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A Proper Death
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Sunflora Slumbering Wilds Gym

Slumbering Wilds Gym

In the open ocean, on the very outskirts of Fizzytopia, a previously untouched landmass stands solitary among the deep blue, a striking canopy of lush green foliage. Appropriately named the Slumbering Wilds, the island is home to a dense jungle, the serene isolation pierced jarringly by the towering oppression of the surrounding trees, every one an ancient behemoth. Despite this, at the dead centre of the island lies two peculiar clearings, each perfectly round but varying drastically in size. Within the first can be found a haphazardly cobbled together hut, littered with cutting edge monitoring equipment, pieces strewn about clumsily yet creating a sense of ordered chaos. Behind this is a much larger clearing - uprooted trees scattered prolifically makes it clear that this is a dangerous place, one to be wary of treading lightly.

The Bartender had come reluctantly to his newfound position. When the posting had been made by Fizzytopian admin, his initial reaction was one of disbelief and disgust. His need for anonymity was paramount, a necessity for escape from his previous life. However, Sweeney more often than not was dragged along by the machinations of his Pokemon. Inevitably, Sophie and Marco heard the news, and the pair were steadfast - rarely did they ever act in concert, and yet here they were resolute. With great apprehension and a determination to leave most of the work to Sophie, The Bartender answered the call - on the singular condition that he never be expected to remove his helmet. While he certainly had some interest in the Power Spot, it paled in comparison to the scholastic intrigue of Sophie, and his desire for adventure would always fall short of Marco's. Both combined were enough for him to decide to take up residence in the Wilds though, for better or for worse.

Gym Details:
  • Primary Type: Grass
  • Secondary Type: Poison
  • Gym Leader: The Bartender [Connor]
  • Deputy Leader: N/A
  • Gym Pokemon:
Lumi: Snover (F), Lv. 21
Leonardo: Chikorita (M), Lv. 18
Lily: Lileep (F), Lv. 6
Francis: Foongus (M), Lv. 4
Samson: Salandit (M), Lv. 4
Branch: Oddish (F), Lv. 1
Ivy: Bellsprout (M), Lv. 1
Rhodes: Stunky (F), Lv. 1
Itsy: Spinarak (M), Lv. 1

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A Proper Death
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Active Raids:

Raid Boss Koffing

Max Participants: 4

Sign Ups:
1. Sniz
2. Pearl's Perap
3. PikaGod
4. Raves

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A Proper Death
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Raid History:

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A Proper Death
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A thunderous rumbling echoed through the clearing as darkened clouds roll in overhear. Gathering quickly and flecked with crimson lightning, the localised storm was a definitive indicator of the Dynamax phenomenon - and sure enough, pandemonium was unfolding nearby. Scattered Pokemon desperately shifted from reading to reading, trying to make sense of the equipment while their trainer supervised, seemingly out of his depth. With comedic timing, Marco trips, slamming harshly into a nearby piece of equipment and leaving it sputtering with sparks. Fortunately for Sweeney, Sophie - rolling her eyes in the process - wanders over to the flickering laptop, manipulating the keys with her telekinesis.

[Raid Boss: Slumbering Wilds]
Category 3 Pumpkaboo approaching. Requesting urgent support, 4 trainers necessary.

As the message is broadcast, a pair of glowing yellow eyes peer above the canopy of the surrounding trees, a beaming fanged mouth delighting in the inevitable destruction.


AFTER September 30th at 22:00 UTC, please sign up below with your Pokemon's statistical information. Please include species, level, and moveset. Sign-ups will remain open until October 7th or when all slots are filled, when the raid battle will begin after 48 hours.
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Missingno. Master
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It was, to say the least, not the easiest thing for Keith and Willa to get used to what had happened, having been sent a decade into the past. It was a fairly major adjustment to suddenly be ten years older than their close friends, and explaining the situation again and again got repetitive after a while. But that's not to say they were looking for a way to undo this; on the contrary, the Masterses were in agreement that what had happened appeared to be for the best. Keith and Willa hadn't actually caught any Pokémon in the first ten years of their marriage, so they weren't suddenly missing out on any recently-made friends; they were back in a point of time before Keith knew a car would hit Sirius, which he saw as a second chance to ensure they could avoid this tragedy this time around; Maribel had been homeschooled, and didn't have much of any friends outside of Sludge Wave Coast before the time distortion brought her back along with her parents. Whether all of this was just happy coincidence or whether Luna, Jack, and Selia sought to make it so so as to ensure that this was the best outcome all around, this did indeed feel like the best outcome all around. And already, inexplicably, the family had noticed a number of differences in this new tangent of the timeline.

"Pumpkaboo raid, huh?" Keith murmured, checking the email his PokéGear had received. "I don't remember there being one of these, either."

"Nor I," Willa commented. "The timeline really has changed somehow, hasn't it?"

"I'm not sure I'll ever understand how or why, but yeah," Keith nodded with a chuckle. "Do you want to take this one, dear?"

Willa smiled and shook her head politely. "It's been so long since we've gotten to see you in action," she said. "You take this one."

"Yeah, Dad!" came Maribel's voice. Keith couldn't help but smile as his daughter entered the living room. "Pumpkaboo's a Grass-type, so your Poison-types'll be great, right?"

"Well, don't forget, sweetie, Pumpkaboo's also a Ghost-type, just like Phantump," Keith reminded her. "That being said, a Poison-type would still have kind of an advantage, it'd resist the Grass moves... But what to use? Maybe Ricin, he hasn't had a good battle in a while-"

"Saur! Pumpkasaur!"

Keith looked down, chuckling- his Pumpkasaur was running circles around him, Jack-o-Lantern face lit up in eager anticipation. "Y'know, I should've guessed," he grinned.

Meowth piped up. "Autumn's sayin' she wants ta prove ta da big Pumpkaboo dat she's the better pumpkin Pokémon," he translated.

"Oh, that'd be cool!" smiled Maribel. "Autumn would do great against a Pumpkaboo!" This elicited a cheerful smile from the Pumpkasaur, moreso as Maribel proceeded to pet her, not even deterred as that strange eerie laugh echoed all around, though everyone got a good chuckle at how much it freaked Meowth out.

"Then it's settled," Keith declared, clutching Autumn's Pumpkin Ball in his hand. "Autumn, let's show that Pumpkaboo who the better pumpkin really is!"

"Pumpka~" smiled Autumn.

OOC: Keith Masters will be entering this raid with Autumn the Pumpkasaur. Stats are as follows;

Species: Pumpkasaur ()
Gender: Female
Level: 29
Type: Grass/Poison
Attacks: Pumpkin Bomb, Tackle, Growl, Vine Whip, Growth, Leech Seed, Razor Leaf, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Take Down, Seed Bomb, Sweet Scent, Double-Edge, Synthesis, Swords Dance, Giga Drain, Mimic, Sludge, Dream Eater, Cross Poison, Hex, Assurance, Mystical Fire, Shadow Claw, Infestation, Nightmare.
Usable Z-Moves: Z-Poison Powder, Acid Downpour.
Next move learned: Worry Seed (lv. 30)
Nature: Quirky
Ability: Overgrow
Bond: 22
Cute stat: 0
Beauty stat: 0
Tough stat: 0
Smart stat: 0
Cool stat: 0
Obtained: Gourd Grove (Global Trade Station)
Keith was not one of five lucky winners in a raffle held by Arnold of the old Elite Four, and thus did not come to own one of only five Pumpkasaur known to exist then. However, many years later, he spotted one in the wild, and followed it, coming across a hidden clearing deep in the forest where Pumpkasaur lived in the wild. One of them warmed up to him instantly, though the others took some convincing that he meant no harm. Eventually, the first one to warm up to him was allowed to leave and join Keith's team, and he eagerly welcomed the new species onto his team. Autumn has a mostly pleasant disposition, though as Keith has noted, exhibits noticeably different behavior from Bulbasaur. He is, however, unsure as to whether these differences are inherent to the Pumpkasaur species, or merely Autumn's own personal quirks. For one thing, though she will take sunlight into her bulb for energy like a Bulbasaur, she seems to vastly prefer moonlight, and will be at her happiest on the night of a full moon. For another thing, the jack-'o-lantern face on her bulb will occasionally change, unfailingly whenever nobody is actually looking, and the new face will generally reflect Autumn's mood- when she is displeased with something, the face will glow red and become an angry scowl. Occasionally, eerie laughter can be heard echoing around wherever she might be, with no one point identifiable as the source of the laughter, and said laughter never seems to bother Autumn. She gets along with her teammates well enough for the most part (partiularly Pomona and Dennis), though some of them fear her.
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Signing up with this boy here!


Species: Absol | Gender: Male | Obtained: Hatched
Type: Dark | Ability: Super Luck | Nature: Timid
Evolution Line: Absol

Level: 1 | Bond: 0 | Pokeball: Pokeball | Held Item:
Contest Stats: Cute: 0, Beautiful: 0, Tough: 0, Smart: 0, Cool: 0
Boutique Modifications: None

Spoiler: show
Level-Up: Detect (-), Feint (-), Future Sight (-), Leer (-), Me First (-), Perish Song (-), Quick Attack (-), Razor Wind (-), Scratch (-), Taunt (-)
Egg Moves: Assurance
TM/TR Moves:
Move Tutor:
Other Moves:

Spoiler: show
During a camping trip up in the mountains, Curtis was cooking some sort of nut and beef curry for his team. The smell of which attracted an Absol. He got a bowl and very carefully lured the rare Pokemon out of the brush surrounding the camp so he could get a good look at it. To his dismay, it looked like the poor creature hadn't been getting enough to eat! After it gobbled up the first serving of food Curtis had given it, he gave it another and another all the while luring it closer and closer until Toby was able to put it to sleep with Sing. From there it was a simple matter of catching it in a Pokeball and trekking back down the mountain with his new friend.

At first when the young Absol came too inside Curtis's house, he was very confused to find himself awakening in the middle of a cuddle pile. Though when Curtis came in to check on them, the sound of the door opening surprised the Absol- causing him to bolt and, in his rush to find somewhere to hide, ending up getting stuck under the couch. Over the next few days, this pattern repeated itself in various ways with the young Absol, not at all used to domesticated life, getting spooked at various household noises and at Curtis or the other Pokemon simply moving around the house. Eventually he did get more used to living in a house with a bunch of other rowdy Pokemon, but he still gets surprised by things fairly easy. Due to this behaviour of being 'spooked' by nearly everything over the first few days, Curtis has named the Absol "Spooky". Though Curtis has found the Absol yowling at him and desparately trying to get his attention before something goes wrong in the house- such as one time when Finnegan and Toby were trying to figure out how the stove worked or when Jin had gotten himself trapped in the fridge. It seems that the main 'disasters' Spooky is preventing are the ones caused by the various shenanigans that the other Pokemon in Curtis's team get up to.

- - - - -

Curtis was taking a rest on his couch to watch a silly Halloween comedy movie with his Pokemon when the monthly raid alerts rolled in. He took his attention off of the movie and to his phone, keeping an eye out for the three star raids this time around. Huh? It seemed that there was only one this time around, but that made things simple (and bless the poor souls who were going up against that Gigantamax Eevee). Now who to bring... both Spooky and Helena would be effective options but the Absol frankly needed the battle experience more than the Houndour did.

He tapped a out a response on his phone, signing up himself and Spooky the Absol to show up for battle in a few days time and got back to watching the movie, "Hey Spooky, just signed you up for a three star raid tomorrow, just so you know." While Curtis quickly forget about that due to getting distracted by the movie, Spooky tensed up and started getting stressed out anticipating his upcoming battle.

- - -

The next morning, Spooky was acting strange. He'd never seen the Absol actually get involved in the roughhousing that quite a few of the others liked to get involved in. No, wait- it wasn't quite that. Alexander and Spooky were... training? Spooky was practicing getting various scratches and kicks and slashes with his horn-blade in while Alexander was standing there and blocking the hits and barking back advice. Where had the little guy learned all these fighting moves though? It must've Daycare right or maybe the Lucario line is just born with this instinctive fighting knowledge? Considering how strange Pokemon are, Curtis couldn't actually rule out the latter.

Then the two Pokemon noticed Curtis watching them, spurring Alexander to go off and... fetch Curtis's phone from where it had fallen into the couch and give to his Trainer. "Oh, thanks, I didn't even notice..." Unlocking the screen, he was greeted with his signup message and things began to click in his half-asleep brain. "Oh, oh crap! Can't believe I forgot!"

Now what Spooky had been doing made perfect sense, he was getting ready for his first big battle! Curtis smiled and gave the Absol a pat on the head, "Don't worry, you'll do great! Now how about you and Alexander get back to it while I make us some food, yeah?"

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Spoiler: show
Species: Staravia (Recolored; )
Gender: Male
Type: Normal/Flying
Level: 23
Bond: Quicklink
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Reckless (HA)
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Heat Wave, Double Team, Double-Edge, Roost, Endeavor, Whirlwind, Facade, Retaliate
Evolution: >lv. 14>>lv. 34>
Contest Stats:
Cool: 10
Beautiful: 10
Cute: 10
Clever: 10
Tough: 10
Birthday: March 6
Method of Obtainment: Adoption
Bio: As a Starly, Staravia was the first Pokémon that Jake adopted to prepare for his adventure in the Arcane Realm's Land of Cups. Right from the start, he has shown to be an eager, loud bird Pokémon. Turned blue by the energy of his Trainer’s aura, Staravia hopes to one day become a big, strong and fierce Staraptor. Since evolving from Starly, he has developed a greater love for battling, and grew extremely fast and powerful for his species. Whether this newfound strength comes from his aura treatment is yet to be known.

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'Till we meet again
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Lil' Bluey

Entering with Midna the Lv. 31 Sneasel.

Also teaching her TM AVALANCHE and TM X-SCISSOR.

Midna Lv. 31
Birthdate: January 12
Nature: Impish
Ability: Keen Eye
Poké Ball: Dark Ball
Hold Item: Shadow Lance
Bond: 39
Beauty Points: 50
Cool Points: 50
Cute Points: 50
Smart Points: 50
Tough Points: 100
Accessories: Fused Shadow

Spoiler: show
Level Up Moves:
Quick Attack
Feint Attack
Icy Wind
Fury Swipes
Metal Claw
Hone Claws
Beat Up

Slash - Lv. 35
Snatch - Lv. 40
Punishment - Lv. 44
Ice Shard - Lv. 47

MT/Advanced Moves:
Dark Pulse

Defense Curl
Dream Eater

Focus Punch
Foul Play

Fury Cutter
Ice Punch
Iron Tail
Knock Off

Laser Focus
Lash Out
Low Kick
Psych Up
Sleep Talk

Swords Dance
Throat Chop

Triple Axel

Egg Moves:
Crush Claw
Double Hit
Fake Out

Icicle Crash

TMs/TRs/HMs/Custom Moves:
Hidden Power

Rain Dance

Shadow Ball
Double Team
Dream Eater
Calm Mind
Sunny Day

Ice Beam
Brick Break
Aerial Ace
Secret Power

False Swipe

Shadow Claw

Natural Gift
Poison Jab
Low Sweep

Power-Up Punch
Mega Punch
Mega Kick
Fake Tears
Psycho Cut

Rock Smash
Shadow Force

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Chaos reigns once more as thunderous clouds roll over the island. Marco leaps from a tree to rouse a sleeping Sweeney, the Bartender desperately scrambling in vain to coordinate proceedings. Amidst the backdrop of frantic activity, Sophie takes control, her control of the keyboard having become much more adept with practice.

[Raid Boss: Slumbering Wilds]
Category 3 Koffing approaching. Requesting urgent support, 8 trainers necessary.

As the message is broadcast, a noxious cloud billows into the clearing, obscuring the surroundings. A dull laughter booms through the fog, the Koffing gleefully spewing his toxic fumes, blissfully unaware of the battle to come.


AFTER October 31st at 22:00 UTC, please sign up below with your Pokemon's statistical information. Please include species, level, and moveset. Sign-ups will remain open until November 7th or when all slots are filled, when the raid battle will begin after 48 hours.
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Nickname: Nolon
Gender: Male
Level: 1
Ability: Sap Sipper
Holding: Mummy Bandages
Ball: Pokeball
Spoiler: show
Astonish (01)
Confusion (01)
Growl (01)
Guard Swap (01)
Power Swap (01)
Stomp (01)
Strength (HM)
Tackle (01)
Wild Future - FizzBy
PASBL - Ghost Grass Gym Leader - Dragon Elite Four

Daisy wins at life for making this Battle Cut
Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
Whatever Sneasel says is right
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Pearl's Perap
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A Koffing fit for a King

No sooner had Zak signed up for the upcoming Cufant raid did another notification catch his attention. Checking the alert on his PokéGear, the man was met with news of another raid brewing in the near future. This time, if he signed up, he would be going up against a Koffing of catastrophic proportions. Given they were famed for their volatility and highly poisonous make up, he knew that he would need to keep this in mind when deciding on which of his Pokémon companions to sign up to join him.

"I'll handle this one." A stern but ever familiar voice echoed in his mind despite the fact he was physically alone. Nearby, a Pokéball rocked slightly on the man's desk until it tipped itself off the surface and onto the carpet below. This action disengaged the ball's release button and in a flash, Doug the Slowking stood before his trainer, hands balled into fists and a serious look in his eyes as if to show his trainer he was ready to go, no questions asked. Even though he had been in his capsule moments before, Zak assumed the Slowking had been ready to get involved after hearing from his friend Nancy about her time at Typhon's Depths.

"I'm not going to argue with that." Zak chuckled before taking one of the Slowking's fists into a handshake; Doug had always had a mind of his own but he was a wise and knowledgeable soul so the man let the Royal Pokémon take the lead in the decision making process and began the sign-up process for them at once...

Doug the Slowking

Spoiler: show
~ +
Species: Slowking
Classification: Royal Pokémon
Type: Water / Psychic
Gender: Male
Level: 21
Obtained: Adopted on 22nd October 2007 - Evolved into Slowking on 15th December 2008
Ability: Oblivious
Nature: Modest
Bond: 3

Contest stats -
30 - 30 - 100 - 10 - 30

Level-up Moves: Heal Pulse - Nasty Plot - Power Gem - Hidden Power (Undecided) - Swagger - Curse - Yawn - Tackle - Growl - Water Gun - Confusion - Disable - Water Pulse - Headbutt - Slack Off (Lv33) - Psych Up (Lv39) - Rain Dance (Lv42) - Trump Card (Lv49) -
Relearned Moves: Power Gem
TM/TR Moves: Ice Beam - Flamethrower - Drain Punch - Shadow Claw - Teleport - Psych Up - Rage - Metronome - Psywave - Bubblebeam - Psychic - Iron Tail - Substitute - Swagger - Calm Mind
HM Moves: Surf - Strength - Rock Smash - Flash
Egg Moves: Zen Headbutt
Move Tutor Moves: Signal Beam - Dive - Ice Punch
FB Moves: Brain Freeze

Spoiler: show
Blueberry Slushie
Brain Freeze (Ice, Special 50 BP)
Effect: The user breathes a cloud of condensed freezing air toward the opponent, which when inhaled causes swelling and discomfort to the bloodstream and nerves around the target’s nasal passage. The target then suffers a delayed headache on the next turn relative in damage to a Confusion. Throughout the duration of the headache, there is a slight chance (around 10%) of the target forgetting their last ordered move.
Z-Move: Subzero Slammer (100 BP)
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Sure, let's bring Qwilfish to deal with its Poisoney brethren.

Name: Poisson
Species: Qwilfish
Gender: Male
Level: 15
In: Pokeball
Hold Item: None
Obtained: Starter (28/1/18 )
Ability: Swift Swim
Nature: TBA
Level Up Moves: Fell Stinger, Hydro Pump, Destiny Bond, Water Gun, Spikes, Tackle, Poison Sting, Harden, Minimize. Bubble
Egg: None
TM/HM: None
Bio: To be added
Fizzy Bubbles: Karmas
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Let's go for this gassy goon with a queen befitting the king. Nidoqueen's stats are below.

Spoiler: show
Species: Nidoqueen.
Gender: Female.
Level: 27.
Obtained: Egg House.
Pokeball: Poke Ball (3/500)
Type: Poison/Ground.
Ability: Sheer Force.
Nature: Naive.
Contest Stats: 0 all
Hold Item: None.
Bond: 10.
Evolutionary Line: Nidoran > Nidorina (level 16) > Nidoqueen (Moon Stone)

Bio: Tori, a slight misspelling of the wooden gates, is much like the culture of said lands of the gate. Dignified, respectful and motherly, she is considered by most of the team to be the kindest of the group, a voice of reason who is ready to step in and settle problems. On Alex's first trip to the Cloud Garden, she succumbed to a poisoning of a noxious mushroom, and was saved in the nick of time by her allies, including one specific Sandshrew who found himself a little besmitten with her. Given her response towards Glasspine and the increasing time spent with the ground type, it would seem that she may reciprocate those feelings back.

Level: Growl, Scratch, Tail Whip, Double Kick, Poison Sting, Fury Swipes, Bite, Tackle, Superpower, Helping Hand, Flatter, Crunch, Earth Power.
Egg: Charm, Poison Tail, Venom Drench, Skull Bash, Beat Up, Counter, Disable, Focus Energy.
Machine: Hone Claws, Toxic, Venoshock, Hidden Power (Dark), Sunny Day, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Protect, Rain Dance, Frustration, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Return, Dig, Double Team, Sludge Bomb, Aerial Ace, Facade, Rest, Attract, Thief, Round, Echoed Voice, Shadow Claw, Poison Jab, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Rock Smash, Secret Power, Confide.
Tutor: None.
Stale Water.

Unruly Premonition.
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Given we've only just gotten to 4 sign ups, if we get to the normal deadline on the 7th I'll go ahead and start the raid as a 4 man raid.
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