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Police dun GOOFED!

I'm getting sick of this stuff.

Ever since #ferguson, police killing people has been an obnoxiously toxic topic in the news. The Trayvon Martin killing is technically the first in line of a dynasty of murders, but Ferguson was the first case where the worst-case scenario started to percolate to the surface of this boiling pot - where the people lose faith in the police force.

The constant slew of police-related screw ups, spreading through social media like gonorrhea through the Olympic Village, is starting to tire me. This one might be the worst, and makes me feel like law enforcement is a giant blue collar frathouse. You're in the club based on a number of arbitrary criteria important to your Water Buffaloes, one of which is never a willingness to die in the line of duty, and are protected until it's politically un-feasable for the force to do so. In spite of obvious warning signs.

I'm not arguing for military police. But I'd like to see standards raised and implemented nationwide, state's rights be darned. You're caught between two bad situations of either criminals killing police, or police willing to violate justice and cause negative publicity for law enforcement by shooting someone innocent.

Courts are intended to protect the innocent over punish the guilty, that should extend throughout the spectrum of criminal justice. What this means is - the cop should be willing to die rather than risk killing someone innocent.

It's frustrating for me to see this given the huge disparity in legal restrictions when it comes to civilian self-defense. For both red states I've lived in, if someone breaks into your home, you can shoot them under self-defense. But in my home state of California, if someone breaks into your home, you will be sent to prison and possibly tried for murder if you attack the invader unless they pull a weapon on you and try to attack you first. Even then, if attorneys can determine that you could run away instead, you still might not be able to get away with a self-defense plea.

California's laws seem stupid, but if along with other higher standards are applied to the police force, we would reduce the chance of another police brutality situation. Yeah it would be difficult for the high school quarterback to get a job with the police, but too bad. Humans lives are more important than dumb people getting easy access to high paying jobs.
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