger to no-one at all. She’s always introducing herself to anyone she meets, and flirting with almost anything that looks compatible with her. She considers herself a jack-of-all-trades, and given her extensive move pool, she may have the right to call herself one. Her lack of strong dark moves, however, infuriated her, until she began to work on a new technique.
Special Attack: Dark Deliverance (Dark)
Lust concentrates Dark energy into her fist, slugging her opponent for dark damage equal to 1.25 times the strength of a Thunderpunch at the cost of 1.25x the energy of Thunderpunch. She can only use this attack twice in one match, and can no longer use Double-Edge or Icy Wind because of it.

Mayuri – Level 5 Male Tentacruel
Mayuri is cold and calculating, and deliciously evil, a fitting persona for a Tentacruel. In fact, it’s the whole reason he made his way onto my squad. He delights in seeing other Pokémon in pain, and actually gets a sadistic boost out of it…
Special Training: True Sadism
If Mayuri fights an opponent who is inflicted with a status, the sadistic thrill that empowers him boosts him equivalent to half a Nasty Plot. This boost ends immediately once the status ends. This ability only triggers if the status inflicted on the opponent is paralysis, confusion and poison.

Mikau – Level 5 Male Kabutops
Mikau, being a revived member of a dead race, is a nihilist. He doesn’t believe in anything, he only fights to save his own skin. With his race history, and a fair weaknesses under his belt, he’s quite depressed occasionally. He’s usually found sparring with Riley, which is quite a surprise considering the Toxicroak is like the cheeriest member of my squad. His training shows though, as with nothing to believe in, Mikau had plenty of time to work on his moves. As a result, he’s been able to learn a strange form of an attack…
Special Training: Nihilistic Strike (Fighting)
Akin to Night Slash, Mikau charges Fighting energy to his scythes and slashes the opponent. Damage dealt and energy used are equivalent to Night Slash.

Mukuro - Level 1 Male Murkrow

Neji – Level 5 Male Lucario
Neji is a talented fighter, confident in his abilities. He can quite often come across as arrogant, but he doesn’t speak of anything but experience. In battle, Neji’s eyes are his greatest asset, allowing him certain… skills.
Special Ability: Byakugan (Psychic)
Neji has the power to summon his Byakugan in battle, his eyes turning silver, and the veins around his eyes bulging slightly. Through the Byakugan, Neji is better able to predict his opponent’s attacks, increasing his chance to dodge between 10-20%, depending on the speed of the attack. However, to maintain the Byakugan, Neji burns through energy equivalent to a Thief every round. Neji always enters battle with the Byakugan, and if Neji cancels its effect, he is unable to call upon it for at least three rounds after he cancels it.

Nizau – Level 6 Male Tyranitar
Nizau’s the new blood on my squad, despite being an uplevel. Don’t know much about her yet, other than her love of chocolate.
Special Training: Chocolate-y goodness
Nizau claims her love of chocolate has softened up her body slightly. It doesn’t seem to make a difference other than reducing the damage she takes from Fighting attacks from 400% to 300%.

Osiris – Level 5 Shiny Male Gliscor
Osiris’ tale begins many a year ago, when he was barely a newborn… Born to loving parents, or so he hopes. Barely were his eyes open, when his family were attacked by a pack of rabid Mightyena. Left barely alive atop the corpse of his mother (his father having been eaten there and then), Osiris found himself desperately praying. His namesake, Osiris, Egyptian god of death, must have been listening to this particular plane at this point, and swept in to save the little guy, blessing him with a gift of the god’s own blood, saving the fellow. However, Osiris is shunned by other Gligar for what the blood of a god has done to him, yet his new powers are well worth it…
Special Training: Blood of Osiris
With the warm blood of the god of death running through his veins, Osiris’ body temperature is higher than normal Pokemon. As a result, he only takes 3x damage from ice attacks. In addition, Osiris’ fire attacks do 1.25x the normal damage (in exchange for 1.1x the normal energy usage), and his Hidden Power is of the Fire type. Osiris is no longer able to use Ice Fang due to his blood, nor is he able to use Iron Tail, Rain Dance, Defog or Fury Cutter.

Pride – Level 5 Male Magmortar
Pride is going to be the death of me one day, I’m sure of it. Ever since he joined up with us, he’s been arrogant, unruly, and… prideful. He runs off to find challenges, claiming no one is better than he is at battling. And even if they are, he’ll never admit it…
Special Training: Pride is an arrogant ass!
Pride’s ego simply will not let him fall, as such; Pride remains conscious one round after he should have been KO’ed, unless he receives any damage before the round ends, in which case he faints.

Reaper – Level 5 Male Aerodactyl
Reaper is a sadist, a horror nut and a stickler for details. He loves CSI and other such shows, for the medical and criminal style details, as well as seeing the dead bodies. Other movies in his favourites list include the Alien series and Jaws. Combining his sadistic nature with his perfectionism, Reaper has become somewhat more deadly in battle.
Special Training: Too Much TV Makes You A Sadist
Having seen so many crime shows and the like, Reaper is fairly familiar with anatomy (it’s not too much of a stretch that if Pokčmon existed, they’d be murdered and shown on CSI as well, right?). As such, Reaper has a greater chance of scoring a critical hit on most Pokčmon, 1.25x the normal rate of the move used. Armoured Pokčmon and such frustrate him though, his chances of a critical hit reduced to 0.75x the normal rate of the move used when facing Pokčmon with a protective shell/bone/armour over a body part.

Riley – Level 5 Shiny Male Toxicroak
Riley is a sociable, happy-go-lucky kinda guy, and I’m glad to finally have someone like that on my team. However, his joyful attitude has got him some backlash from some of my moodier members, who tend to abuse his Psychic weakness with various attacks. Trying desperately to reduce his weakness, Riley spent several days training continuously with Wrath and Kurayami, the dark types of my team, to try and learn from them. They suggested he use Pursuit, and Riley took it literally. After collapsing from exhausting from continuously using Pursuit, I found out what was going on, and put a stop to it. It seems, however, that Riley’s plan worked, despite the fact it almost killed him.
Special Ability: Near-Dark Experience
From continuously spamming Pursuit as freely as he did, Riley’s weakness to Psychic has reduced to 300% damage instead of 400%.

Skreech - Level 5 Male Primeape
Skreech, like all Mankey, is easily enraged. He and Wrath almost seem to war constantly, each trying to out-angry the other (Wrath, carrying a 4x weakness to Skreech’s type, wins hands-down). Skreech, however, seems better able to use his anger than the rage-filled Sin…
Special Training: Temper Tempest
Skreech is more susceptible to moves that would enrage him. However, when enraged, Skreech’s physical attacks do 1.25x damage, but use 1.4x energy as a drawback.

Sloth – Level 5 Male Slowking
Sloth, being a Slowking, is obviously slow and lazy. He takes his time doing things. Not just because he’s lazy though, but because he thinks everything out thoroughly, to make sure he doesn’t miss something. The lazy ‘King also seems to have a musical streak to him…
Special Training: Musician in the Making
Sloth can use Sing.

Somaru - Level 1 Male Sandile

Titan – Level 5 Male Blastoise
Titan seems to have had a major personality shift through evolving, turning from a total party animal to more of a chivalrous knight. Whenever the (few) female members of my squad are around, he acts the perfect gentleman. It’s kinda scary, considering the flirt he used to be.
In his spare time, however, he seems to have become interested in nature, and legends of Gaia, the Spirit of Earth (I choose not to point out the first time he heard the name was on Captain Planet). We took a journey together based on a legend he had uncovered, and after a perilous journey, we found ourselves at a shrine of nature…
… Only to find it had been invaded and vandalised by a scrotum of Electrodes. Titan, outraged, stormed in alone, and was promptly attacked by all of the Electrode. He single-handedly took down two on his own before the electricity became too much, and he succumbed to paralysis. The resulting electrical attacks were too much, and as I tried to rush to his aid, he gave out one final scream, before he crumpled, not breathing.
Surrounded by angry Electrodes, the other squad members and I tried valiantly to defend ourselves and get to him, but we were out-numbered, and soon my team began to fall, one by one. Just as I thought I was going to die, a glorious green light began to shine from the shrine, and Titan’s eyes snapped open, his irises now green. The Electrode saw this, and began to electrocute him again… To no effect. Titan dispatched the remaining Electrodes, and we proceeded to clean up the shrine. Once we were done, we had Titan examined, and what we found shocked us…
Special Training: Gaia’s Champion
As reward for his valiant efforts, the Spirit of Earth had blessed him as her champion. Titan is now a Water/Ground type, with all the weaknesses and resistances that go with the typing. He can also use Mud Bomb and Earth Power, but has lost Fling, Seismic Toss, Captivate, Counter and Submission. His Hidden Power is now also of the Ground type.

Tsuna - Level 1 Male Deino

Wrath – Level 2 Female Stunky

Xeshuc – Level 2 Male Grimer

Zumeika – Level 5 Male Poliwrath
Zumeika is a quiet perfectionist, almost Zen in some manners. His eyes always seem to have some intelligent look in them, and while he doesn’t say much, he always seems to be helpful. I suspect that might change once he evolves, but… His Zen nature seems to have assisted him somewhat though…
Special Attack: Zen Punch (Psychic)
Zumeika charges Psychic energy to his fist, and punches the opponent. Basically a punch form of Zen Headbutt, having the same flinch chance. Deals damage equal to a Thunderpunch, uses 1.25x the energy of a Thunderpunch.


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