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Dratini Balmund's Dragon's Den

::First Floor::
Balmund's secret base is located somewhere around Volcanic Mountain's Mt. Ferit. The first floor serves as both a living room and kitchen. A high-def wall tv hangs on the northern wall along with a pair of decorative tropical plants at its sides; a pair of black loungers are placed in front of it in a diagonal manner and a small table sits between them and the tv. The western side of the room is occupied by a large dinner table accompanied by a chair on each of its sides. Not too far away, a sufficiently equipped kitchen lies on the south-western corner. There are a couple of stairs to the north-west, one of which goes up to the second floor and the other to the basement.

::Second Floor::
Going up the stairs leads to Balmund's bedroom. Visitors are immediately greeted by the sight of a life-sized Charizard Plushie which sits right on top of a Fire Blast themed mat. One also can't help but notice the long poster with the figure of a Seviper decorating the western wall. Balmund's bed lies in the south-eastern most corner, along with a golden chest at its feet and a table right besides it which holds a golden shield. The north-eastern corner is occupied by another table with a PC. A high-def wall tv hangs on to the room's northern wall; a black Gamecube hooked up to it for gaming purposes. A pair of stylish black loungers are placed right in front of them in a diagonal manner.

The basement splits to two different areas. Going straight south leads to a library of sorts which is home to various books relating to wild life, biology and medicine, as well as some sports and gaming magazines. There's also a relatively small (in Balmund's opinion) manga collection of his favorite series of all time. Taking the eastern hallway leads to Balmund's training grounds: a battle arena for sparring purposes which has a statue of Lucario at each of its corners and a Fissure themed mat right in the center of the ring.

Black Bed [1/1]
Black Gamecube [1/1]
Black Lounger [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
Black Pretty Chair [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
Black Pretty Table [1/1]
Black Round Bookcase [1/2][2/2]
Black Square Table [1/2][2/2]
Charizard Plushie [1/1]
Fire Blast Mat [1/1]
Fissure Mat [1/1]
Fridge Freezer [1/1]
Gold Shield [1/1]
Gold Treasure Chest [1/1]
Long Poster [1/1]
Lucario Statue [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
PC + Table [1/1]
Ragged Chair [1/1]
Sink [1/1]
Tropical Plant [1/2][2/2]
Wall TV [1/2][2/2]

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Trophy Stand

Beginner Trainer Battle Trophy (vs. Thrain)
Beginner Trainer Battle Trophy (vs. jolteonjak)
Intermediate Trainer Battle Trophy (vs. OkikuMew)
Advanced Trainer Battle Trophy (vs. Mewsic Box!)

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Adventure Log

::Arcane Realm - FB Training Zone::

Forest of Adventure

::Phantom Isle - The Haunted Theme Park::

The Rollerquaza

::Whale Island - The Hydroelectric Zone::

Kakatua Lagoon

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Trading Card Album

::Base Set::

Spoiler: show
7. Hitmonchan (Holo) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
8. Machamp (Holo) [1/2][2/2]
9. Magneton (Holo) [1/1]
10. Mewtwo (Holo) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
14. Raichu (Holo) [1/1]
17. Beedrill (Rare) [1/2][2/2]
18. Dragonair (Rare) [1/2][2/2]
19. Dugtrio (Rare) [1/2][2/2]
20. Electabuzz (Rare) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
22. Pidgeotto (Rare) [1/1]
23. Arcanine (Uncommon) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
24. Charmeleon (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
25. Dewgong (Uncommon) [1/1]
27. Farfetch'd (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
28. Growlithe (Uncommon) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
29. Haunter (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
30. Ivysaur (Uncommon) [1/1]
31. Jynx (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
32. Kadabra (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
33. Kakuna (Uncommon) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
34. Machoke (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
35. Magikarp (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
36. Magmar (Uncommon) [1/1]
37. Nidorino (Uncommon) [1/1]
38. Poliwhirl (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
39. Porygon (Uncommon) [1/1]
40. Raticate (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
41. Seel (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
42. Wartortle (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
43. Abra (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
44. Bublasaur (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
46. Charmander (Common) [1/1]
47. Diglett (Common) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
48. Doduo (Common) [1/2][2/3][3/3]
49. Drowzee (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
50. Gastly (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
51. Koffing (Common) [1/1][2/3][3/3]
52. Machop (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
53. Magnemite (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
54. Metapod (Common) [1/1]
55. Nidoran (M) (Common) [1/2][2/2]
56. Onix (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
58. Pikachu (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
59. Poliwag (Common) [1/1]
60. Ponyta (Common) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
61. Rattatta (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
62. Sandshrew (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
63. Squirtle (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
64. Starmie (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
65. Staryu (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
66. Tangela (Common) [1/1]
67. Voltorb (Common) [1/1]
69. Weedle (Common) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
70. Clefairy Doll (Rare) [1/1]
71. Computer Search (Rare) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
72. Devolution Spray (Rare) [1/2][2/2]
73. Imposter Professor Oak (Rare) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
74. Item Finder (Rare) [1/1]
75. Lass (Rare) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
76. Pokémon Breeder (Rare) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
77. Pokémon Trader (Rare) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
78. Scoop Up (Rare) [1/2][2/2]
79. Super Energy Removal (Rare) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
80. Defender (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
81. Energy Retrieval (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
82. Full Heal (Uncommon) [1/1]
83. Maintenance (Uncommon) [1/1]
84. PlusPower (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
85. Pokémon Center (Uncommon) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
86. Pokémon Flute (Uncommon) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
87. Profesor Oak (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
88. Pokédex (Uncommon) [1/1]
89. Revive (Uncommon) [1/3][2/3][3/3][4/4]
90. Super Potion (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
91. Bill (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
92. Energy Removal (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
93. Gust of Wind (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
94. Potion (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
95. Switch (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
96. Double Colorless Energy (Uncommon) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
97. Fighting Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
98. Fire Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
99. Grass Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
100. Lightning Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
101. Psychic Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
102. Water Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/24]

::Team Rocket Set::

::Gym Heroes Set::

Spoiler: show
6. Lt. Surge's Electabuzz (Holo) [1/1]
19. The Rocket's Trap (Holo) [1/1]
20. Brock's Golem (Rare) [1/1]
21. Brock's Onix (Rare) [1/2][2/2]
22. Brock's Rhyhorn (Rare) [1/1]
23. Brock's Sandslash (Rare) [1/2][2/2]
24. Brock's Zubat (Rare) [1/1]
27. Lt. Surge's Electabuzz (Rare) [1/1]
28. Lt. Surge's Raichu (Rare) [1/1]
29. Misty's Cloyster (Rare) [1/2][2/2]
34. Sabrina's Venomoth (Rare) [1/1]
35. Blaine's Growlithe (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
37. Blaine's Magmar (Uncommon) [1/1]
38. Brock's Geodude (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
43. Erika's Exeggcute (Uncommon) [1/1]
44. Erika's Exeggutor (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
46. Erika's Gloom 2 (Uncommon) [1/1]
48. Erika's Weepinbell 1 (Uncommon) [1/1]
49. Erika's Weepinbell 2 (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
50. Lt. Surge's Magnemite (Uncommon) [1/1]
53. Misty's Poliwhirl (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
55. Misty's Seaking (Uncommon) [1/1]
58. Sabrina's Haunter (Uncommon) [1/1]
60. Sabrina's Slowbro (Uncommon) [1/1]
65. Blaine's Vulpix (Common) [1/1]
66. Brock's Geodude (Common) [1/1]
67. Brock's Mankey 1 (Common) [1/2][2/2]
68. Brock's Mankey 2 (Common) [1/1]
69. Brock's Onix (Common) [1/1]
70. Brock's Rhyhorn (Common) [1/1]
71. Brock's Sandshrew 1 (Common) [1/1]
74. Brock's Zubat (Common) [1/1]
75. Erika's Bellsprout 1 (Common) [1/1]
76. Erika's Bellsprout 2 (Common) [1/2][2/2]
78. Erika's Oddish (Common) [1/1]
80. Lt. Surge's Magnemite (Common) [1/1]
82. Lt. Surge's Rattata (Common) [1/1]
83. Lt. Surge's Spearow (Common) [1/1]
84. Lt. Surge's Voltorb (Common) [1/1]
85. Misty's Goldeen (Common) [1/2][2/2]
88. Misty's Seel (Common) [1/1]
89. Misty's Shellder (Common) [1/2][2/2]
90. Misty's Staryu (Common) [1/1]
92. Sabrina's Drowzee (Common) [1/1]
93. Sabrina's Gastly (Common) [1/1]
94. Sabrina's Mr. Mime (Common) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
95. Sabrina's Slowpoke (Common) [1/1]
97. Blaine's Quiz #1 (Rare) [1/2][2/2]
101. Lt. Surge (Rare) [1/1]
103. No Removal Gym (Rare) [1/1]
104. The Rocket's Training Gym (Rare) [1/1]
107. Celadon City Gym (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
113. Minion of Team Rocket (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
114. Misty's Wrath (Uncommon) [1/1]
115. Pewter City Gym (Uncommon) [1/1]
117. Sabrina's ESP (Uncommon) [1/1]
120. Vermilion City Gym (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
121. Blaine's Gamble (Common) [1/1]
123. Misty's Duel (Common) [1/1]
126. Trash Exchange (Common) [1/2][2/2]
127. Fighting Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
128. Fire Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
129. Grass Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
130. Lightning Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
131. Psychic Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
132. Water Energy (Common) [1/4]2/4][3/4][4/4]

::Gym Challenge::

Spoiler: show
1. Blaine's Arcanine (Holo) [1/1]
2. Blaine's Charizard (Holo) [1/1]
4. Erika's Venusaur (Holo) [1/2[2/2]
6. Giovanni's Machamp (Holo) [1/1]
8. Giovanni's Persian (Holo) [1/2][2/2]
17. Blaine (Holo) [1/1]
18. Giovanni (Holo) [1/1]
21. Blaine's Ninetales (Rare) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
22. Brock's Dugtrio (Rare) [1/1]
23. Giovanni's Nidoqueen (Rare) [1/2][2/2]
24. Giovanni's Pinsir (Rare) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
25. Koga's Arbok (Rare) [1/1]
26. Koga's Muk (Rare) [1/1]
28. Lt. Surge's Jolteon (Rare) [1/2][2/2]
30. Sabrina's Golduck (Rare) [1/2][2/2]
31. Blaine's Charmeleon (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
32. Blaine's Dodrio (Uncommon) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
33. Blaine's Rapidash (Uncommon) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
34. Brock's Graveler (Uncommon) [1/1]
35. Brock's Primeape (Uncommon) [1/1]
36. Brock's Sandslash (Uncommon) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
37. Brock's Vulpix (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
38. Erika's Bellsprout (Uncommon) [1/1]
39. Erika's Bulbasaur (Uncommon) [1/1]
40. Erika's Clefairy (Uncommon) [1/1]
42. Giovanni's Machoke (Uncommon) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
43. Giovanni's Meowth (Uncommon) [1/1]
46. Koga's Golbat (Uncommon) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
47. Koga's Kakuna (Uncommon) [1/1]
49. Koga's Pidgey (Uncommon) [1/1]
53. Lt. Surge's Raticate (Uncommon) [1/1]
54. Misty's Dewgong (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
55. Sabrina's Haunter (Uncommon) [1/1]
56. Sabrina's Hypno (Uncommon) [1/1]
58. Sabrina's Kadabra (Uncommon) [1/1]
59. Sabrina's Mr. Mime (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
60. Blaine's Charmander (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
61. Blaine's Doduo (Common) [1/2][2/2]
62. Blaine's Growlithe (Common) [1/2][2/2]
64. Blaine's Ponyta (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
65. Blaine's Rhyhorn (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
66. Blaine's Vulpix (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
67. Brock's Diglett (Common) [1/1]
71. Erika's Paras (Common) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
72. Giovanni's Machop (Common) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
74. Giovanni's Meowth (Common) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
76. Giovanni's Nidoran (M) (Common) [1/1]
77. Koga's Ekans (Common) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
78. Koga's Grimer (Common) [1/1]
80. Koga's Pidgey (Common) [1/2][2/2]
82. Koga's Weedle (Common) [1/2][2/2]
83. Koga's Zubat (Common) [1/1]
85. Lt. Surge's Rattata (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
86. Lt. Surge's Voltorb (Common) [1/2][2/2]
89. Misty's Poliwag (Common) [1/2][2/2]
90. Misty's Psyduck (Common) [1/4][2/4][4/4][4/4]
91. Misty's Seel (Common) [1/1]
92. Misty's Staryu (Common) [1/1]
93. Sabrina's Abra 1 (Common) [1/2][2/2]
94. Sabrina's Abra 2 (Common) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
95. Sabrina's Drowzee (Common) [1/2][2/2][3/3]
96. Sabrina's Gastly 1 (Common) [1/1]
97. Sabrina's Gastly 2 (Common) [1/1]
98. Sabrina's Porygon (Common) [1/2][2/2]
99. Sabrina's Psyduck (Common) [1/2][2/2]
100. Blaine (Rare) [1/2][2/2]
101. Brock's Protection (Rare) [1/1]
102. Chaos Gym (Rare) [1/2][2/2]
103. Erika's Kindness (Rare) [1/1]
104. Giovanni (Rare) [1/1]
105. Giovanni's Last Resort (Rare) [1/1]
106. Koga (Rare) [1/1]
107. Lt. Surge's Secret Plan (Rare) [1/2][2/2][3/3]
108. Misty's Wish (Rare) [1/1]
109. Resistance Gym (Rare) [1/2][2/2]
110. Sabrina (Rare) [1/1]
111. Blaine's Quiz #2 (Uncommon) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
112. Blaine's Quiz #3 (Uncommon) [1/1]
113. Cinnabar City Gym (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
114. Fuchsia City Gym (Uncommon) [1/1]
115. Koga's Ninja Trick (Uncommon) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
116. Master Ball (Uncommon) [1/1]
117. Max Revive (Uncommon) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
118. Misty's Tears (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
121. Sabrina's Psychic Control (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
125. Transparent Walls (Uncommon) [1/1]
124. Fervor (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
127. Fighting Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
128. Fire Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
129. Grass Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
130. Lightning Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
131. Psychic Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
132. Water Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]

::Neo Genesis::

Spoiler: show
2. Azumarill (Holo) [1/2][2/2]
4. Feraligatr 1 (Holo) [1/2][2/2]
6. Heracross (Holo) [1/1]
7. Jumpluff (Holo) [1/2][2/2]
8. Kingdra (Holo) [1/1]
11. Meganium 2 [I](Holo) [1/1]
12. Pichu (Holo) [1/2][2/2]
13. Skarmory (Holo) [1/2][2/2]
14. Slowking (Holo) [1/1]
15. Steelix (Holo) [1/1]
20. Cleffa (Rare) [1/2][2/3][3/3]
21. Donphan (Rare) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
22. Elekid (Rare) [1/2][2/2]
23. Magby (Rare) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
24. Murkrow (Rare) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
25. Sneasel (Rare) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
26. Aipom (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
27. Ariados (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
28. Bayleef 1 (Uncommon) [1/1]
29. Bayleef 2 (Uncommon) [1/1]
30. Clefairy (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
31. Croconaw 1 (Uncommon) [1/1][2/3][3/3]
32. Croconaw 2 (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
33. Electabuzz (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
34. Flaafy (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
36. Gloom (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
38. Lanturn (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
39. Ledian (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
40. Magmar (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
41. Miltank (Uncommon) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
42. Noctowl (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
43. Phanpy (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
44. Piloswine (Uncommon) [1/1]
45. Quagsire (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
46. Quilava 1 (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
47. Quilava 2 (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
48. Seadra (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
49. Skiploom (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
50. Sunflora (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
51. Togepi (Uncommon) [1/1]
52. Xatu (Uncommon) [1/1]
53. Chikorita 1 (Common) [1/2][2/2]
54. Chikorita 2 (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
55. Chinchou (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
56. Cyndaquil 1 (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
57. Cyndaquil 2 (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
58. Girafarig (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
59. Gligar (Common) [1/1]
60. Hoothoot (Common) [1/2][2/2]
61. Hoppip (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
62. Horsea (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
63. Ledyba (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
64. Mantine (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
65. Mareep (Common) [1/1]
66. Marill (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
67. Natu (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
68. Oddish (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
69. Onix (Common) [1/2][2/2]
70. Pikachu (Common) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
71. Sentret (Common) [1/2][2/2]
72. Shuckle (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
73. Slowpoke (Common) [1/2][2/2]
74. Snubbull (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
75. Spinarak (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
76. Stantler (Common) [1/1]
77. Sudowoodo (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
78. Sunkern (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
79. Swinub (Common) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
80. Totodile 1 (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
81. Totodile 2 (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
82. Wooper (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
83. Arcade Game (Rare) [1/4][2/4][2/4][4/4]
84. Ecogym (Rare) [1/2][2/2]
85. Energy Charge (Rare) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
86. Focus Band (Rare) [1/2][2/2]
87. Mary (Rare) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
88. PokéGear (Rare) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
89. Super Energy Retrieval (Rare) [1/2][2/2]
90. Time Capsule (Rare) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
91. Bill's Teleporter (Uncommon) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
92. Card-Flip Game (Uncommon) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
93. Gold Berry (Uncommon) [1/2][2/2]
94. Miracle Berry (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
95. New Pokédex (Uncommon) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
96. Professor Elm (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
97. Sprout Tower (Uncommon) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
98. Super Scoop Up (Uncommon) [1/3][2/3][3/3][4/4]
99. Berry (Common) [1/3][2/3][3/3]
100. Double Gust (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
101. Moo-Moo Milk (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
102. Pokémon March (Common) [1/2][2/2]
103. Super Rod (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
105. Recycle Energy (Rare) [1/3][2/3][3/3][4/4]
106. Fighting Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
107. Fire Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
108. Grass Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
109. Lightning Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
110. Psychic Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]
111. Water Energy (Common) [1/4][2/4][3/4][4/4]

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A young, ghostly-looking woman and her beloved Dragonite fly high over Mt. Ferit, admiring the dormant volcano that sprawls out beneath them. Using the map in Marion's Poketch as a guide, the pair navigate their way around the mountain thanks to August's powerful, precise flight. The young woman laughs with excitement as her beloved dragon swoops down the mountain at blinding speeds, searching for the otherwise ordinary-looking crevice that served as the entrance to Balmund's secret hideaway. The Dragonite, who could spot a single survivor in miles of dark, merciless ocean, has no trouble finding the dragon tamer's base. Landing expertly on the lip of what Marion now sees to be quite an extensive cave blocked off by a well-disguised rock door, the doll-like trainer dismounts and straightens her dress before knocking on the door firmly, but politely. August takes her position beside Marion, looking quite eager to be greeted by the inhabitants within. She, too, adjusts her antennae and smooths her scales, albeit more nervously than her trainer does.

Of course, despite Marion's calm outward appearance, she had been a nervous wreck throughout her preparations. An introverted researcher who did not go out to visit others often, she seemed to be obsessed over every little detail of their arrival, especially knowing how important this visit was to her dear August. Decorum states that one should never be on-time for a party, as one wants to give the host plenty of time to prepare, but Balmund had also joked about her not being too late... After much agonizing over when exactly she should arrive, she decided on being exactly five minutes late. In fact, her knock on the door is timed to that exact five-minute mark, and a little alarm sounded off simultaneously with the knock.

Her preoccupation with how late was "fashionably late" was nothing compared to the topic of fashion itself. Earlier that evening, Minerva couldn't help but laugh as her trainer talked to herself in front of her closet. Marion seemed absolutely paralyzed by the prospect of dressing herself for this occasion; "Oh, I do want to look presentable... It is a visitation, after all, and I want to show that I appreciate being invited! Then again, I don't want to give the wrong idea... Not too fancy, not too girly or suggestive, but enough to look like I put thought into this without putting in too much thought... How much thought is enough? How will he be dressed? Will he get upset if I show up in a dress? Oh, but I always wear dresses... but does he know that?"

After fifteen minutes of Marion's nervous monologue, Minerva finally pulled a dress from Marion's closet, shoved it in her arms and said, my dear, you are a piece of work, before floating away, laughing.

August, meanwhile, wonders if she should have spent some time at the Beauty Salon before arriving... Granted, August had always balked at the idea of contests or pampering, far preferring the Training Center to the Pokespa, but in these moments before Balmund and Durandal answer the door, she cannot help but agonize over how she should have done more to make herself presentable for her beloved. Too late to turn back now... She thinks to herself. No regrets! She puffs out her chest and decides to act more naturally, which despite her worries creates quite a regal, awe-inspiring aura. Marion, of course, is a bit more quiet and calm in her presentation.

"It'll be good to see Durandal again, won't it?" Marion turns to her Pokemon with a gentle smile. August nods emphatically in response.

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"Gack! She's here already?!" Balmund muttered to himself as he still to put his clothes on while simultaneously brushing his teeth after a quick, five-minute, cold shower. He knew he had told Marion, albeit half jokingly, to be there on time, but he had gotten so engrossed in tidying up his entire base, as well as taking care of all the pertinent kitchen preparations, that there was hardly enough time for him to tend to himself! Even the music was something he had spent several agonizing minutes mulling over, until eventually deciding to set his playlist to his soulful collection of jazz; figuring it would be the ideal kind of music for his guests; they certainly didn't look like metalheads or technodancers, and besides, Balmund has always fancied the melodical sound brought forth by piano and saxophone.

Balmund decides to dress casually for the occasion, and hopefully not too casual, picking a simple, monochromatic black, slim-fit, t-shirt to pair up with his dark grey jeans and black, shined-up leather shoes. He quickly dons his favorite, black-belted Lacoste watch, always bearing that famed Feraligatr emblem, before hurriedly applying some hair texturizer for that artificially natural messy look. A quick spray of cologne later, he sprints to the main-entrance, almost jumping the entire staircase before rushing to the door. He takes a second to gather his breath and recollect his thoughts. "Ok, so Chris and Sothe have cleared their differences again and are calmly watching tv along with Fa and Narsil. Kerrigan, Saffron and Vega should be downstairs, and Duran and the rest of the guys... well I hope they're done with their preparations... Alright, let's do this! Balmund sighs breifly before opening the door with a bright cheerful smile. "Marion! August! You're both just in time! Welcome! Feel free to come on in Marion. As for you August... Durandal actually has something very special in reserve for you outside. It's a secret though!" He then let's out a loud signal whistle, and as if on cue, a load Roar is given in return. In a matter of seconds, the figure sweeps in from over the horizon and landing a bit forcefully on the mountainside, the Aerodactyl clinging to the steep wall with his powerful talons. For a moment, his eyes denote intense bloodlust and the atmospheric pressure is suddenly greatly increased as he sized up the powerful Dragonite, but then his expression suddenly changes as he remembers what he was called there for in the first place. "Follow me." He simply grunted a bit harshly with a grin on his face before soaring off once again.

"It's alright" Balmund reassured them. "I completely trust that there won't be any unauthorized fighting today... at least not amongst them. Though Kurthnaga is a bit too battlethirsty, he knows this isn't the time or place. This is for the sake of his 'brother' after all."

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Marion and August unintentionally synchronize their bows to Balmund, perhaps as a side-effect of spending so many years in one another's company. While Marion returns the greeting with a calm, gentle smile, August's steady, yet intense gaze reveals the array of emotions welling up within her as she eagerly anticipates looking upon her beloved once again. Both August and Marion's eyes light up with curiosity as Balmund mentions the surprise that Durandal has been planning for August, and Marion turns to her Pokemon with a mischievous grin. August attempts to respond with a glare, as if to say that she is above whatever Marion is implying with her expression, but cannot help but betray a small smile. Their silent communication is interrupted quickly by the arrival of an impressive-looking Aerodactyl, which clearly fascinates the ghostly lady and her dragon companion.

"Oh, wow... I had no idea you had an Aerodactyl, Balmund! That's awesome." Marion regards the creature with great curiosity; August, however, is far more reserved in her admiration. She gives Kurthnaga a respectful bow, and responds with a simple, As you command, before flying off close behind him. August waves to Marion as she flies off, and Marion waves back before she turns towards the door, stepping through the threshold and admiring the well-adorned ground floor of Balmund's home and the soft sounds of jazz that seem to fill the room up like a deep, blue, calm ocean. Marion was the type to appreciate a wide variety of music, and she had to admit that she appreciated the tone the music set.

"Thank you so much for inviting us! I do have my other Pokemon with me, too." Marion makes a motion with her hand, directing Balmund's attention to the Pokeballs on her belt. "I figured I'd keep them inside their Pokeballs until it was appropriate for them to begin socializing. They're well trained, but maybe not the best group to unleash into somebody's home all at once." Marion chuckles a bit. "This is a really nice place... How long have you lived here?"
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"Heh, thanks!" Balmund responds to Marion's admiration for his prehistoric beast. "Kurth sure gets a lot of faces to turn his way whenever he shows up. Costed me a fortune too! Complete tissue revival is a very expensive procedure with an incredibly low success rate; especially when tried on fossils. I'm really glad my investment paid off. But I'm rambling now... by the way, you can call me Duke, that's how me friends know me as."

As Marion makes her way into Balmund's home, she thanks him once again for the invitation before letting him know that she had brought the rest of her Pokémo as well, safely kept inside their Pokéballs until the time was right. "It's alright, you can release them whenever you feel appropriate. There's enough room in here for everyone, and I trust your Pokémon as much as you do. Anyways, I have been living here for a couple of years now actually, well, I travel most of the time and only ever stay for a couple of weeks to a month at most before heading off to some other part of the world, but other than my native birthplace back at Blackthorn, this is the closest place I have to a home of my own. Duran grew up in this place, in fact." He smiled warmy. "Want me to show you around?"

Meanwhile, Kurth soared through skies at breakneck speed while August followed right after him. It was as if the Aerodactyl was in a way testing her by forcing the Dragonite to keep up with his absurdly sharp turns, sudden dives and twists, and low flights across tree-saturated jungles. Not once did he turn to see her expression, or even to see if she actually was on his tail, though a clear grin was reflected on his own, apparently finding great amusement in this little game. A rollercoaster of a chase later, he stops on the border edge of a lake, bathed by a mystifying haze. "We've arrived."
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Marion nods as she listens to Balmund discuss his Aerodactyl. "Actually, that reminds me... I once had a professor obsessed with fossils. She took an interest in me when she found out I could communicate with ghost Pokemon. She was convinced that if I learned how to speak their prehistoric language that I could speak with resurrected Pokemon and gather information about their experiences. Unfortunately, it all sounded like screeches and roars to me." Marion shrugs, a bit embarrassed by the admission. "I wish I could understand... I do wonder what Kurth would have to say about being revived in the modern world, and what it means to come back from the dead." She smiles a bit as Balmund suggests that Marion refers to him as Duke, implying that she could be counted among the ones that he calls friends. "Okay, Duke. I'll remember that."

As the pair enter Balmund's home, Balmund encourages Marion to release her Pokemon whenever she chooses. Marion thanks Duke and idly unclips a Pokeball from her belt and rolls it around in her hand as Balmund continues speaking. Upon being asked if she would like a tour, Marion nods enthusiastically. "Oh, yes! I would love to have a look around. Before that, though, I know someone who will want out of her Pokeball as soon as possible... I know she was looking forward to meeting your Pokemon, too." With that statement, a red light erupts out of the Pokeball as she calls out her beloved starter Pokemon, Minerva. The Banette looks around at her surroundings for a moment before turning to Marion with an amused grin.

"Where is Au-gust? I was un-der the im-pres-sion that this vi-sit was for herrr, too."

"Durandal was very thoughtful and organized a surprise for her. She is off with Duran's brother, but I don't know where they've gone."

Minerva cackles. Though Marion can tell exactly what kind of thoughts are swirling around inside the wicked ghost's head, Minerva holds back for the sake of her trainer, commenting simply with, "I see," before turning her attention to Balmund. "Oh, par-don me... Where are my man-ners? A plea-sure to see you a-gain." Minerva does her version of curtsy as she floats in midair, all while still grinning like mad. Though Balmund can likely sense that this show of politeness is not entirely genuine, at least the possessed stuffed animal was doing her best to be civil for now.

Meanwhile, August's talent for flight is tested by Kurthnaga, who was himself very adept at flying through rocky terrain by virtue of both his species and his intense training. Though August is a bulkier creature, with a bit more height and at least three times the weight, she matches his speed with surprisingly little difficulty, and reacts with great precision and accuracy to each and every one of Kurth's rapid shifts in direction. When the Aerodactyl finally lands at their destination, August lands a second afterwards, looking rather energized by what she perceived as a short but interesting flight.

August attempts to peer through the haze floating over what she imagines to be a beautiful lake, hoping to catch a glimpse of Durandal's surprise, but to no avail. Though she is clearly excited, she is also patient, and waits for her beloved's plan to unveil itself as he intends it.

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Nodding enthusiastically, Marion agrees to take a better look around with Balmund, though not without releasing her beloved starter Pokémon first, Minerva. The Banette looks around with an amused grin before curiously inquiring, ever with that characteristically creepy yet charming stutter of hers, about August, cackling afterwards from Marion's response. She then turns to Balmund before properly greeting him with half-honest politeness. At least she was trying!

"Always a pleasure to see you too, Minerva." Balmund smiled. "I have a feeling that you might get along just perfectly with some of the guys and gals over here. Now please, right this way~" He says before leading his guests. Right off the bat, they find themselves in the living room. A large plasma tv hung from a wall, and it seemed to be displaying some sort of poorly made slasher flick. A well-endowed, blonde teen screamed her lungs out as she apparently ran through the woods at night in a perhaps all-too revealing outfit while some masked man chased after her, wildly swinging a machete around in his hot pursuit.

On the floor, a small Dunsparce, Fa, seemed to gawk at the whole scene, trying to feebly jump into the tv in the process, apparently in a futile attempt to save the poor lady. Sitting on one of the comfy, black loungers, a peculiarly colored Gabite was unappropriately, or perhaps perfectly approrpriately, laughing like a mad-landshark at the scene before him; because such horrible acting deserved that and more. On the other lounger, both Chris and Sothe seemed to be comfortably laying all over it, and neither was paying any mind to the movie at all as they were too busy whispering and giggling to one another, ever trading spicy looks. Balmund could probably infer what they were talking about, though honestly, he did not want to know the details. Chris seems to be the only one to actually turn to meet their new guests, smirking as she glared to Marion and Minerva before Sothe started smooth talking to her again. "Save that for later, you naughty boy." She hissed, uncoiling herself from the Sceptile's body before heading over to the group. As per usual, she greeted Balmund very warmly, though for the sake of her pride she refrained from acting like an overly excited puppy in public. She seems to regard the Ghost-type with particular interest, though she utters not a single sound, simply content with grinning as she silently tried to read her.

"Well Chris and Sothe you already know, right?" Balmund started the introductions. "Sothe is in fact the second Pokémon I ever got. He's a bit unruly and independent; the black Mareep of the family, so to speak. I can't help imagining that if he were human I'd find him smoking, drinking, and chasing after all kinds of women (and maybe men too). I once saw him harassing my poor Paras for a sniff of his mushrooms now that I'm thinking about it... but you know, I love him very much regardless. Thay're all like children to me. Aren't parent-figures supposed to always love their 'children' after all?"

"The Gabite over there is Narsil, by the way. He's... a very unique individual, and I'm not just talking about his color. They're all unique for me, of course; they're my Pokémon, after all. Anyways, the little one you've already seen too. She's Fa, and she's one of the newer members of the family. I bit too easy to impress too... I'd ask you don't go overboard with that, Minerva." Balmund smiled a bit nervousely.

"The rest of my Pokémon are downstairs, and there's something that may interest you a lot too... I've been itching for your opinion about it for quite a while in fact..." He then extended the invitation.

Meanwhile, August waited patiently for whatever Durandal had in store for her. Kurth smirks before taking flight once again without warning, letting the Dragonite be. With the flutter of his mighty wings, so does another sound start filling the air, this time, a soothing melody starts coming from the lake. As the Haze started to dissipate, August can distinguish a strange shape floating over its calm waters... it's... a Kingdra! The aquatic dragon exuded an aura of serene majesty as he sang, eyes closed as his long snout transformed into an instrument of graceful harmony. He sang a story of death and love; of heroes who would valiantly venture into the very depths of the underworld in hopes of coming back with their beloved swan in tow; forever to live in bliss thereafter. A second voice then joined in the dragonsong, as Durandal silently emerged through the misty haze, pacing himself around August as he contemplated her from all angles, pouring all of his heart in his song as he did. As the song reached its end, the Kingdra half-opened his eyes solemnly, whereas Durandly stood only a small distance from August. His eyes betrayed his demeanor, showing great love, anxiety, & excitement, but he waited calmly and patiently, for her response...

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A teenage boy was getting ready to start his adventure in Cortoza, but before that, he wanted to visit a good friend of his. Mt. Ferit, huh? Pretty big mountain, an active volcano too! Why anyone would want to live on an active volcano was other people's guess, but Hyrem figured the heat was a good environment for Balmund to raise his dragons. Now the problem was finding a secret base on such a big mountain. At least Sera, Hyrem's Kirlia was beside him, using her psychic powers to scan the area for familiar presences. After a while, she called her trainer's attention towards a small crack in the mountain that was shaped like a fang. "Well, he said to 'look for the dragon's fang', so this is probably the place!" said Hyrem.

"Lia!" Sera nodded as she confirmed the familiar presences they were looking for behind this crack.

Hyrem then knocked on the rock wall close to where the fang was. It seemed like they were right, but he still wasn't sure, and Balmund might not even be home right now. No, they had to have found the place. And the smell of dragons was starting to become unmistakable...
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Balmund introduces Marion and her Banette to the Pokemon gathered around the TV, beginning with his starter and the second Pokemon he ever caught. The two seem to really be enjoying one another's company, in sharp contrast to how they were interacting at the bar. "Pleasure to see you both again," Marion happily says to Chris and Sothe, "and a pleasure to meet you, Narsil and Fa!" In the back of Marion's mind, however, she wonders how Chris in particular will react to her; after all, back at the bar, the Seviper had tried intimidating her and a Druddigon she was attempting to console with a fierce leer, and the snake-like creature had been completely shocked when Marion was unaffected. Similarly, Chris had been very upset when Balmund and Marion shared a friendly hug after the match between Saffron and Sakura, and she was certainly not afraid of displaying that emotion with a vicious hiss. What opinion had Duke's beloved starter formulated of her? Marion considers this question briefly before realizing that Chris' attention seemed to be focused on Minerva, and that she seemed to find the ghost intriguing in some way. Perhaps Chris sensed that she and the Banette shared a number of traits, particularly a sadistic, powerful persona and a strong will that was very difficult to control.

Marion seems thoughtful about Balmund's analogy. "I never really thought of my Pokemon as kids, especially Minerva. If anything, she probably thinks of me as the child." Marion laughs a bit at the thought. "I prefer to think of myself as their mentor. They rely on me for guidance more than anything else. Sure, they could survive without me, but I steer them in the right direction and help them thrive... help them become strong." Marion grins at little Fa's attempts to jump into the screen and save the actress. "I do get what you're saying, though, and I definitely agree that each one of your Pokemon is very unique... All Pokemon are! They have their own personalities and histories which make them who they are." Marion chuckles a bit. "Anyway, I doubt you have to worry about Minerva turning your Dunsparce into an idol-worshiper. She much prefers being feared to being loved." Perhaps not the most comforting response to Balmund's concern, but at least it was an honest one...

Meanwhile, Minerva is immediately drawn to the living room, amused and delighted by the film playing in Balmund's living room. While alive, Minerva had spent her teenage years watching campy 80s slasher films, and seeing one always awakened a warm nostalgia within the Banette's ice-cold heart. Though she senses Chris' silent analysis, she merely responds with a mischievous grin before finding a space to float among the movie-watchers. She joins Narsil in maniacal laughter at the bad acting and terrible soundtrack, and the eventual unrealistic splatter of blood and gore only serves to make her laugh harder. She plants herself in the scene, strongly suggesting that her interest in the movie far outweighs any desire to continue the tour. To further communicate this point, she clears her throat and points to a Pokeball on Marion's belt.

"Good idea! Liliana always seems to enjoy watching movies with you, huh?" Marion smiles and activates the Pokeball to which Minerva pointed, calling out a rather shy-looking female Duskull. At the sight of the movie, however, her single eye widens, and she claps her spectral hands together happily, floating alongside Minerva to watch the blonde bimbo on screen pretend to be mutilated. "She scream like dying Girafarig," Liliana comments in English as she takes her spot beside Minerva. Minerva pats the Duskull on the head.

"More like a Jynx, I would say," Minerva retorts with a wicked cackle. "Looksss like one, too."

As Minerva and Liliana settle in to watch the movie with Balmund's Pokemon, Marion is intrigued by Balmund's request for her to join him downstairs and provide an opinion on something that he believes she would like very much. "Certainly! I would love to meet the rest of your Pokemon and continue the tour." Before Marion can say anything more, however, one of her Pokeballs begins wiggling, as if the occupant is desperately trying to get out. Marion notices this immediately, and calls out the Pokemon within... A small blue jellyfish materializes from the Pokeball, holding a giant bottle of expensive Burgundy wine, complete with an intricately-tied bow around the neck to indicate that the bottle is a gift of some sort. The Frillish blinks a moment before immediately placing the bottle of wine in Balmund's hands with a big smile.

"Hello there, my good man! Pleasant evening, is it not? Indeed, the fair lady Marion has told me that you would far prefer to take on the role of host tonight, which I indeed appreciate! As such, I wanted to present to you some of the finest wine from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. Such a lovely vinyard, ohohoho~!"

Marion raises one eyebrow. "Where did you..."

"It is a gift of memory, my dearest mistress," the Frillish gazes off in the distance with wistful eyes. "The wine my father preferred, ohohohoho~! I do indeed hope that you will enjoy it as much as he did in life... Oh, but he did so enjoy a bit of blood in his wine. A drop or two really enlivens the flavor on one's tongue! Perhaps, if Lord Balmund does not mind, I can grab a knife from-"

Marion immediately picks up the Frillish like a blue jelly doll, giving him a hug that is clearly meant to gently restrain him. "Bedivere, you have done quite enough, and made us very happy. We would be even happier if you promised to stay away from all of Duke's sharp objects."

"A Duke? Oh, I did not know, Lord Balmund! Had I known you were royalty I would have had the bottle plated in gold as one of your status is accustomed-"

"Please just promise Duke that you will avoid sharp objects, Bedi..."

"Will that make you happy, Lord Balmund?" The Frillish tilts his head, focused on his host's reaction.


The dragon song overpowers her; too much to be contained by ears alone, it overtakes her body, ringing through her very essence and synchronizing the rhythm of her heartbeat to their magnificent symphony. The entrancing song pulled the world out from under her feet and sent her flying... Memories of being a small Dratini, dreaming of princes who fell in love with the dragon instead of the princess, those silly, fantastic dreams that she had abandoned long ago... Was she dreaming now? Had she walked straight into one of Marion's old storybooks, with the eerie, yet magical watercolor depictions of fairies, gods and royalty? Of all creatures, surely she knew what it meant to have wings, but was this what it was like... was this how it felt to be an angel in Heaven?

The Dragonite feels totally stripped of her defenses, vulnerable and weak, yet it was not the type of weakness that left one ashamed or angry. It was a sacrifice of one's exterior, the unleashing of the inner self, and she could only hope that Durandal would be the one to shield her from the torrent of emotions that she can no longer control.

Tiny tears stream from August's eyes as she is moved so deeply by Durandal's gesture. Though she does not speak, her expression tells volumes, a long history of joy and sorrow, triumph and tragedy, but no regret... a past that had not revealed to her how strong and overpowering love could be, until now.

Finally, the emotional Dragonite manages to croak out a few words to her beloved; I... I am deeply... deeply honored.

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Taking great interest in the slasher film playing on tv, Minerva settles in with the rest of Balmund's Pokémon, cackling amusedly along with Narsil at the poor acting. She points to one of Marion's Pokéballs and soon enough she releases her Duskull, Liliana, who, though shy-looking at first, quickly tosses her inhibitions away as she claps excitedly at the sght of the movie. The Gabite can't help laughing even more as she comments on the poor blondie sounding like a dying Girafarig, and bursts out in laughter so much when Minerva relates the on-screen victim with a Jynx that Balmund started worrying if he would be alright at all.

"Narsil, you must've seen this movie like a thousand times already. How do you ever find it in yourself to be so geniunely entertained by the same thing? Sothe questioned the landshark curiously.

"What're you talking about? This is a cult classic! Work of genius! Did you know this was made so bad on purpose? It's a parody of all slasher films ever written that actually takes itself somewhat seriously. Hilarious! It never gets old! See? My new friends here get it." Narsil keeps laughing. "Popcorn?" He offered a large bowlful of candy-coated popcorn to his ghostly companions, bathed with absurd amounts of bitter hot-salsa and sprinkled with powdered cheese. It was Narsil's own unique mixture that was sure to test all but the sturdiest of stomachs and the boldest of paletes.

"Oh great, you just happen to be movie snob now on top of being a demented Mighthyena at heart. You're going to make a fine specimen of a dragon when you finish growing up, for sure." Sothe chuckled.

"What I don't get is why that lady always keeps making the same mistakes over and over again. Always breaking the same leg over the same branch before being chopped up to bits. I keep telling her to watch out! But she never listens... Fa sighs in defeat.

"You see Fa, that's the thing with being characters in movies and any other form of fiction. They suffer the eternal curse of the Watchog Day; reliving these events, for better or worse, for our own amusement, and for as many times as someone ever decides to watch, read, or listen to them. Their stories have already been written, you can't do anything about it, I'm afraid." Sothe explains, but this only seems to confuse the Dunsparce even more. She tilts her head and frowns in frustration as she tries very hard to make sense out of any of that. "You're cute, Fa. You don't need to understand." He sighs before chuckling again.

"You silly little thing. How many times have I told you to not worry about such things?" Chris slithered back into the group. "If it's not you, or family, then it's not worth the effort. Learn to enjoy the carnage, hun~" Fa tilts her head to the other side, still confused. She then notices another of the poor teens about to encounter the homicidal maniac on-screen. "Ah, watch out!" She exclaims, before trying once again in vain to jump into the screen and save the day.


Meanwhile, Marion agrees to continue the tour further downstairs, but before decides to release her regal Frillish who apparently desperately wished to come out already. Bedivere properly greets Balmund as one of such refined manners would, and offers a bottle of wine as a gift.

"Oh wow!" Balmund exclaims, clearly surprised. "I-I'm honored!" He inspects the tag on the bottle. "And this I'm sure must've aged very well too. This was a great year for this crop, if I recall properly. Wine like this is sacred stuff!" He paused for a bit. "I think I may have some cheese in storage that might just be worthy enough of this. Parmesan is the king of cheese after all. A few thin slices over crispy brusquetta, lightly rubbed with garlic should manage to do the trick. But really Bedivere, this is too much, good sir. I'm not sure if I should accept this! I feel like opening this wouid be almost akin to sacrilege."

Badivere then suggests getting ahold of a knife to get some blood to further enhance the already godly wine, before being gently restrained by Marion who makes him promise to behave and keep away from any sharp objects. Focused solely on Balmund, he asks if that would truly be his wish.

"Yes, that would make me very happy." He responds. "As host, it's only right that I handle the sharp objects too. And besides, last time someone else took hold of one I ended being stabbed deep in the gut. Please just enjoy the atmophere, or you could accompany us downstairs too. Just one moment please, gotta store this wine." Balmund takes a moment to head back into the kitchen, and coming back with a platterful of assorted cold-meats of all kinds and setting it up on the table. "There! Now, onwards to-" Balmund is interrupted by the sudden sound of the alarm. "Oh? Another guest? Talk about timing. I'm sorry, excuse for just a bit." He withdraws for a moment to tend to whomever stood at the entrance of his base...


August seems too overwhelmed by Duran's gesture to even utter a word, yet, her expression spoke more than words ever could as small tears of joy trickled down her face. She somehow manages to express just how deeply moved and honor she has been, but at that point, there was no longer any need. Duran's face denotes great bliss. It seemed like he wanted to say something, but what words could possibly convey the emotions that were growing within him, like the explosive birth of a new star. Ephraim closes his eyes once again, and the silence is gently broken by another angelical poem of love. The Salamence spares not a moment before rushing towards her for a most warm and sweet of nuzzles; he couldn't contain it any longer. He wanted to embrace her, to be her support and at the same time, to feel supported by her. "You bring joy to my life with your presence alone. My heart could not have waited any longer." He whispered in a low, tender growl.

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Hyrem continues to stand outside the plain looking rock wall with the fang-shaped crack and tries his best to remain patient, but it was taking some time now for the owner to answer whatever door was supposedly there. "Darn, it doesn't look like he's home... either that, or we came to the wrong place," he sighed.

Sera, having read his mind and seeing that he was about to leave and come back another time, gently grabbed his wrist and nodded, pointing towards the crack. "Kir Kirlia," she said, transmitting to Hyrem's mind a calming blue color, reassuring him that she knew what she was sensing. Balmund had to be inside, she could even sense his presence coming closer, approaching the door.

"Okay, if you say so," he said, continuing to wait for the wall to part and to see the dragon tamer standing behind it.

Finally, the wall moves, and Balmund's face could be seen.

"Hey, Duke! I wanted to come by for a visit, is that OK with you?" Hyrem asked.

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Pablo Neruda is awesome.

Liliana eagerly takes a handful of Narsil's popcorn and scarfs it down. Minerva, on the other hand, takes a single kernel and phases it through her ghostly face, and then continues to pick out single kernels, throw them up in the air and have them phase through her zipper mouth flawlessly. Liliana, on the other hand, shoves fistfuls into her mouth and eats them messily, until Minerva clears her throat and gives Liliana a stern look. The Duskull tries to slow down her consumption a bit so that others can enjoy the popcorn.

"This is quite de-li-cious. I love the bit-ter un-der-tones. Who made it?" Minerva tilts her head.

"I like coating!" Liliana adds.

In response to Sothe's comment about Narsil, Minerva chuckles, as well. "De-men-ted dra-gons are the best kind, are they not? Shame Au-gust is not one of them, hehe..."

Meanwhile, Fa seems quite sad that she was once again unable to save the lady from her gruesome fate. Minerva and Liliana watch as Sothe tries to explain what's going on, to no avail. Chris chimes in to remind Fa that if the person is not a member of her "family" that she should not even be concerning herself in the first place. Minerva nods her head in agreement.

"Chris speaks the truth. Fa-mi-ly is all that mat-ters in life. You know that your fa-mi-ly is real, both in bo-dy and in mind. They will be there for you. That wo-man is not real... she is mere-ly an i-mage on a screen. She is what they call an ill-u-sion. She may look like a real per-son, but she is not." Minerva turns to Liliana with an exceptionally disturbing grin as a giant hatchet seems to materialize in the Banette's hands. "Per-haps we should dem-on-strate with this ill-u-so-ry axe..."

Liliana jumps up from the coach with a scream and tries to float away, but Minerva is in hot pursuit. The pair zoom around the room, until Liliana appears to trip over the black lounger upon which Narsil is sitting, and shouts, "OH NO I BREAK MY... Uhhh..." Of course, she stops shouting when she realizes that she has nothing to break as a ghost, and thinks about what on Earth she could possibly have injured on her body to explain the interruption in her floating. Of course, that moment of thought is Liliana's last mistake, as Minerva viciously comes down with the hatchet, which phases right through Liliana with every attempt at thwacking her. Minerva even pretends to try and cut through the lounge chair, with a similar effect occurring; the hatchet phases through, leaving no damage. "I no feel a thing," Liliana says, in hopes that little Fa might realize that the girl on TV was not in any real pain, either. "Axe may look real, but it no cut through things like real axe! Girl same way. Look real, scream real... not really real."


Balmund is clearly honored to receive such an incredible wine, and promises to pair it with some delicious brusquetta. He humbly suggests that it would be too much to accept such a gift, as opening a bottle of such exquisite spirits might be akin to sacrilege. Bedivere shakes his head.

"Oh no, Lord Balmund! What good is a wine that is never tasted? I assure you that the wine has been given ample time to age. We have much to celebrate tonight!" Bedivere turns to look up at Marion. "We are surrounded by the dearest of friends and friends yet to be made. I say we raise our glasses high for one another! Oh, certainly you must agree, my fairest lady..."

"Of course, Bedivere!" Marion smiles down at her Frillish. "It is a precious gift to be among friends."

Balmund assures Bedivere that it would make him very, very happy if he did not handle any sharp objects whatsoever. "As you wish," he says respectfully, and Marion carefully lets him go from the hug. At first, he stays beside Marion, keeping his promise not to follow Balmund into the kitchen, but when the alarm rings, he is immediately intrigued by the presence of another guest. He follows behind Balmund to see who might be arriving, and peeks his head through the door underneath Balmund's. "Good evening, Sir Hyrem~!" He exclaims in a sing-song voice. "Fancy seeing you here, ohohoho~"

Marion herself is curious as to who might be at the door, but she hangs back, picking at the cold cuts while she waits for Balmund to return. She recognizes that she is eating out of nervousness, and tells herself to stop, crossing her arms tightly so as not to pick up any more slices. When she detects the sound of Hyrem's voice, she is reminded of a Pokemon that she should have called out far earlier in the visit. The carefree, social creature responsible for Marion entering the bar and making all of these friends in the first place... who better to bring to a party than Aislyn?

In a flash of light, the Ninetales materializes, and immediately goes right for the cold cuts. Carefully grabbing some with her teeth so as not to spoil the others with her mouth, she pulls the meats off of the plate and then throws her head back, chewing the meat with her canine jaws. She licks her lips with a satisfied look on her face before bounding towards the door, eager to greet Balmund and Hyrem in the hopes that they may lavish her with attention. She yips out a happy "Nine NINE" as she gets within earshot of the pair.


August reciprocates Duran's nuzzle with both gentleness and intense passion, her black eyes glittering like a clear night full of stars. His heart could not have waited any longer... She wondered if he knew how deeply she could relate to that hearbreaking yearning. Back when August and Marion had left the bar and say goodbye to Durandal, the trainer could sense the heartsickness welling up in her dear friend, and decided to find some books on famous love poetry to read to her in hopes of quelling the savage beast within. August had asked Marion to read a particular sonnet to her over and over again, because the words resounded with her so powerfully. Marion's voice gave the poem an ethereal, melodious quality, yet her eyes also reflected a longing... less fiery than August's, but with a flicker that suggests years of burning, which brought depth and sadness to the poem. After the eighth reading (or was it the ninth?) both of them broke down, weeping like silly teenagers on a Pablo Neruda high, embracing one another. Having heard the poem so many times, August finds herself reciting- no, more than reciting, expressing the poem to her beloved with great fervor. It was not hers, no, not something she herself had written, but it flowed forth from her lips seemlessly because it was the best she could do to describe her feelings in the moment:

Don't go far off, not even for a day, because --
because -- I don't know how to say it:
a day is long and I will be waiting for you,
as in an empty station when the trains are parked off somewhere else,

Don't leave me, even for an hour, because
then the little drops of anguish will all run together,
the smoke that roams looking for a home
will drift into me, choking my lost heart.

Oh, may your silhouette never dissolve on the beach;
may your eyelids never flutter into the empty distance.
Don't leave me for a second, my dearest,

because in that moment you'll have gone so far
I'll wander mazily over all the earth, asking,
Will you come back? Will you leave me here, dying?

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Balmund opens the door to his new guest, followed closely by Bedivere. The royal jellyfish jovially greets none other than Hyrem who in turn asks Balmund if it would be okay to pay a visit right now. "Sure you can!" Balmund replied cheerfully. "You're just in time. As you can guess by the lovely presence of Sir Bedivere, Marion's in here too, in fact. I just happen to be throwing a social gathering." He pauses as Aislyn starts yipping happily. "And it looks like someone's very happy to see you here too!" Balmund beams a smile at the sight of the sight of the jolly, attention-seeking Ninetales. "By all means, come on in! Everyone's hanging out in the living room, and I'm touring Marion around the place if you'd like to join in too!"


Seeing how troubled Fa is regarding all the imaginary killing on-screen, Minerva and Liliana explain how all of that is nothing more than an illusion. the further prove the point by making a demonstration themselves, Minerva materializing an imaginary axe before chasing Liliana around with it. Fa looks geniunly shocked, and flinches as Liliana breaks an imaginary, invisible leg before being wacked by the fake axe, which just phazes through her harmlessly. The Dunsparce seems utterly confused. Just what kind of sorcery is this? Ghosts are wierd. The strangeness of the situation is only further enhanced by Narsil's hysterical laughter. She seems to think hard about the living doll's words. Though it may look and sound real, it's... not really real?

Fa turns around to watch the movie again, just in time as the monster raises his machete to hack at some poor, freckled teen. "He's got a machete, and he's going to kill me! OH MY GAAAAAH" The teen awkwardly screams the absolute obvious. Fa tilts her head again, half-expecting the machete to go through like it did with Liliana, except it doesn't. Look real, not real, look real, not real... the thoughts circle in her head. Suddenly, she rolls over to her back, sighing again in defeat. "Nyoro~n." At the very least, she wasn't jumping at the screen any more.

"If that monster ever had a shred of mercy for that kid, it was killed by those famous last words. I would totally engrave them on his tombstone." Narsil laughed out loud. "And my popcorn is down for the count somehow." He rolled the last remaining unpopped kernels straight into his jaws. "Lucky me I got another bag ready to be served. Glad somebody appreciates my genius mixes~"

"Honestly, I never thought you would get to open that one so soon..." Sothe looked, for once, geniunely surprised. Chris then suddenly turns around, facing towards the entrance. "Now, what's the matter, hun? Viper senses are tingling?" Sothe grinned amusedly.

"Shut up, Sothe." Her eyes narrowed a bit. She could feel it... someone... wanted to hoard Dad's attention right now. A part of her wanted to get in the way and 'mark the territory', so to speak, but she shakes off those thoughts, turning to the group before masking herself once again with her ever-present mischieveous grin. She had promised to behave after all, if only for today, at least.


Duran absorbs all of the sentiment behind August's beautiful poem. He could relate to the feeling all too well, and at the same time, he couldn't help feeling sadness in anticipation at the inevitability of departure. As long as their trainers had different agendas, so too would their Pokémon.

"Always." Is what the Salamence managed to utter in response. "I would always come back, for you."

THUMP! The spell is suddenly broken as the Aerodactyl makes a forceful landing. He looks at the pair with a bloody grin. Pinned under one of his talons, a Pignite, battered and bloodied, tried in vain to wrestle himself out to freedom. The Kingdra sighs; he was trying so hard to keep the mood going...

"Dinner, for the lovebirds. This one's feisty."

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Hyrem expected his friend, Balmund, to reveal himself when the door opened. He did not expect Marion's Frillish and Ninetales to greet him as well, but they were very welcome surprises.

"Hey, Bedivere! Nice to see you again!" he responded to the Frillish. Once he saw Aislyn, he could only be happier. "And Aislyn too! Hi there!" He took a few steps into Balmund's house, and once she was within reach his hand was immediately on the Ninetales' head, petting it and giving her plenty of attention. "Thanks, Duke! So Marion's here, huh? Cool! I'd like a tour of the place too, though I wouldn't mind visiting the living room first to see who's there."

Sera also greets Marion's Pokemon by curtsying first to Bedivere, then Aislyn, and says, "Hello there. It is good to see both of you again!" She then turns to Balmund and says, "Lia kir kir kirlia," which the Pokemon would understand as, "We are honored to be your guests." She then radiates a friendly yellow color to the minds of those close by.

Hyrem then gets out three Pokeballs, a Chocolate Pokeball, and a Premier Ball. "I'd like to bring out the Pokemon I brought with me so they can visit too," he said to Balmund. "Hope you don't mind. All right, come on out, guys!" He then tosses all of the Pokeballs in the air. A Druddigon, a Seviper, a Poochyena, an Ekans, and a Sneasel materialize soon after. The Poochyena subsequently jumps onto Hyrem and starts licking his face. "Okay, okay, Laika, you can do that later," he says, lightly pushing the puppy off of his body. "Why don't you go introduce yourself to our host?"

Laika barks a couple of times in a friendly greeting towards Balmund... and then smells the meat and was about to head straight towards it had Hyrem not picked him up and said, "Hold on! I know you can smell food, but we'll get to that in a second."

The rest of his Pokemon were still there, waiting to be introduced to the rest of Balmund's base (even though they too smelled the good eats). Sarkhan was pumped and ready to meet Durandal and the other dragons here. Amethyst was more interested in seeing Orchrist again (and introduce Seshiro to her). Leila simply wanted to see what kind of men she could bring under her power as she hugs Hyrem's leg and rubs her face against it once before sporting a dark smirk. Seshiro slithers up Hyrem's arm and dangles himself over his shoulders, excited about being able to meet more reptiles.

Hyrem has his Sneasel let go of his leg before saying, "So, I guess we're all ready now! Hope you've got lots of eggs because I've got three egg eaters with me today!" He then waited for Balmund to bring him and his Pokemon into the living room.
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They're eating her... and then they're going to eat me!

Aislyn's nine tails flutter happily as Hyrem pets her, a contented Niii~ escaping her lips, which roughly translates to a relaxed Ahhhh. Bedivere, too, reacts happily to Hyrem and Sera's greeting, with a respectful bow and a wide grin.

"Ah, the pleasure is all mine, Sir Hyrem and Lady Sera! How were your travels to Balmund's wonderful home? Did you fly, or perhaps walk? Dearest Lady Marion very much enjoys flying with Madame August. Even from my Pokeball, I could tell it was quite the exhilarating flight, indeed!" He then turns his attention to Sera, his expression bright and cheerful. "My, don't you look absolutely ravishing! Much has changed since last we met, has it not? I can tell you have certainly grown in strength and in beauty... Oh, pardon me for being so forward, ohohoho~!" Bedivere blushes a bit.


Minerva and Liliana stop their morbid demonstration just in time to catch their absolute favorite part of the movie. The unfortunate boy with glasses is barely able to open his mouth before the two ghost-type Pokemon explode with peals of maniacal laughter. Though the two attempt to calm themselves down, Narsil's comment only causes Minerva to start laughing again.

"HEHE - I could - heh - I could see his, his tomb-stone say-ing... '[Teen's name here] is dead! OH MY GAAAAAAAAH~'" Minerva snickers a bit before calming herself down. "Mm, I do be-lieve we will need more pop-corn. Li-li-a-na has lit-tle self con-trol when it comes to snacks, I am a-fraid... though I must say, I am en-joy-ing it as well."

Meanwhile, Liliana floats over to Fa, who has given up (albeit in an adorable way) on trying to understand what Liliana has told her. "It okay. Life confusing sometimes. Afterlife even more confusing! Just enjoy being with friends, having good time. That easy to understand, right?"

As Liliana comforts Fa, Minerva can sense Chris' jealousy with incredible clarity, both as a Banette who feeds on emotions and as the spirit of a young woman who knew that emotion intimately. Though she cannot pinpoint the exact cause of Chris' envy and rage, she knows it likely has to do with her beloved trainer. Minerva sips the aura of jealousy in the air discreetly through her zipper-mouth, tasting it like a fine wine... Oh, it was delicious. The type of jealousy that came with years and years of possessiveness and overindulgence. Ohhhh, yes. Certainly, Minerva was not one to induce suffering on a new friend, especially with Marion around, but hey, it wasn't like these emotions were her fault, right? Might as well enjoy the free food...


August can sense what Duran is feeling, despite the fact that he assures her that he would always come back for her; indeed, as long as their trainers were of two different minds, the star-crossed lovers would always be faced with the grim reality of parting. August used to think that parting is such sweet sorrow was a rather corny line... At this moment, it made a painful amount of sense. Our hearts will never be far apart, she murmurs, placing a claw over her own heart, then gently over Duran's.

August can smell the interruption before the loud entrance shatters the romantic moment; a Pignite, expertly captured by Kurthnaga, has been brought as dinner for the lovers. Hmm, perhaps we can make him light some candles before we slaughter him... August thinks to herself, but immediately shakes the thought out of her head. Internally, she scolds herself for thinking like that blasted puppet.

August bows respectfully to the Aerodactyl. I am honored by your kindness and sincerely impressed by your skill. She is completely genuine in her compliments, and though she maintains a ladylike poise and calm demeanor, it is clear that she will not hesitate to eat this poor beast. Nothing like a good roast pork, after all... Or Pignite Bacon. Talk about delicious!

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Hyrem properly greets Bedivere in pleasant surprise and takes a moment to pet Aislyn, who seems to really enjoy all the attention and pampering. Sera too takes a moment to be courteous and lady-like, transmitting a bright and friendly yellow into everyone's mind. It was a warm color, and Balmund couldn't widening his smile as it reminded him of the bright sheets set on the kitchen table every morning back at home. The color felt warm and lazy, and, in a way, it smelled like pancakes to him; those awesome pancakes his mother used to make and which he eventually replicated for posterity.

Introductions over, Hyrem then proceeds to quickly unleash his entire squad before being led inside. "Wow, you really did bring the entire squad, didn't ya?" Balmund muttered as he observed Hyrem's Pokémon, some of which he was very familiar with and some others were completely new faces. The Ekans brought back some memories and Balmund wondered about introducing him to his Arbok. The energetic Poochyena brought some even fonder momories as his thoughts turned to the Poochyena he once used to own. He wondered how Nailah was doing after he traded her away. It was for the better though. Poochyenas were also on the list of things Chris didn't like very much. He reminded himself to keep a closer eye on his starter Pokémon.

"Anyways, right over here everyone! Don't worry Hyrem, I'm prepared for anything. Once they try my deviled eggs, they might just start fighting over them" He laughed half-jokingly.


Calming herself down after an nearly incontrolable laughing fit induced by arguably the most memorable scene in the entire movie, Liliana floats over to Fa who still had a hard time telling the difference between reality and illusion. She conforts her letting her know that all really matters in life is having a good time with friends, despite how confusing things can sometimes get. The Dunsparce slowly rolls back to her belly before turning towards Liliana. "Mm!" She nods enthusiastically in agreement. "Will you two be my friends?" She then asked joyfully and expectantly.

Meanwhile, Chris couldn't help noticing Minerva's gaze over her. The Banette sill had that same wicked grin, but the intensity of her eyes was somewhat different. For the first time in her life, the Seviper felt truly naked; exposed. A strange sensation, to feel someone else reading her like an open book, and she wasn't sure if she should feel outraged or embarrased. It definitely felt wierdly uncomfortable, and she had the sensation something was being taken away from her, except she wasn't sure what.

"The more you think about it the worse it gets~" Sothe whispered to her as he turned her face in his direction, trying to get her to switch channels internally once again as he tried to nuzzle her half-affectionate, half-seductively. For a few seconds, she seems to give in, right before violently pushing herself away from him all of a sudden, slithering away to Balmund's room as she muttered and cursed angrily. Condescending motherf-... thinking they know me... f***... The hell just got into her again?

"...Popcorn, anyone?" Narsil was just about done prepping a second bowl, somehow expertly managing to spray sauce over it despite his lack of opposable thumbs (or fingers, for that matter).

"Yeah sure." Sothe took up on the offer, grinning a bit bittersweetly. "I need to puke my guts out anyways."


August was very pleased and honored by the Aerodactyl's gift. Maybe it was indeed a cruel sight for the sensitive of heart, but such was the nature of hunting.

"Oh, this is nothing. I was looking for mother Emboar, but she's nowhere in sight today. She would've entertained me lot more for sure." Kurth attempted being modest, clearly flattered by August's comment. He always tried to emulate Duran's courtly manners, but it somehow always came out wrong, like a primitive barbarian trying to act up like a member of modern high society. "Maybe if I use the youngling as bait..." The Pignite's face seems to tense up, growing ever more desperate. He seemed to try to keep some sort dignity in his final moments, but apparently couldn't help swelling up his eyes in tears at the mention of his mother as he cursed under his breath, trying even harder to free himself with renewed strength; thrashing about while spouting flames and embers from his snout.

"Brother, while I deeply appreciate the gesture, even prey is life worth respecting. Please tally no longer, and end it quickly. The Pignite alone would suffice." Duran urged him.

"Your party, your rules." Kurth replied, before swiftly snapping at the Pignite's head with a crushing Crunch; the Fire-type squealed loudly for moment, but after a sudden twist of his head, he stopped moving completely. The Aerodactyl carries the prize to the pair before dropping it before them; in his opinion, very delicately, though it probably looked more like someone casually throwing a sack of potatoes onto the floor. "Fresh and rare is best. Enjoy~" He took flight once again, perhaps in search of a meal of his own. Durandal merely observed, though he a motion as if silently suggesting her to call first dibs on her preffered parts. Ephraim started singing again; a casual melody in memory of his mother.

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Hyrem loved each time he was able to meet Aislyn, and this time was no exception. "Aw, you still love that, don't you?" he said to one of his biggest fans. He then turns to Bedivere, who had asked about the trip. "Well, I don't have a Flying Pokemon, so we just walked over here. Well... maybe not all the way, Sera helped to Teleport both of us once we got to the base of the mountain." he quickly said after Sera flashed him an orange color along with a green triangle disappearing from one place and reappearing to another. She nodded in approval once she got the credit deserved, then smiled at Bedivere after his compliment.

"Oh no, please do not worry about being forward; I thank you for your kind words!" she assured him.

Hyrem then turned to Balmund to respond to him: "Well, it's actually not everybody; I had to leave Daphne and Delilah in my PC since I could only bring six Pokemon with me." He and his Pokemon were then led towards the living room while the three egg eaters each licked their lips at the announcement of deviled eggs being in good supply. "Cool, I like deviled eggs too! And they'll be perfect for these devils!" he quipped.

Once they arrived in the living room, they could see Minerva and Liliana already making themselves comfortable whilst making everyone else uncomfortable... well, mostly the Dunsparce. The Sceptile and the peculiarly colored Gabite... not so much. Hyrem surveyed the living room and the Pokemon in it and had to sport a huge grin in admiration of them.

"Okay, I know Minerva and Liliana, but are the others yours?" asked Hyrem. "That Sceptile looks so cool! And that looks like a really cool Gabite! I've never seen one with those colors before!"

Hyrem may not have known Sothe, but Sarkhan sure did. He approached the Sceptile pretty carefully before speaking. "Yo. So, any chance things are cool now? You know, after what happened." he said with his claw touching the back of his head. He didn't know any better, that what Chris and Sothe did to each other was part of some sort of ritual they did. He'd make sure he wouldn't interfere from now on.

Seshiro stayed on Hyrem's shoulder, surveying the room as well when he spotted a little Dunsparce. "Hi there, you must be one of the Pokemon who lives here. My name's Seshiro, what's yours?" he asked in a friendly manner.

Laika also saw the Dunsparce and wanted to make sure he got a new playmate--despite the way the meat close by was calling his name. "Hey, hey, I'm Laika!" he added to Seshiro's comment. "I hope we can play sometime!"

Meanwhile, Leila could see two excellent looking Pokemon right in front of her, though one of them sounded a little bit weird. The other Pokemon was perfect; likely a difficult catch, but she was up to the task. She takes a deviled egg from the tray and quickly scarfs it down before approaching the sexy Sceptile and saying, "Oh, hi there~! You've got to be the handsomest thing I've ever seen! Any chance you might tell me your name?"

Amethyst looked at what the Sneasel was trying to do and just started giggling.

"Um, what's so funny?" Leila asked curtly.

"Haha who, me?" asked Amethyst trying to feign innocence. "Oh, nothing, it's just... hee hee hee!"


"Oh, heh, I'd tell you, but you just might find out for yourself if you keep up your stupid tricks!" And with that, she used her tail blade to hide her giggling.

Hyrem glanced over at Leila and put his hand over his face. "Oh man, seriously? She couldn't wait to pull something like that later on?"

Sera was equally embarrassed and felt obligated to approach this Sceptile as well. "I apologize for my teammate's rude behavior. I will make sure she does not bother you any more."

"Oh come on, will you two just butt out?" Leila snapped at her female teammates.

The Kirlia simply just grabs Leila by the earfeather and pulls her back to Hyrem's side. "Ow ow ow, not the ear, ow!" she complains in pain.

"Trust me, girlfriend, you're lucky she did that!" Amethyst calls out to Leila, then turns to Sothe. "Yup, she's lucky Chris wasn't here, where is she anyway? I'd have thought she'd be with you."
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Liliana seems happy to have changed the subject with Fa, who seems much happier now than before. "Of course we friends," Liliana says with a wide skull-grin. "I love friends! Hope we friends with all Duke's Pokemon when night over."

Minerva immediately realizes that Chris can sense the Banette's strange power, and clearly does not like how easily Minerva can read the Seviper's emotions. Though Sothe tries to diffuse the situation, it only causes Chris to fly into a rage, slithering off muttering about how those motherf******s think they know her. Minerva can't help but laugh at this statement. Know her? Of course not! Knowing how a Pokemon feels does not equate to knowing them as a living being with thoughts, desires, a personality and a unique history of their own. Though Minerva is tempted to float after Chris and attempt to explain this, she thinks better of it, deciding that it would be a better strategy to let the Seviper cool off on her own. Instead, she reaches for more popcorn.

"Thank you, Nar-sil," she says with a wide grin. She then laughs at Sothe's comment about wanting to puke his guts out. "I no long-er have guts with which to puke... I al-ways de-bate whe-ther or not that is a good thing." Minerva giggles to herself. "I do not even think that I can puke up my stuf-fing!"

Meanwhile, at the door, Bedivere responds to Hyrem with admiration of Sera's ability. "Ah, teleportation! A useful skill, indeed. None of Lady Marion's Pokemon are equipped with such a skill, but we all have our own talents, ohohoho~!" Bedivere grins, apparently relieved that Sera is flattered by the compliment. "You are most welcome, my lady," he says with another bow, before noticing that Hyrem and Balmund were heading towards the living room. He and Aislyn follow with the rest of Hyrem's Pokemon; though Bedivere stays among them to watch events in the living room unfold, Aislyn walks off towards the kitchen, where Marion was standing around, lost in thought. Aislyn snorts before gently pushing Marion into the living room with her nose, barking loudly so that Hyrem and Balmunds' attention will be on her.

"Oh... Hello, Hyrem! Good to see you again!" Marion smiles serenely. "I trust that Aislyn has already said Hello, haha. Are you going to be joining me on the tour of Duke's home?"

Minerva cackles at the Sneasel's absolutely pathetic attempts at being seductive. Not only was she entirely too forward, but she was clearly trying too hard. She hoped that Chris would see this humorous farce of actual lust-inducing dialog... If not, Minerva might just have to set the dark-type straight herself. Unfortunately, Sera seems far less excited at the prospect of Leila being gutted, and pulls her away from Sothe. Minerva sighs, wishing that she could have seen some bloodshed outside of the television screen...


Though August clearly takes no issue with the Pignite being killed, she does get a bit uncomfortable when Kurth begins talking about killing the mother in front of the terrified Pignite. Ending the life of prey was part of the neverending cycle, but to torture the poor creature by discussing plans for murdering the one who gave him life? Though August can sense that Kurth is not intentionally being cruel, she certainly feels for the poor Pignite who desperately wants to escape and warn his mother of the vicious Aerodactyl. Fortunately, Duran intervenes, and the Pignite's suffering is ended with a single sharp crack. August bows respectfully to Kurthnaga as he flies off to find a meal of his own, and graciously steps forward to take her favorite bits of the Pignite. She then gives a long look to Durandal as if to thank him for intervening on behalf of their meal.

August delicately plucks the eyes out of the Pignite's head with a seemingly ladylike flick of her powerful wrist; she pops one into her mouth like a grape, and graciously offers the other to Durandal. She then bites into the pig's side, aiming directly for the liver. After all, Pignite liver was one of her favorite delicacies. She had never consumed one so fresh before... It was heavenly. Admittedly, she was making a bit of a mess of herself, but how could one eat a freshly-killed Pignite without a bit of mess? It was the natural way to eat such a meal, and certainly the most satisfying way in August's mind. The Dragonite makes sure to position herself in such a way that Duran has easy access to the food, as well.

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In a new exciting episode of Sex House?

Sothe can't help returning the giggle as Minerva admits, for better or worse, to being unable to puke anymore. "Ah that's a shame, I've always found throwing up to be so liberating; somehow cleaning me up from all the filth I gather. Nothing like that nice afterburn resulting from gastrointestinal acids running up my throat." He replied a tad sarcastically. "That said, are you sure you're not just holding something up in there? I've always wondered what's all that Gunk I've seen a rare Banette shoot out from time to time."

Then, the living room is suddenly flooded as a new wave of guests arrived. A familiar Druddigon approaches Sothe, still looking somewhat ashamed as he asked the Sceptile if everything was cool after the last incident in the bar. "Yeah, you're cool, with me at least. Chris however has a tendency of not easily letting go of her grudges. I wouldn't be surprised if she became a Shuppet in the afterlife. It wasn't a wierd ritual we were performing by the way, she's just explosive like that. You gotta watch that skin of yours though, it didn't help one bit." Sothe reassured Sarkhan, though it was probably not quite the answer he was hoping for.

Meanwhile, Fa was very happy as Liliana accepted her friend request, practically hopping up and down with excitement before she was approached by an Ekans, who introduced himself as Seshiro. A Poochyena also popped by to introduce himself, and opening the invitation to play sometime soon. "Yay! I'm Fa! I'd love to play with you. Let's play now! TICKLE ATTACK!" She rushed forward to the puppy while giggling with incontrolable joy.

Back over to Sothe's, the Sceptile is now approached by yet another Pokémon, this time a lewd Sneasel who was very openly hitting on him. He couldn't help raising an eyebrow in response, and tried his best to hide a growing smirk at her cute attempt. Minerva wasn't nearly as generous however, whereas Narsil was giggling so hard it almost seemed as if he was choking himself to death. Amethyst, her female Seviper companion, seemed quite amused too, and very subtly warned the young Sneasel of the dangers behind giving chase to this particular target. Sera on the other hand, seemed filled with embarassment, and apologizes to Sothe for Leila's behavior before pulling her away from the scene.

"Oh, it's nothing. I am the handsomest Sceptile you will ever meet, after all." He laughs out loud. I don't know, I could probably talk Chris into this, but I fear we may end up too experienced for her, if you know what I mean." Narsil bursted his popcorn out from his mouth in laughter. "I'm Sothe, by the way, and in all seriousness, I find her young, naive sense of raunchyness very cute and refreshing. She could learn a thing or two from us. Searching for a partner to 'play' around with is all fine and dandy, but it's all about mastering the art of subtlety if one wants to be classy about it." He then turned to Amethyst who had taken the opportunity to ask about Chris's whereabouts. "She just went upstairs, in fact." Sothe casually responded. "By all means, go ahead! She could use a punching bag right about now..."

"Isn't Arthur upstairs too?" Narsil inquired.

"Oh yeah... gonna be a rough day for that poor Ralts..."


Balmund had been observing the events unfolding before him in the living room. He couldn't help grinning after Hyrem's remark regarding how cool his Pokémon were, though a part of him was wondering where had his Seviper in particular gone off to? Hopefully, she wasn't up to any sort of mischief...

Led back by her Ninetales, Marion approaches the group once again, serenely greeting Hyrem in the process. She wonders if he'll be keeping them company im Balmund's tour.

"Pretty sure he is unless he'd want to stick around with these guys... are you, Hyrem?" Balmund took the liberty of answering beforehand. "Hope we didn't leave you hanging for too long Marion. My deepest apologies if we did. Admittedly, there's not that much to show. Go upstairs and you'll find yourself in my room, nothing too interesting there unless you're fond of videogames. Going down y'all find yourself at my library. Some books I'm pretty sure you would love, Marion. I also have a battle arena for training purposes too. You're free to try it out if you want to, Hyrem! That's pretty much all that my humble abode has to offer, though I'm still happy with what I've managed to do here. Now, without further adieu, right over here!" Balmund quickly glanced at the dining table to ensure the hors d'oeuvres where still, for the most part, right there before leading the group down.


Though August is slightly uncomfortable by Kurth's cruel, though unintentional psychological torture of the Pignite, she's glad Duran stepped in and ensured the death of their prey was swift and relatively painless. Bowing respectfully to the Aerodactyl, she silently thanks Durandal before digging into her meal, taking her favorite pieces with ladylike grace, though inevitably making a mess of herself in the process as would anyone who tries eating meat so fresh with one's bare hands. Yet, there was a strange sense of beauty in the primal act; it was simply the natural way, and oh was it glorious. Duran also seemed to enjoy his meal greatly; popping the other eye August had plucked out into his mouth before taking a moment to savor its concentrated meaty flavor and collagenous texture. It was such a shame the Pignite only had two of them. He allowed August to dig into the favored visceri as he focused on other parts such as the head; snout and brain have always been some of his favorite parts. The meat itself was slightly tougher then desired, but that was as expected given how much stress the Pignite had gone before meeting its end.

Duran then licks he blood off his chops before admiring August gnawing on some tasty ribs. He thought that if anyone could manage to look absolutely angelical while devouring the deseased corpse of another creature, that would just have to be her. Ephraim's singing could be helping a lot in that regard. "My lady, forgive me if I come as being too straightforward, but I must ask." He then sought her attention. "I have felt your strength, I have felt your passion, and I feel your love. That, should be more than enough, but I seek to know more. I may ask too much, but tell me... what is your life story?" A question that has been burning in his mind for a long time. He had told himself that there was absolutely nothing that she could say that could tarnish the way he saw her right now. The minor stuff, the quirky habits, likes and dislikes, those he would learn eventually in due time. But the events that shaped her the way she is... those were invaluable information, and of course, absolutely private. But it had important meaning to him, and he felt this time to be as good as any to make that major step forward.

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Hyrem noticed Aislyn walking into the kitchen and then saw her drag Marion back into the living room. It was then that she noticed her good friend and asked him if he was going to take the tour through Balmund's base as well. "Yeah, sure, just give me a second so I can check on everyone and make sure they're comfortable."

Right on cue, Sera had placed Leila at Hyrem's feet and went back over to Sothe. Leila looked up at Hyrem with soulful eyes. He had to chuckle at this a little; he'd seen this act a lot before, but that didn't make it any less convincing. "You not getting what you want? Huh?" he asked his Sneasel as if he didn't already know the answer. Leila nodded, and Hyrem bent down, Seshiro still draped over his shoulders, and picked her up by her chest. He then started scratching the ear with the feather, to which she let out a sigh of contentment, before turning to Balmund and saying, "Sorry about Leila, by the way. She sees any good looking guy Pokemon, and she thinks its her life mission to win him over. She's got so much to learn, and the fact she knows Attract already doesn't help. Anyway, I'm ready to see what else your base has, Duke!" he finished before following him and Marion to the basement.

Sarkhan's fears were confirmed; that impulse of his had landed him on a powerful Pokemon's bad side. He bit his lip as Sothe referred to the Druddigon's Rough Skin ability. "Yeah, that's still bein' a pain in my butt. It's cool for battle, not so cool if you're tryin' to make friends with those guys that're better than you, know what I'm sayin'? So yeah, cool to meet ya again!" He then turned towards the tan colored Gabite, trying to lift his mood, and meeting a new dragon can certainly do just that. "Yo, what's up, bro? Those're some cool colors you've got, you ain't what normal Gabite look like! Name's Sarkhan, by the way, 'syours?"

Laika suddenly found his new Dunsparce friend wanting to play now. Before he had the chance to agree, Fa had run towards him in an effort to tickle him. "Haha, can't catch me!" he barked playfully before running around the room, allowing himself to be chased by someone as energetic as he was.

Sera took comfort in the fact that Sothe didn't take offense to Leila's actions, but she instead felt concern that he was willing to help the Sneasel develop her talents of seduction. "Unfortunately, that is something I worry about," she responded. "She uses her talents to gain their service, and when it is convenient she leaves them. I believe love is not supposed to be something you use for your own purposes, it must be used to serve others, if it is to be used at all."

Amethyst didn't hear what Sothe said after he mentioned Chris was upstairs. "Oh, okay, thanks!" She then slithered upstairs, knowing she'd need to be careful in her approach; she figured Chris was away from the others for a reason.

Sera took notice at the mention of a Ralts. "Oh, your trainer has a Ralts now? Interesting," she says before scanning the surroundings with her mind, and, sure enough, there was a peculiar psychic signature upstairs that she recognized as one of her evolutionary line. "Excuse me, I would like to meet this Ralts," she says politely before following Amethyst towards the stairs leading to Balmund's bedroom, knowing full well Orchrist was there as well and likely should be approached with caution.

Amethyst had noticed she was being followed, however, and stopped to look back towards Sera. "What, are you going to follow me and make sure I'm a good little snake?" she hissed, annoyed by the Kirlia's presence.

"There is that, but I also wish to meet another Ralts up there. He is apparently a new addition to Balmund's team."

"Oh, another Ralts, huh?" she asked with interest. "He'll be fun to boss around." She then resumed slithering up the stairs, ignoring the cold gaze Sera was giving her as she followed right behind Amethyst.


Meanwhile, Hyrem had Leila and Seshiro with him as he followed Balmund down the stairs. He also noticed Aislyn with the group and smiled at her again before listening to what Balmund's base had to offer. "Wow, really? A battle arena? That's awesome! Though I guess it's kind of needed if you've got a lot of dragons. But yeah, I'd like to see it! Maybe even your room too. I like playing videogames, maybe we can play a few rounds of Smash Bros.! I gotta warn you, though, I'm pretty good!" he said with a little pride. This visit was already turning out to be fun!
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Minerva laughs as Sothe asks about her Gunk Shot ability. "Oh, I have used it, sure... It is ba-si-cal-ly just a phy-si-cal man-i-fes-ta-tion of the poi-son-ous ha-tred that wells up with-in us. Trust me, it is quite gross and dis-gus-ting ei-ther way!" Minerva raises one eyebrow at the comment that Chris would likely become a Shuppet in the afterlife. Mmm... I could see that, Minerva thinks to herself.

Meanwhile, Liliana claps and giggles as Fa and Laika begin playing. "I play too!" She says, making a pseudo-threatening tickle motion towards Laika as she floats toward him. "No escape tickle monster," she cries out with a laugh.

Aislyn happens to take notice of Sera's speech, discussing how she felt that love should be used, and cannot help but join in. I am glad to hear that you have made up your mind on the matter, she calmly interjects. However, I believe that Leila has also made up hers. It is difficult to see those whom you perceive as misusing their gift, but it is ours with which to make the choice.

Minerva overhears Aislyn and simply rolls her eyes. Aislyn looks around to make sure that no one is looking, and quickly sticks her tongue out at Minerva before returning to her typical demure, charismatic expression.


Marion's eyes light up at the mention of a library, but it's Hyrem's mention of Smash Bros. that really grabs Marion's attention. "Original, Melee or Brawl? I'm partial to Melee, myself... I'm a vicious Princess Peach."

Suddenly, Marion appears as though she has remembered something, and turns to Balmund. "Say, you mentioned earlier that you wanted my opinion on something downstairs...? Was it the library?"

Bedivere pokes his head out from behind Marion. "Oh, I do hope that there is room for one more on the tour of the Honorable Duke's castle, ohohoho~!"


There was something about sharing the spoils of the hunt that really felt special to August... Sharing a meal of the flesh was a communion of sorts in Dragon culture, a fascinating meeting of the carnal and the sublime. Durandal's blood-and-brain soaked jaws awakened something deep within her; something raw and untamed, yet passionate and complex. This was their meal, shared between them, one body that sustained two beings.

Durandal decides to ask August one of the most personal questions any creature could ever dare to ask; what was the story of August's life? Under normal circumstances, August might have divulged little pieces of her life here or there, but with Duran, she knew that only a complete and honest answer would be appropriate.

I was born in the Egg House to a young teenager with only a Shuppet and a Vulpix to her name. It caused quite a stir in the community for such a young, inexperienced trainer to receive a dragon-type, but I refused to leave her side. As strange as it sounds, I do believe that we were fated to be together, that little lady and I. She cannot speak my language, as she can with ghosts, but in some ways, I feel like speaking a common language has not been necessary, as we always seem to just know what the other is thinking. She trained me with all of her heart and all of her strength, and though she was not always perfect, she did her best to raise me not as she wanted me to be, but as I was destined to be. The ways of dragons were foreign to her, but she read books, told me stories, encouraged me to seek out my true nature. I am her sworn protector; since my very birth, I have felt that is my destiny. I live out that promise even to this day.

August laughs a bit. Marion has a nasty habit of needing protecting, especially with her field work... I have defended her against mutants, vengeful spirits, dangers both real and illusory... I have wept with her when she cried, laughed with her when she felt joy. We have fought, yes, but not out of anger; we fought out of a desire for understanding. No matter what we went through, we went through it together as best as we could. It is through her that I have learned what a power that love can be. It brings one strength. Minerva, too, was a great teacher of that lesson, I have to admit. As fueled as she is by anger and pain, the good things she has done... those things were truly done with love. Heh, Minerva and I are at peace with each other now, but we were at odds for the longest time. We have different ideals, she and I. She knows very little of respect, and she got on my nerves constantly. I think... I think the only reason that we get along now is not that our ideals have somehow meshed, but because she has finally grown to respect me in her own way. No one's respect is harder to earn than Minerva's, so I do feel it is a great accomplishment... I see it that way, anyhow. Aislyn and I are very close, having grown up together under Marion's tutelage. She can appear shallow, but she has a very sharp intellect. She is a beautiful creature, inside and out. I am blessed to have her in my life. Sangre is a Crobat of few words, whom I have also known for many years... Not one for socializing, but he respects my power, and I respect his ability for strategy. Of course, how could I forget Zelgius... My best friend for so many years. We understood each other at a level that is difficult to describe. He is like a brother, like my very flesh and blood. I miss him at times, but I know he was destined for a new life with your trainer. He grows stronger every day with Balmund's help, and I know that he is happy. It was me, Zelgius, Minerva, Aislyn and Sangre against the world for the longest time, through Marion's early days as a trainer and through her college years. Now there are quite a few new members in the family, but they are all wonderful.

August's eyes lift towards the skies. As a Dratini, I dreamed of power. Power to protect, power to earn the respect of others. I wanted to fly above them all. August's gaze moves back to Durandal. Now as an older, wiser dragon, I wish to fly with others as opposed to above them. I want to see the little ones, both inside our families and outside, growing as strong as we have grown. Little Gwyn, Taran, Bedivere, Cheshire, Sakura, Liliana... They are young, but their hearts are full of fire. They have great power and potential within them. Something within me desperately wants to see them grow. I can't... it's hard to describe, but lately, more and more, I have wanted to foster others as Marion fostered me. It's... it's a hard feeling to describe. August blushes a bit. I don't even really know what to call it.
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