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Lady Kuno
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One of the best GDQs in a long time.

Spoiler: show
I cannot believe Andy shit himself live on stream
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my favorite thing of all of SGDQ '19 comes from the all red berries Celeste TAS:

"Say it with me everyone...Y E E T!" (while launching Madeline through an entire room in mirror temple)

Originally Posted by DaveTheFishGuy View Post
Quoth the Honchkrow (nevermore!).
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Been practicing speedrunning Commander Keen games, and finally got OBS and Steam's version of DOSbox to cooperate so I recorded a run that while definitely still needing improvement was at least a step in the right direction lmao
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I did Mario Odyssey, all story missions completed, in just about three and a half hours. It should have been about two, but moon kingdom did not treat me well.

EDIT: I do not have video of it.
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kosmic has one again beaten the any% vvarps record of SMB, getting a time of 4:55:646. He's going to be putting dovvn this run because at this point, the run is in a truly insane position of there are possible timesaves, but they're extremely difficult and inconsistent. This is SMB so its possible that like other tricks, a discovery is found to make them more consistent, but as of right novv, kosmic's run has the potential to be up for a long time.

This reddit comment explains it really nicely.

EDIT: VVHILE I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION please vvatch punchy's run of Silent Hill Tvvo because i love punchy

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Double Dragon
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^absolutely wild what's happened in the last few days with Super Mario Bros any percent and Ocarina of Time any% with new records

There was a strat found in OoT a few days ago that's taken the any% record down from a hair under 17 minutes to 12:03 a few hours ago. Still room for improvement, sub 12 is bound to happen and I'm so hype that something new was found in this game like 20 years after release

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