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Night Man
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DW: Male Ludicolo
He envied other grass types, and their fance spores and powders. DW decided to learn the basic arts of being a grass type and learned two need attacks.
Special Attack: Grass like Me (Grass)
DW is now capable of using both Sleep Powder and Stun Spore. However they use 1.5x more energy then normal.
Muyo: Approved

Nightman: Male Corphish
Being a master of darkness. He has learned how to embrace his dark side. Staying up all night, he prayed on the weak as they slept peacefully, after he paid the troll toll. He has learned how to use that power to achieve the same effect, even not at night. Hes always the night man, and he uses a dark based sleep in which he sings the song nightman, until they become the Nightman. The lyrics of which can be read on my avatar.
Special Attack: Deep Sleep (Dark)
Nightman starts singing the lyrics to Nightman, causing the opponent to fall asleep similar to sing, but much faster because it is creepy. The attack not only puts them to sleep, it also causes them to slowly lose energy as they fall in an unrestful sleep. Being a water Pokemon, this haunting song can also be heard underwater fairly well. The attack is usable once per match, and uses energy equal to Sing and two Nightmares but in dark energy.
Muyo: Approved with edits

Laboon: Female Lapras
Special Training: Wall Boost (Psychic)
Laboon has learned to use Light Screen 2 times per battle, with each use requiring 1.25x more energy then normal.
Muyo: Approved

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Lonely Cubone
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Starting to add sigs and bios to my existing Pokemon, starting with my namesake:

Cubone: Level 1 Male Cubone
Most Cubone feel anger and sadness almost constantly for the loss of their mothers which they only finally conquer upon evolution to Marowak. My Cubone has a more determined personality though, and has conquered his grief through training his mind to remain calm at all times. While it seems he may never evolve, this clarity of thought has on occasion helped him in battle, where his robotic and determined nature helps him keep his wits about him despite his opponent's efforts.
Special Training: Calm (Normal)
Cubone is very calm inside and outside of battle. Many confuse this for relaxation but it truly stems from a cold, steely determination. This makes him very hard to rile and means that attacks based on causing anger (Swagger, Taunt etc.) or attraction (Charm, Attract etc.) are around 50% less likely to be effective. Mastering his emotions has made Cubone unable to use Rage or Frustration.
Muyo: Approved

Omicron: Level 1 Genderless Baltoy
One of my favourite Pokemon, Omicron is most notable on my team for very nearly pulling off a heroic comeback against ZoraJolteon when outnumbered three to one. Having managed to dispatch a Snover and a Masquerain, Baltoy was finally brought down by a Nincada hiding underground. In the aftermath of that battle, Omicron and I developed this technique for use in similar situations.
Special Attack: Big Bad Voodoo (Psychic)
Using its own body as a Voodo Doll, Omicron stabs itself in a pressure point, amplifying the damage by the use of its Psychic abilities on an opponent. This move can be used even if the opponent is not within sight, but Baltoy must be close enough to psychically detect its opponent in order for the technique to be successful. The damage dealt is equivalent to a Double Edge, with damage and recoil also similar. Energy use rises the further away the opponent is to a maximum of 1.5x Double Edge.
Muyo: This sig is poorly worded. Is it doing damage to itself in order to boost its psychic abilities, or is it just attacking the opponent? Clarify. Rejected

Deshi: Level 1 Male Makuhita
Deshi is, as his name suggests, just an Apprentice in the martial arts in which Makuhita are so proficient. Like most of his kind, he is extremely tenacious and spends many hours training, particularly focusing on a strong defensive guard and powerful counter attacks.
Special Training: Counterpuncher (Fighting)
Deshi's fighting style is based primarily on counter-attack. As such, his counter attacking moves (Vital Throw, Counter, Reversal and Revenge) are about 1.2x as powerful as normal. However, this focus on counter attacking has meant that Deshi chooses not to use Fake Out, Bullet Punch, Vacuum Wave and Belly Drum.
Muyo: Approved

Alice: Level 1 Female Numel
Alice the Camel has two humps. A rare Dromedary Numel, Alice is, like most of her species, a slow thinker but kind in spirit, fighting loyally to the best of her ability. A defensive powerhouse, Numel has adapted her volcanic nature into a method of preventing excessive damage.
Special Defense: Eruption Armour (Rock)
Pumping molten lava out of her back, Alice covers her body in igneous rock which solidifies quickly on contact with the air. The technique is similar to Iron Defense in that it increases Alice's resistance to physical attacks conisderably at the expense of limiting her mobility heavily. Like Iron Defense, multiple uses of this technique will suffer from diminishing returns.
Muyo: Approved. You will get brick-breaked out the yin yang though.

Coco: Level 1 Female Exeggcute
Coco is a light hearted sort who enjoys fun and games. As such, she often struggles to concentrate on battles from the outset. Once she's got started though, she is a very proficient battler with a particular talent for finishing battles quickly when an opponnent is weakened.
Special Attack: Exeggcution (Psychic)
Reaching into the mind of the opponent, Coco attempts to use her psychic powers to overwhelm a tired opponent. It can only be used against opponents on low health or energy, and will fail if the opponent is too healthy on both counts. It deals a maximum damage of 1.5x a Psychic wave against a Pokemon, scaled down as a Pokemon gets more healthy or energetic. Energy use is equivalent to the damage dealt, and the attack can only be used once per battle.
Muyo: How tired do they have to be for it to work? Clarify the details. Rejected

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Clyde the Monferno level 2 Male
A former circus monkey, Clyde was often bullied by the Aipom he worked with. Since he left the circus and joined me, he's strived to get over the inferiority complex this gave him by brutally roasting any pokemon that gets in his way. He's a pleasant chap really.
Special Training: St. Elmo's Fire (Fire)
Clyde can make his fire attacks out of blue flames; far hotter than normal fire. These attacks are 1.5x as powerful as normal, and have a 10% increased chance of burning the opponent. They cost 1.5x as much energy as usual, and are slower to use (typically 2-5 seconds depending on the power of the attack). Clyde can only make his attacks blue 3 times per match. They are ordered by adding "blue" to the front of the attack name (eg blue flamethrower).
Muyo: Approved

Monarch the Gyarados level 2 Female
Bio: Monarch hails from a clan of Gyarados that dwelt in the lake at the foot of an active volcano. The clan was known by pokemon everywhere for their unique ability to endure the scalding temperatures caused by the reservoir of magma not far from the lake.
However, all was not well. The humans discovered the area, and attempted to settle on lands inhabited by a variety of pokemon. The local pokemon begged the Gyarados to do something, but their pleas fell on deaf ears. This lasted until one of the humans dared to enter the lake; using his Magnezone, he defeated and captured a mighty Gyarados. Enraged, they fought back, but slowly and surely the humans pushed them into smaller and smaller areas. Their numbers dwindled.
It was a dark time.
Becoming desperate, Monarch turned to an ancient Charizard for help. The Charizard agreed to school Monarch in the ways of the dragon. Though these lessons were long and hard, she endured, making his master proud. Throughout the training, her master emphasised that which is the essence of all dragons; the fire within. It is this, he explained, that gives the dragons their divine power over all other types of pokemon. Eventually, he decided Monarch was ready.
Returning to the lake, Monarch found her people in dire need. At a crucial battle, she fought the Magnezone and his trainer. Although the electric powers hurt her greatly, she recalled what her master taught her. Summoning up the fire within, she unleashed a mighty fire blast on her foe; unable to withstand it, both trainer and pokemon perished.
The victory was pyrrhic at best. Although the main human force was defeated, the clans numbers had fallen too low to sustain a viable population. It was at this point I arrived. Although initially suspicious, Monarch eventually agreed to let me take her with me, in the hope that one day she’d find a new place to call home.
Special Training: The Fire Within (Water/Fire)
The ancient Charizard was perhaps wiser than we knew. Instead of teaching her the ways of the dragons, he taught her ways tailored to defeating her specific nemesis; the Magnezone. His emphasis on the fire within has made Monarch a water/fire type with all the associated resistances and weaknesses. She gains fire fang and flame wheel, but loses ice beam, blizzard, icy wind and ice fang.
Muyo: Not even close. Rejected

The 'Mon with No Name (Except this one) - Ivysaur level 2 Male
Bio: A fighter and an idealist, who is often shocked by the sadistic tendencies of other members of my squad. Ivysaur grew up in a forest, and was looked up to by many of the other inhabitants; mostly grass and bug types. They lived a peaceful existence for many years, save for the odd trainer passing by who would catch one of them.
However, all that changed one day when a pack of Houndour and Growlithe, led by a vicious Houndoom, showed up. For months on end, they were the bane of the forest inhabitants; killing them mercilessly for food, driving them into a smaller and smaller area.
I happened to pass by. Ivysaur was trying to rally the woodland pokemon into fighting back, but they were too afraid. I offered to help.
When the pack returned to hunt again, they were met with a solid resistance. My squad - Chimchar, Starly, Ralts, Slowpoke and Elekid - fought alongside the grass and bug types. The battle went our way; it seemed as if we might force them into a retreat. At that moment, the Houndoom appeared.
I ordered my Slowpoke to assist Ivysaur, but Ivysaur refused the help. He was determined to face down this foe alone. It was a long and gruelling fight; the sort that appear in epics, where it seems that the hero is hopelessly outmatched, only to come through in the end. And come through he did, barely. The pack retreated.
Content that the forest was now safe, Ivysaur challenged me to a battle, to see if I was worthy of taking him with me. Although my Chimchar lost, he weakened Ivysaur enough for me to capture him.
Special Training: They say that a hero can save us (Typeless)
Ivysaur is a true hero. True heroes never back down, even in the face of overwhelming odds. Especially in the face of overwhelming odds. Ivysaur now has that characteristic of the Charizard line; he will stay conscious for one round after he should’ve been knocked out.
Muyo: Didn't ask my permission to steal my Gengar's sig stealing the 'zard's special characteristic. Rejected

Ramone the Slowking level 3 Male
Bio: Slowpoke is convinced that he's the best thing to happen the psychic pokemon since sliced bread. He once bragged this to a Kadabra we met. The Kadabra then challenged him to a battle to prove it. Slowpoke had his *** handed to him on a silver platter. Disheartened, he took to moping around not doing anything (not a massive change, really, but y'know) until Kadabra offered to train with him.
The training was long and arduous; not least of all because as a Slowking, Ramone is, well, sloooowwww. He left my team for a long time, joining Kadabra in the mountains. He spent his days levitating rocks and redirecting attacks until one day, the Kadabra decided he was ready. Ramone was given the greatest gift a Kadabra can bestow on a fellow psychic.
He was given his own pair of spoons.
Special Training: Way of the Psychic (Psychic)
After extensive training with Kadabra, Slowpoke has mastered the move kinesis to a certain extent. However, he can only use it three times per battle, and at 1.2x the energy. He also carries a pair of spoons into battle. These have no practical effect whatsoever, except to let other psychic know that he graduated from the Kadabra school of major psychic badassery.
Muyo: No spoons, even for aesthetics. Rejected

The Inevitable Scizor level 3 Female
Bio: A hardy warrior. Scizor enjoys her opponents suffering, and has been known to draw out a battle longer than necessary in order to prolong their pain. However, this once backfired on her: her opponent managed to get a fire blast off at close range, severely wounding her. During her long recovery, her only solace was knowing that the offending pokemon had later died of the wounds Scizor inflicted.
Ashamed of her weakness, Scizor travelled to Cinnabar island with Simone. There, she subjected herself to the full power of the firey residents of the volcano, struggling everyday in an effort to remove her weakness to fire.
Special Resistance: Through the Fire and Flames (Typeless)
Due to her extensive training, Scizor now takes 300% rather than 400% damage from fire types.
Muyo: Approved

Carlos the Sneasel level 2 Male
Bio: What is it about the PASBL that attracts so many illegal Mexicans and ex-cagefighters with a chip on their shoulder the size of the grand canyon? Perhaps we'll never know, but what I do know is this; Carlos is a Mexican ex-cagefighter with a chip on his shoulder the size of the grand canyon. Hailing from the hustle and bustle of Mexico city, he was exposed to the rougher side of life from a young age. Discovering he had a talent for fighting, he ended up earning money by joining an underground cagefighting circuit. He seemed like a real up and comer; just two seasons in to his career, he earned the chance to fight for the championship after emerging as an unexpected winner in a major tournament.
Unfortunately, it was not to be. The champion - a powerful and experienced Heracross - won the match easily, and left Carlos with several severe injuries. When he finally returned to the ring, his lack of practice during his prolonged recovery and the long-term damage left by some of these injures resulted in a string of embarrassing defeats. Carlos left the ring a broken pokemon. His days were spent drinking and trying to chat up the se├▒oritas that frequented the bars.
One day, several months after his departure from cage fighting, he heard of the PASBL, and decided it presented the perfect opportunity to train and get back on form. His self stated mission; to show the PASBL exactly why so many trainers have mexicans and ex-cagefighters on their squads.
Special Training: ¿Quien es más macho? (Dark/Fighting)
"¡YO SOY MAS MACHO!" Ahem, thank you, Carlos. Due to his experience in the Mexican cagefighting circuit, the fighting type replaces his ice typing, and he has all the associated weaknesses and resistances of a dark/fighting type. As a result of this change, he loses hail, ice beam, avalanche and blizzard. He gains karate chop, mach punch and rock smash.
Muyo: Approved

Pressly the Pidgey level 1 Male
Bio: Named for Navigator Pressly in Mass Effect. A well trained squadmate and a valuble ally, Pressly is constantly practising his aerial maneuvers.
Signature Move: Gemini Squadron (Flying)
This move may only be used when Pressly has at least one double team clone. Pressly and his clones all dart in like in aerial ace, one after another. Each clone deals damage equal to 1/2 of an aerial ace and disappears after attacking, whilst the real Pressly deals damage equal to an aerial ace when he hits. Energy use is equal to two aerial aces.
Muyo: Approved

Heracross level 2 Male
Bio: Heracross spent several years before I met him as part of a specialised team; the High Altitude Tactical Squadron (HATS). Specially trained at on the highest peaks of the Andies, he found adapting to the low pressure very difficult at first. He ended up in hospital several times after over-exerting himself despite suffering from the affect of altitude sickness. He overcame this, and after many months of training became a key member of the crack squad.
This lasted for about five years. The squad was sent out to rescue a group of trainers who'd had an accident high on the mountains. When the got there, they discovered why the trainers were there in the first place; the peak was home to an Articuno. She wasn't best pleased. The attack was brutal, and resulted in the death of several squad members. Upon returning, the team was decommissioned and left to go their separate ways. Six months later, Heracross joined my team.
Special Training: HATS (Fighting)
Due to being acclimatised to the low pressure and oxygen levels in the mountains, when at sea level (or thereabouts) Heracross gains a 20% boost in the power of his physical attacks. However, the high oxygen levels mean his metabolic rate is boosted, and so all moves - be they physical, special, whatever - take 10% more energy.
Muyo: Approved

Haku the Drowzee level 1 Male
Bio: Haku was the apprentice to a Lucario, far away in the mountains. The Lucario was a master of the ways of fighting; using his aura powers he was unmatched the world over. Initially he attempted to train a number of fighting types, but found their lack of aura abilities to be a major hindrance to their fighting skills.
Eventually, he took on Haku to try a different tack. His psychic abilities served him well in stead of of aura abilities, and the two trained well together for many years.
However, one day Haku woke up to find his master gone. His best efforts to find him failed. When I came across him, he agreed to travel with me in the hope of finding his former tutor.
Special Training: Bulletproof Monk (Psychic/Fighting)
Due to his training, Haku is now a psychic/fighting type with all the associated weaknesses and resistances, and gains the use of aura sphere once per battle. However, he loses the use of toxic, thunderwave, flash, captivate, attract, trick, flatter and hypnosis, as his master would be ashamed if he used such underhanded tactics.
Muyo: rejected

Xenophilius the Lunatone level 1 Genderless
Bio: Xenophilius is a paranoid conspiracy theorist. He spends most of his time hanging out with dark types, believing he belonged with them due to his lunar nature.
Unfortunately, he never really fit in. However, he eventually managed to make himself fit in more.
Special Training: New Moon (Dark)
Lunatone covers himself in dark energy, totally enveloping himself in an aura of it. He becomes immune to psychic moves, and takes neutral damage from dark and ghost type moves instead of supereffective. However, his weakness to bug doubles, and he takes supereffective damage from fighting. The aura acts as a complete barrier to psychic energy, so Lunatone is unable to use any psychic moves asides from calm mind whilst it is active. Activating the aura takes 1.5x pursuits energy, and it takes an embers worth of energy to maintain it each round. He can deactivate it at any time at the cost of a move.
Muyo: Rejected

I hereby promise never to submit so many sigs at once again. Unless you reject all of them.
Muyo: I'll hold you to that.
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What can the harvest hope for, if not the care of the reaper man?

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Yomi – Lv.2 ♂ Kadabra
Bio: Yomi was my original partner when I left home. I found him as an Abra in the wild a few minutes outside of town. The strange thing was, I didn’t find him so much as he found me. I first caught sight of him following me as I made my way back towards my house. He never seemed to actually move, and he didn’t; he kept teleporting every time I was out of sight. Eventually, I threw a Pokeball I’d stolen from my brother’s room at him for a lark. Oddly enough, I captured him. To this day, I’m fairly certain he wanted to be caught. He’ll never tell me the reason, but I suppose I just need to trust him.
Special Attack - Ripple Shield (Psychic)
Yomi takes his job as the leader of my squad very seriously, and has trained intensively to be able to defend himself and his comrades. To that end, he developed the Ripple Shield technique. Yomi spreads out a field of psychic energy in front of him, creating a vaguely rippling transparent field. This shield is capable of resisting one high-powered attack (approx. Thunder Strength) of either the physical or special variety. These attacks are simply stopped and diverted by the rippling shield to go around Yomi. This attack takes 1.5x the energy of a Light Screen. Yomi can use this attack once per battle.
Muyo: Approved with edit

Neko – Lv.2 ♂ Eevee
Bio: Neko was the second pokemon I managed to capture. I found him in a den of Meowth in Mauville City, seemingly pretending that he was a Cat Pokemon. I myself was never really sure if Eevee was a Dog Pokemon or not, so I suppose I couldn’t judge him. I took the little guy in and nursed him to full health. He seemed pretty taken to me after I started providing him with milk, at least, so he let me capture him.
Special Training – Cat Claws
Due to his time spent with the den of Meowth’s, Neko never quite gave up the Cat Pokemon way of life and honed his claws and combat abilities with them. As a result, he is capable of using Scratch, Slash, Fury Cutter, and Shadow Claw. He lost the ability to really expand himself to alternate attacks as a result, voiding his usage of Body Slam, Rain Dance, Sunny Day, and Double-Edge.
Muyo: Approved

Taiyou – Lv.1 ♂ Natu
Bio: I discovered Taiyou along the way to Fortree City. He was being chased by an Absol. Normally, in this situation, I would have tried to catch the Absol, but the little Natu was carrying himself with a suprising grace and serenity that captivated me more than the brute strength of the Absol. He seemed to almost exude an aura of calm, despite the his dire situation. I threw my pokeball as he fled the Absol, and surprisingly I caught him… We then ran like hell.
Special Attack - Mind Ace (Psychic)
Taiyou’s grace and serenity has always been his best feature. He fights as though he is dancing, which leads to the development of his signature technique, the Mind Ace. Taiyou will gracefully move around the target, in a manner similar to Aerial Ace, before suddenly rushing at the target, wrapping himself in a glow of purplish psychic energy. He will strike the foe at high speed from random directions before dancing away again as quickly as he came. This strike does the damage of a Psybeam, and consumes slightly more energy than 2x the energy required by Aerial Ace. Due to the strain, Taiyou can only use this attack thrice per battle.
Muyo: Approved

Taizen – Lv.1 ♂ Slowpoke
Bio: I found Taizen in a well. I decided to visit my family in Johto one year. After the ship landed and I found myself in Johto, I came across an odd well. There seemed to be a sort of rope-ladder down into the well, so being the person I am, I went right ahead and climbed down. I found myself in a huge cave system. Oddly enough, there was Taizen, just staring at me. I stared back. He won the staring contest three hours later. Comparatively, the battle only took ten minutes before he was mine.
Special Attack - Keep Staring (Psychic)
Taizen’s unique special attack is known as Keep Staring, developed from his lazy love of staring. Taizen funnels psychic energy through his eyes, locking them against him opponent’s and holding the immobile for a few seconds, similar to a Glare or a Leer attack. At the same time, psychic energy assaults the mind of the foe, causing light to moderate damage and dulling their thoughts, creating a possibility (20%) that the foe will abandon their orders for that round and simply attempt to best Taizen in a staring contest. This move consumes slightly more energy than a Leer and a Confusion put together, and can only be used twice per battle, once successfully per opponents pokemon.
Muyo: Approved with edit

Sakasa – Lv.1 ♂ Wynaut
Bio: I found Sakasa lurking around in Fallarbor Town as I passed through the following year. I found him amusing himself by provoking wild pokemon in the ash fields and then reflecting their attacks. It was an odd desire for the little guy, but he seemed pretty nice to me. It was a long battle, but I finally figured out how to break his reflection defenses and captured the little guy.
Special Training – Trick Jump
Due to his special training to further his cause of annoying and frustrating people, Sakasa has learned to use the move Teleport, to better play practical jokes on them. However, as it goes against the natural flow of his species to move in such a manner, each teleport costs Sakasa 1.5x the normal energy it would require.
Muyo: Approved

Genkotsu – Lv.1 ♀ Meditite
Bio: Genkotsu tried to beat me up before I caught her. It was rather strange, to be honest. One day, I’m on my way out of Lavaridge Town, the next, I’ve got some crazy Meditite on my back trying to punch my skull off. She seemed to think her Psychic and Fighting combination made her a Jedi. Clearly untrue, but despite this she managed to put up a real good fight before I took her down and captured her.
Special Training –Use The Force (Psychic)
Due to Genkotsu’s weirdo belief that she’s a Jedi, she has trained extensively with the telekinetic version of her Psychic technique. Genkotsu is now capable of using the Telekinetic version for .8x of the energy, at the expense of causing the Wave form to expend 1.3x of the normal energy.
Muyo: Approved

Hagane – Lv.1 ♂ Beldum
Bio: Hagane is the absolute weirdest Pokemon I’ve ever captured. I didn’t even have to battle to capture him. I didn’t even need to find him or trade for him. I discovered him while I was taking a few month’s break at home to hone my skills with my pokemon. One morning I opened my silverware drawer, and he was lying on top of the spoons. No lie. I just tapped him with the Pokeball. For some reason, he still sleeps with the spoons.
Special Attack – Smack Down (Steel)
Hagane, like most Beldum, is capable of only a single attack; Take Down. Hagane was unsatisfied with this, however, and developed his own unique move, the Steel-Type Smack Down. Smack Down consumes slightly more energy than a Take Down, but only does about .5x the damage. Instead, it has much greater knockback than Take Down, knocking down foes 6x Hagane’s weight as opposed to 3x. Hagane can use this three times per battle.
Muyo: Approved

Metsubou – Lv.1 ♂ Baltoy
Bio: Metsubou is really only in my squad because of his fascination with Hagane. Metsubou followed me out of the desert one day simply because he saw Hagane. At first, he thought my Beldum was another Baltoy, but Hagane’s steel body was obvious. Metsubou has made it his life-long goal to discover the link between Beldum and Baltoy. He still believes that Beldum is actual a Steel-Type Baltoy and nothing more.
Special Attack - Desert Beam (Fire)
Metsubou lived most of his life under the blazing desert sun. Using that heat energy, he has developed a way to alter his psybeam attack so that it uses Fire Energy. This attack consumes 1.1x the energy of a Psybeam, and does the same amount of damage. Unlike a normal Psybeam, the foe cannot use Psychic to control the course of the beam. However, it cannot turn to track the foe with nearly as much accuracy as the original Psybeam, retaining much slighter turning powers. Metsubou can use this attack three times per battle.
Muyo: Approved

Yuuku – Lv.1 ♂ Houndour
Bio: Yuuku was the first Pokemon I captured that wasn’t a Psychic Type. I found him barking on the edge of town at midnight one winter night. He seemed to be freezing to death, which was no small concern for a Fire Type Pokemon. I took him in right away. He didn’t seem to want my help at first, but eventually he warmed up to the idea. He joined the squad when I explained to him what our goals where. He seemed to like the idea of lots of fighting.
Special Attack - Shadow Pack (Dark)
Yuuku considers himself to be one of the leaders of the pack, and in many ways he’s correct. His favorite technique, the Shadow Pack, is devised with such pack-like implications in mind. Focusing Dark-Type energy around him, Yuuku creates two clones of a sort on either side of him. These clones are comprised of Dark-Type energy and will dissipate if given a solid hit. Yuuku and his three clones will attack suddenly, the clones doing light damage and Yuuku dealing moderate damage, together dealing good damage akin to a Crunch. This attack is very difficult to dodge, as you never know which Yuuku is the real one. The same rules apply as Double Team for spotting the real Yuuku. This attack consumes energy akin to a Crunch and a Double Team. Yuuku can only use this once per match.
Muyo: Sounds like a summoning to me. Rejected

Tentou – Lv.1 ♀ Nincada
Bio: Tentou thinks she is a ninja. I found her trying to assassinate me as I passed through outside of Rustburo City. The problem was, she wasn’t quite a master of stealth. The part where the rope holding her secretly above my head snapped and she fell right on my head. It wasn’t a hard battle, but it was a funny one. She joined up with me when I told her I’d help her master her so called ‘ninja arts.’
Special Training – Ninja Skills
Tentou has been dedicated to mastering the so called ‘ninja arts’ since I captured her. She has developed a sort of a rudimentary mastery of them under my guidance. Every time she is attacked, Tentou has a roughly 10% chance of evading the attack through her secret ninja methods of evasion and agility. To counterbalance this, however, she expends 1.2x energy on all attacks she makes, as she must also concentrate on evasion at the same time.
Muyo: Approved

Yoru – Lv.1 ♂ Duskull
Bio: Yoru is a creep. He followed me for literally years before I caught him. When I was a young child, I was easily frightened, and he liked to scare my pants off. As I got older and learned about Pokemon, he just got annoying. I figured when I left home he would leave me alone, but he decided he was going to follow me. Imagine that. He let me catch him, if only so he could be close enough to devise a new way to scare me.
Special Training – Creepy Crawlies
Through intense training, Yoru has attempted to emulate insects, as a way to further attempt to scare me. As a result, he has mastered the usage of the move Signal Beam, though it consumes 1.2x the normal energy to do so.
Muyo: Approved

Hayashi – Lv.1 ♂ Bulbasaur
Bio: Hayashi likes to think of himself as the leader of my squad. He used to lead a little clan of Grass Type Pokemon in the forest where I caught him, and his penchant for leadership has never quite faded. He’s generally a nice guy, but he tends to get on Yomi’s nerves, who is the real leader of my squad. He likes to challenge Neko as well, if only because Neko seems to be the second-in-command.
Special Training – Bio-Hazard
Hayashi thinks of himself as a Posion-Type Pokemon and a Grass-Type second. He tends to neglect his Grass Training for his Poison Training instead. As a result, all of his Poison-Type moves gain an additional 10% chance to inflict the poison as a status condition, though his Grass moves now take 1.1x energy. Also, he has given up Mega Drain and Petal Dance to learn Poison Sting and Poison Fang.

Muyo: Approved

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If Lotad is approved I'll be dropping-
Drip: Level 1 Male Castform

Revised Sigs:
Petal: Level 2 Female Bayleef
Special Attack: Solar Blast (Grass)
Bayleef can launch a Solarbeam that is incredibly powerful. There is one catch, she can only use it when Sunny Day is in effect. It is 2x more powerful and also uses 2x more energy.
Muyo: Approved

Psychette: Level 2 Female Kirlia
Special Attack: Ice Wall (Ice/Psychic)
Psychettes amazing control is shown in this move which is a combo of Ice Beam and Psychic. She launches an Ice Beam and controls it with Psychic to make it into a wall. She then proceeds to crash it into the opponent. It does 1.25x the damage of an Ice Beam and uses 1.5x the energy.
Muyo: Combined moves only work if the pokemon actually knows both moves in question. Rejected

Slowzette: Level 1 Female Slowpoke
Special Attack: Ice Gun (Ice/Water)
For this move, Slowzette launches an Ice Beam and wraps it in Water Gun. It does 1.75x as much damage as Ice Beam and uses 1.5x as much energy. It does Water-Ice type damage.
Muyo: Approved

~Salsa~: Level 1 Male Lotad
Special Attack: ~Salsa~ (Grass/Water)
Salsa is a trained dancer. In this move he performs a Salsa Dance for 5 seconds and then launches an Energy Ball wrapped in Water Pulse. It has a 15% chance of confusing. It does 1.5x the damage of a FC energy ball and uses 1.5x the amount of energy.
Muyo: Approved

Scythe: Level 1 Male Scyther
Special Attack: X-Slash (Bug/Normal)
For this move Scythe charges one blade with bug energy and the other with Normal energy and charges at the opponent in an X-Scissor fashion. His Blades grow twice as long and 5x as thick for this move as well, allowing for greater reach and damage. It deals Normal-Bug damage. It does 3x as much damage as X-Scissor and uses 3.25x as much energy.
Muyo: Rejected

Snake: Level 1 Male Ekans
Special Attack: Poisonbolt (Poison)
For this move Snake unleaashes a move like Thunderbolt except it uses Poison-Type Energy. It has a 50% Chance of poisoning. It uses 1.5x the energy of Thunderbolt and does 1.25x the damage.
Muyo: Approved
Come on, Join Alien Adoption Agency. You know you wanna...


C+ Grade Ref
Trainer Title: Your friendly clinically insane ASB punching bag.
Trainer Level- 1
37 TP - 7 KO's - 18 SP
4 Wins - 14 Losses - 1 Draws
Streak- 1 Draw

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Stuff for the furnace, old stuff, and new stuff.

Please delete the following: Piplup, Dunsparce, Aipom, and Poochyena.

Changing/adding sigs/nicknames for:

Screamo: Level 1 Female Misdreavus
Screamo is totally into emo music. Because of this, she's a total downer to hang around with. She would cut herself if she actually had something to cut into, like flesh and blood.
Special Attack: Shadow of Doubt (Ghost)
Screamo begins to sing an extremely emo song (the lyrics and tunes are at the referee's discretion). The song itself has no real effect, but while she is singing, ghostly energies are released from her mouth and energies invade the enemy's mind, filling them with depressing and demoralizing thoughts. The effectiveness of the attack is based on the battle situation. i.e. if the enemy is tired and/or hurt, there is a higher chance of success. If the Pokemon is weak to Ghost type, there is a higher chance. Meanwhile, if the Pokemon is healthy and energized, there is little chance it will succeed. If the Pokemon is resistant, there is a lower chance. The highest possible chance of success is about 80% while the lowest is 1%. While demoralized, there is a chance the Pokemon may do nothing. At their lowest morale, this can be about 50%, but if they were barely effected, it can be as low as 10%. The duration of the demoralized state is based on how well the battle goes after being demoralized, at ref's discretion, but will usually not last more than 3 rounds. This attack can be used only once per battle, and uses the same energy as a fully powered Shadow Ball.
Muyo: Approved with edit

These Pokemon were in my old team and I'm going for reapproval:

Glory: Level 2 Female Kadabra
Special Attack: Visions of Glory (Psychic)
Glory uses her telepathy to scan her opponent's mind for what they desire. She overrides their senses and cause them to believe they are living out their dream, distracting them for the next few moments. The dream ends once the targeted Pokemon has struck with any attack (even non-damaging ones). The chance of success is depends on how susceptible the target is to mental attacks. The highest success rate being 75% and as low as 0%. Dark types are immune. Uses the same energy as 1.5x of Psychic and is usable only twice per battle, once per Pokemon.
Muyo: Approved

Anger: Level 2 Female Houndour
Special Attack: Iron Fang (Steel)
Anger places energy into fortifying the physical toughness of her teeth, causing her teeth to become practically indestructible for a brief moment. With that, she takes a powerful bite out of her target, dealing approximately as much damage as Bite, has the same chance to flinch, and uses about 1.5x the energy. Iron Fang cannot be used the same turn as any other Elemental Fang moves (Fire Fang or Thunder Fang) or use those attacks the following round. Iron Fang can be used three times a match.
Muyo: Approved

Note: Anger's move was originally called Iron Jaw, but I renamed it because it makes more sense and added an extra restriction.

Also returning to the team, but with a new signature move:

Wrath: Level 2 Male Sneasel
Special Technique: Ice Blade (Ice)
Wrath presses his right claws up on his left palm and gathers energy into them as he pulls his claws off. Like unsheathing a sword, he creates a series of ice knifes on the tip of his fingers, extending his claws on his right hand to almost double in length. The next lacerating attack Wrath performs will be with his right claw and will have added physical ice type damage, a bonus of approximately 10% more damage and will cut twice as deep. After the attack, the Ice Blades will break off. Creating the blades uses approximately the same energy as an Ice Punch. Wrath may only do thing up to three times a match.
Muyo: Approved

Adding to the team:

Mudkipz: Level 1 Male Mudkip
He's quite charismatic. Why? Because he's Mudkipz. U kno u leik'em
Special Trait: i herd u liek Mudkipz (4chan)
bcuz evry1 luvs Mudkipz, Mudkipz can Attract ne Pokemon. It ignores breeding groups and even gender, all because everyone loves Mudkipz. Cannot evolve.
Muyo: I liek mudkipz too much to reject this. Approved with edit, will need a new sig if it evolves.

Blaster: Level 1 Male Whismur
Special Defense: Negative Sound Zone (Normal)
Whismur's potent hearing and powerful audio producing power allows him to create a bubble of sound that negates all other sounds, essentially creating a sound-less area, causing all Pokemon within the area to feel deaf and mute. It does not affect Pokemon's abilities to obey their trainer's commands. This will negate all sounds in an area roughly the same area as Trick Room, centralized where Blaster stands. The area of effect weakens with each passing turns, ultimately being reduced to nothing on the 5th round after use. Whismur may use move this once per battle.
Muyo: Energy usage plz. Rejected

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Scorpio: Male Gligar
Despite his name, Scorpio has always wanted to be more like a Flying type pokemon. Being mostly unable to fly, he's always felt jealous whenever he sees a random Pidgey or whatever. His current goal is to master the ultimate flying attack, Sky Attack, but for now, he's managed to learn a different move.
Special Attack: Air Punch (Flying)
Scorpio charges Flying energy in his right pincer, and slashes the opponent in an uppercut motion. Damage/energy equal to the elemental punches x 1.5 Can be used 3 times a match.
Muyo: Approved

Skanky: Male Marshtomp
Skanky, the guy on MXC who punishes contestants who fail in challenges, predictably loves mud. However this love has seemingly turned into an obsession. When not in mud, he's usually not near as happy as normal. I guess it's maybe because of the attack he has perfected.
Special Attack: Dirty Muddy Blast (Ground)
Skanky fires a Hydro Pump of pure mud and Ground Energy at the opponent. If the mud gets in their eyes, it can cut their accuracy. Damage and Energy are equal to Hydro Pump, and can be used 2 times a battle.
Muyo: Approved with edit

Anderson Silva: Male Hitmonlee
Arguably, the best MMA fighter to ever step in the octagon, "The Spider" is different from the average Hitmonlee in that instead of focusing on kicks, he incorporates Brazillian Jujitsu in his training, giving him the ability to execute more potent Submissions, as well as retaining the knock-out power expected from such a hard hitting species.
Special Training: Submission artist (Fighting)
Due to his extensive BJJ training, Anderson Silva has learned to perfect several specific variations of Submission, each with it's own effect.
Armbar: Silva grabs an opponents arm and torques it to inflict damage on the arm equal to 1/2 a Water Pulse. The submission lasts for 10 seconds at the most, and when complete, the opponents arm will feel as if it has been inflicted with a burn. In realistic matches, this has a 5% chance of breaking the arm.
Kneebar: Exactly the same as an armbar, only on an opponents leg.
Guillotine Choke: Silva grabs the head of the opponent, belly to belly, and squeezes on the neck for 10 seconds. Although it does 1/2 the damage of the other two, instead of making the opponent feel as if they've been burned, any movements they do for the next 3 rounds will take double the energy, while blood flows back to the brain.
Obviously, Silva cannot use a submission on an opponent that lacks the specific body part. Energy used for each attack is that of a regular Submission x1.5. Any combo of the submissions can be used 4 times a match, 3 times per pokemon.
Muyo: Rejected due to Guillotine.

Eriksson: Male Cubone
Fierce and tough, like a Viking, Eriksson's bone has been infused with the power of the gods, and is able to use it with much more versatility.
Special Training: Thor's Bone (Various)
Eriksson is able to infuse his bone with any type energy he has reasonable access too (Ground, Rock, Water, Ice, Fire, Steel). This doesn't increase the damage by anything, however it does increase the energy by 1.25x. Each type can be selected 3 times a match.
Muyo: Sciz did this, but with 8 million more drawbacks. Rejected

Level 4: 38-14-7, 76 KO's, 212 TP, 0 SP, B- ref

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Changing the following names:

Shelly: Female Lapras (Level 1) --> Nila: Female Lapras (Level 1)
Shine: Female Skarmory (Level 1) --> Sarika: Female Skarmory (Level 1)
Sid: Male Slugma (Level 1) --> Scevola: Male Slugma (Level 1)

Adding the following sigs:

Sarika: Female Skarmory (Level 1)
Bio: Ever since I've captured her, she's always had the need for speed. Her species looked pretty speedy, however, she was just mediocre compared to some of my faster Pokemon. After getting the original concept from Code Geass, she learned to harness her energy into making herself a lot faster.
Special Technique: Energy Wings (Flying)
Sarika collects Flying energy onto her wings, equal to half a Sky Attack, and they start to glow. For the five rounds after this move is ordered, she will move as if she used the long term form of agility three times, greaty increasing her speed. This will make every move from the opponent have a 70% chance to hit. The opponent will also have a 60% chance of doding any Physical moves from Sarika. And, because of the increased momentum, any Physical attack she uses will do 5% extra damage. This move can only be used once per match.
Muyo: Approved with edit

Cell: Male Kabuto (Level 1)
Bio: I named him after Cell from DBZ because Kabutops' head shape is the same as Imperfect Cell's head shape. As well as that, this particular Kabuto has cells of the type energies. When I revived him from a fossil, a certain Dr. Gero changed its DNA structure so then it would be capable of using moves from the different type energies.
Special Characteristic: Cells (Various)
When ordered to do so, Cell uses "Metronome". But instead of every attack possible, he can only use a move from each type of energy he isn't naturally familiar with. Those moves are Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Bug Buzz, Dark Pulse, Mid Charged Shadow Ball, Psychic Wave, Air Slash, Sludge Bomb, Dragon Pulse, Earth Power, Flash Cannon, and Focus Blast (.75 times the power). He can only use any of these moves once per battle at 1.5x the energy it would usually take (with the exception of Focus Blast, which takes the energy of a regular one as it is less power).
Muyo: I assume it's still random? Clarify. Rejected

Kerr: Male Vibrava (Level 4)
Bio: Because he wasn't a Trapinch anymore, he didn't have that Special Grass resistance (He doesn't need it anyway). So, he decided to use his new Dragonic Powers with the same old Ground Type that he was stuck with for so long as a Trapinch. This led to something pretty handy in battles.
Special Technique: Dragon Tomb (Dragon)
Essentially a Dragon typed Sand Tomb/Fire Spin, Kerr uses up the energy of a Sand Tomb to create one with Dragon Energy instead, not having the need to be in a sandy arena. The attack itself does the damage of a Dragon Claw, as the opponent can't really sink in a valley of sand because of this move. If the opponent touches the Dragonic flames, it will take damage equal to half of a Dragonbreath and has the half the chance of paralyzing/burning (15% and 5%, respectively) the opponent as a Dragonbreath. Can be used twice per match and once per Pokemon.
Muyo: Approved

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Shroomish (M) (L1)

Bio: It is almost impossible to tell what this Shroomish is thinking or planning as he constantly wears a single facial expression that shows no emotion whatsoever. Shroomish probably daydreams a lot more regularly than is usual for such a PokÚmon, since he is often seen not only devoid of meaningful expression, but also devoid of any form of movement - just sitting in one spot, doing absolutely nothing, as if he were a stuffed toy of sorts. However, he is somehow motivated to take orders from his trainer and achieve his hidden potential in particular important situations, such as battles.

Special Technique: |:<
Shroomish does nothing. Nothing at all. Yet somehow, the opponent is allured and seduced into staring towards his cold, blank eyes and falls into an almost hypnotic trance, causing it to temporarily stay in one place (ability to move around and speed of movement at referee’s discretion) with 50% chance of confusion status. Since the technique doesn’t even involve moving a muscle, energy use is minimal (equal to that of Glare); however, Shroomish’s other moves will be noticeably slowed for the next one or two rounds. This technique counts as a 2-move combo and thus cannot be used in conjunction with any other move in one turn, and it can be used only once per battle.

================================================== =================

Gulpin (F) (L1)

No bio yet

Special Technique: Balloon
Gulpin inhales large quantities of air in order to lower its density and float above the ground. While Gulpin can use this to fly to any height, she has very little ability to move laterally. Moves executed from the mouth cannot be used mid-flight – doing so will result in releasing trapped air, followed by a plummet to the ground and damage on impact proportional to height, determined at the referee’s discretion. Gulpin gains the ability to use Whirlwind in midair, but since this is executed by forcefully exhaling, she will again fall back to earth. This technique can be used an unlimited number of times in battle and only counts as a single move. Energy use is equal to that of one Stockpile.

================================================== =================

Cubone (F) (L1)

Bio: Not only did Cubone’s mother die, but she lost the rest of her family as well in a large cave-in that occurred in Rock Tunnel. At first, this was an unspeakable trauma for her, as she was the only survivor of the event, but she then learnt to shrug it off and fend for herself since she was still ‘trapped’ in the rubble. After living in what could have been the poorest conditions possible for so long, her brother’s remains had decomposed, leaving only bone. One could only assume that the rest of her family had decayed as well. Thus came an epiphany, and she donned the skeletal mass of her brother and whatever else of her family could be found and climbed out of the deathtrap with her newfound protection. Being the first living thing she saw upon leaving Rock Tunnel, she ran to me and clung to me, staying with me ever since.

Special Resistance: Artificial Exoskeleton
Due to being covered from head to toe in bone, rather than just the skull, Cubone takes 20% less damage from all physical attacks. However, the armour weighs her down, making her 20% slower as a result.

================================================== =================

Mantine (F) (L1)

Bio: Whatever it is that makes Remoraid cling to Mantine, be it shelter, an alluring scent or even sex appeal, this Mantine has definitely got it, and she’s got so much of it that less than half of her body is visible beneath a huge shoal of Remoraid that constantly fight over her. Sure, they can be a bit of a burden to Mantine’s swimming, but she doesn’t have a care in the world and swims the big blue accompanied by her many fishy fans.

Special Attack: Remoraid Swarm
As the name suggests, Mantine commands her many Remoraid to swim towards an opponent in the water and engulf it. The effect of this is that opponent’s movement is greatly slowed, almost to the point it would be at if it were trapped under rubble, and receives residual damage equal to that of poison each round. However, the opponent will not suffer any damage or effects from Mantine’s other attacks while the Remoraid are attached, as they will bear the brunt and simply release their grip. The Remoraid will stay until they are recalled or if the opponent fights them off, the difficulty of which being proportional to the opponent’s size. This move can be used only once per battle and when it is not being used, Mantine’s defence is increased by 5% and her movement speed is reduced by 40%. Since this attack is a simple order, it consumes very little energy, similarly to Taunt or Torment.
Muyo: See my advice to the previous poster. Rejected

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Dropping Blastoise's shitty ass sig
Dropping Sex the Seviper, Adding....SEX THE GYARADO-Magikarp ?_?

Diesel-Male Sneasel-lvl 4

I've had Diesel from a young age and in an attempt to harness his raw violent nature I've been training him in the Donnybrook Coliseum. At first Diesel was unused to the difficulty and rigor of straightforward fighting, however as time went on he gradually learned what it takes to use fighting techniques with skill. Having a lithe and physically fit body Diesel was able to adapt well after his training started to pick up pace, soon becoming a fantastic fighter. As a result of this Diesel has become proficient in Fighting abilities. (Concept Approved)
Sig Move (Special Training) Achoojitsu
Diesel is now Dark/Fighting type, losing his Ice type. As a result of exposure to fighting techniques and energies Diesel has lost the use of Icy Wind, Hail, and Blizzard, but has gained Mach Punch and Dynamic Punch. In addition Diesel is still weak to Fire attacks, being unable to rid himself of his species' natural aversion to it.
Muyo: Approved

Dante-Male Magby-lvl 2
Dante has always been passionate about one thing. Fire. Being a Fire type this has proven great for him. Anyway, he has learned to harness the power of fire in mysterious ways.
Sig Move (Special Attack) Flame On
Dante can cause his body to erupt in flames at the cost of a move. This has several effects. It can be intimidating to smaller pokemon than him. It also increases the power of his fire attacks by 1.5. However, water attacks are 1.5 times more effective on him when he is in this state and when hit with a water attack or water his flames will be put out, ending his Flame On state. He can turn the flames off without using a move and it takes the energy of a Sunny Day every round to keep the fires burning.
Muyo: Needs a maximum number of rounds it can be active, and additional energy to ignite in the first place. Rejected

Poli-Male Poliwrath-lvl 5
Poli has been interested in the occult since he was a little Wag. He found that he had Psychic powers and delighted in honing them as he studied up on mystical and arcane secrets. As a result of this he has become very adept at them.
Sig Move (Special Training)- I Can Move Things lol
Poli is considered familiar with Psychic abilities.
Muyo: Why? "He found that he had Psychic powers" is about as lame as justification gets. Rejected

Buffalo-Male Octillery-lvl 4
Buffalo was born and raised on a volcanic Carribean island. All his early life was spent with his tribe of Remoraid and Octillery and so aquatic pokemon were the only types of pokemon he had encountered. That all changed on one day that was etched in his fate.
He was playing with his friends on a relatively uninhabited side of the mountain that formed the centerpiece of his island home when a sharp cry pierced the air. Confused as to what it was Buffalo raced to the surface, leaping out of the water to discover the source. As he soared through the air in a frantic arc a being of pure fire rocketed through the sky over him, incinerating the air around it as it blazed past. Moltres, the legendary bird of fire, shrieked as the vegetation of the island erupted in the flames of its fury. Buffalo’s life was about to go where no Remoraid had gone before, into the fire.
Buffalo had a solid plateau from which to leap, the Remoraid line was famous for their uncharacteristic proficiency with fire moves, a trait rare among water types. However, he craved more than proficiency. His consuming goal was to master fire, to lord over the powers of destruction, rage, and passion.
Bidding farewell to his family and friends he set out on a journey to discover the secrets of fire. The first stop on his journey was to visit an ancient Slowking who lived on a nearby island. Buffalo had done his research and knew that the Slowpoke line was another line of water pokemon gifted with fire.
Slowking met with the young Remoraid and cautioned him on his path. Buffalo begged Slowking to tell him of a place where he could train in the ways of pyromancy. Slowking told him that fire, while marvelous, was very dangerous. Buffalo told Slowking that he was willing to risk the danger to have mastery over the awesome power of fire. Seeing the intensity in Buffalo’s stare the Slowking consented. He told him to travel to a far away volcano, where fire pokemon of great power dwelt, he said that perhaps there he could learn the secrets he wanted.
And so Buffalo traveled on, crossing many seas and having various minor exploits until at last he reached the volcano. As he swam through rivulets to get further inland the water became increasingly hot. As it slowly approached scalding Buffalo began to feel serious pain. For a second he thought of turning back, but the memory of Moltres compelled him to go on. Farther and farther he swam, braving the boiling water. Eventually he became accustomed to the intense heat of the volcanic river, besting this trial of fire.
Finally he made it into a hot spring where he saw various pokemon bathing. Approaching them he asked if they knew any fire types. The pokemon turned around in surprise, a weak water type had never made it through the scalding waterways before. A large pokemon leaned down towards Buffalo and asked him what had caused him to battle through the heat in search of fire pokemon.
Buffalo told how he had seen a massive fire bird, and that seeing it had filled him with a passion to control the ever burning power of fire. The pokemon listened to his tale and nodded, it told him that he was a Magmortar, an advanced fire type. He also told him that he knew of where Moltres was, and that he would tell him on one condition, that he complete a trial.
His challenge was to best a fire pokemon in battle, however he could only use fire attacks. Magmortar presided over the match. Buffalo’s opponent was a potent Magby, who opened hard with some blazing techniques. Buffalo’s typing helped alleviate the fire, as well as his experience in the scalding river, but his moves were equally ineffective against the Magby. This Magby was no pushover, his fire burned with the power of fire types, and it seared across Buffalo. Buffalo was in a bind, he needed his fire to get hotter or he had no chance of victory. Thinking back to the moment he saw Moltres, thinking back on the power of the majestic fire bird, willing himself to feel that power, to let the memory of that power out. And so he did, and one devastating Fire Blast later Magby was on the ground Koed and Magmortar was lifting Buffalo to his shoulders and cheering on his victory.
After a wild night of celebration Magmortar told Buffalo that Moltres made its nest at the top of the volcano, but he warned Buffalo that traveling there would be dangerous. Buffalo reassured Magmortar that he would succeed, his dream was on the verge of realization and he would not back down now. Wishing him luck Magmortar pointed him the best way to travel up the volcano and sent him on his way.
The going was tough, especially due to Buffalo’s lack of limbs in the Remoraid state. But his determination was enough to keep him going. Farther and farther up the volcano he climbed, braving flaming boulders, lavalanches, snakes and the like. When the heat became unbearable, he bore through it. When the mountain became impossible to climb, he climbed it. Until finally after much hardship, he reached the top. Looking over the edge he saw a large bowl of lava with a small island on it, and on that island he saw the majestic figure who had inspired this journey of self discovery; Moltres.
Flinging himself to the island with excitement he landed with a plop in front of Moltres. The legendary bird looked down at him quizzically. ‘You are brave young fish,’ it said, ‘to best the heat and danger of the volcano to come before me, what is it you seek?’ Buffalo told Moltres that it had inspired him to seek a path of fire, and now that he was before him that he wished for Moltres to impart knowledge of fire to him. He explained his journey and everything he went through to be before Moltres at this moment. Hearing Buffalo’s story Moltres nodded and said, ‘Very well then little one’ and tossed him into the lava surrounding the island. Buffalo emerged from the pool blazing with the glory of fire.
Sig Move (Special Training) Octocombustion (Fire)
Buffalo is now Water/Fire type, but loses all of his Grass moves in the process as well as Flash Cannon.
Muyo: Rejected

Trainer Level 5 - KOs:106 TP:274.5 SP:7.5 C+ Referee
Fighting Gym Leader
39 - 23 - 13

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Cuddles – Level 3 Male Ursaring
Overload was a pokÚmon given to me after I went to Dewforth City and met Chuck. He was training a normal type to become a fighting type, but the poor bear showed no sign of progress. When Chuck released Cuddles into the wild, it went away into a cave and kept training. After a few weeks of searching, I found Cuddles in a bad state after picking a fight with a wild Aggron. As we went to the pokÚmon center, Cuddles started to believe in himself again and challenged Chuck in his condition. The two battled and Cuddles showed himself to be a perfect fighter, single handedly beating Chuck. When Chuck offered him a spot on his team, Cuddles declined and asked to be part of my team. Since then, me and Cuddles have been training harder.
Special Technique: The bright, white fight. (Type Change)
Cuddles has the extra type Fighting added to it due to reasons specified in the bio. With the constant fighting energy in its heart, Cuddles has the additional type of Fighting and all of the weaknesses and resistances that lie therein. As a result it has knowledge of the moves Mach Punch, Dynamic Punch and Double Kick. However, because Cuddles trained too hard, it has lost the moves: Metal Claw, Last Resort, Yawn and Substitute.
Muyo: Approved, though it is bugging me that everyone always throws in "Substitute" as a move to drop.

Overload – Level 4 Male Electabuzz
I found overload in a Yanmega nest, and quickly saved it, taking it to professor oak for treatment as most PokÚmon suffer great illnesses while at other PokÚmon’s nests and sometimes even die. A couple of days later a massive group of 100 strong Yanmega stormed the laboratory looking for Overload, I got in the way of Overload to protect him, only to suffer the consequence of a Bug Buzz in the face. Overload then stepped in and saved me, and talked to the Yanmega about how he was concerned for my safety. When everything had calmed down, Yanmega used their psychic energy to talk to me, saying that they found Overload as a helpless baby, and even though Electric and Bug types were enemies, they could change the view of one PokÚmon, they may settle the rivalry between the two in the forest, saving millions. This is why they were so concerned for its wellbeing when they discovered it missing. It seems that they had spent many, many years teaching it how to become part bug type and hoped that he would be the savoir for many of the forest’s bug type PokÚmon. They also realized that while this was a great honour, this was also a great struggle for Overload, and let him go with me on a PokÚmon adventure, as long as he came back every once in a while.
Special Technique: The Bug Drug (Type Change)
Overload has the extra type Bug added to it due to reasons specified in the bio. With the constant Bug energy in its heart, Overload has the additional type of Bug and all of the weaknesses and resistances that lie therein. As a result it has knowledge of the moves Bug Buzz, Tail Glow and Pin Missile. However, because Overload trained too hard, it has lost the moves: Barrier, Magnet Rise, Facade and Substitute
Muyo: No to Electabug. Rejected

LAWLmower - Level 1 Genderless Cut Rotom
After a visit to the old chateau, I found a lonely Rotom that was stuck in a mood. After a great battle, I asked it to come aboard my team, however it declined and went off into the chateau in a huff. Running after it to find out what was up; I was almost killed in the trap room of the chateau as there was no way out. After meeting my maker, I was surprised to find the Rotom come back for me, and thanked it. Once settled, I found out that the Rotom couldn’t transform or get out of his current form. Deciding not to make it any worse, I decided that the rotom was perfect as it was and offered it a place on the team.
Special Technique: My grass ass (Type Change)
LAWLmower has the extra type Grass added to it due to reasons specified in the bio and has lost its ghost type. With the constant Grass energy in its heart, LAWLmower has the additional type of Grass and all of the weaknesses and resistances that lie therein. As a result it has knowledge of the moves Energy Ball, Mega Drain and Petal Dance. However, because LAWLmower trained too hard, it has lost the moves: Ominous Wind, Will-o-wisp, Dream Eater, Mud-slap and Substitute. LAWLmower is also stuck in cut form, and cannot change. LAWLmower has lost the ability to float.
Muyo: And then suddenly Rotom wasn't dead at all, and became a real lawnmower! Dropping the Ghost type is something I don't see ever happening successfully. Rejected

Miricle - Level 1 Female Lapras
Miricle, despite the name, is a rather sinister PokÚmon after meeting Darkrai as a young Lapras. While remaining sweet and innocent in as per every other Lapras on the outside, in reality she has a nasty ability to put people to sleep so she can pilfer their possessions and run away with them. After traveling to Dewford City and having my possessions stolen, I traveled far and wide to find Miricle, before seeing a golden plated cave. Figuring that would be where the money laundering Lapras was, I challenged it to a PokÚmon battle, with the winner getting the most valuable jewel in the world. After winning because of the Electric Typespam, I captured Miricle and called her the most precious jewel in the world. After being tricked, Lapras put me to sleep may times on our travels, and I’ve always woken up after having a nightmare.
Special Attack - Nightmare (Dark)
Because it's so evil, Miricle has learnt Nasty Plot and Nightmare.
Muyo: There actually is a rule against naming your PokÚmon to spoof other trainers and their PokÚmon. I know because Sciz had a shitfit about a Jigglypuff Mozz got that was named after him. Try a different name. It's also overpowered, btw. Rejected

aNOOBis – Level 4 Male Lucario
aNOOBis was once the guardian of the sacred Imohtep, before he fell asleep one night and didn’t wake up for a millennia. When he did wake up, he found that he was left alone outside and the temple destroyed. When asking the Gods what had happened, he found that 100 scientists had come and dug up the burial site of the pharaoh and put it into a museum. After being angered that the scientists would ruin his job, aNOOBis went to the Pewter City museum and destroyed many precious artifacts. Luckily I was in the area and managed to calm the Lucario down with a talk, and the Lucario admired that I put my life on the life for the artifacts. After deicing to come on my team, Lucario and I came across an ability that was around back in the 10th century.
Special Attack – Aura Cylinder (Fighting)
Being alive back when Aura Spheres were just called Spheres, Lucario developed a special technique where he could stretch the sphere into a cylinder, before managing to put objects in, like a 10th century mailing system. Although not able to put object in the spheres as the energy is too complicated for the Lucario now-a-days, aNOOBis fills the cylinder with status effects. The attack is the same as an Aura Sphere but is a Cylinder, with it doing the same damage, but also having a 10% chance of burning the opponent, a 10% chance of freezing the opponent and a 10% chance of paralyzing the opponent. The energy for the attack is 1.1x an aura sphere, as well as an Ember, Ice Ball and Thundershock combined.

Muyo: Approved

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Pangaea – Male Torterra (Level 4)
Bio: Pangaea is somewhat typical of his species physically, slow, tank-esque, and powerful, though his chipper personality doesn't exactly reflect this. However, Pangaea is much different from others of his kind. Having come from a family of Torterra living at the base of Mt. Cornet, Pangaea has lived amongst rocks and moss for most of his life unlike other of the Turtwig line. The water he drank was extremely rich in minerals and crystals, causing his shell to become particularly hard and even somewhat rocky. Upon evolution, his shell and hide both began to display this quality, and even the organic portions of him began to display a rocky quality. His whole body gained a sheen as it became covered in crystals, causing him to look like an ordainment, but still camouflaging him amongst the equally resplendent rocks. One day, Pangaea wandered into one of the mountain's extensive cave systems, and ran across a group of angry Onix. Though he managed to give them quite a beating, they subsequently caused a cave-in, trapping the terrapin. Luckily for him, however, the cave-in opened a hole in the cave roof, giving him a source of sunlight and food, as well as a constant stream of mineral-rich water. For days and days, Pangaea dug through the rocks, using the sun to synthesis food at noon as the water fell upon him and caked his leaves in a grainy blanket of minerals. Once he managed to dig himself out, he was suddenly confronted by the Onix, now Steelix. While he still managed to hold them off, he found himself at a much greater disadvantage, and, in desperation, evolved. However, unlike most, his whole body was covered in a rocky hide, his shell was more similar to that of a boulder than the firm earth of his brethren, and even the tree growing upon his back resembled live petrified wood. With a great show of powerful Grass and Rock attacks, he managed to fend off the steel serpents once and for all, freeing himself from the cave.
Special Training – Petrified Wood (Grass/Rock)
Pangea is considered Grass/Rock type with all associated weaknesses and resistances. He has also learned how to use Head Smash and Power Gem, however, he has forgotten how to use Sand Tomb, Amnesia, Flash, Secret Power and Mega Drain because of it.
Muyo: Insufficient justification for such an awesome type combo. Rejected

Syzygy - Female Froslass (Level 4)
Bio: Syzygy has always been a fortunate creature, born to the same clan of Glalie as my other faithful Snorunt, Snowball 9. Her name, deriving from the proper term for the alignment of heavenly bodies, both refers to said event, which occurred on the day of her hatching, and her general fortune, which is typically associated with a planetary alignment. As a Snorunt, she was always followed by good luck and when attending the houses of mountain-dwellers hoping to gain the fortune brought about by visits from the creatures, she would always have some great occurrence follow her. One village she frequented heralded her as a heroine, giving her a necklace formed from a Dawn Stone fragment encased in glass. Right after obtaining the necklace, however, Lady Luck turned her back on the Snorunt, and she was caught in a fierce snowstorm. Wandering for days, she eventually came upon a cave, and looking for some shelter from the storm, entered it, only to find too late that it was the den of a Mamoswine. Accidentally enraging the mammoth Pokemon, she was trampled by the gigantic beast. Under the long-tusked Pokemon's gigantic foot, she clung to dear life, but suddenly, just as she began to fade, the glass in the necklace broke, exposing her to the Dawn Stone's radiant power. After a dramatic evolution, she rose from the Mamoswine's massive foot, seemingly unharmed. Once again, the Mamoswine stomped her, but once she raised her arms, she suddenly felt her body disperse, and found that the swine's foot passed straight through her. Again and again, the stomps were rendered ineffective, and while the beast was distracted, she used her newfound abilities to defeat the monster. Soon after her triumph, she came across Snowy, Tetsu and me on a trek to find Snowy's parents, and after some adventuring and a happy reunion, she agreed to join my team and use her strange abilities to her advantage in battle.
Special Training - Suspended Soul (Ghost)
Being in what equates to purgatory upon her evolution, Syzygy has developed strange abilities reminiscent of that of other ghosts. She is now able to go fully invisible, gaseous and ethereal and can perform all the related techniques of form changes. However, she is still somewhat limited by this, as she is unable to change her shape and squeeze through tight spaces while gaseous, and is very likely (about 90% chance) of getting hit by surprise physical attacks. Since her abilities are imperfect, she is unable to stay in any non-solid form for much longer than about a round without losing energy, and if she stays in one form for longer than a Round, she becomes somewhat drained. She can also only go fully invisible once per battle (which contributes to the total number of uses), though she still can perform her imperfect invisibility. Her closest equivalent of an existing ghost would be a Gengar and should be reffed with that in mind.
Muyo: Approved

Scribbles – Female Flareon (Level 3)
Bio: Scribbles gets her name from a peculiar habit of hers; she constantly runs around randomly. This highly energetic Eeveelution loves to speed around, releasing flames from the tip of her tail and pretending to speed around like a rocket. She's a spunky battler, and likes to prove her worth, accepting any fight offered, no matter how greatly she's outmatched. During battle, she loves to zoom around, and has come up with a technique that both accommodates this as well as helping to defeat her more challenging foes.
Signature Attack – Drawing Your Doom (Fire/XX)
Scribbles proceeds to run about the field in random patterns, concentrating her path around the foe. As she runs, she lays a small path of fire energy. Her movement makes her a hard target to hit as she's unpredictable. Once she's decided that she's run around enough (usually about 6 or so seconds), she runs away from her target, and then “lights the fuse”, sparking the Fire energy she set. The energy around the foe suddenly explodes violently, doing severe damage. This explosion is so forceful, it does massive, unresisted damage to Rocks and Ground types, damaging their hard bodies as if they were hit by dynamite. This attack uses 1.25x a Hyper Beam and requires Scribbles to rest for the next round.
Muyo: Approved

Leonidas - Male Breloom (Level 3)
Bio: Leonidas is the definition of "spartan". He leads a very spartan lifestyle, refusing to indulge himself in anything soft, sweet or easy (aside from women and the occasional male, of course). In fact, he is obsessed with everything spartan, going so far as to imitate the 300 spartans of legend and the exaggerated tale of their triumphs at Thermopylae. In fact, he often runs around with a sword and large sheild in his stubby fists and a tin-foil helmet awkwardly fit on his head, hollering battle cries and shouting lines from the movie, 300. His favorite scene, of course, is the famous "kick the Persian into the bottomless pit" scene, and he has learned to imitate this move, effectively turning it into an effective battling technique.
Signature Attack - Spartan Kick (Fighting)
Leonidas has adapted the kick from the movie/graphic novel for his own purposes, using it for Pokemon battles as well as shoving invading Iranians into fatal holes. In a manner similar to Rock Smash, Leonidas lifts his foot, giving a powerful, focused kick to the abdominal or equally applicable area of his foe (for those without stomachs, the face/eyes is the next best target), while yelling "THIS IS SPARTA" at the top of his lungs. The kick, if successful, will wind the foe, as if they have used high-power attacks in quick succession, and will need a rest or will risk using energy at an exponentially greater rate. If the Pokemon can't be winded (has no stomach or is inorganic), the attack will act as a more powerful version of Rock Smash, and may cause cracks on Rock, Steel or other "hard" Pokemon, regardless of their ability to be winded. This attack does twice the damage and takes twice the energy of a Rock Smash.
Muyo: Fully rejected

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Dropping Voltorb's sig.

Hoover - Male Electabuzz Lv. 3
Bio: Hoover is a badass. He's kicked so much ass in his day, he's been given the nickname "The Electric Ron Burgundy". Only evil. Many a Pokemon have fallen to his kickass ways and diabolical strategic genius.
Special Training: Badass Buzz
Hoover can now use Nasty Plot, Revenge, Taunt, Close Combat, and Swords Dance due to his badass ways. However, he can no longer use Double Team, Natural Gift, Curse, Meditate, Return, Substitute, Mimic, or Helping Hand. This is because these moves require some form of sacrifice, teamwork, or holding back, and Hoover thinks only pussies do that.

Nenite - Genderless Magnemite Lv. 2
Bio: Nenite was captured from the Kanto Power Plant. He's a reformed electricity addict (apparently it can be used like cocaine... watch Futurama for more details), and can now use his over-electricked body to his advantage in battle.
Special Training: Volt Tap
Once a battle, Nenite can use his over-traveled circuits to recharge a small amount of energy, akin to a Thunderbolt. This is done by letting electricity flow between the positive and negative magnets, stimulating his energy reserves into a placebo effect making his body think he has more energy than he actually does, letting him use the extra Thunderbolt's worth. This can only be used once a battle because if it was used any more, Nenite might become a Volthead again.

Java - Female Pikachu Lv. 2
Bio: Java is addicted to super caffeinated coffee and is a complete pain in the butt due to her hyperness. Her coffee addiction has not only made her a jittery little bitch, but it's also stunted her growth, making her slightly smaller than the average Pikachu.
Special Training: Joelovin'
Due to her smaller stature and hyperactive coffee-fueled nature, Java is about two long term Agility's-worth faster than normal naturally, and has learned how to use Extremespeed. However, due to her coffee addiction, she can no longer use the moves Rest, Sleep Talk, Snore, or Bide.

Muyo: Let me know if you rejoin the league and I'll look over these then.

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Lowered Rhay's sig's energy usage as I felt it was ridiculously high for what it did. It's still reasonable, I think. I mean, Detect's a rather energy intensive move isn't it?

Rhay, Level 2 Male Grovyle
As with And├║ril, Rhay too enjoys the thrill of a though battle. Unlike And├║ril though, he prefers to keep his cool and calculate ways to strategicly and effectively take out his opponents. His powers of observation are unmatched on the entire squad as he is quick to notice details others would normally overlook. Though he may keep a cool facade in fronts others, Rhay is, in fact, an emotional wreck and will sometimes display wild mood swings without notice.
Special Technique: Scan (Normal)
Rhay scans his opponent to reveal any weak spots, greatly increasing the chances of scoring a critical hit during his next attack. The move itself requires a great deal of concentration and energy, consuming that of a Detect. Like Detect, Rhay can see through Double Team clones, improve visibility during Mists, etc while concentrating. The chances of the move succeding is modified by factors such as energy, Rhay's state of mind, visibility, etc up to ref's discretion, with them halving with each subsequent use (2nd time being 50%, 3rd 25% and so forth).
Muyo: Approved

Buffing up Mugen's SDM a bit.

Mugen, Level 2 Male Farfetch'd
Mugen has managed to achieve a title most a Farfetch'd would only dream of: badass. Rude, lewd, vulgar and nihilistic are Mugen's core traits. He lives by his own ideals and by the law of the blade. His leekplay is rather wild, unpredictable and damn effective, making him quite unexpectedly deadly on the battlefield.
Special Attack: Infinity Slash (Normal)
Mugen starts a brutal series of slashes, each using the momentum from the previous one to speed and power up the next. The attack goes on until a decisive hit is delivered that either separates both pokemon or knocks the other down, dealing total damage to that of 1.2x an Outrage while using as much energy to use. The move is not rage based and uses pure skill instead to keep the string going while preventing Mugen from falling into dizzyness or losing his bearings. Infinity Slash can only be used once per match.
Muyo: Approved

And doing a complete makeover on Hrothgar's sig:

Hrothgar, Level 2 Male Larvitar
Egg Hatched. Found while strolling the mountains and kept ever since. Nearby villagers would later hear agonizing howls and witness stray Hyper Beams as whole mountains were turned to nothingness. Hrothgar himself is incredibly quiet and trusts no one except myself, his "motherfigure". Hrothgar also has another rather intresting and peculiar perk, he hates eating soft soil. Instead, his diet consists almost exclusively of hard, compressed stones. The tougher they are, the better. This peculiar habit has developed several unusual new traits.
Special Mutation: Rock Lover
Being exclusively fond of rocks, Hrothgar is now considered as a pure Rock type, with all weaknesses and resistances associated to it. As a result of his specific diet, all Bite attacks gain a 10% boost to their power, needed to chomp down onto the hardest of rocks. However, his unfamiliarity with the Ground type means that Hrothgar is now unable to use Earth Power and is not as proficient at digging as others of his kind. Hrothgar is unable to eat dirt to recover health.
Muyo: Approved with edit

Also adding that secret 13th mon I heard about:

Medeus, Level 1 Male Houndour
Medeus had a rough time when he first came into this world as he was lost and abandoned by his pack soon after he was born. Apparently, it had something to do with the natural calamity of a certain Tyranitar going wild several years ago. However, Medeus is of the sturdy kind, and managed to survive all by himself, despite the odds. With the passing of time, he became a ruthless and cold-hearted hunter, able to take down his prey in a fast, elegant and most silent of manners. I first saw him barely a year after catching Gurthang while revisiting the area, and the feral look in his face, plus the fact that he was all by himself, got my interest. After a rather intense battle with Hrothgar, he was finally caught.
Special Technique: Shadowstep (Dark)
A move developed by Medeus to flawlessly take down any prey by surprise. Medeus shrouds himself in a dark veil before vanishing out of sight in a puff of black smoke, taking no more than a second to do so. A second or two later, Medeus reappears in a similar fashion at the location directed by his trainer. This move is energy intensive, requiring as much energy as a Teleport, and has all the same restrictions to use. Can be used up to three times per match, and never more than once per round.
Muyo: Approved


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New sig

E-Psych - Male Kirlia, lvl 2
E-Psych is the offspring of a Gardevoir and a Gallade who really disliked each other. Rumours are that the two psychic pokeparents are... Well, we shouldn't put faith in rumours like that. Anyway, E-Psych was found in the Sibirian frozen woods. Since nothing than Swinubs lives over there, I got a bit confused. After a while, it appeared like E-Psych have been travelling around quite a bit. On his travel bag, he has stickers from Mallorca, Australia, Nigeria, Russia and Madagaskar, to name a few.

While hanging in Nigeria, he discovered the most strange voodoo-acts which the Nigerian voodoo people used. He managed to turn this all into a powerful move.

Special Attack: Nigerian Voodoo Blast (Psychic)

A purple, flashy beam of Psychic energy which deals the same damage and uses the same energy as a FC Hyper Beam. Same charging time too. Can be used three times per battle.
Muyo: Approved

New sig again

Jaco Pastorious, Male Scyther, Lvl 2

(new bio starts here - old tl;dr one is in squad summaries)

However, problem was - Jazz + Insects didn't really do well together. Jaco hated this, and tried lots of ways to get rid of this lame Bug-crap he unfortunately had with him. Hanging out with birds didn't work (they ate him), hanging out in fire didn't work (it burned him), hanging out in cave didn't work (it just sucked).

Jaco was sad. Like real sad. He saw Fiery Dragonites, Buggy Electabuzzes, Fighty Rhyperiors, FIERY OCTILLERIES EVEN. At least almost. And he thought to himself, "Why? Why can't I not?"

And he fell asleep.

And he wake up with a strange sensation in his body - "I need to visit someone. But who?" He walked out of his, uh, home, and down the street. Suddenly he was attacked by a small bird! "ARGH", Jaco shouted, "DON'T PECK ON ME LIKE THAT", and swooshed the bird away with his lovely swordy thing. However, he noted that the Peck didn't hurt as much as it used to. Jaco had won the fight!

Special Training: No more bugs

Jaco Pastorious is now considered a Flying type only, and not a Bug. This have made him able to use the move Fly, and he can also fly as good as any bird without being tired, but he cannot use the move Bug Buzz anymore.
Muyo: Should have other bug related detractions or could get by with an "unable to evolve" sig. Rejected

New sigs

Ghostman, male Sableye, level 1

Ghostman have been hanging around in lake. Yeah. You may think that a lake does seem a bit unfitting for a ghostman, and it sure was. However, it wasn't only bad. This lake had lots of Gorebyss, Poliwag, Slowbro, Staryu and Starmie. And all this damn psymons used to toss Ghostman around all the time. Pretty cheap. Still, he learned something too.

Special Training: Mindtraining

Ghostman is now considered familiar with Psychic abilities, and can pick up things and so on. He is, however, not immune to mentally affecting Psychic moves. Damn waters broke his shield or something.
Muyo: Approved

Steelman, genderless Beldum, level 1

Steelman was hanging at this very lake, too. He didn't do a lot of tossing with Sableye, he was more interested in a nice Krabby-chick. This Krabby was a real master in the art of blowing bubbles. Beldum tried too, but he felt like he was missing something. Probably, a dude with five or so moves can't get new moves with ease, but Beldum was training really hard so it got into him somewhat anyway.

Special Training: Krabs

Steelman can, when it evolves to a Metang, use the moves Bubble and Bubblebeam twice per match. Kewl.
Muyo: Approved with edit

Uh, male Clefable, lvl 3

So due to a whole lot of talk about Clefable, I decided to get one myself. It's pretty dumb and can't say Clefable, only Uh, and thus I named it Uh. It is also coloured in a baby blue sort of colour. Dunno why really. Either way it's dumbness have given him a pretty cool move.

Special attack: Stophalt (Normal/Psychic)

Uh uses some kind of Psychic wave, however instead of the general Psychic=IQ-theory, he uses his lack of IQ to create this wave. It has a colour of vomity green-yellow. It does not hurt the opponent but makes them Stophalt, in other words they can't move until the attack is released (5-10 seconds) or if they take damage higher than a Slash. However, the catch is that Uh can't move while the Stophalt is held. Yarh. It consumes the energy of a Psychic, half of it being Psy energy and half normal.
Muyo: Approved

Ihato, Female Dragonair, level 3

Ihato could be said to have a pretty Jap-sounding name but it's actually just a misheard "I had to!" which its previous owner used to say when destroyed things. He was pretty angry. Oh and he worked at a fridge company where to fridges would go totally freakout on occasion. Ihato didn't really like the coldness and found out how to protect herself.

Special Training: Reflect yay

Ihato can use Reflect now.
Muyo: Approved

Originally Posted by Dosuser
Metagro├č: Male Beldum
Metagro├č is a totally metal dude. One day, Kuno's voice boomed out, "YOUR STRUGGLE TOTALLY MAKES YOU METAL." This benediction fueled Metagro├č' determination to keep struggling to the very end. In his neverending struggle to fulfill his destiny, Metagro├č sought out Morg for enlightenment. Morg looked with respect upon Metagro├č' tireless struggle and permitted him to train alongside his Magikarp. Now, Metagro├č has learned not to be mastered by its struggle, but to be the master of its Struggle.

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Yamato, Shiny Male Charizard, Level 4

Yamato is a rather interesting Charizard. His life started as a wee Charmander, raised by a clan of Salamence, one of the most powerful Dragon types that exist today. The head of the clan mated with a Female Charizard, and thus this little guy was born. He was of a different color than all the other Charmanders, having a black body with crimson eyes, and his tail flame was a darker red than other Charmanders. He was trained since birth in the ways of the Dragon, being taught the Honor codes, and was even trained in Dragon type attacks for them to become second nature to him.

Training may have been a very mild word for it, however, as his ‘training’ consisted of fending off hordes of Bagon, sometimes one on one, other times a free for all. It would be impossible to count the number of times he took a Dragonbreath to the face during even a week of his training. Many years passed by, and as the years passed by, he became slowly more accustomed to the draconic energy in the attacks he was subjected to. His biggest weapons were the ones he learned from the Dragons themselves, moves that used Dragon type energy. By day, he fought the various opponents placed against him, putting all of his training and techniques into fierce practice, as if he were in mortal combat. By nightfall, he would practice his techniques, honing his skills in the Dragon and Fire elements.

Finally the day came when Charmander evolved in a desperate battle with a Dragonair. It was in the middle of a clan war when the light of evolution shone in him, allowing him to evolve into a Charmeleon. He eventually fended off the Dragonair, although he was bruised and beaten. After his evolution, his clan was able to train him more efficiently, as his Dragon type prowess was given a boost. However, the day eventually came when he had to leave his clan, and to go out into the wide world around him.

He traveled as a lone warrior, defeating many foes in battle by following his teachings. Time had flown by, and his Dragon abilities had only became more potent. After meeting him while putting down a raid on a village of Charmander, Growlithe, and other Fire Pokemon, we decided to join together, and since then, he has become one of my most powerful allies.

Upon the completion of many battles, he finally evolved into a Charizard. After taking him to the Charicific Valley in the Johto Region, I realized that the fire attacks used by the other Charizards didn’t even faze him, and that he was able to use his own Dragon attacks to a much greater efficiency.

Special Training: Guardian of Heaven, Immortal Blaze

Yamato is a Fire/Dragon type, and has all of the associated Weaknesses and Resistances. The only exception is that he retains a 1.25x Water weakness if he is hit anywhere besides the tail flame. His flame is now composed of about 25% Dragon energy, and if a water attack were to touch his tail flame, he would take 1.5x the normal damage from that attack. He also stays neutral to Electric attacks. However, due to his immense training in becoming a Dragon and the Honor Code that he goes by, he has lost the ability to use Rage, Beat Up, Attract, Return, Mud Slap, Fury Cutter, Defog, Facade, Roost, Scary Face, Mimic, Toxic, and Substitute. As a result of the constant battles and his draconic heritage, his claws and fangs are slightly sharper, and his skin is slightly tougher than the average Charizard.
Muyo: Rejected.

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Tochukaso: Male Parasect (Level 4)
Tochukaso started off as a rather nervous and quiet Paras in my Fizzy Bubbles team, but in his evolution to Parasect in the PASBL, he ultimately turned out to be more in line with the aggressive Chou Chou and Masamushi personality-wise and less like the shy Konchuu. We suspect the change in personality just comes from his mushroom taking control, as Tochukaso had a few moments of assertiveness as a Paras--they were just few and far between.
Special Attack: Drain Vine (Grass)
Tochukaso uses Grass energy equal to 1.5x Giga Drain to summon a large, thick vine from the ground that wraps around the opponent and begins to drain its energy. The type of energy drained is the same type as the last energy-based attack used by the opponent. The vine drains energy at the same rate as Giga Drain if the opponent is familiar with the energy type being drained (Fire energy from a Typhlosion, Psychic energy from a Drifblim); the rate increases to 1.5x Giga Drain if the opponent is unfamiliar with the type (Ice energy from a Clefable). Tochukaso does not restore any energy from this attack, and the vine will disappear after it is finished draining energy. This attack can be used twice per battle.
Muyo: You used a bad word. Rejected
The UPN Secret Santa presents thread is here! Check it out!
"I'm glad to know I made your theoretical signature quote." ~Jerichi / Thanks to Le Morg for the avatar!

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Demyx: Level 2 Male Vigoroth
I was wondering through the city of Rustboro one day when I was approached by a young child. The child started shouting at me, exclaiming things about his Makuhita and how he should never have made that trade. He then thrust a Pokeball in my hands and ran off without a second thought. Obviously having mistaken me for someone else, I was at first slightly apprehensive about using the Pokemon, considering it didn’t really belong to me, but nonetheless I tried. Finding it to be a Slakoth, a Pokemon I hadn’t really considered training before, I put it in my PC (which sends it directly to my family garden). I returned one day to my family house to find the Pokemon sitting in my brothers room playing his video games. He had evolved, it seemed, into a Vigoroth, and continuously battled the same boss over and over again on my brothers KH2. Seeing who it was, I decided I would name my Pokemon after the character, and was soon to find that he shared the same love of dancing objects that the character in the game showed.
Special Training: Dance Water Dance (Normal)
Demyx is a dancer at heart, and as such has learned the moves Sword Dance, Petal Dance, Teeter Dance and Dragon Dance. Being the active Pokemon he is, he forgets some of his pre-evolution moves, namely, Anmesia, Slack Off, Snore and Covet.
Muyo: Losing crappy moves for good ones only works if you lose a whole metric fuckton of 'em. And even then, I don't like it. Rejected

Sirius: Level 1 Male Croagunk
Sirius was won in a battling tournament held by the Deford Town Gym Leader, Brawly. The battler had to use a fighting type, and would win a fighting type as such. I used Tonks, and managed to beat all my opponents because of typespam. At first, Sirius was angry to be given to me, thinking I’d taken it away from its mother and as such attacking me. Thankfully, Tonks managed to use her psychic energy to keep the Pokemon at bay, and decided she would teach it the way of the Harry Potter books, hoping for him to learn a spell like she. The next day, Croagunk assured Tonks he had mastered a spell; a spell which causes excruciating pain to the eyes. Tonks was impressed, and allowed him to use it on her. What followed was the signature move. Tonks wasn’t impressed.
Special Attack: Conjunctivitus Curse (Fighting)
Sirius Runs up to the opponent, and leaps at their head, poking their eyes with two of his fingers, or his fists if his fingers aren't large enough. Causes loss of most sight for the remainder of this turn, and also causes slight throbbing pain in eyes.
Muyo: Overpowered, and no energy usage specified. Rejected

Tonks: Level 1 Female Meditite
Tonks was captured during a short battle in the grasslands of Mount Pyre, Wailmer defeating her with his watery skills. Tonks was a very clumsy battler at the time, and was tripping up quite often on various objects in the area. I named her after a character in the Harry Potter Books, her clumsiness making it the first name I could think off. Curious as to what her name was based on, I showed her the Harry Potter books, which she strangely began to read like crazy, somehow able to read in English perfectly. After finishing the books in one night, she decided she would not meet the same end as the character, and began to train herself to be less clumsy, and a normal battler, which she succeeded at. Afterwards, she decided she would attempt to learn some of the spells from the book. She only managed to produce one, and it wasn’t the same as in the book, but she was proud nonetheless.
Special Attack: Recanto(Psychic)
Using much focus, Tonks negates the effects of Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Hail or Sandstorm to whatever the actual whether of the place she’s in is. She can also, for example, stop a hailstorm if she’s in a snowy area, but it would only be for one turn, and the area would still have the same temperature, just no the hail shards. Requires the energy of two sandstorms.
Muyo: Approved

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Zodiark: Level 1 male Dunsparce.

Zodiark is a Dunsparce, but one with a difference: His really quite large wings. Unlike other Dunsparce, Zodiark's wings were of a much more pristine white, and so his ability to fly has improved.

Special Training: Serpentarius.

Zodiark is now classed as a Normal/Flying type and has the weaknesses associated, and can thus use Wing Attack with his oversized wings. His focus on flight, however, has led to the loss of the moves Earthquake, Thunder and Zap Cannon.
Muyo: Approved

Arse Yes: Level 1 Genital-deficit Bronzor.

As Arceus, only nothing like him. Arse Yes was shunned by his common tribe because of bis orbs on his body having pointy bits on them, and in his shame was outcast from his group. Travelling through the land, Arse Yes abandoned his general psychic powers and resorted them to only floating, all the while training his spiny orbs by slamming into trees, rocks and faces of anything trying to wear him as a badge. Eventually, he was captured by me, who then worked on furthering his spikes.

Special Training: Jabberwalky.

Arse Yes, due to his spiky exterior, will deal 5% recoil damage to anything hitting him physically, and his physical attacks have a 20% increase in power due to the jabby bits on him slicing and prodding his foes. However, his lack of psychic training has rendered him unable to use Future Sight, Light Screen, Reflect, Skill Swap and Trick Room, and his special attacks strike at only 90% power.
Muyo: Approved

Jeanius: Level 1 Female Abra.

Jeanius is a smartass. Due to this, she has developed an attack designed to hurt the foe emotionally rather than physically.

Special Attack: Sarcastic Snigger.

Jeanius extends a psychological link between herself and her foe, with dark types being immune to the move, and assaults their brain with a torrent of sarcastic remarks, akin to Confusion in damage, the remarks and insults ending with a snigger that essentially places the foe under a simultaneous Swagger and Torment, both dissipating after two turns of rage. Because of the situation, Jeanius can only use it twice per battle, the move using energy equal to a Psychic attack, and she may only give the Sarcastic Snigger to any pokemon once per battle.
Muyo: Approved

Plague: Level 1 male Spoink.

Plague, being a Spoink, was used as a pogo stick for years by his cruel trainer, the piggy's tail eventually being bent beyond bouncability, and with no shock keeping his heart going, he suffered a heart attack and died. A passing deity, however, took pity on Plague, and resurrected him, giving his tail a new lease of life as a strengthened spring, which he has used to cover himself in battle well with.

Special Defense: Pork Only Goes Otherworldly.

Plague's tail is of surprising springniness. When asked to evade a move, Plague will focus his tail down to perform a much higher spring than normal, and as a result his ability to evade moves as an order is increased by about 30%. However, this training and prerequisite resurrection has left Plague slightly more vulnerable to fire moves by 25%.
Muyo: Rejected

Fafnir: Level 1 female Gible.

In an earlier life, Fafnir was a mighty dragon who was sealed away by a great and venerable wizard in a far off world. Upon the passing of the wizard by an evil empire, Fafnir was released and began a reign of terror amongst the icy caves in which he resided, his thick armour preventing the cold from getting to him, until some passing adventurers vanquished him. In his revival as a Gible, he found that He had became a She, and not only that, but she had retained a mystical breath from her previous life.

Special Attack: White Breath.

Simply put, Fafnir has harnessed the power of ice, common dragon weakness, into her own advantage. In the correct situation, such as after being struck by an ice attack, Fafnir can unleash a super-chilled Dragonbreath that replaces the fiery properties with heavy cold, dealing the same damage as a regular Dragonbreath in normal situations. Ten percent of the time, however, she may blast a frigid burst of icy might with the force of a Flamethrower into the foe. The regular White Breath has a 20% chance of causing a partial freeze, and will likely numb the area hit, while her stronger breath, which comes at random(via RNG) will have a 15% chance of a full-body freeze, while numbing and slowing the body of the victim. Fafnir may use this attack as often as she may, so long as she would have fire energy or ice energy in her body, for once both are extinguished, her breath will simply be pretty smelly. Due to this focus, she is unable to use Sand-Attack, Sandstorm, Sand Tomb, Stealth Rock, Earth Power, Mud-slap and Fire Blast, and her fire attacks are 50% weaker. She also takes neutral damage from fire moves.
Muyo: Approved

Echo: Level 1 Male Kricketune.

Echo annoys things with his singing.


Echo's Sing attack will not put the foe to sleep, but rather will put the foe under a short-term Taunt, and he can now use his Uproar to further aggravate the foe by giving them a headache, preventing them from resting for two turns. Due to this, however, his energy is 90% that of a standard Kricketune, not that there's much of them around.
Muyo: Approved

Stonesheet: Level 1 male Scyther.

Stonesheet, a male Scyther. If this wasn't supposed to get a sig, that'd be enough. However, Stonesheet's blades are as hard as stone, and his wings as tough as sheets of metal, due in part to his life at an ironworks. As a result, he has became much more dangerous than a standard Scyther.

Special Technique: Stonesheet beats Scizors.

Stonesheet's stronger wings increases the damage done by wing-based attacks such as Wing Attack and Razor Wind by 25%, among others, but conversely slows his aerial movement by about 10%. His strengthened scythes also deal more damage by about 15%, but use 50% more energy due to their weight and strength. If blocking attacks with his arms, he takes 80% damage instead as well, but this is sacrificed by his lower speed on land, being 70% that of a regular Scyther.
Muyo: Approved

Impregnable: Level 2 female Gyarados.

The common source of the Iron Tail and You Cannot Lose memes, Gyarados are famed throughout the PASBL as a source of comedy in spite of their power. Impregnable attempts to replicate these memes in her own simple way.


As a meme system, Impregnable cannot abide losing and will stay conscious one round longer, even if the attack would have knocked her out, much like a Charizard. Her tail is also surprisingly hard, thereby increasing her physical offense and defense by 10%. This is made possible by her forsaking the use of Ice Fang, Thunderbolt and Iron Tail. (GASP!)
Muyo: Rejected

Yakuza: Level 2 male Murkrow.

He seeks to one day lead his own horde of Murkrow, and so has developed a sig move for use in the dark of night.

Special Attack: Nevermore.

Only usable in the dark, Yakuza's voice is much deeper than most pokemon. Once per battle, he can flit into the sky, hidden from view, and deliver a horrific cackle that is designed to frighten. Any pokemon who would be scared of a demon will be petrified, unable to move or act for the next round, while Yakuza is free to do as he will. Braver pokemon will be more hesitant to strike for fear, while things like Gyarados or Aerodactyl that are shit scary anyways will likely be a little puzzled or bemused. Nevertheless, Nevermore takes the energy of a Screech to pull off.
Muyo: Totally rejected
Stale Water.

Unruly Premonition.

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Ghost: Male Gengar
He is a Ghost, and one of the three used to take down a legendary beast. It does give him some bragging rights, you know. From the mighty volcano arena he learned an attack that he is very proud of.
Special Attack: Phasing Rocks (Rock/Ghost)
Ghost concentrates and before him rocks will appear. Created in a similar way to Rock Blast, these solid rocks are then launched toward his foe. However these rocks are coated with ghost energy, making them invisible. Should the arena be under any effect that gets rid of invisibility or such, they can be seen. The attack is as strong as Rock Blast in rock damage and Thundershock for ghost. The attack is usable 2 times per battle, and each use means Gengar can go invisible himself one round less. Energy is equal to Rock Blast and 1/2 of a Nightshade to make it invisible. In exchange for the type energy to do it that much he is now unable to use Destiny Bond, Secret Power, Dynamic Punch and Payback.
Muyo: Approved with edit

BellAwesome: Female Bellossom
BellAwesome comes from a long line of awesome Pokemon. Being naturally in tune with the sun she learned to better harness its awesome powers. She meditated under the sun, learning a new signature move from all the sunlight absorbed.
Special Attack: Solar Flare (Fire)
BellAwesome needs the sun for the attack to work like Solar Beam. She starts charging a solarbeam like normal, but processes the attack inside of her differently. Instead of firing a grass beam, the attack is processed to retain the heat, and is instead a fire type Solar Beam. Processing for the attack works similar to the attack description of Solar Beam. Solar Flare will work like Solar Beam for a non-grass type. In sunny weather, the attack will be quicker, and will work like a grass type using Solar Beam in normal weather. However there is a limit to this attack. While energy usage is outlined earlier, due to the nature of the attack BellAwesome does not actually have any fire type energy. She takes the power from the sun and just processes it differently. This technique causes her to overheat and will limit her ability to use the attack. After 3 uses, the parts she uses for Solar Beam will overheat and be unable to use Solar Flare or Solar Beam again. However should BellAwesome complete a majority of a Rest, she will recover her ability to use Solar Beam again, but not the signature move.
Muyo: Up the energy or add in some recoil. Rejected

Kitty: Female Pikachu
Kitty thinks she is a cat, and also loves the water. I'm not exactly sure why or how that makes sense. Either way she is a fairly helpful addition to my squad. She loves surfing on the water.. or at least what she considers surfing. Which is wearing a giant lifesaver because she cannot swim very well. She can use surf in battle just fine but she does not find it relaxing. The lifesaver is decorated with pink hearts (don't ask) and when a big wave comes she panics and lets out some electricity. She isn't exactly friends with the local water Pokemon because of it. Oops. One day she accidently shocked a wild Marill. She felt kind of bad because it was exceptionally adorable (did I mention she loves cute things?). After being saved from near death she decided to teach her savior a few attacks Marill are exceptionally good at. Nobody ever told the Marill that it was Kitty that used the attack in the first place. I thought about telling her at some point but they became great friends eventually. I wouldn't do that to my Kitty anyway.
Special Training: Water Sports (Water)
Kitty is able to use Aqua Tail and Water Sport. These attacks are both usable 2 times per battle and use 1.5x the energy then normal.
Muyo: Approved

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Anderson Silva: Male Hitmonlee level 3
Arguably, the best MMA fighter to ever step in the octagon, "The Spider" is different from the average Hitmonlee in that instead of focusing purely on kicks, he also incorporates Muay Thai and Brazillian Jujitsu in his training, giving him the ability to master one of the more lethal attacks in his arsenal.
Special Training: Clinch fighting
As Anderson Silva's martial art of choice is Muay Thai, an art which is based on very close combat and clinch fighting, his Close Combat attack is 1.25x more powerful, and does not leave him "open to attacks" from the target. However, the increased concentration needed for this makes the attack use 1.75x more energy.
Muyo: Approved

Amber: Female Blaziken level 4
First off, fuck you if you don't like Blaziken.
Now that I've gotten that off my chest, Amber is a pretty awesome member of the species. She likes metal almost as much as what I do. She loves her kicks, too, and has always trained extensively on them, under the guidence of my Hitmonlee.
Special Training: kix4kicks
Amber may now use Rolling Kick, Jump Kick, Hi Jump Kick and Triple Kick. Because a Blaziken is more used to kicking than what a Combusken is, they no longer cause Recoil, but instead use 1.5x more energy than normal.
Muyo: Approved

Danzi: Male Gyarados
Former leader of my squad, Danzi is an aging Gyarados, and battling has taken a backseat to training my other pokemon. However, when called upon, Danzi is as fierce as any other Gyarados in existence.
Special Training: Imtimidation
Danzi, being a veteran of countless battles has mastered the art of Scaring and Intimidating his foes. thus, Leer and Roar are 1.5x more effective than normal, and have a higher chance of working on pokemon who would not normally be afriad of a Gyarados. In addition, he las learned Glare, at 2x the energy cost, but is unable to use Taunt, Swagger, Attract, Captivate and Return.
Muyo: Approved

Cool Master T: Male Tentacruel
Cool Master T, or just T, for short, is sick and tired of the stereotypes of Tentacruel being used in...unmentionable hentai acts. Thus, he aspires to be the worlds best DJ. It hasn't really changed anything, though, especially after one sees him use his special attack.
Special Attack: Tentacle Spin (Poison/XX)
Cool Master T uses this move by spinning around, like using Rapid Spin, and whacking the opponent with his Tentacles, which are covered in Poison energy. It has a moderate (20%) chance of poisoning. Damage and energy are equal to Poison Tail + Rapid Spin. Can be used 3 times a match. Any more would make him dizzy, you know.
Muyo: Approved

Sir Killalot: Male Steelix
The Destructive menace of my squad, however, after a certain Gym Trainer match, after getting clipped on the tail with a Water Pulse trying to dodge it, costing me certain victory, he has trained extensively on his speed and agility. The effects have become quite noticable.
Special Training: Agile.
Sir Killalot is 15% faster and more agile than a normal Steelix. However, due to his training, all movement uses 10% more energy, and he takes 5% more damage from attacks.
Muyo: Approved

Level 4: 38-14-7, 76 KO's, 212 TP, 0 SP, B- ref

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Dropping Kadabra's shitty sig, and giving her a new one.

Nehima the Kadabra (Female)
Bio: Nehime finally seems to have grown out of her "let's sleep all the time" phase, several months after evolving from Abra. What can I say, I guess she's just a little slow. Since she's been alert more, she's been training with Jansen the Drowzee, trying to learn the secrets of hypnosis in exchange for teaching him how to use kinesis. However, I quickly discovered she had no intention of teaching Jansen anything or indeed of learning how to put anyone to sleep.
Special Training: Disturbia (Psychic)
Nehima can use hypnosis, but only in the form that allows her to implant false visions in the opponents head. She cannot use it to put her opponent to sleep. Usable once per opponent per match.
Muyo: Approved with edit

Changing Sneasel's sig, because he already gets rock smash and karate chop is pants, so changing those two out for force palm:

Carlos the Sneasel (Male)
Bio: What is it about the PASBL that attracts so many illegal Mexicans and ex-cagefighters with a chip on their shoulder the size of the grand canyon? Perhaps we'll never know, but what I do know is this; Carlos is a Mexican ex-cagefighter with a chip on his shoulder the size of the grand canyon. Hailing from the hustle and bustle of Mexico city, he was exposed to the rougher side of life from a young age. Discovering he had a talent for fighting, he ended up earning money by joining an underground cagefighting circuit. He seemed like a real up and comer; just two seasons in to his career, he earned the chance to fight for the championship after emerging as an unexpected winner in a major tournament.
Unfortunately, it was not to be. The champion - a powerful and experienced Heracross - won the match easily, and left Carlos with several severe injuries. When he finally returned to the ring, his lack of practice during his prolonged recovery and the long-term damage left by some of these injures resulted in a string of embarrassing defeats. Carlos left the ring a broken pokemon. His days were spent drinking and trying to chat up the se├▒oritas that frequented the bars.
One day, several months after his departure from cage fighting, he heard of the PASBL, and decided it presented the perfect opportunity to train and get back on form. His self stated mission; to show the PASBL exactly why so many trainers have mexicans and ex-cagefighters on their squads.
Special Training: ¿Quien es más macho? (Dark/Fighting)
"¡YO SOY MAS MACHO!" Ahem, thank you, Carlos. Due to his experience in the Mexican cagefighting circuit, the fighting type replaces his ice typing, and he has all the associated weaknesses and resistances of a dark/fighting type. As a result of this change, he loses hail, ice beam, avalanche and blizzard. He gains mach punch and force palm.
Muyo: Rejected

Plus sigging some of my other 'mon:

Monarch the Gyarados level 2 Female
Bio: Monarch has the same penchant for mindless destruction as all others of her species. In fact, she gets a little too into it at times, and it can be quite hard to get her out of it.
Special Training: Rinse and Repeat (Typeless)
Monarch gets very enthusiastic in her destruction. Her effectiveness increases as she repeats an attack. If she uses the same attack twice in a row, the second use is 10% more powerful and 10% more energy intensive than usual. The third time in a row is 20% more energy using and damaging, and the fourth 30%. Any subsequent uses remain at 30% until she uses another move. However, due to her enthusiasm, there is a 10% chance after the second use in a row that she'll refuse an order to do something else and use the same move again, a 20% chance after the third use, a 30% chance after the fourth use and for subsequent uses. Note that this sig only applies for successive uses; once she uses a different move, the effect is reset.
Muyo: Approved

Archibold the Squirtle (Male)
Bio: Archibold always hated dirt and mud, and spent much of his time cleaning himself off with water gun. I tried to get him to train with various ground types, in an attempt to train him in ground moves and help fight his electric weakness, but he rejected them all as being too dirty. Eventually, I managed to get him to train with a Baltoy, as Baltoy's levitation kept him away from the dirt and "clean as a whistle" as Archibold put it.
Special Training: Gaia (Ground)
Due to his hatred of dirt, Archibold can no longer use muddy water or mud slap. However, due to his training with Baltoy, he can make his hidden power of the ground type twice per match.
Muyo: Approved with edit

Gemini the Staryu level 1 Genderless
Bio: Gemini has always believed she belonged with the stars. She has a major god complex, believing she needs to save everyone. One thing she was always jealous of though was flying types sheer manoeuvrability, which far exceeded her species characteristic bestowed limited psychic flight. She worked at it hard, and eventually improved, although she never did reach the heights of a bird pokemon.
Special Training: Star Power (Psychic)
Gemini's extensive training has increased the power of her psychic flight. In addition to her original species characteristic bestowed flight powers, star power gives her the flight capabilities of a Magnemite, with similar limitations on flight ceiling and speed. Gemini enters battle with star power active, and burns through moderate energy each round to keep it so (half that if she's underwater due to her natural ability to move underwater). In addition, physical movements and attacks cost slightly more energy when star power is active in the same way they do when agility is active. Star power can be deactivated at the cost of a move, and reactivated at the cost of a thunderbolts worth of psychic energy. However, she cannot reactivate it for two rounds after it's been deactivated.
Muyo: Approved

The 'Mon with no name - Ivysaur level 2 Male
Ivysaur has been hard for me to train. Not because he's incompetent or stubborn - quite the opposite - but because he costs me a fortune, being such a fussy eater.
Special Training: Fussy Eater (Grass)
Being such a fussy eater, Ivysaur has learnt to tailor his draining attacks (mega drain, leech seed etc) to drain a specific type of energy. He can only use a fussy draining move three times per match, and only two different types per match. The unspecified form of these attacks are lost to him, and they now drain 20% less energy than usual.
Muyo: No chance. Rejected

The Artist formerly known as Hoothoot level 1 Female
Hoothoot is a nightmare to deal with. She believes that she's the next hot thing in music, and after deciding that whatever name I bestowed on her wouldn't be good enough for that career, she took to calling herself an aesthetically pleasing but ultimately unpronounceable love symbol. Seeing as no one can actually say it, we've taken to referring to her as "the artist formerly known as Hoothoot".
Signature Move: The Unpronounceable Love Symbol (Normal)
Hoothoot fires a small purple love symbol at her opponent. It's kind of an anti-swagger, in that it lowers the opponents attack power and makes them less likely to obey their trainer, especially if ordered to perform offensive moves. All effects associated with the love symbol end when the affected party gets hit by an attack. It's usable as many times as she wants, but becomes much less effective with each use due to the opponent building up a resistance to it. Naturally angry pokemon and those under the effects of something like swagger are more resistant to the attack, whilst those under the effects of something like calm mind are more susceptible. Takes energy equal to swagger.
Muyo: Rejected

Geno the Electabuzz (Male)
Bio: Geno grew up in a troubled area of London. In order to try and stop people joining gangs, lots of community projects were set up in the area. One such project was a youth boxing club. It was here that Geno found his calling.
Geno was a pretty talented boxer, as it turned out. He was consistently near the top of the league. When I passed through the area, I offered to further train him, and give him an opportunity to train the full breadth of his skills. He agreed, and he's been a part of my team ever since.
However, he remains unsatisfied with himself, and is constantly pushing himself harder. He trains with my other squad members whenever they're available - mainly Sandshrew and Ivysaur - and practices set pieces and increasing the power of his thunder attacks when alone. All this hard work paid off when, eventually he evolved into an Electabuzz. He took a day off after evolving to get used to his new form, but has since resumed training, ever striving for greater power.
Special Training: Harder Better Faster Stronger (Typeless)
Due to his excessive training, Geno has accelerated beyond my training regime for him and beyond where I expected him to be. As such, he is considered a special one level higher on my squad and does not count towards the two level ups allowed. However, due to spending a little too much time training, he has 10% less energy in battle than others of his species.

Muyo: This is bad, and you should feel bad.
Originally Posted by PTerry
What can the harvest hope for, if not the care of the reaper man?

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I read over Skarmory, something didn't seem right.

Sarika: Female Skarmory (Level 1)
Bio: Ever since I've captured her, she's always had the need for speed. Her species looked pretty speedy, however, she was just mediocre compared to some of my faster Pokemon. After getting the original concept from Code Geass, she learned to harness her energy into making herself a lot faster.
Special Technique: Energy Wings (Flying)
Sarika collects Flying energy onto her wings, equal to half a Sky Attack, and they start to glow. For the five rounds after this move is ordered, she will move as if she used the long term form of agility three times, greatly increasing her speed. This will make every move from the opponent have a 70% chance to hit. The opponent will also have a 60% chance of dodging any Physical moves from Sarika when using Agility or the like. And, because of the increased momentum, any Physical attack she uses will do 5% extra damage. This move can only be used once per match.
Muyo: Was it the fact that it didn't seem vastly overpowered that didn't seem right? If so, well done on the fix. Rejected

Cell: Male Kabuto (Level 1)
Bio: I named him after Cell from DBZ because Kabutops' head shape is the same as Imperfect Cell's head shape. As well as that, this particular Kabuto has cells of the type energies. When I revived him from a fossil, a certain Dr. Gero changed its DNA structure so then it would be capable of using moves from the different type energies.
Special Characteristic: Cells (Various)
When ordered to do so, Cell uses "Metronome". But instead of every attack possible, he can only use a move from each type of energy he isn't naturally familiar with. Those moves are Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Bug Buzz, Dark Pulse, Mid Charged Shadow Ball, Psychic Wave, Air Slash, Sludge Bomb, Dragon Pulse, Earth Power, Flash Cannon, and Focus Blast (.75 times the power). He can only use any of these moves once per battle at 1.5x the energy it would usually take (with the exception of Focus Blast, which takes the energy of a regular one as it is less power). These moves will be randomly generated by the ref, just like a regular Metronome.
Muyo: Approved

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Shinci Level 1 Shinx
Psychette Level 2 Kirlia
Torchi Level 1 Torchic
Eleki Level 1 Elekid
Muyo: Approved


Whizzi: Level 1 Female Whismur
Special Attack: Screamquake (Ground/Normal)
Whizzis voice is so ridiculously loud that if it puts its mouth to the ground and screams, it causes an earthquake. This move causes as much damage as Earthquake and uses 1.25x as much energy.
Muyo: Approved

Aquadia: Level 2 Female Gyarados
Aquadia was raised in Dragons Den. She was raised under the watchful eye of the elder Dragonite. When she evolved from Magikarp, the elder was most impressed and declared her Aquadia, Dragon of the Ocean.
Type Change: Aquadia, Dragon of the Ocean (Type change to Water/Dragon)
This type change is due to her being raised among dragons and learning to be one of them. This changes her typing from Water-Flying to Water-Dragon. The type change gives her Dragon Rush, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang and Crunch at the Expense of Hail, Mimic, Taunt, Frustration, Return, Hyper Beam, Icy Wind and Rage.
Muyo: hahahaha, no.

Weebl and Bob: Level 1 Male Exeggcute
Weebl and Bob. The awesomest egg creatures in the world. They live in Magentaland with Monkey, Hairy Lee, Chris the Ninja Pirate and more. I befriended them when I traveled to Magentaland and gave them many pies. When transported to the Pokemon world, they take the form of two Exeggcute.
Special Attack: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! NOT THE PIE! (Dark/Ghost/Psychic)
In their mouths is a passway to Magentaland and if want to, they can send things to Magentaland where they are attacked by Hairy Lee, Chris the Ninja Pirate and Monkey. After thirty seconds the opponent will reappear on the battlefield.
Weebl and Bob love pie so much that if I say pie, they will see a pie infront of the opponent which is not really there. They will then roll over to the pie quickly and send the opponent to another dimension via their mouths and eat the imaginary pie. Weebl and Bob's friends each deal damage equal to an Egg Bomb and the trip to Magentaland deals good damage. Energy usage is equal to 3 FC Shadow Balls.
Muyo: I like Weebl and Bob, but this is nonsensical. Rejected

Cat Face: Level 1 Male Meowth
Cat Face is equal in the awesomeness stakes with Weebl and Bob. He lives in yet another dimension and lives in a house with an Old Lady, Gordon Ramsay and A cat who lives in a box named Box Cat. He also has an enormous head and floats through the air because he's got a cats face.
Special Attack: How can you say that? It is a feast for both the tastebuds and the eyes, like some sort of tasty picture or something, I do not know, I'm a cat. (Fire/Grass/Normal/Psychic)
For this move, Cat Face makes the opponent see a meal that he cooked earlier infront of them. The opponent will eat this Imaginary Food and feel "high". They will think that they are in Cat Faces home and will be hit with the Old Lady's Handbag, Box Cat will throw himself at them and Gordon Ramsay will give them a verbal beating that will make them scared. Cat Face will then slap them to make them snap out of it. He will then say "Good isn't it, see I know how to cook. For I am a Cat." Damage taken from the terrible tasting food, Old Lady's Handbag, Box Cats attack and Gordon Ramsay's verbal bashing is equal to a Full-Charge Focus Punch and energy is equal to Beat Up.
He also has an enormous head and floats through the air. His head is 10x the size of a normal Meowth's head and the energy from floating all the time doubles the energy used by moving around.
Muyo: He may have the body of a cat and the face of a cat, but floating through the air and the like won't be happening in the ASB. Rejected

Adding Sigs to-

Scythe: Level 1 Male Scyther
Special Attack: Facebreaker (Bug/Fighting)
For this move, Scythe charges his scythes with both fighting and bug energy. He then proceeds to chop the opponent with one and hit them in the face with the other. It does the combined damage of X-Scissor and Brick Break and uses the combined amount of energy as well.
Muyo: Approved
Come on, Join Alien Adoption Agency. You know you wanna...


C+ Grade Ref
Trainer Title: Your friendly clinically insane ASB punching bag.
Trainer Level- 1
37 TP - 7 KO's - 18 SP
4 Wins - 14 Losses - 1 Draws
Streak- 1 Draw

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Replacing Scyther with:
Level 1 Male Magikarp
No signature move
Muyo: Approved

Leveling up Magikarp using an SP

Level 1 Magikarp to Level 2 Gyarados

Level 2 Male Gyarados
Bio: I caught Magikarp in a lake filled with Chinchou. Unfortuantly for him, they saw him as prey, forcing him to learn how to take their electric attacks in order to be able to survive.
Special Resistance: Surviving Electricity (Flying/Water):
Because he was constantly attacked with electricity for years before I caught him, Gyarados takes 300% damage instead of 400%
Muyo: Approved
PASBL Stats:
Trainer Level: 2; Wins: 14; Losses: 13; Draws: 2; Knockouts: 28; Trainer Points: 85.5; Service Points: 6; DQ Losses: 1; DQ Wins: 0; Badges: 1 (Referee Badge)

FB Information

FB Pokemon:

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