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For those who recall, we made an earlier announcement in which we established January, May and September to be our months of critical analysis of the zones (and shops). The moderators have discussed some of the issues that have cropped up with regards to zones and shops and we have decided to implement the following changes.

New Fizz City
Due to Rotom310's absence, Maskerade has been tapped as NFC's temporary Zone Admin for the for the foreseeable future. A reassessment will be made of NFC in the next few months.

Le Marecage Noir
LMN will be closed down permanently. This change will be implemented gradually. As of now, no new adventures may be started in Le Marecage Noir. Once the current, active, adventures have been wrapped up, LMN will be moved to the archives. It is our hope that we may find a substitute for LMN once this happens.

The Hatchery
Sneaze will no longer be updating the Hatchery as of this moment. A position as updater of the Hatchery will be posted soon in the FB Job Bureau. Until a substitute has been found, the moderators will be taking over the responsibilities of the Hatchery.

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Hello everyone!

Today's announcement is about the status of Shadow Pokemon in FB. There are a few basic things we are going to cover

1) Clarity and Bond Updates

Bond is being reworked so that negative bond does not exist, and in the place of negative bond we have a new system called Clarity. Clarity will allow you to not only purify your Shadow Pokemon into their normal forms, but also allow you to potentially make your Pokemon Shadow Pokemon as well. Clarity will be tracked in The Realm of Shadows (spoiler alert).

2) Official Shadow Pokemon mechanics

The rules for how Shadow Pokemon work have also been changed, including how they work in battle and outside of battle. If you have Shadow Pokemon, it will be important to take note of the changes.

3) The Realm of Shadows

The Realm of Shadows is our newest mini-zone, catered specifically for Shadow Pokemon! By adventuring in this zone, you can either purify Shadow Pokemon or shadowify your other Pokemon. In addition, with the addition of the new item, the Silver Umbra, you will also be able to catch wild Shadow Pokemon in the zone. With the zone's introduction, Tate will be its new ZA.

Entrance to the Realm of Shadows is only permitted twice per calendar year.

All details of the changes can be found here currently until they are edited in the various places they need to be.

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In the wake of recent discussion regarding the FC reward ladder as well as various methods in which FC is earned in FB, we have implemented a few changes to the system in place. There is a brief summary on some of the changes and a few notes you might need to know:

• The FC Reward Ladder now features a few more options for your selection when you reach various milestones.
• The amount of Pokedollars earned from each step has been adjusted to $250 for every single step from 1 FC to 250 FC. (265 FC to 300 FC remains the same)
• Previously claimed reward steps cannot be changed to reflect new rewards.
• The amount of FC earned by specific shops has been readjusted in order to properly reflect the amount of work that is required to update that shop. Because of this, some shops will now earn FC on a monthly basis, opposed to a weekly basis. Please see the Staff Rewards thread for more details.
• Another related point of discussion has been the act of devolving one’s Pokemon. In order to simplify the process and remove the gate on those who are not updaters, the process of devolving a Pokemon will now take place in the Reset Documentation Thread. If you wish to devolve a Pokemon, please state your Pokemon’s level and species, which previous evolution stage you wish to change your Pokemon to, and then remove any level-up moves that are exclusive to the formerly evolved stage(s).
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The winds of change are blowing across the land of Fizzytopia. There are a few announcements to be made regarding the following zones:

Arboreal Cradle
  • Congratulations to TheKnightsFury, who will be running The Arboreal Cradle: The Eternal Forest Zone.
  • This zone will act as one of the four main zones in FB and will be opening soon here on UPN!
Bedlam Ridge
  • Due to increased hostility from warring gangs, the Marshal has placed a blockade around the city’s entrance in order to keep visitors out of harm’s way.
  • Bedlam is now closed to new adventures. Stay tuned for more details…
Arcane Realm
  • Beyond the eternal forest lies an ancient kingdom, known as the Arcane Realm. A route has been secured allowing travelers passage to explore this mysterious territory.
  • Arcane Realm will be opening as FB’s newest Free-For-All Zone on the BMG forum with Lil’twick as its ZA!
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