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Species: Dragapult
Calendar Date: February 7th
Gender: Female
Type: Ghost/Dragon
Level: 65
Ability: Infiltrator
Nature: Adamant

Pokeball: Luxury
Held Item: None
Moves: Astonish, Infestation, Quick Attack, Bite, Breaking Swipe, Dragon Pulse, Lock-On, Assurance, Hex, Agility, Double-Hit, U-Turn, Dragon Dance, Phantom Force, Dragon Rush, Take Down
Egg Moves: Double-Team
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Nickname: Marissa Gender: Female
Birthday: October 18 Obtained: Arcane Realm [lv.2] Ball: Pokeball
Level: 51 Bond: 50 Nature: Calm
Contest: Cute 40, Smart 100
Ability: Pressure Holding: Shadow Lance
Evolutionary Track: Duskull -[lv.37]> Dusclops -[Trade w/ Reaper Cloth]> Dusknoir
Level Up Moves: Astonish [1], Bind [1], Disable [1], Fire Punch [1], Future Sight [1], Gravity [1], Ice Punch [1], Leer [1], Night Shade [1], Shadow Punch [1], Shadow Sneak [1], Thunder Punch [1], Foresight [9], Confuse Ray [12], Payback [20], Pursuit [22], Will-O-Wisp [24], Mean Look [28], Curse [30], Hex [32], Shadow Ball [42], Destiny Bond [54]
Egg Moves: Destiny Bond, Feint Attack, Grudge, Haze, Memento, Ominous Wind, Pain Split, Skill Swap​
Tutor Moves: Ally Switch, Counter, Dream Eater, Endure, Focus Punch, Headbutt, Helping Hand, Laser Focus, Mega Kick, Mega Punch, Metronome, Mimic, Mud-Slap, Poltergeist, Psych Up, Rock Slide, Seismic Toss, Skitter Smack, Sleep Talk, Snatch, Snore, Spite, Substitute, Sucker Punch, Swagger, Telekinesis, Trick, Wonder Room​
Machine Moves: Ally Switch, Attract, Blizzard, Body Slam, Brick Break, Bulldoze, Calm Mind, Captivate, Charge Beam, Confide, Counter, Dark Pulse, Darkest Lariat, Double Team, Double-Edge, Dream Eater, Dynamic Punch, Earthquake, Embargo, Endure, Facade, Flash, Fling, Focus Blast, Focus Punch, Frustration, Giga Impact, Headbutt, Helping Hand, Hidden Power [Bug], Hyper Beam, Ice Beam, Icy Wind, Imprison, Infestation, Mega Kick, Mega Punch, Metronome, Mud-Slap, Natural Gift, Nightmare, Power-Up Punch, Protect​, Psychic, Rain Dance, Rest, Return, Revenge, Rock Slide, Rock Smash, Rock Tomb, Round, Secret Power, Seismic Toss, Sleep Talk, Snatch, Strength, Substitute, Sunny Day, Swagger, Taunt, Telekinesis, Thief, Torment, Toxic, Trick, Trick Room, Wonder Room​
Unnatural Moves: Aurora Veil, Bulk Up, Bullet Seed, Celebrate, Dark Void, Dazzling Gleam, Dive, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Drain Punch, Earth Power, Energy Ball, Flamethrower, Flash Cannon, Focus Energy, Giga Drain, Heat Wave, Hyper Voice, Iron Tail, Light Screen, Liquidation, Mega Drain, Metronome, Moonlight, Mystical Fire, Outrage, Pollen Puff, Power Whip, Psywave, Seed Bomb, Seed Flare, Shadow Claw, Sludge Bomb, Stone Edge, Surf, Swift, Teleport, Throat Chop, Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Tri Attack, Uproar, Water Pulse, Waterfall, Whirlpool, Zap Cannon, Zen Headbutt
Custom Moves: Blow Back, Brain Freeze, Can't Catch Me, Chocolate Bomb, Chocolate Magic, Crossfire, Defensive Shield, Dynamic Duo, Fatal Attraction, Fire Shield, Firestream, Guardian Terrain, Gummi Bomb [Bug], Ice Barrier, Phantom Step, Pinch Punch, Razor Snow, Unfinished Symphony, Voodoo Bugaloo
Wild Future - FizzBy
PASBL - Ghost Grass Gym Leader - Dragon Elite Four

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Here goes. Hope, bring the house down.

Hope the Shuppet, female, level 27.
Ability: Insomnia
Item: None.

Spoiler: show
Confuse Ray
Dazzling Gleam
Feint Attack
Gunk Shot
Knock Off
Night Shade
Ominous Wind
Shadow Ball
Shadow Sneak
Shock Wave
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Spoiler: show
Crawdaunt♀ Beaker Level 53 Nature Hardy Ability Adaptability


26-4-0 KO74 TP208
B Ref SP 2

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Dropping my Swampert in to provide muscular support to these spooks.

Species: Swampert.
Gender: Male.
Level: 57.
Obtained: The Egg House, Starter Egg
Ball: Poke Ball
Type: Water.
Ability: Torrent.
Nature: Quiet.
Contest Stats: 0 all.
Hold Item: None
Bond: 50.
Evolutionary Track: Mudkip > Marshtomp (16) > Swampert(36) <> Mega Swampert (@Swampertite)

Bio: A strange yet devastating force of nature, Mjolnir speaks very little, preferring action to discussion. Somewhat spiritually attuned, the muscular water type came to Alex as an egg, and hatched in an unusual mansion haunted by spirits. rather than being scarred for life, instead the ground type seems to have earned an almost eerily supernatural lack of fear, instead striking those who attempt to intimidate him with the force of a hammer, much like the one he is named after. Despite this, he is easily approachable and boasts a grim sense of humour, as befitting someone who prefers to hang around with the spookier members of Alex's team.

Level: Tackle, Growl, Mud-Slap, Water Gun, Bide, Hydro Pump, Mud Shot, Foresight, Mud Bomb, Take Down, Muddy Water, Protect, Earthquake, Surf, Waterfall, Mud Sport, Endeavour, Rock Throw, Whirlpool.
Machine: Focus Blast, Iron Tail, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Mega Punch, Body Slam, Bubblebeam, Brine, Dig, Water Pulse, Seismic Toss, Roar, Toxic, Focus Punch, Frustration, Return, Brick Break, Rock Tomb, Facade, Stone Edge, Avalanche, Rock Slide, Counter, Endure, Swagger, Hail, Rain Dance, Hidden Power Ghost, Hyper Beam, Double Team, Sludge Wave, Rest, Attract, Round, Echoed Voice, Scald, Fling, Giga Impact, Bulldoze, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Power-Up Punch.
MT: SuperPower, Thunder Wave, Tickle, Hydro Cannon.
Egg: Curse, Yawn, Mirror Coat, AncientPower, Bite, Sludge, Stomp, Rollout.
Stale Water.

Unruly Premonition.

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Missingno. Master
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"...What the...?" Keith murmured, raising an eyebrow as he looked at the message on his PokéGear. "Willa, dear, are you seeing this?"

"I am indeed," nodded Willa, who was sitting beside her husband on the couch in their living room. "Galarian Slowbro, hmm? Not something I can claim to have heard of."

"I was hoping you might at least have heard of it," Keith remarked, digging in his pocket for his Pokédex. "You were the one to teach me all about Dynamax, after all."

"I only knew as much about Galar as mother taught me," Willa shrugged. "She hadn't taught me about any Galarian regional forms, let alone for Slowbro. What does the Pokédex say?" she inquired.

"I'll know in just a sec," Keith stated, already in the process of pressing various buttons on said device. Finally, an image of what was unmistakably a Slowbro appeared on the screen, though with decidedly more purple than a regular Slowbro ever had, and also, the Shellder was on the right front leg instead of the tail.

'Slowbro- Galarian Form- the Hermit Crab Pokémon. A Poison and Psychic-type, and an evolved form of Slowpoke" droned the device. "When it squeezes the tongue of the Shellder biting it, the Shellder will fire toxic liquid from the tip of its shell."

"...a Poison-type?" Keith repeated, eyes wide.

Willa gave a small smile and the quietest of chuckles. "You'll be going for this, then, I take it?"

"Heh, you know me well, dear," Keith grinned. "Want to come with?"

Willa shook her head. "I promised Maribel I would help her train with Salamence today," she replied. "Any other time, you know I would've-"

Keith nodded understandingly. "Naturally," he replied. "No offense taken."

"Who will you take?" asked Willa.

Keith thought about this for a moment, before the squelching of sludgy footsteps caught his attention. With a glance in the doorway, he spotted a multicolored puddle of sludge trying sheepishly to look as though he hadn't been listening in. "Heh," he chuckled. "Seems to me that decision's already been made. Ain't that right, Ricin?" he asked.

"Mu-Muuuuk?" Ricin gurgled hopefully.

Keith grinned broadly. "Of course!" he replied. "You'd do great against a Poison and Psychic-type, and you haven't had a good battle in a while- this'll be great for you. Let's go, OK?"

"MUUUUUK!" Ricin cheered, oozing over and wrapping his Trainer in a considerably squishy hug, which the Poison-type Trainer promptly reciprocated. Willa could only smile- time had done precisely nothing to diminish her man's passion, be it for Poison-types or for his family, and that was one of the things she'd always loved about him. As soon as the Pokédex identified Galarian Slowbro's type as Poison and Psychic, she knew he'd want in on this. And before long, Keith and Ricin had set off, with Meowth tagging along as well, as he so tended to do with these things.

Keith Masters will be entering this raid alongside Ricin the Alolan Muk. Ricin's stats are as follows;

Species: Muk (Alolan Form; )
Gender: Male
Level: 41
Type: Poison/Dark
Attacks: Pound, Poison Gas, Harden, Bite, Disable, Clear Smog, Acid Spray, Poison Fang, Minimize, Fling, Fire Punch, Rock Polish, Knock Off, Crunch, Screech, Venom Drench, Haze, Moonblast, Gunk Shot, Power-Up Punch, Stone Edge.
Usable Z-Moves: Z-Poison Gas, Acid Downpour, Z-Venom Drench.
Next move learned: Acid Armor (lv. 46)
Evolution: >lv. 38>
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Poison Touch
Bond: 6
Cute stat: 20
Beauty stat: 20
Tough stat: 20
Smart stat: 20
Cool stat: 20
Obtained: Lover's Grove (caught by Terri); Sludge Wave Coast (given to Keith)
A visit to Lover's Grove by Terri and Laugh did not have a promising start, as the place was a desolate wasteland, courtesy of a human-hating Alolan Muk and a number of his pre-evolved forms. However, the Grimer merely followed Muk out of fear of his anger, and once the Muk was no more, the Grimer were left to themselves. One in particular had professed a desire to have a home, to be loved by people. Terri knew right away that this was a Pokémon she had to catch and give to Keith, and that turned out to be an excellent decision for all involved. Ricin is inexpressibly happy to have a home, a family, and a Trainer. Though still remarkably shy and soft-spoken, even after evolving into a more formidable form, his cheerful personality proves infectious nonetheless, making him rather popular among his teammates. In particular, he gets along extremely well with Strychnine, and the pair of Muk spend a lot of time with each other.

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Median Dia
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Welp, hope this doesn't foretell our own disaster.

Name: Prolego
Species: Absol
Gender: Male
Level: 17
Ability: Undeclared
Nature: Undeclared
Obtained: Bred in the Hatchery
Held Item: Mummy Bandages
Contest Stats: Cute: 10, Smart: 10, Cool: 10
Bond: 2
Known Moves:
--By Level:
Scratch (Lv. -), Feint (Lv. -), Perish Song (Lv. -), Me First (Lv. -), Razor Wind (Lv. -), Detect (Lv. -), Taunt (Lv. -), Future Sight (Lv. -), Quick Attack (Lv. -), Leer (Lv -), Pursuit (Lv. 10), Knock Off (Lv. 10), Bite (Lv. 16)
--By 'Birth': Baton Pass, Sucker Punch, Play Rough, Megahorn
--By Tutor: Bounce, Rock Slide
--By TM: Double Team, Snatch, Will-o-Wisp

Tangled Feet- "Only I have the right to hit me!"

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