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Debate Forum Rules and Regulations

I really didn't want to have to make this stick. But due to recent activity it needed to be done.

The beauty of a forum is that it isn't a democracy, and the people who actually do the work of running it (and paying for it) decide the tone. If someone doesn't like that they can't make repeated crass anti-gay comments in a debate forum, then I say bon voyage. We don't need this on our forums, and if we decide that we're not going to tolerate it, then it's well within our purview to do exactly that. If UPN becomes smaller but less provoking, then fine; we have a nice place to hang out. The more likely outcome is that new people will be more inclined to participate and stick around if there isn't a cadre of posters, whether willingly or not, causing so much contention in one place.

While this decree is not aimed towards anyone in particular, it's beyond obvious at this point that I need to step in and intervene directly in matters here. While arguing in a debate forum is fine, and I will never impose measures on someone because I disagree with them, this needs to stop. If this happens I'll remove debate access. If such behavior persists then that's it.

While I have always been an advocate of free speech and letting people do whatever on these forums, but as we get older we realize there's a line you have to draw. Completely free speech will degrade into pointless banter if left unchecked.


1. Be Civil! This shouldn't need any explanation. Avoid ad homenem and other forms of direct attack. This is a debate forums, not a place for your petty fights. In the midst of heated debates, it is easy to get caught up, and while we understand that it might happen every once in a while, try your best to avoid personal attacks. If it persists, you will be warned and may recieve a ban from the forum if it gets out of hand.

2. Stay on topic. While it is very easy to get off topic in the midst of debates, try to keep posts in the thread as on-topic as possible. If your topic generates enough interest, feel free to start another thread and continue the debate there, or take it to PMs. While this won't be streneously enforced and has been fairly well self-policed so far, I feel like it should at least be stated outright.

3. Respect. From this point forward, there will be a strict policy on hateful speech directed towards any group, minority or person. You will be given a warning and the offending statements will be deleted. If you continue to offend, you will be banned from the forum for a week. Repeat offenses may be subject to harsher punishments or forum-wide bans.

4. Source your statements. There have been a lot of unsubstaniated claims being made on these forums lately from all parties. These kinds of statements are not condusive to a debate and will often weaken the integrety of both parties. In the interest of keeping our debates as on-topic and fact-driven as possible, I am asking you to present evidence for things you posit. Of course, there are certain things that cannot be sourced and some statements, however true they may be, that may simply not have enough evidence that can be presented in a concise or clear method. This isn't really a rule as much as it is a suggestion and you won't be banned or warned for "breaking" it, but if we can make an attempt to keep along these guidelines, the quality of our debates will improve.

5. Keep it PG-13! We definitely want to encourage discussion of a wide variety of topics in this forum, even those that are very controversial or deal with grave matters. But at the same time, this is still a Pokémon forum! There are tons and tons of under 18s running about here, so please try to keep it appropriate. Discussing topics such as sexuality, sex education or the like is perfectly acceptable, but please avoid graphic detail.
Swearing is totally fine though.

6. While we definitely wish to promote free speech in our community and welcome all opinions (even the crazier ones), we do have an obligation to our members to protect their well-being. If we feel a debate is getting too out of hand, we reserve the right to lock threads and ban members from the Debate forum for a period of time, depending on the offense. Most offenses will only earn a temporary ban not to exceed a week, but if we feel the offense is grave or potentially harmful to our members (e.g. threats or pedophilia), we may take harsher or more permanent action.

As a general guideline for moderation on this forum, any bans exceeding a week or extending beyond the Debate forum will require the approval of two mods including the banning mod and bans may be lifted at any time if another mod feels the ban was unjust. Of course, as admin, Kuno has the last say in all of this, since it's his site, but this guideline should prevent any one mod from powertripping or silencing someone with a differing opinion.

I'd also like to state that I pretty much have no control over Blastoise so if he says something crazy take it up with him yourself.

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So, what exactly are the rules then? Which types of behavior are unacceptable?

I ask, because I don't want to be breaking any rules, or have them broken on me. I'm willing to comply with whatever dictates you find necessary.
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A little after the fact, um's concerns are addressed!
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