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Just as a question: Is the Battle Frontier all going to be in one thread, or is it going to be a subforum with a thread for each area?
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Talks were to replace the Trajner Battle/Contests/Whatever subforum with the Battle Frontier and each facility be ita own thread. The Prize Shop and BP Keeping Thread will probs be either be a sticky in the subforum or in the shops subforum. I'm not sure and mod approval/input would be needed.

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Basically what Lit said.

The original idea I crafted had this being only one thread, but it grew into a huge beast that simply cannot be contained to one thread.

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Brave Saix
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Working on a write up for the Battle Pike. One question I want to ask is how to handle wild encounter rooms?
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Marion Ette
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Originally Posted by deoxys View Post
I really like Gary's proposal overall. It's really solid.

That said, I just want to touch on a few quick things.

1. We need to talk about the BP system and how an updater should determine the amount of BP that gets rewarded, and when it gets rewarded. I think this should and probably will end up being at updater discretion and vary from area to area, but getting a general idea would help so that we can craft a BP Shop based around this system to price items appropriately.

2. This might be controversial, but given that we already have BP as rewards for participating in the BF, I don't personally believe the $250 for 250 words benefit should extend to the Battle Frontier. However, staff rewards still should, for obvious reasons.

3. Levels. Level distribution should also be updater discretion with some basic guidelines, but my thought process on this is the less Pokemon you have out, the more levels you get, and vice versa. If you're in a 3 on 3 battle, all of your Pokemon will level up (provided they don't faint first), but distribution of levels should be lessened compared to a single 1v1 battle - however, I think the context of the battle will matter the most.

4. With all of the proposed areas right now, we are currently sitting at seven (with the Battle Pike [which still needs to be drafted, if anyone wants to take a crack at some ideas for it] and Horsea Harbor). I think that if we have any more than this, we are actually risking being stretched thin at that point. Speaking of stretched thin...

5. We would probably need to impose a restriction on how many areas can be visited at the same time to curb overworking, despite this being FFA. I was thinking 3 would be acceptable - or, we could test a "you can be everywhere, but you can't have the same Pokemon out in more than one area at a time"

6. And finally, there are some people who do want PvP battling. My opinion on this is this: we go with what we got for now to see how it goes, and after a bit of time, we can introduce PvP battling as a different-colored text sub-area of the Battle Tower, once we've found our groove.
Pokemon Battles have been a popular topic, and I'd be willing to help foster these ideas as a way to revamp the current Trainer Battles subarea. A well-balanced BP system and solid leveling guidelines for each area are going to be pretty major factors in determining how quickly we are able to implement something like this, so I would suggest that proponents of this idea start working on those in earnest - I'll assist however I can.

1. I would be very careful with variance between areas. If trainers catch on that one area awards better than others or is easier to milk rewards from, there will be disproportionate numbers of people spread across areas based on that - and easy rewards earned quickly have a strong appeal versus a larger reward that requires more updates (especially with the lingering old FB mentality of "the longer I wait and the more updates I need, the less likely this is to finish". That doesn't mean we CAN'T have variance, mind, but it could end up creating significant participation imbalances if not handled properly.

2. Agreed. BP replaces currency here for replies, so I don't see a problem - updaters should get rewarded, like anything else.

3. Updater discretion is fine within reason (guidelines would be helpful here), but as for 3v3 being reduced from 1v1 - this depends. More Pokemon can make battles more complicated to write and strategize for, as you have to consider the actions of 6 combatants rather than two, but I'm willing to see how context plays in before I disagree fully.

4. Would rotating areas be a possibility? Like, seasonal or something? Seven is already quite a lot.

5. Yes, PLEASE limit people to start. It is a lot easier to relax limits later on than more firmly impose them - I say enforce a limit of 2 or 3 to be safe and then go from there.

6. PvP is fine as long as rewards are not dependent on winning, if you ask me. Like, being able to RP battles is fine and good - and could be a lot of fun - but once you make rewards dependent on winning rather than participating, then suddenly PvP requires impartial refs, fair and balanced systems with way more rules in place, ways to ensure no cheating, etc. etc. etc. and I'd rather this be a more freeform thing that gives combatants relative freedom.
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Brave Saix
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Fizzy Bubbles – Battle Frontier – Battle Pike

The Challenge: Participants will face a small gauntlet of rooms. A total of fifteen rooms are divided into five sets of three. Each participant may choose one room from each set that they must clear. Should a challenger clear all five sets (or 1 run) they will be rewarded BP. Upon clearing 10 and 50 consecutive sets, the challenger will be challenged to a 3v3 battle versus the Pike Baron., his team selected randomly. Each set of rooms will be randomly generated from the list of encounters listed below.

• 1v1 single battle versus a randomly generated trainer. Challenger chooses last. Occurs in Battle Rooms.
• 2v2 double battle versus a randomly generated trainer. Challenger chooses last. Occurs in Battle Rooms.
• 1v1 single battle versus a randomly generated trainer who heals your party upon victory. Challenger chooses last. Occurs in Battle Rooms.
• Wild Pokémon Encounter: The challenger will have all remaining members of their team summon for this. 2-4 wild Pokémon (these are preevolutions of the Baron’s Pokemon and Rotom is not a possibility) will attempt to run you out of the room. They will focus primarily on afflicting your team with status and low damage moves. They simply want you gone. Simply reach the exit to succeed. Occurs in Wild Encounter Rooms.
• A nurse will heal some members of your party. 1 or 2 members are fully healed. Occurs in Neutral Rooms.
• A nurse will heal all members of your team. Occurs in Neutral Rooms
• Nothing of interest. Occurs in neutral rooms.

Building Design:
• The building is based upon a Serperior.
o Option 1:
 The main building is circular mimicking a coiled-up snake. In the center of the building is a grove to house the wild Pokémon found within. Outer diameter: 145 yards. Inner diameter: 95 yards.
 The entrance is based upon the head and collar of a Serperior. Frontier go-ers enter through the split in the collar with the head of Serperior act as an awning.
o Option 2:
 Similar to Option 1 but more closely resembling the 3D sprite of Serperior. The entrance is raised with vine acting as stairs and elevators for access.
o Addition Aesthetic Options:
 During the day, the standard coloration of Superior is used. This shifts to be the shiny coloration during the night.
Room Design:
• The lobby of the Pike is an open oval shaped room. The floor is a mix of short and tall grass with ferns and mossy stones for accents. The walls are draped with vines and have unkempt bushes running along their base. Various tropical trees decorate the room including Berry and Apricorn trees, however any fruits from the tree are restricted to employee use only. An area off to the left side is opened to the central grotto. A waterfall by the entrance sources a stream that divides this area from the general populace. One might occasionally see preevolutions of the Pokémon used by the Pike Baron, but no Rotoms.
• Battle rooms will vary in size, terrain, weather and foliage. This is randomly generated or chosen by the updater. Each option could provide various effects to the battle. Options include:
o Size: 50x50 feet, 75x75 feet and 100x100 feet
o Terrain: Soft soil (Rototiller), short grass (Grassy Terrain), over grown grass (occasional Grass Knots trigger). Additional streams and ponds can be added.
o Weather: Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Clear or Foggy.
o Foliage: Open, Light woods, Dense woods. Can include dead trees, bushes and other plant life.
o Or this can be left to the updater’s discretion.
• Wild Encounter Rooms: These are left to the updater to design an obstacle course that could be cleared with some effort by the challenger’s team on hand. It is inhabited by 2-4 wild Pokémon that inhabit the central grove.
• Neutral rooms: These rooms are fairly inconspicuous, having a central trail connecting the entrance and with a few log benches placed along the sides. The rooms tend to be lightly forested, similar to the lobby.
• Connecting Rooms: These are similar to the lobby and the Neutral rooms. They contain an aid who will inform one about a room in the next set.
• Final Room: Here the Pike Baron will greet any challenger who completes the five sets of rooms. On completion of 10 and 50 consecutive rooms the Baron will challenge the challenger to battle. Should they win they will receive the (Placeholder) Symbol. The battle will take place in another room. This room is 75x75 feet and features short grass, clear weather, three ponds in a triangular formation, several hollow logs and light woods around the perimeter.
• Pike Baron Aaron: The Frontier Brain of the Battle Pike, Aaron Yewstace is a native of Eterna City in Sinnoh. Trained by Gardenia in the ways of Grass-types, he would go on to expand beyond the town’s specialty, mastering most all but the Dark, Psychic and Ice types. In his travels, he often found himself drawn to the forests of the world. There he befriended the populations of wild Pokémon often acting as a driving force to settle disputes that would arise.

Normally he is a very relaxed person who often finds himself just following the clouds as they drift and hammocking in the trees of the forest. He speaks in softly and stretches words out as he speaks. However, when angered or in battle his demeanor changes to being cold and callous to those who oppose him. His tongue becomes sharp and deliberate.
Reference characters: Satoshi Isshiki (Shokugeki no Souma), Gin Ichimaru (Bleach)
1. Gin the Serperior: Male, Nature: Relaxed, Ability: Contrary
Additional moves: Aqua Tail, Seed Bomb, Synthesis, Bind, Dragon Pulse, Flash, Glare, Iron Tail, Dragon Tail, Grass Knot, Protect, Toxic, Light Screen, Reflect, Coil, Leaf Storm.
2. (Placeholder) the Rotom: Genderless, Nature: Impish, Ability: Levitate
Additional Moves: Toxic, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp, Volt Switch, Electroweb, Signal Beam, Spite, Mud-Slap
3. (Placeholder) the Gengar: Female
4. (Placeholder) the Ninjask: Male
5. (Placeholder) the Politoed: Female, Ability: Drizzle
6. (Placeholder) the Gliscor: Female, Ability: Poison Heal, Item: Toxic Orb.
Requested feedback:

1: Should the battle rooms be simplified?

2: Please suggest names, move, items, backgrounds, etc for the Pokémon.

3: Thoughts on how BP would be awarded and a name for the symbol earned.

4: Would you add any more encounters? How about any you would like removed? We also need flavor text for the room hints.

5: Are there any details (aside from appearance) about the Frontier Brain you would like to add or remove?

6: Free-response.

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Gonna play devil's advocate on this because while I think it's a neat idea I think people are getting a little ahead of themselves.

A) Why are we introducing a new currency when people have complained that PokéDollars are useless? Why not just award PokéDollars?

B) People have recently complained about there being a strain on updating resources and that people aren't getting updated as quickly as they may like. Adding another thing to that is only going to exacerbate the issue. Even if you exclude the people who have 8+ updatees in zones, who does that leave us with? Consider this - if you let people enter three areas and have 20 people adventuring in them, you suddenly have sixty additional RP threads in FB. Considering people can only have 4 at most right now, you get close to doubling the amount of updator-style RP in FB overnight.

I don't want to be a wet blanket because this stuff is cool and all but I think you guys are underestimating the demands of even simple updating and the resources available to FB at the moment. There is a chance this could work, but it's likely going to need to be implemented limitedly at first (like one adventure in one facility per person) if you want to keep people from burning out.
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Gemini Spark
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Agreed with Jerichi; in fact, I'm going to go one step farther and say the Battle Frontier idea should be iceboxed for the time being, precisely because it would introduce more RP than even our current player base can handle, much less the staff. When we were first bringing back FB we agreed that PvP stuff like trainer battles, contests, battle frontiers, etc. were a lower priority than most things, and I still think it's too early to be thinking about this stuff, especially since:

1) We don't even have IQ/Bond 100% sorted out yet, and that mechanic plays a huge factor into PvP depending on what level of IQ/Bond the Pokemon in question are at.
2) Our player base is quite small, and at some point, especially if we implement PvP, we're going to run out of players that aren't FB staff in some form. That would eventually result in people taking multiple jobs to keep everything going. Even if we do like Jeri suggested and go one adventure per facility per person, I think it's going to be too much for someone at some point because that would still be 20 adventures with only 4-5 people updating, likely with other jobs on top of that.

PvP sounds cool, but I still think it's a lower priority than IQ/Bond and expanding our player base to handle more stuff.

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Lil' Bluey

Despite my excitement for Contests, I agree that this might be getting out of proportion for the time being. It's getting to the point where I don't think I'd even participate since it just looks so massive and complicated, requiring too much involvement/investment from multiple parties.

To solve the Level problem, I really think we should take a step back and keep things simple by being more liberal with gains as suggested. I'm glad to see Updators have been granting them more easily now, so please keep that up. (And make buyable Candies a thing so I can keep my hoard. *shot*)
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