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M. M.
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Trainer Level 4
Wins:18 Losses:14 Draws:4
TP: 180.5 SP:1 KOs: 60
B- Ref Grade

On-Going Battles

Finished Battles


Spoiler: show

Fundido Level 4 Male Typhlosion

Odonata Level 4 Female Yanmega

Download Level 4 Porygon2

Glutton Level 5 Male Mamoswine
No Signature Move

Lagarto Level 4 Male Feraligatr
No Signature Move

Elephas, Female Donphan, Level 4
Phanpy is unlike the rest of her species. Instead of being able to sputter out Water like the others of her elephant family, she has always been able to shoot fierce flames out of her trunk. Back in her natural habitat, before she was captured, she was the cause of many forest fires. She was cast aside by her brethren as she was more of a hassle to them. Although, I welcome her familiarity with flames with open arms.
Special Attack: Firehose (FI)
Phanpy can use Flamethrower twice per match, however due to the nature of the attack and the newfound fire energy Phanpy can no longer use Ice Shard nor Water Gun.

Garnet Level 4 Male Kabutops

Lanturn Level 4 Male

Dusclops Level 4 Male

Grem, Male Sableye Level 4

Nebulak, Male Gengar Level 5

Alicanto, Female Skarmory Level 4

Skarabhorn, Female Heracross Level 4

Phyllobates, Male Toxicroak Level 4

Level 3 Male Houndoom

Kremling, Level 3 Male Krokorok

Level 1 Male Bulbasaur

Level 1 Female Tynamo

Level 1 Staryu

Level 1 Male Abra

Level 1 Male Slowpoke

Level 1 Female Smoochum

Level 1 Male Spoink

Level 1 Bronzor

Level 1 Baltoy

Male Absol Level 1

Male Froakie Level 1

Tournament Battles

Spoiler: show

Pokebowl '11

mewmaster007 vs Yougirasu Win

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PASBL Trainer Record:

Trainer Level: 4

W:30 - L:27 - D:4

KOs: 69
TP: 197
SP: 2.5

B Rank ref

Battle Slots - 0/4 taken

Slot 1 - Open

Slot 2 - Open

Slot 3 - Open

Slot 4 - Open

Gym Slot: Open

Squad Slots: 36/36 filled.

0 single slots purchased.
4 sets of 3 purchased.
0 sets of 6 purchased.


Spoiler: show
Birdkeeper's Token
The Birdkeeper's Token signifies freedom of thought and movement that transcends the art of the possible. It can be attached to Flying type pokémon and greatly enhances their natural abilities. They will be significantly faster and more agile than their peers in whatever their usual mode of transportation is, able to travel further and with more precision and dexterity than others without expending much more energy. At ref's discretion, they will be more able to dodge attacks and harder to evade when using their own. This token may be purchased during the week long Easter event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Attached to Steve the Xatu.

Reaper's Token
This attachable item can only be given to Ghost type pokémon. If the pokémon wearing this token has the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they are able to do so for three turns instead of the usual two and enjoy perfect invisibility where they might usually have left an icy glimmer or some other give away. If the selected pokémon does not already possess the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they gain the ability to do so for two turns, leaving a slight give away when they do so such as the glint of an eye or the glow of an ectoplasmic body. Ghosts wearing this token are also granted an increased ability to trick their opponents. This token is available only during the Halloween sale and may be purchased by trainers up to once.
Currently unattached.

Harvester's Token
The Harvester's Token denotes one's prowess in caring for and farming the bounties of nature. It can be attached to Grass type pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. Rain will heal them by a mild amount each round, sunlight will regenerate them mild energy each round, healing moves cost half their usual energy cost and draining moves are much more efficient. This token may be purchased during the week long Thanksgiving event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Attached to Tetsu the Torterra.

Attached to Blaine the Alakazam.


Spoiler: show
Ares: Male Charizard (Level 4)
A loner, never wants to make friends, or play with others. He's difficult to handle, and will attack any stranger that tries to get near him. He was a ruthless fighter, and in battle it used to be hard to get him to stop fighting, even after the battle was over. This earned him his nickname. However, now he has calmed down during battle, and he has channelled his rage into a strength.
Hidden Power: Grass
No Signature Move

Blaine: Male Alakazam (Level 4)
A loner, like Ares, his long hours of sleep make him seem a dull character, and he is. Even when he's awake, Blaine sits by himself. He won't attack strangers, but he never joins anyone to do anything. He only seems to interact with people that show a relatively high level of intelligence. In battle he constantly thinks through the moves he makes, and might not follow a command if it doesn't seem logical or reasonable in any way. Not that this ever happens, due to his trainer being similarly logical
After learning he was named after David Blaine, the famed illusionist, Blaine decided he should probably see if he could imitate the man himself. He studied hard to learn how the brain worked, and how to manipulate it.

Hidden Power: Rock
Special Training: Psychological Genius
Blaine can use Hypnosis, but only twice per battle and once per target. Normal sleep rules still apply.
Attached: Alakazite

Zudo: Male Nidoking (Level 5)
An aggressive and devious Pokemon, Zudo uses his poisonous attacks to try and sustain power over anyone he deems worthy to serve him. He is one of the harder members of the team to control, and held a similar attitude in battle, brutally attacking whenever he can. He finally realised, however, that he needed strategy to win some battles, so now listens more. He is a good friend to Ares. While he agrees to listen, he still worked on discovering a way to use his devious and manipulative nature, and managed to pick up a few new moves from comrades and opponents. After he evolved to Nidoking, he needed no time to learn or perfect Taunt, already knowing it, so we worked on re-teaching him a couple of old moves to give him some more diversity.
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Corruption (Dark)
Due to his dark nature, Zudo can now use Nasty Plot and Snatch. However, due to his lack of respect for most others and belief that he is stronger by himself, he cannot use Helping Hand, Captivate, Attract, Flatter, Mimic or Amnesia.

Shio: Male Blastoise (Level 4)
Shio's motto is "brain over brawn", although it doesn't mean to say his attacks don't pack a punch. He doesn't approve of rushed tactics, and will always try to stop his friends from acting rashly or fighting amongst each other. His calmer approach to life affects his battling quite a bit.
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Knowledge is power (Typeless)
Shio can now use Calm Mind and Meditate, but is unable to use Rage, Mirror Coat or Counter.

Caprice: Female Ampharos (Level 4)
Caprice is a dreamer. She spends her time in fields, watching the clouds pass by, wishing her life was as simple as that of a cloud. She doesn't have as much dedication to training as the other members of my squad, but she still trains when she feels like it. She takes her battles seriously, but only so that she can enjoy a good rest without interruptions afterwards. Her electrical prowess is the reason I added her to my squad. Being an Ampharos, she uses the light on her tail quite a lot to see when there is no natural light, and she has learned to harness the energy released when lighting her tail.
Hidden Power: Ice
Special Training: Glowing with potential (Typeless)
Caprice can now use Tail Glow, but can only use it once per match.

Mia: Female Espeon (Level 4)
A funloving Espeon that just likes to run around, playing. Albeit overly trusting, she is fierce in battle, and a good companion. She treats battles like a kind of game, never taking it very seriously, no matter how much she gets hurt.
Hidden Power: Rock
Special Training: Levelling the Playing Field (Fighting)
Due to her training, Mia is now able to use Focus Blast twice per battle. However, her Focus Blasts are weaker in power, dealing damage equal to a Thunderbolt and costing a Thunderbolt's worth of energy. She has also gained 2 Thunderbolt's worth of Fighting energy to use her new move. In addition, her natural love for a fair battle has caused her to forget the deceptive Swagger, Double Team, Fake Tears, Charm, Captivate, Attract and Substitute, as well as losing Mimic and Psych Up due to her wishing to win with her own strength alone.

Helia: Female Typhlosion (Level 4)
I met her in an alley when she was just a Cyndaquil, fending for herself. She finds it hard to open up to others, but is a loyal companion when she trusts someone. She can hold her own well in a battle, but never seems to be able to trust her opponents after the battle is over.
Hidden Power: Grass
No Signature Move

Tetsu: Male Torterra (Level 4)
Tetsu is a real team player. Always looking out for his friends in and out of battle. With intelligence to go with his kindness, Tetsu is the stability of the group, helping all ‘mon to co-operate.
After a while of training, I realised he was lacking something. Despite his Ground type moves allowing him to fight Fire types well, he still wasn’t that capable in battle. I eventually remembered the meaning behind the name I gave him. “Iron”. Inspiration was flowing, and I got to work teaching him Steel moves, some knowledge of the type already fresh in my mind from using my Scizor before it left the team.

Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Iron Will (Typeless)
Due to his training, Tetsu is considered familiar with Steel type moves, increasing his Steel energy pool to the level of a Water type’s Ice energy pool. He has also learned Heavy Slam and Flash Cannon. However, he can no longer use Double Edge, Sand Tomb, Leech Seed, Swagger, Substitute, Curse or Amnesia.
Attached: Harvester's Token

Pierre: Male Mr. Mime (Level 4)
Pierre is French. Or, that’s what he would have others believe. In reality, Pierre is a born and bred Brit. However, he was inspired by Marcel Marceau (the professional mime, not LC’s Mr. Mime, although said Mime is cool too) at a young age, and has decided to try and become as like his hero has possible. Therefore, he has taken the name of Pierre, and has stopped speaking completely, communicating only through mime. He is even silent in his sleep.
Hidden Power: Rock
No Signature Move

Tess: Female Black Delibird (Level 4)
When you think of Delibird, you probably imagine them to be kind, giving and selfless, correct? Well, those 3 words are probably the worst words to describe Tess with. She’s selfish, cold and bitter, to say the least. As if to highlight this, all the parts of her body that should be red are jet-black. She has joined the Ares and Zudo section of my squad, and the two seem to get on well with her, despite her being probably being the least friendly of them.
She doesn't like giving out presents. Why? Giving something of value away for nothing? But, alas, she is a Delibird. Gifted with gifts. So instead of actually giving away things of any real value, she's decided to give actually hurtful Presents instead.

Hidden Power: Flying
Special Training: She Knows If You've Been Bad or Good (Typeless)
Tess's Present attack is now super-effective against Dark, Ghost and Poison-types, but is resisted by Normal, Fighting and Psychic-types.

Belle: Female Miltank (Level 4)
Belle has a very caring nature, and is practically the opposite of Tess. She tries to do whatever she can to help the other members of the team when they need something. As such, she quickly took the role of the squad’s nurse, and tries to help newer members settle into the group.
Hidden Power: Fire
No Signature Move

Anura: Male Politoed (Level 4)
Anura is a Politoed. This makes him awesome. In fact, he’s probably the most awesome Pokémon on my squad, and he knows it. He is extremely proud, and tries to get stronger every day. He sees Ares and Link as his main rivals, and wishes to surpass them. He won’t give up in battle, and seems to thrive under pressure.
His never-give-up spirit and ability to improve his performance under pressure has given birth to a new trait, which he feels suits him very well.

Hidden Power: Grass
Special Training: The Awesomeness of Anura (Typeless)
When Anura is in a "tough spot", his attacks are 25% stronger, for an equivalent energy increase (as standard for offensive boosts). A "tough spot" is roughly defined as "1/4 of his total health or lower", though if he is in a relatively good position (ref's discretion) in the match, the threshold will be a bit lower, and similarly will be higher if he is in a particularly bad position (again, ref's discretion). This does not apply to moves that do not directly damage the target (e.g. Sandstorm), and does not affect secondary effects of moves at all. He cannot use Belly Drum, Hyper Beam, Focus Punch, Toxic, Double Team, Substitute, Swagger or Frustration.

Clyde: Male Mothim (Level 4)
Clyde is one of the Pokémon I remember most, mainly due to him being a Mothim and therefore a cool ‘mon in terms of design. Finally being added once I purchased slots after reaching TL2, he was originally a member of an obvious double-act. The second half being a Butterfree named Bonnie. The latter has, as of writing, not made it into my ASB squad, but this team of 2 was first created outside of the ASB. Clyde does wish he could be with said Butterfree, but as of yet he isn’t. Despite this, Clyde flirts a lot and cracks jokes wherever possible and is not unlike the common British 18-20 year old. But he doesn’t drink because he’s small and therefore a lightweight.
Despite being pretty cool, Clyde is a rather disappointing Pokémon, as he hasn’t been able to battle much thanks to his poor movepool and typing. In fact, by the time I’d realised this, he had only been used in 1 completed match, in which he hadn’t managed to excel. After moping about this for a while, he decided he needed to find a way to become useful. Fortunately, all it took was some training for some extra moves, so it didn’t take long for me to help him out here.

Hidden Power: Rock
Signature Training: MUST USE IT!
Due to needing a usable movepool, Clyde has learned Mud Shot.

Zeke: Male Tauros (Level 4)
Zeke is a relatively new member, but this doesn't stop him acting like one of the original members. He's rather friendly, and constantly tries to place himself among other members of the group. He's also easily irritated, as one might expect from a Tauros. But he's fitted in well, partly due to a suspected crush on Belle, the Miltank on my squad.
I caught Zeke a little while after all the Gen V nonsense settled in, and one of the newly discovered Pokemon, Bouffalant, has rather bothered him. While Bouffalant does have an afro, which is perhaps its only selling point against Tauros aesthetically, it seems to have been given a lot of love by its creators. In particular, it can somehow use Swords Dance, yet Zeke can't naturally use it. This really irritated him, and he worked hard to remedy the problem.

Hidden Power: Fighting
Due to his training, Zeke can now use Swords Dance.

Mohs: Genderless Metang (Level 4)
Mohs has been recently renamed, and with it a new personality. Not that the old one really had a personality. Mohs is rather a video-game fanatic, despite not being able to really hold the controllers or consoles. He has played some, however, by using Telekinesis and Psychic to “hold” anything he needs; it’s a little taxing on him, but nothing he’s not used to with battles and what have you. Amazingly, thanks to the lightness of said controllers and consoles, he is able to get quite a bit of game time in before really tiring. However, it was a game he had never played that gave birth to an interesting trait of his.
One time he stumbled across a recording of E3 2006, which previewed ’Genji: Days of the Blade’. Seeing him watching this, I suddenly realised something. Apparently, a lot of people rather mistakenly associate Metagross with crabs. Because they’re a little similar… 4 legs, no claws. But they do have an exoskeleton (kind of) and multiple legs. With this flawed association in mind, I began training him alongside Dale, my Kingler, to perfect a new move that should help him cover his two weaknesses just a little better.

Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Giant Enemy Crab (Water)
Mohs has learned Crabhammer, and his Water energy pool has increased to allow him 2 uses of Crabhammer per match.

Smashie: Female Steelix (Level 4)
Smashy smash smashy smash smash smash. Smash smashy smash smash smashy smash smash smashy. Smash smash SMASHY SMASHSMASH.
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Training: Smashy Smash!
When Smashie is sent out into battle for the first time, she performs an automatic Curse. This doesn't use a move, but it does use the energy usually required. This boost will fade as normal.

Monsieur Sol: Genderless Solrock (Level 4)
The only true French ‘mon I own, Sol is a little annoying. He’s tried time and again to speak French; he feels that without this trait he cannot be “truly” French. But he’s a Pokémon. He is limited in speech somewhat. So this has proven too hard for him. Yet he still tries. However, his most annoying trait is his cowardice. When he finds himself at a disadvantage in a battle, he gets quite desperate and would go so far as to try to flatter his opponent to avoid KOs or death. Fortunately, I have managed to train him to avoid simply running away from the fight.
In fact, it’s this desperation to avoid defeat that gave birth to a new move. He found that Sandstorm was a good deterrent. But it isn’t great. So he worked on a new move; similar to Sandstorm, but reworked in certain ways to become stronger and more useful. To push opponents away, and stop them hitting him hard.

Hidden Power: Grass
Special Attack: Sable Dance (Various)
Sol spins around, emitting energy and moulding it into sand-like particles that begin to fly wildly, forming a kind of energy sandstorm. This makeshift sandstorm is then sent toward the opponent. The attack generates quite a bit of wind, giving it a semi-physical nature like that of Twister, but is mostly special as the “sand” that forms the bulk of the storm is pure energy. He can use either Rock or Ground energy for this attack, but the type must be stated when Sable Dance is ordered. The attack does heavy damage for the same amount of energy under standard conditions, but it may deal more damage if the winds generated pick up any sand or water, at ref’s discretion. Sol can only use Sable Dance three times per match, and can’t use the same energy type for this attack more than twice per match. He has gained enough Ground energy for two Sable Dances. Sol cannot use Sandstorm.

Jean, the Gene Genie: Female Duosion (Level 3)
Jean’s a huge biology geek; think Dave (TheFishGuy), but more generally knowledgeable. Unfortunately, she’s not incredibly well versed in English, being a Pokémon, so she doesn’t often attempt to share this information. But it’s there. A true scientist, she finds the whole Pokémon physics thing a shade disconcerting. But she’s no physicist, so she tends to shrug it off easily enough.
Named for a famous David Bowie single, Jean is a massive fan of his. Quite fortunate, really, considering her name was conjured before her personality was invented discovered. Finding it quite difficult to develop any kind of Bowie-related signature move, she instead concentrated on the particular song that named her. After watching Disney’s rendition of Aladdin countless times, we finally settled on a technique that might be passable. Win/win situation; Aladdin’s a good film.

Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Technique: Three Wishes
Once per battle, Jean can expend major energy to send three orbs of energy skyward. Each orb contains the same amount of energy (moderate), and will grow a minor amount each round, up to a maximum of significant energy per orb. These orbs will remain when Jean is KOd or otherwise returned to her ball, and will travel with the battlers if there is an arena change (e.g. Dave’s Dark Gym). Furthermore, they are not volatile, and will not explode when hit with anything. As a move, Jean or her team-mates can “recall” one of the orbs, at which point it will drop down and enter the recipient’s body, triggering its effect. Each orb can be one of three types, all of which must be declared when ordered, and each orb type has a slightly different effect, denoted by a different colour:
Type A: Red in colour, this orb restores energy equal to the energy it currently holds.
Type B: Milky white, this orb restores energy from one type pool (selected when ordering to recall that orb) equal to the energy currently in the orb, at the expense of all reserves of one other random type energy. This drain applies at the same time as the recovery.
Type C: Tinted deep blue, this orb will recover health equal to the energy it currently holds. This orb counts as a “healing move”, and as such only one Type C orb can ever be created.
Excluding the limit on Type C, the orbs can be any type, so one could order “ABC”, “AAC” or even “BBB”. After an orb has been recalled, Jean and her allies must wait 5 whole rounds before attempting to recall another. As the orbs are all different colours, it is possible to tell which is which at any time, and thus possible to order which orb to “recall”. The order for this attack is "Three Wishes ([Types])". For example, "Three Wishes (AAB)" would result in 2 Type A and 1 Type B.

Steve: Male Xatu (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Fighting
No Signature Move
Attached: Birdkeeper's Token

Gilderoy: Male Slowking (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Ground
No Signature Move

Ken: Shiny Male Gallade (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Dark
No Signature Move

Buzz: Male Galvantula (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Water
No Signature Move

Dye-Are-Hoe-Ia (DAHI): Male Stunfisk (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Ice
No Signature Move

Naesala: Male Honchkrow (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Fighting
No Signature Move

Clay: Male Gliscor (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Ground
No Signature Move.

Dale: Male Kingler (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Grass
No Signature Move

Hank: Male Primeape (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Dark
No Signature Move

Felix: Male Togetic (Level 3)
Hidden Power: Fighting
No Signature Move

Male Inkay (Level 3)
No Signature Move

Female Snorunt (Level 2)
No Signature Move

Rafiel: Male Lapras (Level 2)
No Signature Move

Volke: Male Frogadier (Level 2)
No Signature Move

Female Sliggoo (Level 4) - Uplevel
No Signature Move

Female Chansey (Level 2)
No Signature Move

Male Grimer (Level 2)
No Signature Move

Male Pancham (Level 2)
No Signature Move

Battle Records:

Spoiler: show
vs Mewmaster007 (Win, 3 v 3, 1-0)
vs Concept (Draw, 2 v 2, 0-0)
vs Jeri (Loss, 1 v 1, 0-1)
vs Joshua (Loss, 1 v 1, 0-1)
vs Firewater (Win, 1 v 1, 1-0)
vs Handy (Loss, 1 v 1, 0-1)
vs SM (Gym Match, Loss, 2 v 2, 0-1)
vs Dark Magic (Win, 2 v 2, 1-0)
vs DD (Loss, 2 v 2, 0-1)
vs Concept (Mozzrules Gym Match, Loss, 2 v 2, 0-2)
vs Kush (Loss, 4 v 4, 0-1)
vs ID (GAME, Win, 1 v 1, 1-0)
vs LC (Loss, 4 v 4, 0-1)
vs KJ (Win, 2 v 2, 2-0)
vs Kush (Win, 2 v 2, 1-0)
vs Martz (Win, 3 v 3, 1-0)
vs Emp (Loss, 6 v 6, 0-1)
vs Kin (Win, 1 v 1, 1-0)
vs Spectrum (Win, 2 v 2, 1-0)
vs Dave (Loss, 4 v 4, 0-2)
vs Hana (Pokebowl, DQ Win, 1 v 1, 0-0)
vs Treep (Pokebowl, Loss, 1 v 1, 0-1)
vs MM (Loss, 2 v 2, 0-1)
vs Rangeet (Loss, 2 v 2, 0-1) - Warning: A lot of debating in this thread.
vs BlazeVA (Win, 3 v 3, 1-0)
vs Shadowshocker (Gym challenge, Loss, 6 v 6, 0-1)
vs Pengyzu (Levelling match, Draw, 2 v 2, 0-0)
vs Tyranidos (Win, 3 v 3, 1-0)
vs Yougi(Loss, 4 v 4, 0-1)
vs [email protected] (Win, 2 v 2, 1-0)
vs ChaoticHell83 (Loss, 1 v 1, 0-1)
vs Zerozoner (Loss, 3 v 3, 0-1)
vs Biggggg5 (Win, 2 v 2, 1-0)

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Team Firewater

Trainer Level 5
Spoiler: show

Wins: 61
Losses: 55
Ties: 8
Trainer Points: 363.5
Knockouts: 175
SP: 4.5
Pokémon (Owned/Maximum) [43/43]

Accomplishments: (You can call them this I suppose)
Spoiler: show

Steel Gym Leader
Member since 2007 I think, or 8
Participant in Grand Melee All-Stars
Top 4 (technically 5th) of Grand Melee 4
Top 4 of Grand Melee 2
Top 8 of Grand Melee 1
Top 8 in old Cool Contest
2 Badges

Spoiler: show

Harvester's Token:
The Harvester's Token denotes one's prowess in caring for and farming the bounties of nature. It can be attached to Grass-type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. Rain will heal them by a mild amount each round, sunlight will regenerate them mild energy each round, healing moves cost half their usual energy cost and draining moves are much more efficient. This token may be purchased during the week long Thanksgiving event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

The Smelting Badge:
Attachable Badge
The Smelting Badge shows a Pokémon’s ability to be involved with their environment, and the strength of the minerals and other materials that have created the world we live in today. By defeating the gym leader and his Pokémon that are so engaged with the world around them, a victorious opponent gains a powerful tool. Any Pokémon that welds this badge has the ability to passively regenerate energy over time. This badge only restores a light amount of energy per turn, and caps at 1.5 Hyper Beams of energy regenerated.

Primary Badge
Global Badge
The Primary Badge is given to those trainers tenacious enough to best Kairne in the Triad Gym. The gems embedded in the badge symbolise the triple threat of Grass, Fire, and Water; and show the owner's mastery over the basic types.
Badge Effect: Type Mastery
When used, each time the owner of this badge sends out a Pokémon for the first time in the battle, he/she can choose 1 damage-dealing move of that Pokémon's type(s). That Pokémon may use that move until the end of the battle, although usage of it will take a light amount more energy than normal. If a Pokémon is returned to their PokéBall and sent out later in the same battle, a new move is not chosen, instead they retain the previously chosen move. Additional move restrictions apply (NO Legend moves, or exclusive moves, such as Sketch, Conversion/Conversion2, Transform, etc. Physically impossible moves also may not be chosen, such as a Voltorb with ThunderPunch, but if the Pokémon can reasonably use it with a small bit of improvisation, such as Magnemite with Steel Wing, that is permissible).

Current Matches
Spoiler: show

TBA (Challenging ______)

Steel Pokémon

Special Operations Permanent Headcrushing Implemented Experiment (S.O.P.H.I.E.):
Level 6 Genderless Metagross

Spoiler: show

Bio: Sophie was once a worker at a steel plant that developed, along with other things, barbed wire and other sharp things. In fact she was so successful with this development that she made her company millions of dollars and became a household name. When she retired, she refined her abilities, and eventually became able to form the material and even control it with her powers.
Signature Move: Barbed Wire (Steel/Typeless)
Sophie uses some of her Steel energy reserves to form an incredibly strong fence of barbed wire around the field. This crashes into the opponent for decent damage, but it is all depending on the softness of the opponent. When the wire fence crashes into the foe, similarly to regular barbed wire, the barbs with cut and scratch into the opponent, dealing more damage depending on the toughness of the skin. The harder the skin, the less effective the wires are to their target, depending on Ref's discretion. The Steel energy allows it to strike ghosts or other transparent beings as well. Energy use is equivalent to Stealth Rock.
Explanation: it's a Stealth Rock that's based on the "Softness" of the opponent, so Rocks/Steels/inorganics/things like Muk and Ditto would resist, Pokes with fur, direct skin, or generally no shielding would take increased damage.
Hidden Power: Ice
Attached Badge: Smelting Badge

Mantis: Level 5 Male Scizor
Spoiler: show

Bio: Scizor was a bit of a badass, or a scientist, or something, he could have just been crazy. Regardless, he's been around for a while and decided to test the effects of fire moves upon his own body. These experiments lasted for years, and more than one place on his body is melted beyond recognition, given the extreme heat he experienced... While he didn't die from this, he did learn some things about his body, or at least learned about the heat he could take. As a result, he also found that water hurt, a lot- the steam that rose really irritated his eyes and the minerals within sunk into his skin and burned terribly. He also found that fire wasn't quite as bad as it used to be either.
Signature Training: Steam Rises
Mantis's experiments with the fire has changed his body in many ways. For one, he takes only 2x to fire attacks. However, the problem is that pressured water hurts him greatly, so while he can stand it enough to bathe and drink it, it's really painful if it's applied in any sort of force towards him because of the weaknesses in his skin. He takes 2x damage to Rock as a result.
Hidden Power: Ground

Fissure: Level 5 Male Bastodion
Spoiler: show

Bio: Fissure was a happy go-lucky Shledon, he was on my team after being a rental but I adopted him soon after our loss in the Pokébowl. However, after my second match with him ended with him collapsing a building on himself and his opponent he suffered greatly. However even after he was cleaned off and such he still had some issues afterward, as if he'd eaten some mineral that wasn't normally in his habitat or something. Also, the pressure of hundreds of thousands of tons of rock and metal and wood and other materials had something to do with it. However, because of this, he realized that life sometimes would get you down- and that if he could survive a skyscraper falling, then he could survive any other physical blow. Granted, he had to go through therapy and a few other problems, but once he recovered he came back for more action, thrills and fights. But for the most rate, he's the same Pokémon- just a little stronger in the head.
When the skyscraper fell on him it was lucky that he hadn't died. Having millions of tons of steel and glass and stone and other materials falling on you isn't good. However, after his full recovery, Brick realizes that he really was a tough SOB- and really didn't care less about Physical damage anymore. In fact, he's so tough that all physical blows virtually bounce off of him.
Signature Ability: Tough as a Skyscraper:
As a result, he takes 50% less damage from all physical attacks. training has solidified him against his weaknesses, so for example, physical fighting moves like Rock Smash or Focus Punch would only deal 200% damage, instead of 400%, and in the case of neutral or resisted strikes, damage would be dealt as if it was resisted (so a neutral physical move would deal damage as if it was resisted , and resisted moves would deal damage as if it was 4x ineffective, but not immunity) None of these boosts to his defense stack, so he would not take less than 2x damage from a physical 4x super-effective move.
This does not apply to projectiles, so Brick still takes full damage from any type of projectile attack, in the case of 4x moves for example, Mud Bomb, Earth Power and Hidden Power would not be affected by this boost and would deal full damage, while Earthquake would only deal 2x damage regardless if it was Direct Contact or not. Water Gun would deal full damage, Aqua Tail would be resisted, etc.
Due to the experience however, he has also lost his immunity to poison attacks, due to the infections that he contracted in the rubble, and instead takes resisted damage. Poison also begins at Toxic level regardless of the strength of the poison attack. He also cannot use any poison moves of his own. He has a phobia of ground attacks, that's not to say that he won't turn into a shivering wreck when he encounters them in battle, but the experience has prevented him from ever using Earthquake, Bulldoze or Fissure ever again, the memories being too much for him. The injuries to his legs have crippled his speed, making him 50% slower than other Bastodion, and has blocked his ability to use Double Edge, Heavy Slam, Giga Impact, Body Slam, Iron Tail and Dig. Finally, he can't use Counter on account of his weakened reflexes.
Hidden Power: Flying

Briars: Level 5 Male Ferrothorn
Spoiler: show

Bio: Briars lived in some awesome caves, and he learned how to use the rocks to protect himself and his friends. However, he did have an aptitude to store the rocks he broke, as if he was trying to clean up the caves that he lived in. While doing this, while bored he used to practice throwing them about, in order to entertain himself As a result, he's learned some new attacks.
Signature Ability: Rock Collector
Ferrothorn is strong enough to break rocks with its... arm things, either way, he broke enough of them to figure out how to use them for battle, he can now use Stone Edge, and has the type energy to use it three times a battle.
Hidden Power: Flying

Thomas Edison Level 5 Male Empoleon
Spoiler: show

Bio: Thomas Edison managed to train for a long period of time. Such a long period of time that when he returned, he was totally different. Confused by his actions, we all had to ask, and found that he had trained in the Salt Lake area, where the salt content was incredibly high, and as a result, it changed him quite a bit. His water attacks seemed more painful, more direct to the core, but as he explained, he mentioned how the massive amounts of salt in the area had affected his water attacks, his ability to live, and even how it affected his relationships with other water types that are not from the area. Eventually, through a strict diet, we managed to fix the worst parts of the massive salt content that he had to endure, and it made him stronger.

Signature Ability: Saltwater (Water)
As a result of his trials and tribulations, Thomas Edison managed to survive the salt intake and the damage it did to his body. As a result, his water attacks, due to the salt intake deal 2x damage to other water types. On the downside, Rock types take resisted damage from his water attacks. He also forgets how to use Grass attacks, Hydro Cannon, Waterfall, Whirlpool, Hyper Beam, Yawn, and all of his attacks that restore Health or Energy to him

Hidden Power: Flying

F-Drive: Level 5 Genderless Magnezone
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Grass

Bio: F-Drive really, really hates getting dirty. As a result, he constantly wants me, or anyone else to clean him constantly, even to the point to where it affects his ability to battle sometimes.

Signature Ability: Waterworks
Due to his need to be clean all of the time, F.Drive has trained, and learned how to use Water Gun. He has the type energy to use it three times a battle.

Compass: Level 2 Genderless Bronzor
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Water
Bio: Bronzor scanned the skies for my family for years. At the same time, no one but me ever really appreciated him, and it wasn't until a terrible thunderstorm that we really learned what he really felt for us. The storm had been terrible, and many of our neighbors lost everything but their Pokémon and their lives. However, thanks to Compass, who'd been unfortunate enough to take the blasts. It didn't kill him, but the electricity absolutely wrecked his magnetic field for months. One he recovered however, we found something miraculous had happened, as if he'd been given a gift for his work.

Signature Training: Overcharge
Rather than the electricity inhibiting his body killing him, or inhibiting his natural way of life, Barometer found out that he actually use Thunderbolt. It doesn't have the paralysis chance however.

Mantle: Level 5 Male Steelix
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Grass
Bio: Mantle and his family lived deep underground, and I do mean deeply underground. In fact, when I found him he was not used to the reduced pressure and was in fact ill with pain and confusion when he reached the surface. However, it wasn't until I started to use him that I realized how much his family's life within the deepest, darkest parts of the earth's crust had truly shaped him, or at least how he lived his life.

Signature Ability: Pressurized (Rock/Ground)
Mantle lived deep underground, so deep that the pressure toughened his body, made him stronger, and his ability to use his Rock and Ground attacks to their highest potential, due to how his environment forced him to be able to shift the earth in high amounts of pressure. As a result, Mantle's ability to shift the earth is quite legendary, as he can summon rocks from all terrain within reason. Due to his life underground, it's appeared that he retains virtually the same amount of Rock energy reserves that he owned as an Onix. The problem is that he can't use Fire or Electric, or Poison moves, having never been exposed to them as a young Onix.

Lucario: Level 5 Male
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Dragon
Bio: Lucario was, from a young age very into fighting to train to be the very best fighter that he could be, rather using his complex speed and flexibility to confuse foes. However, this changed when he evolved. While he was stronger physically, he started to loathe his harder, tougher body, not finding it flexible enough to meet his needs on the battlefield. As a result, he started taking more and more classes to reduce these needs, all of his efforts motivated by his constant dealings with Earthquakes and other ground moves. Eventually he got it, he managed to overcome his challenges, and while he reached the motivation, or the body speed and flexibility that he always wanted, we all found that he'd indirectly given up something else, some of the incredible mental power that he had also owned throughout his life. He still lives, happily, but a regret remains in his mind, causing his mental strength to be somewhat weaker than most Lucario's...

Signature Ability: Trading the Mind for the Matter (Steel)
Lucario now takes neutral damage to Ground energy. However, his Aura abilities are not quite as powerful as other Lucario's, and as a result, he has a harder time locating other Pokémon with his aura abilities. And his ability to dodge attacks with his eyes closed is also reduced by 50% of its normal efficiency. He also takes 2x weakness to Psychic attacks as a result.

Skarmory: Level 2 Female
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Ground

Bio: Skarmory worked and worked towards being able to combat foes of all shapes and sizes, but found that electricity was far worse to her than it needed to be for her to always win. As a result, she trained and trained, and eventually found a way to fight this weakness, as she quickly managed to create energy that helped her electrical problem, if only for a small amount.

Signature Attack: Lightning Rod (Steel)
Skarmory uses a significant bit of energy to fire a rod of energy that wherever it hits it will remain in the battle until it is destroyed. What happens is that while this rod is on the field, it absorbs a certain amount of electric energy, diverting it away from its owner before the full attack would normally land, so if a Thunderbolt is launched at Skarmory, the rod would take some of the energy before it hits Skarmory. This energy doesn't last forever, as after the rod absorbs enough electric energy (a significant amount), it will shatter, bursting into pieces and returning the damage to the Pokémon guilty of the attack. The move only reduces the strength of the electrical damage by a Mild amount at a time, affected by distance, the strength of the electric move in question, and so forth. Should the electricity not be strong enough, the attack will be fully absorbed. Electricity from Skarmory's allies are not absorbed by the Lightning Rod. Because of this, Skarmory can't use Brave Bird. Also, she only can use this twice in a battle, and never against the same foe.

Mawile: Level 2 Female
Spoiler: show

Hold Item: Mawilite
Hidden Power: Flying
Bio: Mawile was also a Pokémon of mine who wished to work in human professions that were different than the usual bit, namely she was an assistant to a physical therapist. She learned a lot from her training, not only in how to heal others, but how muscles, joints and other vital parts of the human and Pokémon body were able to work and function. When she decided to join me, it was then that she learned how to use her knowledge of the body to damage her foes in battle, as well as how she would contain unruly patients. However, ever since finding her fairy typing, she's decided to use the light show to subdue foes, instead of the drugs.

Signature Attack: Sparkles (Fairy)
Mawile can now use Dazzling Gleam and Moonblast, as she uses the light and energy a way to subdue her patients when she is not battling, in a way that doesn't cause debilitating addictions to painkillers.

Nosepass: Level 2 Male
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Grass
No Sig

Traffic Cone: Level 2 Female Pineco
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Water

Bio: Traffic Cone, or TC has developed herself into a successful Pokémon, and was used by police forces to help apprehend fleeing criminals, when it was found that Growlithe, Arcanine and other police animals weren't quite as adept at stopping fleeing vehicles as they were at capturing them. As a result, before she joined me, TC had trained herself in the ways of disabling machinery and the ability of criminals to flee.

Signature Ability: Reinforced
Due to many years of stopping criminals from fleeing the cops, TC has found that her best method is through her Spikes ability. Through many trials, popped tires, boats, shoes, you name it, her ability to lay down preventive spikes became legendary in their strength, skill and effectiveness. All of her "Spike" moves (Spikes, Stealth Rock, and Toxic Spikes) take more force from attacks to be knocked away. Due to her training, these moves also are faster in how quickly they react, even being quick enough to hit ghosts and other Pokémon who may be able to avoid the attack, these moves all take 1.25x more energy to perform. This effect only lasts for two turns after TC is removed from the battle through knockout or switch, but while she is on the field, all stealth rock/spike based moves performed by her allies will obtain the speed boost to their effectiveness.

Aegislash Level 3 Male
Spoiler: show

This Aegislash is a prize for ranking first, second, or third in the Spring 2015 Grand Melee. It does not count toward squad limits.
Special Attack: Spite Sword (Ghost)
Aegislash has been trained to learn Spite Sword, an attack which works like Slash, but deals Solid ghost damage. In addition to this, the attack also leaves a sort of curse on the opponent. Spite Sword will also remove a Good amount of type energy of the last move the enemy used. The damage dealt and energy removed are both effected by weaknesses and resistances.

Aron: Level 1 Male
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Default
No Sig

Pawniard: Level 1 Female
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Default
No Sig


Hothead: Level 5 male Magmortar
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Ice

Bio: Hothead was curious, even as a Magby with the mysteries of the psychic type. At the same time, he didn't know his father, but he had heard from his mother that he had been a Psychic type. Eventually, once he grew older, he trekked across the globe to try and find his missing father. He eventually did, and after a terrible argument, which ended when Hothead threw his father out of a window. Either way, his father, the sly Mr.Mime that he was, through a combination of fear, pride and a bit of frustration, taught his son some of the tricks that he'd learned using his psychic abilities. I suppose Magmortar learned how his mother met the guy, but I'm not sure, he just showed me what happened when he got back. All I knew is that he could pick me up with Psychic, and that's not supposed to happen normally.

Signature Training: Psychicness is cool. (Psychic); Hothead is familiar with the Psychic type. He has learned Calm Mind and Future Sight but become unable to use Focus Punch, Submission or Cross Chop.

*Level 5's*

DusclopsLevel 5 male Dusclops
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Fighting

Bio: Dusknoir was a strange one, he enjoyed haunting the old Pokémon tower in Kanto with his friends, and as a result, he was not pleased at all when the Radio Tower was to be built, and the earlier building razed, he along with the other ghosts fought to protect their home. However, they were not successful, and as a result, he and the rest of the ghosts were driven away. A few months later, he was determined to win the tower back, and he attempts this by destroying the Radio Tower's transmitter. This does not end well, and as a result, he was critically injured, most notably his ears were injured by the radio frequency. As a result, once he recovered, he was never the same, he could not hear as well as he used to, and as a result, he was not regarded as well as he once was. However, he discovered that when he was angry enough, his voice became pure energy, nothing intelligible to any ears, but a powerful wave that was even strong enough to topple trees. I did not know that he had this power when I met and captured him, but it has suddenly become apparent on how helpful this would become.

Signature Move: Ghostly Wail (Ghost)

Dusknoir learned a powerful wail, which he's learned in exchange for his Curse and Ominous Wind attacks. How this works is relatively simple, he blasts a loud noise from his mouth, which acts similarly to Ominous Wind, with equivalent damage and energy consumption. However, the difference is that this being sound, rather than energy filled winds, it is much more difficult to blow away or disrupt, and it can disrupt moves that are unstable or require charging, such as Shadow Ball, Zap Cannon or other charging attacks.

Vert: Level 6 Male Ludicolo
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Ground

Vert, or the Artist formerly known as Loco lived a difficult life. Not only was he perceived as being strange by other Pokémon, given his father being not known, he also dealt with the struggle of being considered a curse by the people who lived around him. Regardless he lived as best he could, but it wasn't until his mother died and he was left alone, driven away by the other Pokémon and humans, only able to grab a red rose that his mother wore on her head, until the day she died. It happened that he traveled by sea, to a new place where all was well. The problem began as the humans first discovered him, and believing him to be the cause of a plague, attempted to wipe him out.

It wasn't but for the grace and kindness of an ancient Relicanth, he would have died from the abuse. Regardless he harbored a deep mistrust for most Pokémon in general, and lived with the Relicanth deep under the waves. It was for years that he lived in this place, never really seeing the rain or sun as he learned how to fight, live and defend himself using the rocks in the area. As it was, when he grew up, he left the place to explore the world around him, but suffered from a bit of blindness upon reaching the surface, not being careful as he returned to the surface. This furthered his problems, and it wasn't until he found his eyesight again that we met. Terrified and angry, Vert attacked Metang and Cyndaquil viciously, laying Cyndaquil low with some powerful rock moves, before Metang managed to stop him. When he collapsed from the fatigue, it seemed as if a spell had broken over him, or something that we never noticed. As it was he agreed to travel with us once he regained his sight and health, and fought valiantly, winning many battles and eventually evolving into a Ludicolo.

It wasn't until he evolved that I noticed the flower. It seemed to always be attached to him, never wilting, never breaking or being damaged, as if he was holding onto a memory of some sort. Not knowing his history, I never really knew, other than he always tried to hide the flower, even to his own risk in battle. But other than seeing the flower for that one time, it never was a concern, until one day. Loco had battled a strong foe, an Absol or something, and while the battle raged, he was hit by a strong blast of energy, that I saw the flower for the second, and final time, as Loco crashed into the dirt, the flower flew off of his hat, and onto the ground. Loco saw the flower, and raced to try and save it. The Absol took a chance, and fired an attack, which crashed into the flower and in front of Loco, creating a large explosion. Everything had gone silent, and the battle had ended soon after, Loco's rage clouding his vision and causing him to ignore the entire battle, until he was knocked out. Loco actually didn't speak for quite some time afterwards, only staring at the one petal that he'd saved in his frantic rage for quite some time. Eventually he got over his depression, but I noticed that some attacks seemed less effective, and it wasn't until I saw him openly crying as he fired a Water Pulse, it wasn't until the energy sent the Beedrill he was battling to the ground that I realized that this was something new that had been unlocked, and that it wasn't water that was in that orb of energy. As of now, I don't really know if he still has that one petal or not, but I believe that he still does, as I can see it in his mannerisms and actions, he feels released, or peaceful even, though he still doesn't say much.

Signature Ability: A Red Petal

Loco, through the training given to him by the old Relicanth willed himself to learn Stone Edge, and the energy to use it 2 times a battle. The issue was that because of his time spent in the dark caverns, he lost the ability to use Focus Punch, Giga Impact and Blizzard.

Wave: Level 5 male Blastoise
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Grass

Bio: Wave was cool and never was afraid of anything. The one thing he hated however was fucking Lanturns and their bullshit in the water. As a result he trained and trained, and he ate a lot of dirt. Thinking that it would help or something. To be honest it didn't do much, other than he managed to be able to use more ground energy than normal. So his training helped him to be able to smash electric Pokémon with better appeal, or something- not sure but he can crush things now.

Signature Ability: Mudbathing

Pretty much, Wave has eaten a lot of mud and dirt, but the fact was that he trained and trained until he managed to get a solid amount of ground energy, more than that of his own species. As a result, he was able to learn Mud Bomb, and double his natural Ground energy reserves. The issue was that within this training, he's forgotten and/or is unable to use Zap Cannon, or Giga Impact.

Pollen: Level 5 male Butterfree
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Water

Bio: Pollen had the significant trouble of being allergic to flowers. Given that he's a bug Pokémon that has the job of pollinating said flowers to help them and the world grow, this made life difficult, and he made life for the other Pokémon that lived around him very difficult, on account of his constant sneezing since that released potent pollens that made life difficult as at any time, a Pokémon working next to him would randomly be paralyzed, poisoned or put to sleep at any time without warning. This resulted in Pollen not being particularly popular with his other friends. One day however, we met while I was on a safari, and his sneezes seemed to confound my Pokémon at nearly every turn, at least until he was overpowered and eventually captured. Pollen eagerly accepted his new fate, well except for a particular Volbeat who in Pollen's eyes was a jerk joining us as well, but his life turned for the better once he was introduced to the benefits of Pokémon-adapted allergy medicine that allowed him to control the sneezes and use them for good.

Signature Move: Sneeze (Bug): Pollen sneezes on his target, the resulting gust of wind having a 10 yard range. The move does Significant Bug typed damage for the equivalent energy. Embedded within the gust are various spores and pollens. These spores and pollens are of various plants and fungi, and as such Sneeze has a chance of inflicting either Sleep, Poison or Paralysis to the target, with a 20% chance of any of these affects harming the opposing Pokémon. Inorganic Pokémon are immune to this attack's secondary effects, as is anything that does not have the ability to smell or breathe openly.

Hulk: Male Level 5 Furret
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Ground

Bio: Hulk was a very enthusiastic workout freak, he spent all of his time in the gym, and ingested tons of substances to maintain his sweet bod. At the same time, it wasn't entirely fun and games, for while he gained amazing muscles and toned abs, his constant steroid use, even after he stopped using the drugs, caused his balls to shrink to microscopic levels.

Signature Ability: Sweet Bod.
Hulk is much larger than other Furret, being twice the size and weight of a normal Furret, with a slight boost to all physical moves, so that they deal 1.25x the damage for the same amount of energy. The downfall is that his agility and speed is half of that of a normal Furret, the drugs in his system has caused his mental faculties do decline, meaning that he's less able to comprehend orders, and is more susceptible to deceptive attacks, and he can't use Thunder or Blizzard, and he never runs away from a fight training session, so he's forgotten Baton Pass and U-Turn as well.

Frost: Level 5 female Froslass
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Ground

Bio: Frost was a strange Froslass, and while she was a ghost, she had many confidence problems, always being shy and unwilling to try new things. Her friends though, realized that she needed help, and quickly pointed her towards some websites, or just Ancestry.com. Frost however, when she looked at these places found that instead of her family, she discovered the family of the being that she used to be before she died. Following the lifeline of this individual, she was surprised to find that some of these past ancestors had been rather honorable and powerful warriors, who were widely revered in their homelands. Hoping that they could teach her how to be more confident, she traveled throughout the lands, hoping that they could teach her what she needed. At the same time, while the spirits weren't that well trained in psychology, they were able to convince her that she had gained new strength, by teaching her something to combat her greatest problem to her confidence. The Fighting spirit from those spirits rippled through her, and as a result, she managed to improve herself and managed to gain some new life-skills as well.

Signature Ability: Confidence

Due to the training and newfound information she gained from the spirits, and her difficult journey, Frost learned Focus Blast, and has the energy to use it twice a battle.

Pure: Level 5 male Medicham
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Rock

Signature Training: I was the chosen one! (Psychic);

Pure now takes 150% damage from Ghost typed moves rather than 200%. He cannot use Poison Jab or Guard Swap,

DaveTheOctoGuy (Level 5 male Remoraid); Goes by the name of Dave.
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Dark
No Sig

Marowak: Level 5 male Marowak
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Electric

Signature Move: Mudbone (Ground):

Marowak sends some ground energy into the ground, and uses it to form a shape similar to the bone he holds in his hand. He throws it, similarly to a Bonemerang. Instead of returning to Marowak, upon impact the Mudbone turns into actual mud, just like a Water Pulse turns into Water, and splatters. This blinds the target if it hits them in the face Furthermore, the mud hardens quickly, potentially slowing the target down somewhat. The move does damage and uses energy equal to a Bonemerang.

Spindry: Wash-Rotom (Genderless) Lv.5
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Fighting
Spindry was a relatively happy Rotom, but he always enjoyed doing laundry. One day he absorbed my washing machine, and while he controls it, he still does laundry- this has caused him to learn some new ways to control the water energy he was given, as the strength of his powerful Hydro Pump was always good when the house needed a power washing, it was quite useless for more delicate things... like underwear, or socks, or even bed sheets, so after a lot of work, we managed to find him some new training and new water tricks to go by.

Signature Ability: Multi-Functions Activate (Water)

Spindry has, from his attempts to do the laundry learned Water Gun, Water Pulse and Scald, in order to wash clothes to the best of his ability. At the same time, he also learned Ice Beam. Unfortunately, sans for the energy needed for Scald, he can't use fire attacks, He's forgotten how to Volt Switch, Rest and Pain Split.

Claydol: Level 5 genderless Claydol
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Fighting

Sig Ability: Mudballs (Ground):

Claydol loved to juggle, but seeing as it had to use Psychic powers, it got bored. It also got bored of needing the ground to use ground attacks. So what does it do? It learns Mud Bomb for kicks. Claydol can now use Mud Bomb and Mud Shot because it just should be able to.

Grimer Level 5 male Grimer
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Grass

Hariyama: Level 5 male Hariyama
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Dark

Bio: Hariyama was a powerful battler, friend and imply huge mass of muscle. That's not to say that he was stupid by any means, he graduated from a human college, with the help of other Pokémon and people, and through his studies he realized that he needed to develop means to fight other Pokémon that were able to stay out of his reach. Through these teachings, he researched the Mantis Shrimp. Realizing that he had something similar in the large size of their hands/claws for the rest of his body, he practiced and trained to develop a new move, that while it was not quite as devastating to use as the Mantis Shrimp's equivalent, it still was quite powerful.

Signature Move: Clap (Fighting)

Hariyama slams his hands together at a tremendous speed to send a blast of fighting energy towards his opponent. While the energy itself deals considerable damage for equivalent energy, the force of the energy will disrupt any other actions, including flight or fast movement, as the energy is supersonic in speed, and solid enough to cause Pokémon to trip, or knock them out of the air if the energy is focused on wings or legs. This move can only be used twice a battle, and Hariyama cannot use Fake Out or Cross Chop.

Norton: Level 5 genderless Porygon-Z
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Move: Virus Buster (Typeless)

Porygon Z uses significant energy to form particles of energy to surround the field. Whenever a Pokémon appears on the field, the energy will collide into them for Moderate damage, regardless of type or other factors. The particles are a destructible entry hazard.

Armaldo: Level 5 male Armaldo
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Bug

Bio: Armaldo came from a time where Pokémon had little else but their teeth and claws to fight. At the same time, he learned a great power, that while he could explain and teach his others of his group, he was never able to unlock himself. At the same time, when he died, was fossilized and revived, he found that his teachings had been spread throughout the land. While it wasn't that revolutionary as it had been a few hundred thousand years earlier, he was glad to see that long range battling had worked out. Turns out the stories were true, as I found that he had been the one, or in his area was the first time that bugs had started using energy or projectile attacks against their much larger foes. The report also noted that it was an Armaldo who'd given the idea.

Signature Training- I created bows and arrows for bugs.
Armaldo can now use Bug Buzz because he was the founder of the idea. His Hidden Power type is also Bug.

Pikachu: Level 5 Male Raichu
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Ice
No sig

Honchkrow: Level 5 Male Honchkrow
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Fighting
No Sig

Galvantula: Level 5 male Galvantula
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Water
No Sig

Master Chief: Level 5 male Typlosion
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Ice

Bio: Quilava is, well a bit tough. Respected among the team for being one of the enforcers, tough and reliable he has gotten me and the rest of our team out of a few jams. However, his training hasn't done anything for his speed, and after taking a "drenching" blow from a Bagon back when he was a Cyndaquil, he wants to make sure that he never could be touched... unless he wanted it to be. So implementing stolen technology from the year 2552, he managed to improve his body to meet this need, and to make sure he'd never need a shield again.

Signature Move: Firebomb (Fire)
This Typlosion simply wants to burn things and people, but using Flame Wheel wasn't powerful enough, he hated hurting himself with Flare Blitz, and he couldn't get his whole body into a Fire Fang or Punch. So he decided on a move to where he could use his bulk to his advantage, and was still able to burn things. In his Firebomb, Typlosion enflames himself, such as in a Flare Blitz or Flame Wheel, before he leaps into the air, body slamming his opponent. This attack has a 25% chance of burning the opponent and a 10% chance of Paralysis, just like Body Slam. Firebomb does damage and uses energy equal to a Body Slam. He forgets his actual Body Slam attack to learn this move.

RockMan: Level 5 male Magcargo
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Grass

Bio: Magcargo was a normal Slugma, except for one day he had a cruel trick played on him- he was forced to stay still far longer than he was designed to, and as a result, his body hardened to solid Magma. However, he managed to survive because he managed to keep his internal organs moving. However, due to this, he doesn't look like normal Magcargo, rather, his body is covered in hardened magma, similarly to the shell on his back. This helped him greatly in existing, as it helped him camouflage himself and to not hate water as much, but it came with a terrible price.

Signature Ability: 100% Dynomite baby!
Needless to say, due to his unfortunate accident, RockMan now has no exposed magma on his body. His entire body's covered by a material similar to his shell, which protects what remains of his magma from outside exposure. The problems are multiple, while he still can exist in his natural habitat of lava, his internal body needs all of the heat it can get to keep him alive, so his fire attack abilities are somewhat limited, namely he can't use Lava Plume, Inferno, Overheat, Heat Wave, Shell Smash, Defense Curl, Rollout, Harden, or Rock Smash, on account that his body needs the fire to continue its survival, and if his shell were to be broken there's a chance he could die. At the same point, it's near impossible to destroy the shell without an active attempt to do so, but he's also slightly slower than other Magcargo.

Dormant: Level 5 male Camerupt
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Grass
No Sig

Infernape: Level 5 male Infernape
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Ice
No Sig

Spirit: Level 5 female Houndoom
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Grass

Bio: Sprit is a different Houndoom, who instead of following the night, she rather follows the daytime, or at least enjoys it a bit more. At the same time, it helps in some ways, or at least she doesn't like to be particularly unsporting. I guess it was her upbringing that caused this, seeing as she was raised in a marvelous forest by a family of Leafeon, which for what I can see, she was the only fire Pokémon within 50 miles of the place. She's mellowed out, and won't hurt a fly, though she's also doesn't mind water types as much as you would think. At the same time, so much exposure to sunlight and happy things has hindered her dark abilities some, as from a young age she was taught to be a proper lady, and ladies aren't supposed to be rude. While she's given up on what she considers, "backward chivalry" she still has some remnants of what she learned, notably some strange familiarity with grass abilities.

Signature training: Solidarity, Solar Power, what's the difference? (Grass):
Spirit is familiar with the Grass type and has learned how to use Energy Ball. She has forgotten how to use Overheat, Inferno, Heatwave, Snarl and Swagger

Level 4's

Magikarp: Level 4 Male Magikarp

Raticate Level 4 Male Raticate
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Ground
No Sig

Level 3's

Ivysaur Level 3 Male Ivysaur
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Fire

Level 2's

Drowzee: Level 2 Male Drowzee
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Dark

Grovyle: Level 2 Male Grovyle
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Flying

Volbeat: Level 2 Male Volbeat
Spoiler: show

Bio: Volbeat came from the same meadow as Pollen, but at the same time, this bug Pokémon grew to gradually hate the Butterfree, on account of many, many mishaps, from being so (eventually) minor as being subjected to one of Butterfree's sneezes, that would inevitably cause him to be harmed by the spores within, to more severe problems like stealing a few women from him, all of course these events were accidental in nature, but Volbeat was a vengeful Pokémon. At least until I captured him and Butterfree. That day, it was found that through my attempts to capture this Volbeat that he was incredibly powerful, or at least resistant to many poisons, toxins, and other chemical effects that were sprayed. There's only one guess as to how this occurred, and while Volbeat still openly dislikes Pollen, he has also noticed the benefits from the Butterfree's pains, and how they have made his life better, even if they caused him some pain and suffering.

Special Training- Rage of the Volbeat.

Due to Volbeat's poor luck, or possible design from Pollen, he's gained a resistance to the toxin that cause paralysis, poison and sleep. Due to the constant exposure to the toxins from Butterfree, and the other bugs and grass types in the home he once lived in he is far more resistant to attempts to incapacitate him. As a result to his constant exposure, Poison takes an extra round to impact him, and he can only be poisoned from actual poison attacks, any type of bodily paralysis is less effective, whether it's from electricity or a toxin because his muscles have trained themselves to be able to move even while paralyzed, as he was often forced to finish his work for the day. This does not mean he is immune to paralysis, but that he has the same resistance to all types of paralysis as would electric types to paralysis from electric attacks. Sleep moves take extra time and focus to put him to sleep, and he can still function normally when drowsy, but it will cost him more energy to use attacks.

All things are not fine and dandy because of these developments, as the constant ingestion of toxins have prevented him from ever learning Baton Pass, U-Turn, Tail Glow, Moonlight or Rest, and he's more susceptible to Freeze, Burns and Confusion status effects.

Hidden Power: Water

Dope: Level 2 Male Slowpoke
Spoiler: show

Hidden Power: Bug
No Sig
PASBL: Record: 61-55-8, 361.5 TP, 174 KO, 2.5 SP, Trainer Level 5
My ASB pokes

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PASBL Stats:
Level 5 Trainer, 27 Pokemon, 8th Ranked Trainer in PASBL
32-18-12, 91 KOs, 252.5TP, 0.5SP
Badges: Maelstrom (Flying), Abnormality (Normal)

Kingdra Helmet - Due to a mishap, the original Wu fought over in this match was warred over in a different match, so SS changed my Wu, and has yet to edit thusly.
Clefable Locust
Glove of Magnezone
Kyogre Charm

Spoiler: show
Adeo – Level 3 Male Lanturn
Adeo is a very strange Lanturn, in that he’s actually obsessed with ‘pretty lights’. He spends hours at a time charging his antennae and just watching the sparks fly with a dopey smile on his face. As a result, his eyes are far less sensitive to bright lights.
Special Training: ‘Pretty Lights’
Adeo is immune to moves that involve bright lights, such as Confuse Ray or Flash.

Aenir - Level 5 Male Zangoose
When I found Aenir, he lay dying in a poisoned swamp near a nuclear plant, barely conscious, a large open wound across his stomach. We rushed him to a Pokčmon Center, where he went into cardiac arrest. Twice. Fortunately, the nurses knew what they were doing, and with a lot of work and some painful recovery, Aenir survived, but still bears the scar across his chest, and a constant reminder of his ordeal. His fur is tinged a sickly purple, and his claws tinged a sickly green.
Special Training: Toxic Memory
Aenir is now a Normal/Poison type Pokčmon, with all the weaknesses and resistances that come with such a combination. His claws are also tipped with a weak poison, which has a 5% chance of poisoning the opponent (10% if the claws pierce skin or enter an open wound). However, he no longer can use Refresh, Mud-Slap or Dig.

Catalyst – Level 5 Genderless Metagross
Catalyst claims to be a vessel for change, and acts like he’s omnipotent. He claims to know when the world is going to end, causing most of my squad to consider him somewhat crazy. He does, however, have some use, he’s one hell of a battler…
Special Training: Huge… My hands are huge…
Catalyst’s ‘hands’ (or claws, whatever you want to call them) are slightly denser than usual. As a result, any move using his hands does 1.25x the usual damage.

Danika – Level 5 Female Lapras
Danika is a peaceful Pokčmon, preferring more so to simply enjoy the company of other Pokčmon as opposed to engaging in battle. She is sweet at heart, but will still battle if called upon, seeing it as a chance to test her skills and more as a game than a battle. Danika seems to have a denser shell than most Lapras, which doesn’t seem to hamper her in the slightest, but seems to offer a little protection…
Special Training: Lightning Rod
Due to the density of Danika’s shell, when she is hit by an electric attack, the shell absorbs some of the attack, as such, Danika only takes 1.25x damage instead of the usual 2x.

Electra – Level 5 Female Electivire

Envy – Level 2 Female Kangaskhan

Gunner – Level 5 Male Steelix
Gunner is extremely brusque, choosing to simply speak his mind regardless of etiquette or social graces. He also has the ability to grind some of his steel plates together, which seems to create sparks. He told me he did this one day while leaning across an electrical cable, and the grinding of the plates tore the cable, sending thousands of volts through him. He survived fortunately, and gained a nifty gift.
Special Training: Shocking Reminder
Gunner can use Thunderbolt.

Hades – Level 5 Male Haunter

Ichinose – Level 5 Genderless Starmie
Ichinose speaks very little, being a star with no mouth, and having no face means he shows little facial expression. So far, all I’ve been able to determine is he follows me by choice, and he seems committed to a path that he feels is right. He seems to hold a slight aversion to darkness and shadows, preferring to stay in the light, and this aversion seems coupled with an ability to overshadow the dark…
Special Attack: Nijigasume (Grass)
Ichinose charges grass energy to his core, causing it to glow brightly, before firing off his attack, which takes the form of a large ball of energy about half the size of Ichinose. A brilliant flash of light, roughly twice the brightness of Flash, is emitted just as the ball is released, which could have the effect of interfering with the opponent’s vision or distracting them, slightly lowering their chance to dodge. The ball of energy deals damage equal to 1.25x a Secret Power, and uses 1.5x the energy of Secret Power. Nijigasume can only be used three times a match, as Ichinose lacks the grass energy to use it more than thrice.

Illiaster – Level 5 Male Ludicolo
Illaster has always had an obsession with the sky; more accurately, with the stars that hang in the night sky. He has always desperate sought a way to fly, but is constantly reminded that he can never achieve his goal. So, he compromised, training with all flying types he met before I found him to gain a little bit of what he wanted…
Special Training: Starry Sky Charity
Due to his intensive training with flying type Pokemon, Illiaster’s Hidden Power is of the Flying type.
Insidious – Level 5 Male Shiny Flygon
Insidious is a sparkly fiend, arrogant because of his shiny colouration. He did not take kindly to being captured, but several training sessions amongst my other squad members (particularly the Ice familiar Water types) have made him understand who’s the boss. His stubborn nature, however, insured that he was exposed to a lot of ice, and it seems to have helped him.
Special Training: Frost Guard
Insidious only takes 300% damage from Ice attacks instead of the usual 400%.

Isuru – Level 5 Male Gallade
Isuru is polite and charming, a welcome change to some of the arrogant members of my squad. He’s quite the mediator as well, often serving to solve several disputes amongst my squad members (often having to hold them apart telekinetically). He does know how to throw down when necessary though, and has managed to create quite an inventive move…
Special Attack: Flight Plan (Flying)
Akin to moves like Leaf Blade or Night Slash, Isuru channels Flying energy to his blades, and slashes the opponent. Damage dealt and energy use are equivalent to Night Slash. Flight Plan can only be used twice per battle.

Joshua - Level 5 Male Charizard

Kurayami - Level 5 Female Absol
Kurayami seems to be one of the few Absol that live up to their reputation as ‘disaster’ Pokčmon, seemingly able to predict when something bad is coming. When I met her, she told me of a vision she’d had, of a huge ball of darkness striking at a Pokčmon. Little did she know, it was her doing…
Special Attack: Impending Doom (Dark)
A Dark version of Future Sight, Kurayami looks into the future to befell a disaster on an opponent’s Pokčmon. Follows the usual rules of Future Sight, except it uses Dark energy instead of Psychic.

Kyoya - Level 1 Male Houndour

Lust – Level 5 Female Nidoqueen
Lust is best described as being a stranger to no-one at all. She’s always introducing herself to anyone she meets, and flirting with almost anything that looks compatible with her. She considers herself a jack-of-all-trades, and given her extensive move pool, she may have the right to call herself one. Her lack of strong dark moves, however, infuriated her, until she began to work on a new technique.
Special Attack: Dark Deliverance (Dark)
Lust concentrates Dark energy into her fist, slugging her opponent for dark damage equal to 1.25 times the strength of a Thunderpunch at the cost of 1.25x the energy of Thunderpunch. She can only use this attack twice in one match, and can no longer use Double-Edge or Icy Wind because of it.

Mayuri – Level 5 Male Tentacruel
Mayuri is cold and calculating, and deliciously evil, a fitting persona for a Tentacruel. In fact, it’s the whole reason he made his way onto my squad. He delights in seeing other Pokémon in pain, and actually gets a sadistic boost out of it…
Special Training: True Sadism
If Mayuri fights an opponent who is inflicted with a status, the sadistic thrill that empowers him boosts him equivalent to half a Nasty Plot. This boost ends immediately once the status ends. This ability only triggers if the status inflicted on the opponent is paralysis, confusion and poison.

Mikau – Level 5 Male Kabutops
Mikau, being a revived member of a dead race, is a nihilist. He doesn’t believe in anything, he only fights to save his own skin. With his race history, and a fair weaknesses under his belt, he’s quite depressed occasionally. He’s usually found sparring with Riley, which is quite a surprise considering the Toxicroak is like the cheeriest member of my squad. His training shows though, as with nothing to believe in, Mikau had plenty of time to work on his moves. As a result, he’s been able to learn a strange form of an attack…
Special Training: Nihilistic Strike (Fighting)
Akin to Night Slash, Mikau charges Fighting energy to his scythes and slashes the opponent. Damage dealt and energy used are equivalent to Night Slash.

Mukuro - Level 1 Male Murkrow

Neji – Level 5 Male Lucario
Neji is a talented fighter, confident in his abilities. He can quite often come across as arrogant, but he doesn’t speak of anything but experience. In battle, Neji’s eyes are his greatest asset, allowing him certain… skills.
Special Ability: Byakugan (Psychic)
Neji has the power to summon his Byakugan in battle, his eyes turning silver, and the veins around his eyes bulging slightly. Through the Byakugan, Neji is better able to predict his opponent’s attacks, increasing his chance to dodge between 10-20%, depending on the speed of the attack. However, to maintain the Byakugan, Neji burns through energy equivalent to a Thief every round. Neji always enters battle with the Byakugan, and if Neji cancels its effect, he is unable to call upon it for at least three rounds after he cancels it.

Nizau – Level 6 Male Tyranitar
Nizau’s the new blood on my squad, despite being an uplevel. Don’t know much about her yet, other than her love of chocolate.
Special Training: Chocolate-y goodness
Nizau claims her love of chocolate has softened up her body slightly. It doesn’t seem to make a difference other than reducing the damage she takes from Fighting attacks from 400% to 300%.

Osiris – Level 5 Shiny Male Gliscor
Osiris’ tale begins many a year ago, when he was barely a newborn… Born to loving parents, or so he hopes. Barely were his eyes open, when his family were attacked by a pack of rabid Mightyena. Left barely alive atop the corpse of his mother (his father having been eaten there and then), Osiris found himself desperately praying. His namesake, Osiris, Egyptian god of death, must have been listening to this particular plane at this point, and swept in to save the little guy, blessing him with a gift of the god’s own blood, saving the fellow. However, Osiris is shunned by other Gligar for what the blood of a god has done to him, yet his new powers are well worth it…
Special Training: Blood of Osiris
With the warm blood of the god of death running through his veins, Osiris’ body temperature is higher than normal Pokemon. As a result, he only takes 3x damage from ice attacks. In addition, Osiris’ fire attacks do 1.25x the normal damage (in exchange for 1.1x the normal energy usage), and his Hidden Power is of the Fire type. Osiris is no longer able to use Ice Fang due to his blood, nor is he able to use Iron Tail, Rain Dance, Defog or Fury Cutter.

Pride – Level 5 Male Magmortar
Pride is going to be the death of me one day, I’m sure of it. Ever since he joined up with us, he’s been arrogant, unruly, and… prideful. He runs off to find challenges, claiming no one is better than he is at battling. And even if they are, he’ll never admit it…
Special Training: Pride is an arrogant ass!
Pride’s ego simply will not let him fall, as such; Pride remains conscious one round after he should have been KO’ed, unless he receives any damage before the round ends, in which case he faints.

Reaper – Level 5 Male Aerodactyl
Reaper is a sadist, a horror nut and a stickler for details. He loves CSI and other such shows, for the medical and criminal style details, as well as seeing the dead bodies. Other movies in his favourites list include the Alien series and Jaws. Combining his sadistic nature with his perfectionism, Reaper has become somewhat more deadly in battle.
Special Training: Too Much TV Makes You A Sadist
Having seen so many crime shows and the like, Reaper is fairly familiar with anatomy (it’s not too much of a stretch that if Pokčmon existed, they’d be murdered and shown on CSI as well, right?). As such, Reaper has a greater chance of scoring a critical hit on most Pokčmon, 1.25x the normal rate of the move used. Armoured Pokčmon and such frustrate him though, his chances of a critical hit reduced to 0.75x the normal rate of the move used when facing Pokčmon with a protective shell/bone/armour over a body part.

Riley – Level 5 Shiny Male Toxicroak
Riley is a sociable, happy-go-lucky kinda guy, and I’m glad to finally have someone like that on my team. However, his joyful attitude has got him some backlash from some of my moodier members, who tend to abuse his Psychic weakness with various attacks. Trying desperately to reduce his weakness, Riley spent several days training continuously with Wrath and Kurayami, the dark types of my team, to try and learn from them. They suggested he use Pursuit, and Riley took it literally. After collapsing from exhausting from continuously using Pursuit, I found out what was going on, and put a stop to it. It seems, however, that Riley’s plan worked, despite the fact it almost killed him.
Special Ability: Near-Dark Experience
From continuously spamming Pursuit as freely as he did, Riley’s weakness to Psychic has reduced to 300% damage instead of 400%.

Skreech - Level 5 Male Primeape
Skreech, like all Mankey, is easily enraged. He and Wrath almost seem to war constantly, each trying to out-angry the other (Wrath, carrying a 4x weakness to Skreech’s type, wins hands-down). Skreech, however, seems better able to use his anger than the rage-filled Sin…
Special Training: Temper Tempest
Skreech is more susceptible to moves that would enrage him. However, when enraged, Skreech’s physical attacks do 1.25x damage, but use 1.4x energy as a drawback.

Sloth – Level 5 Male Slowking
Sloth, being a Slowking, is obviously slow and lazy. He takes his time doing things. Not just because he’s lazy though, but because he thinks everything out thoroughly, to make sure he doesn’t miss something. The lazy ‘King also seems to have a musical streak to him…
Special Training: Musician in the Making
Sloth can use Sing.

Somaru - Level 1 Male Sandile

Titan – Level 5 Male Blastoise
Titan seems to have had a major personality shift through evolving, turning from a total party animal to more of a chivalrous knight. Whenever the (few) female members of my squad are around, he acts the perfect gentleman. It’s kinda scary, considering the flirt he used to be.
In his spare time, however, he seems to have become interested in nature, and legends of Gaia, the Spirit of Earth (I choose not to point out the first time he heard the name was on Captain Planet). We took a journey together based on a legend he had uncovered, and after a perilous journey, we found ourselves at a shrine of nature…
… Only to find it had been invaded and vandalised by a scrotum of Electrodes. Titan, outraged, stormed in alone, and was promptly attacked by all of the Electrode. He single-handedly took down two on his own before the electricity became too much, and he succumbed to paralysis. The resulting electrical attacks were too much, and as I tried to rush to his aid, he gave out one final scream, before he crumpled, not breathing.
Surrounded by angry Electrodes, the other squad members and I tried valiantly to defend ourselves and get to him, but we were out-numbered, and soon my team began to fall, one by one. Just as I thought I was going to die, a glorious green light began to shine from the shrine, and Titan’s eyes snapped open, his irises now green. The Electrode saw this, and began to electrocute him again… To no effect. Titan dispatched the remaining Electrodes, and we proceeded to clean up the shrine. Once we were done, we had Titan examined, and what we found shocked us…
Special Training: Gaia’s Champion
As reward for his valiant efforts, the Spirit of Earth had blessed him as her champion. Titan is now a Water/Ground type, with all the weaknesses and resistances that go with the typing. He can also use Mud Bomb and Earth Power, but has lost Fling, Seismic Toss, Captivate, Counter and Submission. His Hidden Power is now also of the Ground type.

Tsuna - Level 1 Male Deino

Wrath – Level 2 Female Stunky

Xeshuc – Level 2 Male Grimer

Zumeika – Level 5 Male Poliwrath
Zumeika is a quiet perfectionist, almost Zen in some manners. His eyes always seem to have some intelligent look in them, and while he doesn’t say much, he always seems to be helpful. I suspect that might change once he evolves, but… His Zen nature seems to have assisted him somewhat though…
Special Attack: Zen Punch (Psychic)
Zumeika charges Psychic energy to his fist, and punches the opponent. Basically a punch form of Zen Headbutt, having the same flinch chance. Deals damage equal to a Thunderpunch, uses 1.25x the energy of a Thunderpunch.


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Male Lickitung: Level 2
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Genderless Baltoy: Level 1
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Male Mareep: Level 1
No Sig

Female Hoppip: Level 1
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Male Meditite: Level 1
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Female Buneary: Level 1
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Female Gulpin: Level 1
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Male Shellder: Level 1
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Female Slugma: Level 1
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Female Smoochum: Level 1
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Male Duskull: Level 1
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Female Kirlia: Level 2
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I'll be updating my Summary on Serebii, not here.


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Peeko-Female Wingull Lv 1
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Bayley-Male Bayleaf Lv 2
Signature Move:None Yet

Naughty-Female Natu Lv1
Signature Move:None Yet

Devastator-Male Voltorb Lv1
Signature Move:None Yet

Barager-Male bagon Lv 2
Signature Move:None Yet

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Voltorb (N/A) (L1)
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Mantine (F) (L1)
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Kabuto (M) (L1)
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Shuppet (M) (L1)
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Stefan, Level 1 Male Scyther
Stefan's been with me for as long as I can remember. I had met him many years ago back when I was just a wee lad strolling through the forest... alone and separated from my parents by sheer misfortune. Suddenly a swarm a Beedrills swarmed me for no good reason and attempted to U-turn me to certain death until Stefan intervened just in time. His swift and precise strokes got them good and they eventually retreated with haste. Out of a sense of obligation, Stefan has stayed by my side ever since. For a Scyther, Stefan's incredibly calm, collected and, most importantly, dedicated to his physical and mental training. Although he still dislikes the color red.
[sig in construction]

Xane, Level 1 Male Eevee
[sig and bio pending]

Raven, Level 1 Male Ralts
[sig and bio pending]

Amelia, Level 1 Female Squirtle
[sig and bio pending]

Thrudgelmir, Level 1 Male Elekid
[sig and bio pending]

Soulgain, Level 2 Male Riolu
[sig and bio pending]

Falken, Level 2 Female Combusken
[sig and bio pending]

Oswin, Level 1 Male Turtwig
[sig and bio pending]

Zengar, Level 1 Male Kabuto
[sig and bio pending]

Wendy, Level 1 Female Jigglypuff
[sig and bio pending]

Wurger, Level 1 Male Spearow
[sig and bio pending]

Zelgius, Level 1 Male Nidoran
[sig and bio pending]

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PASBL Stats:
Level 2 Trainer, 12 pokemon
9-7-0, 16 KOs, 46TP

Spoiler: show
Clark / Charmeleon (M): lvl 2
Bio: Clark the Charmeleon is the evolved form of the Charmander that I received from Professor Oak in Pallet Town. Being my first pokemon, we've had many great battles together. Some notables being Blane and his Magmar, as well as Richie and his Chameleon. Pikachu being a notable sparing partner as well.

On our way through Johto, I met up with my Uncle James who breeds Charizard near the Charicific Valley for Professor Oak. He saw the fire in Clark's eyes, how bad he wanted to be the best pokemon on my squad. He decided to take Clark in to train him with the Charizard's in the valley.

Training was tough on poor Clark. He barely stood a chance against those Charizard and their ability to fly and use of powerful dragon attacks. He never gave up though, through all the pain and scars he accumulated on his face and chest from multiple slash attacks. Ash's Charizard even took Clark under his wing (I guess literally and figuratively).

Several months passed training under Ash's Charizard and Clark the Charmander was well respected in the Valley as the scrappy little pokemon that never gave up. The biggest Charizard of them all disagreed with this however, the same Charizard that gave Ash's Charizard trouble when he first arrived at the Charificific Valley. Big Charizard decided to pick a fight with Clark while Ash's Charizard was away. He pummeled Clark as the other Charizard looked on, worse than he had ever been before. Clark had enough and started glowing to finally evolve into Charmeleon. Clark remembered how Pikachu would use Zap Cannon to immobilize his foes, he decided he must munster up enough dragon energy to do this and created Dragon Cannon. It completely caught Big Charizard by surprise in the air and utterly knocked him out as it fell to the ground paralyzed. The charizard never looked at Clark the same and they all gave him the most upward respect from then on.

Clark is currently in my rotation of pokemon, summoning him from the valley when needed.

Signature Move - Dragon Cannon (DR): (Waiting for Approval)
The user charges up for several seconds, and fires a large beam of concentrated dragon energy, dealing heavy damage. It's relatively slow in comparison to other dragon attacks, making it fairly easily evadible, but its paralysis rate is practically 100%, even a close miss with induce some partial paralysis (Can only be used once per battle)

Wicked Witch of the West (W3) / Vulpix (F): lvl 1 *Shiny*
Bio: Wicked Witch of the West (or W3 for short) the Shiny Vulpix is a newer pokemon of mine. I was training Mike near the Johto Safari zone and it appeared out of the bushes and I had to catch it. It hasn't been used much in battle but I plan to raise it into a beautiful silver Ninetales.

W3 currently resides with June at our farm in the orange islands being called to battle when needed.

Special Training: Rolling the Sod! (Waiting for Approval)
W3 the Vulpix has twice as much grass energy as it normally would.

Hidden Power in now of Grass Type

Wally / Pidgeotto (M): lvl 2
Bio: Wally the Pidgeotto is the evolved form of the Pidgey that I caught in Viridian Forest when I first started my journey. There not much to be said about Wally. He comes out, focus' getting the job done, and goes back into his pokeball. He's a loner type and would rather be in his pokeball. I'm completely okay with that and respect his wishes.

Special Training: Can I go home to my ball yet? (Waiting for approval)
Wally's Hidden Power is now Ground Typed and has enough ground energy to use it twice per battle.

Ahchu / Pikachu (F): lvl 2
Bio: Ahchu the Pikachu is one of my most relied on Pokemon. We've won and lost many battles against some of the toughest trainers around. Jeri's Magmar and Lt.Steel's Alakazam being some of our tougher opponents. She's been in most of my teams from catcher her in Viridian Forest, all the way though Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh.

I named her Ahchu for no particular reason. Just sounded right at the time when she was caught. She absolutely hates being considered one of the cliche mascot pokemon that everyone uses. She wears a small pink bow on her left ear just to be different. It pushes her more and more to be the best Pikachu she can be. We've tried multiple ways to train and stand out and finally came up with a move that worked. Being able to summon toxic from the tail, we were able to train and summon straight poison energy as well. It's Cliché but makes sense.

Special Training: The need to stand out (Waiting for approval)
Ahchu the Pikachu can now use Poison Tail. It has enough energy to use it 3 times per battle.

Hidden Power is also that of Poison Type

Buc / Chimchar (M): lvl 1
Bio: Buc the Chimchar is one of our family pokemon. He's from my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. He was my pap's starter pokemon and is an avid fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates from being around the city so often. So much that my pap actually taught him how to play.

Since the inception of the Pokemon affiliate 'Pittsburgh Steelix" in the MLB. Buc has become one of the starting pitchers being able to throw a 80 mph fastball. He wears a Pirates hat with cornrows to look like his favorite Pirates player Andrew McCutchen and a Pirates jersey with number #89 annd "Buc" on the back.

Buc lives at our second house in Pittsburgh. Most of the time he is traveling with the team but can be called upon when needed.

Signature Move - Buc Town Swag (Normal / Various) (Waiting for approval)
Buc carriers a pouch of three baseballs on him (Baseballs and pouch are a viable size for it's current evolution. It looks more or less like a fanny pack on the front of it's body.). Buc can put the various energy's available to him (Fire, Fighting, Electric, Dark, Steel, Rock, and Grass) into these balls and throw them at his opponents at a high velocity for Decent Type Damage and Light Normal Damage due to the actual ball. Solid energy is used in all. The balls disintegrate after use. Just like a pitch in baseball, it takes a second or two to wind up and throw.

Cue / Cubone (M): lvl 2
Bio: Cue the Cubone was hatched from an egg that I received from the day care in Solaceon Town. It's parent are unknown so it was not given a skull helmet or a bone to hold. It is a rare occurrence in the pokemon world when this happens. It's head does look similar to that of a Charmander's.

Cue was reluctant to battle for the longest time because of his "handicap". So I brought Clark from out of the Charificific Valley and with the help of him and Ahchu, they took Cue under their wing and trained him to the best of their ability through Sinnoh. The training was nothing special, nothing amazing, just general skills to battle to the best of his ability without a bone and skull helmet.

Special Training: Brought up from nothing. (Waiting for approval)
Cue can not used Bone Club, Bonemerang, Bone Rush, Skull Bash, or Iron Head because of his handicap. It can now use Fake Out, Quick Attack, Sing, and is familiar with using Agility because of his training.

Junior / Elekid (M): lvl 1
Bio: Junior the Elekid was caught amongst a group of Mr. Mine and Mime Jr in the Sinnoh Region when I first began my journey there. Apparently his mom (Mrs.Mime) mated with an Electabuzz from a group in the area. Most of the Mr. Mime shunned him for this but his mother knew she had made a mistake and trained him to the best of her ability so he could one day escape from the discrimination of the Mr. Mine.

Junior was reunited with his mom, Mrs. Mime, and half-brother, Mike the Magby, during the beginning of the Lily of the Valley Conference during the first three preliminary rounds were all three were my main team throughout. They became close during this time and Mike became his best friend.

Special Training: Out of wedlock (Waiting for approval)
Mrs. Mime trained Junior to be familiar with the move Psychic and has double the psychic energy.

Hidden Power is that of Psychic Type

Ahsneeze / Sneasel (M): lvl 3
Bio: Ahsneeze the Sneasel is from Mt. Silver of course. How cliché is that. Like a few of my pokemon though, Ahsneeze watches too much Naruto and tries to make sig moves accordingly.

Signature Move: Shadow Bind (DK) (Waiting for approval)
Using good energy, the user sends out numerous tendrils of dark energy from their own shadow on the ground with which it attempts to bind the opponent. The user of Shadow Bind must concentrate while maintaining the attack, but they can use other attacks concurrently. It will not work if there are no shadows on the ground.

Tony Spark / Magnemite: Lvl 1
Bio: Magnemite is a huge Marvel Comicn fan, Iron Man being his favorite in particular. So much that it changed the colors of itself to look hot rod red like Iron Man. It's body and the tips of both it it's magnets are red, while the bolts and most of it's magnets are gold, just like Iron Man's armor. It will only answer to Tony Spark as well.

Tony Spark is currently in and out of my rotation.

Signature Move - Repulsor Ray (EL) (Waiting for approval)
The user creates a white beam of powerful electric energy, which is fired from it's magnets (ala like Tony Starks hands in the movie "Iron Man") at the opponent to hit for good damage. It can also be used launch Tony Spark into the air 8-10 ft.

June / Bulbasaur (F): lvl 1
Bio: June the Bulbasaur was hatched from an egg that I received for my 21st Birthday from my parents. It was used regularly through my journey in Johto, especially in the beginning rounds of the Silver Conference.

June now mostly stays at our farm in the Orange Islands. She helps dig out rows and plant our berrys.

Special Training: Green thumb in the garden (Waiting for approval)
June the Bulbasaur can now use and is familiar with Dig.

Dizney / Growlithe (M): lvl 2
Bio: Dizney the Growlithe is pretty much our house dog. We take him where ever we are at. He's not much a battler but we call him in when needed.

He's actually really muscular for a Growlithe. We have a metal dog run the we put him on in the back of both houses for him to go to the bathroom as he pleases without him running away. Sometimes the wheel pulley that's connected to his leash and metal run gets stuck and he has to pull himself along without the wheel moving. It would be like someone holding you back with a rope as you ran forward. This is what we think has made him so big. He's such a sweet and loving pokemon but the neighbors are horribly scared of him because of his size. Same with various pokemon around the neighborhood. (Actual true story about my dog)

Special Technique - Intimidate (Waiting for approval)
When Dizney is summoned to the field, the effect of roar is automatically felt across the arena. Due to that though, the actual move Roar now becomes useless. Roar rules apply.

Bruce / Zangoose (M) lvl 1
Bio: Bruce the Zangoose was the only pokemon I caught in Hoenn. Not much is to be said about him as he is still in training and has been used very few times.

Special Attack: Rasengan (NO) (Waiting for approval)
Not to be confused with Naruto's Rasengan, this is just a Hyper Beam that is charged in the form of a ball through one Bruce's front paws that has to physically touch it's opponent for damage to be calculated. Same rules for Hyper Beam apply.

Mrs. Mime / Mr. Mime (F) lvl 2
Bio: Mrs. Mime the Mr. Mime is from a group of Mime (Mr. Mime / Mime Jr.) that live in the Sinnoh Region near Twinleaf Town. She is absolutely gorgeous for her species and because of this has become somewhat of a Jezebel. Not finding anyone good enough for her in the Mime group, she ventured off to an Electabuzz group down the road and mated with one. Her Mime clan was furious, especially when they found out she was expecting with an egg. They let her stay as long as she didn't go off again. No male Mr. Mime became interested in her again, this didn't matter however because Junior became her world and she raised him to be the best he could be.

Once Junior went off on his journey, Mrs. Mime was feeling lonely again. There was a Magmar down the road that she took a shining to. At the end of it all, she was expecting again. This time however, the mime clan booted her out and she was out on her own. Needing help, she ventured Sinnoh looking for me. Mike the Magby was hatched during this time and she trained him while they were along on their journey, finally catching up with me at the Lily of the Valley Conference. Both of them joined my team.

Mrs. Mime and her two sons were my team of three through all three preliminary rounds of the Lily of the Valley Conference and become closer as a family during that time. She was happy to see that her sons became best friends after all everyone went through.

Special Technique: Holy Hot Mama (Waiting for approval)
Mrs. Mime is gorgeous for her species and a Jezebel. When she enters the field, pokemon of the male pokemon in her egg group stop for a second or two and awe at her beauty then continue with their orders. Male Magmar and Electabuzz will be attracted to her. Male Mr. Mime are unaffected by this as well as baby pokemon. Attract can not be used if 'Holy Hot Mama' comes into effect entering battle. If Attract is used by Male Magmar or Electabuzz on her, she will automatically be attracted to them as well.

Mike / Magby (M) lvl 1
Bio: Mike the Magby is the son of Mrs. Mime and half-brother of Junior. Mike grew up throughout the Sinnoh Region with his mom, Mrs. Mime. He never knew is real father and never had any friends due to his mom being shunned out of the Mime group for mating for the second time outside of their species.

Mike and his mother Mrs. Mime were added to my team during the Lily of the Valley Conference as I made my journey home. They apparently followed me there as Mrs. Mime knew that's where I was originally going when I took Junior with me. Him, Junior, and Mrs. Mime were my team through all 3 preliminary rounds of the tournament. They became really close as a family during that time and Mike finally found his best friend in his half-brother Junior.

Special Training: Again, Out of wedlock (Waiting for approval)
Mrs. Mime trained Mike to be familiar with the move Psychic and has double the psychic energy.

Hidden Power is that of Psychic Type

War / Wartortle (F): lvl 2
Bio: War the Wartortle as a Squirtle was an odd capture as I captured it amongst a group of Swinub while I was walking through Ice Path on my way to Blackthorn City. It seems to have gotten used to the cold and her skin is a darker blue. Apparently the stories going around town when I arrived at blackthorn was that a trainer abandoned his baby squirtle in mahogany town and not knowing any better wandered its way to Ice Path where the Ice pokemon there took it in as their own and took care of it. And to be honest, from experience, his favorite move seems to be Ice Beam rather than Water Gun. She doesn't dig hot weather tho.

Type Addition (Ice): Through living in Ice condition in the ice cave, Squirtle has adapted to elements and seems to have gained an additional Ice type also. She has all the strengths and Weaknesses of that of an Ice Type also.

Majin Buu / Gastly (M) Lvl 1 (Pink body and gas)

Current Matches since keeping track.
1: Vs Salamencia
2: Vs Squirtleking
1: Vs Kilowatt

1: Vs Deadlion 1-0


No Contest:
1. Vs XanderKetsu
8-7-0, 15 KOs, 44TP (2009-10)
1-0-0, 1 KO, 2TP (Since Return 8/13/2012)

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Returning vet, new faces...mostly.

Spoiler: show
Level Ones.

Ba'Gamnan: Level 1 male Anorith.

Zodiark: Level 1 male Dunsparce.

Arse Yes: Level 1 Genital-deficit Bronzor.

Jeanius: Level 1 Female Abra.

Plague: Level 1 male Spoink.

Fafnir: Level 1 female Gible.

Echo: Level 1 Male Kricketune.

Nebula: Level 1 Antipenivaginulated Voltorb.

Vile: Level 1 Female Treecko.

Doldi: Level 1 male Mudkip.

Stonesheet: Level 1 male Scyther.

Level Twos.

Impregnable: Level 2 female Gyarados.

Yakuza: Level 2 male Murkrow.
Stale Water.

Unruly Premonition.

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Spoiler: show
All level 2

Elementara: Female Dratini
No Signature move

Jackie Chun: Male Hitmonchan
No Signature Move

Bugsy: Female Venonat
No Signature Move

Ghoulana: Female Gastly
No Signature Move

Shadow: Female Eevee
No Signature Move

Kamikaze: Male Pidgeotto
No Signature Move

Hephestaus: Male Growlithe
No Signature Move

Firepit: Male Slugma
No Signature Move

Hades: Male Larvitar
No Signature Move

Mithril: Female Pineco
No Signature Move

Balloshock: Genderless Voltorb
No Signature Move

DizzyDiver: Male Butterfree
No Signature Move

Totem: Female Natu
No Signature Move

Osiris: Male Dustox
No Signature Move

Sea Breeze: Female Marshtomp
No Signature Move

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Mr. X/OSF's ASB Team
0 Wins, 0 Draws, and 1 Loss
Zero Knockouts, Three Trainer Points, and Zero Service Points.
Trainer Level One
13/13 Slots filled.
vs. Jamil (loss)
Spoiler: show

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Just in case of another attack of SPPfail.

Trainer Lv 1
6 KOs | 12 TP | 0 SP
Win: 3 | Lose: 0 | Draw: 0

Spoiler: show
Flip: Level 1 Male Mudkip
Flip was my first Pokémon, and is pretty laid-back about everything. Until he starts battling, that is...
No Signature Move

Shiro: Level 1 Male Togepi
I hatched Shiro from an egg a friend gave me. His cheerful attitude is infectious, but can sometimes border on the severely annoying.
No Signature Move

Jino: Level 2 Female Gible
Jino has an unfortunate habit of biting any inanimate object she can stuff into her mouth, which gets her into trouble a lot.
No Signature Move

Sparky: Level 1 Female Pikachu
Sparky loves to practise her electric techniques on her team mates, and usually ends up picking on Jino, as Jino's the only one who never notices. Loves to be petted, and hates being told her nickame is overused.
No Signature Move

Pali: Level 1 Male Oddish
I pulled him up in my garden one evening, having mistaken him for a weed. After a quick battle in which Sparky promptly fried him, he now lives happily in a plantpot in my room when not in his pokéball.
No Signature Move

Ignis: Level 1 Male Houndour
Ignis is Shiro's opposite, tending to be grumpy and bad-tempered most of the time. However, strangely, Shiro is the only pokémon he gets along with, as he tends to snap at the other members of the team if they get too close.
No Signature Move

Hato: Level 1 Female Pidgey
One of the first pokémon I caught, Hato was a long way from home when I first saw her. After Flip fought off the small flock of Taillow that were chasing her, she seemed to want to follow me so I asked her to join the team. She's very dependable, and I've often asked her to carry messages over long distances for me.
No Signature Move

Nutkin: Level 1 Female Pachirisu
Often called "Nutty" or "Nuts" for short, this squirrel really is dangerous to know. She will use her cuteness to her advantage, but never hesitates to bite someone's face off if they annoy her.
No Signature Move

Reikou: Level 1 Male Chinchou
Being the silent type, Reikou doesn't comminicate much. Although I put most of that down to the fact that he's a fish. He shows affection by bumping against my legs whenever I swim in his pool, but unfortunately this has led to me getting electrocuted on a few occasions.
No Signature Move

Gaku: Level 1 Male Ralts
Gaku prefers reading to fighting, and when not battling he can often be found with his head in one of my old A-level physics textbooks.
No Signature Move

Current matches:
1) Vs. Amras.MG (SPPf)
2) Vs. Salamencia (awaiting ref) (SPPf)
3) Vs. KratosAurion (UPN)
4) Vs. IceCold (SPPf)

Completed matches:
1) Vs. Arthur (win by DQ)
2) Vs. Fire_Pokemon_Master_271 (win)
3) Vs. Kush (win by forfeit)

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Returning Ref - Ungraded
Wins - 0 - Losses - 1 - Draws - 0

Spoiler: show
Level 1 Female Vullaby
Hidden Power: Fire

Level 1 Female Smoochum
Hidden Power: Dark

Level 1 Male Phanphy
Hidden Power: Fire

Level 1 Female Growlithe

Level 1 Female Tangela
Hidden Power: Rock

Level 1 Female Aipom

Level 2 Female Girafarig

Level 2 Male Hawlucha

Level 1 Female Ekans

Level 1 Female Shuppet

Level 1 Genderless Baltoy

Level 1 Female Wingull

Level 1 Male Timburr

Level 1 Female Horsea

Level 1 Male Tyrunt

Watch this space.

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Team Mascot:
* Soonansu: Male Wobbuffet

Bug Pokémon
24 Mao: Female Scizor
27 Volcarona: Female Volcarona
28 Armaldo: Female Armaldo

Dark Pokémon
14 Dorobou2: Male Weavile
29 Scrafty: Male Scrafty
30 Bisharp: Male Bisharp
31 Hydreigon: Male Hydreigon

Dragon Pokémon
1 Athena: Female Dragonite
7 キングドラ: Female Kingdra
31 Hydreigon: Male Hydreigon

Electric Pokémon
3 Arisu: Female Raichu
23 Jishaku: Magnezone

Fighting Pokémon
11 オコリザル: Female Primeape
26 ルカリオ: Male Lucario
29 Scrafty: Male Scrafty

Fire Pokémon
2 Hikaru: Female Charizard
9 ブーバーン: Male Magmortar
27 Volcarona: Female Volcarona

Flying Pokémon
1 Athena: Female Dragonite
2 Hikaru: Female Charizard

Ghost Pokémon
4 Miss AllSunday: Female Gengar
19 ヨノワール: Male Dusknoir

Grass Pokémon
18 Fushigidane: Male Bulbasaur
25 ルンパッパ: Female Ludicolo

Ground Pokémon
5 Miss Doublefinger: Female Sandslash
13 Hagane: Male Steelix
16 Osorege: Male Nidoking
21 Nuoo: Female Quagsire

Ice Pokémon
14 Dorobou2: Male Weavile
17 Yukidama: Female Cloyster

Normal Pokémon
6 Mr. 2: Okama Ditto
12 Mirutanku: Female Miltank
20 Kabigon: Male Snorlax

Poison Pokémon
4 Miss AllSunday: Female Gengar
15 Toshabutsu: Male Muk
16 Osorege: Male Nidoking

Psychic Pokémon
8 Zenchi: Male Alakazam
22 スターミー: Starmie
32 Metagross: Metagross

Rock Pokémon
10 カブトプス: Male Kabutops
28 Armaldo: Female Armaldo

Steel Pokémon
13 Hagane: Male Steelix
23 Jishaku: Magnezone
24 Mao: Female Scizor
26 ルカリオ: Male Lucario
30 Bisharp: Male Bisharp
32 Metagross: Metagross

Water Pokémon
7 キングドラ: Female Kingdra
10 カブトプス: Male Kabutops
17 Yukidama: Female Cloyster
21 Nuoo: Female Quagsire
22 スターミー: Starmie
25 ルンパッパ: Female Ludicolo
Mozz's Van, named after Bulbagardens creditor, was a hidden forum section where staff members could share pictures of their tiny penises and engage in homosex. Sadly, HAVA media, Bulbagardens new corporate overlord, forced it's closure. Can't have porn on a children's website.

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PASBL Squad Summary - James2791

Trainer Stats
Trainer Level 2 - 16 Pokemon in squad - Ranked 38th
SPPf/UPN PASBL Referee C+ 28 Battles - 9W - 18L - 1D - 93TP - 23KO's - 2 SP

Current Battles

PokeBowl 2011 Matchups
Round 1) vs firewater (Female Solosis)

Current Battles Reffing

Completed Reffings

Completed Battles + Results
Spoiler: show

1) vs Mr. Penguin (SPPf) - Loss (2TP gained)
2) vs DTG6407 (SPPf) - Loss (2TP gained)
3) vs Drincewind (SPPf) - Win by DQ (2TP & 1KO gained)
4) vs Kush (UPN) - Loss (2TP gained)
5) vs lion hunta (SPPf) - Win (8TP and 4 KOs gained)
6) vs JQ2ujrx (SPPf) - Loss (3TP gained)
7) vs Killy Gallet (SPPf) - Loss (2TP gained)
8 ) vs Grand (SPPf) - Win by DQ (2TP and 1KO gained)
9) vs Yougirasu (SPPf) - Draw (8TP and 4KOs gained)
10) vs Handymankg2 (UPN) - Loss (4TP gained)
11) vs DaveTheFishGuy (SPPf) - Loss (4TP gained)
12) vs SphealDrill (SPPf) - Win (4TP and 2 KO's gained)
13) vs Kush (UPN) - Loss (3TP gained)
14) vs bigtukker (SPPf) - Win (8TP and 4KOs gained)
15) vs Shadowshocker (UPN) - Loss (2TP gained)
16) vs Peridot (UPN) - Loss (2TP gained)
17) bs mewmaster007 (SPPf) - Loss (2TP gained)
18.) vs DTG6407 (SPPf) - Loss (4TP gained)
19) vs Zalck (SPPF) - Win (4TP and 2KO's gained)
20) vs SM (UPM) - Loss (3TP gained)
21) vs flyingwhite2 (UPN) - Win by DQ (2TP and 1KO gained)
22) vs atlantiskid99 (SPPf) - Loss (2TP Gained)
23) vs Rangeet (SPPf) - Loss (4TP Gained)
24) vs mewmaster007 (UPN) - Loss (2TP Gained)
25) vs Breeder KJ (UPN) - Win - (4TP and 2KO's gained)
26) vs Cow434 (UPN) - Win by DQ (4TP and 2KO's gained)
27) vs Shuckle (UPN) - Loss (2TP Gained)
28 ) vs Kindrinda (UPN) - Loss via DQ (1TP Gained)

PASBL Squad 16/16
Spoiler: show

Gekko - Male Grovyle (Level 3)
Bio: Being my first Pokemon as a Treecko and now as a Grovyle, Gekko has seen and travelled the world at my side. Being an irreplaceable teammate and a great friend, Gekko is always willing to battle anyone, anytime. His stealthy and cautious demeanour makes him a tough opponent for any foe.

Aurelius - Male Servine (Level 2)

Jaws - Male Feraligatr (Level 3)
Bio: The unparalleled and unrivalled source of humor of the team, Jaws has an equally big appetite as his sense of humour. Obtained in Johto as a Totodile, he has never ceased to amaze me with his ability to stuff kilos upon kilos of food into his gigantic jaw. Even now, as a Feraligatr, whenever there is food around, Jaws is certainly likely to be there. Akin to his huge appetite, his sense of humour is eccentric, although his attempts of silly faces, jokes and whatnot usually end in bewildering epicfail....

Fury - Male Charmeleon (Level 2)
Bio: Originally a Charmander obtained from Professor Oak, Fury always had a ferocious demeanour about him, whether it be in a battle, out and about, or anywhere, for the matter. He certainly didn't seem pleased when joining my team, but since joining, has become a real powerhouse. Not only has he learnt to vent his own fury in the correct circumstances, but he has become a great friend and companion.

Xenon - Male Eelektrik (Level 2)
Ellie - Female Emolga (Level 1)
Vittore - Male Kadabra (Level 2)
Duro - Genderless Metang (Level 2)
Tyson - Male Zangoose (Level 2)
Illusion - Male Absol (Level 2)

Camo - Male Kecleon (Level 2)
Bio: Camo was obtained in the outskirts of Lilycove City - and it was no easy fret. His constant disappearance and reappearance in that battle had myself and my Pokemon extremely confused and stunned. A Quick Attack from Gekko had him pinned, and with the luck I was truly needing at the time, managed to capture him. Since then, Camo has been a real driving force in my team. His gleeful attitude only makes up for the countless times he likes to camouflage himself in thin air... much to the loathing of my Pokemon and I.

Vito - Male Dratini (Level 2)
Rex - Male Axew (Level 2)
Furore - Male Gyarados (Level 2)
Davarus - Male Sandile (Level 2)
Shadow - Male Gastly (Level 2)


SleepingCelebi - For the awesome signature!

James2791's PASBL Stats

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Level 4 Alakazam male

Stu- Level 1 Torkoal

Hanahagane- Level 1 Female Hoppip

Level 1 Female Snorunt

Level 3 Steelix male

Dratini Level 2 Male

Level3 Electabuzz male

Level 3 Quagsire (m)

Level 2 Rotom (Fan

Level 3 Tentacruel female

Level 3 Primeape male

Level 3 Clefable female

Level 3 Female Marowak
I caught this Cubone because of its special feature: instead of having a solid bone, it was holding the vertebrae of some animal. With some tampering of the weapon and some training from Ivy Valentine, Cubone learned to use his new whip effectively.
Special Training: Whip Stance (UNKNOWN)
With a flip of his wrist, Cunbone can make the bone in his hand go from semi solid to a whip. Because of this, Cubone can use all whip and Wrap attacks, each taking 125% more energy to use. Also, all physical attacks that use the bone to attack while in solid mode will do 80% damage because the the bone is no longer solid. When throwing the bone, it has a chance to trip the foe or wrap around the foes legs.

Magneton Level 3
Signature Attack- Polar Charge- Magneton will charge up the electricity in its body, increasing its speed and the power of its electricity moves by two levels for five rounds. It uses the same energy as Calm Mind.

Armaldo Level 4 Male

Haunter Level 3 Male

Scolipede Level 3 Male

Gligar Level 2 Male

Male Phanpy Level 1

Female Shellos (West Side!!) Level 1

Male Aerodactyl Level 1

Male Mime Jr. Level 1

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Tree Star Badge - Mozz Badge

Level 7
Apollo: Male Dragonite (+)
Seth: Male Gengar (+)

Level 6
Aang: Male Smeargle
Amp: Gend. Magnezone
Cascade: Gend. Starmie
Chomper: Male Rampardos
Copper: Male Typhlosion
Cortex: Male Gallade
Cygnus: Female Altaria
Demyx: Male Kabutops
Gyatso: Male Skarmory
Io: Male Charizard
Ion: Male Electivire
Iroh: Male Magmortar
Ironhide: Male Steelix
Isis: Female Flygon
Jet: Female Togekiss
Justinian: Male Nidoking
Katara: Female Golduck
Lilith: Female Cradily
Mekong: Female Whiscash
Mercury: Male Houndoom
Namine: Female Froslass
Nemo: Male Armaldo
Orion: Male Lucario
Pakku: Male Empoleon
Polaris: Male Lapras
Raphael: Male Blastoise
Riptide: Male Omastar
Sebastian: Male Kingler
Sheldon: Male Kingdra
Sirius: Male Umbreon
Sokka: Male Marowak
Thor: Male Jolteon
Toph: Female Sandslash
Toruk: Male Aerodactyl
Tyson: Male Machamp
Warpath: Male Bastiodon
Zuko: Male Infernape

Level 5
Manny: Male Mamoswine

Level 4
Venus: Female Tangrowth
Darner: Male Yanmega
Larxene: Female Lanturn
Petrie: Male Archeops
Saix: Male Golbat
Spike: Male Carracosta
Starscream: Male Zweilous
Zexion: Male Absol

Level 3
Olga: Female Larvesta
Roku: Male Kadabra

Level 2
Alex: Female Mareep
Azula: Female Vulpix
Mel: Male Munchlax (+)
Otto: Male Treecko

Level 1
Barry: Male Pichu (Level 1)
Jenova: Female Grimer (Level 1)
Krypton: Genderless Golurk (Level 1)
Norton: Genderless Porygon (Level 1)
Raoden: Male Girafarig (Level 1)
Vin: Female Joltik (Level 1)
Wally: Male Growlithe (Level 1)

Spoiler: show
Level 7
Apollo: Male Dragonite
Bio: Apollo is one of the very few of my Pokemon who have been with my squad from the very beginning. However, his ability has only recently been realized, now a prime fighter of my squad, and obviously a very fierce opponent to face, doing very well in all of his battles. Most recently, however, he lost to another Dragonair, a battle very, very close to the very end. Convinced that if he would have lasted another round he would have won the battle, he trained endlessly until he regained his confidence, and gained a very useful characteristic from it...
Signature Training: Dragon's Strength (Dragon)
From his extensive training, if Apollo normally would be knocked out, he will remain active on the field until the next turn, at the end of which he will faint, no matter what. Apollo may be knocked out sooner by opponent attacks, however, provided they would be enough to knock it out.

Cortex: Male Gallade
Bio: Unlike many of his species, Cortex is a foolhardy extrovert. Cortex has numerous times gotten into altercations with other Pokemon with the smallest provocation; luckily for him, his psychic prowess has usually allowed him to escape unscathed, either through using its Psychic to attack its opponents mercilessly or by Teleporting away from the danger. However, once Cortex found himself in a barfight with a gang of old, irrelevant, somewhat overweight ghost and dark types which called themselves the Wild Hogs. While normally Cortex would recognize the danger the type-advantaged opponents presented and would Teleport away, in this case an opposing Gengar used Mean Look, sealing Cortex's fate. Multiple Thunderbolts, Night Shades, and other attacks did massive damage to the young psychic. Battered and bruised on the brink of death following the battle, Cortex set off in search of a way which would allow him to defeat these foes. After tutelage under a number of dark and ghost Pokemon proved ineffective and Cortex was unable to learn any move that would give him protection against the ghosts' multiple beam attacks, Cortex heard word about a master Pokemon which was able to bend attacks back toward its opponent with ease. Searching for this master, Cortex developed quite a reputation as a ruthless vagrant as he traveled across the land, senselessly attacking Pokemon unless they gave him the information he was seeking. Eventually Cortex found a Zubat which was willing to share the information; its parents had been killed in a battle in an alleyway sometime before, where an Alakazam had been able to redirect all of their attacks back at them before Psychically sending a building toppling down onto them. Cortex then journeyed to the sewers of Saffron City, where he found this Alakazam; after several months of hard training, the scars of which still remain on his body, Cortex learned Kinesis and Miracle Eye. He then traveled back to the bar where the ghosts and darks had defeated him so long ago, and he easily turned their Thunderbolts and Night Shades back against them, using Miracle Eye to render the dark types susceptible to his Psychic onslaught. He left them unconscious on the floor as he set back out into the world, finally vindicated.
Special Training: Alakazam's Training (Psychic)
Cortex may use Kinesis and Miracle Eye, though his training has neglected Magical Leaf, Charge Beam, Grass Knot, Future Sight, and Icy Wind, and he may not use these attacks.

Level 6
Aang: Male Smeargle
Bio: Aang is the Avatar, meaning that he alone can master all of the elements. He has blue arrows on his forehead, arms, and legs. His unique ability has altered his Sketching ability. He is hesitant and extremely lacking in self-confidence. Never wishing for this responsibility, Aang finds himself doubting himself and his ability to defeat the Fire Clan and bring balance back to the world. This is further accentuated by Aang's failure to protect his flying Pokemon friends, most notably Gyatso, when the Fire Clan attacked.
Special Training: Fully Realized (Various)
Aang may Sketch 3 moves of each of these categories: Flying, Fire, Water/Ice, Ground/Rock. Further, Aang may learn 3 moves per level. Therefore, Aang may Sketch a total of 15 moves at Level 1, 18 at Level 2, 21 at Level 3, etc. The additional moves learned as a result of leveling are not restricted to any type. Aang can Sketch as many times per battle as he wishes. Aang is however a slow learner, and cannot use a move in the same battle he learns it without expending extra energy (1.5x). Moves can be deleted from Aang’s movepool by spending a battle in the Pokemon Center or at a cost of 1 SP. Further, because Rock and Ground types are the opposite of his native Air element, he will need to Sketch each Rock/Ground move twice to learn it permanently. Contrarily, he will not suffer the 1.5x energy addition on Flying type moves, since they are his native element. In the next battle, all energy costs are normal.
Fire Moves (1/3): Flamethrower, Fire Blast
Flying Moves (1/3): Twister
Water/Ice Moves (3/3): Water Pulse, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam
Ground/Rock Moves (1/3): Stone Edge, Earthquake
Additional Moves (1/18): Focus Punch

Amp: Gend. Magnezone

Cascade: Gend. Starmie
Bio: The lake that Cascade lived in before its capture originally was sparkling clean. However, businesses from the cities began to run pipes to the lake and dump toxic waste into it. The water types in the lake either died or migrated to another area, though Cascade chose to stay in its home. Poison types were attracted to the area and Cascade found itself needing to use its psychic abilities to keep them at bay as well. Eventually, however, a Tentacruel moved into the area. Twice the size of a normal Tentacruel, Cascade’s psychic abilities were largely ineffective against it. It was forced to leave the area and while in exile from its home, Cascade trained itself until it learned to use a more powerful psychic move. After learning this move, it returned in triumph, defeating the Tentacruel and driving the remaining poison types out.
Special Attack: Death Star (Psychic)
Cascade glows gold with psychic energy for several seconds, during which time its weakness to dark, ghost, and bug attacks will double to be double-super-effective against it. After the charging time is complete, Cascade will release the psychic energy in the form of golden beams from each of its points. These beams will join together a few feet in front of Cascade and the resulting beam will attempt to strike its target. This attack is deals damage equal to a Hyper Beam and takes as much energy. This attack may be used once per battle. Cascade cannot use Hyper Beam.

Chomper: Male Rampardos
Bio: Chomper’s cool. He studied under Bumi, but his nature disallowed further training in Earthbending. Cool and calculating, Chomper struggled to grasp the idea of being strong like rock, preferring instead to disable the opponent.
Special Attack: Geminite (Rock)
Chomper shoots out a small glowing ball of rock energy such as with Power Gem. Upon contact with the opponent, it will stop glowing, but will remain as a crystal latched onto their skin. Initially, it has a surface area of about 2 square inches. Every round, the crystal will double in size until completely covering and immobilizing the opponent. Extremely strong Pokémon such as Steelix will not be affected. The crystal can be removed by way of Rock Smash or Brick Break or a sufficiently powerful attack. The crystal is about 2 inches thick and very hard, rendering limbs useless if allowed to encapsulate them. This attack uses energy equal to a Power Gem to use and does no damage. Any sufficiently powerful attack can destroy the crystal, be it the trapped Pokemon's or Chomper's.
Tree Star Badge
Attachable Badge
The badge of the Lazarus Gym, the Tree Star Badge is, as the name suggests, a leaf shaped in the form of a star. The badge glows with an eerie power which serves to level the playing field for those who may have a few less million years of evolution on their side.
Badge Effect: Fossil Fortitude
The attached Pokemon is treated as though it is one level higher than it actually is--the Pokemon will remain at its actual level, but the badge bestows it with extra power. The actual benefit is up to the ref's scale (extra health/energy, increased attack/defense power) but there must be some benefit given. This badge is attached to one Pokemon in signature submissions but can be changed to a different Pokemon at will. This effect does not trigger the disobedience clause should another uplevel be used in the same battle, as it does not actually raise the level of the Pokemon.

Copper: Male Typhlosion

Cygnus: Female Altaria

Demyx: Male Kabutops
Bio: Demyx has always desired to learn the Earthbending techniques of Toph and Bumi, but his methods proved that to be quite impossible. Toph's techniques focused on waiting for the most opportune moment to attack while Bumi's were primarily defensive; Demyx's desire to rush in and attack blindly made it impossible to master either of those techniques. However, he did desire some method to hold the opponent down while he attacked.
Special Attack: Rock Tomb Plus (Rock)
Demyx stomps the ground and mini-Rock Tombs appear over any of the opponent's feet or hands that are currently on the ground, rendering them immobile and trapping the opponent. Demyx must maintain slight concentration to keep the mini-Tombs active, but may attack concurrently. The Tombs disappear after 2 rounds at most. The mini-Tombs can withstand damage equivalent to a mid-charged Hyper Beam or a Rock Smash/Brick Break before being destroyed. Demyx loses the regular Rock Tomb as a result.

Gyatso: Male Skarmory

Io: Male Charizard
Bio: Ever since Io was born, he always felt as though he was a true dragon. Abandoned at birth, he was found and brought to a dragon sanctuary, the home of many Bagon, Gible, and Dratini. Though he was shunned from the dragon games, laughed at and called names, the then Charmander felt that his dragon heart would win out in the end. He worked tirelessly to perfect his draconic techniques, though even so he was not truly a dragon. Realizing that in this environment he would never achieve his goals, Io set out on a journey to attempt to become a dragon. He attempted every ludicrous idea which he thought of: he would throw himself off of cliffs to attempt to emulate a Bagon’s thick skull, barely surviving the fall and needing to nurse his injuries for several weeks before even being able to walk again, and would even attempt to swim to mimic Dratini. The latter almost cost the now Charmeleon his life. He was rescued by an adult Dragonite, who carried the Charmeleon’s almost lifeless body to its island, which was populated by many dragons of all types. However, these dragons, instead of rejecting Io, embraced him. They began to help him hone his dragon skills even further than he had before, though in doing so, he neglected his fire attacks. A large scar runs diagonally across Io’s chest from a battle against an invading group of Salamence. With this battle, Io felt that it had finally achieved its goal of becoming a dragon type. Its physiology mirrored this transition, its tail taking on a blue tint in addition to the reddish orange flame that it had been previously.
Type Change: Dragon (Fire/Dragon)
Io is now a Fire/Dragon type with all of the associated resistances and weaknesses. Its dragon type attacks are slightly more powerful and take slightly less energy. However, its fire attacks are slightly less powerful due to the emphasis that Io has put on its dragon type training and use a proportional amount less energy. Io’s flying ability is somewhat diminished, becoming slightly slower and slightly less agile. The de-emphasis of his training on fire type moves, however, has rendered his Ember and Overheat completely unusable. The pride he has gained from his training has caused him to reject traditional fighting tactics which he sees as giving an unfair advantage or depending on luck, and as such, will not use Attract, Beat Up, Belly Drum, Captivate, Double Team, Endure, Sleep Talk, Swagger, or Toxic. Io, however, retains its weakness to water, takes neutral damage from electric attacks, and does not gain additional resistance to fire type attacks.

Ion: Male Electivire

Iroh: Male Magmortar

Ironhide: Male Steelix

Isis: Female Flygon

Jet: Female Togekiss
Bio: Quite possibly the most trusted of my squad, Jet is a very powerful force to battle against in battle. Realizing that in order to successfully counter all foes, she would have to master, or at least have sufficient experience in, the ice type. Appealing to the number of my Pokemon that can use ice attacks, Bane in particular, Jet eventually learned an ice attack.
Special Attack: Sheer Power (Ice)
An ice attack with energy usage and power roughly equal to Hidden Power, released in the form of a light blue beam. Usable 3 times per battle.

Justinian: Male Nidoking

Katara: Female Golduck
Bio: Katara is Sokka the Marowak's sister. Their mother was killed when they were young by the Fire Clan, and as a result she has assumed a motherly role. She is sometimes overbearing and always rambling on about hope. Katara is a waterbender, meaning she is specially tuned to psychically moving water and stuff. She is Aang’s tutor for water and ice moves. Her specialty involves psychically taking hold of water and hitting stuff with it.
Special Attack: Water Whip (Water)
Katara takes control of an available source of water telekinetically and guides it in any direction she pleases, such as into an opponent, for damage equivalent to the amount of water controlled. If there is no outside source of water available, Katara may use a Water Gun attack at the cost of a move then telekinetically guide it as she pleases. The energy cost is equivalent to the amount of water controlled, and by extension, the amount of damage. The “average” for this attack is that it will do good damage and take good energy; this can be altered up and down, as far down as she would like and as high as significant as long as a suitable body of water is available. The energy for this attack is half water energy and half psychic energy for the normal attack, but an additional Water Gun of energy is added to the costs should the variant be used. Only water damage is done. The advantage of this move is that Katara has full control of the water, and it is more difficult to dodge. Katara cannot use Fury Swipes, Cross Chop, or Dynamicpunch however.

Lilith: Female Cradily
Bio: Like all members of its species, Lilith lived at the base of the ocean. Normally it would gain energy by preying on passing creatures, but some bioluminescent algae overtook the area, depleting the area of oxygen and as a result, all life. Rather than leaving its place of residence, Lilith adapted and began to photosynthesize from the light given off by the invasive algae.
Special Training: Solar Glory (Grass)
Lilith is able to use any available source of light, natural or artificial, to power its Solarbeam and Synthesis attacks. If the light is not natural sunlight, the charge time of Solarbeam will increase as if Lilith were a non-grass type in normal sunlight. Synthesis will be much less effective at restoring health and energy in non-sunlight. Health and energy will be regained at the normal rate, but only one-eighth of its maximum health and energy can be restored rather than one-fourth if Lilith is not in natural sunlight. If Lilith is in natural sunlight these attacks work normally.

Mekong: Female Whiscash

Mercury: Male Houndoom

Bio: Mercury constantly tries to come up with a way to counter the dreaded water types. One day, it was traveling along, before seeing a blue flash fly past it. The blue was recognized as the legendary Pokemon Suicune, who had been fleeing from Raikou, who was charged with electrical energies. As Raikou saw the little fire hound, it quickly let off a huge Thunder attack, forever changing Mercury’s moves.
Special Training: Thunderbolt (Electric)
Mercury can use the attack Thunderbolt at the expense of giving up both Dream Eater and Nightmare for the rest of the battle.

Namine: Female Froslass
Bio: Frost is quite unlike others of her species. She detests the white coloration which provides camouflage in snowy conditions, and outside of battle she dons a black cloak. She has apprenticed under the dementors of Azkaban, finding their methods inspiring and the chilly temperatures they inflict comforting. After several long years, she eventually learned the final secret of the dementor – the Dementor’s Kiss.
Special Attack: Dementor’s Kiss (Ghost)
Frost approaches the opposing Pokémon and, without needing to make physical contact, begins to inhale deeply. Frost absorbs energy at a rate dependent on the opponent Pokémon’s mindset. If the Pokémon is particularly joyous, or under the effects of Focus Energy, the maximum amount of energy will be sapped, which clocks out around a significant amount. This replenishes Frost; if the Pokémon is extremely happy with the way the battle has been going, Frost will recover a decent amount of health. The opposing Pokémon is left feeling cold and hopeless after the attack; this is not the same as frustrated (akin to Frustration), however. This may be used once per battle. It does no damage to the opponent Pokémon.

Nemo: Male Armaldo

Orion: Male Lucario
Bio: Abandoned as a pup, he was found by a trainer who lived in the middle of nowhere. But it wasn’t just a regular nowhere, but rather nowhere in the middle of Canada. So it was cold. Orion trained here for quite some time, becoming quite accustomed to the frigid conditions that he lived in. He eventually moved on to another tropical region. But creepy stuff started happening, and it's up to Orion to save his new home! A group of ice types had infiltrated the area, turning it into a frozen wasteland; Orion was the only one able to withstand the frigid temperatures and beat down the ice types, enabling the region to return to a state of lush productivity.
Special Training: Heart of Ice (Ice)
Orion is very resistant to cold temperatures and hypothermia and is sure-footed on ice. This does not affect his ability to withstand ice type attacks.

Pakku: Male Empoleon
Bio: Pakku is old and wise, a Waterbending master and Katara’s teacher. He focuses on being able to strike the opponent from far away, without being at a risk of harm himself. He puts a great deal of emphasis on established tradition.
Special Technique: Water Snake (Water)
Using energy equal to an Aqua Jet, Pakku propels itself upward on a swirling pillar of water. This takes minimal concentration to maintain, and Pakku may move the pillar about as he wishes. The pillar is about 8 feet high, within jumping distance of most Pokemon. Therefore, Pakku may attack from relative safety from physical harm, though if he is knocked from the pillar he will sustain falling damage. This attack may be sustained indefinitely at the cost of an Aqua Jet of energy per round.

Polaris: Male Lapras
Bio: Polaris, like most Lapras, lived near the North Pole for most of his life. However, his colony of Lapras was found during an exploratory mission by a group of poachers, who killed many of his companions and captured Polaris himself, locking him in a cage and transporting him into Kanto. There, Polaris felt horribly; he was locked alone in a cell, unable to escape. Eventually he attempted, successfully, to free himself using Solarbeam. However, he was quickly recaptured due to that nasty inability to walk over land. Polaris was only allowed outside at night, then, to prevent any more shenanigans; his water and ice attacks had no effect on the specially tempered steel of the cage. Recalling back many years ago to the aurora borealis which had powered his attacks, Polaris longed for this sense of familiarity. He therefore worked on using his own electrical attacks to produce an ionization effect similar. Eventually he succeeded, and used this power to escape.
Special Technique: Northern Lights (Electric)
Polaris shoots electrical energy into the sky, ionizing the particles and producing a very weak aurora effect. This will remain for 3 rounds. Under this aurora, all Pokemon in the area will be able to use Solarbeam as though the sun were out, under normal conditions. Ice attacks will also get a very small boost in power. Energy use is equal to a Thunderbolt and is usable once per battle.

Raphael: Male Blastoise

Riptide: Male Omastar

Sebastian: Male Kingler

Seth: Male Gengar
Bio: Before his untimely death, Seth was a Squirtle. Squirtle was the Pokemon of a farmer who used the turtle to irrigate his crops, which Squirtle willingly did. However, one summer a swarm of Kricketune ravaged the landscape and bore down upon the Squirtle's farm. Squirtle attempted to protect the fields, but was taking severe damage. He set up an Aqua Ring but unfortunately it was not enough to stave off the massive damage that it was taking. In its second life, therefore, Seth maintained that one reminder of its past torments.
Special Technique: Watery Grave (Water)
Seth may use Aqua Ring once per battle.

Sheldon: Male Kingdra

Sirius: Male Umbreon
Bio: Sirius has been fascinated by Psychic attacks since it was born, and the repeated non-effective attacks on it allowed it to absorb some of the energy. After noting Cascade lifting and throwing an opponent Pokemon, Sirius realized exactly how nifty that would be to have. After a bit of training with small objects of any sort, including rocks, branches, and eventually working its way up to small Pokemon, such as Rattata, Weedle, and Caterpie, Sirius has finally learned exactly how to lift opponent Pokemon with its Psychic attack.
Special Training: ph34r t3h 1337 psychic powahs (Psychic)
Sirius is considered familiar with psychic abilities, and can therefore use Psychic to lift and throw opponent Pokemon. However, Sirius uses more psychic energy than a normal psychic type to perform this.

Sokka: Male Marowak
Bio: Sokka was a member of the Water Tribe, even though he quite obviously is a little different. Since he’s not a water type. He doesn’t realize this, though, and it’s probably best for him to continue his life in ignorant bliss. In any case he finds himself without the acute aquatic prowess of his sister Katara, so he wields his bone club with power and purpose. During their journeys, the group found a meteor. Being the cunning strategist that he is, Sokka melted down some of the metal and coated his club and skull with it, rendering him unstoppable! Just kidding about that last part.
Special Training: Meteor Metal (Steel)
Sokka’s skull and bone are coated in metal from a meteor from space. This makes them indestructible under normal battlefield conditions, but Sokka takes slightly more fire type damage from attacks that strike its skull.

Thor: Male Jolteon

Toph: Female Sandslash
Bio: Toph has been blind from birth, her eyes a creamy white. However, she refuses to accept her boundaries as a result of her headstrong natures. She ran away from her overprotective parents to teach Aang how to use ground and rock type moves. Though she’s blind, she’s by no means helpless. She can feel the vibrations through the ground, letting her know exactly where her opponent is!
Special Training: Badgermole (Ground)
Though Toph is blind, she can still sense where objects are around her due to being specifically tuned into feeling the effects of vibrations; somewhat of a Supersonic through the ground. However, as a result, she is rendered completely unable to sense an opponent if either herself or the opponent is not touching the ground. On sand, Toph will somewhat be able to sense the opponent, but it will be “fuzzy” and not as precise. Toph’s ground attacks are increased in power by 1.2x due to the special connection she has with the earth. She also has sensitive hearing.

Toruk: Male Aerodactyl

Tyson: Male Machamp

Warpath: Male Bastiodon

Zuko: Male Infernape
Bio: Zuko was banished from his home, a colony of fire Pokemon who sought global conquest. He was actually next in line for the throne at that time, leaving him broken and having gone from riches to rags in just a few short moments. The fire clan seeks to destroy Aang, and while Zuko had previously gone on missions hunting Aang, he now looks to teach Aang the skills of fire. He has an intense scar over one of his eyes from a burn many years ago.
Special Technique: Agni Kai (Fire)
Zuko’s flames grow much larger and hotter, greatly improving Zuko’s firepower. Zuko’s fire attacks become 1.25x more powerful at the cost of 1.3x energy. Agni Kai will last until struck by a water attack or rain and the flame diminishes, or until Zuko runs out of energy. Triggering Agni Kai counts as a move.

Level 5

Manny: Male Mamoswine

Level 4

Darner: Male Yanmega

Venus: Female Tangrowth

Larxene: Female Lanturn
Bio: Larxene is sadistic and cruel. She attacked many Pokemon for no reason, and developed quite a reputation among the sea, striking fear into all but some water/grounds. After a while, though, she got bored and wanted a challenge. Seeing an Eelektross she decided to mimic the characteristic that made that species interesting - the ability to manipulate magnetic fields. Now she can attack land-based stuff now too. Awesome.
Special Technique: Electromagnetism (Electric)
Larxene constantly levitates using a magnetic field. This levitation requires no energy to maintain, though Larxene is somewhat less nimble and fast than an Eelektross. This does not affect Larxene's ability to travel through water. She has a significant flight ceiling (like a Magnemite would).

Petrie: Male Archeops

Saix: Male Golbat

Spike: Male Carracosta

Starscream: Male Zweilous

Zexion: Male Absol

Level 3

Olga: Female Larvesta

Roku: Male Kadabra

Level 2
Alex: Female Flaaffy

Azula: Female Vulpix
Bio: Azula is Crown Princess of the Fire Clan and has the power to back up that claim to the throne which was given to her following her brother Zuko's banishment. She is highly advanced in fire techniques, even adjusting the temperature of her flames to burn a bright blue instead of the normal colors of fire. However, this has led her to become borderline deranged and quite psychotic, making her more dangerous if anything. Many of the most powerful Firebenders are able to control electricity, a notable example being her uncle, Iroh the Magmortar. After much painstaking training, she mastered this new technique and plans to use it to further her nefarious deeds.
Special Training: Lightning (Electric)
Azula may use Thunderbolt twice per battle, with according type energy. Also her flames are blue, but besides being awesomer, the color change makes no difference in battle.

Otto: Male Grovyle

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Spoiler: show
Llewelyn: Male Marowak [Level 4]
When most people think of a Marowak, they envision a very stern, disciplined creature. Llewelyn could not be further from that description. Childlike and playful, it’s as if he hasn’t aged at all since the day he hatched. Since his evolution, I’ve made more of an effort to turn him into something of a role model for the team. It’s proving difficult, as one of his more loathsome habits is pouting after a poor performance in battle. Bless his heart.
Signature Technique: Layer Storm [Flying]
One of this guy’s favorite activities is perching himself in a high place and pretending to be some sort of medieval archer. Over time, he’s managed to turn this into an actual legitimate battle strategy (see, there’s a leader in there somewhere!). Llewelyn charges his bone with a heavy amount of Flying energy and brandishes it like a bow. He then draws his other hand across the middle, signaling the release of a large amount of sharp energy projectiles from the bone. Each “arrow” deals light damage individually, but they travel very quickly all at once, totaling up to heavy damage overall. The sharpness means they are also capable of cutting the foe at impact, made much more dangerous in Realistic battles. Llewelyn has the Flying energy to use this twice per match.
Hidden Power Steel

Rhyme: Female Noivern [Level 3]
I’d love to wax on and on about how I’ve managed to tame a proud and mighty dragon, but I haven’t. Rhyme tolerates me only because I feed her and she enjoys hanging out with my merry, motley crew. When she’s not avoiding me outside of meal hours, she can be found digging her claws into my hardwood floor, digging holes in Isolde’s perfectly manicured gardens, or kicking up all the sediment at the bottom of Shipwreck Cove.
Signature Technique: Norwegian Death Metal [Steel]
Because what else would she listen to? Inspired by some of her favorite bands, she gathers a heavy amount of Steel energy into her ears and then expels it in the form of sound waves, much like a normal Boom Burst. The attack deals heavy Steel typed damage to her foe. Additionally, the attack is so jarring that the target's defenses are lowered by 20% for the next three rounds. Rhyme has the type energy to use this technique twice per match, but never twice within consecutive rounds as it simply risks too much damage to her own ears.
Birdkeeper's Token Attached

Jeanne: Female Meditite [Level 3]
A mysterious newcomer to the squad, Jeanne hails from lands as of yet unknown to our group. What we do know is that she is highly disciplined and analytical, devoting all of her training to taking her foes down from the inside out. Like her namesake, she has rapidly risen through the ranks of my team and advocates the path of righteousness for all. She does not stand for cheap shots in battle and has been granted, as she puts it, divine knowledge against the corrupting evils of type spam.
Signature Technique: Chi Block [Normal]
Jeanne swiftly jabs her opponent in a vulnerable place (a "pressure point," if you will). This jab only deals light damage, though the appeal of the move lies in its aftereffects. A significant amount of energy then surges throughout the opponent's circulatory system and subtly redirects blood flow, blocking off sources of "chi" (it should be noted that such alterations deal no additional damage). In this way Jeanne is able to barricade off a source of her opponent's type energy. The type that is blocked is off the most recent source called upon in battle. For example, had her foe previously used Water Pulse, Water energy would be blocked; for Earthquake, Ground energy; and so on and so forth. There are a few caveats, however. Firstly, type energies of an opponent's natural primary and secondary types are impossible to obstruct. In the same vein, as Normal energy is universal to all Pokemon it may also not be blocked. Secondly, those creatures without a circulatory system (eg. all those immune to toxins) are unaffected, as their "chi" is structured otherwise. Thirdly, opponents with high natural defenses (eg. heavily shelled Pokemon, opponents who have an Iron Defense boost, etc) are very resistant to this manner of attack. The chi blocking effect lasts for three rounds, at the end of which such sources are made accessible again. Jeanne can only use this maneuver when I order second, and cannot do so prior to the first round of battle so that she may examine her foe's weak points. She is permitted to use this technique twice per battle but never twice against the same opponent.
Hidden Power Steel
Medichamite Attached

Isolde: Female Mawile [Level 3]
Naturally theatrical and overdramatic, Isolde merely contributes to the overall insanity of my squad. Each and every one of her emotions is over the top, leading to alternating bouts of tremendous joy and unrelenting despair. When she’s not committing an act of emotional terrorism on another member of my team, she gardens, and has since designed a special move in tribute to her very favorite flower.
Signature Technique: Forget-me-not [Water]
Drawing on a significant amount of Water energy, Isolde summons a small energy construct in the form of a Forget-me-not bloom and launches it at her target. The attack deals a considerable amount of damage and also induces temporary amnesia in her foe, more often than not stopping them in their tracks. This generally lasts until the start of the next round or until they take damage. Isolde has the Water energy to use this move twice per match.
Hidden Power Fairy

Renly: Male Summer Sawsbuck [Level 3]
Elegant and vaguely effeminate, Renly is a veteran traveler who quite literally showed up at our doorstep and then never left. No one is entirely sure where he came from, and when asked simply responded, “Everywhere.” He gave a similarly cryptic response when asked why he’s decided to stick around with us. Nevertheless, the enigmatic drifter brightens the mood of everyone he comes across, so he’s hardly a burden. It’s only a matter of time until he leaves us to start the next leg of his journey, so time spent in the present is always valued when dealing with Renly.
Signature Technique: Gaia’s Ascent [Rock]
Renly stomps his foot, causing a large pillar of Rock energy to erupt from the ground underneath his opponent. It is nearly identical to Earth Power in terms of maximum height capabilities, damage dealt, and energy usage; however unlike Earth Power, the Rock energy rapidly “cools” and leaves behind a thick, jagged stone column which Renly is capable of climbing to reach new heights. This move is only usable in environments with naturally occurring rock to draw energy from, whether on the surface or below it, meaning it will fail in most manmade arenas. Renly has the type energy to use this move twice per match.
Hidden Power Rock

Varys: Male Galvantula [Level 3]
Friendly and a bit of a blabbermouth, everyone likes him well enough. He’s incredibly crafty, building small structures here and there for others to play in out of his silk. As a matter of fact, he whipped up my favorite swinging loveseat on my front porch. Mostly great qualities, except for one thing – he’s a bit of a close talker, and he doesn’t care much for personal hygiene. You know where this is going.
Special Training: Bugged Out [Bug]
Varys’ mouth and appendages are far from clean. For this reason, all of his biting and cutting moves have a tendency to incite a physical allergic reaction in his foes. The allergy presents itself similarly to Infestation, distracting the foe, increasing their discomfort and reducing their focus for the duration of two to three rounds. This secondary effect has a 20% chance of triggering for an additional light amount of energy in the execution and does not contribute to Varys’ overall fatigue.
Hidden Power Ground

Sakura: Female Makuhita [Level 3]
Unlike most Fighting types, Sakura takes her training outside the gym, instead meditating and focusing her tranquility in her favorite pastime – painting. She’s on the way to becoming a master landscape artist, and she takes most of her inspiration from nature.
Signature Technique: Bursting Bloom [Grass]
The only plant Sakura doesn’t like are nettles, and so she decided to smash a large amount of it in her hands. Unfortunately for her, it lingered. She charges the palm of her hand with a significant amount of Grass energy before plowing it into her foe, dealing a significant amount of damage. Additionally, a cloud of spores is released upon impact, forming a localized burn around the affected area. Sakura has the Grass energy to use this technique twice per match.
Hidden Power Steel

Beat: Male Phanpy [Level 3]
The sturdiest yet obviously the most stubborn on the crew, Beat refuses to yield to the wants and desires of those around him. He tends to take a confrontational stand in not only his own conflicts, but those conflicts of those he is close to. He will rend earth, ocean, and sky to protect those he loves. This strong will has surpassed anything I had ever thought possible in his training, literally capable of changing the foundations of each and every battlefield he steps into.
Special Training: Earthshaker [Ground]
Beat’s terraforming techniques have grown tremendously over time, enabling him to perform Ground attacks with greater ease in earthy arenas, and even pull them off in places he has no business doing so. In natural environments, Beat’s Ground techniques require 15% less energy and deal 15% more damage, taking slightly less time to enact. Moreover, he is capable of manipulating concrete despite his size, forcing the substance to carry the Ground energy necessary for a traditional Earthquake or Bulldoze. Unless the concrete layer is thin, Fissure is still next to impossible to pull off. He can perform Earth Power, though, but only to a certain degree – terraforming in this way is severely inhibited. All Ground attacks using concrete as the medium require 20% more energy for a normal damage output.
Hidden Power Fire

Kimarhi: Male Houndour [Level 3]
He doesn’t talk very much and doesn’t seem to care for the affairs of others, but despite his cool exterior cannot resist his innate attachment to his pack, which in the present moment consists of a handful of aquatic lunatics and a wyvern with undiagnosed ADD. Kimarhi faithfully follows them in their antics, but maintains just enough distance to avoid any of the consequences. So he’s really the textbook definition of an enabler.
Special Training: House of the Rising Sun [Fire]
His father passed down to Kimarhi a sacred bond with the Sun to aid him throughout his life. For whatever reason and by whatever mechanism, Kimarhi exudes a permanent, internal Sunny Day effect generally independent of the surrounding environment for a light amount of energy per round (this does not contribute to his overall fatigue). A gentle sprinkle he can brush off, but heavy rain makes him fairly uncomfortable and though his Fire attacks will not suffer any drop in power within a very short range (about a foot or two), they quickly peter out over any significant distance. This “internal sunlight” is strong enough to trigger the special attack boost in his Mega form. In exchange, all of his Fire attacks which benefit from this (as well as Solar Beam) require 1.25x more energy. Additionally, he takes more damage from Water-typed moves than normal, affecting him as if his entire body was an open flame. It should be noted that this special effect is entirely personal to Kimarhi – the “Sunny Day” does not extend to any other Pokémon on the field.
Hidden Power Grass
Houndoomite Attached

Cersei: Female Ekans [Level 3]
She’s an unabashed bitch, and her nickname is no coincidence. Though she lacks a brother, she professes the love of her physical form enough such that the relationship shared with her namesake isn’t quite so far-fetched. I mean, she’s a snake, so while I’m not necessarily surprised by her duplicitousness and sneaky manipulation of everyone (myself included), the vanity shouldn’t be as shocking. Clearly I value these traits, as I have done nothing to try and dissuade her from acting this way. In fact, I may have even helped develop them along. Sorry not sorry.
Signature Technique: Living Shadow [Dark]
Cersei surrounds her body with a major amount of Dark energy before sending it forward at a high speed. The energy faithfully retains her form as it collides with her foe, dealing considerable damage and then settling at a small distance behind the target. This “shadow” remains until it is destroyed, for all intents and purposes serving as a QC Substitute, with all the stipulations therein. She has the type energy to use this technique twice per match.
Hidden Power Dark

Shoshanna: Female Froslass [Level 3]
No one is totally sure who or what Shoshanna was in her previous life. Given her tendency to harp on the shortcomings of others and point out their dirty “sins,” however, we’ve come to the general consensus that she must have been part of the Tea Party. At first we all agreed to ignore her more…dogmatic qualities, but her strangely aggressive didactic techniques have forced all of us to endure more than one bitter sermon.
Signature Technique: Maligned Judgment [Fighting]
Shoshanna has always felt an innate connection to the inner spirit of all living things, though she refuses to truly understand it. Instead, she exploits and uses this energy and paradoxically turns her foe against itself. Sapping herself of heavy energy, Shoshanna drains her foe of good health. However, rather than absorb it she shapes it into a glowing orb nearly identical to Aura Sphere and lobs it at her opponent. While the initial drain is typeless, Shoshanna converts the health into Fighting energy for the offensive projectile, and thus the damage of the orb is subject to the inherent weaknesses and resistances of the foe. She can only use this technique twice per battle, though like all draining moves it is subject to diminishing returns against the same target; in that case, damage dealt is proportional to the amount of health drained, though Shoshanna will still use the necessary energy to perform the technique.
Hidden Power Ground

D'Artagnan: Shiny Minior [Level 1]

Wakka: Male Passimian [Level 1]

Io: Magnemite [Level 1]

Sigrid: Female Amaura [Level 1]

Gym Squad
Spoiler: show
Dyrim: Male Wartortle [Level 3]
Strong and stoic, Dyrim serves as the team’s beloved bodyguard, observing the activities of the others from a short distance away. Not much about him is known other than small hints he drops here and there: he was the first hatchling of his clutch and took up a parental role almost immediately for his younger brothers and sisters. His patience is unrivaled by most other Pokémon, and though his ire is hardly ever piqued, Dyrim instinctively moves in at the first sign of conflict. The rest of my team knows to drop the issue then and there; strangers who intrude upon us, however, are dispatched via a peculiarly aggressive fighting style he must have developed much earlier in his life.
Signature Technique: Hammer Strike [Water]
Cloaking his fist in Water energy, Dyrim makes a swift move towards the foe, delivering a brutal blow to their gut. This will have the effect of temporarily winding them, leaving them open to attacks. During this time, Dyrim will typically be able to chain another attack, striking the foe for a second time before they can use a move of their own. Hammer Strike deals decent Water energy, and uses solid energy, but can only be used three times per match.
Hidden Power Ground
Tidal Badge Attached

Pantalaimon: Male Vaporeon [Level 3]
I’m fairly confident in saying that nobody else on the team likes Pan except for me. He’s obnoxious, he’s mischievous in the worst way, and he doesn’t play fair. Most of all, though, he’s dirty and just straight up smells. Getting this Water type to actually bathe is virtually impossible, and he’s destroyed more than his fair share of washrooms making his escape. Deep down, however, beneath his unpleasant mannerisms and the layers of scum coating every inch of his body, there’s a heart of gold.
Special Training: Bathing is for Scrubs [Ground]
Pan’s inability to properly clean himself actually grants him some advantages. Caked on remainders of the previous match’s dirt and grime grant him an immediate Mud Sport effect upon his initial release into battle. This effect lasts five rounds before wearing off and is unaffected by swimming, diving, or otherwise moving within water. In addition, because of his fondness for rolling around in the mud in the shallows of Shipwreck Cove, Pan has learned to use Mud Bomb and has the type energy to use it three times per match.
Hidden Power Ground

Freyr: Male Seadra [Level 3]
Despite his outward appearance and signature scowl, Freyr is really very sweet. He just masks this softer interior with a haughty pretentiousness, especially in the midst of battle. When he's not posturing about with Theon on the surface and practicing his aim on one of my GTs, he's hiding away down in a shipwreck at the bottom of our cove and working on his sculpting. He's actually fairly accomplished, his subjects being the team members he pretends to dislike on a daily basis.
Signature Technique: Call on the Calvary [Rock]
Using significant Rock energy Freyr conjures up the five forms of his other squad members (match dependent, obviously) and directs them towards his foe. These forms are not solid but rather shaped from Rock energy. Each figure deals a small hit and explodes upon contact, totaling up to solid damage overall. The move is generally disorienting and the foe suffers a 15% decrease in their offensive capabilities for the next three rounds. Freyr has enough Rock energy to use Call on the Calvary twice per match, but he cannot use it twice on the same opponent.
Hidden Power Rock

Yue: Female Milotic [Level 4]
Yue was the runner-up prize in the Spring 2014 Grand Melee. She does not count toward squad limits.
Special Training: Fairy Lover [Fairy]
Yue has always been fascinated with pixies. When she learned about the new type, Fairy, she wanted to become a fairy more than anything. However it was impossible to become a fairy, and so she decided to try to get as close as possible. After years of research and training, Yue is now considered to be familiar with the Fairy type. In addition, she now knows the moves Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast, Draining Kiss, Play Rough, Baby-Doll Eyes, Sweet Kiss, Moonlight, and Disarming Voice.
Hidden Power Ground

Belgaer: Male Marill [Level 3]
A natural entertainer, Belgaer brings a lot of energy and pep to the table (to the annoyance of some of the other, older squad members). He’s young and something of a prodigy for a Pokémon his age. His innate innocence and naivety serves as a source of strength rather than a weakness, and he is quite literally capable of harnessing this quality in battle.
Signature Technique: Purity Essence [Fairy]
Belgaer creates a large sphere of Fairy type energy, firing it towards the foe before it erupts into a display of brilliant white flame. This will leave the opponent with a severe burn at the point of impact. Purity Essence deals heavy damage and requires major energy, but will move fairly slowly, much like an Inferno.
Hidden Power Ground

Sonmi: Staryu [Level 3]
This species is generally more emotive than people like to give them credit, and Sonmi is proof of that. What she lacks in facial expressiveness she makes up for with incredibly nuanced body language, requiring some mental gymnastics for strangers to grasp upon first meeting her. However, over time, she manages to build strong unspoken bonds with others, using her latent psychic abilities to emotionally hone in on her vast network of friends. Everyone loves her, but one of my more cynical friends claims one day she’s just going to seize control of this network and create a giant hive mind. I don’t think she’s smart enough for that.
Signature Technique: Blink [Psychic]
Sonmi calls upon her network of friends for assistance in the midst of battle. She cloaks herself in significant Psychic energy and disappears in a flash of white light, leaving one of her teammates as her replacement. At any point during the next two rounds, the recipient will be able to Blink back to Sonmi for a significant amount of Psychic energy, which will be granted to them if they do not normally carry the requisite type energy (though it will still drain from their overall energy pool). This is basically a two-directional version of Baton Pass, with both Blinks following standard switching guidelines. Sonmi may only use Blink once per match.
Hidden Power Flying

Beulah: Female Dewgong [Level 3]
Queen of the fjords, Beulah comes from a battle-hardened, matriarchal pod in Scandinavia where she was renowned for her prowess in combat. Unlike her gentle, more peaceful brethren to the south, Beulah and her fellow she-warriors are more in tune with the harsh winds of winter. Ice runs through her veins, and if you're not careful, it'll run through yours, too.
Signature Training: Valkyrie of the Fjord [Ice]
Beulah and her tribe reigned supreme by subjugating all opposition with the essence of the arctic wind. She knows Freeze-Dry. Additionally, all foes within a 10 foot range of Beulah will feel as though they are suffering from the slowing effects of an Icy Wind, increasing slightly the longer they stay within this range.
Hidden Power Flying

Argos: Male Kingler [Level 3]
He clicks a lot and loves to eat, but still manages to maintain a healthy figure. Bitch.
Signature Technique: Pistol Shot [Water]
Approaching the foe with his larger claw wide open, Argos will make a quick snapping motion as he comes into striking range. Argos will then snap his claw shut, striking the opponent and causing a small scale explosion. This will deal significant damage for equivalent energy, and holds a 20% chance to confuse the foe. However, Pistol Shot will have a 40% chance to confuse should it strike the foe's head.
Hidden Power Ground

Ellimere: Female Chinchou [Level 3]
My first experience as a breeder didn’t go so well, and Ellimere is the result. I’d taken my eyes off Ellimere’s egg for one second, and somehow it rolled down the hill and got stuck between the rotors of the Gym’s generator for roughly 48 hours. You know, one of those freak accidents. Anyway, to the surprise of everyone, Ellimere hatched from her severely charred egg two weeks later and here we are. She’s hyperactive and not all there mentally, but she means well and is a sweetheart. I’d recommend slipping on those rubber gloves on the wall over there if you want to pat her, though…
Special Training: Charge+ [Electric]
Unlike other Electric types with their “free” Charges, Ellimere’s drains her of a considerable amount of type energy for some additional bonuses. Besides boosting her offensive electrical arsenal, these moves now pierce Ground type immunity for the duration of the boost. She also experiences a small speed increase and shorter reaction time while Charged up. She can only use this alternate version of Charge, and may only do so twice per match so as to avoid any potential harm to her physiology.
Hidden Power Grass

Harlaw: Male Tentacool [Level 3]
He used to be afraid of the dark until one day he came home from school with heavy black eyeliner and said something about being a demon hunter. So that’s what he does in his spare time.
Signature Technique: Black Anchor [Dark]
Harlaw charges one of his tentacles with Dark energy and slashes across the body of his foe, dealing heavy damage for equivalent energy. Additionally, any Ghost types struck by this move are forced into the solid state for three rounds. He has the type energy to use this move twice per match.
Hidden Power Dark

Tiamat: Female Corsola [Level 3]
Hailing from a remote island in East Hoenn, Tiamat is a special kind of Corsola. Whereas her cousins are pink and hardened, her exterior is soft, plushy, and, most strikingly, green. The island where her ancestors anchored was low in natural prey, meaning they had to adapt. Over time, they developed photosynthetic properties like plants, inheriting a green coloration due to the chloroplasts in their cells. Tiamat and her kind rely entirely on the sun’s rays to sustain themselves, by all means an abundant resource on their little island. These physiological changes completely change the way her kind interacts with nature and other Pokémon, challenging the traditional view of what a Corsola is actually capable of.
Special Training: Flower Child [Water/Grass]
Tiamat is considered a Water/Grass type, with all the weaknesses and resistances associated with it. She and her kind instinctively developed new techniques thanks to their new cellular physiology. She is natively familiar with Grass energy, and is capable of using Energy Ball, Magical Leaf, Giga Drain and Leaf Storm at her discretion. In exchange, she has lost the signature familiarity of Rock energy, as well as Rock Blast, Power Gem, Head Smash, Rock Slide, Sandstorm, Rock Polish, and Stone Edge. She cannot use Harden. Her softened exterior has removed her vulnerability to Rock Smash (typing aside), as well as the ability to use the move herself.
Hidden Power Ice

Ichabod: Male Jellicent [Level 3]
The spirit of a long deceased swashbuckler, Ichabod has continued his life’s work of exorcising the seven seas even into his life after death. He has learned to channel his righteous disdain for otherworldly beings, leaving his targets stunned and bewildered. When he’s not chasing down a mark, he’s usually marauding the kitchens perfecting his chocolate chip cookie recipe and undoing all the day’s weight training.
Special Training: Holy Water [Ghost]
Ichabod has the ability to fundamentally alter the properties of his aquatic attacks. By infusing the selected Water-typed move with an additional light amount of Ghost energy, Ichabod forces it into an "ethereal" form rather than a physical one, flipping it to special attack classification if it isn't already. The move will then deal dual-typed damage in the same vein as Muddy Water or Flying Press, in this case both Water and Ghost. All secondary effects for techniques altered in this way are dropped and instead replaced with a 20% flinch chance. These moves are triggered by prefacing the base technique with "Holy." There is no limit to how often he can do this, but it is energy intensive and he will tire a little more quickly by chaining them one after the other.
Hidden Power Ground

Phee: Female Mantine [Level 3]
Prissy by nature, Phee isn’t exactly what you’d call friendly. She’s developed a bit of a superiority complex throughout her life and she believes herself to be above nearly every Pokémon she comes across. My attempts to break down this façade have been wildly unsuccessful, so perhaps she really was just born this way.
Signature Technique: Maelstrom Collapse [Water]
Phee creates an intense, localized whirlpool around her opponent. This will disorient them somewhat, making their attacks significantly less accurate and possibly confusing them if they remain within for too long. Most Pokémon will struggle to escape from this construct, but it will grow weaker over a period of time, normally taking roughly 3 turns to dissipate fully. Typically only Pokémon who excel at swimming can escape on the initial turn the whirlpool is created. This move requires good energy if used while Phee is underwater, and significant energy if used when outside of water.
Hidden Power Grass

Tesla: Male Cloyster [Level 3]
He’s quiet and keeps to himself, floating around in his corner of the pool practicing his own little techniques. Generally an all-around good guy.
Signature Technique: Tesla’s Coil [Electric]
Tesla quickly spins vertically, projecting a series of electrical tendrils which arrange themselves in front of him like a net. The next special attack which hits this net is absorbed and, after a brief moment, rebounded back in the direction it came. The net disintegrates afterwards. No alteration is made to the reflected move, remaining at the same power and of the original type. Ground type moves not only bypass the net but effectively neutralize it. This technique uses considerable energy, and Tesla has the type energy to use it twice per battle.
Hidden Power Electric

Ilm: Male Toxapex [Level 3]

Current Battles
Spoiler: show
vs. Mew the Gato [Gym Defense - UPN]
vs. Crys [Gym Defense - SPPf]
vs. Connor [Gym Defense - UPN]
vs. Firewater [Gym Challenge - UPN]
vs. Fallen [UPN]
vs. Vlad [SPPf]
vs. EK [SPPf]

Spoiler: show
Grand Melee I [12th Place]
vs. Connor [Win]
vs. Escalion [Win]
vs. Salamencia [Win]
vs. Apollo77 [Win]
vs. Son_of_Shadows [Win]
vs. blazeVA [Win]
vs. Fallen Icarus [Pokebowl Rd 1 Win]
vs. Lost [Win via forfeit]
vs. Lost 2.0 [Win]
Grand Melee II [Runner-up]
vs. Rangeet [Win]
vs. Daisy [Pokebowl Rd 2 Loss]
vs. EAI [Gym Defense - Win via forfeit]
vs. KamenAeons [Win]
vs. Kindrindra [Win]
vs. Shuckle [Win]
vs. Kindrindra 2.0 [Win]
vs. KamenAeons 2.0 [Gym Defense - Win]
vs. HeroicRein [Gym Defense - Win via forfeit]
Grand Melee III [9th Place]
vs. SilentReaper [Win]
vs. BLA [Win]
vs. Ger [Win]
vs. DT/EG [Loss via forfeit]
vs. Kots [Win via DQ]
Grand Melee IV [26th Place] #salt
Grand Melee All-Stars Season 1 [7th Place]
vs. Lanturn [Gym Defense - Win via Forfeit]

Spoiler: show
Tidal Badge
Attachable Badge

Those wary enough of the changing tides in Shipwreck Cove and its resident Gym Leader are rewarded with this badge, a chrome silver token emblazoned with translucent blue waves.
Badge Effect: Ebb & Flow
The wielder of this badge more keenly feels the ebb and flow of battle, and strives to conserve this momentum in its favor. During odd-numbered rounds, they will receive a 15% boost to their offenses. During even-numbered rounds, they will receive an equivalent boost to their defenses. The boosts last for one round only and are thus mutually exclusive. This cycle persists throughout the match, but is tied to the battle itself and not the wielder - if the wielder is withdrawn during an odd-numbered round and then released during a different odd-numbered round, they will only receive the appropriate offensive boost. These boosts are not transferable via conventional switching moves or moves that copy the target's mental state.
Attached to Dyrim

Birdkeeper's Token: The Birdkeeper's Token signifies freedom of thought and movement that transcends the art of the possible. It can be attached to Flying type pokémon and greatly enhances their natural abilities. They will be significantly faster and more agile than their peers in whatever their usual mode of transportation is, able to travel further and with more precision and dexterity than others without expending much more energy. At ref's discretion, they will be more able to dodge attacks and harder to evade when using their own. This token may be purchased during the week long Easter event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Attached to Rhyme

Medichamite: Medicham meditates constantly and therefore have a very sharp mind. This makes them resistant to mind-altering statuses. Their Meditate and Calm Mind are slightly more effective and their default stance causes them to hover a foot above the ground when using these moves. Medicham can see in the dark. In its Mega Form, its focus reaches such a level that it is entirely immune to mind altering effects, including but not limited to confusion, sleep and fear. Its mentally-boosting techniques also double in their potency.
Attached to Jeanne

Houndoomite: Any burns caused by a Houndoom's attack do more damage than usual. A Houndoom have sensitive hearing, at the expense of increased vulnerability to sound based status attacks, and smell, which allows them to easily track foes and tell Double Team clones apart. Much like the Growlithe family, while more reluctant to bond, they are fiercely loyal to those who earn their trust. As dogs they are quite good diggers and deal 1.2x damage with their biting attacks. In its Mega Form, the bones around its torso act as a defensive buffer, giving it a slight boost in defense for all attacks that hit around that area. It also is particularly sensitive to the sun, giving it a boost to its normal Special attacks as well as its Fire attacks in bright sunlight.
Attached to Kimarhi

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Gym Squad -

Yougirasu - Level 6
Male Dragonite

No Signature

Kush - Level 6
Male Kingdra

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Shiny Magneton (SM) - Level 5
Female Garchomp

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Hanatori - Level 5
Female Dragonair

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Kindrindra - Level 5
Female Altaria

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Rangeet - Level 5
Female Salamence

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Balmund - Level 5
Male Flygon

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NotMozz - Level 5
Male Dragonair

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Rest of the crew -

Dark Magic - Level 5
Male Gengar

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Holy Emperor Kuno (Kuno) - Level 5
Female Charizard

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Steelbeak (Stlbk) - Level 5
Male Fearow

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Guenwyhvar - Level 5
Female Houndoom

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Jerichi - Level 5
Male Raichu

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Concept - Level 5
Genderless Starmie

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Firewater - Level 5
Female Alakazam

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Quintowill - Level 5
Male Infernape

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Treepandaone (Treep) - Level 5
Male Lucario

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Insidious_Dreamer (I_D) - Level 5
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Not Muyo - Level 2
Male Duskull

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Copygoo - Level 2
Male Elekid

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Roki (Loki's Evil Twin) - Level 1
Male Dunsparce

No Signature...but he's probably plotting something evil...

Morg - Level 1
Male Metapod

No Signature...only cause his last one is...in flames!

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Loki- Level 2 Trainer.
Loki is from the year 2003. He didn't do a lot back then because the league was really slow. He joined FB and stuff happened. Then he didn't come on to UPNetwork a lot because he had a bad life. Now things are slightly better and he quit playing MMOs. Now he strives to do dumb things with Pokemon just for his own amusement.
Signature Trait: Why So Serious? (Humorous)
Loki is banned on SPPf. Because of that, he will never battle on Serebii's lame fail forums which puts FUNown's home of Dimension F look awesome. Also, you can't take Loki seriously. Except when he is being serious. In which case, if you don't take him seriously, he will flame you. So take it easy man. BTW, this post probably isn't up to date. Except if the edit date on the bottom seems is very recent. But don't hold your breath for that to change.

Track Record:
Check the goddamn League Table you lazy bastard!

Ref Grade: B-
I am only willing to ref up to three matches at a time.

Pokemon Squad: 18/18
1- Tartarus: Level 2 Male Trapinch
Thanks to Health Care, Tartarus has a very good dental plan. This has lead to him getting extremely strong teeth that are durable, sharp, and deadly!
Special Training: Geophagia (Ground)
Because of Tartarus' exceptionally powerful teeth, Tatarus has decided to eat things which are normally more difficult. First by eating bones, then thick shelled creatures, but eventually started eating rocks and even metal ore, ensuring his teeth and jaws can overpower almost anything. As such, Tartarus is now capable of using Dig through any sort of terrain at remarkable speed, as he will eat through difficult terrain such as concrete, rocks, and asphalt, but performing dig in difficult terrain will require 15% more energy. He can also perform Sand Tomb (sinkhole version) on difficult terrain costing 25% more energy. In addition, Bite, Crunch, and Bug Bite are 20% more damaging and use 15% more energy. Tartarus also has no intention of ever evolving and such, will not evolve.

2- Screamo: Level 3 Female Mismagius
Screamo is totally into emo music. Because of this, she's a total downer to hang around with. She would cut herself if she actually had something to cut into, like flesh and blood.
Special Attack: Shadow of Doubt (Ghost)
Screamo begins to sing an extremely emo song (the lyrics and tunes are at the referee's discretion). The song itself has no real effect, but while she is singing, ghostly energies are released from her mouth and energies invade the enemy's mind, filling them with depressing and demoralizing thoughts. The effectiveness of the attack is based on the battle situation. i.e. if the enemy is tired and/or hurt, there is a higher chance of success. If the Pokemon is weak to Ghost type, there is a higher chance. Meanwhile, if the Pokemon is healthy and energized, there is little chance it will succeed. If the Pokemon is resistant, there is a lower chance. The highest possible chance of success is about 80% while the lowest is 1%. While demoralized, there is a chance the Pokemon may do nothing. At their lowest morale, this can be about 50%, but if they were barely effected, it can be as low as 10%. The duration of the demoralized state is based on how well the battle goes after being demoralized, at ref's discretion, but will usually not last more than 3 rounds. This attack can be used only once per battle, and uses the same energy as a fully powered Shadow Ball.

3- Glory: Level 2 Female Kadabra
Special Attack: Visions of Glory (Psychic)
Glory uses her telepathy to scan her opponent's mind for what they desire. She overrides their senses and cause them to believe they are living out their dream, distracting them for the next few moments. The dream ends once the targeted Pokemon has struck with any attack (even non-damaging ones). The chance of success is depends on how susceptible the target is to mental attacks. The highest success rate being 75% and as low as 0%. Dark types are immune. Uses the same energy as 1.5x of Psychic and is usable only twice per battle, once per Pokemon.

4- Anger: Level 2 Female Houndour
Special Attack: Iron Fang (Steel)
Anger places energy into fortifying the physical toughness of her teeth, causing her teeth to become practically indestructible for a brief moment. With that, she takes a powerful bite out of her target, dealing approximately as much damage as Bite, has the same chance to flinch, and uses about 1.5x the energy. Iron Fang cannot be used the same turn as any other Elemental Fang moves (Fire Fang or Thunder Fang) or use those attacks the following round. Iron Fang can be used three times a match.

5- Wrath: Level 2 Male Sneasel
Special Technique: Ice Blade (Ice)
Wrath presses his right claws up on his left palm and gathers energy into them as he pulls his claws off. Like unsheathing a sword, he creates a series of ice knifes on the tip of his fingers, extending his claws on his right hand to almost double in length. The next lacerating attack Wrath performs will be with his right claw and will have added physical ice type damage, a bonus of approximately 10% more damage and will cut twice as deep. After the attack, the Ice Blades will break off. Creating the blades uses approximately the same energy as an Ice Punch. Wrath may only do thing up to three times a match.

6- Mudkipz: Level 1 Male Mudkip
He's quite charismatic. Why? Because he's Mudkipz. U kno u leik'em
Special Trait: i herd u liek Mudkipz (4chan)
bcuz evry1 luvs Mudkipz, Mudkipz can Attract ne Pokemon. It ignores breeding groups and even gender, all because everyone loves Mudkipz. Cannot evolve.

7- Blaster: Level 1 Male Whismur
Special Defense: Negative Sound Zone (Normal)
Whismur's potent hearing and powerful audio producing power allows him to create a bubble of sound that negates all other sounds, essentially creating a sound-less area, causing all Pokemon within the area to feel deaf and mute. It does not affect Pokemon's abilities to obey their trainer's commands. This will negate all sounds in an area roughly the same area as Trick Room, centralized where Blaster stands. The area of effect weakens with each passing turns, ultimately being reduced to nothing on the 5th round after use. Whismur may use move this once per battle. The move uses energy equal to Hyperbeam.

8- Pennybags: Level 2 Male Meowth
Pennybags used to be the pet of an AIG executive who passed away and gave all his money to his cat instead of anyone important. After the AIG scandal became public, Pennybags felt it was necessary to help repay the world by giving out the money the fastest way he knows how- by throwing coins at everyone he sees. But even so, it seems Pennybags has been unable to save the economy and now vows to work harder even if he must sacrifice his own well-being.
Special Training: Pennybag's Bail-Out v1.1 ($$$)
Because of Pennybags nearly infinite money he inherited, he is capable of doing Payday three times a round every round as though it was a normal two-move round (energy use is the same as a three-mover if he performs a three Paydays). In addition, Pennybags can perform a four-move Payday to count as his normal three-mover. But, because of his absurd affinity to tossing his coins, he has forgotten every other move he normally learns. As such, his entire movepool is Payday and nothing else. In addition, due to his feeling of guilt his inability to stop the recession, Pennybags will not evolve until the American economy is no longer in recession! Also, as the coins hold the spirit of his former owner, the attack can affect Ghosts.

9- Level 2 Genderless Magnemite
Special Training: Electroreception (Electric)
Magnemite's family used to leech power from a Nuclear Power Plant. The radiation from the power plant caused it to become blind. Due to the blindness, Magnemite had to learn to sense its surroundings through detecting the electrical and magnetic field generated by its surroundings and navigate itself thanks to the Earth's magnetic field and field around objects. As such, Magnemite is able to detect the location of its enemies and its' surrounding with ease despite being blind.

12- Lotad Lotading Rodriguez: Level 2 Male Lombre
Lotad Lotading Rodriguez is a proud Mexico born Mexican. Land of tequila, killers of Davy Crockett, and rivers cursed by Montezuma. Lotad is proud of his heritage and only just recently left his homeland to battle internationally in the PASBL.
Special Technique: Pig Flu (Poison)
While living in his home pond in Mexico, Lotad caught H1N1 from his former workplace. Luckily for Lotad, his species is largely unaffected by the virus, but it lives in his Toxic producing glands, where it will likely stay. While there, the H1N1 can be coughed out, where it will linger in the air for the remainder of the battle. With one cough's worth of virus in the air, any Swinub, Piloswine, Mamoswine, Spoink, and/or Grumpig will be poisoned upon breathing the air. If there are two coughs worth of virus, they will be inflicted with Toxic instead. More than two coughs worth of virus will have no additional effects as the air in won't sustain more than a two coughs worth of virus. The virus can be washed out of the air with Rain Dance or dies from low temperatures from Hail or Blizzard. In open air arenas, it can be blown away with Whirlwind or Twister. Lotad can cough up to 6 times a battle and can no longer use Toxic.

13- Loki: Level 2 Male Dunsparce
Named after his trainer, Dunsparce is awesome.
Special Training: Awesome (Normal)
Dunsparce is more awesome, making other Pokemon jealous and quicker to anger while around him or possibly more attracted to him. As such, attacks such as Swagger will be more effective against Male Pokemon, whom are jealous of him as well as use anger based attacks more effectively against Loki. Meanwhile, female Pokemon will be more susceptible to Flatter, Attract, and Captivate. Loki is also prideful, so he is unwilling to perform attacks that make him look bad, such as Flail and wouldn't stoop so low as to copy his opponents with Mimic, Psych Up, and Role Play. Oh yeah, he learns Flatter.

14- Hindenburg II: Level 2 Male Drifloom
After the catastrophe of the Hindenburg crash, Drifloom was born from the ashes of the burning wreckage, where it floated about the Atlantic following the path of the dead vessel until it was finally caught by me. He is sometimes called H2 for short. Also a reference to Hydrogen Molecules.
Special Training: Hydrogen Powered Flight! (Fire)
Hindenburg II is very much like the original Hindenburg, it is filled with hydrogen gas to improve it's flight abilities. Because of the hydrogen, H2 is slightly quicker than normal Driflooms and is able to fly a bit higher more efficiently. Additionally, H2 can release some of it's Hydrogen to use for Fire attacks, allowing it to perform Flamethrower, but use of it's hydrogen will cause it to lose altitude quite quickly and cannot perform more than three Flamethrowers per battle. The hydrogen can also boost the power of the attack Explosion, boost up to 50% more power at maximum hydrogen, losing 15% per Flamethrower's worth of gas. While containing hydrogen, H2 will be susceptible to Fire attacks, taking double damage.

15- Feathers McLeod of the Clan McLeod: Level 2 Male Farfetch'd
Feathers McLeod died thousands of years ago defending his homeland of Scotland against the invading Romans who wished to steal their precious metal tin to make their pewter... or brass... or bronze... I forget. And so does Feathers. After he died, he miraculously came to life and was found by another named Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, who told him of the Immortals and that he was one of them. With the knowledge of Juan Sanchez, Feathers traveled the world seeking vengeance against the Roman General who slaughtered his clan. Conveniently, that guy was also an Immortal, ultimately bringing him to battle internationally in the PASBL.
Special Training: The Highquacker (80s Movie)
From the many millenniums of experience as an immortal, Feathers has become quite tough. He cannot die in battles except through decapitation. If he suffers any crippling injuries, they will instantly be healed after the end of the battle. If any Pokemon should decapitate Feathers he will die and his opponent will be shot with a number of Thunder attacks equal to his level, but after enduring the hits, would be restored to full energy (not health) and somehow learn all of Feather's attacks until the end of the battle. His immortality has no effect on his ability to get KOed in battle. Feathers will not willingly allow an opponent to decapitate it and will never forcefully decapitate itself. Can only be decapitated in Realistic battles and once decapitated, it can obviously not be revived at a PokeCenter.

16- FUNown: Level 2 Genderless Unown F
Unown comes from Dimension F. In Dimension F, all things that should have gone right always goes wrong. As such, that dimension is always full of people screaming "FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF" and getting angry and frustrated over their constant failures. Unown became depressed and tried to commit suicide by throwing itself into a blackhole, but even that was a failure as he ended up in our dimension instead of dying. Oddly enough, its presence cause strange radiation that makes things in our dimension randomly fail also.
While Unown is in the battlefield, an odd occurrence will happen. All actions done by all Pokemon, including Unown, its opponent(s) and/or ally have a 50% chance to fail. Any failed action will simply not happen and no energy will be wasted, but the Pokemon will be slightly confused as to why the action didn't happen, but then snap out of it very quickly and keep going. The exception is Unown. All actions it fails will lose the energy for the failed attack. This has caused Unown to become quite the pessimist and it can never do more than 2-movers. If its first action in a round fails, it will be so demoralized it will skip its remaining commands for the round. This is what it looks like upon failing.

Deviljho: Level 1 Male Tyrunt
Cloned from the bones of an extinct elder dragon, Deviljho shows exactly why they've gone extinct. Deviljho is an apex predator of extreme hunger and savagery with no regard to it's own ecosystem. The beast consumed all prey animals and even resorted to cannibalism, effectively ending the reign of his species and all species of his era.
Signature Move: Brute's Rage (Dragon)
Should Deviljho be struck by a super-effective attack, he taps into an ancient instinctual rage, his body going beyond it's normal limitations with no regard to its own safety. In this mode Deviljho's attack and speed will increase by 20% it's normal and can use Dragonbreath, but he suffers 20% extra damage and expends 20% extra energy. Deviljho will only remain in this enraged state until has suffered damage equal to 2HB worth of damage or expended 3HB worth of energy (Assuming 6/9 rules). This effect is automatic and does not use energy on it's own but can only trigger once per battle.

NotAGun: Level 1 Male Klefki
NotAGun is from the mean streets of Unova despite Klefkis not being native to it.
Signature Training: I cut you fool!
Klefki learned a long time ago how to defend himself. He uses his keys as weapons themselves. NotAGun know the moves Cut, Fury Attack, and Fury Swipes.

RAYGEE: Level 1 Male Torchic
Many years ago, Torchic's family was blessed with a new clutch of eggs. But one day, an evil gang of Tepigs and Spoinks stole away the new unhatched siblings. Now RAYGEE has made a vow of absolute vengeance upon all swine who dares enter his sight!
Special Attack: ANGRY! (Fire)
Upon seeing any pig Pokemon like Tepig line, Piloswine line, or the Spoink line, RAYGEE will ignore all of his remaining orders to perform this attack. He will gain a sudden burst of fire energy and recklessly jump at his foe, crashing with the force of a Flare Drive and then Self Destructing on impact! Any walls made of wood or glass have little chance to stop his destructive self catapult, but concrete and steel may prove to be troubling. RAYGEE cannot control himself when this happens, he will simply do it on sight. He will then KO from exhaustion or self inflicted damage and hopefully take down his hated enemy. If RAYGEE has already used two moves that round, he will immediately perform this attack at the beginning of the next round. If he has performed one attack already but was ordered something different, he will automatically ignore that second command and perform this attack. RAYGEE won't use a three mover though.

Zero Cool: Level 2 Male Hitmonchan

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Andreste: Trainer lvl 1
I love Fire Pokemon.

Spoiler: show
Marlee: Charmander (F) lvl 1

Rick: Vulpix (M) lvl 1

Dizney: Growlithe (M) lvl 1

Cyn: Cyndaquil (F) lvl 1

Rocky: Houndour (M) lvl 1

Eve: Eevee (F) lvl 1

Chimmy: Chimchar (M) lvl 1

Elekid (M) lvl 1

Treek: Treecko (M) lvl 1

Laxadasical: Munchlax (M) lvl 2

Tar-Tar (Tar): Larvitar (M) lvl 1

Bemused: Magnemite lvl 1

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Feuer Faust

Tiere Des Abgrundes

A tall man, seemingly very young, yet still possessing an aura of great wisdom and mystery. He wears the clothes of both a teenager and a gentleman at once, blending their styles. Dark jeans cover his legs, and his torso is clad in a simple gray sweater. Beneath it lurks the simple white collar of a worker's shirt. Black socks and sharp dress shoes protect his feet, just as a stylish black pea-coat covers his upper body, parted at the chest with the buttons undone. A simple gray fedora, reserved and roguishly stylish, settles on top of brown hair and hazel eyes. He is an enigma, a cipher. He is Mysterious Trainer Mekanic...

Mekanic, formerly known as Excalibur.
B Grade Referee.
Level One Trainer.
13 Pokemon.
4 Win - 1 Draws - 3 Losses
8 Knock Outs / 17.5 Trainer Points / 0 Service Points

Spoiler: show

Samael – Male Slowpoke (Level Two)
Samael, the Desolate One. Esteemed right hand of the squadron, Samael is named for a fallen angel described as “the blind God”. He is perhaps the most evil in the entire bunch of Pokemon, his dark-side evident in his ruthless method of battle. Even if I hadn't given him the name Samael and instructed him to lead my other Pokemon into battle, I'm sure he would have assumed the Darth Vader-esque roll of dark ruler naturally. He's so evil he manages to make the normally blank stares of a Slowpoke look sinister. He takes great pleasure in suprising his opponents. He has trained extremely hard to overcome his natural weakness, and with great effort has managed to do so, allowing him to move at great speeds.
Special Attack – Speedpoke (XX)
Samael's Speedpoke is, in fact, Quick Attack. Through huge amounts of effort, the extrodinarily slow Pokemon has learned to momentarily accelerate himself to the speed of Quick Attack, hitting the opponent for the same amount of light damage. However, this action is entirely unnatural to Samael, and consumes 2.5x the energy of a Quick Attack to perform, and can only be used three times per match.

Raziel – Male Quagsire (Level Two)
Raziel is named for a fallen angel who speaks of hidden and secret things. It describes him well. I caught him, not in the wild, but in Pewter City, of all places, breaking into the museum and attempting to read several tablets that were being held in the basement. He was seeking deep knowledge, and ways to overcome his own weaknesses. I offered to help him learn, and with my aid he has come to understand several ancient techniques and abilities. One, in particular, stood out to him, and I helped him to master them, combining them into a single technique he uses to exact vengeance on his foes.
Special Attack – Selios Venomae (Poison)
Through studying ancient texts, Raziel has learned to imbue himself with poison-type energy, focusing them through himself and making use of his limited access to Poison-type energy to produce a powerful attack. His fist glows with deep purple energy, slamming it into the enemy, much like any other Elemental Punch. This attack delivers damage equal to a Thunderpunch,and has a great chance of poisoning the enemy, about 20%. It consumes energy equal to a Thunder. Raziel can only use this technique twice per match, as it involves a large amount of Poison-type energy.

Vassago – Male Chinchou (Level One)
Vassago is the Finder of the Lost. Named for a fallen angel who finds all things hidden, he is the inquisitor of the team. He finds and extracts information, at any cost. Vassago is a playful and intelligent fellow, but he has no real moral compass and doesn't have any real compassion for anyone else. His allegiance to the group is purely pragmatic. He simply agreed to join us when I explained our purpose to him. He has no qualms about using harsh and amoral methods to seek out the things he wishes to find. Applied to battle, Vassago's affinity for discovery has evolved into a new technique, one he honed studying the anatomy and psychology of the average battling Pokemon for years.
Special Technique – Knowledge Delve (XX)
Vassago focuses his mind, digging deep into his stores of anatomical and psychological information and cross-referencing it with the opponent's current pattern and species. He infers from this information a weak point on the opposing Pokemon, a place he can strike or a manner he can attack in that will be especially painful for the enemy. The attack used immediately after Knowledge Delve will deal approximately 1.5x damage. Knowledge Delve's advantages are lost if Vassago is distracted or hit before another move can be used. It consumes energy equal to 2x Calm Mind and can only be used twice per match. Vassago can only use this technique in conjunction with Ice-type techniques.

Raum – Male Totodile (Level One)
Raum is named for a fallen angel who is the Lord of the Crows. He embodies the predatory element of crows very well, preying on his enemies in the moment of their weakness. He is a very vicious little creature, one who enjoys bringing pain and causing mischief. I caught him out by New Bark Town, where he was terrorizing inhabitants and generally eating pets and causing havoc. Samael often has to keep him in line, keeping him from deeply wounding his opponents. Raum is the most capable of pure, unadulterated violence out of the whole group squad. He is also very dirty, and enjoys wallowing in the mud. His affinity for swamps and other nasty places has given him a close link to mud and dirt. He is perhaps the most dirty Pokemon on my squad, and it is always possible for him to have a faint coating of dirt at any time.
Special Training – Mud Wallowing (Ground)
Raum has trained long and hard to learn to use dirt and mud as weapons he can use to hurt other people, combining his two loves of violence and dirtiness. To that end, he has forced himself to learn how to use the move Mud Bomb. However, as a byproduct of this, he is other training has suffered, making him forget the move Blizzard.

Lilith – Female Finneon (Level One)
Lilith is a dangerous little Pokemon. She is named for a fallen angel who is a seducer of men. Lilith is a powerful Pokemon, one who uses the various 'Wind' attacks with great effectiveness. She didn't seem like she would fit in with my other questionably-amoral Pokemon, but she took to their brand of evil in stride. Lilith trained long and hard with those techniques, making them as powerful as she possibly could. When she found that she had reached maximum effectiveness, she developed a way to fuel them to ever greater heights of power. By training every single day and funneling as much energy as she could into the wind attacks, she discovered she could make them incredibly powerful with effort.
Special Training – Windstorm (XX)
Lilith has learned to make the various 'Wind' attacks incredibly powerful. By funneling a much larger amount of energy through the attacks, about twice of what is normally consumed, she can do roughly twice the damage of the original attacks. This addition can only be performed on the specific attacks Air Cutter, Gust, Silver Wind, Icy Wind, and Ominous Wind. This is done by adding 'Storm' to the attack order, such as 'Gust Storm' or 'Silver Wind Storm'. Lilith can only accomplish this two times per match and will consume 2.5x the energy for the boosted attack. The attack will leave Lilith slightly exhausted after use.

Rahab – Male Squirtle (Level One)
Rahab is named for the fallen angel of Pride, he whose name means Violence. Ironically enough, Rahab hates violence. It's not that he doesn't like hurting others. He has no problems with that. He just hates being attacked. He really doesn't like to be in pain. Rahab used to be one hell of a poor battler, and would always end up using the same move; Withdraw. As good as hiding in his shell was, he discovered that if he channeled energy through it, he could make it even more of a devious weapon to use against his enemies.
Special Technique – Silvide Shell (XX)
Rahab gathers up typeless energy, like a Hyper Beam, and focusing it throughout his shell. It creates a mottled tortoise shell of translucent silver energy that emanates from his shell, creating a half-dome shield that coats the outside of his shell in a Light Screen material. The shield is powerful and can hold back special attacks of up to a Thunder in strength before it breaks apart. Against physical attacks, it will not halt them and will easily shatter. It consumes energy roughly equal to 1.5x Light Screen and can be used at most twice per match.

Kunopegos – Genderless Staryu (Level One)

Forneus – Male Marill (Level One)

Israfel – Male Charmander (Level One)

Lix Tetrax – Female Pikachu (Level One)

Sorath – Female Tangela (Level One)

Wormwood – Male Teddiursa (Level One)

Vaul – Male Cranidos (Level One)

Match History

Current Matches
Vs. Lonely Cubone (UPN)

Tiere Des Abgrundes
ASBL Trainer - Level One
B Grade Referee
4 W - 1 D - 3 L
8 KO / 17.5 TP / 0 SP

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Trainer Level 2

Wins - 13 ~ Losses - 3 ~ Draws - 0
23 KOs ~ 54 TP ~ 6 SP

Current Matches :::
none started

Spoiler: show

[WIN] VS Quintowill
[DQ] [WIN] VS zodiacsage
[WIN] VS milotic111
[LOSS] VS Kush
[WIN] VS Senor Cheesypie
[WIN] VS DTG6407
[WIN] VS Breeder KJ
[LOSS] VS Jerichi
[WIN] VS Poke Hunter
[WIN] VS Rangeet
[WIN] VS EarthKwake
[WIN] VS Quintowill
[WIN] VS Rangeet
[DQ] [WIN] VS Beluga23
[WIN] VS Rangeet

Spoiler: show

Level Three Female Froslass

Level Three Female Milotic

Level Two Female Combusken
Amber is a fighter, she will fight to the end at all costs. I received her as my birthday present and she was my starter Pokémon. Amber is the definition of a bad girl and has the most heart and spirit out of all the Pokémon I have. She has been my loyal partner from the very beginning and has proved herself in many battles. Amber always had a dream and that was to fly. It was strange for a bird-like Pokémon to not know any of flying moves or lack the ability to fly.
Signature Move: Top Gun (Fire/Flying) (Special Attack)
With much practice with the normal types on my team, Amber has finally managed to perfect a move that was of the Flying type. Placing her left hand above her right hand, she concentrates and creates a sphere of energy similar to Energy Ball. However, this orb of energy will be pink in color, charged with 50% flying type energy and 50% fire type energy and she can toss it at her opponent like Energy Ball or rush in and smack them with it (move needs to be specified). The sphere does as much damage as Energy Ball and requires 1.2x the energy required for Energy Ball. It can be used at a maximum of two times a match.

Level Two Female Clefairy
Luna is the dark twin of the Full Moon Twins. Luna hatched a mere seconds before Sulli at Full Moon and they have been inseparable since. While Sulli preferred the sunlight and the light in general, Luna preferred the moonlight and the darkness. They couldn't be more opposite than that. Angered by her lack of dark typed moves, Luna trained and practiced hard to try and create a dark typed move that suited her.
Signature Move: Darkness Love (Dark) [Special Attack]
Luna having trained in the dark and under the moonlight for ages, has finally came up with a move that suited her personality yet instilled darkness. She fires a black colored heart shaped beam at her opponent, filled with dark typed energy. It deals as much damage as Dark Pulse and requires 1.2x the energy of Dark Pulse. It has a 10% chance of making the opponent attracted to Luna (if they are of the opposite gender), only for the first use against the opponent. It can be used a maximum of three times a match.

Level Two Female Jigglypuff
Sulli is the light to Luna’s dark, the polar opposite of her older sister, the younger Full Moon Twin gained more ‘light’ then ‘darkness’. Sulli loves the sun and the light and disliked the darkness in general. As there aren’t any ‘light’ types or anything along those lines, Sulli decided to abandon thought on holy attacks and decided to stick with what she had and make a move that suited her lovey-dovey style.
Signature Move: LoveGame (Psychic) [Special Attack]
Sulli managed to perfect this move due to her amazing vocals. Named after the Lady Gaga song, she sings and sound waves are emitted in one direction, but in the form of heart shaped waves. Any male Pokémon who hears this will instantly stop in their tracks due to the wonderful voice, being calmed down by it into not attacking Sulli. In addition to that, it has a 25% chance of attraction (with a decrease of 15% chance in attraction for each use after the first). However, any female Pokémon who hears this will become more enraged by the sound and have their attack stat raised, akin to the boost of a Howl. On female Pokémon, this damages them slightly(same as an Ember) but male Pokémon take no damage. Energy consumption of this move is equal to Hyper Voice and 1.5x of Attract altogether. This can only be used once per battle, and Sulli will not be able to use sound based attacks afterwards as this attack wears out Sulli's vocals.

Level Two Male Gyarados
Zarevok was just a mere Magikarp when I caught him. Humiliated by the many Pokémon in the sea for being puny and pathetic, he was in tears when I first met him. He was shy and didn't get along with many of my Pokémon except for one, Illusia. After working hard and training nearly every day, he evolved into a strong, ferocious Gyarados. He has kept his feelings for Illusia a secret but plans to tell her soon.
Signature Move: Northern Cross Bomber (Flying) (Special Attack)
Zarevok always felt weird that as a flying type, he knew no flying typed attacks at all. He worked hard training to impress Victoria, and with many special moves at his disposal, he trained firing different types of energy attacks from his mouth till he has finally managed to fire a Flying typed one. He fires a blast of air that explodes upon contact with his opponent, dealing flying typed damage equal to the orb form of Water Pulse and requiring energy equal to 1.3x of Secret Power. Zarevok is able to use this a maximum of three times a match.

Level Two Staryu

Level Two Female Bayleef
Hyosung is the fierce mother-figure to Zinger, Ji Eun and Sunhwa. She protects them and considers it part of her duty to take care of them and heal them. However, she realized she had a rather limited movepool and it was hard to use moves of other times. Training rigorously with Narsha and Ga-in, she managed to perfect and upgrade her moves into a different form.
Signature Move: Magic (Grass) [Special Training]
After numerous rigorous trainings, Hyosung finally perfected her attacks. Using the move Leaf Tornado, as a base, she trained to get all her leaf attacks to reach a form similar to that. Hyosung now knows Leaf Tornado, using Razor Leaf-type leaves for this version. She may also use a version, called Magical Leaf Tornado, using the attack Leaf Tornado with Magical Leaf-leaves in this one. This does 1.2x more damage than Leaf Tornado, costing 1.2x more energy as well. Upon evolution to Meganium, Hyosung may use a version consisting of Petals instead of Leaves (having learned Petal Dance), dealing 1.4x more damage and costing 1.4x more energy. However, these special versions of Leaf Tornado may only be used twice per match (per special version) while the normal Leaf Tornado may only be used four times per match.

Level Two Female Quilava

Ji Eun
Level Two Female Vulpix

Level Two Female Meowth

Level Two Female Dratini

Level Two Female Togepi

Level Two Female Roselia

Ga In
Level Two Female Beautifly

Level Two Female Seviper

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