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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
(“Peekaboo, I see you.”)
~Please reply in Slategray~

The Park

Hous of Mirrors
You ran straight into the opposite direction, taking left and right turns alternatively when you could. The rippling waves of the mirror gave chase to you as the reflective surfaces bent their angles into a single tunnel, the shadow close behind. You rushed headlong in. A mistake, you discover, as your panic caused you to collide with the mirrored walls at least once. And then you remembered a trick in mazes; all you had to do was follow one side of a maze for as long as you could, and you’d be sure to find the exit. Eventually. As best a plan you could muster up in such a short time considering you had lost your way and weren’t sure of the exit.

The shadow and rippling mirrors were slow in their advance and so you quickly managed to gain some distance. Using this distance you were able to give yourself some pause to gain your bearings and find the mirrored walls and their edges. You turn a corner at a split, and then another left, and then, was that a split you passed? Probably not, but you couldn’t be sure anymore, and there was no time to retrace your steps. The shadow was closing in again. You take another left, and then, dead end!

Your breath stops dead-mid your throat. You turn, anxiously waiting for the shadow to gang up…it took a few seconds. For some reason, you poked your head around the corner. You saw the mirrors rippling at the end of the corridor. The tunnel got darker, the shadow was at the opposite side. It wasn’t a shadow, it was something else. But through the dim light and reflections it was hard to tell what it was

And then it went down another path. The rippling of the mirrors slowly cease as they lag behind the creature. The moaning that had accompanied it came to a dwindling halt as well, and for a moment you felt safe.

“You can’t stay there, the voice from before speaks in your mind.

”First off, don’t think too much. It can sense thoughts just like I can.” Easier said then done.

”That thing will go down every path and around every corridor until it finds something. And if it doesn’t, it will do it all over until it finally does. It’s going to keep looking for you as long as you’re here. You need to get out.

There was a small pause from the voice.

”You need to go back to where you were, back where you first saw it.” Give it a moment first. There’s a split later on where you and that thing might cross again. Wait two minutes and thirty-three seconds and then go. Was he serious? Go back into the lion’s den?

”That thing won’t return there for a while,” the voice spoke as if knowing your thoughts. ”But you have to stop overthinking,” it repeats itself.

’Look, I know the way out. I can see every inch of this place. I can get you out of here, but you need to be careful, or you might get trapped here like me. It’s your choice.”

You were trapped in a dead corner with some shadow patrolling the Hall of Mirrors. The mysterious voice remained enigmatic to you but at least it was offering help. If you could trust it that was. According to it, you had a short break before you’d have to continue… straight into the lion’s den. Perhaps you could use this time to prepare, or ask questions, or panic.

What do you do?

Drake stopped and stood there, He knew spirits if this was one, speaking to him about the entity. If He trusted it... he might get out alive. Or he might not. But Drake was too panicked to worry any more than he already was. Wolfe nudged him, and taking this as a hint, Drake stopped and focused on his breathing, taking thirty seconds of this so called precious two minutes and thirty-three seconds. After he collected his breath he thought.

Drake's thinking speed when he was calm was hyper fast, so this all happened in another three seconds before he spoke to the...Spirit?

Drake knew that mirrors were made with silver in them and that there should be metal, Iron at least, holding the mirrors in place on the walls. If he could have his Growlithe heat up and melt the mirrors ( one or two ) he could extract the iron he needed to mold it into a ball or rod with his shared telekinesis. The trainer figured it wouldn't take long, maybe a minute or so with Wolfe's heat wave. The cold iron, in theory could help him dissapate the spirit if he needed to and the entity. But he hoped that the spirit was a kind friendly one. So he wouldn't need to use it against the thing helping him.

If he needed to, he could also use the mirrors as a camera flash, if he had Voltsy ( his tynamo ) fire off a Charge beam. The flash would blind him if he was not careful, but it could also do the same to the other thing. If he paired it with Magnet Rise, Voltsy may be able to have it shoot down through the entire hallway.

Drake tucked those two plans away in his mind, and pulled out his tynamo's pokeball outta his jacket just in case.

Speaking out loud, so he could hide his thoughts by both thinking and speaking his words, Drake said:

" Okay, say for the moment that I trust you, what do I need to do, by my calculations we have two minutes like you said. What do I need to do?"

( I apologize for taking so long to write out this (little?) peice. I hope this is acceptable )

Pokemon for the story line
Growlithe: Wolfe
Tynamo : Voltsy
I let my sig in, for links to my FB pokemon and such

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The Park

Fortune Teller’s Tent
Meetan: ~ last update

The Ghost Train
Realisation entered your mind with spontaneous clarity. I’ve been had.

With gritted teeth you delivered your monologue. Something was clearly not right about this. About all of this. And whatever it was, the skeleton clearly had ulterior motives, and you made your suspicions loud and clear. Your former skeletal ally turns a wary head, a lone eye catching you dead on with a gaping mouth in stun. “I've no clue who you or your cronies are, and what you get out of returning to the world above, but if there's one thing that has to be made clear, it's that I don't take being bullshitted with kindly." The skeleton shuts his jaw in a sneer, his teeth grinding as you spoke, and he turns to face you.

You quickly ordered your commands before the troupe of undead could even know how to react to your outburst. Lapis swiftly unshackled the poor Gjen who collapsed onto the floor with gaping breaths, exaggerating the nature of his previous bound state, before the Dusknoir stretches out her arms towards the train, and a psychic force pressed down on the cargo train and its brakes, iron cringing and wood in danger of splintering. The troupe of undead held onto what they had nearby to steady themselves as the carriage rocked a little. Meanwhile you called out your ally Tantalia. Your opponents are distracted by the activity of Lapis and the Houndoom is surprised to find a hurling mass of rocks being thrown towards him. He deftly moves away at the last moment but the impact of stone on ground have still managed to injure the hellhound who growls in angry defiance at you. A skeletal hand rests itself on his head as the former mysterious ally tries to assure his pet. Tantalia doesn’t stop and on your orders issues a Rock Tomb in the path of the train, alongside with Lapis’ gravity ensuring the train willnot move without your say-so.

The moves had been ordered and you had expected a retaliation of some kind to happen. Instead, the skeleton merely strokes his Houndoom’s head in a quiet demeanour, contemplating the situation. His crew were considerably less calm and hissed in your direction for troubling their plans. For a while, nothing happens. Nothing, safe for a few distant shouts from Virgil and his crew. They would be here in moments. The troupe would have to act if they wanted to continue.Gjen gets up and tries speaking once more. “This can’t be good. Kid, what have you gotten us into.”

And then it happened. You almost didn’t catch it but the skeleton had muttered something under his breath. Something you couldn’t quite catch but you thought they were names. Harper. Georgia. Frank. The skeleton made his first few paces in your direction slowly, leaving his Houndoom behind and exposing himself for attack. Or so it would seem at first glance. From the corner of your eye you saw a shade swooping down towards Lapis. A Mandibuzz strikes Lapis with its claws, staggering it backwards. Before he knew it, Gjen was surprised by a coiling Arbok slithering around his side. The serpent flared her hood and it was as if the images on her belly moved in a hypnotic manner. A Glare had stunned the poor Gjen once more in his place while the Arbok weaved in front of him as if bringing him into a trance, griping him tighter as she did. To your right you hear and then see an upheaval of gravel and dirt as a Pangoro starts a fight with Tantalia. Hand on hand the two are interlocked in a standstill, with the surprise attack disadvantaging the Conkeldurr who was down on one knee now.

A breeze brushes your cheek. You turn back to the motley crew and find the skeletal corpse imposing himself right before you. How did he manage to skip the distance so quickly? You didn’t have much time to question the matter though as his hand swoops in for your neck. You feel the bones crushing down on yours. Your feet lose their grip on the dirt below as you realise you’re being lifted. Despite having no flesh, no muscle nor sinew on his body, the skeleton was fiercely stronger than you had thought and it is then that you notice a lick of shadow twirling around his corpse. His eyes are dead set on yours and betray an anger you never thought to have to witness so close.

He says nothing at first, and then starts with a “I should crush you here and now”. “It was a mistake to resist me. Ulterior motive?” he recollects calmly in his deep, grating voice. “You’re absolutely right,” and he closes his hand around your neck even further. While you didn’t think you could die while dead, your gasps for breath made you reconsider that option as the wisps of shade coil around the skeleton’s digits and your neck, betraying the magical strength that went into holding you. “I don’t think you fully understand the situation at hand,” he replies coolly. “So let me help you. Recall when you said you recognised me but didn’t know from where. Look again.” And with that he forcibly twisted you around to have you look upon the train dead-on. It was the same as you saw before. Sleek black, out-of-proportion for an amusement park, with a skull at the front of its locomotive. A sinking feeling dredged itself within you. As far as skulls looked alike, there was no mistake in the similarity.

“Don’t you get it? “That train is mine. That island is mine. Those lives are mine. And I will do whatever I have to to get it back.”

“I’ve been trying to get out of here ever since I set foot in this hellhole! I’ve summoned for transport numerous times and less than half even make it back, if at all. Pieces and tatters that were barely useful. Except now, when you suddenly show up and the golden opportunity presented itself. I don’t know what’s needed to get out of here, and I’m not going to waste any more time figuring it out. If you’re the reason this train out of all the ones I’ve sent has made it here, then I’m taking you with me. The skeleton hurls you back in a tempestuous manner, his face now dangerously close to yours. “Dead or alive. If you’re my good luck charm I’ll more than gladly drag your corpse into that train. In pieces if I have to if I have to!” And then as if accentuating that fact, his other hand gripped yours where the Houndour had bitten and rips a loose piece of flesh which he carelessly tosses to his Houndoom who wolfs it down in hunger. His voice was raised from frustration and you felt a dangerous wind blow through the train yard. The kind that forewarns someone of a coming storm. “I don’t care what you think of my motivations, I am still the only one around here who can bring you back. Virgil will keep you here locked up for all eternity if he has to. So make your choice, join me to the land of the living or stay here and perish with your last stand.”

The shouts of Virgil were getting louder. The skeleton peers past you in glaring anticipation. They would be here within the next moment (update), but until then you would be outnumbered. And who knows what Virgil will do when he does arrive. Help you? Arrest you? “Last chance,” the skeleton barks at you. “Order you Pokémon to stand down.” To your left Lapis was struggling in her battle with the Mandibuzz while to your right Tantalia was still locked in combat with the Pangoro. And there were sure to be more enemies than these to be summoned.

The choices were clear. Either join the group that used you and manipulated you from the start, or stand your ground against them and hope for the best. The skeleton had made a good argument though; he was, your only way out, and to make matters worse you were currently outnumbered and disadvantaged. Virgil and the others would arrive on the scene soon but you would have to do something quick before the undead crew decided to do something drastic. The winds got louder and fiercer and it was as if they brought the sound of war drums with them.

Lil’twick: ~ last update

House of Mirrors
”What you need to do?” The voice sounded astonished. ”Well that depends on what you want to do. If you want to get out then listen to what I say. In one minute and forty…eight seconds, go back around the bend, then take the second right, first left, another right, another right, then third left. You got that?”

He relayed the path in such a quick fashion that you couldn’t be sure. The voice audibly sighed. ”Look. You have the time to stop and make sure you don’t miss any turns. Just don’t dither. Take your time, but moves fast. If you don’t, you’ll end up trapped here like me.” Those last words settled in unpeacefully in your mind. ”And about your plans…you really want to use a Heat Wave to melt iron? Sure it’ll work eventually but do you really want to do that in a confined space up so close yourself? I commend your bravery. Really, I do. But please don’t. In case you haven’t noticed, that creature can bend mirrors just by passing them. You think a rod of steel will ward him off? The thing’s Psychic in case you didn’t guess, just like me. You can blind it, but it has other means to track you. Use your Flash only as a last precautionary.”

”Wait…was it a Flash or a Charge Beam you had in mind?”

”Really? A Charge Beam is bright but it’s hardly a stun. Though I would recommend using it head-on.”

”Wait. Quiet.”

Okay, so here’s the plan if you want to get out and not stay trapped here like me. I’m trapped here but you still have a chance. Do you remember the path I laid out to you? Right around the bend, second right, first left, first right, first right, third left. It will be a dead end but you will have to wait there until the path clears again. We can talk then. Do you copy?”





The voice was counting down. He had answered your question. Now was only the matter of whether you trusted it or not. Apparently, if you didn’t, you’d risk staying in the Hall of Mirrors just like the voice in your head. It was time to move or not.

What do you do?

The Hotel

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