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Arcanine GateWay Base

Open to RPs, Come one come all. ( I will update and add pics when I can cause I think its cool to do )

Welcome to the GateWay base!
A huge mansion, located just outside a nearby forest it has views over the lake and forest
Please post your rp in the color of dark orange outside the house, and inside the color must match the room please ( though I will not enforce this, nor complain if you don't )
Outside, the lake has large rock pillars surrounding the edge, and if Drake is not inside, he's often found sitting up high on these. The forest on the other side is very murky and has creepy sounds floating out of it, Drake disappears into this every so often so only he knows what goes on in there, Wolfie sometimes accompanies him, but won't speak of whats inside the woods.

A more natural stadium can be found out here, As well as a playground and when the weathers nice, wild pokemon can be found playing here.
The lake is home to wild Dragalge and Skrelp with a whole slew of other aquatic 'mons

Foyer: just the first room into the house/base nothing special except that its got benches and coat racks and can hold a steelix standing from tail tip to face vertically and lengthwise.

Kitchens: A huge industrial sized kitchen, stalked up with both human and pokemon foods of all kinds, Luna the lunatone is often found in here whipping up some kind of treat for fun with Queenie the Combee.

Living room: Very big on the inside, huge theater sized tv with surround sound system and every single game console there is ( with games ) and huge couches, nothing much special here, Sparky is found here, watching soccer more often than not, and playing with his electricity.

Basement / Battle Room: It is a room with a stadium, the stadium can change its "typing" which is based off the 18 types of pokemon, Moves and types will be boosted or negated based on the stadium type.( more information will be provided to challengers )

Drakes Bedroom: A very big bedroom at the top of the house ( it takes up the whole upper floor, but not just because of his bedroom a secret is located up here ), strewn with bits of gadgets, a very large work desk and a small bed. ( do not enter unless invited to )

Secret Room: A teleport path hidden inside the basement allows access into the other half of Drakes room not visible to the eyes or noses or anything really... It seems odd, and there is a glowing cyrstal in the center ( Also do not enter unless invited )

Library: This library has its own floor all to itself and is stocked with books of all kinds, located at the top floor of the mansion, you could get lost in here, just for fun. State of the art computers are in the center of the room, and arcanine and pyroar statues mark the entrances and exits. Wolfie is found in here reading books in his cosy corner, with a pair of special glasses that record what he reads for later use

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