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Charizard Old Detroit City

'Old Detroit City' is a mixture of corporate plazas and urban sprawl, towering glass and concrete monuments to capitalism and decaying, filthy hovels of the poor and desperate. Streets are not cleaned, crime goes unchecked and urban environments are left to disintegrate.

Nowhere is this more apparent than on the banks of the Detroit River to the south, dotted with the ramshackle shells of factories and warehouses, the empty buildings have become a magnet for criminals, bums or worse. Few sites are more imposing and true of this than the huge old steel mill rusting into decay.

With the city in financial ruin, Omni Consumer Products has bought out large sections of city services including privatizing the police force. They also plan to rebuild the city as a sprawling utopia called Delta City once the rampant crime can be put into control.

Southwest Detroit - The old factory district that has been virtually abandoned by any businesses and now home to squatters, fugitives, and illegal activities. Many gangs run their drugs and weapons through the area and fights over merchandise and territory are rampant. The police don't dare enter the area without full force. (Post in Red.)

Downtown - Separating the warzone of Southwest Detroit from the clean financial district in Midtown. Downtown has many clubs and bars known to be less than reputable. While not as dangerous as SW Detroit, it is known to be a meeting zone for the criminal underworld. (Post in DarkOrange.)

Midtown - Primarily a financial district and home to OCP's corporate headquarters. You can also find the Detroit Museum and Art Museum here. (Post in Yellow.)

West Side - A large residential section of the city. The further you north you are, the safer you likely will be. Just streets and houses and Rosedale Park. (Post in Lime.)

East Side - Another residential section. You can find Lafayette Park, Rivertown Condominiums and the Eastside Cemetery. (Post in Cyan.)

North Central - Here you can find the Detroit Golf Club, the University of Detroit Mercy, and the OCP Apartment Complex and the surrounding residential areas. (Post in DarkOrchid.)

Note: This is a fictitious representation of Detroit derived in part by Robocop.
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