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Name: Leonidas (genderless), Level: 60
Pokeball: Luxury Ball Obtained: Hatched
Nature: Brave Ability: Defiant
Held Item:
Evolution: No Evolution
Attacks: Tackle, Protect, Rock Smash, Focus Energy, Headbutt, Bulk Up, Endure, Reversal, First Impression, No Retreat, Iron Defense, Close Combat, Megahorn, Counter
TM/TR/HM: Drain Punch
Move Tutor(MT): Iron Head, Coaching
Egg Moves(EM): N/A
Custom Moves(CM): Guardian Terrain, Pinch Punch
Bond: 50
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Spoiler: show

Species: Pancham @ Poke Ball
Name: Marco
Gender: Male
Level: 34
Type: Fighting
Ability: Scrappy
Nature: Bold
Held Item: --
Obtained: Starter
Birthday: November 13
Bond: 47
Bio: Marco was the first Pokemon Sweeney came across when he began his job at the bar. The scrappy young Pancham was the leader of a local gang of Pokemon who were attempting regular raids on the establishment, with distinctly mediocre results. His tenacity was there, but the residents who frequented the bar would quite easily dispatch of him and his roving vagabonds every time he assaulted the place in his quest for food and bounty. To add insult to injury, it often seemed that they never even noticed he was there, batting him aside without a care during their roughhousing. Sweeney, being new to the area himself and slowly coming to realise what a terrifying place it was for a trainer, much less a simple wild Pokemon, found himself feeling sympathy for the Fighting type when eventually, his gang abandoned him for one too many failed routs. Deciding to take Marco in, Sweeney ended up sparking a quick rapport with the Pancham, who would help him with his bartending.

While well meaning, Marco's headstrong attitude and regular gaffs often land Sweeney in more hot water than the Pancham would reasonably be worth, but luckily for the Fighting type, his trainer has long since become too jaded to fully attribute his abysmal time to the Pancham alone - his own luck had to play some part. This exuberant nature of Marco's often puts him at odds with Sophie, Marco considering the Solosis something of a busy body.
Level Up Moves: Tackle, Leer, Arm Thrust, Taunt, Circle Throw, Low Sweep, Work Up, Slash, Vital Throw, Crunch
Technical Machine Moves: Breaking Swipe, Drain Punch, Foul Play
Hidden Machine Moves:
Move Tutor Moves: Gunk Shot, Knock Off, Hydro Cannon
Egg Moves:
Event Moves:
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Feeding 1 Rare Candy to my Croconaw, boosting him to lvl 38 and evolving him into a Feraligatr

Gender: Male
Level: 38
Item: Life Orb
Personality: Jolly, Prankster, Friendly
Ability: Sheer Force
Moves:Scratch, Leer, Water Gun, Rage, Bite, Scary Face, Ice Fang, Thrash, Flail, Crunch, Chip Away, Slash, Aqua Jet, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, Metal Claw, Blizzard, Dig, Scald, Shadow Claw, Screech, Aqua Tail, Rock Slide, Brick Break, Focus Blast
Bio: Not capturing Totodile was never really an option for Xander. The Pokemon took an instant liking to Chimchar, the pair sharing a very similar personality. Unfortunately, Totodile some times goes to far and has shown to lack self control. Totodile is a keen battler and seems determined to take on foes much bigger than itself.

Xander had been at his father's gym training when the Power Spot activated. He'd taken to dropping in on the gym occasionally between his adventures, it gave him a good opportunity to recuperate, as well as catch up with his father. The last couple of days he'd been busy training with Croconaw, an unpleasant experience to say the least. As a Totodile, he was incredibly happy, painfully so somethings but the jolly Pokemon never failed to produce a smile. Since evolving however, the Water type's attitude had done a complete 180. Grumpy was an understatement, Croconaw was a straight up dick. He didn't get along with Xander's other Pokemon and strangers were lucky if they didn't lose a finger. Training was an absolute nightmare with Croconaw often refusing to follow his directions and instead acted of his own accord. It had pushed Xander to breaking point. There was no denying Croconaw's strength, but without direction it was a complete waste. Xander was so frustrated, he'd even considered releasing him!

When the scouting party returned with news of the raid boss, something clicked inside Croconaw. His eyes began to glow with rage, soon followed by his entire body. "Fuckkkkk", Xander cursed, he was evolving. It was hard enough dealing with a grumpy Croconaw, let alone a Feraligatr! There was no stopping it though, he knew Croconaw wouldn't listen. The Johto starter increases in size, growing much larger as his body develops. The light soon fades, revealing a hulking Feraligatr standing before him.

Croconaw evolved into Feraligatr!

"Ummmm nice work Feraligatr", Xander sheepishly responded, not wishing to immediately enrage the giant croc. Feraligatr swung its massive head around to face him, reptilian eyes locked solely on him. Xander shuddered, it was going to bite his head off, wasn't it?! "Easy now Feraligatr, no need to act rashly...." Xander slowly started to move backward, but Feraligatr kept moving closer, pearly white teeth glistening in the sunlight. Xander was about to panic, when suddenly Feraligatr shot him in the face with a Water Gun, knocking him flat on his arse. "You little shit!" Xander spat as he looked up at Feraligatr, who was laughing heartily, slapping his knee with his big clawed hands. "You really had me going there! Good to see you're back to your old self!"

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Fighting dino with caveman, Mojumbo enters the fray!

Spoiler: show
Tangrowth♂ Mojumbo Level 52 Nature Relaxed Ability Regenerator

Wring Out
Natural Gift
Stun Spore
Mega Drain
Vine Whip
Poison Powder
Ancient Power
Knock Off
Giga Drain
Sleep Powder
Power Whip
Grassy Terrain L56
Leaf Storm
Worry Seed
Leech Seed
Nature Power
Power Swap
Ancient Power
Bullet Seed
Poison Jab
Cotton Spore
Arm Thrust 
Rage Powder
Sweet Scent


26-4-0 KO74 TP208
B Ref SP 2

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Officially evolving Machi from Machoke to Machamp during this raid registration (even tho it technically had to happen here stfu). Let's go~

Spoiler: show
Nickname: Machi
Gender: Female
Level: 55
Obtained: The Adoption Centre
Love Ball
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Guts -
Bond: 4
Contest Stats: 10
Moves: Low Kick, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Bullet Punch, Knock Off, Focus Energy, Karate Chop, Foresight, Low Sweep, Seismic Toss, Revenge, Vital Throw, Wake-Up Slap, Dual Chop, Submission, Bulk Up, Cross Chop, Scary Face, Dynamic Punch, Work Up, Mud Slap, Rock Smash, Power-Up Punch, Vacuum Wave, Fissure,Brick Break, Wide Guard
Bio: A former assistant at the Adoption Centre, owned by its previous manager, Machi is a hard worker and knowledgeable about people and Pokemon alike. She had a dramatic send off full of love and now helps take care of Alice, her fellow Pokemon and their home. While she is a capable and intelligent combatant, Machi prefers appealing herself through contests or simply keeping busy in less violent ways. She often carries Alice around like Blaze does, which is a lot less awkward now that evolution has increased her stature.

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Sign Up. Lizard on Lizard.

Species: Drizzile
Gender: Female

Type: Water
Ability: Sniper
Nature: Calm
Evolution Line: Sobble -(Level 16)-> Drizzile -(Level 35)-> Inteleon

Level: 16
Bond: 0
Contest Stats: Cute: 0, Beautiful: 0, Tough: 0, Smart: 0, Cool: 0

Pokeball: Poke Ball
Held Item:
Boutique Modifications:

Level-Up: Growl (-), Pound (-), Water Gun (6), Bind (8 ), Water Pulse (12)
Egg Moves: Ice Shard
TM/TR Moves: Liquidation
Move Tutor:
Other Moves:

Lizzy was mocked ever since birth. Due to a genetic defect, she was half the size of the normal Sobble species. Due to this, she was deemed a runt, and was thrown out, lucky to not be killed. Luckily, she was found by Danny, one rainy, stormy night where the then 6-year-old boy was outside making mud pies with his butler Vessre, they found the small lizard Pokemon quivering under a wilting plant, savoring the small remains of the berry she had left for dinner. Danny rushed over and wrapped the small Pokemon in his sweater, as she fainted due to her hunger and weakness. Danny nursed her to health, and ever since then, the two have been inseparable. Lizzy was never remedied of her defect, but found pride in it, as Danny had remarked it as, “unique”.

Team banner by Keith Masters (Missingno. Master)
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Entering with

Name:  Oisin ( Male ) ( Coloring confirmation post)
Level: 51
Evolution:  >LV Up > 
Pokeball: Christmas Ball
Obtained: Trade with Kawaii
Nature: Docile
Ability: Sap sipper
Held Item:
Attacks:  Megahorn, Tackle, Camouflage, Growl, Sand-attack, Double Kick, Leech Seed, Faint Attack, Take Down, Jump Kick, Aromatherapy, Energy Ball, Charm, Horn Leech, Nature Power, Double-edge, Solarbeam


Move Tutor(MT):

Egg Moves(EM):

Shadow Moves(CM):

Custom Moves(CM):

Unnatural moves(UM):

Advanced Moves(AM):

Bond: 21 

Contest Stats:

Fizzy Bubbles;

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Species: Throh
Level: 34
Gender: Male
Type: Fighting
Obtained: Trade with jolteonjak
Pokeball: Pokeball
Ability: Guts
Moves: Bind, Leer, Bide, Focus Energy, Seismic Toss, Vital Throw, Revenge, Storm Throw, ThunderPunch, Dark Pulse, Strength, Mat Block, Body Slam, Bulk Up, Circle Throw, Stone Edge, Pain Split, Endure, Poison Jab, Laser Focus, Wide Guard
Evolves: None
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Professor Pine had just finished up a call with the Gym Leader's son when a scout rushed into the lab to alert him about the Power Spot. "Well today is just full of surprises, isn't it?" Except this wasn't really a surprise, at this point he'd all but perfected his algorithm for predicting Power Spot activity. He walked out into the courtyard where Gym Leader Jared was already preparing to lead the scouting mission.

"You were right Professor, I'll get you what I owe you by the end of the day." The Gym Leader grumbled, he regretted ever making that bet.

"Don't worry about it sir, just focus on the scouting mission", Pine replied, "but once you're done, you get me that money."

The disgruntled Gym Leader descended into the Power Spot, reappearing almost an hour later. He still looked displeased, but the Professor had a feeling it wasn't about the bet.....

"Put the call out, it isn't a Gigantamax, but its a nasty looking Bisharp", Jared spouted as he brushed himself off. "I'd only categorise it as a level 4 threat, but I have a feeling it'll be a tough one. Better call in 8 Neoknights."

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Name: Vulcan (male), Level: 10
Pokeball: Luxury Ball Obtained: Hatched
Nature: Calm Ability: Shell Armor
Held Item:
Evolution: No Evolution
Attacks: Tackle, Ember, Smog, Protect, Lv.12 Endure, Lv.13 Incinerate, Lv.16 Flail, Lv.24 Iron Defense, Lv.28 Dragon Pulse, Lv.29 Flamethrower, Lv.32 Body Slam, Lv.37 Shell Smash, Lv.40 Shell Trap, Lv.48 Overheat, Lv.52 Explosion
TM/TR/HM: Charge Beam, Dragon Claw, Flash Cannon, Focus Blast, Solar Beam
Move Tutor(MT): Heat Wave, Scorching Sands, Block, Burning Jealousy, Dragon Pulse, Endeavor, Hyper Voice, Iron Defense, Iron Head, Iron Tail, Lash Out, Outrage, Scale Shot, Shock Wave, Snore, Stomping Tantrum, Uproar
Egg Moves(EM): Head Smash, Revenge, Wide Guard, Curse, Fire Spin, Rapid Spin
Bond: 16
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Feeding my Machop 15 Rare Candies, boosting him to lvl 24.

Signing up with my Machop

Gender: Male
Level: 24
Item: North Star Bangle
Personality: Brawny
Ability: No Guard
Moves: Low Kick, Leer, Karate Chop, Focus Energy, Fissure, Dynamic Punch, Drain Punch, Power-Up Punch, Smack Down, Bulldoze, Revenge, Foresight, Low Sweep, Seismic Toss, Knock Off, Scary Face, Brick Break, Vital Throw,

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It's time! More fat Vulpix action, but now with Sunny Day, an actual offensive Fire-type Move, and self-healing in the form of unnatural MT Synthesis! Oh and, I guess Safeguard.


Species: Vulpix
Gender: Female

Type: Fire
Ability: Flash Fire
Nature: Rash
Evolution Line: Vulpix -(Fire Stone)-> Ninetails

Level: 25
Bond: 35
Contest Stats: Cute: 10, Beautiful: 10, Tough: 10, Smart: 10, Cool: 10

Pokeball: Luxury Ball
Held Item: Charcoal
Boutique Modifications: 1.5x Size, 2x Weight

Level-Up: Ember (-), Tackle (-), Tail Whip (-), Disable (4), Roar (7), Quick Attack (7), Baby-Doll Eyes (9), Confuse Ray (12), Fire Spin (12), Spite (12), Will-O-Wisp (14), Incinerate (16), Payback (18), Imprison (18), Feint Attack (20), Flame Burst (23), Flamethrower (24), Safeguard (25)
Egg Moves: Energy Ball, Tail Slap
TM/TR Moves: Zen Headbutt, Psychic, Mystical Fire, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Protect, Sunny Day
Move Tutor: Synthesis
Other Moves:
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Entering the raid with Crix the Electivire. Stats:
Spoiler: show

Species; Electivire
Gender; Male
Level; 40
Type; Electric
Attacks; Electric Terrain, Ion Deluge, Fire Punch, Quick Attack, Leer, ThunderShock, Low Kick, Swift, Shock Wave, Thunder Wave, Electro Ball, Light Screen, ThunderPunch, Discharge, Cross Chop, Psychic, Meditate, Dual Chop, Ice Punch, Thunder, Electro Web, Cross Fire, Wild Charge, Charge Beam, Teleport, Flash, Rock Smash, Gummi Bomb (Rock)
Evolution: Elekid -30- Electabuzz(Levin's Care) Electabuzz -Electrizer- Electivire(Levin's Care)
Nature; Hardy
Ability: Motor Drive
Held item: none
Obtained: Cable Club
Bond: 32
Birthday: July 25th
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"We're going to NeoKnight Gym," Jake Celeste explained, as he and his Lucario and Buizel buckled in their seatbelts in the Skarmorix, Jake's trusty helicopter. "I figured they'd be needing some help, since we haven't been there in a while. After we handled Primal Dialga, I'd say we're more than ready to take on another Steel-type."

It's a Bisharp, isn't it? Lucario chimed in, having read his Trainer's aura.

"You got it," Jake nodded. "It's a level 4 Raid Boss. Harder to take down than that Scyther we faced some time ago, but a lot easier than, say, the infamous Gigantamax Hatterene that both ruined my week and saved everyone's lives."

"What a roller coaster of a Pokémon," Buizel murmured. "I can't even guess if you think good or bad of her."

"Ha, I think Hatterene's a trickster," replied Jake, the engine of the Skarmorix starting up and the rotor blades beginning to spin. "No contest. She's incredibly selfish and incredibly prideful, but at the same time, gracious."

Lucario, meanwhile, had been thinking. Oh, I can just imagine the smile that the Bisharp must be wearing right now, the Aura Pokémon growled. I wanna go and just punch that smug smile right off its face. It's that smile that Dark-types always wear.

"Fight in the name of justice, was it?" Jake snorted. "Come on, Lucario. I know your Ability is Justified, and I know fighting wrongdoers is what you want to do most, but I have to ask you to give someone else a chance. You might as well be the strongest Pokémon on the team. You are perfectly capable of defeating the Bisharp along with other Fighting-types, but being in that raid won't really teach you much, will it?" he pointed out. "No one knows more about battling Dark-types than you do." Jake sat up straighter and looked over the dashboard as the helicopter rose steadily into the sky.

"Bui, Buizel," Buizel agreed, the Sea Weasel's statement going untranslated. Lucario thought over what his Trainer had said.

Alright, I see your point, the Fighting/Steel-type conceded after a moment. And if not me, then I think I know who you're going to choose to take on Bisharp, he added.

"Yep," said Jake, patting his right pocket. "In here's another Luxury Ball. There's two other Pokémon of mine [besides Lucario] that are housed in a such Ball, but one of them is busy at the Pokémon Center. Know who's in this Ball?"

A light breeze whistled through the propellers. The Skarmorix was now flying high over Fizzytopia, heading straight for the NeoKnight Gym.

After a second or two, Jake and the two of his Pokémon that were in the helicopter with him answered in unison. "Charmeleon."


Joining with Charmeleon here, who will be holding the Aegis of Frost for this battle.


Spoiler: show
Species: Charmeleon ()
Held Item: Aegis of Frost
Gender: Male
Type: Fire
Level: 23
Bond: Quicklink
Nature: Quirky
Ability: Blaze
Moves: Bite, Scratch, Growl, Ember, Smokescreen, Dragon Dance, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Dragon Breath, Metal Claw, Rage, Dragon Rage, Fire Fang, Outrage, Iron Tail, Heat Wave, Scary Face, Power-Up Punch
Evolution: >lv. 16>>lv. 36>
Contest Stats:
Cool: 10
Beautiful: 10
Cute: 10
Clever: 10
Tough: 10
Birthday: February 27
Method of Obtainment: Hatched at the Hatchery
Bio: In a chance encounter with a merchant just off the Fool's Path, Jake had a rare opportunity to obtain a Kanto Starter Pokémon. The merchant was giving away a Bulbasaur, a Charmander, and a Squirtle. This was no hard choice for Jake, who went for Charmander immediately. As a Charmander, he revealed himself to be cocky and assured, acting like he is more "mature" than the rest. This had gotten him into trouble with Jake's other Pokémon prior to evolution. Since evolving to protect Buizel from danger, Charmeleon has taken up a more caring attitude, and he's now more open to cooperating instead of competing. While he still has a rivalry with Buizel, it has settled down to merely a friendly rivalry.

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"...and apparently it's a Bisharp. Category four," Keith was saying, reading the message off of his PokéGear. "Haven't been seeing any Gigantamaxes this month," he added as an afterthought. "Odd. Used to be at least one a month." He shrugged his shoulders, then shook his head. "Out of the question, though," he added, turning his attention back to Willa and Phantump, for the former was spoon-feeding warm soup to the latter as he lay on the couch; Phantump had caught a cold of some sort over the course of the week. Willa had, of course, taken the Stump Pokémon to the Pokémon Center, but this wasn't something the healing machine could fix- Helena told them that Phantump needed rest, and so Keith and Willa had been devoting every iota of spare time they possessed looking after the ailing ghost.

"How are you feeling now, Phantump?" Willa asked gently, once Phantump had eaten several spoonfuls of soup.

"...a bit better, I think," Phantump said after a few coughs. Then, he looked up at Keith. "Um, Keith," he added. "I- *cough*- think you should go fight the Bisharp."

Keith shook his head. "Absolutely not," he said firmly. "We gotta look after you, Phantump."

Phantump shook his wooden head. "I'll be fine," he insisted. "Willa's right here, after all. She- *cough*- looked after you when you were sick, right?"

Keith stopped and considered this. "...you are not wrong," he conceded.

"Besides, doesn't miss Diana Macks always do live- *cough cough* reports on these raids?" added Phantump. "I can watch you fight on TV, that'd cheer me up," he smiled.

Willa turned to Keith. "When he puts it like that," she said. "I think I can hold things down here for a little while. I confess I, too, would be cheered up by seeing you fight on TV," she added with a smile.

Keith chuckled. "You drive a hard bargain, the both of you. Alright, fair enough. Now it's just a question of who I'm gonna-"


Keith looked down to find the answer to said question. Eon was at his feet, tail wagging a mile a minute, looking up expectantly at him.

"Yeah!" coughed Phantump. "Eon's good! She'll rock!"

Keith scooped up the little white fluffball in his arms. "That she will," he agreed. Bidding farewell to Willa and Phantump, Keith exited, heading for the NeoKnight Gym, where Eon's capabilities were going to be put to quite the test.

OOC: Keith Masters will be entering with Eon the Shiny Eevee. Stats are as follows;

Species: Eevee (Shiny; )
Gender: Female
Level: 18
Type: Normal
Attacks: Covet, Helping Hand, Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Tickle, Last Resort, Flamethrower, Water Pulse, Thunderbolt, Dark Pulse, Zen Headbutt, Seed Bomb, Ice Beam, Mega Kick, Psychic, Gunk Shot, Dazzling Gleam, Scald, Dragon Pulse, Sand Attack, Hyper Beam, Baby-Doll Eyes, Swift, Synchronoise, Acrobatics, Camouflage, Quick Attack, Iron Tail, Stone Edge, Bite, Bouncy Bubble, Buzzy Buzz, Sizzly Slide, Glitzy Glow, Baddy Bad, Sappy Seed, Freezy Frost, Sparkly Swirl, Veevee Volley, Double Kick, Electric Terrain, Psychic Terrain, Grassy Terrain, Misty Terrain, Bite, Body Slam, Pollen Puff, Stomping Tantrum, Terrain Pulse.
Usable Z-Moves: Acid Downpour.
Next attack learned: Refresh (lv. 20)
Nature: Naive
Ability: Adaptability
Bond: 30
Cute stat: 30
Beauty stat: 30
Tough stat: 30
Smart stat: 30
Cool stat: 30
Obtained: Hatchery
Eon is the daughter of Cyanide and Pom. Kindhearted, though extraordinarily ambitious, perhaps due in part to her being Shiny, and thus extraordinary and unique from the very beginning. Faced with immense indecisiveness when presented the subject of evolution, she decided that merely picking one Eeveelution would not fit her style. Rather, she wished to make all of their powers her own. She has made it her goal to surpass all Eeveelutions in terms of power and versatility. Rather than evolve, she insists on gaining all this power in her current form. She can frequently be seen training with her mother, whom she admires and looks up to very much. Of course, having Cyanide for her mother, she has picked up a bit of her sassiness, and can be perhaps a bit too honest when talking to others, sometimes resulting in unintentionally hurt feelings. Eon is intensely loyal to her Trainer, knowing that Keith can help her achieve the lofty heights she aspires to. And the belly rubs don't exactly hurt his case, either.

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Placeholder post, entering Wolfe the Arcanine

Name: Wolfe ( Male ) ( Recolored )

Pokeball: Valentines Ball( custom colored )
Obtained: Starter
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Flash Fire
Holdingn Devil Horns (Boosts Fire-type moves)
Evolution: Fully Evolved ( > () > )

Attacks: Bite, Roar, Ember, Leer, Odor Sleuth, Helping Hand, Flame Wheel, Reversal, Fire Fang, Take Down, Flame Burst, Agility, Retaliate, Flamethrower, Crunch, Outrage, Play Rough, Flare Blitz, Double Edge, Thunder Fang, Extreme Speed, Burn Up, Heat Wave,

TM/HM:Return, Attract, Swift, Headbutt Surf, Dragon Rage
Thunderbolt Will-o-wisp, Pyschic Fangs

Move Tutor(MT): Mimic, Dragon Pulse
Egg Moves(EM): Morning Sun,Iron tail, Double Kick Howl Close Combat
Shadow Moves(CM):

Custom Moves(CM): Firestream, Celebrate

Unnatural moves(UM): Camoflauge

Advanced Moves(AM): Volt tackle

Bond: 50

Fizzy Bubbles;

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Joining raid, bringing my currently nameless Sunflora. She will be holding Charcoal

Species: Sunflora
Gender: Female
Ability: Solar Power
Level: Ten
Bond: 2
Flower Shield
Razor Leaf
Hidden Power (Fire)
Sludge Bomb
Sunny Day
Bullet Seed
Earth Power
Energy Ball
Morning Sun
Mega Drain

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