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Lady Kuno
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Chansey UPN DAY 2018!

Today we have gathered here on this most blessed of days to celebrate the creation of UPN. I don't know where I'd be without UPN in my life and I hope the same applies to all of you. Especially since, you know, as I am writing this there is a large quantity of UPNers hanging out irl right now which is pretty darn cool.

Personally I had an actual really good year this last year. I have landed more or less my dream job which is part of the reason I couldn't bail work for a week to meet with people. You never know where you end up in life.

As per the usual, post your UPN story and I'll allow you to be able to change your user title whenever you want. It can be how you found this place, or if you've done this a thousand times already, you can just write about your life the last year. Also if you post here for three years and I'll allow you a one-time user name change. Super fancy!
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> Kicks door down

So last year it was :
Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post
Second UPN day over here. Last year I mentioned how I was moving in with my boyfriend, seemed pretty hopeful about it --- but it didn't exactly happen until very late 2016. (November to be exact), we had our eyes on an apartment but ended up in a really nice condo about two blocks from my parents house. (That's not the best, but my parents did live in the new part of town.). Did my first year of school for Education, had a C+ average; not the best but I'm working on it. This year I do my two initial practicums for school which involve going to a school and being a teacher's aide for a bit, it's a little nerve wracking to say the least. I'm just thankful that they respectively don't start until November and March. (I only attend each for one month).

Now for UPN itself. Interacting on the Discord has been such a positive experience, you're all so kind and nice. I love talking with you all and I've actually formed some pretty lasting friendships. Looks at my 5 year friendship with Lit.. Otherwise, you've all be super welcoming and I need to interact with a lot of you some more.

Maybe one day I'll join ASB... maybe one day...

One more year till I can change this garbage username.
Ew. Gross. I got dumped like a month after I made this post LMAO. I'm back living with my parents, which is chill --- my mom and I's relationship has gotten like infinity times better. Boosted my C+ Average to a B+ average, finished my second semester with a 3.4 GPA! (A- in EDUC class!). Oh yeah, my practicums were in a Grade 8 classroom... which 100% was super scary when I first learned about it but my mentor teacher was a doll and my students were honestly really great. Otherwise... 2017 was pretty good. Might've gotten dumped, but like the year got better at the tail end and I spent more time with my gal pals and went on my first ever proper roadtrip back to my home town.

On the UPN side... I love you all so much. You're such a great community and it's been an honor to be welcomed into it so willingly. I love talking to all of you! You all have such wonderful things about you! Along with that... as you can probably tell I'm active on Fizzy Bubbles heavily and I got made a zone admin and I literally almost cried when I was voted in???? I am a weak baby...

And to top the year off... it's my THIRD YEAR posting in these babies.

If possible could you just shorten my name to Naru?

That would be amazing Kuno! I love you and the rest of UPN! Here's to another 3 years. <3
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Hope you folks at UPN Con are having a good time. This would be the fourth UPN Day for me, and the latter half of 2017 was pretty eventful. Finished off my time in Japan, still yearn to go Japan again, returned to lab work where I realised I have no memory of how to do statistics.

We've seen forum activities rise and fall, and rise again. FB and Mafia tend to dominate, but I do love WF and ASB coming back as well. I wish I had more time to participate in WF and ASB again, since the latter was the primary reason for my arrival here, but alas, final year of undergrad just kicks my ass.

Wishing you all a good UPN Day (even though it's like 9pm my end), and looking forward to UPN Day 2019!


EDIT: Oh hey I can't maths. Thanks Chalis.

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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5th UPN day ��

"Meteor Jam!"

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Sweatin' It Up
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Altaria I'm still drawing!

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Seven years... where did the time go

Life update: Working night shift at a hosp in Orlando and I'm currently trying to BUY a new place instead of renting and it's been stressful OTL That night nurse money is gooooood shit though, now I can finally eat at restaurants without feeling immense guilt!

Starting to save funds for whenever I decide to turn into travel!Daisy and fulfill my dream of visiting friends \o/ Flights to the other side of the world ain't cheap but the people waiting over there make it worth it<3

Hi, I'm Daisy!

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Nerd Violence
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I've been doing some stuff. Expecting to graduate in December, so that's cool. Only took me seven years to get my undergraduate degree. o7 I might have some grad school prospects? Waiting on a response to a financial aide appeal. We'll see. I'm hopeful.

Happy UPN day. Can't wait until next year, when I can change my name. :P

Meet me at
Spirit ★ World


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Happy 19th, on June the 19th.

The last year was a pretty slow one for the forum, but for the forum members we saw a lot happen. Graduations, weddings, new jobs, all sorts of new frontiers. Looking back on Summer 2017 - Spring 2018, my biggest personal accomplishment was definitely the work I put into studying Japanese. UPN-wise, the biggest thing that happened to me was getting to meet Deoxys in person, my first ever in-person meeting with a UPNer.
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The Cutest Tsarina
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On this blessed UPN Day, I opened a box of Legendary Collection Kaiba and pulled a Card of Demise, Raigeki, and Terraforming, and so Kuno has blessed my pulls.

Life is going really well and being at UPNCon is really fucking awesome. Sneaze is cooking salmon and my body is totally fucking ready for it.
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How the fuck have I been here for almost 5 years now

Well, to be honest, not much has changed since last year. College continues to be the best time of my life, and every day I spend home is downright depressing in comparison. But it's alright, only 2 more months before I go back to school for another great year, and I've got music to write and games to grind in the meantime.

My forum presence is pretty much nonexistent at this point, but I do still pop in every so often on the Discord, so feel free to shoot me a message if you wanna talk. Just don't ping me gdi. Happy UPN Day!
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Originally Posted by Snorby View Post
Happy UPN Day!

This year was... uh, not great, for lots of reasons. However, UPN has helped keep me sane and strong, and I think this year will be better than the last. Among the good things that did happen, I got goldnbolded over in ASB, I had loads of fun running the most recent GM, I left the US for the first time in my life (and, subsequently, saw the ocean owo) and got to meet up with my cousin who I hadn't seen in years.

I think this is only UPN Day number 2 for me, but it doesn't really matter since I love my name and wouldn't want to change it anyway xp
This year was in fact significantly better! Got a job, finished high school, and am excited to start college in August. I was also delighted to fly out to New Jersey to attend Kots's wedding along with Deebs, Jeri, and Spark (and, perhaps more importantly, meet Pots!). UPN and the people here continue to hold a special place in my heart. Happy UPN Day, everyone!

This is my 3rd UPN Day, but I still love my name so I don't really want a name change. Thanks anyway though Kuno!

Click on Fawful for my ASB squad summary. Other links coming soon.
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The Morg
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I feel like I've been around even less since last year. UPN just isn't the same with old friends like Hanatori gone, makes me kind of sad. And AIM went away, so now my attention for online friends is divided among like 10 different chat services that people fragmented off to.

SOMEHOW, I am still meeting up with UPNers old and new. In the last year, I met up with ABL, Muyo, Patches, and Stitches. My UPNdex ever increases. It's a mystery to everyone.

So I guess everyone is slowly getting consumed by real life and having less time for UPN, but at the same time, people are meeting up even more. It's both bitter and sweet.

Shaken, not stirred.
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Thank you Daisy!
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I'm at UPNCon right now and I went upstairs to go to bed but then I realized that I needed to post here first! (30 minutes to spare; slipping in under the wire yet again)

So oh my gosh this is my fifth year here!? That astounds me, I thought it was my third. I've made so many good friends through this forum and if it wasn't for UPN I wouldn't be hanging out with some of them in Cape Cod right now! In the past year (before UPNCon) I've also met up with Kuno, Morg, Loki, DM, Jeri, Spark, and Deh, which is super cool. (Shoutout to Morg for forgetting that we saw each other in person twice :P )

Fourth year of college has been the busiest yet, which has definitely shown in my nonexistent forum presence and sporadic Discord appearances. I made it though, and I'm planning to take a fifth year to study abroad in Japan in the fall! I definitely plan to stick around UPN for all the foreseeable future. Thank you to everyone for continuing to be a welcoming community, and Happy UPN Day 2018!

PS - Emi I'm happy you got good pulls from the box!

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Double Dragon
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ahh missed it by two hours

Happy UPN Day! This is my 7th which is absolutely nuts man. The past year has had a lot of ups and downs for me but I'm glad that y'all are always around to brighten my day. Currently in an unexpectedly busy time in my life right now (I'm working a lot more than expected but I LOVE my job so yay!) and I'm getting my life back on track with the parts that were down. So overall, things are looking peachy!

Hope you guys are having so much fun at UPNCon! The Florida meetup was so much fun and I wish I could've made it to this one. Also for the UPNers I've met in real life I look way different now so I'll post a pic in the picture thread sometime soon to keep y'all updated.
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Huh. Well even though I am SEVERAL days late at this point. I would still like to post this here, something I prepared to read at UPNCon this past week in Massachusetts, but did not get a chance to read because of how quickly everyone started getting along and having fun.

Originally Posted by me

When I joined UPN five years ago, I joined because i thought it would be a good place to waste time online during school. And it was that, but it became so much more. I made real, enduring friendships with like minded people across the country and across the world. These people would be the first I would come out too, they supported me through dark times, and have been there as I have grown. And I have been there to support them and see them grow in turn. We have seen romances bloom, children be born, and so, so many people come out as so, so gay. Solidarity is an idea that is often discussed in my line of work, and our UPN community is an incredible demonstration of that idea in action.

To think that all of this first started because a bunch of kids fell madly in love with a bunch of cute Japanese video game characters is, at first, laughable. But just think about those kids and how, as many of their classmates grew older and moved on to other interests, those kids were made fun of or shunned for still liking such a "childish" thing as Pokemon. Think about how they were left alone with this interest and how they turned to the internet to enjoy it. Think about how those kids must have felt when they logged on to this website full of other people like them... When we think about it like that, I really think that the question of why those kids became such a strong community with such strong solidarity between them is an easy one. We were simply looking for a community. So we just went ahead and made our own.

That is how a group of young people came together and made this mess, why we have been at each other's weddings, why we have traveled thousands of miles to see each other and be in each other's company, and built bonds that cross oceans. Because we built this community, it belongs to us, and to an extent we belong to it.

I think that having this meet up in Massachusetts is a fitting choice in light of how our community came to be. Because nearly four hundred years ago, Massachusetts was founded when a group of outcasts came together, boarded a single ship, and crossed the wild ocean to create their own community in the new world. They first laid anchor off of Cape Cod and built their first settlement ten miles from here, in Plymouth. But you all know how the rest of that story goes...

That being said, it is my distinct honor to welcome you all to Massachusetts! Thank you all for being here this week, and thank you for helping build the strong and vibrant community that we are all a part of.
Now there are several more paragraphs I could add to this now that UPNCon is over, but I think I'm just going to let this stand on its own. Thank you, happy UPN Day.

Now to my actual UPN Day life update in the past year. Since last year I have become the Field Director of a State Senate campaign in Massachusetts, worked as an intern in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, joined the executive board of the LGBT Asylum Task Force, and am now an intern for a member of Congress. I moved out to Central Massachusetts and am living that weird rural life now. I'm still going to a community college, but the upcoming year looks to be my last year before transferring with my Associates degree, so that will be a terrific part of my next UPN Day post!

II've also finally met people from UPN irl. Jeri, Morg, Luka, and Sparkbeat last fall, everyone from UPNCon last week, and just today I met Marion with a few others down in Rhode Island (she paid for brunch and I am forever grateful). My expectations and mental pictures of how UPNers would act and look have been shattered mostly, but sometimes upheld.

So yeah this has been a pretty good year for me overall, and I hope that school, my career, and my social life continue to go well in the year to come.

And since I missed the actual UPN Day, here's what I did on UPN Day itself. I think this was one of the days I woke up at 7 AM, before almost anyone else, and went out on a walk around the absolutely stunning cove near the UPNCon house to get my jazzercise on. After that I went back to the house, had breakfast with some people, then later went into the nearby cut seaside town of Falmouth with Luka, Shuckle, Emi, Lit, and Zelphon and hung out, had a great lunch, hit up the Pokestops, and just grew my friendships with those members. While trying to leave the town I closed the door of Shuckle's car and the window immediately slammed down into the depths of the door, being pulled straight to the bowels of hell. Talk about #relatable. Then we went back to the house, hung out more, ate some dinner, played some gays, and then I think I got really drunk. And hey, that reminds me that I joined this site as an awkward closeted little 15 year old and now I'm a 21 year old super gay adult with actual ambitions and experience, how weird is that?

Happy (belated) UPN Day!

The Whistling Sound of Impending Doom.

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