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Mew FB Gen VIII Sprites


Another .gif I come bearing for the FB community (with huge props to Kuno) is a refresh of our sprites to the current iteration of games!

The main hurdle going into this project is that Gen 8 icons are inconsistent with what has come before, namely they have larger dimensions and are only a single frame. This means the sprites would stick out like a sore thumb beside our existing ones. This is particularly noticeable in certain fully evolved species which have been given larger icon sprites. See example below:


This brings up the point that many of our sprites have been outdated from as early as the 3DS era, where sprites were first given a boost in dimension and quality, particularly noticeable in Pokemon like Wailord who look cramped in their existing sprites. It never seemed practical or necessary to go back and update these, but I feel going into the Switch era of Pokemon games the difference is only going to get more noticeable with future games.


In discussing with OkikuMew there were a few ways to go about tackling this problem, we could either a) produce the gen 8 sprites and ignore the inconsistencies. This appeared to be the easiest, most practical solution or b) revamp all the sprites to the ones from the Switch era. Fortunately, without getting too technical Photoshop has features which allow you to record yourself performing the animation process once and then apply it to a batch of images to automate the process entirely. The only tedious process from there was filenaming which even then was simplified through using a bulk filename editor.

The result? 2,440 updated sprites including shinies, variences and alternate forms

I’m conscious there is still a certain charm with the old sprites, the fact that they have two frames rather than one making them preferable to some. With this in mind we have preserved these sprites under the usual pn### extension whereas the new sprites will be saved under pk###. This means you’ll have two options for your Venusaur sprite, but just one for the new generation 8 Pokemon.

With a few hundred species still Dexited I have used their Gen VII sprites as a placeholder for now, which still bear greater consistency with the Gen VIII sprites than some of the legacy sprites we're using for these Pokemon.

  • Regular sprites can be found in the FB sprites directory under pk### where the 3-digit number is replaced with the Pokemon's index number, for example [img]http://www.upnetwork.net/fb/sprites/pk001.gif[/img] works for Bulbasaur
  • Gigantamax and Eternamax forms can be found by adding a gx or ex to the end of their respective index number. Urshifu's G-Max forms end in rgx and sgx
  • Mega forms can be found by adding an m at the end of their index number, or mx and my for Mewtwo and Charizard, respectively.
  • Variances in gender for Pokemon with notable differences are saved as pk###f for females
  • Regional variances are saved as pk###g or pk###a for Galar and Alola forms, respectively
  • Shinies are saved sh### and should work in combination with any of the variations above to produce a shiny of that variant
  • Alternate forms beyond this are referenced below. These should all for the most part be available in shiny form by changing the pk to sh

Directory of alternate forms:


Spiky-Eared Pichu

Unown Alphabet



Burmy and Wormadam


Eastern Shellos and Gastrodon

Rotom Appliances

Gen IV Legendaries




Deerling and Sawsbuck

Gen V Legendaries


Ash Greninja


Flabebe, Floette and Florges


Aegislash Blade

Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist

Gen VI Legendaries



Schooling Wishiwashi



Gen VII Legendaries


Low-Key Toxtricity


Noice Eiscue

Hangry Morpeko

Gen VIII Legendaries

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Log of bugs, changes and scheduled maintenance

  • Both shiny and regular Kommo-O and Porygon-Z are saved incorrectly as 784o (should be 784) and 137z (should be 474) due to their hyphenated names registering as alternate forms
  • Shiny Nidoran-F is saved under 032f when it should just be 032 as it doesn't share an index number with Nidoran-M
  • Shiny Alcremie is missing alternate forms

Not a bug per se but due to the larger dimensions of Sw/Sh sprites they have been trimmed of their transparent backgrounds, whereas legacy sprites include a transparent background. This creates an issue sometimes where the sprite feels too close to its adjacent text

e.g. a wild took a bite out of your apple.

Since tapping space multiple times doesn't register in forum formatting you'll need to use a special space character like this ' ' if the lack of space bugs you.

Please report any bugs not listed if you come across them. I'll save Kuno the job of updating these until the next DLC at the earliest.

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Tutorial on producing Pokemon sprites

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