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New Firefox sucks

In the past year, HTML5 websites moved in such a way that they broke Firefox. I was using the same Firefox since 2012-ish...quite a long time ago, but it handled fine for 6 years. Then everything broke.

So I upgraded first all the way to Firefox 51, the last to support legacy plugins. They don't work, and I found out a lot of the add-ons that I have have been pulled from Mozila's website.

So then I upgraded all the way to Firefox 56, the last version before Quantum. Quantum is the first to imitate Chrome's functionality that isolates sessions so if one page crashes, the entire browser doesn't crash. This functionality was originally intended for Firefox, but Google hired the devs away and they took that innovation to Chrome.

This is why Chrome had the advantage initially when it was a new browser and purported itself as the fastest experience - it had stolen Mozilla's tech. Though, if you consider Google is also paying Mozilla to exist, maybe it was Google's tech in the first place. No different from feeding a cow then killing it for flesh, no?

So I'm going to upgrade to the newest Firefox, and if it still sucks I'm going back to my 2011 era browser. Because for all the "security flaws', here's a tip: you never run into problems if you have NoScript and don't have an Adobe Flash plugin. I was fine and I'll continue to be fine so long as stupid HTML5 doesn't break what wasn't broken.

Gurrrgh how miserable.
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Sorry to hear this, dopple
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