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More habits I want to develop than goals I want to meet;

-Sleeping properly. Job schedule means that some days I get home at 2am and some days my alarm goes off at 6.30am, so while most nights I have a good 7-8 hour chunk at least where I can be sleeping it's never the same 7-8 hour chunk. The lack of consistency often means I don't get nearly as much sleep as I need even though I have the time for it. Recently I've been going through my rotas as they're written and working out when I'm sleeping (and planning it so that I have to shift when I'm sleeping as little as possible from day to day). If helps but is a faff. I'm trying to set up my phone to automate it based on work shifts I put in my calendar.

-Eating healthily. Part of the issue here is my hours and the sleep thing - I'm often too tired to bother cooking, and often hungry when I get home after midnight which (because I'm too tired from worm to cook properly) leads to me ordering Domino's or whatever. One bit of the solution here is the realisation I don't really enjoy drinking any more (a lot of my social life revolves around going to pubs because that's what happens when you work in hospitality) while I do enjoy eating out, so I can transition my unhealthy drinking in pubs time to healthy dinner out with friends time which I'll enjoy a lot more and shouldn't cost me more. Another part is batch cooking something once a week that's healthy and that I can reheat easily when I come in hungry and tired from work. Between then that'll address two of the three big issues with the things I put in my body. The other one that needs addressing is the amount of sugary drinks I have (we're free to help ourselves at work). Not so sure how to deal with that one.

-Excercise regularly. This is mostly about finding some kind of excercise I enjoy doing. That used to be climbing but I've fallen out of love with it in the last 18 months and got in a lot worse shape because of it. I think the approach here is committing to picking some form of exercise to do once a week for four to five weeks. If I don't like it at the end of that, no harm, - I'll try a different form of exercise for the following month. If I do like it and want to do it more, I can. Even if at the end of the year I've not found anything I enjoy I'll still have done something active once a week most weeks for the year without ever having the burden of committing to any one thing for an extended period. If I do find something I like, great!

-Stop spending money on things I end up not wanting or needing. Partly this is things like the above realisation that I don't much enjoy drinking I just do it because my friends want to go for drinks and I want to socialise (and it's fucking expensive!). Another thing I might try is putting a delay on buying anything I don't desperately need right now and seeing if I still want it a week later.

These are really generic ones but I've had a rough year and I need them somewhat sorted to feel up to doing bigger things.
Originally Posted by PTerry
What can the harvest hope for, if not the care of the reaper man?

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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
Well I accomplished one thing if you can consider "having nothing change" be an accomplishment.

-Make a plan to get to Japan
-Find a job that I find fulfilling or that will lead to a fulfilling job
-Translate more
-Make some actual friends nearby
-Make time for my current friends
-Use my (little) free time more wisely
-Relationships I guess???

And now ironically one of my resolutions is to give myself more meaningful Internet time lol.
Well I did pretty well actually but it was more due to a complete change of life circumstances so!

-Make a plan to get to Japan - Done and done! Hopefully going back soon.
-Find a job that I find fulfilling or that will lead to a fulfilling job - Grad school counts!
-Translate more - Yeah that didn't happen lol.
-Make some actual friends nearby - Still in process.
-Make time for my current friends - I guess I did this?
-Use my (little) free time more wisely - Now I have a lot of free time that I am using poorly lol
-Relationships I guess??? - I mean, I'm now in a weird place for this with being in Boston for potentially only 2 years so Ż\_(ツ)_/Ż

As for this year...

-Continue to improve overall health/fitness
-Have something resembling a social life
-Write something publishable/that could get me into a PhD program
-At least consider the idea of a casual relationship
-Find a way to get back to Japan

I mean all things considered my life is going pretty well, especially compared to last year (my job made me miserable) so I don't have a lot of resolutions that are that interesting lol.

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Originally Posted by DaisyInari View Post
-Survive nursing school
-Figure out where I should get a job and then get said job
-Lose weight
-Be an adult OTL
Yay progress!

[x] Survived Nursing school
[x] Graduated
[x] Got a job, quit said job, then got a NEW job xfd
[] Whoops a sedentary depressed life isn't great for losing weight!!
[x] I think I'm doing this?? All I gotta do is maintain it OTL

-Travel more!
-Find a more permanent place to live
-Save money to spend it on my friends!!

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Hmm.. well, might as well take a crack at some of these this year.

-Get a job.
-Draw more (Drew four pictures this year, so this one should be easy enough).
-Keep my grades up (A's and B's *crosses fingers*).
-Keep my anxiety under control.
-Prepare for college and apply to some.
-Get a 33 or higher on my ACT. (32 RIP)
-Get into a school out east. (Applied to One but no decision yet)
-Maintain my weight if not decrease it. (I think I put on like 2 pounds so I'm gonna give myself partial credit)
-Hit TL7 (lmao with new ASB this is getting pushed way back)
-Win a Gym Match

We'll see how this goes, I suppose.
Not bad, I guess. For this year:

-Go to college
-Find a new job near said college
-Do reasonably well academically in college
-Do some volunteering for a 2018 midterm candidate I like
-Help get New!ASB up and running
-Maintain weight

Smaller list this time, but I'm feeling good about everything going into 2018 so I feel like I don't need as many.

Click on Fawful for my ASB squad summary. Other links coming soon.
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Haven't done this in a few years so going back would just be weird. So, for 2018:

-Don't fuck up grades this semester, get into/stay in student orgs for once
-Make some irl friends in college
-work towards consistently presenting female
-in that vein, come out to trusted extended family
-Also in that vein, try to get started on hormone therapy
-Play ALL the DnD
-Be active in FB and get at least one Pokemon via a zone
-Beat Breath Of The Wild
-Lost 4 pounds last time I went to the doctor-keep that up, but hopefully with less height gain on the side

Originally Posted by DaveTheFishGuy View Post
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- Go to London and meet Kane!!!! (very important, friends for 10 years this year)
- Be more social. Go on more girl dates with the gal pals
- Get over my ex/Go on dates but don't go steady until you feel it's right
- Stay consistent! I want to start keeping a schedule and sticking to it
- Go to more college parties
- Lose weight (Like a solid 10-15 pounds)
- Debate if that breast reduction is worth it (worth missing a month of work/being mostly bed ridden)
- Stop going to bed at 6am and sleeping till 2pm

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Well might as well give this one a go.
-My doctor told me that I have to get below 200 pounds, I'm apparently on track for that so far just from dietary changes alone, so after two weeks yay me?
-Not fail a single class. This is really my most important one.
-See the campaign I'm volunteering on through to victory.

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Thank you Daisy!
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Seems that I'm late with this again xP

Originally Posted by Lucario188 View Post

1. Use WaniKani every day I did progress with WaniKani but I did not use it every day. (There were several breaks, one of which is happening right now whoops.)
2. Learn to french braid my own hair I made a moderate attempt at least learning to french braid my own hair. I'm going to stop making it a new years resolution.
3. Think about eating more slowly I feel like I'm about the same with eating speed, but I'm not too worried about it.
4. Be mindful of time and think about spending it wisely I think I succeeded a little but it's still a work in progress.

We'll see if I'm typing this from Japan next year...

2018 was really good! I somehow amazingly got to travel a LOT (New York, Montana, New Jersey (where I went to Warped Tour!), Washington DC, Maine, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Japan!) which is kinda crazy and wicked awesome. And of course Massachusetts, where we had UPNCon2018!!!! ^u^
My last semester in America was kind of Extremely Stressful and I didn't sleep enough but there were also good things to balance it out. And now I'm studying abroad in Japan! My friends and family are wonderful and I'm grateful for my many blessings~

Without further ado:
1. Talk in Japanese as much as I can, especially while I'm living in Japan.
2. Draw more! My goal is one completed piece every month.
3. Do WaniKani as consistently as possible, even if it's just 10 reviews a day.
4. Do one exercise-related action every day.

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Super late to updating this, but...

Originally Posted by Chiko View Post
Now for this year:

1. Do good at VGC Oceania IC - I took a gimmick team, went negative.
2. Make friends in my course - Didn't happen, kept to myself
3. Get a friggin job - Of course not, job hunting is dumb
4. Socialise - Yes, thankfully
5. Get my P plates/license - Hell yeah I did
2k19 what's up?

1. Get a job
2. Be more honest with myself
3. Try to be happy
4. Help family more
5. Attempt to leave my comfort zone
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Nice topic, thank you.
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Originally Posted by dugnarrow View Post
Nice topic, thank you.
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