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Originally Posted by Coolz8 View Post
I actually thought you were a lot older than me 0-0
It's just a meme bro
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Happy UPN day all. :3

Quite a bit has happened this year, but less to me and more to family. Specifically my sister moving and graduating. My grandmother had her leg surgery, and so on and so forth. Here's to another 365 days of peace, goodwill, and Pokemon. :3:3:3

Fizzy Bubbles

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Happy UPN Day everyone! Sorry I’m late. Way late, as I’ve never posted in one of these threads before. Technically the 4th UPN day I’ve been around for.

So why is UPN so great for me? Well simply put: I came for the Pokémon, and I stayed for the community. I know I’m not around often enough to actually talk to on Skype, Discord or even the TO threads for that matter. Nevertheless, I mirror everyone’s sentiment from a few years back (and now I presume) that the community on UPN is a step up from other threads and forums that are out there in that you do feel closer to the people and the interactions that take place. Kind of like a little internet home where the siblings always argue about something unimportant, the drunk uncles ignore them and shout random obscenities, the aunts introduce themselves more than once, the fathers have no clue what's going on, the mothers do the actual work of the fathers, the grandparents fall asleep every now and again, the great-grandparents continuously insist they're not dead yet despite never appearing to have a pulse, the family friends awake from their coma and the evil twins return to steal their brothers' identities and lovers; as well as the lovers who have slept with ev-er-y-one, the straggler someone picked up on a roadtrip, the one goth kid who is way too much into the occult, the poltergeist he/she summoned that's terrorising the house, the senile old man who always talks about the imaginary war he fought in, the dogs that bite their masters' hands, the cats that just stay away, the goldfish that go 'blub', and the hundreds of nephews and nieces you don't recognise but which people insist are related somehow. Yet we get together every day and it always works out. And it’s great to know that you can disappear for a while if things get rough and always return to get back to where you were with a warm 'welcome'.

So since about last year I: got my Bachelor’s degree, decided to try fencing for sport, joined a student bar to bartend and help organise its parties/events/late nights, left that same student bar half a year later after having done enough, have been doing better at my courses, had my grandmother suddenly die from cancer, had a handful of good friends leave to continue their studies somewhere else, somehow managed to make new friends even if my plan was to not try anymore for a while, arranged my Master’s dissertation for the upcoming year, managed to get a part-timish job for a catering company for weddings and business retreats (which is actually pretty sweet), last cool housemate left unfortunately, got a grade-A f*cking &@#%@#&$% for a new housemate, got back in touch with a few old friends again, came back to re-join ASB, again left ASB, picked up activity in FB and now I am an updater there as well somehow.

And I’m kind of glad I wrote all this down because I had the feeling I had stagnated for a while. Once again, thank you guys for being here and happy belated UPN day!

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Oh crap I missed UPN day! Haven't been on here as much as I should lol. Well I'll still say a little something I suppose!

I joined UPN back in November of 2015 and I have to admit, I've learned a lot about Pokemon (of course) and politics (thanks, I probably needed it) and I would really just like to thank everyone on here who pretty much taught me a bunch of stuff I needed to know (I'm heavily referring to politics here.) It's also great because everyone here was nice and welcoming to me when I first joined, and I'm one of the youngsters on here lol.... but really UPN has changed my life. And I think I've said this before, I can't imagine my life without it. Gosh thank you so much everyone and to to whoever created UPN-

Du är fantastick!
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