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View Poll Results: Marion Ette as Moderator
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No 0 0%
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Misdreavus FB Mod Election - Phase 3 - Candidate Discussion (Marion Ette)

With our candidates (Marion Ette, Ex-Admiral Insane and Emi) now chosen from the nominees, we will move on to the final phase - the community vote. Each candidate will have an individual thread, which will be used to discuss the merits of each potential mod. There will also be a poll accompanying each thread, in which members will cast their vote. If any one member does not get a 50% yes vote, we will return to Phase 2 to select another trio of candidates.

This thread is for discussion of Marion Ette's candidacy for modship.

  1. Please discuss only the candidate whose thread you are posting in. You can discuss them in relationship with other members/candidates, but please focus on the thread's candidate.
  2. Only members of FB are allowed to vote/comment - outsider votes will not be counted.
  3. You do not have to comment to vote or vice versa.
  4. Be civil.

This poll will be open for 7 days, after which the results will be finalized. Please be sure to vote in advance.
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the blood goddess demanded that i vote yes

This was an easy vote for me. In all these years of getting to know Marion, I have known her to be as diplomatic as possible while also quite motivated, and those are great mod qualities. I also know how she handles RP, and I think she is quite capable of handling the lore side of FB and should be plenty able to push for things that promote a good balance between shop sim and adventure driven gameplay. So yeah, she absolutely has my vote.
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Nerd Violence
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I don't know Marion like... at all.

I find her hard to approach. She's 'before my time' and the older member base respects her a lot which automatically makes me nervous of her in the same way I'm nervous of any important people. She's just a tiny bit aloof, but she's also very friendly, and she seems like a thoughtful woman. She certainly loves the game -- at least the RP aspect -- and every time I see her pop into Discord, it's for something productive to the game, while the rest of us are being memelords. ;P

Of the three nominees, she seems the most level headed. I have never seen her say anything, anything untoward. Though I have the least to say about her, I actually support her the most for moderator, because while I don't know her well and haven't spoken to her much, everything I've seen her do is simply quite modly. She puts great effort into the game and treats everyone with respect. She has fantastic etiquette and clearly loves the game. And while I know she might only be here a couple of years in a moderating capacity due to life, I believe she has what it takes to at least get FB on its feet and in a position to have another moderator take over when it does come time for her to move on to greener pastures and a bouncing baby 'Ette.


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Obvious best choice is obvious.
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