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'Till we meet again
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Lil' Bluey

Eh why not. Bringing my own BINK to this one for the memes~

Royal Lv. 34
Birthdate: April 2
Nature: Serious
Ability: Clear Body
Poké Ball: Poké Ball
Hold Item: Aegis of Frost
Bond: 4
Beauty Points: 20
Cool Points: 20
Cute Points: 20
Smart Points: 20
Tough Points: 20
Accessories: Star Tiara

Spoiler: show
Level Up Moves:
Rock Throw
Guard Split
Smack Down
Ancient Power
Stealth Rock
Rock Polish
Light Screen

Rock Slide - Lv. 35
Skill Swap - Lv. 40
Power Gem - Lv. 45
Stone Edge - Lv. 49
Moonblast - Lv. 50
Safeguard - Lv. 70

MT/Advanced Moves:
After You
Ally Switch

Earth Power
Iron Defense
Magic Coat
Magnet Rise
Meteor Beam
Misty Explosion
Stomping Tantrum

Wonder Room

Egg Moves:

TMs/TRs/HMs/Custom Moves:
Calm Mind
Hidden Power
Sunny Day
Light Screen

Double Team
Rock Tomb
Rock Polish
Gyro Ball
Psych Up
Rock Slide
Sleep Talk
Trick Room
Secret Power
Nature Power

Dazzling Gleam
Sand Tomb
Guard Swap
Body Press
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Species: Absol | Gender: Male | Obtained: Hatched
Type: Dark | Ability: Super Luck | Nature: Timid
Evolution Line: Absol

Level: 10 | Bond: 10 | Pokeball: Pokeball | Held Item:
Contest Stats: Cute: 10, Beautiful: 10, Tough: 10, Smart: 10, Cool: 10
Boutique Modifications: None

Spoiler: show
Level-Up: Detect (1), Feint (1), Future Sight (1), Leer (1), Me First (1), Perish Song (1), Quick Attack (1), Razor Wind (1), Scratch (1), Taunt (1), Double Team (5), Knock Off (10), Pursuit (10)
Egg Moves: Assurance, Play Rough
TM/TR Moves: Focus Energy
Move Tutor:
Other Moves:

Spoiler: show
During a camping trip up in the mountains, Curtis was cooking some sort of nut and beef curry for his team. The smell of which attracted an Absol. He got a bowl and very carefully lured the rare Pokemon out of the brush surrounding the camp so he could get a good look at it. To his dismay, it looked like the poor creature hadn't been getting enough to eat! After it gobbled up the first serving of food Curtis had given it, he gave it another and another all the while luring it closer and closer until Toby was able to put it to sleep with Sing. From there it was a simple matter of catching it in a Pokeball and trekking back down the mountain with his new friend.

At first when the young Absol came too inside Curtis's house, he was very confused to find himself awakening in the middle of a cuddle pile. Though when Curtis came in to check on them, the sound of the door opening surprised the Absol- causing him to bolt and, in his rush to find somewhere to hide, ending up getting stuck under the couch. Over the next few days, this pattern repeated itself in various ways with the young Absol, not at all used to domesticated life, getting spooked at various household noises and at Curtis or the other Pokemon simply moving around the house. Eventually he did get more used to living in a house with a bunch of other rowdy Pokemon, but he still gets surprised by things fairly easy. Due to this behaviour of being 'spooked' by nearly everything over the first few days, Curtis has named the Absol "Spooky". Though Curtis has found the Absol yowling at him and desparately trying to get his attention before something goes wrong in the house- such as one time when Finnegan and Toby were trying to figure out how the stove worked or when Jin had gotten himself trapped in the fridge. It seems that the main 'disasters' Spooky is preventing are the ones caused by the various shenanigans that the other Pokemon in Curtis's team get up to.
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Brains over Brawn.
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The loch was silent once more. The very festive spirit seemed to have left the Power Spot vacant save for a cheery Trevenant who had dynamaxed to give the spooks across the lake their own christmas tree, and for all intents and purposes there was no trouble to be had.

Not to say the new year was without issue though, for trouble brewed on the horizon as a very large mechanoid object thumped around, eyes gazing in sentinel views, and beams blasting at anything in sight that so much as twitched. It was thusly that an anonymous call rang out in lieu of the gym being completely vacant, save for a strange machine standing in the corner...seemingly watching.

[Raid boss detected. Subject in question is a Golett, three stars. Requisitioning four raiders to suppress.]

AFTER 31st December at 22:00 UTC. signups will open. Please reply with your pokemon's stats including level and current moves. The raid will commence on January 7th 2021 or when all slots are filled.
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Missingno. Master
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"Golett, the Automaton Pokémon. Type: Ground and Ghost. Sculpted from clay in ancient times. Movements are powered by an unidentified energy."

"Weird as fuck, but nothing we can't handle," chuckled Gavin Golurkson, in response to what his P*DA had just told him about the adversary that loomed in the distance. "Nothing to this raid battle shit- got my Dynamax Band, and got someone ready to go." As he said this, he looked at the Nest Ball in his hand. "Gotta say, though," he added. "Didn't think it'd be you." And he threw the sphere into the air. "Gonzap! Shine for me!" he exclaimed.

In a flash of light, there appeared a small, sly-looking foxlike creature, swirling with blue sparkles for a brief moment that would surely tell the whole story if the silvery fur did not- that this was a Shiny Nickit. "Niiiickit!" she declared, looking up at Gavin, broomlike tail already instinctively working to clear away her footprints behind her as she walked towards him.

Gavin grinned. "You sure seemed eager to take this one on, Gonzap," he stated. "I'mma warn you right now, though- Dynamaxed enemies are some tough shit, not to mention I'm pretty fucking sure Golett get a buttload of Fighting moves. You sure you're ready?"

"Nickit Nickit!" Gonzap responded insistently.

Gavin gave a chuckle. "I like your attitude," he grinned. "You're definitely ready, I'd say. Now let's get going, girl," he added, leading the way forward. Gonzap followed close behind, still sweeping away the footprints of both herself and her Trainer as they went. It was gonna be her first big, major battle, but after all the training she'd been doing as of late, Gonzap was feeling ready.

Gavin Golurkson will be entering this raid alongside Gonzap the Shiny Nickit. Gonzap's stats are as follows;

Species: Nickit (Shiny; )
Gender: Female
Level: 12
Type: Dark
Attacks: Quick Attack, Tail Whip, Skitter Smack, Throat Chop, Beat Up, Howl, Assurance, Hone Claws, Snarl.
Usable Z-Moves: N/A.
Next move learned: Nasty Plot (lv. 20)
Evolution: >lv. 18>
Nature: Careful
Ability: Stakeout
Bond: 2
Cute stat: 10
Beauty stat: 10
Tough stat: 10
Smart stat: 10
Cool stat: 10
Obtained: Pilfer Plains (Adoption Center)
Following a failed Poké Radar chain, Gavin's decision to stop for lunch led to him chasing down a thief who had stolen his Poké Snacks, only to discover the culprit was an obviously hungry Shiny Nickit. Moved by the Dark-type's plight (and entranced by her being Shiny), Gavin managed to earn the Nickit's trust and added her to his team. Even though Gonzap has it much better than she used to, getting things via sneaky methods is simply in her nature. She will sometimes take things she thinks Gavin will like, resulting in Gavin having to return such things to their rightful owners, though he does understand the Nickit's good intentions. He's working with Gonzap to try and put her sneaky tactics to better use, and has faith in her potential in battle. She gets along with most of the team, particularly Wes, Rui, and Duking, though finds Phenac a bit intimidating, and is generally wary around those she doesn't yet know well, a remnant of the days of having to fend for herself in the wild.
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King Ghidorah
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Species: Ducklett
Level: 4
Gender: Female
Type: Water/Flying
Obtained: The Hatchery
Pokeball: Pokeball
Ability: Big Pecks
Hold Item: Mystic Water
Moves: Water Gun, Water Sport, Liquidation, Ice Beam, Rain Dance
Evolves: To Swanna @ Lv. 35

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Bringing Sprinkles here!~

Species: Morelull
Calendar Date: October 15th
Name: Sprinkles
Type: Grass/Fairy
Level: 15
Ability: Effect Spore
Nature: Mild
Gender: Male

Pokeball: Regular
Hold Item: N/A
Obtained: Adoption
Level-Up: Absorb, Astonish, Flash, Confuse Ray, Ingrain, Mega Drain
Egg Move: Stun Spore
TM/TR/HM: Pollen Puff
Move Tutor: Synthesis

Bond: 17

And there may come a day
Where you forget the faces, and voices
Of those you've met along the way

Hawke | Leo

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Entering Umbra

Species: Pumpkasaur
Level: 11
Ability: Overgrow
Spoiler: show

Vine Whip
Giga Drain (TM)
Trick-or-Treat (EM)
Pumpkin Bomb (CM)
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