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Originally Posted by Prof.Enigma View Post
The Sirusan man was angered by your indifference to his taunting, your blatant replies, and asking if they were here to help the people inside or not.

Unknown to him the men he brought with him rocked with silent giggles and smiles upon their faces, looks like they were glad someone could put him in his place without so much as a flick of a wrist.

You led the men from the new group inside, and the people who helped you after you freed them followed suit petting their pokemon and murmuring what you thought were praises in their languages.
Kaleth looked up to you all as you walked back in and told everyone that the Froslass had been captured and that there were people here to help get them all warm and that they would take them home, several of the men who came translated this for you as you spoke, so everyone knew what you were saying.

There were looks of relief and happiness on everyone's faces and there took on a light atmosphere in the huge room.

Over in the far back, you could see the Mamoswine named Manny, who was nuzzling the little swinub who had helped you out tremendously, you and Rolu strolled over to the pair of pokemon and Rolu spoke to the pair for a moment before explaining that Manny had rescued your partner and helped him here through the cold.

And that apparently this swinub was his brother, and that the swinub wanted to join you on your journey.
Although while Manny wasn't too happy with being separated with his brother once again, He was comfortable with you being the one to take his brother.

Meanwhile, Kaleth invited you to come over to enjoy some food here in the castle before you leave or go off to explore and she told you that you were invited to visit her home whenever you wished and that you would always be welcome.

You have the option of either battling the Swinub then capturing it, or just capturing it.
You also can explore more of the castle if you so wish

Rolu has gained five levels from the battle, and you may keep the extra Energy root.
"You wish to travel with us?"
Storm sat down on his knees and looked at the Swinub.

"It would certainly be fun to have you with us."
"Manny, I promise that I'll take good care of your little brother."
"I'll make sure to return once in a while to visit, provided that I won't get lost in a snowstorm again."

Rolu seemed excited to be traveling with another pokemon.
He told Manny:
"He's sincere, Manny"

Storm took a normal Pokeball from his bag and gently pressed it against the energetic Swinub.


"Kaleth invited us to enjoy some food."
"I could use a good meal, what about you, Rolu?"

Rolu nodded.

"You really aren't comfortable talking yet, are you?"
"Hehe, you'll get more confident eventually."
"Now, let's find Kaleth"

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