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UPN PASBL - Gym Queues

This thread will be where Gym Leaders and Trainers will post their Type or Theme Gym and give information or provide a picture of their arena.

Gym Leaders and Trainers, you will also be responsible for maintaining a 'queue post' that will describe who is next to battle you. Gym Leaders will be responsible for updating their Queues as appropriate, as will their Gym Trainers their own Queues.

Current Queues

Jerichi (Eeveelution Gym)

Sneaze (Grass Gym)
--HeroicRein (Grass Gym Trainer)
--Eliteknight (Grass Gym Trainer)

Apollo77 (Fighting Gym)

KamenAeons (Flying Gym)

Snorby (Psychic Gym)

Machamp-X (Fairy Gym)
--Zelphon (Fairy Gym Trainer)

TheKnightsFury (Water Gym)
--Trot Away (Water Gym Trainer)

Miror (Rock Gym)

Crys (Dark Gym)
--Mane (Dark Gym Trainer)

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Eevee The Shinka Workshop Gym

Upon a hilltop just outside Pallet sits a quaint, humble art studio, once home to the greatest artists of the world. Years after its decommissioning, however, it has become the home of the first Pallet Town Gym, renamed the Shinka Workship. This Gym specializes in a rather peculiar specialty, being the only Gym in the world to use just one Species of Pokémon... Eeveelutions.

Welcome to the Eeveelution Gym!

After quite a long hiatus, I'm back and this time, reviving a theme not seen in the ASB in quite a few years. This time, I've given the Gym a bit of an artistic flare, and even if I'm not much of an artist myself, my Eeveelutions make up for that plenty. Show off your artistic abilities, and maybe learn a thing or two!

The Shinka Workshop:
Spoiler: show
Shinka Workshop Gym (Advanced Indoor/Outdoor Arena)
On a peaceful hillside just outside Pallet, the Indigo League has funded a large art complex for the education of the Kanjohto citizens, which makes all official art, designs and architecture for official league buildings and functions. In recent years, it has fallen into disuse, prompting the league to turn to utilize its space and turn it into a Gym. With the assistance of breeders (and a contribution from Professor Oak), a crop of Eevees were bred for the league's first experimental Gym, an Eeveelution Gym. The Eevee were raised on the studio's grounds, and each soon took up art, working tirelessly in the workshop's many facilities.

Though the Eeveelutions prefer to work elsewhere, each of the combatants have their own space where they will face their foes. When the leader performs a successful switch, both Pokémon will be teleported to the appropriate arena.

The Sketchroom (Eevee)

A large, circular room that makes up the very center of the complex, the sketchroom is a well-lit, open room that is perfect for modeling and sketching. Plenty of tables, stools, stands and easels are peppered around the area, all stocked with art supplies. There's a lot of cozy spaces to cram in and hide for the tiny one that scampers about. The floor is a soft clay, making it easy to dig in and easy to get a firm grip.
When not battling, Scribbles spends much time here, perfecting her drawings and charcoal works.

The Dye Pool (Vaporeon)

A bright, open area on the north side of the building, the Dye Pool is used to dye, wash and treat fabric, as well as acting as the water source for the gardens outside and the rest of the complex, fed by a small spring at the very base. Its very pure water is perfect for dying and cleaning, and the lack of contaminants makes it a poor conductor of electricity. The pool itself is fairly large, about the size of a standard arena, and is about 15 feet deep. This northern part of the building tends to receive quite a bit of rain, and there is generally a small drizzle, though the impressive stained glass enclosure seals it off from the outside, as well as casting beautiful colors over the water.
Tincture spends much of her time in this room, dying her handmade Caterpie-silk textiles with silk harvested from the Viridian Forest.

The Calligraphy Studio (Jolteon)

This studio on the eastern wing has a bit of an Asian flair, lined with paper walls and covered in (quite springy!) tatami mats. Almost always exposed to the outdoors, it much of the time finds itself in the midst of storms, with rain rolling in off the ocean. Being a traditional, Japanese-style construction, use of arena-manipulating moves are heavily discouraged due to its fragile floor and foundation, and might just cause the user to fall through the floor! The space is wide and open, allowing a lot of room for movement and creativity.
Ink spends quite a lot of time in these rooms, perfecting his calligraphic arts.

The Kiln (Flareon)

The huge kiln in the west wing of the workshop doubles both as a pottery kiln and a blast fire for glass making, often both at once. This causes this part of the building on the southern wing to be particularly hot, making it much hotter than the rest of the complex. Fires blaze from both ends of the studio, giving it the feeling of a scorching desert, seeming as if it were under the influence of constant Bright Sun. The ground is solid concrete, making it quite hard to manipulate or affect. Plenty of hunks of clay lay all about the studio, ready for flinging, and even a few glass pieces might be around...
Strangely, Verre is the most common occupant of this part of the building, working on his carefully crafted glass, though Marble might fire her occasional clay sculpture.

The Gallery (Espeon)

A huge domed gallery occupies the entire second floor of the building, filled with walls displaying many works by the Eeveelution artists. All of the works are displayed in fire-, water- and shatter-proof frames and cases, though nothing is exactly pinned down to the floor, making it ripe for the chucking. The ceiling is decorated with sparkling gems made to look like stars that issue a strange influence over the arena, casting an effect similar to Miracle Eye over the area.

Brush often spends his time in the gallery, hoping to learn from his teammates and gather some inspiration for his next project.

The Darkroom (Umbreon)

This tight little room in the basement houses the photo development darkroom. This room is constantly bathed in a red light, making it difficult to see for those not used to the dark. The room is not very large - only 50 x 50 yards, and is lined with all kinds of development equipment, including some chemicals that may irritate or poison those unfortunate enough to come in contact with them.
Snapshot spends an awful lot of time down in this basement developing his photos, some of which still hang around the room.

The Sculpture Garden (Leafeon)

This garden occupies the southern portion of the complex, also acting as its entryway. This garden is sprawling and teaming with plant life, much of it growing to be quite big and full. Beautiful landscapes have been created from the plants here, many of them truly works of art themselves next to the impressive marble sculptures that are scattered about. A few paths cut through the gardens, though much of it can only be accessed by braving the tangle of plants, which act as perfect hiding places for Grass Pokémon who run around the area.
Though Tincture keeps up some of the grounds, Watercolor mostly tends to these gardens and often makes them the subject of her paintings.

The Sculpting Freezer (Glaceon)

Also in the basement is a special freezer, originally built to house blocks of ice for ice sculpting. This area, however, has become home to quite a few different types of sculptures over the years, with a few little warmer alcoves for other types of sculpture. Battles, however, take place in the ice freezer where sculptures and blocks are stored. This freezer is cooled to a crisp 20 degrees Fahrenheit, the optimal temperature for ice sculpture. Frost covers the walls and floors, making it particularly slick. The freezer itself is solid steel and cannot be manipulated in any way. A giant fan circulates air through the freezer, making it seem as if there is a constant snowstorm blowing through the area.
Preferring the cool to sculpt, Marble has made this into her sculpture workshop, working with clay, ice and her namesake, marble.

The Design Loft (Sylveon)
After the mysterious appearance of a strange new Eeveelution in the Shinka Workshop, a new section of the Gym was built to accommodate its newest member, Couture the Sylveon. This new studio has been built atop the existing facilities, residing in a rather spacious, well-lit loft space. The floor is lined with silky carpet, and the walls are draped with soft curtains and flowing ribbons. There are two concentric circles of thick, opaque curtains which divide the studio into three rings. The entire room is dotted with a number of dress forms, each with in-progress design projects. The inner most ring has two large, heavy drafting tables that can be hidden under. The outermost ring has a number of large bureaus which can be hidden behind or in.

If you show your creative skills to trump mine, you'll receive the Pallet Badge!

Pallet Badge
Global Badge
This badge radiates with powerful evolutionary energy, imbued with the power of the elements. It contains small shards of each evolutionary stone, with an everstone set in its center. The energies from the badge grant the wearer abilities beyond their natural capabilities, allowing them to tap into energies they never have before.
Badge Effect: Adaptability
When the trainer posts their squad, he or she may choose two (if posting second) or three (if posting first) moves which are learned by Pokémon on the squad. When each pokemon in the match is sent out, the badge holder may choose one of these moves to add to his pokemon's movepool. This move is usable until the Pokémon faints or runs out of type energy. If they do not normally have this type in their move set, they will be granted a significant amount of type energy or enough for one use, whichever is greater. Mimic restrictions apply. Sig moves and Sketch may not be chosen, but normal moves gained through a sig may. Legend exclusive moves may not be chosen.

Battles will be conducted as follows:

4 vs. 4 to 6 vs. 6
Equiall 2
48 Hour DQ
Switch = KO
The Shinka Workshop Gym Arena

Certified Artists
None (yet!)

Drop-outs (Wins via DQ)

Amateur Artists

In-Training (Ongoing matches)
vs. Kush

The Wait List (Queue)
vs. Zelphon (4 vs. 4)
vs. Altocharizard (4 vs. 4)

Come show your skills and create a battling masterpiece!

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Cherrim Grass Gym

If you wish to change your fate, you must start with your roots. A walk through the Wildwood will clear your mind, body, and soul. But the guiding energies within are not so easily tamed. Become one with nature and you may prevail - fail, and be swallowed by the wood.

The Wildwood
The Wildwood is a beautiful, thick rainforest that stretches for an immense distance and serves as a spiritual holy place for those most in tune with nature. The majority of battling will take place in the central area of the wood, with a pond surrounded by large rocks slightly to the south. The pond isn't particularly large, only about a twenty foot radius, sitting about ten feet deep at its center. The edges don't taper off to the ground, however, and even at its shallowest point it still runs about five feet deep. The air in the Wildwood is thick with a heavy humidity, making Fire types uncomfortable, while the small drizzle of water from above couples with this to give the benefits of a Rain Dance, without the drawbacks for things such as sun based healing moves or reduction of Fire attacks. The heat here is incredibly intense, however, and rays of sun shine in through the canopy, making Ice types uncomfortable, while giving the benefits of a Sunny Day save for the boost to Fire attacks, without the drawbacks for things such as Electric attacks or reduction of Water and Ice attacks. The canopy above is fairly thick, making it so flying Pokemon cannot ascend particularly high, and the brush and trees on the ground are thick enough to be easily jumped back and forth from, while far enough apart that larger Pokemon can move between them with relative ease. Vines hang frequently from the trees, allowing for swinging or shaking, though doing the latter does nothing other than allow for some comical relief. Because this is considered sacred ground, it cannot be erased by Magic Room, while moves that benefit its inhabitants such as Terrain moves will require slightly less energy to use and have their effects slightly strengthened. Moves that affect or use the terrain will cost slightly less energy for its inhabitants to use while costing any intruders slightly more.

Fights against the caretakers of The Wildwood must adhere to the following rules

6 vs 6
Equiall/Equilevel (GL's choice)
96 Hour DQ
Switch = OK

Winners in The Wildwood will be rewarded with the Solstice Badge...

Solstice Badge
Attachable Badge
Representing both the change in the seasons and the change in one's self, the tree with four colors of leaves that shapes the Solstice Badge is given to those who can defeat Sneasel12 in the Wildwood Gym.
Badge Effect: Seasoned Warrior
Using the power of the seasons, the wearer of the Solstice Badge may change the type of the move they are currently performing to represent one of the four seasons. The types available to be changed to are Fire for Summer, Water for Autumn, Ice for Winter, and Ground for Spring. Moves must use Significant energy or less in order to be able to have their type changed by this effect. These effects can be used a total of four times and each season can be represented a maximum of twice.

Trainers Level 1 and Level 2 must face my Gym Trainer, HeroicRein before being able to face me.

Awaiting the Seasons
Iced - Slash

Walking Through the Woods
Mew The Gato

In Tune With Nature

Plant Food

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Machamp Join Me in the Ring

The Fighting Gym Awaits You

You walk into a building, and long, dimly lit hallway awaits you. You wonder what kind of a Fighting Gym is in a place like this. You slowly walk down the hallway and finally reach a door at the end of the long corridor. You push open the door, which groans as if resisting your opening it. You now stand in a pitch black room, and can feel the still air around you. Suddenly a large spotlight shines down on you, the powerful beam nearly blinding you.
"Ladies and gentlemen," a voice from above booms, "the challenger to the Fighting Gym!" The lights come on all around you to reveal a massive crowd, erupting into cheers at the mention of you. You can finally get a look at the battlegrounds now, and find an enormous fighting ring covered by a cage. You slowly make your way to the cage, and take your position outside it. The announcer's golden voice soon sounds once more.
"And now, the current reigning Fighting Champion, the one and only Apollo!!!"
You look on the other side of the arena to see a young man strutting towards you; the crowd's ovation seems grow three times as loud upon seeing him. He is wearing nothing but athletic shorts and a towel around his neck, making his toned body clearly visible. You stop and stare, momentarily stunned by his presence. He approaches you and extends his hand.
"Hey there, you ready to rumble? I've been training for this a long time..."


4 v 4 to 6 v 6
Equiall 4
96 Hour DQ
Switch = Gym

The Cage of Discipline
The Fighting Gym Arena is a rather large octagonal fighting ring, with a giant cage trapping the combatants inside. The cage cannot be passed through by ghosts, slipped through by small or fluid Pokémon, broken out of by attacks, or escaped through any other means other than return to a Poké Ball. The cage is about 12 feet high, as to not allow much room for flight. Flying types will be uncharacteristically unnerved by the cramped space (since it's literally a bird cage). The ring is surrounded by a vast sea of onlookers, who number in the thousands. The roar of the crowd is borderline deafening, and makes it harder for Psychic types to concentrate, weakening their Psychic attacks. Psychic types who are part Fighting are not affected by this. Sound attacks are also partly drowned out by the noise. Red spotlights shine down on the arena, permanently inducing the effects of Foresight. The arena is in a highly urbanized area, making Fighting types more enthusiastic and Fairy types that aren't part Fighting uncomfortable. The arena is indoors, so attacks involving the sun, moon, weather, etc will fail. Magic Room will also fail because it basically just makes a bunch of spectators disappear and that's not cool.

Those who can beat me in the ring will earn the Spirit Badge to display their prowess.

Spirit Badge
Attachable Badge

This badge represents the discipline and training necessary to triumph over Apollo in combat. The burning heart symbolizes the passion with which a trainer must battle.
Badge Effect: Fighting Spirit
The wearer of this badge is exhilarated by the thrill of the fight and recovers mild energy every other time he or she deals damage with a physical attack. The wearer also receives a slight boost to physical attack and defense, as if permanently under the effects of Bulk Up.


In The Ring

Heavyweight Champions


Itching For A Fight

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Swadloon Grass Gym Trainer - Rain Edition

A young man sits casually in the middle of a wetland, the sky is calm and Grass Pokemon are roaming all around. Nothing could be more out of place except for the massive importance that this place has upon the world. "Those who wish to challenge the Gym Leader over at the WildWood must first best the Badlands Wetlands to even be able to challenge him, though I doubt you'll beat me let alone beat him." A young man who wears a pair of glasses exclaims this as he pushes his glasses back to make his authority known. "I see you've made a mistake and ended up here, well don't worry! I'll white you out and you'll be back to the mainland in no time. What's that? You think you have what it takes? Well, okay then, I'm not gonna hold back whatsoever though." With those words, he waves to you to follow him further in. Just what awaits will blow your mind.

Battles here take place in a rather gloomy looking place, The Badlands Wetlands is pretty much as the name suggests with that being a wetlands where you're bound to have a bad time as getting around a wetlands by foot is somewhat more difficult for Pokemon who aren't Grass or Water typed. This becomes worse every five rounds as the mud of the wetlands becomes thicker and makes movement extremely sluggish compared to usual. The arena is rather flat although there is a 8mx10m pool in the middle of the arena which allows for some water movement and ability to abuse the water. However, to even get near the pool Pokemon are forced to wade through a thorny grove to just get there. This thorny grove, however, is easy for Grass types and Pokemon with hard bodies to get through. The effort of getting through is rewarded though due to the water here being pure and the pureness of said water allows Pokemon to, using a move, drink from it and restore any status issues and have a Water Sport effect for 3 rounds (this can be done once per Pokemon). The ground below the wetlands has several rocks scattered throughout which allows for moves requiring rocks to be pulled off with greater ease. The temperature here is rather cold and as a result Bug types will be very uncomfortable in this arena. Rainfall here is harsh and permanent, no weather can cancel it out unless used by an expert at weather such as Castform. Magic Room and Terrain moves will always fail no matter what if used. There's a canopy above the wetlands which is rather low and as such limits Flying and Levitation. Moves that affect or use the terrain will cost slightly less energy for Grass type Pokemon to use while costing any non-Grasses slightly more. The vegetation in this land is unable to catch fire due to the extreme moisture levels in the air.

4v4 to 6v6
Equilevel/Equiall 4 (GT choice)
Switch = OK
Arena: The Badlands Wetlands

Wading Through (Ongoing)

Stuck In The Mud (In queue)

Masters of the Wetlands (Successful Challengers)

Bogged Down (Failed Challengers)
1. Fairfax (4v4)
2. GX Prodigy (4v4)
3. dirkac (4v4)

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Jumpluff Flying Gym

Kudos to Extroph for the artwork

So you want to ascend to greater heights? To soar above other trainers to grasp victory? Two paths stand before you, barring your conquest of the skies. Should you be a trainer at Level 1 or 2, you may find that you must overcome the sky bastions prior to advancing.

To the left, the Sanctuary keeps interlopers on edge with its guardian, RealMrGame10. To the right, the Tower of Adversity rises beyond the skyline, where the tower keeper, Extroph, awaits challengers.

Should you be a trainer Level 3 and onwards (or be victorious against one of the Flying Gym's bastions), the final path shall reveal itself to you: a staircase leading high into the stratosphere towards the Sky Gardens that lie at the edge of the world. It is here that the Flying Gym Leader, KamenAeons, shall test your worth, your spirit, and your passion as a trainer. Do you have what it takes to claim the skies?

"Let's see if you can fight against the ever-changing winds and stand your ground."

Battles will be conducted as follows:

4 vs. 4 to 6 vs. 6
Equiall / Equilevel (GL's choice)
48 Hour DQ
Switch = OK
The Sky Gardens
Having rented out the old Dual Wing Sky from Hana (without permission, of course), this arena is more or less what it was back in its heyday; a big-arse cloud in the sky, 15 metres in diameter, relatively thick, but not particularly great for digging. The vast expanses of the arena are perfect for Flying type Pokemon to stretch their wings (or whatever their flying appendages are anyway). As such, they will fight more enthusiastically because of it. On the other hand, Pokemon that favour dark environments will not particularly enjoy the oversaturation of light this arena has, fighting less enthusiastically.

Battles in the Sky Gardens will take place during the late mornings, where the sun is starting to intensify. Weather's a bit warmer than it once was, a cool 30-35 C. Oh, wait, did I say cool? I mean hot, sunny, and really dry, your typical Sunny Day. Weather changing techniques will have very little effect up here, sans the occasional Hippowdon Sandstorm. Electric moves will become significantly weaker in this heat and less accurate from longer distances, as will Ice moves. On the plus side, a cooling breeze will blow through the arena at all times to keep battling Pokemon from getting uncomfortable with the heat. A strong updraft blows around the perimeter of the arena, aiding Pokemon who fly outside of the arena's physical boundaries and preventing things from falling off super fast. As such, Gravity will have a significantly reduced effect in the arena.

The cloudy ground has been spruced up with a well-trimmed grassy turf, the Gym Leader's former roots with nature having turned the empty cloud into a thriving garden of small shrubbery and sturdy trees in what would be an impossible environment for such things, allowing moves that require living plant matter to be usable. Despite these changes, moves that require rocks, such as Rock Slide and Rock Tomb, will not work in this environment. Nature Power and moves of its ilk will also fail due to the fickleness of the wind.

The old team of Noctowl, Pidgeot and Swellow have once again returned to their post to save Pokemon who fall off the cloud and have no means of getting back up.

*cue Hana recording*

"They're quite skilled at what they do and can save even the biggest, heaviest Pokemon with no real problem, which is certainly preferable to your Pokemon falling to its death. There will be no penalty for falling off the cloud or forcing a 'mon off the cloud, though refs may give you sharp reprimands for fightin' dirty. And no, you can't attack them. Save your typespam for my Pokemon, please."

If you can tame the wicked winds and emerge victorious, you'll be awarded the Fleeting Badge!

Fleeting Badge
Attachable Badge
The Fleeting Badge is awarded to those who prove their mettle against KamenAeons in the Sky Garden Gym. The opal set in a whirlwind of colour represents the changeability of wind, and how easily the air of a battle can be turned away from a looming defeat to a close victory.
Badge Effect: Second Wind
The Pokemon attached with this badge will find themselves more alert and limber, their mind able to track distant prey and incoming danger with ease. With a keen eye, they will find their attack accuracy significantly improved, able to hit their desired marks more often than not, even with impaired eyesight. They will also become significantly more resistant to negative effects (status conditions, mental status, curses, debuffs etc.), any which take hold of the holder being less potent. The effects of Second Wind will, naturally, become stronger when the holder is trailing in health, their mindset becoming pretty much unflappable in the face of bad odds.

Preparing for Take Off
- Snorby (4 vs. 4)
- Cele (4 vs. 4)
- kingothestone (4 vs. 4)

Locked in Air Combat
- Miror (5 vs. 5)
- TheKnightsFury (4 vs. 4)
- Connor (6 vs. 6 Instant Challenge)

Seized Air Supremacy

Crashed and Burned

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Inkay Psychic Gym

Welcome to the Gym of Enlightenment!

4v4 to 6v6
Equilevel/All 6 (Gym Choice)
Strict 1 Week DQ (No, really.)
Switch = OK
Arena: The Room of the Enlightened
The Room of the Enlightened appears to the untrained eye to be nothing more than a standard if rather empty looking laboratory. The steel walls and floors are surprisingly manipulable, with them being about as manipulable as clay despite appearing and feeling like Steel. The arena about 20 by 20 feet with a ceiling about 20 feet in the air and several strange looking machines dotting the floors that can be used for cover.

Upon looking to the ceiling, however, one will see a massive, glowing blue eye on the ceiling. Its purpose is to enlighten all Psychic-types within the arena, making them feel as if they've locked on to any and all opponents with Miracle Eye. The eye lights the arena, shining down an incredibly bright blue light that makes Pokemon who have a natural affinity to darkness and are more comfortable or can see in the dark quite uncomfortable, even reducing the accuracy of their attacks somewhat as they have trouble adjusting to the bright light.

The eye, however, can be forced to close if it takes extreme damage during a single round. If this occurs, it will close for the rest of that round and remain closed for the following round, opening again at the very end of the round after it was closed. When the eye is closed, all the effects of the blue light, from the lowered accuracy for those unenlightened to the effects of Miracle Eye, automatically disappear until the eye is open once again, at which point the effects return.

Buffer Badge
The Buffer Badge is bestowed upon all those strong enough in both mind and body to overcome the Gym of Enlightenment. The badge itself is a translucent, blue pane of glass that rests atop a similarly translucent pink cube. Light refracts off of the badge when looked at from most angles, and the badge has a strange effect in that it will repel slightly from your hand, just barely grazing the palm rather than resting comfortably.
Badge Effect: Screen Enhancement
When the Buffer Badge is in use, the owner's Pokemon will all find themselves more adept at using the moves Reflect, Light Screen, and Barrier. Cubic Screens will last for an extra two rounds, while Pane Screens are now able to take an additional light amount of damage before shattering. All screens will also go up instantaneously, similar to the abilities of a Mr. Mime.


Examination in Progress:
Ger (6v6)
Heather (4v4)

Intellectual Lightweights

Intellectual Heavyweights


Click on Fawful for my ASB squad summary. Other links coming soon.

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Activating Rampage
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Sylveon Fairy Gym Leader

Welcome to the Clouds of Passaj!
4v4 to 6v6
Equilevel/All 5 (to be chosen by me)
48 Hr DQ (go over two weeks and face my nonexistent wrath)
Arena: Clouds of Passaj
A large expanse of pink, solidified clouds, pierced by the tip of a mountain. Battle takes place on the clouds; the mountain is inaccessible. The arena is full of a clear pink mist, which will lower the resistance to status of all non-Fairy Pokemon. This means that inflicting status through moves such as Discharge will be easier, but it will have no effect upon the potency of the status.. The mist also has the effect of making Fairy-types more enthusiastic. The mist cannot be blown away, and it does not reduce visibility.

The cleansing effects of the arena affect Poison types adversely, and any Poison-type that is not part-Fairy will feel uncomfortable. Steel and Poison attacks are also partially absorbed by the clouds, causing a slight decrease in damage output. The clouds allow Earthquake, Bulldoze, Dig and Earth Power to pass through them. Terrain affecting Rock-type moves and other terrain affecting moves somehow work here. In the centre, upon the tip of the mountain, an indestructible, circular pool of pink water, full of energy, is placed. This pool is treated like normal water, except for the fact that Fairies are better at swimming in it than most Pokemon (excepting Water-types.)
Luminous Badge
Global Badge

This badge emphasizes the debilitating abilities of the owner's Pokemon, granted by energy absorbed from the surroundings, and is granted to those who can best Machamp-X in the Clouds of Passaj. The unlimited energy found in the environment is signified in the infinity symbol feeding through the luminous flower in the centre of the badge.
Badge Effect: Nature's Boon
Any status inflicted by the owner's Pokemon will be slightly more potent, but will more importantly enthuse the Pokemon which inflicted the status, giving them a boost akin to Work Up. Standard boost stipulations apply.


Up on the Clouds:

Eliteknight (4v4)
Rotomotorz (6v6) (iceboxed)
Sneaze (4v4)
Cele (4v4) (iceboxed)

One with Fairies:




Climbing the Mountain:

TKF (4v4)

"Meteor Jam!"

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Fairy Gym Trainer - Zelphon/Murder Doll

Welcome to the Forest

Seeking to challenge the Fairy Gym leader you take your first step to climb the mountain to her domain, but just as your foot hits a rock you hear something above you, looking up you notice a strange shadowy creature, incredibly wrong things coursing through your mine as it smiles at you with it’s zipper of a mouth. Before you know what’s happening the shadowy creature’s form envelopes you, causing your vision to fade to black before you pass out.

Waking up you find yourself staring at the face of the creature once more, it motions for you rise and says “So green one, you seek to challenge Lady Chalis” (It laughs, the sound ringing through your ears) “Let us see if you are worthy”. Upon finishing its words it swiftly vanishes and re materializes on a nearby tree branch, causing you to realize just how much your surroundings have changed.

Originally Posted by Faevine Forest
Those seeking to challenge the Fairy Queen, Chalis will find themselves with one of two guardians who will test their worthiness. In this particular guardian’s domain challengers will find themselves in a vast pink and white deciduous forest that is home of a wide array of trees and plant life, the latter predominantly consisting of flowers, mushrooms and thorn covered vines. Additionally the forest is filled with a purifying mist that seemingly seeks out Poison types, swarming them in an effort to reduce their vision and cause accidental encounters with the surrounding thorns and tree roots while also invigorating pokemon of the Fairy typing giving them increased enthusiasm and pardoning them if they are also of the Poison typing.
Laughing once more the creature says “Yes, welcome to the Faevine Forest, domain of the infinite wrong ZELPHON! If you desire to face her ladyship than beat me here and now, prove your worth!”

4v4 or 5v5
Equilevel: 1
72hr DQ
Arena: Faevine Forest

The Worthy (Successful Challengers):
1. Irohthunder (4v4)

The Banished (Challengers Defeated):

The Forest Dwellers (Ongoing):

The Enshrouded (Queue):
Life, but a series of paths and flows
Down many one can go
May yours run smoothly and be soft to your feet

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Welcome to the Isle of Torment!

Months at sea have made you weak, but your journey is at it's end. Floating in on a sparse wooden raft, the ring of long boats surrounding the Isle of Torment part. Tying a rope to the bow of the nearest long boat, you barely have a moment to take in the sights before a booming voice sounds out across the seas. You then spy the gym leader, his hulking form standing on the bow of his longboat. The prow is elegantly carved, taking the shape of a Lapras.

"Thou is either brave or foolish to challenge the likes of me! You will soon learn the meaning of true torment, your bones will soon join the masses of those who came before you!"

4 vs 4 to 6 vs 6
Equiall (lowest), Equilevel (for tl6+)
72HR Strict DQ (I will not hesitate to DQ)
Switch = OK
Arena: The Isle of Torment
Created by the gods as a place of torment for the most wretched of souls, Challengers find themselves transported to the middle of the ocean. A ring of longboats sections off a portion of the ocean, roughly 100 metres in diameter. In the middle of sectioned off ocean rests a ring of polished stone, runes are carved into its surface and give off a mystical glow. The outer edge of the ring is about 40 metres in diameter, while the inner edge is about 30 metres in diameter. Occupying the centre of the ring is a roaring whirlpool, the swirling water treacherous to those who are not strong swimmers. Rules for the whirlpool follow the whirlpool move description; however the whirlpool tends to be strongest at the edges, growing gentler towards the middle. The ring remains stationary even with the force of the whirlpool. The whirlpool can be accessed by swimming under the ring, however the strong pull prevents a Pokémon from remaining under the ring indefinitely. The magical properties of the ring allow it to float on the water and also cause it to be indestructible and impossible to flip. Due to being stone, moves like earthquake and bulldoze will fail to transmit, unless used by ground type Pokemon or Pokemon that are particularly skilled at manipulating the earth.
The ocean currents are quite rough, with various currents and rips flowing in different directions, which follow the same rules as boulders in the rock arena. Water Pokémon and Pokémon that are proficient swimmers may be able to use these currents to their advantage, while Pokémon not familiar with the water will find it harder and more exhausting to swim.

Viking Badge
Attachable Badge
A symbol gifted to those who have managed to survive the Isle of Torment, claiming victory over TheKnightsFury. Consists of an ax and hammer, set behind a polished wooden shield.
Badge Effect: The Berserker's Rage
Although on the surface the Pokemon attached with this badge may seem calm and collected, deep within them lies a rage just waiting to escape. When they reach the final third of health, they will be granted a 20% boost to both their offences as well as a 10% boost to their speed, subject to standard boosting stipulations. Additionally, they will become more enthusiastic in battle when they are trailing in health, granted all the boosts of enthusiasm.

Facing Torment (Ongoing):
1.GX Prodigy

Adrift on the Seas(Queue):

Feeding the Fishes (Challengers Defeated):

Brothers/Sisters in Arms (Successful Challengers)

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Rock Gym

Welcome to the Rock Gym!

Your head breaks the surface of the water after a long diving expedition, having finally escaped the rapids above and finding the cavern you were seeking. You take your first steps onto the rocky shoreline and see immediately the braille symbols etched without hands into the wall before you. Sensing the correct combination of party members in the capsules along your waist, the brief outline of an archway glows from the rock face and it shifts upwards, providing you with an entrance to the cavern. Your footsteps echo off of the many pillars within the room, and as you enter the door seals behind you. You turn to look back and then press forward, determined to finish this arduous journey. You look further into the cavern to see a indistinct shape in the dim light. This figure turns out to be human, rising as you approach, his pale skin gleaming in stark contrast to the surrounding darkness. He wears a black T-shirt and jeans, both tightly fit on his almost skeletal frame. Standing tall as silt rushes off his clothing, a smile appears on a face so sharp it could be chiseled out of stone as he reaches for a red-and-white spheroid at his belt. Eyeing them for a moment, he looks back up at you with an eyebrow raised, both quizzical and amused as he motions to you to make your selection.

"Innovation is master here, show me something groundbreaking!"

4 v 4 to 6 v 6
Equilevel/all 4 (Leader's Choice)
1 Week DQ (Strict)
Switch = OK

The Sealed Chamber
Located under the sea to the west of Pacifidlog Town, a cavern known only as the Sealed Chamber lies out of reach of most humans, requiring both an aptitude in reading braille as well as an unusual team choice to access. The walls lined with cryptic engravings encase a room that is surprisingly warm and dry, heated by the hotspot that formed the nearby Mt. Chimney, which causes the temperature of the chamber to be exceedingly hot. This leaves the cavern virtually devoid of moisture, making Water and Ice attacks difficult for those not accustomed with the heat, in addition to those who enjoy or are uncomfortable with heat being affected in kind with their preference. The subterranean room has many large boulders and seven even larger pillars which reach to the cavern ceiling, six of which being organized in a hexagonal shape while the seventh lies against the back wall of the chamber. The placement of the pillars is static, but the boulder's locations are random and can be stated by the participants as long as they don't contradict any prior placements. The roof of the cave is about 15 feet above its floor, said floor being a layer of sand atop mostly rock beneath, easily utilized for attacks requiring the plentiful supply of rocks but the ground itself being less pliable, leaving attacks like Earthquake and Bulldoze weakened. The carved out space of the cavern is spacious but solid, leaving it impossible to cave-in. The cavern is dimly lit by an artificial glow emanating from an unknown source, leaving moves based on the presence of natural light without, as well as invigorating Pokémon who prefer the nighttime.

The challenger is required to squad a Relicanth and a Wailord at the front and back of their squads respectively in order to gain access to the Gym.

Petrified Badge
Attachable Badge
The Petrified Badge is presented to those who escape the Sealed Chamber with their lives. The wood that is now stone that the symbol is crafted of represents the unyielding will of those who obtain it.
Badge Effect: Breaking Barriers
The bearer of this badge becomes emboldened with an astonishing power, finding that types that resist their primary type are now hit neutrally by attacks of said primary type. This does not alter immunities (i.e.: Electric attacks do not deal neutral damage when used on Ground types, etc.), and will never cause moves to become super effective.


Settling Out
-TalkSick (4v4)
-Apollo77 (4v4)

Under Pressure
-Snorby (4v4)
-Zelphon (4v4)


Caved In

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Tommy used to work...
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Bulbasaur Eliteknight - Grass Gym Trainer


The rain has finally stopped, the young trainer decides today is the day he shall enter the wild wood on the far side of the lake of rage. He rows his boat across the great lake. Once across the sun begins to beat down, and you enter the forest of rage. Soon you come across a clearing inside the clearing stands a tent. Under the tent a tall red haired man awaits you he stands tall and says: “Welcome to the Forest of Rage you will have to defeat me before you can enter the wildwood”. However should you lose you will be used to feed my plants.

The Forest Of Rage:
Trainers wishing to face off against Sneaze the grass gym leader must first cross the lake of rage into the great forest behind it. The gateway to the wildwood is found within the forest of rage. The forest of rage clearing is sizable, providing more than enough room for even the largest of Pokemon to perform complicated maneuvers. Within the forest of rage harsh sunlight is constantly beating down providing all the benefits and drawbacks of sunny day however due to all battle taking place in the early morning the strengthening of Fire type attacks and the weakening of Water, Ice and Electric moves is not in effect. Due to the recent flooding of the lake of rage there is a sizeable pond to be found within the clearing, the water being deep enough to accommodate most Pokemon and fuel moves such as Surf comfortably. The trees over head while allowing the sunlight through block filers from reaching a height over 5 meters in the air. The trees give off a very pungent scent which makes bug pokemon feel uncomfortable. Throughout the arena there are plenty of rocks to fuel rock based moves such as stealth rock and rock slide.

4v4 to 6v6
Switch =OK
Equiall /Equilevel – Gym choice
Arena = Forest of Rage.

Fending off the Forces of Nature (Ongoing)
Fairfax (4v4) - Iceboxed

Wandering the Forest (Queue)

Naturally Selected (Victors)

Decomposing to Nothingness (Losers)
Vs Dirkac (4v4)

Originally Posted by Miror
EK keeping up his streak of being the scummiest motherfucker to ever grace mafia games regardless of his actual alignment
Spoiler: show
Originally Posted by Shuckle View Post
Well I don't know I wanted to deal damage and Starmie is inorganic :X
Originally Posted by Mercutio View Post
Starmie is a starfish, it is not inorganic :p
Originally Posted by Shuckle View Post
Kush I'm TL1. How am I supposed to know things if you don't tell me them?
Originally Posted by Mercutio View Post
It's a starfish.

Originally Posted by Concept View Post
I have 1 SP. Retroactively claiming the SP tax on all the things I did whilst LO.

I now have 1 SP.

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Trot Away
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You are challenged by Water Gym Trainer Trot!

*The whereabouts of the Water Gym Leader seems to be a trial of its own, as the locals would dare not talk about seeking them. Luckily, what very few leads you do find lead you to an out-of-the-way cave that you've heard may have a clue about finding them. Inside your feet are already wet with mud, the cave walls are riddled with constantly running water. The smell isn't exactly freshly picked Gracideas, either...It looks like the place goes in quite deep. There are faint noises of pokemon skulking about now and again, you could swear you were being watched...On top of that, it looks pretty easy to get lost! You heard that a person inside will aid you in finding the Gym Leader's whereabouts, but also have a feeling that their help won't come easy...Still, you've gotten this far, why stop now?*

*A little wandering around deeper eventually leads you to a much more spacious area, looking almost hollowed out. You noticed that the water looks much too deep for you to go any further, it's real murky too. One more step and you could've gotten all wet!*

Whoa, that was a close one. If you went any further you might need some fishing out!
*A young man's voice is heard throughout the area. There seems to be an almost cheery tone about it. You wonder where exactly it's coming from.* Well well, look who's deep into it. If you bothered to come this far in, i'm guessing you're looking for the boss? Well, abandon hope and turn back! But of course you're not gonna, are you? Alright, alright. I am the only few who knows the way through these parts, I can share you this only if you can beat me in battle. Welcome to High-Fret Hollow, and you're good as swamped!

High-Fret Hollow
This arena takes place in an uncannily large, remote cavern somewhere. It's a dreary grotto that is a wet area that is mostly somewhat thick, mineral-infused water about 15 feet deep. The murkiness is somewhat difficult to see through for those unsuited for low visibility. The minerals in the water makes it conduct electricity poorly, so Electric attacks used won't spread on contact and will be slightly weaker than usual.

There are about three pairs of stable rocks that act as platforms, parallel to one another in the center of the field. These are available to those who prefer to stay out of the water. Though these are sparse and far apart, they are able to hold most pokemon of considerable size. There are also rocky shallow ends between flats that one can wade across without becoming completely submerged, if a pokemon ever needs to get around. As this is a in a cave system, it is considered indoors and is unaffected by weather moves.

3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4
Single Battle
Equiall 4
48 Hr DQ
Switch = OK

Wading Through (Ongoing Matches)

Navigating the Hollow (In Queue)

Coming Out Dry (Challengers Victorious)


Lost and all Muddy (Challengers Defeated)
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seems theres a case aclaw
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Tyranitar In honor of the scrapped Edgy Mustard Badge

Welcome to Hot Topic, how may I help you?

As you ride the night bus into town, the light of a street lamp flashes through the window, quickly sliding across your face. With a slow turn of your head, you take your eyes off your phone and put them to the window. What began as one street lamp turns into many, lighting up the residential area with an ominous, yet strangely homey glow. You look up past the tree line, and are overcome with wonder at the clear night sky, a brilliant canvas of blinking stars and, tonight, a meteor shower. Big streaks of light zip across the sky, snatching your attention from the Discord conversation for the time being. Jerichi and his drunk shenanigans can wait a little bit.

As the bus drives further, the houses and wooded portions of the olde town slowly turn into a proper town. Everything from the bricks to the occasional cannonballs lodged in walls gives off an old school, historic feel. Even the modern establishments, like Wendy's, add to this appearance, the modern stores blending in with the older structures with a satisfying snap. The mixture of the old and the new is quite satisfying to the eye, one of sharp contrast with a modern skyscraper city. Even with the lights, the sky ahead is still visible quite clearly, wrapping the town up with a good mixed vibe. It's got some nature, some old, some new, some of everything. And it works.

The bus slowly begins to come to a stop, coming to a complete halt a couple blocks from your destination. As you get off the bus, the driver tips her hat to you, noticing the belt of Pokeballs at your side. Returning their gesture with thanks, you begin to stroll down the bricked sidewalk, on your way to a particular location. Along the way, a few stores stand out as notable to you, and you put down a mental reminder to check them out when you're done with your challenge. A bakery called The Baking Bungalow was particularly busy, hopefully it will be less so by the time you finish. After that, you plan to hit up a nifty little hibachi grill, which had high reviews online. Regardless of whether the challenge goes well or not, you're in for a fun and enjoyable evening of food, and should it fit with the bus schedule, some door to door shopping.

As you round the corner, you begin to pass by an old cemetery, and your hair stands up with chills. There's no logical reasoning behind it, but you get the eerie feeling that you're being judged by old spirits. They know exactly what you did last night, and most of them are quite frankly appalled. You stop, and gaze into the cemetery. Though it is largely dark, a few headstones are visible, and despite their age, give off a worn brilliance. Whoever carved these had great respect for the dead buried there. As your eyes drift downward, you notice an overturned vase of flowers. It's quite a shame, and if not for the fact that it's unlawful to enter cemeteries after dark, you'd open the gate and fix it. With an apology muttered from your break, you begin to resume walking by, but the old steel gate slowly swings inward, seeming to beckon you in. Quite odd that such a heavy gate would open, especially given that it was chained shut. With a quick glance around to make sure nobody was watching, you carefully step over to the vase and fix it, setting the knocked flowers back in. There's only a little water, so you make another note to come back and add some on your way home. Then with a quick prayer, you walk out the cemetery and close the gate. You begin to walk further down the sidewalk, whistling the tune of an old shanty. Unbeknownst to you, the hazy image of a small, veiled girl waves goodbye, a smile on her cold face. A friend of the Blanket Ghost is a friend for eternity.

You find your destination across the street a few paces down: The glorious clothing chain Hot Topic. This store, while blending in with the rest of the town, has a sharply edgy vibe to it. Though the store seems to beg you to just yolo walk across the street, you look both ways, and cross like a proper citizen. This act of lawfulness will surely balance out the entry of a cemetery after day. Putting your hand to the door, you put the bar inward, and enter.

Hot Topic
Battles against Crys in his Dark gym take place here, in one of the buildings of the infamous store chain Hot Topic. It is a sizable store, complete with clothing racks, tables, mannequins, sprinklers, check-out desks, posters, and more. The general layout of the store is clothing racks toward the center and check-out desks toward the front, with other items spread throughout the store. Within reason, if one of the battlers mentions the positioning of an object, the battler is considered to be correct unless it contradicts a previous statement, conflicts with the general store layout, or is an object you would not find in a Hot Topic store. For example, you are not going to find a pickaxe strewn across the floor, though something like a shirt or mannequin are fair game. The store itself is shrouded in relative darkness, with only the dimmest of ceiling lights to pass building code. As a result, Pokémon not accustomed to seeing in the dark will suffer a considerable loss to their vision and accuracy. This same darkness, in combination with the edgy atmosphere, results in Dark typed Pokémon becoming considerably more enthusiastic than usual. As part of the Hot Topic Experience™, a variety of pop and rock music plays from the store’s speakers, featuring a variety of bands, such as Yellowcard. The intensity at which this music is played will slightly distract Pokémon with sensitive hearing, though Dark type Pokémon with sensitive hearing are not affected by this. Lastly, as this is inside a building, attacks which alter the arena or disrupt the stability of the structure will prove ineffective, such as Stealth Rock or non-direct contact Earthquake.
As you enter, a bell rings, and a flamboyantly dressed clerk greets you from behind a desk.

"Welcome to Hot Topic, how can I do you tonight?"

Though you can barely make it out in the lighting, a button seems to be upon his chest, reading out the phrase "Sh*t is Lit". Greeting back, you tell him you're here for a Gym Match. Visual disgust is evident on his face at the mention of this, and with a wave of his arm, he tosses out the following quip:


You hear a loud crash from the back of the store, and can make out the figure of a young man approaching, of similar age to the clerk. With a smile of embarrassment, he extends his hand to meet you.

"Oh geez man welcome. Sorry if my employee here was possibly a bit snarky, he's a tad Lost at the moment. Trying to find his way, you feel?"

This statement prompts a loud scoff from the clerk, who begins to walk toward the staff room.

"I'm going on break while you do your silly Pokemon battle, am not in the mood for this garbage tonight. You got any of that Noodles and Company leftover?"

"Uh yeah sure man, top shelf. Grab me the Teriyaki bowl, would ya? Anywho, I hear you're here to challenge my gym. That's great man, fantastic, thanks for coming, and welcome to Hot Topic. It's a bit edgy of a chain for my taste, but I can get away with damn near anything here, so it works fine...Anyway, here's some necessary info and stuff you'll need to know for your challenge. Regardless of whether you win or lose though mate, just remember we're here to have a good time. If you show me one, I'll show you one round the town. We've got some cool stuff here, I think you'll enjoy the food especially. Ever had hibachi?"


Rebellion Badge
Attachable Badge
The Rebellion Badge is granted to those who have proved edgier than Crys in his Hot Topic gym. The words “Rebellion Badge” are scrawled across an old Hot Topic coupon in black permanent marker, followed by the Gym Leader’s signature. When asked about the perceived laziness on his end when designing the badge, Crys responded with the following, “See, it’s all about defying expectation, breaking the badge meta. The expectation of getting some glamorous badge forged from the skull of a Marowak is what ruins this generation. They gotta accept that a simple certificate of their achievement works as well. It’s also 50% off your next purchase when you buy more than three items over 25 dollars, so yeah.”
Badge Effect: Screw the Rules
The wearer of this badge, if an uplevel, will not be counted as an uplevel in battle, but will still retain the uplevel bonuses. Thus, if another uplevel was brought to battle alongside the badge holder, neither would suffer disobedience.


4 v 4 to 6 v 6
Equilall 4
1 Week DQ
Switch = OK

Trashing the Store (Ongoing)
Chalis (4v4)
Talksick (4v4)
Snorby (4v4) Purchased

Riding the Night Bus (In Queue)
Elitefaggot (4v4)

Guess I Got Bodied (Challenger Victorious)

Get Rekt'd Mate (Challenger Defeated)


Currently: Open!

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Sometimes, you're looking for a store. Sometimes, you get lost. Very, very lost. Sometimes you run into bloodthirsty panthers or weird hunchbanked salesmen. Sometimes, instead, you find a guy who trains Dark Types.

I am that guy, and this is my little corner of reality.

Arena: Styrian Woodlands

A dark forest with dry grass and trees that seem to be perpetually trapped in an autumn-like state. Pools and small streams of water are relatively plentiful and allow for water types to make use of it. The soil is dry and rocky, but can easily be used for Rock- and Ground- type attacks. The atmosphere seems to be night at all times, making Dark-types more enthusiastic and having the opposite effect on Pokemon that don't like darkness. The area exudes an air of oppression and fright that increases the energy cost of Fairy-type attacks by 10%. The forest's trees are relatively claustrophobic and limit the maneuverability of larger Pokemon slightly. Moves reliant on sunlight (such as solar beam or morning sun) take slightly longer to use.

4v4 to 6v6
Equilevel 1
Switch = OK
Arena: Styrian Woods

Fighting for Their Life (ongoing)

Lost (In Quene)

Valiant Victors (Challengers Victorious)

Lost Souls (Challengers beaten)

Currently Open!
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