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I ... think this is UPN day number 3?

Not much has changed in the world of Connor really. I still attend University, am about to go into my final year, am doing my dissertation on Byron because I'm a typical English student and Byron is cool. I recently went to the gym and realised that I am way out of shape compared to what I used to be because of exam stress eating and alcohol consumption - that needs to be amended but I'm lazy so it could be a while. Other than that I'm pretty much just plodding along, things are good.

Oh I briefly quit ASB, stopped being an LO, joined FB and am still doing plenty of WF. Good shit.
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seems theres a case aclaw
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Togepi Second UPN Day (Woo!)

Came here from comp with the big comp wave back in 2013. Was around for a tiny bit, but then got my ass handed to me in pasbl and left.

Came back about a year later with a new interest in pasbl, and after about a hundred tries of utilizing upn's shitty password recovery system, i gave up on my old account and made this one. Since then, stuff's happened.

Happy UPN day ya fools.
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Tommy used to work...
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Upn day number 1 for me, currently in line for a ferry. Been a busy year for school

Originally Posted by Miror
EK keeping up his streak of being the scummiest motherfucker to ever grace mafia games regardless of his actual alignment
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Originally Posted by Shuckle View Post
Well I don't know I wanted to deal damage and Starmie is inorganic :X
Originally Posted by Mercutio View Post
Starmie is a starfish, it is not inorganic :p
Originally Posted by Shuckle View Post
Kush I'm TL1. How am I supposed to know things if you don't tell me them?
Originally Posted by Mercutio View Post
It's a starfish.

Originally Posted by Concept View Post
I have 1 SP. Retroactively claiming the SP tax on all the things I did whilst LO.

I now have 1 SP.
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Originally Posted by DaisyInari View Post
Sometimes I feel like I want to change my username to just "Daisy" but I dunno, I guess I'm not ready to handle that kind of change lol
Same here actually. I've been known as Rue now for quite a while by some of you folks but I honsetly still don't feel like changing my username here. I guess I just like uhhhhh too much to let go of it even though I know it's really awkward to say especially in chat xd
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Happy 17th, UPNetwork.


Don't really have a new UPN story off hand I can share this year about myself ... but why not share some history!?

Looking for birthday cake pictures, I had earlier looked for some Articuno ones. Tangential thought leading to tangential thought, I remembered an old UPNer by the name of Artie Kuno. Thought I would post a story about him, but I remember precious little it's been so long and I doubted anyone here would care. Decided to see what I could find just by googling for "Artie Kuno." You know, the way one does. And it just so happened ...

... that I chanced upon his user profile. Here.

Artie never posted on the Kuno UPN. So unless you caught his name on the bottom of the forum where it welcomes the newest registrant, you'd never have known he was here. But sure enough, it's Artie. Look: "Member from 1999-2001, now finishing college with a math degree." It checks out. Artie was indeed a member of the original Jaxel-era UPNetwork, which ran from June 19, 1999 to April 1, 2001. And if he were 22 years old in 2011, that would place him at 12 years old in 2001 -- the perfect lower boundary for someone to be popular with the teen-dominated crowd on the Universal Pokémon Network.

Artie never posted here. But the fact that he took the time to sign up ...

Artie never posted here. But the fact that he wrote up a profile that only old school veterans would appreciate ...

Artie never posted here. But UPNetwork left enough of a positive impact on him that ten years later he searched for it, found the Ultimate Pokémon Network, and registered an account in the hopes of reaching out to at least one person who might remember who he was.

That's the sort of place UPN has been for people over the years, time and again. Artie? If you're reading this?

I may not remember you as well as I would like.
  You are not forgotten.
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Happy UPN Day!

It's my first UPN day back after a while away... and it's still got that homey feel just like old times. Stumbling onto Serebii - through I think the old Pokemon World magazines they used to put out here? - led me here from the eventual curiosity about the ASB back when I was a kid, and I'm glad it did. Y'all're honestly pretty damn rad folks. I'm glad to be part of this community, even if my presence has been a little sparse. :P
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*breaks off internet blocking by bypassing with phone*

I am most terrible person. In UPN Day shenanigans, I did become a news mod (although I do get outsped by Deo, Lindz, Kuno etc etc), so I guess the thing I mainly do is zap spam messages from VMs into oblivion.

I believe this is UPN Day 3 for me, and boy what a year it's been. Flying GL in ASB, still contemplating FB, being trash in WF, and doing hero-y things in MS.

UPN remains a secret hideaway from life, and it's usually fun to talk to the folk here. I won't say always because there are times when some people push the line, but chatting with Grandpa Talon, or Emi, or Kaisa is a joy in this chaotic life we lead.

I still study Biology, and I will most likely not be around next year since studying abroad. Although, I will try to pop in to zap more things into oblivion and have a chat when I can.

Until then, happy UPN Day.

P.S. On a side note, my old name on SPPf still makes things confusing for some. Am very glad I changed it to the one I have now. Only problem is I'll probably never be able to change it to anything else.

At least I'll be able to use the "Where in the World is Kamen Sandiego" joke when I do go abroad.

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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Just as a commentary, I'd like to compare how communities have changed since 2000 here now.

Back in 2000-2002, people were far more willing to believe in urban legends and ridiculous premises/possibilities than now, where Google/Wikipedia/Snopes can pretty much nip anything in the bud. John Titor was something ONLY possible in the early days of the internet, as was belief in being sucked into the internet and go to a "Digital World".

It's obvious, but the internet was seen as more of a video game than a telephone than it is today. Telephone by which I mean the comfort zone is personal, where people are willing to share pictures and their real names.

But by contrast, I feel like on UPN, there's a distinct lack of personal details compared to the old days.

In 2000, people would give you their life biography, but would do so behind a pseudonym and obscured location/identity. Now, I see people freely give their name and face but don't divulge the personal details like they used to do.

I still feel like this contrast hangs around with users like myself, Talon (the King of TMI), and BPK. I keep my internet activities distinctly separate from my real life, to the point if you met me in person you'd think I'm a red state Republican, not a blue state Democrat.

One thing I'm really glad about is that RP isn't dead. The reason why isn't my chosen one (backlash against CGI, video games, and consumer driven digital media) but the technology of it feels so backward compared to the attitudes of "Millennials" today.

So many of those awful Millennials feel that "the future" is defined by the technology you surround yourself with, when it's really about the culture you live in. Muv-Luv Alternative was set in 2003, but the world it presented was more exotic than anything I'd seen before then, without the problem of surrealism.

Quadcopters, smartphones, and self-driving cars don't make this the future. Conservation does. LGBT support does. These are the modernizations that can take people out of the, I think, stagnant 2000's into a true future.

I'm not going to live to see the end of it! Unless I can secure some deal with the devil I'm probably going to die around 2060. But hopefully you guys well get to see, live in, and enjoy this future.

Happy UPN/Father's Day
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So Deo already helped with the username bit so no need there. Anyway, the past year has obviously been a big one. Last time on UPN Day Check-In, I had finished junior year, and the famous SCOTUS decision was fresh in our minds. Particularly fresh in mine, in fact, because the day of that decision, I finally embraced my gender identity after months of turning it over in my head and not wanting to take it up, because I feared that my parents finding out would burn my whole world down.

Fall of 2015 marked the start of my senior year. I figured I would make my way through building up my courage to open up, starting with my friends, and working up to my parents. That plan went haywire mere days after my birthday. Days on the heels of failing to come out to someone on a perfect occasion, my decision to embrace the cover of long pants season and start shaving my legs backfires HARD, and I'm forced to dissemble to my parents. As if to remind me of the magnitude of this double wave of screw ups, my mom decides that this information isn't mine to disclose or not, fearing that if I opened up to any of my friends, word would get out and I'd be done for, while simultaneously picking out a counselor without my involvement at all, making me legitimately fear conversion "therapy" until our first session was over-something no one should have to go through. I'd like to draw your attention to that hypocrisy there-if I give this out to people I personally trust, somehow everything is awful, but if she gives this out to whomever she pleases, it's not a danger at all!

A particular webcomic I enjoy ends up becoming my place to vaguely discuss things that upset me or how I felt about certain things in relation to this-which I specifically used because one of my friends got me into the piece to begin with, meaning he saw everything. Things culminated on Halloween. A special art page was put up, and I debated whether or not to discuss what would be my costume at my school's Nerd Night that night (I made up my best black and white Sans outfit from what I owned). I knew it would be a dead giveaway. I eventually reached the conclusion that who was clued in wasn't my mom's choice to make anymore, and said it. The next day was a Sunday, All Saints Day. After Mass, I headed home and immediately grabbed my phone from the counter, as I had had to charge it there, and had seen a text from this friend that mentioned "rereading Rain comments" at the start before I had left. I went up to take a nap, since I was really tired after Nerd Night. Well, pretended to take a nap, as I read the aforementioned texts and got official confirmation that this friend had connected the dots. While we didn't call like we wanted due to my guise of sleeping, we texted for the next few hours, in which time we ended up as a couple. We ended up spending a lot of time between then and the fall play seeing how much stealth PDA we could get away with-all the way through to walking in front of the entire cast arm in arm at the cast party, to which no one said a thing.

Fast forward a little more. Midterms are over, Christmas break is here! I finally have Mom's okay to come out to my sister. As much as I'd wanted to do it anyway, I feared what would happen if a confrontation happened too early, so I held off. Too long, in fact, as I only managed to get the opportunity to do it one on one and simultaneously have the nerve a mere week or two before she left for school again. As predicted, all of mom's concerns were blatantly inaccurate, so two points for me. Eventually, another friend fits together that my boyfriend and I are together (he'd figured out the other piece already, my insistence on a long-hair wig on my streetpass Mii helped there). That leaves just one of my closest friends to come out to. He's...a bit impulsive and overexciteable, so I'm leery of letting this out to him. I decide I'm going to wait until the year is over to let him in on it, since at that point, there's far less that can be damaged if my concerns prove right.

Then the month of March rolls around. Senior Retreat is 100% optional, but my friends are going, and I think that now's as good a time as any to open up-after all, the more people you can hold under Vegas Clause, the more effective it is. Anyway, point is, with the help of a surge of emotion, I'm able to keep my nerve in front of over half my senior class to come out, with my boyfriend also coming forth with me about our relationship.

I daresay a double dose of standing ovations is the best response I've gotten yet.

However, reconciliation with our classmates becomes a theme, and my last friend (and his new friend) are very accepting and keep mum just like everyone else. At the time we're told to write letters if we so choose, I decide to write this friend an apology. I'd been selfish to hide from him for that long. While I have to read it for him later (atrocious handwriting is atrocious, I got that off my chest.

Anyway my parents have since started to emerge from the vat of liquid denial they dove in in September, I'm still together with my boyfriend (Hi Mane~!), and I have a job, so things are pretty good I guess, bye

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Quoth the Honchkrow (nevermore!).
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UPN Day the Sixth over here. Little to say that hasn't been done before. Well, aside from the fact that I seem to be drifting away from here, despite my desire not to.

The job's going well, things are changing a lot there, and with any luck I may have moved into my own place by the end of the year. Then I might be able to think about socialising with other human beings, as shocking as that may seem.

Happy UPN Day, here's to another year of good times around here.
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Woo first upn day! Umm I pretty much keep to WF and ASB. I have accelerated quickly in ASB, I'm almost at tl5 after just over a year and am currently pumping out bulk updates for all of my wonderful updatees on WF. <3 UPN

Also everyone needs to commission a trainer from Extrophs tiny art shack!

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Hello there! I wish I'd known about this topic being what it is, huh.

Those of you who read my posts on the emotional baggage claim know more about me than everyone else (except Heather, hi Heather~!), so I'll have to pause and explain things.

This last year has been one of conclusions, I suppose. I graduated, obviously, but I'll get there when I get there. This time last year I was probably just starting to legimately get over what happened Sophomore year-the day I realized I wasn't who I thought I was and lashed out at a friend for doing nothing wrong. I went on a retreat with my stepsister the year before, and this year I got to see her a few more times-always pleasant, since she's more like family to me than 99% of my actual family (which is really screwed up, given certain things). I got closer to a few internet friends, but that's besides the point.

Senior year started last September. My birthday came and I had a few friends there, and my sister's constant assertions about college came to a head. I'd gotten a job, been demoted, and left it to go back to high school. I spent the last night of summer with Heather (Which kinda makes me wish we'd hooked up sooner because I was still painfully oblivious at the time), and the theme of concluding cycles began. Much like the last two years a sense of apathy and stressful environs strangled the life out of my school performance to a disgusting degree, but now it was even worse. See, my school had a learning impairment assistance program, which I was in, and before that had meant I had one class where I could rant to the teacher a bit before being gently told to get to work, which was helpful for stress relief.

Dad got on her good side, which he always does. Because of that, every time I tried she promptly shut me down, leaving me to brood miserably and waste time. With that disabled, I became an ever-worsening ball of bitterness and antipathy, and my grades were crippled even though I was in my easiest schedule by far.

Or I would have. October 31st, my friend had a Halloween party I couldn't attend. I was looking around faffing about the next morning when I saw something unexpected that cut me to the soul. A comment from an old friend I'd wronged and who I never expected to forgive me; "You feel your sins crawling down your back."

And...well, I did. It sent my mind sprawling back to that horrible night, and all I could think about was just how awful I'd been. "Well," I thought to myself, "he still exists. That's good." And I read Rain because I needed a pick-me-up. Something clicked and I reread the comments and it suddenly occured to me that, in short, I'd been a dumbass. I let her know I was aware, and after some chatting she had a boyfriend.

I decided to send thank-yous to both that friend (and if you read this, then I want you to know that my life is infinitely better for knowing you and words can never properly describe the level of regret that digs into my soul every time I contemplate what I did that day), and the author of Rain. The former responded, and eventually I came to become friends with him once more, much as I originally had around that time two years prior. Additionally, the day after my revelation we had All Souls' Day Mass. It had a song, "You are not Alone." It had come the first time about a week after my failure, and every time I heard it I wept like a child. That time, though, it reminded me that someone was happy to know me. It was the second, and last, time that the mass hadn't made me cry. It was rejuvenating beyond belief. So that shackle was broken, too.

Christmas sucked like all of my holidays, but it was the mundane disappointing variety and not the prior year's "mom has a concussion" kind. I slipped up and outed Heather to my parents, who had two very different styles of disapproval and met one reaction: indifference with a hint of bitterness and confusion.

Senior Retreat came. I'd been irritable and pissed off far more often than normal (my friend, who I'd clued in so I had someone to direct my cringe-worthy gender charged humor at and thus an outlet to avoid saying anything I'd regret, accredited it to testosterone), particularly at the overexcitable exboyfriend of my stepsister (in my defense, he could NOT keep his hands to himself and I /HATE\ being touched). Well, senior break came and I realized I have wronged him in more ways than I care to dwell on, and apologized. On an emotional high from that, we carried on.

A friend from my youth I hadn't seen in two years, Erica, I took to prom. She'd last seen me mere weeks before I ruined my relationship with the group-and the friend from above that I regained, officially came back to speaking terms with me shortly beforehand. Additionally, prom served as a second overnight school event I attended with Heather-given that it took place after classes ended, a fitting sendoff.

I could gush about the cool little cyclic things in life for a long time, but the idea is that this year seemed to take a lot of the "loose ends" of my life and either set them to rest or give them a painful but fitting conclusion. I suppose that makes it understandable that next year is a fresh start, with my home life detached from me and my friends (irl at least) reset.

Happy UPN Day. This is that guy in the corner, signing out.
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Welp, figure it's about time I post in this thread as I've missed several previous years. Hey, UPN's #1 forum stalker here. Like many others, I found UPN through ASB and FB. However, while I haven't done much in either for a couple years, I have still floated around the community. I've spectated the Grand Melees, I've read reviews for games and movies in those sections and I've even posted in a discussion once in a blue moon. While I haven't been the most active or visible member of the forum, I still feel part of the community. So here's to another year!
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aww I missed the festivities :c
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Wait is it still UPN day? It is for me, anyway.

So I've had some personal breakthroughs on the psychological front, and I'm expecting more to come. AS of right now, I'm done with almost all of my exams, and the only one that's left is an easy one. I haven't traveled anywhere notable this year, though I'm heading out east soon. I think next UPN!year will be a good one, but with more workload because I'm still at a point in my life where each year represents an increase in schoolwork. Oh well.
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Well, don't know if im technically late or not but I feel like talking anyway. This is the first UPN day that i have been around and aware enough of things but ive been here for quite a few years now. I joined through ASB coming from serebii and found you all, my first real online community. And you guys got saw me through a lot of things, from my first ******* to college stuff. I left for a while about a year ago to focus on tumblr and college things but came back last summer to the home away from home. I may not currently be doing asb things but this forum will hopefully be my homepage for more years to come. Thank you all for existing here.
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Oh as for my UPN story, I came here because LOs told me I had to in order to have all my PASBL battle slots.

Have since switched from Serebii to here as my primary forum because Serebii mods are horrible :3
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Hooray it's UPN day! One of my favorite internet holidays!

This past year I started college (ooh), mostly stopped coming on here for a while as a result, and became even more engulfed by working in Actual Politics. Then of course, the election has wound down a bit for now and school's over, so I've been able to return to regular activity on here, and boy have I missed it. There are so many new faces here that I'm happy to see, it's good to know that the community here continues to be healthy. And of course I'm happy to see all of my friends who I haven't gotten much of a chance to talk to over the course of the year.

My UPN story begins like those of many others, with the Serebii ASB, where I quickly found out about this site and how it's where most everything happens. Like others I then made an account here and proceeded to rather quickly cease using Serebii for non-ASB purposes. I made friends here and started a few ASB memes, found a lot of strong supporters among people who I've never even met who have helped me through the toughest times in my life, and even got personally banned by Kuno for about ten minutes once. It's been a fun three years, I hope to continue to enjoy myself here in the future.

The Whistling Sound of Impending Doom.

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Thank you Daisy!
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Third UPN Day for me!

This year has seen a further decrease in my internet activity as I took on more responsibilities and activities in college, leaving me next to no free time. It was a good year! Just really busy. I'm sorry that I haven't been able to be more active, especially in the PASBL, because this is a great place with really great people.

I really appreciate UPN being a place that I can come back to, despite my frequent and long absences. Whenever I jump in the ASB skype chat, or post in the Time Out thread, people say hi and welcome me back, and that means a lot to me; thank you. I do hope to come back to ASBing, and and post more on the rest of forum! We'll see how it goes.

I'm hoping to attend UPN Con next month, fingers crossed, so if all goes as planned I'll get to meet some friends soon~

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Second UPN Day, and a very late post at that!

So, since last time, I got a lot busier with real life. My activity here has been pretty varied, just ask anyone in ASB. However, I think I'm closer to the community (at least ASB community) than the year before, which is great. I've shared plenty of great memories with some awesome people, (you know who you are). And I hope to share many more with you all, happy UPN Day!

Sorry if this was a bit short, it's a little past 11:30 PM here.
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Oh man, I remember when I first joined UPN back in [redacted].

It was a good time. Old people like [redacted] would chill around with me and go "Oh [redacted], you're so fucking great. Let's make you President of ASB. Don't ever leave. But if you do, come back with a secret alt account."

And I was all, "Okay guys, sounds good".

So I did that, and it went great! People were all "Oh Muyo, you're so fucking great. Let's make you President of ASB. Don't ever leave. But if you ever get bored, come back with a secret alt account and just never play ASB but make witty comments and use your experience and knowhow to just amaze people and see if they ever catch on."

And I was all, "C'mon guys, they'll catch on."

And they were all, "Bet they won't before your third UPN day!"

And I was all, "You're on!"


C'mon guys. I threw you so many bones. Let's join GMs to show off my battle skills! Let's start reffing to show off my laziness and predisposition for long absences! Let's drop off the face of the earth more or less altogether! I mean, I could've started going on and on about Squirtle, but I felt that was cheating.

Jeri and ABL, I owe you guys fifteen bucks.
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I joined forever ago. I think in my first account, like 2010? Maybe 2009? Missed UPN Day last year, but not the year before. Not much has really gone on for me this past year except a lot of self-loathing and mental illness and some recent fun carnal time. Oh, and booze. That's a thing.
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I think I missed posting in last year's UPN Day so better not repeat that.

Migrated to UPN from SPPf because of ASB. Activity dropped by quite a bit over the past year because of schoolwork etc (also decided to stop ASBing) but lately I was able to spend more time in this awesome community :P (also because of regaining interest in WF and doing MS things)

Haaaaappy UPN Day!
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Late post but anyway.

I don't usually post on UPN Day unless my life situation has actually changed and stuff. Well, this year wasn't the greatest for me. I got into Buffalo and Purdue but couldn't go because lolmoney so I have to settle for studying in India. Which is pretty damn bad. I've not been able to talk much with Kin because of his shit internet and him doing other things. I've lost touch with Kass because she's lolsuperbusy. I've decided to cut ties with ASB almost completely. So I almost never post on UPN nowadays except in Debate.

But the only reason most of that was possible or ever happened to begin with was UPN. The closest friends I've had almost all came from UPN one way or the other. Via Kin I got to know Emma and via Emma I got to know Kass. Via deoxys I got into MLP and reddit and got loads of friends including my current...mentor, for lack of a better word. It's like a star graph and at the center of it all is UPN. My first internet home. Well, after I moved out of SPPf anyway.

Without UPN, my life would have been completely different. In ways I can't even begin to imagine. So...thanks, to those who made it possible. This might be my last UPN Day, or I might have twenty more. But that won't change that this is where it all started.

This is my third UPN Day post, I believe, though non-consecutive, and this one's fairly late. If I still qualify for a name change, I'd like to have it be just Rangeet, please.

Edit: Thanks.
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Well I'm late. Stupid plane WiFi didn't work :c

My third UPN day! I've gotten into college after three years of no school, and I've improved greatly in making electronic music!

That's not much, but happy 17th, UPN!

"Meteor Jam!"

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