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Looks like I'm becoming the reset queen ;) Resetting my character and pokemon, keeping my money, candies and items.

The following pokemon will be sent to the AC at Lv 1 with all moves wiped:

- F Stufful
- F Bounsweet
- F Spinarak
- F Whismur
- M Seedot

My new starter will be a Lv 5 Male Qwilfish.

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Doing a complete reset of my character profile and roster. Keeping my items. Choosing a Lv.5 Rockruff (F) as my starter.

Dropping the following off my roster:
Lv.100 Seviper (F)
Lv.13 Axew (F)
Lv.67 Sceptile (M)
Lv.13 Shuppet (F)

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