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View Poll Results: What deadline do you think we should have for proposing a zone?
Friday, 12th May 11:59 PM GMT 13 59.09%
Monday, 15th May 11:59 PM GMT 4 18.18%
Friday, 19th May 11:59 PM GMT 3 13.64%
Monday, 22nd May, 11:59 PM GMT 0 0%
Friday, 26th May, 11:59 PM GMT 2 9.09%
Voters: 22. You may not vote on this poll

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Zone Proposal Deadline

It has come to our attention that some people feel uncomfortable with the deadline we’ve set for proposing a zone. The decision was made without discussion with the community and ultimately, since it is the community who is making the zones, may not have been an accurate one that gave enough time to flesh out a zone. For this reason we have decided to set up this poll in which we allow for you to decide what the cut-off time should be for proposing a zone.

Let it be known that this will not be the last moment for you to pitch an idea for a zone. Should you be unable to meet the deadline, plenty of opportunities will be made afterwards for you to present your idea to the community and run it.

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I am personally of the opinion the faster we can get the first wave of zones done and sorted, the more people can RP and we can actually test out new zone structure and more. This is not the last time for zone submissions. I get some people are unhappy, but there is no need to delay zones. If you aren't able to get yours done in time, don't worry. There is always next time, which I am assumingly will next month if we don't delay things. Call me impatient but it has been a month and I would love it for us to have more zones up and running.

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Preach. I get that some people really really want in on the first wave, but it's just flat out healthier for the RPer for us to have zones asap. Any one person's zone can wait for the next cycle.

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In order to release zones in waves, you'd have to make sure you have enough zones and ZUs in the first round to handle the fact that you'll have most if not all of FB funneling into those zones. idk how many zones/ZUs that'd require, but it's something that'd need to be kept in mind.
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