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big bad birtha
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The Sakamoto Desu ga OP is a great way to represent the best show of the season (for now). Only this show could pull off making a great OP out of just one guy.
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri ED is nice.
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big bad birtha
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The Anne Happy ED is really good. I meant to post it a few weeks back, but I kept forgetting to. One of the few OP/EDs this season I don't skip.
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Can't find a good youtube link for it... or anywhere else really, but my favorite will always be the .hack//ROOTS ending, titled "Bokoku Kakusei Catharsis" by Ali Project.

It can be found, played and or downloaded from here: http://ow.ly/fj78302nHDQ (Don't worry it doesn't start immediately playing the song, it just goes to the page where you can play it from.)
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Lil' Bluey

So on the subject of music, holy shit Natsume's new OP and ED are gorgeous. The first one more so visually and the second aurally. Brought back all my instant feels.

Although I'm a little surprised to see that Natsume is practically alone in both sequences, when past/recent OPs/EDs have always made it a point to showcase his circle of friends/family. It could be an indicator that this season will focus largely on his relationship with Reiko (if my memory of the manga serves correct as well), but it's still a bit weird to see a return to "isolation" after he's come so far. Plus there feels like a strange sort of... "finality" to the series. Maybe I'm reading too much into things, but I would like to see the other characters perhaps added in as episodes progess, as last season did something like that with the ED.

(Also lol at the face Nyanko sensei makes in the OP when he sees the shrine. Maybe it's supposed to indicate Reiko's...?)
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I never fully appreciated the Fist of the North Star opening YOU WA SHOCK until now, because I always shunned the TV series in favour of the manga. First impression is that it sounds like some incredibly manly song, which makes sense given the show, but if you listen closely to the lyrics it's actually a love song, which is hilarious. And the two singers' voices are freaking amazing. Once that part after minute 1 kicks in ... so good!

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Right now I am reading Gamble Fish didn't finish yet but I am loving this series when it will be finished will update this thread... soon
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Boku No Hero Academia Season 1
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Black clover opening nine ( and a few of its other ones )
Fire force opening 1
My Hero acedemia 1 through 4

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