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I'm all for buyable levels in some form. Buyable Rare Candies seems the simplest solution, but there's also the possibility of paying Pokédollars at the Daycare to earn extra levels in a single week.

My Shiny Pokémon (not up for trade, I don't do requests for Shiny banners or recolored Pokken artwork). FB team banners like the one above, however, those I do requests for.
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Originally Posted by deoxys View Post
bring rain to end the drought
Did you sign up after 2014?
If yes, does your total amount of levels (summed across all teammates) equal 100 or less?
If yes, take your total amount of levels, subtract it from 100, take this new value, and dispense that value as levels across your team however you see fit. Example: your total is 87; 100 - 87 = 13; you now have 13 levels you can dispense across your team; you could put all 13 into your starter; you could put 1 level into thirteen different teammates; or any other combination that adds up to 13 total levels dispersed.
Else, you don't really need the "rain to end the drought". Through a combination of weekly candy pickups, Daycare drop-offs, events, and other means by which to raise your teammates' levels, you've probably had ample opportunities to get your levels to a point where your creatures are easily role playable, i.e. are not believably inhibited by shallow movepools.

The values used above are entirely arbitrary.

You could also stipulate, if it is a concern to anyone, that there is a "ceiling" above which you may not use this program to add levels. For instance, say that ceiling is Lv.50. You might say, "While you have 13 levels you could distribute, you can't use those levels to bring your Lv.42 starter to above Lv.50. You can bring him up to Lv.50, but then the remaining five levels will have to be given to someone(s) else." This would, for example, discourage new registrants from bumping a Lv.1 starter up to Lv.100 for free and then still complaining later that they have no other Pokémon on their squad with whom they can really RP.

You could also also stipulate that this program has to be unlocked, achievement-style, so as to not make it a freebie / "handout". For example, you could stipulate that unlocking this program is contingent on the completion of a zone adventure, an event, or some other trial.

Benefits of this proposal over the status quo:
  • new members aren't separated into two groups: one, the lucky few who manage to become the recipients of the few Good Samaritans' generosity while suppliest last; and two, the unlucky many who do not. With my proposal, any new member can benefit.
  • by taking inter-member trades out of the picture, we remove any hard feelings, guilt, shaming, etc. that might take place when (for example) Good Samaritan A offers a 10:1 ratio deal for Beneficiary A while Good Samaritan B "only" offers a 3:1 ratio deal for Beneficiary B. You won't wind up with Bene-B bitching out Samari-B for being a tightwad (compared with Samari-A), nor the community bitching out Bene-B for being ungrateful, etc, etc. Perhaps most importantly, you won't be soft pressuring Samari-B to match Samari-A's generosity. "If I don't match his generosity, I'll look like a cheapskate. But if I do match it, it will make me unhappy to have to give away so much more than I had wanted to. " None of this applies in my proposal because my proposal takes the member-2-member trading out of the equation.
  • it doesn't require you to rule one way or another on candies. "Will candies even be in FB?" "Do we want to say you can't trade more than 5 candies at a time?" "Do we want to say you can't trade candies for Pokémon?" None of these debates factor in. No candies are involved in my proposal. You are directly administering level gains, as if by magic.
  • Newer members will have more attack options with which to RP, even in their earliest zone adventures.
Problems with this proposal versus the status quo:
  • There's something to be said for "earning" things (whatever that means to each of us individually), and how you feel much more fulfilled when achieving something earned than you do when being given something for free.
    • But people aren't earning things with the candy handouts from Yuki & Co. either! XP
  • Not everyone who is older than the cutoff date is going to be happy about people younger than the cutoff date being pampered / spoiled / getting an easier time of things than they did.
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^ I am very much against giving certain people more benefits than others, so that's going to be a hard pass...
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I think $250 per Candy would be a good way to swing it. That way you can choose to devote a zone reply to an extra level.

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$200/Candy has been the going rate and that would earn a player one candy per reply. I think that's fair.
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Or...Just make it an alternative reward if you're going that way. Either you claim $250 for the 250+ reply or you claim a single Rare Candy.
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We're trying to keep things simple. The simplest solution is to allow candies to be buyable. Not to mention, this shuts out staff, who get cash as well for doing their part in keeping the game running.

Sell candies in the PokéMart, ideally for $200 a piece.
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And this is where we are going to disagree; I believe that earning a level, or one candy, should be worth just slightly more than ~250 words, which is why I think $300 would be the ideal price should we go that route. At the very least, $250. We already get $250 per 250 words, and I just think that sort of value, to me, is worth a bit more than the minimum effort required to earn rewards.

Iron's idea is more or less what we I had initially proposed a few weeks ago, except with a higher word count for candy redemption. I have since withdrawn that opinion simply because it would more than likely just lead to filling posts with ~50 to 100 extra words of fluff.

Also, it doesn't really shut out the staff, who already gets Rare Candy rewards for updates. Going with Iron's idea simply cuts out the whole candy buying process altogether and rewards levels for meeting word requirements in updates. Staff rewards could be updated as necessary to make it "more fair" for FB staff like us, by perhaps being modified with candies in addition to current FC reward tiers, and removal of tiers focused specifically on candies only.

These options can still be implemented in a simplistic manner, to keep it simple as you wish. In fact, the idea Iron describes might even be simpler, like I said, by cutting out the middleman altogether. And it could be done in the Candy Shoppe.
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I think things as they are are largely fine. I just think FB needs the option to buy candies. If you want to crank up the price, then fine; make it $300, $400, $500, but I am vehemently opposed to shuffling around reward tiers and revamping the CC when it can be as simple as adding them to the Pokemart and calling it a fucking day.
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Originally Posted by Ironthunder View Post
Or...Just make it an alternative reward if you're going that way. Either you claim $250 for the 250+ reply or you claim a single Rare Candy.
As the Candy Store owner, I will say that we would need to make the record keeping portion of my shop a required thing for ALL players if we go this route, simply because I would have to verify that zone replies used to claim candies are the proper word length. If we make candies available for purchase in the Department Store, however, this would be avoided because it would be the Pokebank verifying zone replies and not the Candy Store.

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