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Gallade Odysseus' Library

Odysseus had begun to assemble the Valley Fort's Library, however he found himself lacking in resources when it came to books. Using some of the skills he had developed during the Casino Heist, he managed to 'obtain' a collection of books from various places, Teleporting wherever he wanted to before returning with his haul. Before long the shelves were starting to fill, but when Jayson came to inspect the Magneton's work, the trainer sighed.

"Odysseus, you've done a fine job", despite his kind words, Jayson felt like something was missing. "What about our stories Odysseus? How we found this place, our experiences here and in Fizzytopia, how will we share them?" That's when Jayson came up with an idea. He sourced an old computer, wired it to the generator and even found a discarded printer. It took some time but eventually Odysseus learnt to control the computer, allowing him to type up the tales that Jayson and Valka shared with him. They would now be able to create their own books, detailing their lives and experiences for guests and future generations.

Odysseus's Library will hold a collection of stories involving Jayson, Valka and their Pokemon. It would be appreciated if you didn't post in this thread without permission.

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The Valley Fort: Chapter One- The Dragonslayer

Jayson had finally acquired what he had been searching for while in Le Marécage Noir, a map detailing fortifications in the local area. He'd identified one fortification in particular, for it held the best position and would prove easy to defend. The fort was resting at the edge of a lake at the end of a valley. The valley seemed to have only one entrance, while the mountains at the end of the valley backed directly onto the ocean. Such a secluded region would make the perfect place for a base, it was unlikely he would encounter anyone else out there. The young warrior made wasted no time preparing for the journey. He contacted his girlfriend, Valka, and informed her of his intentions. If the fort was what he hoped, the pair would finally have a place to call home.

Jayson hit the road as soon as morning broke, riding for a day and a night before he reached the entrance to the valley by mid afternoon on the second day. Boudicca had gone none stop, the Mudsdale was known for her endurance. Jayson returned her to her Pokeball before entering the valley. It would have been faster for him to remain mounted, however he would also be easier to spot if someone or something hostile resided within the valley. Initially the valley consisted of forest, until a river came down from the towering mountains to the north, cleaving the land in two. The forest remained on the northside while the southside gave way to rolling plains of grassland, a beautiful sight indeed. The trees of the forest were tall and old, Jayson was surprised that he hadn't seen any Pokemon yet. This was a perfect habitat, perhaps his presence had scared them off?

Jayson followed the river, it would likely feed into the lake, so following it would lead him straight to where he wanted to go. The sun was beginning to set behind him as he finally set eyes on the fort. The setting sun painted the grey stone with an orange glow, making it look in much better shape than it actually was. As he got closer, it became apparent that the fort was not in great condition, in some places it seemed like construction wasn't even complete. Was it perhaps abandoned even before its completion? If so, what reason could they have had for doing so?

As Jayson approached the entrance of the fort, he couldn't help but feel like he should turn back. It was strange, he had come here for this purpose, but suddenly he felt his emotions change, as if he was being warned. Pushing his feelings aside, Jayson drew his sword and busted through the splintered remains of the door. He found himself in a large hall, painted in dust while spiderwebs draped from the ceiling. Hallways and stairways splintered off from the hall, heading in different directions. Jayson began to walk through the hall, but as he walked he heard footsteps over than his own. Pausing, Jayson assumed a defensive position, raising his sword as he listened carefully. Whatever or whoever it was, they were getting closer. They were also quite large, as it grew closer, Jayson could feel the stone shake. Then he could hear the scraping, the scraping of claws on stone. As the beast stuck its giant red head out into the hall, Jayson couldn't help but flinch. The Druddigon was of monstrous size, being at least twice as large as any he had seen before. As his hand dropped to his belt, reaching for a Pokeball, the dragon locked eyes with him, freezing him in place with an ungodly Glare. The beast roared as it dragged its razor sharp claws along the ground, closing in on its paralyzed prey. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck", thought Jayson as he tried to fight the paralyzing Glare, he was done for. Jayson's world turned dark as he was smashed into the wall by a powerful Dragon Claw, his sword was knocked from his grasp as he was knocked unconscious.

Jayson groaned as he came to, how was he still alive? He was no longer in the hall and the Druddigon was nowhere in sight. He was in a dark room, he could barely see more than a few metres in front of him. He could see the crude iron bars that surrounded him, and the pale bones that were scattered around the room. His sword was nowhere to be seen, his bag and belt were also gone, meaning he was unarmed with no apparent way of escaping his cell.

"I tried to warn you didn't I? Going against your gut feeling was a poor decision"

A mysterious voice spoke to him, unfamiliar yet somewhat natural. "How's there?! What do you mean you tried to warn me?" Jayson shouted, had the blow to his head done more damage than he thought?

Suddenly a white Pokemon appeared in front of him. The Pokemon flashed into existence in nearly an instant. It took a moment for Jayson to process, but he soon realized that it was a Kirlia who had teleported into the cell, it must have been communicating with him through Telepathy.

"You're wounded, remain still and I will heal you."

Jayson had no reason not to trust the Kirlia, it showed no signs of hurting him. The Psychic type let out a pulse of energy, Jayson felt it rush through his body, healing his wounds in a matter of seconds. "You're incredible, can you get me out of here?"

I could, but is that what you really want? What if I told you the Druddigon is the reason you saw no Pokemon when you arrived? That it has either killed or scared off all of the Pokemon that used to call this valley their home? How does that make you feel?"

The Kirlia was right, he didn't really want that. He wanted to get out of this cell and then he wanted to get his Pokemon back. As the Kirlia told him of the Druddigon's atrocities, Jayson could feel anger well up inside him. He didn't want to leave, he wanted to kill the Druddigon.

"Close, but anger has weaknesses, it makes you hasty, it clouds your judgement. You need justice, for yourself and those the Druddigon has hurt and would continue to hurt. I feel this way and with your aid I wish to rid this valley of the Druddigon once and for all."

"If I have your assistance than I believe we can do it", Jayson found himself quickly developing a bond of trust with the Kirlia, like nothing he had experienced with a Pokemon before. Perhaps it was due to their ability to communicate, or perhaps it went deeper than that. The Kirlia gave him a nod, touching its hand to his shoulder, the Psychic type teleported them out of the cell into another area of the fort.

Weapons lined the walls of the room, it appeared to be some sort of armoury that the builders of the fort had left behind. The weapons were in decent condition, tarnished but being kept out of the elements had prevented them from rusting. Jayson eyed off a handful of weapons before settling on an ornate spear. The weapon would give him some reach, hopefully meaning he wouldn't have to get too close to the Druddigon's claws. The Kirla retrieved a pair of short swords, simple yet effective if in the right hands. It tested the weapons out, striking swiftly with flowing strikes, stunning Jayson with its swordsmanship.

"I guess we're ready to confront it then?" Jayson queried, although he could already sense the Kirlia was ready to fight.

"I sense the beast is still in the hall, although perhaps we should approach seperately."

Jayson couldn't vault the Kirlia's trail of thought, if they attacked from seperate sides they would stand a better chance. The two parted ways, with Jayson receiving directions before he descended the stairs. It took a bit of weaving and worming, but Jayson eventually found himself back at the hall. The Kirlia was waiting in the hallway opposite to him, while the Druddigon sat at the end of the hall, chewing at a bone.

"I'll draw its attention then you go in for the strike. The beast's belly is strong, but aim for the armpit, an accurate strike will pierce through the softer skin and puncture the heart."

Jayson was surprised by the Kirlia's knowledge, how long had it been planning this attack exactly? Jayson hadn't tried communicating through his thoughts yet, but he figured the Kirlia would know what he was thinking. "Goodluck, if all goes well the beast will be down before either of us gets hurt."

The Kirlia lept from cover, shouting with a disarming voice that catches the Druddigon off guard. The dragon drops the bone it was chewing to the ground, growling in pain as the wave of fairy energy hits it. Brandishing the short swords, the Kirlia leaps at the Druddigon, slashing the two blades against its raised arm. The blades make a shallow cut on the Druddigon's arm, causing blood to drip over the ground as it groans in pain. It lashes out with its other arm, slashing at the Kirlia but only catching the air as the Psychic type teleports out of reach.

With the Druddigon distracted, Jayson leaps from cover, breaking into a sprint as he closes in with the spear. With the Druddigon's arm still raised, he had the perfect opening to strike, he could bring it down with one blow. Out of the corner of his eye, Jayson caught sight of his belt, Pokeballs still attached. That moment of falter as he considered retrieving his Pokemon was all the Druddigon needed to close the warrior's opening. Catching sight of the spear, the Druddigon swings its tail around, snapping the weapon in two and sending Jayson flying backwards. Teeth bared, the Druddigon rushed the downed adventurer, threatening to rip his head clean off of his shoulders. The Kirlia watched as the Druddigon closed in on its new ally, he wasn't about to let the budding warrior meet his maker. His eyes glew as he surrounded his blades in psychic energy, sending them shooting towards the Druddigon.

Jayson threw up his arms in helpless defense, only for the Druddigon to come to a roaring halt as the Kirlia's swords sunk into its back with a sickening crunch. Jayson rolled out of the way, bouncing back to his feet he rushed for the remains of the spear. The Druddigon roared at the Kirlia, breaking into a rage that even the Kirlia feared. It prepared to Teleport away but the Druddigon wasn't falling for the same trick twice, it lashed out quickly, striking with a Sucker Punch before quickly comboing into a Night Slash. Jayson grabbed a hold of the splintered spear shaft, hoping it would still be able to do the job. The Druddigon raised its armed, preparing to land the final blow on the Druddigon.

"KIRLIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jayson shouted at the top of his lungs, hurling the broken spear through the air. The spear changes trajectory mid flight as the Kirlia grasps it with its telekinetic powers. The spear arcs around before shooting straight through the Druddigon's under arm, lodging itself in its chest. The Druddigon crumbles almost instantly, toppling forward as the Kirlia teleports to Jayson's side.

"That was more difficult than I expected, you certainly fought valiantly, it was an honour to fight by your side."

Jayson heaved a sigh of relief, "no, the honour is all mine, I can't say I've ever encountered a Pokemon like yourself before." It wasn't a lie, Jayson felt a strong connection with the Kirlia, as if they were meant to meet here.

"I can't say I've ever met a person like you before, I believe we are kindred spirits, we share a bond that is both strange and powerful."

"Would you consider joining my team then? I intend to transform this fort into a base, well a base and a home. You'd get to travel around the whole region, encounter lots of Pokemon and trainers, fight tremendous battles. What do you think?"

"I think that sounds splendid, I desire to travel, to search for my Brunhilde. We were ripped apart a long time ago, I had given up hope of finding her, but perhaps with your assistance it can be achieved. You may call me Sigurd, you may also call me friend and partner."

Jayson smiled, nothing pleased him more than a powerful Pokemon joining his team. He retrieved his belt and bag while Sigurd recovered his sword. Jayson captured the Kirlia in one of his spare Luxury Balls, before quickly releasing him again. Weary from the fight, the pair sort out a room to spend the night in. Before turning in, Jayson called Valka on his Pokegear.

"Darling it's perfect", Jayson expressed as he filled her in on his adventure and the fort. "It's exactly what we wanted, prepare everyone and join us here as soon as you can." They had a lot of work to do, but before long this abandoned fort would be given new life. It would be completed and transformed, turned into the perfect base and home for Jayson, Valka and their Pokemon.

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The Marvellous Migration- A Giant Is Born

The warmer months had come and gone in the valley, Jayson and Valka had settled in, along with their Pokemon. Since arriving in the valley they had achieved quite a lot and established a nice little home for themselves. They now found themselves resting around a fire in the throne room, a lot of their Pokemon joining them and enjoying the warmth the fire provided. Suddenly the doors flew open as Atalanta bursts through, a blast of snow behind her. Jayson hadn't noticed the change in the weather, it had gotten colder but he hadn't expected snow any time soon. Atalanta had been at scout post near the entrance to the valley, her arrival meant something was wrong.

Sigurd was quick to convey the Decidueye's message, the Gallade's psychic abilities were appreciated in times like this. The Gallade didn't look all too concerned, hopefully that meant they weren't in immediate danger.

"Some large Pokemon have entered the valley, they've made camp in the forest along the northern wall. Apparently the blizzard seemed to follow them and it is quickly coating the entire valley in snow."Sigurd conveyed the message to Jayson and Valka, leaving it up to them whether or not they wanted to do something about the intruders.

"This is unexpected", Valka mulled over the information. As an expert on Ice types, she was fairly certain she knew what the Pokemon were, she just couldn't believe it. "It sounds like Aurorus, however I didn't know there were any herds left in the wild."

"Well there is only one way to find out, we have to investigate", Jayson said with excitement. "If they truly are Aurorus then we should study them, make sure they are well protected. Boudicca and Thowra are in the stables, we'll ride out immediately." Valka agreed, she was just as eager to beat the thought to be extinct Pokemon.

Boudicca and Thowra plowed through the growing snow. Sigurd and Atalanta had joined Jayson and Valka, while they also found themselves accompanied by Nanook and Ullr. The pair of Ice types were moving astonishingly fast, Jayson was surprised at first but quickly recalled that they both possessed the Slush Rush ability, causing their speed to sky rocket when in snow. It took them longer than usual to reach the location Atalanta had identified, battling against the strengthening blizzard slowed them considerably. The two steeds slowed to a trot as Jayson and Valka reined them in, they could tell they were close. Dismounting, the pair of trainers continued on foot, weaving through the giant trees as they approached a clearing. The snow was almost knee deep here already, Jayson couldn't believe how quickly it had spread. They could hear the low, eerie cries of Pokemon nearby, they dropped to a crouch as they spotted the herd of giant Aurorus that had entered the valley.

There must have been at least ten of them, giant blue dinosaurs with rippling yellow sails running down their necks. The largest of them rested in the middle of the group, the snow and hail seemed to flow from her.

"She's likely the matriarch", whispered Valka, "their leader." Jayson had figured as much, the others had likely surrounded her to protect her in case of attack. "Why do you think they're here?" Valka questioned. The Aurorus seemed to be singing, their cries seemed to carry a tune.

"They're singing to their children, their eggs. Look at their tails." Sigurd was able to hear the song in its truest form and in doing so he was able to identify why the Aurorus were here. Wrapped in the whip like tail of each Aurorus was an egg, which the Ice types rocked gently back and forth as they sung.

"This must be there hatching ground", Jayson noted, "they must migrate here whenever they have eggs to hatch." It made sense, the valley was well protected and was the perfect place to raise young. "We shouldn't disturb them, they're probably very protective." Not a second after the words left Jayson's lips, Nanook shot from cover, rushing towards the massive sauropods. "Shitttttttt", cried Jayson.

The Aurorus all raised their heads in alarm, not sure what the Cubchoo was doing. Sigurd quickly rushes from cover to stop the Cubchoo, grabbing him and tucking him under his arm. The singing had halted and Sigurd was now locked in a staring contest with the Matriarch. The standoff looks intense, but after about a minute the Aurorus relax and begin to sing and swing their eggs once more.

"They've welcomed us now, they know we pose no threat to them."Sigurd had parlayed with the mothers on their behalf and now they were able to reveal themselves.

Jayson and Valka walked among the Aurorus, marvelling in awe at the giant peaceful Pokemon. Nanook couldn't help but climb all over them, but the Fossil Pokemon didn't seem to mind too much. Ullr was more reserved, instead choosing to follow Jayson, Valka and Sigurd as they walked through the herd. They spent a large portion of the afternoon bonding with the Aurorus. They'd noticed that the Matriarch's egg was much larger than the rest, almost twice their size. The real surprise came with the veil of night, when the sky became lit with a dazzling aurora borealis.

"Can you believe it darling", Jayson whispered to Valka. "An Aurora borealis, at this time of year? at this time of day? in this part of the region? localized in our valley?

"It truly is beautiful isn't it", Valka replied as she embraced him. The display got even more beautiful as the eggs the Aurorus were holding began to glow, they were hatching! Shell begins to rain down around them as the baby Amaura hatch from their eggs. The babies cried out to their mothers, who pulled them up to their faces and began to nuzzle them. "Look how big that one is!" Valka pointed to the Matriarch's hatchling, she was right, the thing was a giant!

"Praise Arceus, that one has to be twice as big as the others." Jayson was astonished, the baby Amaura were a sight to behold. "We should probably give them some space now, they'll probably be here for a while." Valka agreed and the group made their exit, leaving the Aurorus and Amaura alone.

Over the next few months, Jayson and Valka spent plenty of time with the Aurorus and their baby Amaura. The matriarch's son had retained his size advantage over the rest of the hatchlings, towering over the rest of them. Jayson had started calling him Ymir, after the king of the frost giants. It was a pleasure to watch the Amaura grow and learn about the world around them. The valley was a safe environment, allowing them the opportunity to explore and thrive. Ymir had started getting himself into trouble however. The young Amaura didn't seem to understand his own size and had hurt a few of the other Amaura on numerous occasions. While the injured Amauras eventually recovered, Jayson and Valka noticed some unrest among the herd.

Jayson and Valka woke feeling warmer than they had in months. Looking out the window, the sky was clearer than it had been since the Aurorus arrived, the sun shined brightly, slowly melting away the snow. Jayson and Valka knew what this meant, the Aurorus and Amaura had left, continued on their migration.

Jayson and Valka began to clear away the snow with their Pokemon, now that winter and the Aurorus had passed, they could begin to carry out their plans for spring. It was around midday when Nanook arrived, the Cubchoo had a concerned look on his face. He tried to pull Jayson into the forest, something must have been wrong. Jayson called for Valka and the paired followed Nanook through the forest. They rushed through the melting snow, heading towards where the Aurorus had nested. When they arrived the clearing was empty, except for a large rock formation in the middle of the clearing.

A cry reached out from inside the rock formation and snow gushed through the gaps. Jayson and Valka recognised the cry, it was Ymir. Why had the Amaura been trapped like that? Had he been left behind?

"Sigurd!" Jayson let out a mental shout and the Gallade appeared in a flash, teleporting to his location. "Sigurd bust Ymir out of there, we have to help him."

The Gallade rushed forward, busting the rock apart with a few defts strikes. Ymir barrelled out of the rocks, almost trampling over Sigurd. "Stop him Sigurd, we need to find out what is going on. The Gallade shot a disabling bolt at the Amaura, stopping him in his tracks. Reaching out with his mind, the Psychic type tried his best to work out what was going on.

"His mother forced him to stay, the rest of the herd saw him as a threat to their offspring. She told him that he would be safe here and that he would have friends.Jayson couldn't help but feel sorry for the young Amaura, but its mother was probably doing what was best for the herd. "He wants his mother, he wants to chase after her."

"You can't let him Sigurd, you have to calm him down", ordered Jayson. The Gallade nodded, it took a few moments but the Amaura seemed to calm down, at least enough that Jayson could try and talk to it. He approached the Amaura slowly, "it's okay Ymir, your not alone, we're here to look after you." The Amaura stared at him with tearfilled eyes. A lone tear runs down its cheek, freezing and dropping to the ground. "You can join our team, our family, that way you'll never be alone." The Amaura's eyes began to clear and it started to nuzzle Jayson's neck. Valka came and joined the embrace, they'd gained another member of their growing family.

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Thor's Thundurus Arrival

A terrible storm had blown in from the east, certainly the worst they had experienced in their short time at the valley fort. The sky was pitch black, only temporarily lighting up as lightning danced through the storm clouds. The clap of thunder shook the foundations of the fort, putting everyone on edge, none more so than Sigurd. The Gallade was unsettled, he could sense something was off. The storm seemed to have a presence, a purpose. He reached out with his mind, hoping to find the source of his unsettlement. It didn't take long, the mind he felt was powerful, stronger than average and certainly out of the ordinary. It seemed to have taken position atop the mountain on the east side of the lake, which sealed off the valley from the ocean on the other side.

Sigurd wrapped his cape around him as he left the fort, he didn't wish to disturb Jayson or Valka, the couple had retired to their chambers a few hours ago. He would solve this mystery on his own, he was more than capable of doing so. It took him longer than usual to scale the mountain, battling against the furious storm slowed him considerably. The storm grew stronger as he grew closer to the conscious he could sense, could it sense him as well? A tingle ran down the Gallade's neck, he instinctively jumped backwards, just in time to avoid a bolt of lightning. Sigurd suddenly found himself under attack, a seemingly endless barrage of Thunderbolts rained down on him as he continued his mad dash up the mountain.

Sigurd gasped for air as he reached the plateau, the strikes had stopped but for how long was uncertain. He could sense the conscious of the opposing Pokemon was nearby, but where? Above him, of course! He shouted upward with a Disarming Voice, hoping to draw out his mysterious opponent. His ploy was successful as the clouds above him began to crackle and mysterious blue Pokemon descended onto the plateau. It had a somewhat serpentine appearance, hovering above the ground the Pokemon starred ominously at Sigurd.

"You're the source of this storm aren't you? Why are you here?" Sigurd hoped to avoid direct combat, the Pokemon had an air about it that left him feeling unsettled. He established a mind link, hoping it would be willing to communicate with him.

"You stand before the legendary Thundurus, Bringer of Storms. I carry with me a gift from Arceus, sent to earth to prove himself." The Thundurus's voice sent a chill down Sigurd's spine, as if each word carried a great weight. "I leave him in your care, see to it that he fulfills his destiny."With a flash of lightning and clap of thunder the legendary Pokemon was gone. The storm faded almost as fast, illuminating the plateau and the lone egg that now rested where the Thundurus was. It was bright yellow with a striking black thunderbolt, like no egg he had seen before. He unclipped his cape, whipping it around cover the egg and keep it warm. Jayson and Valka would want to see this.

Everyone was enjoying breakfast when Sigurd returned to the fort, the egg nestled in his arms. Jayson and Valka were astonished when they heard his story and excited to see what would hatch from the egg. The big reveal happened four weeks later, Sigurd had barely taken his eye off the egg since he first laid eyes on it. Still wrapped in his cape, the egg began to shake. Shards of egg began to splinter off before the egg burst open, revealing a young Elekid. The Electric type began to windmill his arms, quickly generating a powerful electrical charge. Thinking quickly, Sigurd clipped the cape around the Elekid's neck which surprisingly soothed the hatchling. The Gallade knew just the name for their new teammate and Jayson agreed, Thor was now one of them.

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