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Lil' Bluey

Azumanga Daioh was one of the first few animé I watched (subbed). It shaped a lot of my early weeaboo-isms when interacting with my friends (and possibly awakened me to having crushes on girls? *shot*).

I remember when my cousin later sent me School Rumble amongst his DVD packages he said if I liked AzuDai I would like School Rumble, and I found the latter superior. I'm not really big on SOL/pure comedy these days (since I just don't have time to consume something without an actual story behind it), but as far as mindless filler goes I guess AzuDai is all right. Don't really have anything else to compare it to (never watched Nichijou, Lucky Star, etc.) so I can't say if it's aged well or not.
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I've been in a bit of Maria-sama ga Miteru fever as of late, rewatching the first season, collecting digital copies of the books, coordinating with a friend in Japan to try and purchase physical copies of the books, etc. One thing I have noticed on several different places, from YouTube comments on MariMite videos to weblogs about light novels, is that people suggest Maria-sama ga Miteru played a big role in mainstreaming or in popularizing yuri media.

As a fan, it is amusing to consider MariMite's place in this discussion (about which media of the '00s had the greatest influence or were the most timeless). Maria-sama's in a weird place where on the one hand it was undeniably popular (thirty-nine book volumes, four seasons of anime) while on the other hand its popularity is in very fact deniable or contestable (the third anime season was direct-to-home-video; the final season does not end where the books end, ends on a cliffhanger, and we never got a fifth season to give the franchise proper closure; not very many people watched the anime back in the day, with even fewer watching it now). It's one of those things where ... within its own (small) domain, MariMite is king -- but outside of it, it is a nobody. Sort of like a Nobel laureate who is a celebrity within his own field but outside of it no one really knows who he is or much cares about what he does.
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Holy shit. I created an account on this website to say this. Talon87 YOU TYPE WAY TOO DAMN MUCH. No one cares about your opinions THAT much that you need to sit there and type out of your ass. I literally had to quit reading this thread because YOU typed more than anyone else on YOUR question post. What are you thinking?! This turned a question about the most influential and timeless anime into a massive ego party for Talon87. I have no doubts that you got limited replies to this post because you just talked shit about people's responses. Hardly any of the responses to this thread were actual responses to your original question and more just you having a conversation with someone.

Feels bad this is my first perception and impression of this website.
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I was curious as to how such a hilariously random post comes out of nowhere, but I think I've figured it out. UPN's topic is the first hit when you Google "most influential/timeless anime/manga" or something in the ballpark. So, that's likely where BrutallyHonest came from. He was likely looking for some silly top ten list or something and got fed up when a forum post didn't give the immediate gratification millennials are conditioned to anticipate.

Just a tip, friend: reading is good for you, and stimulating for the mind and spirit. You would do well to watch less television and pick up a book or blog every once in a while!
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Buddy, this is what message boards used to look like before people posted lazy meme comments on Reddit for easy upvotes.

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"Stay in school kidz"
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Also isn't open discussion more or less a conversation regardless?

Also damn, a year-and-a-bit necro. Not like the other necropost we had but damn.

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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Necroposting is only fun when you run the risk of getting banned for it.

God bless ellie

Also neat I now know this thread exists. Thanks, random commenter!
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