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'Till we meet again
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Lil' Bluey

Signing up for BINK with Zoom the Lv. 31 Alolan Sandshrew~

Zoom Lv. 31
Birthdate: August 25
Nature: Timid
Ability: Slush Rush
Poké Ball: Snow Ball
Hold Item: Never-Melt Ice
Bond: 10
Beauty Points: 40
Cool Points: 40
Cute Points: 40
Smart Points: 40
Tough Points: 40
Accessories: Snowglobe

Spoiler: show
Level Up Moves:
Defense Curl
Powder Snow
Ice Ball
Ice Shard
Rapid Spin
Fury Cutter
Metal Claw
Mirror Coat
Fury Swipes
Iron Defense
Ice Punch
Swords Dance
Iron Head

Gyro Ball - Lv. 34
Blizzard - Lv. 36
Hail - Lv. 42

MT/Advanced Moves:
Aqua Tail
Focus Punch
Icy Wind

Iron Tail
Knock Off

Stealth Rock
Super Fang
Steel Beam

Steel Roller
Throat Chop
Triple Axel

Egg Moves:
Chip Away
Crush Claw
Icicle Crash

Icicle Spear
Mud Shot
Night Slash
Rock Climb

TMs/TRs/HMs/Custom Moves:
Work Up
Hidden Power
Sunny Day

Leech Life

Brick Break
Double Team
Aerial Ace
Shadow Claw

Aurora Veil
Frost Breath
Rock Slide

Poison Jab
Sleep Talk

Ice Barrier
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Signing up for this raid with my Alola Sandslash!

Spoiler: show
Name: Igloo
Species: Alolan Sandslash
Gender: Male
Level: 13
In: Pokeball
Hold Item: None
Obtained: Trade Center (15/5/18 )
Ability: Slush Rush
Nature: TBA
Level Up Moves: Bide, Blizzard, Counter, Defense Curl, Fury Cutter, Fury Swipes, Gyro Ball, Hail, Ice Ball, Ice Shard, Icicle Crash, Icicle Spear, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Metal Burst, Metal Claw, Mist, Powder Snow, Rapid Spin, Rollout, Scratch, Slash, Swift, Swords Dance
Egg: None
TM/HM: None
Bio: To be added
Fizzy Bubbles: Karmas
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A Proper Death
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Signing up with my Horsea, Holster.

Spoiler: show

Species: Horsea @ Lure Ball
Name: Holster
Gender: Female
Level: 15
Type: Water
Ability: Sniper
Nature: Bashful
Held Item:
Obtained: Trade.
Birthday: December 17
Bond: 0
Bio: Holster is effortlessly cool - at least, she would like to think she is. An impressive sharpshooter who rarely ever misses her shot, the Horsea has bought into her own ego entirely. Such is her confidence that even when moving on land, a tricky feat for her species, she will often take to swaggering with confidence. This more often than not leads to her taking her fair share of tumbles, but these are easily played off as intended, coming across more goofy than anything else. Unfortunately for Sweeney, Scabbard regularly eggs the Horsea on, finding great enjoyment in the antics of the disillusioned seahorse.
Level Up Moves: Water Gun, Bubble, Leer, Smokescreen, Twister, Focus Energy
Technical Machine Moves: Flash Cannon
Hidden Machine Moves:
Move Tutor Moves:
Egg Moves: Water Pulse, Signal Beam, Razor Wind
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Brains over Brawn.
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Hopping in with my level 54 Kingdra, and having him hold this Razor Claw. His stats ar below.

Spoiler: show
Species: Kingdra.
Gender: Male.
Level: 54.
Obtained: Egg House.
Poke Ball: Blue Cyber Ball.
Type: Water/Dragon.
Ability: Sniper.
Nature: Quirky.
Contest Stats: 0 all.
Hold Item: None.
Bond: 50.
Evolutionary Track: Horsea > Seadra (Level 32) > Kingdra (Trade holding Dragon Scale)

Bio: Napier is ambitious, seeking to become a fully-fledged dragon despite the lack of terrestrial movement. A little arrogant, the water type nevertheless knows when he's beat and has often been found getting carried around by his teammates. A natural fan of battle, he's eager to show off his marksmanship and is a ruthless ocean predator, and his aggressive nature has landed him in hot water once or twice, yet through these flaws the seahorse certainly backs up his hardiness.
Level: Bubble, Smokescreen, Leer, Water Gun, Twister, Bubble Beam, Focus Energy, Brine, Agility, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, Hydro Pump.
Egg: Dragonbreath, Dragon Rage, Clear Smog, Signal Beam.
Machine: Toxic, Hail, Hidden Power Bug, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Protect, Rain Dance, Frustration, Return, Double Team, Facade, Rest, Attract, Round, Scald, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Flash Cannon, Confide, Surf.
Move Tutor: Hydro Cannon.
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Signing up

Name: Corviknight
Gender: Male
Level: 46
Bond: 50
Ability: Mirror Armor
Nature: Serious
Birthday: October 7
Obtained: Caught in Galar Release Event
Raid Victories: 1
Level-up Moves: Steel Wing, Iron Defense, Metal Sound, Peck, Leer, Power Trip, Hone Claws, Fury Attack, Pluck, Taunt, Scary Face, Drill Peck, Swagger, Brave Bird
EM/MT Moves: Dual Wingbeat, Roost, Steel Beam
TM/TR Moves: Hurricane, Protect

Holding Aegis of Frost
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King Ghidorah
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Entering my Drilbu--...what? Drilbur is evolving!

Drilbur evolved into Excadrill! Stats below. He will be holding this Soft Sand.

Species: Excadrill
Level: 31
Gender: Male
Type: Ground/Steel
Obtained: The Hatchery
Pokeball: Pokeball
Ability: Sand Force
Moves: Scratch, Mud Sport, Crush Claw, Rock Climb, Poison Jab, Earth Power, Mud Slap, Rapid Spin, Fury Swipes, Hone Claws, Metal Claw, Dig, Sandstorm, Scorching Sands, Sludge Bomb, Slash, Rock Slide
Evolves: From Drilbur @ Lv. 31
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Pokemon Trainer
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Sil inhaled deeply, taking in the sweet scent of the confectionaries sprouting all over--cherry red liquorice vines, rivers of golden brown sodas, creamy globs of peanut butter… her stomach grumbled loudly. She would have never thought an island this dreamingly delicious could possibly exist, though, now that she thought about, she had encountered a lot of strange things like this island since coming to Fizzytopia. An eldritch monster summoned by ancient deities. A several-ton boat lifted up from the bowls of the ocean by an undead Corsola with a score to settle. Strange looking fall-weather Bulbasaurs, speaking of which...

A soft, nervous croak distracted her from the delicious aroma of dessert. Sil glanced down to see her young Pumpkasaur, Umbra, pressed nervously to the ground, looking much smaller than he usually did. The light from the jack-o-lantern on his back dimmed, almost extinguished.

She had taken Umbra along with her on her trip to Saccharine Island in order to better bond with him--he had only recently joined her team at the Perplexing Patch. Despite being more outgoing than his Pumpaskaur brethren, he still retained some of their cautious behavior--something that protected the rare breed of Bulbasaur from Fizzytopia’s poachers, and other prying eyes.

“I promise I won’t turn you into pumpkin pie!” she said with a laugh. Umbra shook his head--this was something much more serious. He croaked again, and pointed one of his vines at something behind Sil. As she turned to look, her carefree attitude evaporated like root beer in the summer sun.

Crashing through the cotton candy trees, silhouetted against a backdrop of ominous black clouds, was a giant Carbink. Its gemstones glittered in all hues of red, illuminated by the Dynamax energy coursing through it as a trio of red clouds circled above its rocky rabbit ears. The sight was as dazzling beautiful as it was terrifying.

As if on cue, Sil’s phone buzzed, a raid alert blaring out at full blast. Umbra jumped at the sound.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Sil cooed, petting the Pumpaksaur on his head. She felt a coil of guilt twist in her stomach. Umbra was pretty scared, but they were right here by the rampaging Carbink. The local gym leader needed their support--she couldn’t just walk away.

“Umbra, Umbra we need to help. This island’s pretty isolated, and I don’t know how many people are currently on it. Even if the gym leader has seven people already, it might take hours before another helper arrives.”

Umbra looked away, contemplating his options.

“I promise you’ll be fine--I already have two raids under my belt, including one against a particularly terrifying Lickylicky--and nothing bad happened. Even Stone, who you know is a nervous nelly, was able to stomach a raid.”

The Pumpkasaur inhaled deeply, before turning to her with a determined look in his eyes.

Signing up with my Pumpkasaur.
Spoiler: show

Species: Pumpkasaur
Nickname: Umbra
Gender: Male
Level: 1
Held Item: None
Contest Stats: 0/0/0/0/0
Pokéball: Dusk Ball
Bond: 0
Obtained: Pumpkasaur's Perplexing Patch
Ability: Overgrow
Nature: Quite
Characteristic: Highly curious
Modifications: None
Trick-or-Treat (Egg move)
Pumpkin Bomb (CM)
Giga Drain (TM)

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: Am I a Cofagrigus, that you wrap me in bandages reminding me of such?

Of course not. They'll give you protection kinda like the Aegis of Frost does. Against Dynamaxed Raid Bosses, speed hardly matters. Plus, they make a great costume


Anyway, I'll be entering Lucario to battle against the Dynamax Boss Carbink, and also giving him these Mummy Bandages to "hold" for this raid.

Spoiler: show
Species: Lucario ()
Held Item: Mummy Bandages
Gender: Male
Type: Fighting/Steel
Level: 38
Bond: Quicklink
Nature: Hardy
Ability: Justified (HA)
Moves: Quick Attack, Foresight, Endure, Extreme Speed, Dragon Pulse, Close Combat, Dark Pulse, Aura Sphere, Detect, Laser Focus, Metal Claw, Mind Reader, Helping Hand, Magnet Rise, Meteor Mash, Blaze Kick, Psychic, Feint, Life Dew, Nasty Plot, Work Up, Rock Smash, Force Palm, Copycat, Final Gambit, Reversal, Counter, Flash Cannon, Bone Rush, Me First, Power-Up Punch, Swords Dance, High Jump Kick, Thunderbolt, Calm Mind, Metal Sound, Quick Guard, Water Pulse, Focus Blast
Evolution: >30>
Contest Stats:
Cool: 10
Beautiful: 10
Cute: 10
Clever: 10
Tough: 10
Birthday: July 30
Method of Obtainment: Trade
Spoiler: show
Like Buizel, Lucario is a caring and supportive Pokémon. He can utilize aura just like his Trainer can, but he and Jake are still learning the art. Lucario is a versatile, speedy mixed attacker that can battle from a distance just as well as close-range. Lucario is Jake's right-hand Pokémon aside from Buizel, and the two have perfect synergy with each other, as their auras are remarkably similar. Although Jake can understand Pokémon via aura, he may not be able to grasp every single word that a Pokémon is saying (or trying to say). Usually, Jake doesn't bother, but if understanding every single word a Pokémon says is of utmost importance at the moment, he asks Lucario to translate for him, which the Aura Pokémon gladly agrees to if asked. Lucario can speak with telepathy, and his translations are almost always in real time, so it's like the Pokémon that Lucario is translating for is speaking by themselves. All Lucario needs is a Lucarionite to unleash his unhindered aura with Mega Evolution Energy together.
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