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Re: Aposteriori Part 2

Good morning all!

I wanted to give a quick explanation regarding the events of the previous evening. I want to assure you that the ban of Aposteriori was neither a snap decision nor one triggered by an emotional reaction. This ban has been a number of weeks in the making and is the result of discussions between a number of prominent members, both LO and non-LO, and myself.

Aposteriori (a.k.a. Darth Takuya/DT) has become a drain on our community. Much like EG, who he has long been associated with, it has come to the point where his presence in the ASB has become a detriment to both himself and the community itself. He has been the target of derision and a source of drama and in-fighting among our members. While he seems to have made some outward attempt at improving his conduct, he continues to cause problems as a result of a combination of his poor reputation and constant attempts to undermine the ASB system.

As such, it has been decided that Aposteriori should be banned from UPN and will no longer be welcome in the ASB on UPN or SPPf. He has been given a six month ban for the time being, though it will likely be reduced if he decided he wishes to continue using UPN for purposes aside from ASB or Wild Future.

I do apologize for the lack of timeliness for this explanation but I do not apologize for how it was handled or the timing. This ban is not a joke as some may have speculated. Last night was a tipping point and his continued presence will have only negatively impacted the league further. The timing of this ban has been considered for a number of weeks and though it may not have been the most professional means of handling the situation, handling it otherwise would have likely caused more issues than it solved. Please remember that this is ultimately a game that we all enjoy as a hobby and taking it too seriously will only be a detriment to our enjoyment of it as a whole.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about this decision (PM is preferred as I am able to check UPN much more readily than Skype or other means of contact). I will be glad to discuss this matter further with anyone who has doubts or questions.

Thanks, everyone! I hope you continue to enjoy ASB as we continue to grow and change.

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