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Ho-oh The Altaria Ruby - Okiku's Base and Airship


Hidden within the grounds of Cloud Garden, in a big, fluffy clump of red cumulus humilis, there is a hidden base, belonging to a Pokémon trainer named Okiku Hirundo. However, the part of the cloud where the base is appears to be... odd. It looks a bit unnatural, even without the windows. And not to mention the sails on top of it... In reality, the non-base part of the cloud is used as a port of sorts, and the base is cut off from it... to be made into an intriguing and unique airship, powered by turbines, wind, and the powers of Okiku's Psychic and Flying-typed Pokémon. With it, she and her team travels the world of Fizzytopia with ease, and always have a home to either retreat into quickly after a long day of adventuring, or invite over a few friends she met on her travels.


The entrance and first floor of the base doubles as the deckhouse of the airship. It is usually where Okiku keeps her guests in. When there's no guests though, although she spends a good amount of time on this floor, either to play on the GameCube in the living room, to spend time with her Pokémon in their own, specifically-made room, or to make something yummy in the kitchen/dining room, she spends an equal amount on that floor compared to the basement.

Living Room: The room which the entrance of the base leads to, and placed about in the middle of the floor. Serving as a entrance carpet and a doorbell of sorts (although you can't enter in the base on your own) a note mat is placed on the floor right after the entryway, right between two potted and flowery plants. Across from there, on the other wall, there is a white sofa, perfect to wait for guests right in front of the front door or just to relax and read. To its left, just before the door to the Pokémon room, there is pale-colored bookcase with its top shelf with plenty of video game magazines, manga books and other geeky reading material which anybody can grab and read, while the bottom shelf is filled with boxes of GameCube games. Speaking of which, to the right of the entrance behind the red plant, there is a little corner which a GameCube, another white sofa, and a wall tv are placed, perfect for a day (or night, or both!) of old-ish school gaming. On the other side of the room, to the left of the entrance, there is a couple of more white couches along with a small pokéball table beside each of them, just for some good chitchat. Almost behind them, there is the corridor to the kitchen and dining room. On the other wall opposite to the two couches, on the right side of the “bookcase couch”, there is a simple clock hanging on the wall, and a clear elevator that leads to the basement. (Although you need a key card for the elevator to work and bring you there.) Right before the elevator doors, a sparkling mat is lied down on the floor, just for fun.

Kitchen and Dining Room: It is accessed through a small corridor from the living room, on the left side of the floor. There is a small phone hanging on the right wall of the corridor, used either to make phone calls or for communicating throughout the base, especially during airship manoeuvres. Within the actual room, a garbage can is placed directly to the right from the corridor, sharing this side of the wall with a well-filled fridge and a counter, complete with a sink. Unfortunately Okiku couldn't get an oven that could work on her base (despite having room for it), but in the mean time she uses the help of her Pokémon able to use fire-type moves to do the cooking. On the other side of the room, in the furthest corner, a big table surrounded with six chairs and decorated with a small red flower is placed.

Pokémon's Room: Behind the door near the living room's bookcase, this room is where Okiku's Pokémon can hang out, play and sleep in peace. Of course, Pokémon guests are also welcomed. After going through the small corridor, on the left, there is two big blue beds which anyone could tuck into, and beside one there's a huge red bookcase brimming with picture books for Pokémon to look into and for Okiku to read them to for story time. There's also another phone on the wall, right next to the bookcase. On the right of the corridor, in the middle of the room, there is a simple round fountain for all Pokémon – especially water-types – to refresh or stay into. Further away from the fountain, in the main section of the room, various cushions are scattered around on the floor. There's also a blue slide to play on, a wall tv, and a red platform to either use as a higher spot to watch tv, or a small arena to hold battles on.


Although access to this floor is more restricted, as Okiku's key card is needed to use the elevator to get there, she often let people visit this floor, to show off her collection and the (also locked) control room. She keeps her bedroom's door locked almost at all times though. Otherwise, Okiku visits that floor to either sleep, relax, spend time taking care of her item collection, doing research to either find or prepare for her next adventure, or taking the helm to navigate all around world, wherever she wants to go.

Collection Room: This is the room which you enter in from the elevator. Although the view to the left when out of the elevator is a bit blocked by the cute skitty tv placed on top of the nearby rock, it is easy to see beyond that, on the wall opposite of the elevator, Okiku's plushie collection along with a table which have her impressive collection of Pokéballs on it. On the other corner of the room, still to the left of the elevator, there's the rest of her collection of items, yet another wall phone, a red bookcase that holds many research documents and maps about temples, ruins and other areas related to ancient civilizations, and a computer desk with (obviously) a PC which can be used for Pokémon transferring, research, and plain old web browsing and gaming. (A guest would have to ask for Okiku's permission to use it though, as it is user-locked.) Between the phone and the tv, on the same wall as the elevator, there's the door to the control room and, on the wall to the right of the elevator, there's the door to Okiku's bedroom.

Control Room: Accessed from the top-left side of the collection room, locked behind a door (don't want to just let anybody control the ship!), this is where the flying magic happens. The room is mostly crammed with the motor and machines used to power and stabilize the airship, and of course have a wall phone just like almost every room in the base, but at the end of it have what can be a breathtaking sight: surrounding the captain's helm and the nearby chair, the whole corner's walls are replaced by glass windows, giving a great view of the surroundings outside. With that in mind, a sofa was placed just on the edge of the windows, so visitors could enjoy the view, especially while the airship is in flight or “anchored” in front of a beautiful landmark.

Okiku's Bedroom: Place to the right of the elevator, this room is typically visited only by Okiku, as she doesn't see the point for guests to visit there when there's nothing interesting (in her opinion) and the room feels too personal for anyone to see. However, if she trusts someone enough, she could let the person visit it out of curiosity's sake or to have a more private chat there, in a quiet place. One thing that strikes people first when entering her room is how feminine and... pink it is, contrasting to the owner's tomboyish demeanor and dark-colored clothing. On the left wall stands her red double bed with Smoochum and Skitty pushies plopped on top of it, on the right wall there's a pink table, a small pink chair and a Spinda cushion, and on the floor there's a pink, heart-patterned carpet. The only thing that is not pink is the wall phone, which looks the same as all the others spread in the base.

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Snorlax Decorations & Other Base Info:


Tables, Desks and Chairs:Sofas, Beds and Cushions:Home Appliances and Electronics:Plushies:Mats and Carpets:Posters:
  • None
Not used/placed:
Tables, Desks and Chairs:
  • None
Sofas and Beds:
  • None
Appliances and Electronics:
  • None
  • x1 Pika Doll (used) [x]
  • x1 Magical Espeon Plushie (Teaches Copycat) [x]
  • x1 Minun Elf Plushie [x]
  • x1 Plusle Elf Plushie [x]
  • x1 Red Nosed Stantler Plushie [x]
  • x1 Heartlax Plushie [x]
Mats and Carpets:
  • None
Base Info:

Insurance: Expires August 2nd 2014

Base Upgrades History:
  • v1.0:
    • Cloud Gardens land
    • B1F Main: Small Red Underground
    • B1F Upgrade: Medium Red Underground
    • B1F Upgrade: Large Red Underground
    • 1F Level Upgrade: Large Red Underground
    • 1F Upgrade: Large Red Underground
    • 1F Upgrade: Large Red Underground
    • x2 Clear Elevator
    • x3 Door
    • x4 Large Window

Base's Worth:
Real Estate: 158,600 coins
Furniture (gifts not included): 16,035 coins
Total: 164,635 coins

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Delibird Mailbox

On the wall right beside the entrance of the deckhouse, a wooden mailbox is hanged there. To put in and take out the mail from it, it has a small, door-like cover which is held down by a hook and some magnets, so its content stays inside the mailbox even while the airship is navigating at fast speeds.

Mailbox Contents:
Nothing at the moment, awww...

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Jirachi Birthdays & Other Important Links

January 12th: Fennelle ()
January 27th: Mugen ()
January 31st: T'eau ()
Febuary 20th: Ramirez ()
March 6th: Rawk ()
March 7th: Claude ()
March 13th: Marbles ()
April 5th: Hecate ()
April 8th: Eliwood (), Lyn ()
April 10th: Casey ()
April 27th: Himiko (), Coin ()
May 5th: Beckett ()
May 13th: Mio ()
May 15th: Scrapper ()
June 3rd: Florina ()
June 8th: Aveil ()
July 3rd: Impa ()
July 15th: Okiku ()
July 19th: Therese ()
July 29th: Henry ()
August 1st: Rosie (), Shadowmere ()
August 3rd: Spi ()
August 5th: Jade ()
August 15th: Ayla ()
September 1st: Max ()
September 6th: Slinky ()
September 18th: Kamaro ()
September 25th: Marin ()
October 21st: Omenya ()
October 25th: Marc Anthony (), Popuri ()
November 4th: Melinda ()
November 6th: Serge ()
December 14th: Lol ()
December 19th: Hershel ()
December 20th: Yumigami ()
December 21st: Amateratsu ()
December 31st: Sasquatch ()

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Machamp **In Construction**

Post to put other stuff in...

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Gallade Rules

RP-related Rules
  1. Posting/RPing here is allowed with permission/invitation only.
    • You can ask for permission; Don't worry, I don't bite! ^^ Just don't expect that I say yes to everyone.
  2. Maximum 4 participants (me excluded) are allowed to post/be active within the same time.
  3. Maximum 4 characters (trainer included) controlled/RPed per person.
  4. RP Timer: 4 weeks.
  5. RP Style: Everything goes; Pokespeak, romance, supernatural/surrealism, violence/murder allowed.
    • Expect your characters involved in violence or murder being kicked out or outright banned from the base though ^^; Unless if you don't get caught doing it!
  6. Location and characters involved in a storyline required to be written at the start each storyline.
    • Noting transitions between locations and putting emphasis to characters added to the storyline also recommended.
(Sorry if this sounds strict, but since I don't have much time allowed to RP too much in quick succession (well, when I'm not bored and don't feel like I'm busy) and I can be easily confused with so many storylines and characters to tract, I prefer restricting things over being completely lost in the RP of my own base.)

Base-related Rules
  1. Make sure you check out if the airship is flying or not first before visiting. If it's "anchored"/landed on the ground, you can visit it like any other base; but if it is airborne, it's only possible to visit it through flying or teleporting means. (At worse, you could always try to catch the attention of someone in the airship to help you out...)
  2. It's ok if you haven't met Okiku yet when visiting the base for the first time, just be sure you have a reason to visit the base (out of curiosity of the cloud airship, perhaps?), knock on the entrance door before entering, and then introduce yourself after being answered. Ya know, usual, polite visiting stuff? :P
  3. Small and Medium-sized Pokémon only. Not only big Pokémon wouldn't move around too well thanks to the doors, corridors and standard height of the ceilings, but weight is a big problem for an airship when trying to move airborne!
  4. Maximum 5-6 Pokémon in the fountain. Don't want it too overcrowded to the point of breaking it!
  5. As mentioned in the base description, some areas are locked, needing a key card to go through: The basement floor by elevator, the control room and Okiku's bedroom. You'll have to ask permission to access them.
    • The basement and the control room is locked only for security purposes (plus Okiku likes showing off her collection of stuff and the view from the control room), so she typically doesn't mind letting you check out those places as long as she's around or she trusts you enough to go there.
    • Good luck getting permission to get in her room though... She'll have to trust you a lot to let you do that!

Ship's Status:
Anchored in Cloud Garden port

Invitation List
  • Nobody's invited yet ^^; Hold on!

Current Active RPers

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