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Elijah was tired.

It had felt like months since he saw the last attack land on the Xatu. He was pretty sure that he wasn't thinking straight, too—of course the Pawniard knew what it was doing, Dark was strong against Psychic if he recalled correctly so it just kind of made sense to use that same move over and over again (thank Arceus for his Pokédex telling him that Assurance was a Dark move). That, and he was kind of dealing with a wound from trying to keep his raid partner in check. So much for jumping into something that he didn't know anything about? That seemed to be a common theme with him lately. And what was up with this stream of consciousness that he was finding himself in?

"Yo Epoch," he called out to his Porygon as the Pawniard readied another attack. "When all of this is over, we need a vacation. Like, a vacation vacation."


yeah idc just end this already Assurance (60BP) WOO we did it yay

Because constant burnout is a state of mind.™

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Stonjourner, one more Assurance (60 BP x2), just to be... well, sure!

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Rock Fucking Tomb (60 BP)
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Dynamax Boss Shadow Xatu

Health Gauge: 0%
Shields Up: 0
Status: KO
Trainer Status: N/A
Weather: Shadow Sky (4 Rounds)
Arena: Gravity (2 Rounds)
Terrain: Psychic (3 Rounds)
KO Count: 1

A couple raiders smack the boss with a few super effective attacks into its massively lowered defense, causing an explosion of Dynamax energy that sees the Xatu shrink down to its original size, defeated.

Please wait for the other raids to finish for the Dynamax Adventure to continue!
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