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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Maskerade: Your offerings are well received by the gods, as suddenly they disappear. You count and find that 3 Candies, 3 Beignets, and 10 Pokedollars were taken by the god, and in its place, stood a towering mass of candy. It looks pretty gruesome however as if it was a candy carving of an outer god himself, but before you know it, your Deino begins to chow down on it. Ignoring the fact that it tastes pretty metallic, your Deino begins to feel stronger as eldritch power courses through him. Your Snorlax looks a little concerned before your Deino begins to jump and leap. Even if the effect was rather small, it seems that your Deino definitely benefited from the god's favor!

Zyll has gained three levels and five Bond!
"Oh dear..."

It was true miracle of multiplication. A handful of Halloween treats transformed into a veritable pile of candy, shaped like a strangely unsettling being but a pile of candy nonetheless. What manner of powers did the pumpkin statue possess? Could it... truly be some sort of God?

Zyll, usually reserved and introspective, seemed to suddenly become immensely interested in the statue's retribution. Getting the drake to eat anything was always a challenge, but for whatever reason, the scent of this strange candy triggered something inside the Deino, and he tackled the food with uncharacteristic appetite.

Guntz made a motion to get himself some of those delicious treats, but stopped midway. Had it not been for Zyll's instructions, he could've done something silly, and the outcome could've been very, very different... maybe, just this once, he would let the dragon claim have the meal all to himself. He deserved it, and for some reason, the tower of sweets seemed less appetizing than it should.

"T-take your time Zyll," said Rorik, watching the Deino go at it with gusto. "But do let me know when you're done; I really don't want to stay here any longer than necessary if you don't mind."

The place gave him the creeps, but he knew it meant something to Zyll, and besides, the statue (the "god"?) seemed to favor the Dark-Type as a result of his offering... Rorik couldn't comprehend any of it, but maybe he didn't have to. All that really mattered was that, on that day, he felt his Bond with Zyll become much stronger. If only for that, leaving the Factory behind in favor of the Temple had been worth it.


*Zyll grew from Level 1 to 4!*

((Thank you very much for this fun little event Emi! All praise the Outer Gourds!))

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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Hello everyone, thank you for your patience with the Halloween event! With Gary coming onto the team, we've been very busy lately with trying to settle some topics that had been laying around for a little while, and school has picked up recently for me, but I'm happy to finally have the time to sit down and write out everyone treats and tricks. So without further ado, let's get started!

Pumpkin Head Cthulu Statue:

Missingno Master: Your offering of the Liechi Berry was not unnoticed, and all of a sudden, in a bright flash of light, the Liechi Berry completely disappears. No trace of it can be found, but you notice that something else has appeared in front of the statue. It looks like a shallow dish, and it begins filling up with a liquid that you can only describe as looking a lot like blood. Eon looks a little nervous about going up to the dish and tasting it, but he also feels slightly compelled too. He walks up to the dish, and licks a little bit of the fluid inside, noting that it tastes both spicy and sweet, almost like the juice of a Liechi berry. Before Eon can comprehend what's happening, power begins to course through him. Dark power, eldritch power, and Eon can feel himself becoming a little bit stronger because of it. Not much, however, and as everything dies down Eon only feels a little bit tougher from the ordeal. I guess its better than having something bad happen, at any rate.

Eon has gained three Levels and 5 Bond!
Keith watched as Eon gently nudged the Liechi Berry towrds the statue... and then, just like that, the berry was gone! "Ooeee?" Eon squealed in surprise.

"Whoa," Keith murmured. "What- wait, what's that?" he added, for indeed, in place of the Liechi Berry, there now sat a shallow dish of some sort. And it was filling itself. With what looked like blood.

"Vee..." murmured Eon. She slowly stepped forward, clearly nervous about doing this, while at the same time feeling somewhat compelled to. She licked some of the liquid inside.

"How is it?" Keith asked.

"Vee!" Eon barked, sounding noticeably less nervous. Not that Eon knew firsthand what blood might taste like, but if she had to guess, she wouldn't have thought to guess the sweet and spicy flavors of Liechi juice. And then, the Shiny Eevee's eyes widened as she felt herself growing stronger... but only slightly. Not a massive increase in power, but every little bit helped. She slurped up some more of the juice, but felt no further surge of dark, eldritch power.

"Huh," remarked Keith. He dug out his Pokédex and analyzed Eon with it. Her level had gone up slightly, and it felt as though this experience had strengthened the Bond between them somewhat. Satisfied with this much, Keith scooped the Shiny Eevee up in his arms once more and headed for the exit. Once at the doorway, however, he turned, giving a small, grateful smile to the odd statue before finally leaving.

*Eon grew to level 2!*

*Eon grew to level 3!*

*Eon grew to level 4!*

Thanks, Emi! This was a fun little event, liked it a lot!
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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Hello everyone, thank you for your patience with the Halloween event! With Gary coming onto the team, we've been very busy lately with trying to settle some topics that had been laying around for a little while, and school has picked up recently for me, but I'm happy to finally have the time to sit down and write out everyone treats and tricks. So without further ado, let's get started!

Pumpkin Head Cthulu Statue:
Cyberblastoise: You pocket the idol, believing completely that it was a sham, but as you walk away, you notice something. Your pack is lighter. You open it up to find that the idol is gone, and you turn around, only to notice that its back on its altar, where it belongs. Suddenly, the room goes black, and your Finneon and Squirtle cower in terror and two bright red lights shine out of the idol's eyes. Normally, even the gods would give something, but in light of your...huge blasphemy, suddenly you find that your pack is a lot lighter than before. Words begin to reverberate in your head. "Greed will be punished, for trinkets and baubles are worth nothing in the face of power." Your Finneon begins to retch as suddenly its body begins to change. What was once a normal colored Finneon now appears to be changing quite rapidly? It begins to turn a purplish color, but even more disheartening is that it seems that its skin is changing.

As the light fills the room back up, you find that your Finneon now looks more like a crustacean than a fish, covered in a thick, purple shell. While that may provide some protection against physical attacks, it also appears to be slowing it down tremendously. Guess it is not going to be "Swift" anymore...

You lost 1000 Pokedollars, and your Finneon is now covered in a thick, shell. It gains the defense boost equivalent of a Harden but is now much slower as a result. Whether or not its reversible remains to be seen....
"What the hell was that?" Bill cursed. He looked at Swift who was now covered in what appears to be a hard-purple shell. The Finneon just glared at Bill. Bill took a quick step back again before he says, "Okay, okay, mayyyybe this place isn't fake, but come on. It could've been worse."

"Finnnnnnnn," Swift slapped his tail on the ground before Pounding Bill in the stomach.

"Oooh, okay yeah I deserved that." He took another look at Swift before saying "You know, that's kinda a good look for you. Something a lot more intimidating and menacing. At least now it matches your personality." Another Pound this time on the legs. Silver gets between the Finneon and Bill before trying to diffuse the situation.

"Besides, it doesn't seem all that impressive of feat for a-" This time the Squirtle used Water Gun to try and shut its stupid trainer up before he says something that he might regret.

"What was that abou-?" he noticed the duo eying the idol from before. Swift was right about one thing, whatever these gods were, they weren't to be trifled with. Bill took a deep breath before saying, "Okay, okay, you win, whatever. Let's go."

After leaving and going far far away from the temple, Bill took another look at Swift. No doubt about it, this armored shell was not going away anytime soon. "Maybe the Ocean goddess can clear this up," he says. Though truth be told he wouldn't even know where to begin to look, the only times he's ever seen the Ocean goddess was at the Ocean of Mystery. Just chalk up one more reason to go there. "Well, we still need to make money, and thanks to those things, I've lost even more money." he sighed. "Welp, let's see if there's any other ruins, which we can use." He walked off towards another direction, hoping to find something else to do.

The Finneon just sulked at the trainer. This time it was the voice of reason and it got punished for its own trainer's negligence...again.

"Swift? Come on, buddy," Bill said.

The Finneon just replied with a Water Gun to the face, before angrily ranting and raving at Bill, before hopping away.

"Swift, please, I'm sorry," Bill said. It just continued on its merry way, but wow was its body heavy. It started to tire out, but it wouldn't stop moving. "Swift....look, you tried to warn me and I just made fun of the gods' temple (though it's still a rundown piece of garbage as far as I'm concerned), but do you really hate me that much? Do you regret traveling with me? If so, say the word and I'll release you back into the wild."

The Finneon glared at Bill for a minute.....but after that minute, that glare turned into a single tear and the Finneon hopped back towards Bill. "Finneon," it said sadly. It took Bill a while, but he understood that the Finneon was venting its anger on Bill, but it also seemed to still want to stay with the trainer.

"When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade," Bill said. "Your body is covered in this shell now, meaning that you might be able to take more hits now. Not to mention the purple does make you look cool, and that is always a plus." The Finneon nodded its head at its trainer before getting that determined look in its eye again. "We'll get those gods back someday too, just you wait and see. For now, let's just get on the road."

Fizzy Bubbles


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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Meetan: Your Swinub immediately goes on the hunt, looking for something interesting to bring back to you. It sniffs all over, trying to find some kind of scent that smells differently from the other smells in this place, which in fairness, are many. It doesn't seem to have a lot of luck initially, but then it manages to hone in on something, digging into the detritus around one of the tables as it grabs the item with its mouth. It seems to be...a TM? How it could smell them you don't know, but it brings the TM back to you, happy and pleased with itself. You can't be too mad at that you suppose, as you put the TM into your pack for use later.

You gained TM Frost Breath!
Alice was initially disappointed that Maasa seemed to be struggling to find decent loot, and she carried on rifling through useless mess. Eventually, though, her Pokemon returned at a fast pace, knocking aside this and that with muffled oinks. The trainer peered down at her Swinub, a smile breaking onto the trainer's face as she plucks the technical machine from his mouth. The pale blue disc shimmered a little in cracks of silver lighting.

"Hey, good boy!" The young woman beamed. She loved TMs almost as much as a certain other item she was obsessed with, ruffling her ice type's vibrant pink fur. "Thank you! This is awesome! Okay, my dude, there doesn't seem to be much else here, so let's make a move. This place is grotty as hell." She put the TM away in her pack and scooped her companion up, carefully watching for obstacles as she took her leave.

[Collecting TM Frost Breath and teaching it to Nina the Vulpix! Thanks!]
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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Pumpkin Head Cthulu Statue:

Gemini Spark: As you try to get all of the pumpkin guts off of you, suddenly you hear a voice reverberating in your head. It almost sounds like...laughter, although it definitely is messing with your head a little bit. It seems like the pumpkin god was very amused with the fact that you had a trick played on you, and suddenly in front of you, there lays a pumpkin! This is not a glowing pumpkin ready to explode, but it definitely seems like...a bizarre looking pumpkin, as if this was a pumpkin that grew approximately two dimensions away from this one. How you know that is not certain, but your Pumpkasaur seems to want to eat it, looking at you for permission. You nod, not knowing what will happen if you reject such a gift. Your Pumpkasaur begins to greedily eat the pumpkin, and it seems to be really enjoying it! Power courses through it and its pretty plain to see that your Pumpkasaur got a lot stronger from that eldritch pumpkin.

Your Pumpkasaur gains 5 Levels, and now know Seed Bomb!
Gordon wasted no time and stuffed his face into the pumpkin, devouring its contents until there was no contents left inside the pumpkin shell, at which point he just tore into the shell and ate the rest of it, including the top and bottom. Once he was done swallowing down the last of the gourd, he licked his face clean of the rest of the pumpkin taste, thoroughly satisfied with the meal. "Wow, you really liked that, didn't you, Gordon? I may have to feed you pumpkins more often!"

"Saurrrrr~" Gordon purred with delight as he walked away from the statue looking for more pumpkins, hoping there would be more of them that were just as tasty as the one he just ate.

{Thanks for helping Gordon discover his favorite food!}

Level Up! Pumpkasaur grew from Lv. 7 to Lv. 12!
New Move! Pumpkasaur learned Seed Bomb!
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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Abandoned Pumpkin Cure Facility:

Okikumew: Confident with your inventive strategy, the first thing you do is cause an electric pulse to be sent throughout the place. Some of the equipment turns on briefly before it turns back off again, and you use the power of magnets to cause things to rise into the air. There aren't many magnetic things in this place that are of importance, and you're a little worried at the number of scapels you have caused to rise into the air, but you see something really interesting levitating. It's a metal hook with a mask on it. You point it out for your Pokemon to grab, and after they navigate the labyrinth of equipment and ingredients, they eventually bring it to you. It looks like its the kind of mask a Plague Doctor would wear, and something about it makes you want to take it and bring it home. Putting it in your bag, you motion to leave, having found something interesting from this place after all.

You gained the Plague Doctor Mask!

Plague Doctor Mask: Significantly increases the damage poison you inflict does on the opponent and slightly increases your speed and damage if you are poisoned or burned.

Thank you everyone for participating, and remember CONSUME THE PUMPKINS EAT THE PUMKINS.
Well, this is a lot better than I expected from my strategy! I know some people who would be jealous

Picking up the Plague Doctor Mask! Thanks Emi! ^^
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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
TheKnightsFury: After you do your...performance, you wait to see if the gods will respond. For a while, nothing happens. I don't blame them, what a bizarre performance they were forced to witness. After a little while though, they seem to have made their decision. Suddenly, a large eldritch pumpkin appears in front of the altar. This isn't just a replica either, this is definitely a pumpkin that has grown from four dimensions away. It makes your head hurt just looking at it, but there is a knife in front of the pumpkin. You pick it up and start to cut the pumpkin open, noting that the inside of it looks exactly like blood. god, you hoped it wasn't blood. As you clean out the guts, you see something inside of the pumpkin. In fact, you see a lot of something. It seems like your bizarre performance has definitely curried favor from the gods, and inside of the pumpkin was treasure!

You gained 5 Rare Candies and a Rare Eldritch Artifact worth $1250.
Claiming my rewards, thank you for the great event Emi! A few extra candies and cash never hurt anyone haha

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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Pumpkin Head Cthulu Statue:

Naruxami: You take your selfie with the statue and begin to leave, but something compels you to stay. The Pumpkin Statue begins to glow, and in fact, almost seems to illuminate brightly, for you have given him the best gifts all day! Not only did you offer items and blood, but by taking a selfie and posting it on social media, you guaranteed the Pumpkin God new followers! It would reward you kindly for such a generous offering. The skin on your stomach burns a bit as a weird eldritch mark forms on it, a sign of blessing from the Pumpkin God. At the very least, it makes for a sick looking tattoo. Pheme squeaks as suddenly its body begins to change, energy pouring into him from the statue. Its wings begin to turn an orange color while the plume on its head and its wingtips turn a blood red color, and it feels like it is getting much stronger than before. It looks like even it is being changed for the sake of the Pumpkin God!

Pheme gained 10 Levels. The yellow parts of its wings have turned orange, and the plume on its head and its wing tips have turned blood red!
Naru glanced down at her phone, it was buzzing with attention. So many commentors now wanting to know where the statue was, so many people telling her to consume pumpkins. It was all very bizarre, pumpkins were only good in Pumpkin Spice Lattes --- what on Earth were these people smoking and where could Naru get some of that for herself? She looks back towards the statue, curious as to what trouble she hath brought onto the world. Naru's eyes lit up, her eyes becoming clouded by the insanely bright light that the statue was illuminating.

Naru stood in awe, before feeling her stomach tingly like someone was pinching her repeatedly. She lifted her shirt, revealing an eldritch symbol now emblazoned on her stomach.

"Bruh. That's fuckin' sick." She looked down at it, before quickly pulling out her phone to take a picture of her new ink. Pheme glared at his master, squawking loudly.

"Danielle! You stop that! You're only fueling his power!" Naru rolled her eyes, watching as Pheme began to glow as well. "W-what?! Danielle, what's going on? Did you finally hatch a plan to turn me into dinner?" He screeched loudly once again, terrified as to what the god would do to him.

When the light faded, Pheme looked down at himself --- seeing his new coloration. It wasn't drastic, but it was enough to make him shake with fear. They were now messengers of the pumpkin god, and he was not one to let his disciples leave. However, he also felt a lot stronger... maybe he could get used to this.

"Let's blow this joint, bye senpai-thulu! We'll keep your message in our hearts!" She blew a kiss at the statue as they left.
Pheme grew from Lv. 1 to Lv. 11! Pheme's colors have also shifted slightly, a permanent mark of your lordship.
[I luv u emi <3]
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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Ex-Admiral Insane: Your Ekans attempts to swallow the statue, only to find that it is immediately pushed back by some unknown force, slamming it into the wall. Suddenly, the room goes completely dark, even though you know you saw a light outside, none of it appears to be piercing the inky blackness. Suddenly, two bright lights shine, and you can only think that these are the statue's eyes, glowing with hatred at the indignity your Ekans had shown to it. Your Ekans cowers in terror, suddenly seeming to fear the statue more than anything before it seems like his body is being remade. His scales begin to fall out and are replaced more and more with something completely different. In fact, if you didn't know better, you'd almost say he is growing fur! As the process finishes, light fills the shrine once again, and, against all logic, it seems that's exactly what has happened to your Ekans. In place of its shining pink scales, the Ekans is now covered in dark green fur! Maybe next time you'll learn not to disrespect those who can change body and mind!

Your Ekans is now covered in dark green fur! Whether its reversible or not remains to be seen...
Ekans: ....

Lucas: ....

Ekans: ....

Lucas: ....

Ekans: ....

Lucas: ....

Ekans: ....

Lucas: ....

Ekans: ....

Lucas: ....

Ekans: ....

Lucas: ....

Ekans: ....

Lucas: ....

Ekans: ........

Lucas: ........

Ekans: ..

Lucas: ..

Ekans: ...


Picking up a fuzzy, dark-green Ekans I guess.

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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Ironthunder: Your Shuppet begins to search the facility, and your Ghost-type Pokemon definitely has an advantage that other Pokemon wouldn't have. She searches where others will not go, and sees what others will not see. As she searches, she finds more and more evidence of the kind of medical research happening here. It doesn't seem to be anything sinister, although it doesn't seem to have gone anywhere either. Your Shuppet finds a cranny that would be difficult to see otherwise and finds something that others would not find. She pulls it out, and it appears to be some kind of cauldron, bubbling over with some kind of potion. You might not have picked it up, but your Shuppet is insistent on bringing it with you, so you reluctantly bring it along, hoping that it won't turn you into a frog or something.

You gained the Bubbling Cauldron!

Bubbling Cauldron
This Witches brew is as it looks a brew of bubbles and troubles, what will happen? Well in battle if used one of these things could happen:
- The holder is healed 50%
- The holder is Healed 100%
- The holder is Damaged by 10%
- The holder is afflicted with a Random Status effect
- The holder is transformed into a random Pokémon (Updater and Ref discretion)
- The holder and Opponent switch bodies until the end of the battle
- The opponent is Damaged 10%
- The opponent is Healed by 50%
Claiming, thanks for this Emi!
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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Pumpkin Head Cthulu Statue:

Raves: While you're definitely feeling scared as hell at Attila's actions, the Pumpkin Gods are immensely pleased. The first thing that happens is that suddenly you find your wounds are healing up, and you're even feeling better than when you came in here. They want blood, but maybe not excessive bloodshed? Maybe they would just want it to happen by their own hands? No wait, the old man who got bloodied up seems to be no better off. Maybe they were just healing you in this case. Attila stood next to the altar when all of a sudden the old man cried out. Before your eyes, his entire body disappeared into the aether except for his beating heart, which quickly stopped beating. Suddenly, Attila shrilled as power surged through her. The gods were immensely pleased with her gift, and she was getting significantly stronger as a result! Attila definitely had gotten a great deal out of the bargain, but you know what they say about blood pacts with outer gods.

You never know when they will bite you in the back.

Attila gained 10 levels and learned Crunch and Dark Pulse! Congratulations!
With a swing of brass and a crescent spray of crimson, Alex could only watch as Attila dealt with the nuisance in her own manner, striking the man in the neck, avoiding any major arteries so as to let the crippled fool bleed out slowly. The altar was stained, and yet the most unusual thing happened, as the injuries the trainer had incurred quickly healed, and the pain in the head faded. Was this the doing of that altar? There was no doubt he felt better than when he first arrived here, and if the aim was to lose what pursuers they had, then they had done a good job, by the time his two companions arrived to find him he'd have been long gone. Hook still in hand, the Larvitar released the object and stood by the altar, staring into the eyes of the pumpkin.

To the gods, she had made her offering, and would await the response. A couple of seconds later, the offering cried out, as the gods accepted the offering with great pleasure, the victim vanishing into the realm of the pumpkin gods, his soul in eternal servitude, while his tainted heart was left in the real world, giving a few feeble beats. In gratitude, the gods gave Attila what she sought: Power, strength, wisdom. Giving a shrill cry of might, the Larvitar coursed with dark energy, blessed by the dark gods, and her inner strength unleashed as the energy flowed through and around her.

Then silence. The altar lay dormant once more, the human who lay there no more but an unliving organ. Alex rose to his feet as Attila turned her attention towards him, before giving but a single nod. Taking the heart into hands, the rock pokemon left with Alex, neither of them mentioning a word as they made efforts to dispose of the organ and to speak little of the events that transpired here. Part of him winced at the dark arts that had transpired at this location, while the other told him that Attila was going to be a tough one to understand. As for the Larvitar, the eldritch gods had accepted her offering greatly, and while she fully understood the implications of blood pacts despite her young age, the queen of destruction would make certain to deliver on what promise the gods sought of her.


Collecting 10 levels and new moves for Attila, with many thanks for an interesting event.
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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Morningstar: While you did not give an offering to the statue, it listens to your kind words, and in front of it a plate of wax formed. It was really confusing to you, but your Litwick Palmier looked thankful as it moved over and began to consume the wax. A candle Pokemon must not have many issues with ingesting wax, and as it consumes the wax, you can see waves of energy pulsing through it, and it seems your Litwick is getting stronger from the gift. It finishes eating the wax and looks at you with a smile, ready to leave this place and go back to a Pokemon Center, now that it is finished giving penance to the Pumpkin Gods.

Your Litwick gained 4 Levels and learned Calm Mind!
Athena looked on in fascinated horror as wax formed on the altar from out of nowhere. Palmier continued to know what to do, and moved forward to absorb the substance into his small body. The Litwick looked like it had grown stronger, and gained some new knowledge as well.

As she followed her Pokemon away from the temple, Athena felt that somehow she had gotten lucky in this strange encounter.

Palmier grew to level 16!
Palmier learned Night Shade!
Palmier learned Will-o-Wisp!
Palmier learned Calm Mind!

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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Abandoned Pumpkin Cure Facility:

Myahoo: You and your Pokemon search the facility, using investigative moves in order to easily search the facility. As your search, initially, you find basically nothing except spend equipment, and pumpkins. Your Swinub is tempted to eat some of the pumpkins, as they seemed fresh, but listened to your advice and ignored it. It continues to sniff, and suddenly something catches its nose. Does it smell a little bit like...poison? Your Swinub is not really sure, but it immediately beelines for the source. It suddenly finds it, puts it in his mouth, and runs back to you. While none of your other Pokemon have found anything of interest, your Swinub brings its item back to you. You take it out of his mouth, noting that it looks like the kind of mask you would see from a fictional plague doctor. The ones with the really pointy noses. It definitely did seem a little out of place in the times, but pretty in place with the theme of the place, so you decide to take it with you. Little did you know, this item has a lot of power inside of it.

You gained the Plague Doctor mask!

Plague Doctor Mask: Significantly increases the damage poison you inflict does on the opponent and slightly increases your speed and damage if you are poisoned or burned.

Thank you everyone for participating, and remember CONSUME THE PUMPKINS EAT THE PUMKINS.
Between Melissa, her Sableye, and her Swinub, the three of them did a fine job of turning the place upside down, though they had very little to show for their efforts aside from the pile of pumpkins they'd made near the door. Melissa was just thinking they might've had no luck at all when Snuffles dragged something not-pumpkin-shaped back to the duo.

"You found something?"

Snuffles dropped his discovery at their feet and Ore picked the thing up to examine it. It looked like the old plague doctor mask, reminiscent of the head of a crow or raven. Ore handed it up to Melissa and crossed his arms with a huff, sulking.

Melissa turned it over in her hands. "Huh. Pretty cool." She glanced around the now-messy room and then down at her Pokémon. "I don't think we'll turn up anything else, so let's head home, guys. Nice job, Snuffles."

She recalled her Pokémon and headed out.

Collecting the Plague Doctor Mask. Thanks for the event!
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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Abandoned Pumpkin Cure Facility:

Median Dia: Your Swoobat takes into the air and begins to sniff around, a tactic that has definitely been used by others in your position. What they don't have, however, is the fact that your Swoobat can blow stuff around, and it does so, kicking things up in order to make sure it can uncover things that are hidden under all of the garbage around here. After the whirlwind blows things around, thankful none of it has hit you and given you the Black Plague, your Woobat spots something and swoops down, picking up the container in its...feet? Wait, how exactly does this work? It brings the container to you, and you open it up, finding something curious inside. It's a rose made of black glass. You wonder why this would be here, but maybe it has something to do with medical research. You leave the facility, happy to have found something.

You gained the Magical Black Glass Rose!

Magical Black Glass Rose
Fatal Attraction (Dark/Psychic)
The user emits a dark pheromone into the air which, when it hits the opponent, will cause them to go into a state of attraction if they are of the opposite gender, their infatuation making them less likely to attack. Once the pheromone hits the blood stream, the damage over time effect occurs, the opponent receiving damage equivalent to Toxic. If the opponent's infatuation is broken, the damage subsides and all is normal.

"Maybe... we shouldn't have scattered all those papers," Ami stated when the glass container was uncovered, confusion more than evident in her voice. "What would a place that works with pumpkins need a magical bit of silicon for? Now we'll never know."

Amity squeaked cheerfully, trying to portray that they at least found something they could use.

"Yeah, you're right. Let's get out of here before the others knock the place down and ask Chroma if she knows what magic this rose holds." The girl carefully took the container before the swoobat could have it slip out of her grip- she'd have to learn Telekinesis at some point, for sure.

~ ~ ~

Picking up my Magical Black Glass Rose and storing it for the time being. Now, what pokemon can I use to make that idea work...?

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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Hello everyone, thank you for your patience with the Halloween event! With Gary coming onto the team, we've been very busy lately with trying to settle some topics that had been laying around for a little while, and school has picked up recently for me, but I'm happy to finally have the time to sit down and write out everyone treats and tricks. So without further ado, let's get started!

Pumpkin Head Cthulu Statue:

Biggggg5: As you tap your Pokemon to the side of the statue, nothing happens. Your Pokemon neither opens nor does the statue disappear. You wait a little longer to see if anything happens, before putting the Premier Ball back away in your bag. Maybe there wasn't anything to fear from the statue after all? As you start to leave, however, suddenly something hits your head dead on and falls on the ground. As you turn around to look at what it was, you notice that it is a leather bag. You try not to think of what kind of skin that leather may have been out of, but as you open the bag up, you find some treasure inside of it! You wonder where that could have come from before you leave, a little bit richer in tow.

You received three Premier Balls and a silver disc worth 500 Pokedollars!

Thank you everyone for participating, and remember CONSUME THE PUMPKINS EAT THE PUMKINS.
Claiming these. Thank you Emi! Although I think those first two mentions of Pokemon were supposed to be Pokeball. But no judgment I know this is a big undertaking. Merry Chirstmas everyone!
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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Schala: Your Pokemon begin to comb the facility, but it quickly becomes apparent that something is up. It seems that there is nothing of any real use here. People must have come and looted the place before you arrived. You sigh, thinking that was just your luck. Your Pokemon look a little disappointed as well before suddenly, you feel a tap on your shoulder. Turning around, you come face to face with someone with a mask with a long nose. You cry out in shock, not expecting to be spooked, which is a little silly considering its Halloween, but you probably expected to be stabbed in the back. "Calm down, I'm not gonna hurt you. I came back to find some papers I left behind, but to see my workshop in such a disarray is...disheartening. Listen, if you don't talk about meeting me, I'll make sure you get something good out of it." You nod, not really knowing what was going on, but the woman searches through the disaster zone before finding her papers. She curses that something spilled on them, before handing you an item. In fact, it is a few items you noticed. "There you go. I did some research into this stuff as well but wasn't able to find anything interesting. Now, to continue my research elsewhere..."

...okay then. You pocket the items, leaving the facility.

You gained the Mummy Bandages and the Scarecrow Vest!

Mummy Bandages
This item raises the holder's Defences by 20% but reduces its speed by 20%.

Scarecrow Vest
This item raises the holder's speed by 20% but due to the extra speed the Pokémon is more prone to misses and loses 20% of its accuracy with physical attacks.
It quickly becomes apparent that nothing of value remains in the facility as one by one her Pokemon return empty handed (Or pawed...or whatever appendages a Gastly and Pumpkaboo have). In particular, Apate's lack of items is a bad sign, given all of the the cackling earlier. Schala resigns herself to finding a rotten pumpkin or something similar in her bag later that week.

As she opens her mouth to address her gathered Pokemon, Schala is interrupted by a tap on her shoulder. She lets out a shriek as she spins around--she hadn't heard anyone approaching, nor had her Pokemon given any indication, after all--and finds herself face to mask with a woman.

The woman in the plague doctor mask is quick to explain that she means no harm, and was only looking for some of her documents. She hands over a few items in exchange for the young trainer's silence about their meeting, and Schala is left standing, confused, with a bundle of items in her hands.

She and her team leave the facility, and she takes a moment to look over what she was given. Some bandages and a vest? Well, it gives me an idea...

Turning to her Pokemon, she gestures to the items and asks "How about we head back to town and see if we can catch the tail end of trick or treating? It looks like we've got costumes handled at least."

The group seems enthusiastic about that plan, and they head back to town. Schala tries not to think too hard about the strange masked stranger. Especially not about how said stranger managed to sneak up on her and her Pokemon in a quiet, dark room filled with debris.

....At least it wasn't zombies.

(OOC: Claiming the Mummy Bandages and Scarecrow Vest, thanks for the event!)
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Pikagod: You and Princess pay your respects to the Pumpkin Gods, and while they don't really care what you do for a living because they are eldritch and all knowing, of course, they at the very least hear your approval. A plush eldritch pumpkin appears in front of the altar, and your Stufful sniffs it curiously before bouncing on top of it. She doesn't really know why she did that, but it just felt right. The plush begins to dissolve and disappear, and in its place, Princess feels that she is getting more and more power from the plushie. There is no need for her to retaliate for not getting anything, so she seems pretty pleased.

Princess gained 3 levels and 5 Bond!
Grabbing levels and bond for Princess.

Thanks for the event Emi!
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Lil' Bluey This reminds me of the Neopets lab ray

Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Pumpkin Head Cthulu Statue:

Lilbluecorsola: Your Litwick makes a quick and sneaky swap, replacing the pumpkin on the statue's head for the Skull of Forgotten Souls. It's kind of bizarre how that happens, but before you know it, the two objects are back in their respective places. Pan looks really surprised by that before the statue begins to glow. However, it seems that the room isn't going dark, so the statue doesn't seem too displeased??? Pan gets a vision of a god with a skeleton head on its face, and now its realized what has happened. By switching the things on top of the statue, its accidentally called on another god! Power courses through it and suddenly it can feel itself becoming a lot different. Stronger? Stranger? Stringier? Sidewaysier? Wait, that's not a word at all! Pan doesn't really have a clue on what is going on but it definitely feels...different.

It seems that Pan has grown a little stronger, but also that its outside appearance has changed. The flame on the top of its head has turned a wispy gray in color, and now his wax is pitch black. That's quite a change! Maybe one shouldn't accidentally call on gods they don't know about.

Pan learned Shadow Ball, and gained 3 levels! Pan's flame has turned into a wispy gray color while his body is now solid, pitch black!
Lately picking up my Lv. 15 Black Liltwick w/ SHADOW BALL (and a very cross Blueberry). Thanks for such a fun and surprising event!

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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Rotom: The placement of your Dark Gem and money would have already given favor to the Pumpkin Gods, but with your chanting, they are very pleased with your actions. Maybe they were feeling a little bit high after the blood sacrifice they got before, but suddenly your Seviper, Malcolm, hisses as energy pulses through it. Eldritch energy is changing him, making him stronger, the very pitch black deep darkness giving him power. The gift is not massive, but it is still significant, and Malcolm definitely feels stronger now that he has visited the shrine. You have seen their power, are you now a believer Varis? Has the truth been illuminated before your eyes? Malcolm definitely seemed to know, and his piety was rewarded.

Malcolm gained 4 levels and 5 Bond!
Claiming the levels and bond for my snake so I'm not holding up the thread being closed. A very belated thank you for doing this event, Emi!

*Malcolm grew to Lv.24!*
*Malcolm learned Poison Fang & Venom Drench!*
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