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See, when I saw the building thing in Hau'oli, I figured they were doing a throwback to that bloke in the originals in Vermilion who had his Machop flattening the land for construction, and by the time of GS he's still doing it because he's poor.

Although in all seriousness I think they've set up a visit to Kanto a lot better than they've set up for sequels.
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I assumed that too

But when it ended up happening in every single town or city and even ended up popping up randomly in Routes (massive empty square on a random island on route 15 anyone) it judt got really uh what
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My personal headcanon is that Bruno is Hau's dad so.
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Friendly heads up that the Ash's Pikachu distribution has started for North America; and that you only have until the 25th to get Indigo League Cap Pikachu. It looks to be available again in a month or two with an unlocked nature (the ones available during the Ash's Pikachu event are all locked-in Hardy), but for now the opportunity to get this one ends in a few days.

The promo code is PIKACHU20.

You can only use the code once, to redeem one out of the six possible Pikachu. So if there's another cap you want more (like his Hoenn cap, for example), then you should hold off for now. Each week, a new Pikachu is available to the exclusion of all others.


Marshadow in North America in October. GameStop card. -_-;
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