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The Reports of Agatha Pridmore


Name: Agatha Pridmore

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Fortune Teller (Major: Ghost | Minor: Psychic | Weakness: Ice)

Appearance: Agatha stands at around ‘5 5”. She’s a well-built person, having spent most of her life preparing for what her father called the apocalypse. She generally wears army style attire, including black combat boots, green camo jeans and a green camo vest. The words ‘THE KANTO CHARIZARD DIVISION’ are printed on the side of the jeans. She also wears a helmet, which covers most of her chocolate-brown hair. She has striking grey eyes that can be quite piercing and she generally has an unsettling aura around her. Agatha’s greatest possession is a brown leather jacket that belonged to her father, and she absolutely refuses to let it out of her sight. She also has her Trainer ID on her possession – as well as an old photo of her father taken from before the disasters happened.

Agatha is quite a reserved person, and that is mostly due to being taught not to interact with other people unless it is absolutely necessary. She comes off as very stern and direct – even blunt at times – and doesn’t like to sugar-coat anything she says. Agatha prefers to stay on her own, unless a situation forces her to work with others, but those who do manage to get past her cold exterior discover that she’s actually quite a thoughtful person. The friends that she does make are kept very close to her heart, and she’ll do anything to protect those she cares about. That being said, she can be overprotective at times, but she means well and her heart is usually in the right place.

Background: Agatha came from a single parent family in Johto. Her mother died during childbirth, but her father raised her as best he could. Her father was what was known as a “prepper” – someone who believed that the end times were near and that they needed to prepare. Thanks to his training in the military, he had many things already prepared by the time Agatha was born. Of course, most people thought he was crazy, but Agatha stood by her father, fascinated by the little tricks and tips he’d give to her to help her survive when he wasn’t around.

They say that there’s at least one loon who successfully predicts the apocalypse – and Agatha’s father was one of those loons. While the small town they lived in was completely destroyed, Agatha and her father made it out in one piece. They travelled around the wastelands for a while, but eventually her father got terribly sick, and passed away. While Agatha was heartbroken, she knew that she had to move on – it’s what her father would’ve wanted. She buried him and now wanders the wastelands alone, taking each day as it comes. She does frequent the city of Olivine for food and such, but she’s more at home in the wilderness.

Starter Group: 1

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Name: Beagle.
Species: Oshawott.
Gender: Male.
Nature: Bold.
Level: 7
Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Night Slash, Water Gun.
Met: Starter Pokemon

Bio: Beagle is incredibly loyal, in fact he's probably loyal enough to rival that of a Growlithe, and acts as Agatha's right-hand man (or in this case, otter). Beagle lived in the docks of Olivine, being used to human presence, he started taking food from Agatha during her frequent trips to get supplies. After a while, he began to trust her to the point where he allowed her to capture him. While Agatha doesn't show it to others, she adores Beagle, and sees him as a valuable partner. He mostly perches on her shoulders.

Name: Ludovic.
Species: Honedge
Nature: Brave.
Level: 7
Moves: Tackle, Swords Dance, Fury Cutter, Iron Head.
Met: Glitter Lighthouse (Olivine City)

Bio: Agatha met Ludovic in Glitter Lighthouse, and it wasn't exactly the most ideal of situations. Due to a mysterious thief who was attempting to steal the Pokemon in charge of keeping the lighthouse lit, Ludovic had taken quite the beating. However, after seeing Agatha's dedication to saving the Pokemon in the lighthouse, it gave him the drive to fight back. He decided to join Agatha's team after she managed to save his family, and shows his trust by allowing her to hold his hilt without draining her life energy.

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Poke Balls:
-5x Poke Balls

-1x Potion
-1x Revive
-3x Rare Candy
-x1 Power Herb

-2x Cheri Berry
-2x Chesto Berry
-1x Pecha Berry
-2x Rawst Berry
-2x Aspear Berry
-2x Sitrus Berry

TM 67 - Retaliate

-1x Escape Rope
-2x Shadow Mail
-2x Star Shards

Key Items:
-1x Fishing Pole
-1x TM Case
-1x Berry Pouch
-1x PokeGear (with Phone Card)
-1x PokeDex




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