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Marion Ette
Okay, Everyone!
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After a long and grueling week of cleaning crews and long hours - specialized equipment and careful handpicking - cleaning rocks, sand and debris from every corner of the hatchery - Miss Lulu finally felt confident that the Hatchery was ready to welcome the latest group of hatchlings into the world of Fizzy Bubbles.

Miss Lulu was always one to look on the bright side, and today was no different. Sure, she had sacrificed a great deal of rest, and what little remained of her free time that week, to the meticulous pursuit of rendering every square inch of the Hatchery spotless... but how pristine it looked! How perfect! Miss Lulu was sure that the building had not seen such cleanliness since it was first built... and even then, she thought with some glee, it was probably even cleaner now.

It was in the middle of these delighted musings that Miss Lulu becomes aware of the sound of audible cracking - the first of this latest batch of baby Pokemon being born, no doubt - and that baby sounded like a strong one! Still riding on the high of her tidying accomplishments, Miss Lulu practically floats over to the incubation room, throwing the incubator doors wide open to welcome the new baby into this fresh, clean world!

Just as Miss Lulu lifts the incubator doors to get a closer look at the little one emerging, she realizes her mistake... one moment too late. The crack resounds like an earthquake, as powerful jaws break free of the egg, releasing the baby within -

and sand.

Oh, Arceus, the sand.

Sand everywhere.

The baby clicks his jaws with glee upon accomplishing freedom - a week's worth of pounding against his rock-hard confines with ever-strengthening mandibles - it had all culminated to this moment! How proud he was! How gleeful!

Miss Lulu could not help but be happy for him. She had to be. No baby should be born into the world to meet the face of disappointment. Once the little ground type was picked up by his doting trainer, then Miss Lulu could go about the business of cleaning the hatchery... again.


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Originally Posted by CyberBlastoise View Post
Dropping off my birthday egg to Incubate :3
Hatching this babu.

Fizzy Bubbles

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When Mint came in to pick up her little new face, she hadn't expected to begin coughing uncontrollably the moment she walked in the door. Nor had she expected to hear the crunching of something gritty beneath her shoes.

Nor had she expected to be faced with the aftermath of what appeared to be an explosion of sand. It was everywhere. It floated in the air, lay on the ground, clung to the walls. And in the center of it all was a traumatized-looking Ms. Lulu carrying an orange Ant Pit Pokemon looking absolutely pleased as punch with itself on its recently accomplished birth.

Mint sighed, knowing this preciously adorable little monster was going to be quite the handful around the house, especially if it liked to spread sand this much, but she knew exactly what it would grow into one day, knowing just how much more she would love him when that day came. Thinking of what Poke Ball would end up being the little creature's home, she thought back to the Poke Ball she'd received from out of the blue, with that Dawn Stone and everything else.

Reaching into her Bag, she brought out the Ball in question, the one with such a coveted, all-red sheen to it that would signify just how special its inhabitant was. Bopping the Cherish Ball to the Trapinch's head, it quickly encapsulated and secured him with a satisfying ding, and vanished as little Bantu was sent to Mint's PC storage.

With that settled, Mint decided to help Ms. Lulu clean up the sand. Doubtlessly it was already caught up in her dress, so she should at least make the laundromat trip she would need worth the money, no?

(OOC: Claiming little Bantu and placing him in my Cherish Ball, and using my TM Earthquake on him as well, both items from the casino event that I hadn't gotten around to using. I love him so muuuuuuch!)
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Originally Posted by DaveTheFishGuy View Post
Quoth the Honchkrow (nevermore!).
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Marion Ette
Okay, Everyone!
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Any thoughts Miss Lulu might have had about getting the Incubation Room into a semi-presentable state before the next hatch was ready are dashed before they have time to come to fruition. Indeed, Miss Lulu was only given barely enough time to provide Mint with her Trapinch and, in response to Mint's offer to help clean, point her in the direction of the cleaning supplies with a truly heartfelt thank you before yet another baby was making their debut into the world - this hatch, however, was brought to Miss Lulu's attention by the incubator's alert system, as the sound of the egg hatching was so soft, and the cracks were so small, that Miss Lulu would have needed the hearing of an Audino to pick it up. With a tiny crackle of static, the egg bursts open to reveal an itsy-bitsy Pokemon, whose blue eyes blink with curiosity.

Though Miss Lulu had hoped for a water type to hatch that would be able to wash the sand away, this little one would be perfect for creeping into crevices and getting bits of debris out from behind small corners - if the Pokemon's trainer wasn't already sitting with an eager expression in the waiting room, Miss Lulu might have assigned the little Pokemon to do just that. Of course, it was the duty of a Hatchery Attendant to deliver babies to their trainers as soon as possible... but the idea had already planted itself in Miss Lulu's head. Perhaps there was a tiny Pokemon cleaning crew she could hire, somewhere out there... Surely, the internet would provide. With Mint's help and a crew of tiny Pokemon, maybe the third hatch of the bunch would be the one to witness the Hatchery in a truly pristine state...

Cradled safely in the palms of Miss Lulu's hands as the Hatching Attendant makes her way to the waiting room to present the waiting trainer their new Pokemon, the newly born spider might have avoided getting enlisted in cleaning duty today, but who knows what small, strange and wonderful corners of the world she would squeeze herself into in the future?


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