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Wherein Linoone psychs himself up for combat only to wuss out due to a bug. (21 turns; skip to Turn 6)

Spoiler: show
A low-ladder game, so take it for what you will. The reason it's amusing to share is because of what happens on Turns 6 through 12.

Turn 6, he sends out his Linoone in response to my Outraging Mega Garchomp. I only just barely fail to OHKO his switch-in, and thanks to his Aguav Berry he regains just enough health to have a shot at the coveted Belly Drum ...

Turn 7, he uses Belly Drum; and I, knowing he will do so, have no choice but to go straight for an attack. Of course, I fail the confusion check; and Garchomp smacks himself in the face. He ends up succumbing to his injuries, and I switch in Masquerain for the first time this match. Masquerain intimidates Linoone, reducing his Attack modifier from 4x to 3.5x.

Turn 8, I predict ExtremeSpeed and switch out for a ghost. I am correct.

Turn 9, I predict Shadow Claw and switch Masquerain back in. Linoone's Attack modifier falls to 3x; and I am correct once again. Masquerain manages to survive the hit, but it still does enough damage to reduce Masquerain below half.

Turn 10, I predict that he will predict my ghost type switch-in (and will use Shadow Claw to best me), so I instead switch in a Normal type to eat the Ghost-type attack. I am correct once more. ^^; You know what that means ...

Turn 11, I get to switch Masquerain in for a third time. This means Linoone's attack modifier, once 4x, is now reduced to 2.5x. Gone are his guarantees of OHKOing everything. He goes for Shadow Claw once more, and Masquerain dies. No more Attack drops, then ...

I send out Regigigas in between turns.

Turn 12, I opt to go for Return .................................. and my opponent opts to go for Shadow Claw. I had hoped to survive the 2.5x-boosted ExtremeSpeed and to then KO Linoone, but getting to KO Linoone for free works too!
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Shenmue III, baby!
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I'm considering a rushed bid for attendance at Ft. Wayne in four weeks. I don't think I'll be able to make it in time, having caught exactly zero of the Tapus and Ultra Beasts, but I thought I'd dick around on Showdown with a shabbily put-together team to see what I might want to prioritize getting and what I might want to leave on the cutting room floor.

Here's my latest game, and despite being at the very bottom of the ladder it was a hard-fought match that had both of us on holding our breaths, I'm sure.

Spoiler: show
I would say his team is generally better put together than mine. I just threw Salamence on there (having replaced Mudsdale, who I had brought to zero games), and I'm not sure he works as well as intended in a format with so much bulk. I think it's fair to say I sort of Magoo'd my way into a victory there, with several questionable plays on my part, such as:
  • physically attacking a Snorlax who already had some Curse buffs
  • taking Fini off of Muddy Water and focusing on Mooblast'ing the Snorlax when I believed (correctly!) the Snorlax to probably have Figy Berry + Recycle and Moonblast wasn't 2HKO'ing it; thus relieving pressure from Porygon 2, who might've otherwise been forced to Recover a lot more but instead kept being given free passes to deal damage or use Trick Room
  • not having an ExtremeSpeed Arcanine use ExtremeSpeed, even if "all's well that ends well"
Still, even if I was the inferior player and/or teambuilder, I'm glad I managed to eke out a win.
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Spoiler: show
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Credits to Charm for making this!

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Thanks Pingu for being so nice and making me this~

Credit to TheKnightsFury for the sprite!

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