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Lady Kuno
Sad times are just times that are sad
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Originally Posted by Myles Fowl II View Post
As for the UN change, the jury is still having a spirited brawl civilized debate on that front, so when I've got it decided, Kuno, I'll shoot you a PM.
Username changes are if you have already had 3 UPN days. The ability to change your custom title whenever you want is for first time.

Edit: I gave the first timers that posted already the ability to change User Titles. =D
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Gay Dragon Rider
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Ah, pardon, I missed the "three of" in that sentence.
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Originally Posted by DaveTheFishGuy View Post
Quoth the Honchkrow (nevermore!).
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Nice neck u got there
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Altaria I'm also super grateful to kuno for the icon, usertitle, and username color<3

Posting in this one will make it year 5 for me! Time really flies :'>

Once again I just wanna say how grateful I am to have met everyone on here! I've made some of the best and closest friends on UPN and hopefully next year I'll get to see a lot of them! I've also seen a lot of friends come and go, but even though I've only known them by their username and maybe their text color or profile picture I really can't ever forget about them *nod*

As little as you guys have seen me on here, I'm afraid it's only get worse as I start my college's nursing program in the fall ^^; But it doesn't mean I'll disappear completely! I think even if I tried, I could never truly leave UPN behind lol. If you guys ever want to say hi, send me a vm/pm and I'll definitely reply back, regardless of how busy I am~

Hi, I'm Daisy!

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Credits to Charm for making this!

Come, my birdies!!!! Mwahahahaha!!!!!!

Thanks Pingu for being so nice and making me this~

Credit to TheKnightsFury for the sprite!

Fear my abnormally large signature~

Be Positive Ref~ I <3 you, Lonely Cubone and those who eval'd me~
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The Cutest Tsarina
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As of this posting, I really don't know how long I've been here. I want to say that its been about four years on UPN.

What can I really say about UPN that hasn't been said already? I've not only found a wonderful community, but a place to talk about my interests and find a place of my own. UPN was lifechanging for me, and I expect it'll never really leave my life.
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Happy UPN Day everyone!

why yes I'm replying for User Title change whenevr I want
I mean technically this is my 2nd UPN Day but didn't bother to reply in the previous Thread

Spoiler: show
But anyway I feel like I should share how I came upon this place:
I play PASBL and did not like being permitted only two Matches.
Back then I made it pretty clear I think I much preferred SPPF over UPN.
It's pretty different now, tbh. While all my socialization and Pokémon talk and everything happens on SPPF, I am on UPN more often than there because the amount of users on SPPF makes my crappy internet explode I'm still not really outgoing here (seriously. I'm not even sure I even have actual friends I talk to), but UPN definitely became my secondary Forum for me and don't regret joining because it's an interesting place to lurk about and read through old Threads.

So yeah not much to say because I really don't think I left any impression here outside being a dick the few times I post.

But yeah I actually post outside PASBL now.
Though since it's literally only in the Pokémon Forum and Mafia Threads I'm not sure if that's even an improvement.

Oh, right, how I got interested into PASBL.
Mew was hogging up my Activity Board with it and I cracked and went to see what it was about in like June 2013 or something.
Then in I think October I registered here.

Last edited by dirkac; 06-19-2015 at 04:32 PM. Reason: Spoilered because who wants to hear me rant about how I got here <_<
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Done With Your Shit
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Once again I'm on vacation for UPN Day, so I don't get to enjoy it with you all, but I think the fact that I'm taking the time to write this while I'm supposed to be having fun at Disney speaks volumes about how much this all means to me.

This year has been the most stressful I've ever had, and it's shown me terrible new lows. Yet, somehow I've made it through it all, and I even enjoyed some great moments. And I have all of you here at UPN to thank for that, for being there for me when no one else was, when I needed some encouragement or advice, or just a bit of friendly conversation, to help me out of the darkest parts. I've learned a lot about myself over this past year, having come to terms with aspects of myself that I can't change and having made progress in places that I can. I'm starting to feel a lot more confident in myself and in what I can do, but there's a lot more work to be done. So here's to positive change, for myself and for anyone else looking to improve themselves. Except you, UPN. Don't ever change. I love you guys.
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A New and Original Person
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Well, cheers fuckers. Another year of glory. Go us, we're great.
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Droppin' CDs and beats
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2nd UPN day here! ...Well I probably would've had at least a 3rd one, but I missed my technical first one ^^; Probably because I was just a newb and only checked out the FB subforum back then.

Sooooooooo... what should I say without repeating either what's been said already and what I said last year? ^^; Well I guess I could just follow up with the one I wrote last year: UPN peeps are still awesome :3 Although I didn't end up meeting that much UPN people IRL this year than I thought last year, it was still the most memorable UPN-based meetup I went through so far <3 Hopefully the one of next year, with UPN Con, will be even better! ^^

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Originally Posted by Princess Kuno View Post
>People requesting usename color changes.

That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works.
IDK what you rewarded those for then, but I'll keep an eye out for them. I already had the title change power.

That said, after five years I'm glad to finally be here on time. I never miss Bastille Day, so this one has eluded me oh-so.
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I make cryin' babies weep
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UPN day number two for me, and over the past year, this place really has become my internet home of sorts. I've made so many friends here, and I just love the place to death. The next year is going to be pretty heavy for me, what with it being my Junior year of high school which most people I've talked to say is the hardest and my probably numerous attempts to motivate myself to pursue some more personal projects, but I intend to make sure UPN stays a part of it.
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Goodbye. I love you.
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Lil' Bluey

Another year, huh. It's been a rough time for me, but in the end UPN is the one place I can always rely on. Hard to believe I've been here this long, but here's hoping the friendships I've made here will keep going strong. Looking forward to the meetup the next year, crossing fingers I can come. \o/

P.S. Can I finally get my name changed back to "lilbluecorsola"? *shot*
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The Morg
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I still remember the days when Kuno, Loki, Stlbk, Gr, and I would all gather in Gr's attic and play Smash Bros.

Now, 10+ years later, Kuno, Loki, and I gather in Kuno's attic and play Smash Bros.

We're keeping the tradition alive. We can't let it die!

I would like if possible to get my name changed to The Morg.

Shaken, not stirred.
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Thank you Daisy!
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My freshman year of college is now behind me, which is relevant because of how much it impacted my internet activity. Despite that decrease, I still cherish UPN as a place with wonderful people where everyone is brought together by pokémon. Even though I've rarely ventured out of the PASBL forum, I've talked to lots of great people on Skype and via PM, and made some new friends. I'm definitely planning to stick around no matter how busy I get.

Thank you for being such a fun, welcoming, and close community, and happy UPN Day 2015!

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I've been lurking around UPN for a while and already know a few here and there. Met them through Skype from another friend at PokéCommunity and it kinda spiralled all the way to how it is now. Today is the day I was forced decided to join UPN and I'm looking forward to the days to come!

Happy UPN day, I guess!
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I guess I've kinda told the story of me getting here enough times. Also I've kinda forgotten by now, it was so long ago. XD

UPN is a glorious void where hours of my life spiral away, and I don't regret it at all. Keep being glorious, folks~
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Originally Posted by captainmisato View Post
People should watch what they enjoy regardless of what others think, even if it's a terribad guilty pleasure.
Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
Though, I also dislike the concept of lamenting the current day while wishing to re-experience the past. At least, my modern attitude is to try and make each new day magical even if it's not, since exclusively reminiscing about the past is too pathetic.
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Mage of Mind
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This site has been a treat to be a part of and I'm really glad that I stuck with this community. I really do feel like I know you all, as opposed to other communities I've been in where it's either too large a community or too impersonal to really fully understand what others are like.

Never stop being awesome UPN~
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Median Dia
Fluffeh Creme
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Happy UPN Da- erm, make that night. The morning after? Did I really just miss my first one by an hour and a half? Whoops.

Warning: Long Monologue Ahead:
Spoiler: show
Anyhow, my 'discovery' of UPN is definitely similar to many others- that is, I came here for PASBL goodies and inevitably decided to stay. I flopped around Wild Future for a month or so and eventually cracked and looked into this 'Mekakucity Actors' thing many folks here were so into. Let's just say that choice impacted a large chunk of the following year and will probably continue to snowball onward through life.

I then got distracted by anime and Boy Scout advancement issues, resulting in my disappearing sometime in november. This was followed with the horrid realization that I got most of my core classes in a single semester, and the class that wasn't a core was doing a good job of making me suffer for not living exactly like a typical modern American teenager (I literally failed an assignment because I hadn't eaten at a restaurant for three months). This was compounded by me getting sick for three weeks in march, causing me to scramble the rest of the year trying to make up work just to keep my dad happy. Given that I somehow managed to get all A's and a free new chair out of it, I'd say things turned out well in the end!

And now I'm finally back and picking up where I left off. Thank you all for being such a wonderful community willing to accept me and my somewhat limited insanity.Hopefully, this next year will see more of my presence than the previous one did. Who knows, perhaps I'll find a way to show you all this past year's art by yours truly!
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Cat Burglar
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Well, this is my third UPN day technically speaking though I'm not going to ask for a name change. I love uhhhhh far too much to do that~<3

Anywhoo, not much has changed for me since the last UPN day though I did get to know some more peeps around here so that's a positive lol. Here's to another year folks!


Spoiler: show


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Mew The Gato
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This is my second UPN Day. Well, actually, this is the next day for me. Like many, I came to UPN from SPPf for ASB purposes. Even now, I do not go outside the ASB section on UPN that much. Although it has a much smaller community compared to SPPf, UPN has the distinction of being one of the forums where people actually know each other, instead of being drowned out in the sea of users like many other forums. It is one of the advantages of having a smaller, but more close-knit community.
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Lady Kuno
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Everyone should have the ability to change user titles now. Let me know if I missed you. \o/
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Brains over Brawn.
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You might have missed my name change request in the excitement, this is my 3rd/4th year or so.

Could I get my name changed to "Raves"? This one got old several years ago.
Stale Water.

Unruly Premonition.
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Lady Kuno
Sad times are just times that are sad
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Oh I must have read that when I was at work and forgot to do it when I got home.
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Brains over Brawn.
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Moch obliged, my Goddess.
Stale Water.

Unruly Premonition.
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Trot Away
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Ah, special occasions!

This would be my first encounter with UPN Day. I don't roam this forum except for the ASB, but even then I prefer to shy away from topics for numerous reasons! I greatly doubt that will change unless something else does. So if you're looking for any clues of me socializing around these parts, don't.

You can consider me a scatterbrained Never-Say-Die chap who you'll never see mouth off. While there are some elements I prefer to disagree with, this forum has really helped further my potential as a Trainer in the league. And I'm still able to find it helpful for that bit of data that eludes me elsewhere!

I'm not particularly comfortable posting unless I have a match or need a question answered. I do all my socializing on the other side of the ASB, which is more of a home to me(Except when it's not...).

Anywho, hello. And see you on the flip side...
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Red Panda
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I spent all of yesterday trying to find this dang thread and here it was. Welp.

Third UPN day (right? 2013, 2014, 2015), which to me feels weird because I am still so very much "new". Life is pretty much how it has been. Therapist says I'm making great progress, and having this kind of place where I can talk to people really helps (usually) for a person who has social anxiety ^^

Anyways, nothing I wish to change etc etc happy late upn day

[insert disappointment joke from Stealthy here]
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