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Thank you Daisy!
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Lucario Thea Reding's Quest Log

Name: Thea Reding

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Class: Volcanist (Fire Major, Ground Minor, Rock Weakness)

Appearance: Thea is of average height, standing 5’ 6’’ high. She is right-handed and has hazel eyes and short dark brown hair styled in a pixie cut. Quick to smile, Thea has a dimple in her left cheek as well as a light splattering of freckles across her nose. Thea appreciates food and her figure reflects this to a degree, however she is a physically able person. Her feet are covered with worn purple high-top Converse sneakers under black straight-leg jeans. She wears a stylish but durable flannel-lived olive coat over a teal T-shirt and a waterproof digital watch is always on her left wrist.

Personality: Thea’s main goal in life is to make other people smile. Outgoing and very friendly towards everyone, she isn’t past acting goofily and she enjoys helping others. When by herself Thea is more withdrawn, and she has to mentally remind herself that what happened in the past is past, and what she should focus on making the best of the present. Her outward cheerful personality is by no means fake, but on the inside Thea is more broodingly contemplative — a way of thinking that she doesn’t really like but one that she can’t seem to get rid of.

Thea loves music and one of her greatest joys is playing her ukelele and singing (something that often draws smiles from others). When not being played, her ukelele sticks out of the backpack where she keeps the rest of her supplies. Additionally, Thea isn’t a huge fan of water, which stems from her mother’s death during the floods of the Disasters. After the disasters, Thea avoided the water completely; she has since mostly outgrown her fear but she still elects to avoid activities like swimming and boat rides whenever possible.

Background: Thea’s childhood was a good one; she grew up in happy home in Cerulean City with her parents. Her life was changed forever at age 8, when her mother was killed in a flood in the disasters. Her father couldn’t handle his wife’s death; he fell into a deep depression and neglected Thea. Because of her father’s condition, Thea’s aunt took her out of his care and brought the girl to live with her. In the time after the Disasters, Thea saw horrible things and heard many sad stories. This experience in combination with a child’s hopelessness at being unable to help a depressed parent instilled in her the desire to make other people happy and to bring a smile to their day.

Egg Group: 1

Thea: Begin Adventure


Level 6 male Snubbull
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Serious
Moves: Ice Fang (--) Fire Fang (--) Thunder Fang (--) Tackle (--) Scary Face (--) Tail Whip (--) Charm (--) Metronome (Egg)

[1/19/14] Kit Kat: Oh please, you can't do Emo.
[1/19/14] Kit Kat: You're like happy and shit.

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Thank you Daisy!
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Adventure Items
x1 Escape Rope
x5 Star Shard

Poké Balls
x6 Poké Ball
x1 Ultra Ball

x3 Potion
x1 Revive

TM Case

Berry Pouch
x2 Oran
x2 Cheri
x2 Chesto
x2 Pecha
x2 Rawst
x2 Aspear

x1 Snow Mail
x1 Air Mail

Key Items
PokéGear with Phone Card loaded

Other Items

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