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Klefki FB Job Bureau

This thread is dedicated to Zone Admins, Shop Owners and new and upcoming Updaters.

For Zone Admins:
You may post in this thread if you have an opening for a new updater. You're free to decide the requirements you ask of them, how they apply for the position and what's expected of them.

For Zone Updaters:
You may use this thread as a way to indicate you're willing to update in a zone. Feel free to mention your preference for a zone. We recommend you have at least some experience RP'ing in FB before applying and can provide some proof of your skills if asked for.

For Shop Owners:
We will also use this thread to announce openings for new Shop Owner positions. Current Shop Owners may also use this thread if they want if they need to find someone to replace them, temporary or permanent.

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Not gonna fight you.
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Le Marais Noir is need of updators. For more information, contact T--e at 1--0---46--.

The page is smudged, and you cannot read it. That's too bad. Looks like you'll have to do it the old fashioned way! If you're interested in updating Le Marais Noir, please PM me with the following:
An intro post of your selection from any zone, with a hypothetical update to said intro, of your invention.
A short paragraph telling me what your favorite Pokémon is, and why! (Just so I can get to know you~.)
I'm looking for updators who can manage a minimum of four updates a month per updatee, if possible, and who will be taking on the majority of work. (For example, you may have have four updatees, whereas I may only have two.) A penchant for the wicked is helpful, but not required, as is a naturalistic approach. Above all, have fun!
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The Minnao Isles: Updators wanted!

Hey, I'm not nearly as clever as Tate and the Isles are way too chill for ~murder mystery~ but I am looking for some updators! The Minnao Isles is made to be a fairly quick fishing zone, so I'm looking for some people who can both write gross, update-length flowery prose about waters and fishing and LIFE LESSONS and ideally update pretty quick! If you don't fit this description, never fear, I'll still consider your application.

I'm looking to take on about 3 or 4 updatees myself and y'all should probably expect to match me (because if my slow ass can do it, you can too, trust me xP). If you want to go above that, I'm super supportive of that and I will likely try to match it because of my excessive competitiveness. I think in the end I'll be looking for 2 or maybe even 3 updators to help me out, and I'm more than willing to take up people who aren't as confident on their update ability.

So, if you're interested in ZU'ing for the Isles, I'm just gonna ask for two things:

- A theoretical update for the zone post I'm gonna toss into the bottom of this post, and maybe a little description of the direction you want to take the adventure/possible rewards/whatever other notes.
- why I'm the coolest Tell me why you wanna update for the Minnao Isles! I'd steal Tate's because it's cute, but I think I know a lot of the community pretty well already (been living in this corner of the internet since 2012 ayyy) so just basically tell me why I'm the coolest zone writer in FB. :V

Theoretical zone intro & such:

Spoiler: show
The Blue Valley: A little ways away from Cordina’s Peak, the valley formed by run- off from the water up top is filled mostly by an expansive river. Here, Pokemon are found on the shores of the river, and those willing to brave the waters to look into deep dwelling Pokemon must be careful for the winding rapids that happen downstream. Minnao teens often come into the valley searching for the Pokemon companion they bond with for life. Please respond in dodgerblue. This area is intended for Quick or Normal adventures.
Marcus had been enjoying his time in the Minnao Isles. He had traveled here just yesterday, on a small ferry leaving the main landmass of Fizzytopia. Marcus was incredibly excited for his first real venture out into the world, accompanied by his close childhood companion, Lina the Pidgey. Lina had not enjoyed the trip here. The bird often experienced seasickness, and so she spent most of the trip flying above the boat, desperate for relief. But now she sat on Marcus' shoulder like usual, keeping an eye out for wild Pokemon to find and capture.

Now, Marcus sat on the outer banks of the Blue Valley, watching the river float by. He saw the Minnao people playing and swimming in the river, the lot of them much stronger swimmers than Marcus was or ever would be. He was really impressed with their connection to the water, and how close they appeared to be with their Pokemon. Lina had been with him since they were just kids, but some of these people were much younger than him and they swam together in perfect sync with their Pokemon.

Marcus hoped that while he was here, he could find a Pokemon like these people had, and forge a bond with it like the native people of this land. He looked up to them, and even though he was a tourist, he felt inspired by how they truly represented the bond between people and Pokemon.

OOC: Hi! No preference on Quick or Normal adventure. Thank you so much!

Note: Marcus's Memakyu and Emakyu contains the following:
- Squirtle, Croagunk, Dratini, Eevee
- Pidgeotite, Friend Balls, Flyinium-Z

Marcus is a new member who's username is "BB8bae" and appears to be a big Star Wars fan. From what you gather from some TO posts/discord chats, you learn that he's just entering high school, he is involved in his high school's band as a trumpet player, and he got into Pokemon when his older sister, Lina, lent him her copy of Firered.
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Placed prominently amongst the job listings, a large advertisement hangs. Minimalist, the ad only contains two colors: black and white. Across the bottom of the page a black cityscape stretches out, windows sparsely whited out as if lit up in the night. Floating in the white "sky" of the image, a large "New Fizz City: Updaters Requested" catches the eye of all passing by. Beneath the letters, the ad goes on to list the job description and requirements, finishing in a simple "To schedule an interview, please contact mayoral aide Yvonne Lalune" under which a phone number rests. Will you call? Could this be the job for you?


New Fizz City: Updaters Requested

Hello! As the ad said, I'm looking for updaters for the city. Given the current adventure limit I'd say I'm looking for 2-3 updaters in addition to myself, at least until we see how activity distributes across the zones. In terms of picking up people, I plan on picking up 3 or 4 myself (updating at least 3-4 times a month per person), and I'd like any updaters in my zone to try to match me at the least. Honestly though, I just want everyone to have fun here so if you know you can only update a couple of people that's not some hard restriction or anything especially in this zone launching phase. In that same vein of just wanting to have fun, other than really the general area names/themes and a total of two NPCs (the mayor and the aide mentioned above), I don't have any established background or anything for this zone. I said this a couple of times already I think, but this zone was designed to give a lot of freedom in its worldbuilding to the updaters. Explore and build this city however you'd like as long as everyone's having a good time. Consequently, adventure length would likely vary, which I am fine with. I originally said ideally quick to normal length adventures, but with Toy's zone having been chosen that is less of a concern/priority and works perfectly with everything else.

So! That all being said, to apply here all I'd like to see is two things: an update to the "intro post" below with whatever loose outline for plot/rewards/etc. you'd make for the adventure, and then just why you'd want to update here. The update would need to be an actual update, but everything else doesn't have to be terribly involved or overly specific.

Spoiler: show
The Municipal Plaza: Located right at the heart of the city, the Municipal Plaza holds many of the buildings necessary for a city to run, among them the main Municipal Building – home to the Mayor of New Fizz City, Jules Brown – and the central police headquarters. Additionally, at the center of the plaza is the Fizzygarden Park, a popular gathering point among trainers and tourists alike. Like much of the city urban Pokémon are common, though in the Park a much larger variety is also found.
Surrounded by high rises, Lucy should’ve felt claustrophobic. A country girl by birth, born and raised in open fields with lines of sight as far as the eye could see, she should’ve felt constricted by this fullness of the city. Of this ever-present crowd and compactness of all the buildings. She should, but she didn’t. For possibly the first time, she felt at ease.

On vacation to the city, for the moment at least, Lucy had ventured here to give city-living a try – to get a feel for the city before committing to anything more permanent, since before this she’d never been. A writer by trade, location had never really been a factor in her career. No, as long as she had a muse to work with, she’d been content wherever; wherever, in this case, being her old hometown. That had been fine for years, if never quite what Lucy had been thinking of when she’d finished school. Recently, though, she seemed to be doing everything by rote. Her muse had shriveled up. So, deciding a change of scenery was just the cure, here she found herself in New Fizz City.

Presently, Lucy found herself in Fizzygarden Park, resting while her Lillipup, Mike, had a good time playing and exercising. He’d been cooped up first in his Pokeball, then later her room for so long she just couldn’t say no to his little doggy face when he begged to go out. Still, after an hour of play, they’d been out long enough. She stood up from the bench, stretching out her back as she did while her hands reached back to secure the long ponytail she’d drawn her light blonde hair into. Turning to the last place she’d seen her pooch, she drew her hand to her mouth for a shrill whistle.

A moment passed in quiet, and then a loud bark from behind was the only warning she got. Lucy barely turned around before a brown shape lunged into her arms. It was only by a stroke of luck that the woman didn’t lose her balance and fall back onto the stone pathway. Arms instinctively cradling the small dog, Lucy should’ve been angrier, but it was hard to be too mad with an excited little pup licking your face. With a laugh, she stopped the dog and set him down with a scratch behind his ears.

“Come on, you silly pup, you,” she chuckled as she clipped on his leash. “It’s time to head back to our hotel.”

No specific adventure length has been requested.

According to the member post, the only Pokemon Lucy has is her level 14 Lillipup, Mike. It also says much the same as the exposition above. Lucy is a writer, mostly fiction of various genres, and has not travelled much outside her hometown. In fact, this is her first adventure. Her Memamyu consists of Pokemon like Aipom, Teddiursa, Cutiefly; mostly normal-types or small, cute things. Her Emakiss, meanwhile, does not have much: just a general wish for Z-crystals, TMs/Custom TMs, and Level Balls.

The user behind Lucy similarly loves literature and writing, in particular those of mystery and sci-fi genres. Otherwise, you don't really know much about them; they don't go on Discord, and don't talk about themselves much outside of Fizzy Bubbles things in threads like the TO.
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Looking to Hire: Updators for the Cloud Garden!

Hello friends, the Cloud Garden is officially back in business! I'm looking to take on 1-2 ZUs to assist me with running the zone, and maybe a third depending on demand. Much like the other zones, I'm looking for people with decent roleplaying experience and lots of creativity. Here are some specifics that I'm looking for, to those who are interested:

• First of all, please tell introduce yourself. It's been a while since I've been around so a little introduction might go a long way.
• Additionally, I would like to see an example update to an introductory post. Please come up with a hypothetical updatee's introductory post to the zone and how you would update it.
• Please tell me any thoughts or ideas you might have for future updates you would like to give people at the Cloud Garden. Also, if you feel like you have any ideas you would like to implement, all are welcome and will be credited, even if you aren't hired.
• Finally, be ready for a follow up; where I might throw some hypothetical situations at you and would like to see how you would react to them.

Feel free to contact me via PM or on discord. I go by "Gary" in the UPN group. Thank you and have a nice day! :]
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Marion Ette
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In the interest of ensuring that the upcoming Casino Infiltration event runs smoothly, the mods are looking to hire TWO Event Coordinators to assist us in mid to late stage planning, in designing two Casino sub-areas and in updating the event. (Please note that you will still be able to participate in the event, as well.)

This will be a seasonal obligation for SUMMER. We are working towards first phase beginning on July 01 2017 - the event as a whole will likely end some time in September. Preference goes to individuals without current ZA and ZU obligations, though all are welcome to apply.

Please contact me via PM or through Discord if you would like to be considered. Thank you!

The positions have been filled. Thank you for your interest!

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Marion Ette
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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post

In the interest of ensuring that the upcoming Casino Infiltration event runs smoothly, the mods are looking to hire TWO Event Coordinators to assist us in mid to late stage planning, in designing two Casino sub-areas and in updating the event. (Please note that you will still be able to participate in the event, as well.)

This will be a seasonal obligation for SUMMER. We are working towards first phase beginning on July 01 2017 - the event as a whole will likely end some time in September. Preference goes to individuals without current ZA and ZU obligations, though all are welcome to apply.

Please contact me via PM or through Discord if you would like to be considered. Thank you!
A position has opened up for an additional Event Coordinator. Please PM me for details.
Do you enjoy RP? If so, then join us at the UPN RPG Forum!

FB Member Post
FB Memakyu
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LMN is currently looking to take on an additional updater to help lighten the load of some of our updaters. We estimate you would only be taking on ~3 people. Please PM me if interested.
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Hello! As most of you know our newest zone, Dialga's Gate has opened up over on BMG. As a ZA I would love to welcome you on board to update for this wondrous new zone! Considering it is a seasonal zone, I expect my updators to be able to finish the adventures that people start --- as eventually we will have to close the zone. Our zone will be open from today until September 30th, so luckily that does give us a lot of time!

Although I am your ZA, I still have other obligations to take care of in terms of my LMN squad. I still plan on taking people that enter the zone, but I would very much like to have a workforce of 2-3 reliable updators under me to help lighten my workload a little.

If you are interested, please PM me with the following:
  • A small paragraph explaining why you'd be a good fit
  • An RPG sample (This doesn't have to be new, it can be something copy pasted from one of your other adventures --- I'd just like to read how you write)
  • As a bonus (not a requirement) I'd love to hear what your favourite videogame is and why. It's likely I already know you, but I feel like this would give us the chance to get a little closer.

Please PM me these on here or over on BMG. Thank you for your interest!
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